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Mar 21, 2017|

Chris Villani is in filling in for Mut, and is joined by Rich Keefe. They open they show discussing the recovery of Tom Brady's jersey, found in Mexico of all places.

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Necked it a little too well outlooks are our distributors Democrats can't keep up with demand the teams are literally into Asia. When you connect better everything comes together go to meeting try it free. Stately old back here I've told us close out and you never have Sox play by play here Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I have yeah. Each team won Murray's fox did trending and not now but WB. EI trending now. 60 wait here's what's turning out WEEI ended WEEI. Dot com Bruins get back to action tonight against the Maple Leafs on the road at 730. Brad Marchand named the NHL's first star of the week after five goals and forces gave it back is a game time decision with an illness. Celtics welcome though wizards to TD garden tonight 730 tip biopsies that game I happened at Washington for second place in the Eastern Conference. Tom Brady's Dolan Super Bowl Jersey has been found the caper has been solved some international intrigue as it was reportedly found in Mexico. In the possession of a gentleman named Marie CO Ortega an unidentified member of the international media who apparently he's. Much at night on Sports Radio tell you we. We. What I signs that my is they use on the morning show Chris Maloney and until 10 o'clock. Which keep sports here's Paula rob Bradford joined the fun at 7 o'clock. Not bad not bad. As you know I spend down a lot of my days in court. Ran for yes it you can explain what you do what I do every no sounds like there's trouble ultimately a little bit mystery aren't echoes over well you know you talk to somebody on bubble what are you doing on the court. This would laugh and for me. Exactly the five to ten. Feds on good behavior yet but one thing your eyes he Cortes and a lot of criminals aren't all that bright there was a guy today it was in my case as half listening but. He was essentially begging a judge. See you with us are having an open court so it's in public and not talking out of school but the guy here but he's baking the judge to send him to jail. Because he would have a license and he is another case in Fall River a different court. And he can't get around. No lift no Woburn no taxing and no friends and now. Just put in jail now all right and that way I can get a ride to Fall River court that was the best option he could think up at that point from what the judge that the judge actually amount I think for acts of perfect I could put up your Freddy got to go. I could be bigger server psychology thing it worth it in baby is got a brilliant that it shouldn't be saying now but. Sure I say that because this guy Maurice CO Ortega yes is the opposite of that. This is that I missed it I was caught. But I did even offers all the time pretty Super Bowl 49 Jersey was missing until this morning apparently that was something that was known did you know that. All that the global order better than the older one the two years ago Jersey mr. Not maybe didn't. Mountains we were so focused on boosters gaffe or momentum prior bad acts were not mentioned and then Von Miller's helmet yes I don't Miguel Von Miller's home. We're trying to figure that out this afternoon at Michael's theory it was you just put Iran and that you pretend to completely. Put the helmet on at any. Goes through you'll gather a secretary pretend your fan I put it is to protect fans Wear helmets. It's there yeah they do when they do liquor a crowd swipe when they go in all of the camera goes liner on the crowd. At some of these like home stadiums you'll see people or how much of withheld that's a dangerous thing to let somebody into that stadium where yes you got alcohol. You've guide people to get fired up and riled up you get something to keep easily cons blunt force trauma area. You know it's a weapon that can be used as a weapon. But I honestly I don't know because the jerseys one thing he put that underneath your jacket you can put it back under that act folded up helmet and cleats. And back to the super bad route the jerseys a hell of a lot easier to Wear and pass off as a super fan and you see it from Denver teachers there. How would you get a helmet as I actually even though it is reign of terror his right now crime has now come to an end. And who knows what that I really don't have a good sense of what kind of jail time you might be doing for this. He did steal items that are very valuable yeah I don't obviously priors on what the situation is what's in Texas and without those with a decided there artists by. He's actually the fact he actually was able pull off to this point that had he not maybe let it ride and somehow get himself credentialed to another Super Bowl and run off with another significant piece of memorabilia. We never know this out the FBI ever caught up this guy or do you sit there in Mexico somewhere wearing body Miller's helmet Brady Jersey kicking back and enjoy the free like. As long is not sell the stuff I don't think I don't know how would accompany them you know because legacy could just have it north and around somewhere that he wears the stuff may be at this time it was an accident used. Actually what I was a while this is easy day turned to television a duplicate Tom Brady's Jersey. They get now TMC is it holds for me when second seed Lindsay put out a bunch of cell fees. That recent or take itself. One would Brady won't have Robert Kraft all the way back at the head Super Bowl 39 and Jackson as has been around for awhile. Yeah he's been a credentialed media member for a long time. He's gone to a bunch receivables. And so at least one. Three different players are two different players three different items that we know of who have been stolen but there's got to be way more. But it got one quick thing to think much more to you know players might. You know a Jersey read you something a little bit more of they'd wanna know where that is but something else like. I'm a cleats or Obama in cares he's from a Super Bowl it just lost the super bull cares what cleats yet let you skip right up its last year thinking about the helmet. If you wonder whether to you can. Is there a build. It's admirable 39 that he still Max Baucus on the nobody's ever gonna and then it just builds up from there to the point where body Miller's helmet and Tom Brady's Jersey after the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history with that the culmination I'm gonna roll the dice one more time yeah one last gate and then come out Alice I mean white balance for some reason fine Alice Ortega who are these are Aberdeen is back on tea I think. I am out one more time than a darned. But he can't though the real proper regularly Euro is gonna want that that next score I'm not wired for that man there was hey this is several years ago down to cape. And they had these really cool I was out at of restaurant somewhere in the eighties really nice. Your glasses out of here Sam Adams glasses so that's why I don't want it short so they lady friend I was with just put in. Person block that every time I saw blue lights. Pretty damn have I got I. Ironic there to kick in the damn door now for something it probably happens three times a night all about it I am not taken I can't even imagine are wearing Von Miller's helmet I would be the guy to lock up the security and say it's super banned. You know Bob Miller sounded okay that this isn't his comedy which is it would be a cellmate implore this helmet but it's not. But it's not it's helmet yeah so it I don't. Guilty Monica and I know I don't want to think about that was that say crazy story apparently Brady put out ST a little while ago it sounds like he's gonna trying to. It option not the jury I Jersey try to benefit charity something along those lines but I think this story is is hilarious and it's one of these where. Nobody got hurt we did was wrong he's gonna pay the penalty for whatever that may be. We have. Actually it's ingrained sense with certain types of criminals to kind admire them and it certainly happens and monsters and things like now there's an element he knew that sort of admires what. The fact that back I got away with a helmet. The fact marginal not once but twice got away with Tom Brady's freaking Jersey. After the Super Bowl intercepting it somewhere between his body and the locker room. Is incredible it's not. Like how to how to gain get in there let's and then act like you're you're supposed to be there and then nobody sees you. Look at what Tom Brady turns around or what if it's one of the players are off at the alignment is looking or their light about it they don't recognize yeah Asia's grabbed the Jersey insert walking away. What do what do scene that can end up being and to do it multiple times. Yeah it's it's it's insane slightly nicer Gavin to. Happy Gilmore is gold jacket. Yes his left arm just a little bit longer than his right. It's it's but everybody saw that is immediately tackled by Johns from the bond movies that might make it very far eating get I get to the lake that was about it now it's in its a really impressive caper and and I'm impressed by it. That is academy to see patriots target but the one continues to it to drag on your teeth. Is the Malcolm Butler situation and just about an hour or so ago Ian Rapoport tweeting. About the progress or where things stand at this point Malcolm Butler in the saints. And this is up from one hour ago from rap sheet. Progressing proposals changing hands to worlds of Boller not far part bites. Next tweet patriots had no tarts at the saints are Butler they won't until he signed his tender New England major it's a sign an offer sheet in let's see. And the want this thing I dirty resigned myself to the idea that not but would you be playing warlords. The longer this thing drags out. Without really knowing exactly what Butler is asking for here we get it kind of a sense of what he may be asking for. I think there's a chance he comes back to New England plays here one more season it's. Opening the Doria because the first I was saying look they should keep them because there's all the rumors that it was going to be Butler for coats. And that didn't happen and that it was the number thirty super cook something great. That's the general to get your sorry another receiver here I'm fine giving up the last pick of the first round. But then it would either so much more to it that I don't think it was gonna be a trade that was two weeks in the works and they're finally gonna. You know once they got the right deal they're get a better get that pick back. It's very strange and they've just hold on this pick in the war that will get. Butler back or the saints will get Butler. But now I've changed my mind again right now I think maybe he does come back maybe this saints can't. Figure out an agreeable offer form and they say aren't you go about what the patriots you'll be an unrestricted free agent next year. They don't franchise tag you anybody can sign you we don't have to give up. A pick because if they decide to go and I appreciate that have to give up the number eleven overall pick right which they I wouldn't assume would wanna do. So yeah I think others a chance to get Butler back the path. I and I think the patriots are playing this thing to me and in there and criticize a little bit for this but simply the way they always do in these types of situations once he which you can get. And with pollard's one team and it seems like it's taking a while for he would Mac team to figure out what he's worked. For Butler he's the guy they. Really go back and forth as to whether he's overplaying his hand here pretty pretty clearly want something comparable to Gilmore he wants big body once again eight. He can get that. If he's willing to play one more season. And angle out onto the open market peeking get. But he's putting the saints in a position where they're saying look you want top level quarterback money which you may very well be worth but we need to part with a pick. In order to bring you wish it weren't even have that conversation to get you want our team inside you long term. That's gonna impact the amount of dollars that were actually willing to part with free. So what I understand and appreciate the fact getting paid now he's better than getting people later who knows what happens the year you get hurt you the bad season you put yourself at a position where your values not what you thought it was going to be one year from now. At the same time for Malcolm Boller to maximize his money the best thing he could do was come back your plate for one season and then hit the open market inside be here somewhere else. Yeah that's my thing I think that would be win win and I know you might think why how's that win for Butler. Well he's got to still make three point nine million which is less than what he should but you know it's year four of his rookie deal. He happened to be undrafted so he's a restricted free agent. But he makes close to four million dollars this year and then you don't have that draft pick tight TU. And you can sign with anybody you can be you can get the next Stephon Gilmore deal there's risk obviously yes the play a full season as the play as well as he did the last couple years. But there's still a chance well I mean you look at guilt or extremely have a great year last year Al only forty million dollars so. I think that's what they should do especially if you please one more year with the patriots where you already know he fits and worries had a lot of success is another good year the team's go to. Then he'll definitely get paid by somebody. Next season and that last what you hit on is why I don't think it's that. Large of a risk for Butler yet there's always the dangerous that's always gonna exist I understand and you can't just sweep that away by. This is a guy who has been durable as been productive a player when he's been out there even though the play in the Super Bowl aside he showed himself to be more than just a flash in the pan. He's playing on a defense that will in very in all likelihood. Make everybody sort of raised that the tide for all of the boats out there because that defense improving relative to what it was last year. You just signed a very good quarterback to play on the other side you may not be. Depending on the on the scheme you may not be blanketing the other guys top receiver had a chance to put together a very good season on a good team and a good defense. In a situation that will put you in a spotlight in the post season everything is sort of coming together Peta get paid. You've got to bet on yourself not getting hurt and bet on yourself continuing to stay productive and it's easy to say part of it do for Malcolm butler's perspective by. If you can get the saints to give him that top dollar in part with a pick. A lucky doubtless now that bad that's great. But it doesn't seem like that's gonna happen and if his goal to make as much money as humanly possible. There's a way to do it's it's the same thing Terrelle read excuse now to make as much money as possible come to wait for April the last one year and then go get yourself page. Yeah and a solid he's taken 600000 again this year he says that some crazy you know low contract admissible rookies. Have to go through and yes some were able to there to restructure and they're able to get extended before their deal is up what we've seen it. A bunch of times including what his teammates Donta hightower displayed his fifth season in the they didn't give Romo big long term deal until he became a free agent and maybe given an opportunity to go look. Our other teams were offering and then come back in the patriots. Made. You know maybe one of the best deals that he was he was offered any ticket and so I think that's got to do the same avenue that that Butler takes as while. And don't forget it's if you wanna pin blame on somebody blame gets the NFL PA. Negotiate harder richer rookies and veterans spot that was the biggest thing they gave up. In terms of some of the big money Ricky deals in the last round is CBS negotiations but at some sense that used to be worse if we have to draft guys he was draft to begin draft guidance on for six years. Now 56 year deals before you could hit them hard all your physical prime is behind you at that point yeah and you hope that you could sign one contracts though. It's a tough spot for Butler I understand that byte. If this thing continues to drag on with New Orleans beat he would get the dollars that he wants because you were Owens needs to part with that draft pick compensation. Come back to New England played one season yet to say that selflessly from a patriots perspective I think looking out for Malcolm Barr was perspective that's something to make a lot of senses while. Especially we don't know what the saints and be willing to offer as far as guaranteed money is concerned but. You say RE just take the four from this year. And then what you could possibly be. Offered by any team you know maybe if the patriots have the patriots have change our and they give you ton of money I don't know that wanna pay. Two corners that amount maybe they wouldn't but other teams are on the lead would it would sign he'd still be under thirty you'd have an opportunity to make them want to. Final big you know payday. In every single team in the league without without a crack at it and others are without having to give up tech who it would make a time sensitive probably be a much better offer than what you again this year. I mentioned I read it'll jump to the phone calls in just a cycle we see there at 6177797937. I mentioned Revis there quickly to take Mac now. Thank you don't. Some plan last year he was horrible beautiful or scorer in the league by her dog the quarter still in it either safety I don't know safety. I think he's done to get by this and kind of a hybrid and how often they have just a base and on the field anyway I mean you'd run that you might tonic and tiger added you run anywhere from 46 defensive backs on the field at any given time. If I might my reaction my knee jerk reaction the question I just ask the first was now but the more I think about it. You're getting a first song right is our get paid by the jets seem not to have to pay him a ton of money. If he wants to be motivated to continue his career. Which means make more money which is the only thing it's motivated him in the past. He's got to leave show himself to be somewhat productive which means for starters getting in shape it just seems like your classic. Albert Haynesworth. Chad Ochocinco asked no risk yeah. Potentially. Decent TV very patriots move but the very Belichick patriots move what you gets you mean you could tell why he did it in fourteen. Because he could still like there's no way he can make another huge contract but he's got to think about just to keep extending his career. Yeah I guess contracts off the table that he make a few more million box. Hey Ali. Have announced that another team if the patriots off for mark like the minimum there's going to be another team out there offers slightly more than a minute holding the stick out as they are found on go to that. Dodd is I would rather give the opportunities to somebody else's he's I think he's he's talked a he had no motivation last year. He knew he was used literally fat and happy and Bill Belichick and that he isn't that you can translate to say that's right present our report out there yet I read that is really young safety so Ari well which is fine because their safety they have more safety depth. But they do corner if butler's competent pollard's back. Ari could kill more Butler and then one of these young guys that emerge that I'd rather give them sharpened for reverse that to death stops economy camp that doesn't work out. EG just I don't I feel what are they up until that nothing I wouldn't say awful horse move however I that's I have no expectation and that's the that's that's a good way to put and that's sort of the the premise for what I'm saying you're you have to be paying enough. Yeah it have to be songs already paid by the jets. And you just from the veterans minimum on top of that. 6177797937. Let's dump some phone calls a Lonnie keep with you Brian Rhode Island wants to chime in on the Jersey the team Brian. It'll sort of it's not. In March. Apparently were particular Peru are on the Paris you know are they breezy towards. Corporate so they're out there on. I hadn't he had taken that forward you know me be clear that given stuff and look at. He's walking now and stuff maybe. Possibly put. I mean this guy he's had that you'd have to have them you know there's no I mean this can't. I don't see anywhere what you're about. Yet it would most. Instances like this again going back to night in night court is here with a most of these crimes. It's not the first time that it's happened it's not the first into the first time that they've won afoul of the law somebody's been. Stand up citizen and then out of nowhere. Ends up locked away behind bars. Did somebody give him something several years ago game's memorabilia that he felt like on entitled the memorabilia of W and give to me it is gonna take. That printed the article today after. Yeah guys that grow our business is that the thought. I I blocked out of here with in a candy and Sox a few years ago so I figure really easy I am I'm owed something this time around. I do subscribe to the idea what you're saying the porky. He did this along the way. Maybe smaller items may be things that would not be missed and then. You get it's it's the gambler and he can't stop it keeps letting it ride gag a Brady's Jersey when Iraq Phillies home here I have an account and get Brady's. Jersey twice. Within two points and a he got away with a couple of times the FBI had to get involved and I love was it the the Houston. Police that was thrown chain earlier yeah he animals curator felt secure area. But there you know there's enough and but it happened Super Bowl week when I was you know of the Texas police involved but. Super Bowl that's overlooked by the NFL their security make they got to get things figured out and and nice -- guys that reminds me of the playoff game two years ago when the security staff the officials forgot to bring kicking balls yes and the state police had to go an escort the cables predictor from the airport. The hotel right yeah you know where the all the big -- it terrible the eagle lights and sirens that was my only they got it done marvell entered didn't quite get the Doug Mirabelli treatment I'd six like 777979837. Joseph just don't get your phone calls next couple open minds to jump on grab one now Haloti keeping it out these sports are UWB yet. It's my tax. With the rich keep our Sports Radio WEEI. I can tell you I'm not I can just tell you that he doesn't resides in Houston. But I I will say that the the investigation again is ongoing and went to two specific. On someone do anything that contain. The church were recovered in Mexico and I want to thank the Mexican authorities. Who have been very cooperative and obviously are great partners from. Long time. Relationship with our Mexican counterparts. I as the Houston police chief having a press conference. Not far we appreciated the NFL security did love that part those great. An avid Texas but the NFL judge them on a figure out there regulations not saying I'm just saying go. Two great legal minds working here baloney Keefe we're we're discussing during the break his people are asking where he be tried. If he's indicted if indictments or hand it out on all of these that superior approved. The Brady Jersey theft of Super Bowl 49. Von Miller Super Bowl fifty helmet theft in. I don't I would it be federal charges can they roll the ball you're also involving a take no stolen property valuable stolen property. I'm not only across state lines on the country right this feels like a US district court. Situation that maybe Texas they probably just pick one and rolled charges together we're having that happen them. The the just the job apparatus in jail time but like not that long haul I think you will eventually it kind of a delayed a month I don't does he have any priors. That's the duke and I don't know is he done this before he's got enough I would guess not a live at the editor of that newspaper yet and maybe that newspaper is very low standard that perhaps so that's the case and some Boston media that hits and they are very low standards and who they hire I have no idea. But it's it seems like a small item when you're talking about something is valued at. Half a million dollars potentially hundreds of thousands of doll so late this week he stole if they if they busted the guy that stole the Gardiner. Paintings yet those are worth more right but it's a relatively small item. That it has incredible value a couple of years ago there was a Rembrandt sketch and down a created yet a sketch was that somebody else. Rembrandt asked they disappeared from the Boston Public Library. They end up fighting it. By if those turned up in somebody's. Somebody's den. Yeah it's a small item it's really valuable that becomes more of on the series' crime that's true I mean and then your different origin offered years. We think it's cup yeah sure peers in jail while the cat burglar. Things aren't around to get sensitive and Athens this don't think it be federal charges if they prove. The mall and even if they if they don't even just indict him for warranties model that. Out of that smuggling contraband all all kinds of things the role in there that aren't they went after the guy but Danny Ocean like how long was he in jail for after an Indian Ocean but didn't it didn't he cooperate. With the authorities or something a day have that are up like the villain in ocean's twelve. The terrible and they all this effort evolution solves his bat out the fox family got deity. They only get any ocean not a violation of his probation trail they never thought ever heard a year ago. We easier for effort for for probation violin I never got up for steal the money made Garcia now it and if you wait he's Mark Bowden but he would have been you have been in their longtime Eddie Garcia got empress steal the money from Andy Garcia Terry Benedict. Harry had Benedict if I've got their first movie was so good really Iran's course. Just terrible going weird Julia Roberts plays Julie Roberts that was tough all Micah proposals crying Bruce Willis is a special for urologists. Like they did that the armed see that movie in the theater I don't know why. I've ever seen that movie in the theater and audible groan yeah. That autonomy now but really. All this is what's happening right now those top somebody asked about that genes called me they saw upright headlines is James homey hates the patriots. I had students. Kids who meets testifying in DC earlier today discussing. Possible Russian influence with the X 360 presidential campaign. This is what he said about the patriots. And I think it's too closer later it's the sides of the same coin thing to put it only metaphor I hate to New England Patriots. And no matter who they play I'd like them to lose. And so I'm at the same time rooting against the patriots and hoping their opponent beats them because only two teams on the field. But what the intelligence community concluded was. Early on they hatred for mrs. Clinton was it was all the way along that when mr. trump became the nominee there was some sense that would be great if he could win. Be great if we get help them we need to hurt her no matter what and then it shifted to he has no chance so let's just focus on undermining her. Kind of a clumsy analogy and you'd call it only at the beginning of the homely. Analogy to describe his home which is the first time effort homely used to describe an analogy you're sadly it's not a person that user personal cell essentially what he's saying is. Because just trying to hurt. The opponent any any buying airy state here it's gonna be one person or the other is there for helping the other person so even if you're not a fan of the I Kansas City Chiefs if you re against the patriots. For that moment you become a and the Kansas City Chiefs like Gil shirts that say I'm a fan of the Red Sox or whatever team played the Yankees right side and it. Harold and holds up in his case could the could be. I get exactly what he's talking sounded forced. If that and so forth sounded forced covering the pictures from comic is up here last week and the week before whether he is incredibly tall. Iris at all in laws. But he is guide it least three inches on Charlie Baker. Pop and Charlie bakers of the 656 extra amount it always got to be 66 is that a stretch for he is hey easy stretch for rock. Bakers like a small. You probably get to the public are legitimate maybe with our series smaller three. Yeah I call me is it definitely stretch for he's a big big dude Doug Wright's excellent had a scheduling an FBI TSB I don't. You know. LB six foot nine right thrown it down and our position and hopefully more. Joseph order an island on Malcolm Butler of taxable Lonnie keep a job. They were the guys they don't. I'm so confused about what message should our would you agree with me odd bit of a quarterback. Cornerback. Effective most of our position on the hailed. I yes. I think these big case did a good argument for a bunch and that definitely wanna just they don't agree I just for the sake and a moving along. OK so don't miss the Bill Belichick we trust eagle typical maniac. It did about a way out I would. Third pick I'd go out here you'll ball which we don't talk about some of the picture that you're a guy. In bubble and not a lot of facts about odd and off the field a great player a great threat. You got a guy out you'd around. Are you vote and then drag you off regarding effect if I layer I'd greatly under. 4000 dollar jacket. What Barry every year. And you and you'll ever acute at that. No I don't know I don't know I've never ever said why did not promoted deal. I think he's it's his right to turn it down he can get more next year I'd never said that I've never said he should be some way to get whatever he can but part of that is he might have to play this year for four million bucks. OK so. So good football would go to the marketplace of ballot this year. Get hurt want it to Rick eagle. But that's so that's so rookie deals working jaw Monty Malcolm Butler here but Donta hightower. Last year he was going into the final year of his deal. And he didn't say oh I'm not gonna playwright I need to get paid like a top linebacker Ali played out his contract in now he will tailored to top linebacker. OK rich let them out of that McCain that the patent for that late in the white. Wanted a locket and lash at it that in the why when the agent just wait till you play out of contract. The idea of value to be a value for the patriots of their payments it's on the not fast lap and the crazies make him 600 thousands of a slap in the face. Our data but either rookie Hewitt is not a rookie deal old rookie and rookies that played all right all underpaid. I I don't that I can of that so yeah. You made up all the genocide that it. I've literally never spectacular I've literally never said that I just told you I never thought that the idea that he could turn down any contract he wants if he wants to get paid fourteen million dollars a year. Maybe he can but he can't do it until next year either restricted free agent. Okay alright okay are outright so. What are the right he lead the patriot. Right get. Out. You don't you think that ball is better than not there right. But it's not just a question straight up is he better or not and and things that phone call to remove all but. It's that's the question whether he's better or not it's a situation of when he it's free agency Malcolm Butler is a restricted free agent and as far as is it there's going to talk about Butler and Gilmore in completely separate pods I understand that. If we can just separate them for a moment. The way that the patriots are dealing with Stephon Gilmore you what let's say that out of character for Bill Belichick a quick tour at the second biggest contract he's given. Player that the Daley Thompson has the highest he's ever paid a defense a defensive play aren't so you're you're looking at a daily Thomas type situation which was ten years ago so we can do it. That's something good happens on the USA that is out of I character for Bill Belichick I'm with you. The Malkin Bob there side of it. To paint it as. Butler is getting screwed or Butler is getting treated in such a way that the patriots have been treated. Past players that are dear guys in the past is is false. Whether it's Wes Welker Julia settlement whoever it may be. Ghost he which you can get. Well special rookie deals for other stuff on our talent or high tower most recently Vince Wilfork is sometimes it gets kind of nasty there yet but then ultimately. They decide whether they can sign a long term or. You know. They trade him away every channel Jones got traded away to the promise of our rock kind of re sign on to wanna get more than just a compensatory pick form. And you know cholera mentioning Logan Ryan of course talked about was better but Logan Ryan played out his entire rookie deal. And now he was a free agent and he could sign with anybody and somebody overpay don't guess what Malcolm Butler few plays out one more year. Maybe somebody will overpay him and and I love poem I'm saying somebody might might just say. This is the guy that we need with our deal of the draft pick let's give him fifteen million dollars a year in the great good for just the. Best situation for Malcolm Boller to maximize his earnings has to be asked to be to play here next year. For three point nine million bucks go hit the market get a big wars started help win another Super Bowl. Get a bidding war started get a couple of teams interest it like you say get that one team that says. We need Malcolm Butler we need this guy and we're gonna break the bank for David in the car next on the Butler negotiations Baghdad. Good evening guys thank you to pick the call I don't it doesn't wanna comment on this college golf he can do it all more people he got on top experts at all. So I'm stuck and I'll let you wanna call. It's not always telling guaranteed it's ninety okay. And secondly idol well into the equation it was so well that day just it was great. But that play did you actually get out so all he came to where he and his career. Because now it's hurting it. He automatically brought that you can get big money. He's got an original Greek who's trying to get the ball money really important should get. He simply out of contract. So Puerto Rican play I mean what do we get paid forty may all million whatever this and then that negotiate going to a bidding like you guys saying. Going to locate themselves. How is still more contract not forty million guaranteed. Nineteen guaranteed notes forty. The easier and forty guarantee it it's forty million guarantees five years I laughed. Forty guarantee I don't know where the nineteen come in front. I might be wrong and I'm not down not and I couldn't I have to tell you how it all been about where Eric got in Asia played at all. Okay he's great he's got an agent. Agreed last night. You know that bank are now on the on what Bartlett and it's rob Butler. I wanna see him go. Well he's going to whatever the case. But you know I'm sorry he's talking at this point. Well it is at this point I'm wondering thanks to the column order is it hurting himself. Your call right wrong whatever but he's gonna end up hurting his own interest in terms of making a lot of money to saved par with a ton of money for him they give him Gilmore money you give up. Draft pick compensation that scene is far fetched to make an app feels like it is the reason this is taking so long guess there really is no hurry. He can sign anytime between now in the summer so. Did there is a huge hurry for this but the reason it feels like this is taking so long it because he wants that kind of compensation. And the saints Hussein will halt. Able -- the year we'll see her PR then. We don't give up draft pick for you decide you just pay. Right now they're not not quite Walid though there are the lines are loaded we'll get your phone call 617779. 7937. Bloody keep a little while longer rob Bradford joins the fun at the top of the hour Sports Radio WE yeah act.