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Boston Sports 101 - History of Boston Sports Movies

Mar 20, 2017|

Uncle Buck, George, and Nick "Fitzy" Stevens talk about Boston Sports Movies, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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OK you are a couple bucks here all powerful bloc. Here at the WB iPod guess studios. For another addition Boston sports 101. My main man dirty capers here with me on gangsters thanks book and nick Stephens the star and host of many new kind of you AF but what about Matty what happened. Gives them a little for a home. Matty now these are glad that. He guys like this is so fun to be able to like use a half in the guys this is EA half or am fine. And half by lifetime achievement award I've been dramatic Larry king's I thought I think we've been shut down before we actually had to against ours. This is this is awesome and so sites be part of the yes sports one on family. So Nick George and I are gonna be with you. Every week or every week or so I've given you the best in the history of Boston's sports here Boston's ports one on one. And we want to thank all of our listeners actually we had a really good response to our four week patriot blow out. And really gave Dara ratings this and highs in the stations podcasting history really excited about that that they can offer listen really blown away by the you know we're just. You know three or four guys talking it if Jerry's here he is okay. So having. Our thoughts go out there and have people I should listen to them kind of astonished is all of us I think. Isn't it weird to think right now you're in a lot of people. Ideologues visits and with people and like George year and you know illegal replica I don't this you know I am a lot of guys right now and again that. I'm with them and I love that. We had. That month long stretch. Year patriots podcast porn on rock and wild card division round. AFC championship super ball and that glorious aftermath of the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. And now here we are making our way into talking about. It is clearly an all Austin's elected abilities but Boston sports movie history. And how the impetus for us put this together is the fact that probably the most anticipated movie. In Boston sports history will be the movie that's going to be based around Tom Brady deflate gave. And suitable that he wants you editor at their George Conant called all the lead early in its elite that he is on the lead to is say. So let's say as all the mole on what's the first got you guys and we we heard it down. These are going to be a Malcom but that was I think the person out yet Adobe and knock within two days of each other Malcolm Butler moved become like resident like. That's that makes sense like. The blind side was a great story. If it's this this is these guys say terrible Michael Michael. You my ankle but I'm sad Michael does buzz out there are you predict at my strategy comes as you are just shut it is that's coaching where's this Shane Collins. Essays columns most ridiculous performance to win an Oscar I never had the bid. So bad I ever excited editing thing it's like Sandra Bullock borrowed her performance that moves that. It took Reese Witherspoon from sweet home Alabama just sport's it fighter 25%. And at the thing is that's one of the best sports books you'll ever read a shoe Michael Lewis galore. Yeah might those author of money ball. Phenomenal phenomenal book I was so excited for the movie was so IKEA I'm just hoping now. That they don't. We're gonna see on screen and more Michael Lewis the ones that money ball over what about movies and it potentially has I think that Malcolm stories and that's what an account but didn't this and the second second executive here now. Do we love that time acting patient column Malcolm go. Really I think that's what it. I outgoing actually think. Of it as a unit right because those are those are iconic where it's secondary makes it easy a secondary was the second option that position in the game. You know there's a lot of things gonna talk about which college. Seattle should have run the ball well Pete Carroll's biggest mistake. That I mean there's an early twenty pool are let's talk about law and outlaw the trailer. Policy that Taylor. Pete Carroll had one option now the ball that's up. Is that I mean every time you think back that ladies to last Super Bowl victories these two movies. Are based on the most improbable. Of outcomes scenarios that you couldn't have written up were treated in this letter they were educated to these scenarios. We will light truth is stranger than fiction. It is that Disney's gonna produce this right this you know it's you know what the Malcolm Butler story deserves. Here's here's a sports movie that I have a real soft spot for that. Is in a Boston sports movie but it still I think I'm really well made movie it's like and a law article. I hope. A 100% remember the scene where Elizabeth Berkley does the child and a lot of off on him. Yes the rookie. Bob Dora the rookie yeah it John Lee Hancock directed at the perfect choice to have someone like him to direct it and then. Dennis Quaid was it was great about it they relieve the came from an hour that movie was our time teeing it was really cinemanow was well it was well paced. And you left it like wow party sorted knew the outcome as do most sports movies and it felt great the. Higher time right ran on no absolutely and you know one of the things that I found out and I'm entered in doing research this episode and I really wanted to talk to you guys about is that. When you look at Boston sports okay. We have arguably. The greatest history of of a town for so we'll get off four teams all four teams have an epic at one point or continuously. Throughout the entire rain war they've had like these Cinderella type of you know number hated Red Sox 86 year whatever finally were able to break occurs that whole thing there's there's like something romantic about each one of these franchises and glamour hate them they've all kind of gone through dynastic. Periods right no I don't think there's any other city you can really say that about all four maybe as a show. But. One we talked about this show and you look at Boston sports movies they're really aren't there's a private yankees you know there's no Bill Russell story. There's no Larry Bird comes from French Lick Indiana movie right. There's only a great bird documentary. Right snow with Daniel Stern yeah like the he had the end there's there's a bunch of great documentary don't come very ugly matters one of the best sports documentaries but right there's no. Yeah and when you said like hey this is what we're gonna cover in this week's podcast. I just can't recommend like what is that ultimate Boston sports movie went to my favorite basketball my server document server baseball movies none of them are Boston sports related. Right and and I wonder and some of New Hampshire ties into about 2007 they changed some in laws in the state. In the state suddenly became very moving friendly and you see him making movies you're constantly but did not act in maybe that tied with the Damon Affleck connection. In eight innings and mark Robert to you've seen so many not only Boston movie's gonna crop up but even things like ghostbusters films a year even though that was a children behind my house yeah Indian public as -- do the things that are landing and patriots there was not so filmed at an airbase in -- today it becomes even more appealing to filmmakers wanting and then you tied in with stories are here locations are seven. So what I did was I kind of broke down I history of Boston sports movies to trying give us a flavor of what's been out there. And see how these new movies to possibly fit into that landscape. On. Did you ever go Brady moving yeah. Which is tentatively titled let's go. It and you don't like the title let's go I think it's great REI I'd. Let's go is okay could you have wing Brady I'm just curious. Who I mean Ryan Gosling can do no wrong so I think Chris Evans. He you guys are as an American. That they Captain America knows history and I know silly I think he'd be great as. As a as Tom Brady is playing the quarterback before and not another teen movie and missing the obvious who's Tom Brady plays Tom Brady. I'm Ali and is Elliott is on movie we had back problems it was we had and we had to wedge is going to be writing the book who wrote. The expected challenge story all you guys ladies and I heard that ought to be a program and strong we had a Monday or every few weeks ago. And he was talking about they're hoping to get participation from the patriots but they weren't sure but Brady's agent on he has command said they would not be participating I know I mean how great great TV series don't I no B I'll I mean. Dream scenario actually gonna do it by Brady sure of course in Ito could too but. I can't think of who can there's so many other guys you could see playing element and all I have the best casting choice here Bryan Cranston has Belichick Don I I had Hugo Weaving his ballots at. But Al player we gotta call now mr. Anderson. Allen to Dick. As Roger Goodell. Don't look at the luck I certainly am much better choice than Luke Wilson. I now you need to tell the truth did you emitted terrible choice to put Luke listening could cushion. Alan do that I think it you know wrong he Steve the higher he was Kate's USO and broke one you had ever advocates to have that she was a hot yet he was not part of that movie was to me I think he's he was didn't. Was was it Jacqui. Of the jet programs and Terry and he was the racist coach I think he can pull off forty to 42 start. I think he can pull up it is. You know success manager at the supporting him Harrison Ford was Eric and it was without the laundry is like dirt off my base perhaps. Yes. Yeah I've played. And I got it right up my eyes at him I'd dinners important moves them right. Abbott and talk about and we recast in the muck about I have Donald lovers. Malcolm Boller that's the most Andy's love fired Joyce ever. I mean when we found out that Donald Glover. Got the part of young landowner in the untitled young and so story were like that's brilliant casting. That would also be great I just watched moonlight last night. Douglas don't judge yes I want no move lights now moonlighting. Watch moonlight. Guy who plays the young version of Chevron. Would be fantastic guy additional what does it forces that I won the Oscar know the guy who won the Oscar his name is partial Ali he played. She offers name he was in house of cards he was great in the movie too it's a really really surprisingly effective beautiful movie but Beckham would be great. There is I anti national cabinet. Tool that's the thing is like Malcolm but we forget like Malcolm Butler has made such an impact in the any points or two years he's nice to me for like. This is it someone has been around so long we can have that veteran actor playing at a funny young it's gonna take an unknown. I am by Anna Kendrick is a patriots obsessed front office exactly falls head over heels and globally it just pats fans who makes online videos of the friends. Testing unannounced. The. Weird I don't global investors that Anna Kendrick as mr. crafts ladies on the line yes they're a of young lovers would George Kidman and plant mister Kraft. I have Eugene Levy is mister Kraft. I DDB. Is tell your mother where it. Out of Louisville didn't buy it. Greg Murphy who's has one of the funniest guys are. Nick and Greg Murphy were kind of doing a craft stuff. And nick had Jerry thorn in the eye rolling. Doing mister Kraft voices and it was absolutely. Hysterical if you want to besides you can now. Actually the rights of nick and little bit Emeka. And I can do you do your prophet I stood on my knees give me a pair of those 300 dollar black leather. Nike's give me a blue shirt with a white collar paying time toll can you believe this or that's Kenny Chesney I. I there's a lot of God's army. Aaron well. Passer that's where you aren't. Eugene Levy not neck and he would be he would mister Kraft and either movie would be in his using choice it is going to be. Kind of fun to see like. Who cast who likes politics and maybe it was kind of like tombstone in quieter amounted to a different guys right it was like and one was so clearly had. Aren't that outlawed got to what is your ovarian yet and is in there and it was at Randy Quaid was Doc Holliday in Weiner you've had like within a period a year CDs to. Guys great performances and now comers while one was directed by Lawrence Kasten the co screenwriter. Force awakens empire strikes back return of the jet died should've had the most amazing pedigree. And the other one tombstone was directed by George because Matos who of course made Rambo so which one thinks I'm on a mentally I I have one more piece of inspired casting as Matt Patricia Heaton Christian Bale. On now put a little too late this could be you know I I think it works now Charlie day 100%. An offensive on Charlie day and we have. Early DOD does she really is Matt Patricia into an agreement soon as that I happen yes you know what I always asked Andy Serkis is everybody. It just any greens it. And it does the birth nick Stephens. Nick Stephens one man play which he will do both movies in one play. All by itself you are characters too well the Brady amend returns and mention still casket to a trivia question here first ever. Of all the earliest Boston sports movie. 1911 you know as those film gremlins. No background and the jazz singer steal second. It happened. I know baseball and bloomers in all girl's baseball team dresses. To Harvard boys in this guys to win all night I was he is well Larry it's gonna pay. And they just saw the sequel AV bugs Surrey coach Chester. I don't care system. And so that was. But men on digress but as the greatest shows ever the ball so wait so in 1911 the earliest as early as Boston sports we wanted to. Preface this entire show real quick now that we're. Thirty minutes and or something then there's fifteen minutes and you're on. With the fact listen when Maine and it hit a recent ones so please if you want to it is we will mention of the next show will be over over overstepped missed a movie whenever. But when it back and look at the earliest movies and it's like and it quickly just mention what these are. There was a smattering especially because Harvard was an early you know Ivy League school a lot of sports stars and all this other stuff. You had based home bloomers in 1911 which is obviously silent movie. Brown of Harvard 1926 and a sound will be only known only known to be a picnic and party like that it's the same room and say now that's Texas though. That's best known because John Wayne had a on and quote well on credited part. Bill Estonia. And these are all obviously you know not that the audience doesn't understand this but these are all silent movies this is well at least 48 and they're working the soundtrack and it was third on the bloomers and inhibit a piano player in the court. Illegally and lives out tracks playing baseball and bloomers 1911. That they all have to be very fast motion it's going to be black and why it's going to be choppy. And anyone tennis anyway it's got to play cards don't anyone that you don't tweet at me bro the whole idea like golf course baseball bloom is my favorite pleased. His or if they are happy that they were able to put on these. Exhibition and pictures knows. Of all a big concern with a fringe on top Sunday at Disney pays and Gomez. Followed by stock car crabbing industry. Google does Larry in attendance out of it again and again. It goes see that note Buster Keaton flick. And try to all of all right Doug brown and Auburn on the line element you know I mean. Take the gutter James. Now the face below blue collar guys enjoyed the last ball that wasn't on our blog at that it was meant good double feature for the time. Is he baseball and baseball and rumors. So these 26 round of armored. 1945. Degree John Al. Is a story of McDonald's opened Superman's dad. And I try to myself I pressed I don't know. Bring you people. That's the truth when it actually brought to isolate legit bring history to to the table it's like American history the word is Terry edited dragon gorgeous children saying it's Jun oh. Superman at the I would not get it out in the end these crystals you shall find. Well you put bicycle and then they had to congress on Angel. I'm not gonna I gonna tell you they literature and the good. It was everything I don't watch those movies now like. Freeze. Watch them and no other and it's always that like the history of Boston's sports enemy is so. So so lacking so it's it's a dearth of like really good movies like we have to talk about that like this is talking about we haven't talked about lifting just listing the first aka ruby and still he's discuss these watch them it's another talent that you can just like. We can burn thirty minutes have we heard of Chicago movies because we could do. Signs on in the you do like rookie of the year to thirty minutes and rookie of the year Robin got rob rob. It did it is there was the bottom and it don't have the wacky comedy with. Yes it will get through that. 45 is a great John alum John O'Sullivan film is produced by Bing Crosby and now and then. And edit of course I don't think Gary the search engine named after it and he's. It the F and be able to use the bees and good story 1948. Does touch and effect abuse at the Red Sox were a little while but that's the great. A tree as we have seen clips of this one where he does though home run in Wrigley Field after the stick it tells me element. And he he's counting as the actors strike strike while only unite in it was stated right to vote. And then all of sudden of this woman whose girlfriend Yeltsin stands. And they'd just goes and then the big thumbs up points that it tell you that I have really hit the home run and that was. That was the Sandra Bullock like you go up and protect their black and sad moment of that building. I hate when Hollywood over Hollywood defies like we get it like you'd like. You don't have to take the second Timothy Dalton James Bond movie was supposed to be title license revoked they changed the title to license to kill. Honestly because they thought American audiences were too dumb to understand with the word revoked meant. Like Hollywood has got to it will they never will because there's trees like American people by. Like when they oversimplify things like that all league job it's out there can define. It. I'll Viola Davis yeah are all. In that this impression that celebrates what it means to live a life. I like metallic my partner and after many delays treaties like what about everyone a party city. Then I saw that that's just got to where where we all began with a horrible horrible bosses sports movies on. Then I break broken down into the ones that are more reality based when they're fiction basin and some to just have Boston sports as a plot line in the movie. So let's go to real quick and only a few. Boston sports movies that are based in reality analysts and I'll mention things. That acts in other real movies like them. Slight gap dapper Don who stole Boston god. Now the and off I just maritime bombing right double Internet as an actual movie right jerk but but really the first reality based Boston sports will miss spears strikes out 1957. Writes about it yourself get three years before cycle comes out. John. Was Anthony Perkins and Karl Malden star in this amazing piece of garbage. In which they filled it. It's mostly about the red side entrance exit Johnny pierce always with the rats. And there was a great documentary did a spy did on all Boston and not cost the sports on just sports in general. In Billy Crystal as the great line of talking about. You know here's so here's the greatest young prospect of all time Jimmy throw the ball and in the Canada's. I'd be like here's a here's a guy do it no athletic ability and he's supposed to be this you know you immediately don't find whose guys. Quick aside our question to. How removed from a sports story do you get no matter how good the performances in terms it is like the acting the scene played the emotional. Output from the actors. When they obviously can't do something athletic like close on a quarterback throwing a ball he can tell their their arm motions like super awkward. Do you just get taken out of the there it always bothers me when it looks like somebody has not. Taken the time. We are on the ground so we're trying to craft and here's the most wrong. Random of all examples. 2005 movie not exactly a Boston sports movie. Although the title when applied to the former Red Sox yankees rivalry or the world. Tom Cruise. Is wearing a yankees cap and his son purposely wears a Red Sox cap because we're apparently to understand that they were strained relationship right. They're having it catch you can so clearly tell and of course I say they're having a catch we all thank father and something to remove it as. A little bit of a Boston sports influenced your dreams and of course that one advocate now Reverend Wright what news. These guys have a catch. Tom Cruise. Honestly they don't offer a class on throwing a baseball Scientology's because it is so clearly the first time Tom Cruise has ever thrown a baseball. In his life I remember thinking like. Ought to story now. I'm now watching a person like I ate. Rose the narrative like Anna Reeves needs to learn how to throw football while somebody's in learn how to be able to shoot a basketball well like it it bothers me when they don't put in the time. Beverly and John Goodman film debate yeah and every time you hit the ball pigs gonna fall over yes it was like here's what's the greatest hitter of all time. Alex when people get it right 61. The Billy Crystal very detailed it was great Barry Pepper as Roger Maris and Thomas Jane and Jane had no baseball. And Hitler on the switches. And he was fantastic on the right it's amazing easy look at death hoosiers. In all the kids that movie except for chip and actually you know where we're actual basketball players there aren't any actors see what I can you see some of the hoosiers it's looks a natural or think about like gas even in can inject new means Gosling was like so beautiful let's look. I've had a thin plastic also look at red look at Redford's baseball swing in the natural that you waited that would be perfect. Lefty swing so that it doesn't happen if your strikes. Him. We move on did 1999. And would talk about listen this is not a lot out there reality based abruptly Marciano they made a movie. Starring John five row in George C. Scott. It was X you're showtime movie in which safety feature Rocky Marciano now I am hearing that I Jeremy Renner next year will be coming out with a movie called. I don't know with titles it's another Rocky Marciano we supposed to be you know it's going to be real Hollywood studio production while eleven new opportunity with that. I'm curious who who is go and direct that because like if if they're gonna give it may be like. The Cinderella man treatment if you're in Iran power putting it together that movie as great boxing's very very watchable on a salute and I incident that took it to us as far as I'm concerned. Even though like the greatest boxing movie and one of the greatest American movies ever made. Best picture now best picture winner from 76 rocky. Like this is kind of like first sport that has died this is the golden age of boxing movies because we've got one notable match and later on there was film double wall. And then of course we got last year creed. Soviet. Agree was great to an op witty guys ranked miracle when it comes to Boston sports would you consider it a Boston sports movie. 2004 miracle is that story that the goalie a lead that's it how resilient is yeah he's in only fair to Craig and. Don't think it added I think that is in him I think that is like an inspirational. That doesn't play on that's not gonna plan Comcast are nests and I think of that playing on like another sports channels. As a national deal that was an international for that that movie doesn't belong to Boston that movie belongs. Right I do think a lot of they'd did you have a lot of lines and that movie as well as the pop point at the beginning where they're like oh Boston guys verse Minnesota guys it that I'm not gonna work so. I've really enjoyed on now Luke as you do with a bossy you gave silky and Jim Greg you knew it was the only union bill Callahan John Callahan try those those cats we're gonna go after the advocates from Minnesota. Ends. And that's what was chemical in pet that went to Lake Placid two weeks ago and and that's about mine and we did the list. Are right our movie list which will talk. But later the forthcoming list of the Boston's fourth sort of 100. These guys needs to see and I think miracle find its way miracle does find your Jose highly re watchable movie yes. I know are all as code for us those guys you know you can just put her Russell on anything and I'm gonna watch it number one yes yes I honestly he's so good and he. Does the ax and everything and then. Around heartbreaking it was to that when you watch some herb Brooks died a couple of weeks before the movies Soledad as a car accident the camera actually shows Herbert. Is just breaks your heart breaking. I I also think that that movie trans lately that transcends Donnelly. Americans it's transcends sports is that you can't make that know these these these kids. Beat this Russian jogger then lost to by seven goals on what's been an idea that this area surrounding says it was it was even that close they ended up put in their backup goalie. Yeah as well so that movie and the fact that movie. They didn't have actors in it again yeah you you wanna cast. Yeah you wanna cast port Orleans cast athletes and priced them and I. I think I think it's that speaks of over talking about a few minutes ago right do you Cass athletes who will look great in the athletic scenes we can't act forty cast actors who are gonna do the acting scenes better. And they'll deliver the drama but than they can't do the athletics and I when I don't see the athletics down while I'm out of sports. Right and that's I totally. Writes the answer that one miracle to be because like you said Georgia so much Boston and it's that I consider. Bosses. Get a piece of Boston 2005 this kind of said tuchman now I directed by now late Bill Paxton. On greatest game ever played seem that it got the and it's about the that's my broadcast partner met his favorite golf is their lives are yet. Like just loves the is it to the story evidence for people who don't know it's based on 1913 US open. It's really the thing kick starting golf in America. Harry Martin had raided two biggest like in the like woods and Mickelson Europe. Come over to America to play in the US open and they kind of you know brought here by the American sports writers they're dying to have there golf kind of you know almost last by the European golf game. You know it's meant it over in great Britain and neck in Scotland in the content governor that I talk golf to take on top. On it so the fact that dreaming here makes a huge event. And the end the term is one by caddie from the club lives across the street. Guys in Brookline. Frances we met. Who now I'm not only Wednesday that turned me. Said that at this Bristol he's got a you know short kid. Who is his caddie. Throughout the entire tournament but this I imagine it's a real exports scenario. In which you defeat. The guy the that you're playing his name is on the golf ball. So hey this kid whose teenager who is the day the caddie lives across street. Defeats in four rounds in overtime both these world class two at the time probably two of the greatest golfers while I'm still considered to integrates. Defeats have been in the US open. And again and you'll never see something larger than an even giving glide there was 11 this is one against two overtime. Clap golf and I just don't think there's a bigger upset. All's I don't think a lot of people have seen this movie I did I think that at that this this is in that category of not top ten sports movies but. If we were to put out maybe like gave it tends sports movies you need to see that you probably. Evan and here's the thing the story in the book yet I think it was about frost wrote the book. On it and I'd forgive me if I'm wrong and it. But it's one and it's like my favorite sports book of world but really it's so good Uga Uga as it's definitely really absolutely loves it called greatest gamer yeah it caused greater Denver played. I'm and it's completely faithful to the story in the movies relatively faithful. It's little things like you know they'd Barden in and realized at a moustache the guy plays when the movie doesn't stupid things like that kind of annoys me. But the movie shot a little funny. Like cat you know its its first of all it's the it would at least it was. On but like he smacked a drive and the director decides to do like using camera tricks. The trying to emphasize you know golf ball flying park has built taxi instead in an interview I really want people to love the sport golf as much as I'd view. Tennessee the science behind it or you see a putt go in. I don't know it's just not shop I the movie itself not that great. Right bill passed it was an amazing actor and a the only direct hit a couple of movies and I don't think anyone thinks that that was necessarily is it gets better overall director and actor I can imagine that probably an actor playing a golfer has to be the toughest thing then you were golfer back in the day yeah and I can imagine. That trying. To get all the nuances. You have a nice looking. To have a professional looking fluid swing. The hassle of golf before being as it's just not one of the year it's obviously gonna look like act if you get up there right and you've never sword called yet Missouri Vermont a bit of that is a little bit over that little bit of over plot point. In trying to make it like it be sports writers and year out again it is more of Pakistan that more of them like him. And I think we run into this a couple of times on the list to. Isn't that more on day. Movie that sort of takes place rounder in Boston that it is a Boston sports movie. Well in the gamble kind of gone through things here like we talked in Georgia December ketchup and thinking. So doesn't really have to talk scriptural accounts. I was just experts at scale in the bikini. An effort I can I was speaking about that earlier yeah what does he was seeking your day with my wife and guy opened for me I can't name. But he mentions like you know when you say you're from Boston at least from Boston. The bodies right so I mean. Honestly this movie is a list of things for congress and mainly it's more of like the region area enemy. But you know becomes due when you think of other great sports we like Major League it's like about the Indians had there's not that many about specific. The Boston sports. So it's coordinate the Gray's camera planet would suggest seeing it. For you guys in August and my mother loves it he repeated view of my father wanted to leave and development like the gulf seems a little hokey. But read the book on the next one in my it was here's the fighter from 2010. And again that's from all it's a lol. Fighter sticky so toward but I mean talk about. Kind of and caps laying you know who those fighters were in in an old story it's funny. Melissa Leo plays Alice ward. When he Academy Award Christian Bale Winslet as well but Melissa Leo actually also starred. As a a mom has another Boston sports whose call black tires that had never heard from 2007. It's a movie tickets low budget movie about him a kid in South Boston who has like daily problems but I guess he's got a really good curve balls that we like. Survives is daily problems or baseball got a lot of high reviews anyway so she she was in Nazis also in the fighter. Amy Adams. It was. It was great that movie's Soka it's it's just perfectly the guy who directed is. Alone a total maniac David Iran is a Russell guy he's he's been and it's down. But use the I think he got the best performance out of Mark Wahlberg. Not just in his Boston sports or Boston movie or Tony movie career which is probably in general and then. Christian Bale who we could spend two podcast on over all of his best performances. In comes out and just does. The performance of a lifetime and just make you care about every submission field early form where he's jumping out of windows. Disaster of human being. And when people tip when you run into and invariably if you live around here UK or U. Care about the Boston sports in enough. You'll meet someone who will tell you like only I knew Dicky yeah and they'll tell you like he nailed it yeah he's that he's him you'd like EU looks just like in the acts like him he crushed it. A Philly bales the kind of guy who just he's one of those steps I don't want to use this badly psychotic but he's one of those driven guys. Who you can tell he just loves acting as being captured by. A performance that he becomes this character. And you could see it and in movies like that. Like that the what's the movie where the machinists she is like it if it even so I like big short where he's just this driven guy who's in this broom the entire time and he's a genius in you know Dark Knight. You know it's 88 he's just one of those guys while. What his commitment level like if yes. If only sports were to have like the commitment of people like Christian Bale in the commit to doing a movie like that they did beat 300 Tom Brady's. Never be another he was really knowing that baseball bloomers from around. I think it up at the bugging out dialogue and. The nets that's I think that Tommy jockeys ride about all the ideas he has about people love different orientation not an end. All right so that's my list basically of the movies that. Are based sports in reality is that I I have ones okay in OK in reality that and I. You and I saw this together. When we were in back in the day step Brothers it was called step now. I'm not sure if it's reality I think it is school ties. So school you're absolutely Craigslist yet but that's not reality and fiction yet it's fiction so. Hi is it old school is actually based on an apologist but I am is that it was a just kind of they don't impediment. But it will splinter of its school ties as my fiction maybe it's maybe it's actually based real obvious ties 1982. Was in New England based movie about high school football. Starring Brendan Fraser Matt gamers and game experts axe right back to act like that movie and Affleck as like apart reasoning captain Chris O'Donnell. Everyone and we became famous not so fast Randall bad enough that. LaMont Butler I love the that is also he's it Jewish. Quarterback could they recruit from he hides from how it was it was Jay Fiedler story. So I got really flee Jewish sports aptly I don't know of light reading it if he wants then that fighting the entire football team has apparently Camby usually football back in the fifties. So one time I got really drunk college and I was outside my dorm room who is just standing there was born out and has additional though. Yeah. I. Don't know that it's it's I just I want that's like rose who applies so I could tell that story. Really there's statue of Georgia outside Framingham state still to this day I loved it because Negroponte south Perot and that's where they filled it at saint mark school. So I mean. Remember that whole filming going insensitive to do in town we of them but he was an extra river express dot golfer who worked out of a river river right but again. Can't offered and we still running into this thing like when you think I you know I'm taken Boston sports movie cinema history to task here. When you think use the listeners you know buck you'd kept meaning we and fire. When you think all these things you. You think of your favorite sport throws you think regionally yeah. That's about the and you think that fictionalized ones eight think then that the natural thing about based on great works of fiction. I don't think of school ties as a Boston sports movie and like now there's just so few of them like to literally think like fever pay I don't think fielded dreams as a scene that's cat you know it's that it actually like. I think he'll regret it at straws I think like Celtic pride fever pitch hands. Right right and that's and that's that dilemma that that's the frustrating now is to patriot how is coming out hopefully that'll outrageous things. And it's just exhibit through these now a lot of he's just kind of one cent commandeered. There was a movie in 2004 colts Ralph. About a kid who decides to run the 1954 Boston Marathon this is also friction that aren't we commitment from a coma. Ellis but it how to beat gave it to game plan in 2007 all in the movie starring Iraq. Well when you about the two thirds of the second with a good it was that it was also wrapped in that damn protective of the patent on the running to be stopped from boosted as they O'Hare wolf I thought at that movies shot actually. Meetings and I I. That was when it's the blockbuster rebels rebels while they're not even pretending that it's outside of Boston what we bought the opportunities at the plot point is that they're the Roth is a selfish quarterback who hit a selfish giant quarterback and he won't pass the ball to their best wide receiver until that she appeared chipped it it. It's like well I'll pass it now because on the back. And then I'll get custody of my father who I never knew I had it my name is Peyton please tell me that why did the date that outcome of the game gangsters were holding the daughter and that he had to throw the game but to make it otherwise you wouldn't it is but he decided went anyways it's resign remember our wide receiver went running on the sidelines shooting people. Sit that was the last always felt better sports and movies fail at any closets or movie they all sing. An Elvis song at the end. Well mine at Yuma Tampa two rounds and they all lip sync that. That's on at the end and more is just not Ricky from boyz in the hood. Plays the wide receiver. Then it's how about our so definitely it's on it was that may beasts we kind of glossed over. Two dozen once Arnold has Saturday on TNT. And then. That was ever catch Natalie brought us. Freddie prinze junior living out all of our Cape Cod baseball league and seized by. Honestly and Cape Cod baseball as fancy as. And it's fantastic and it's that it's only go there every song I love it that we need to amazement chiefs actually can just bring your own cooler you can sit there in the outfield has watched. These are cute they are so many guys. Audience there are so many guys in your fantasy team that are Cape Cod baseball league all stars there and. When you're seven major leaguers would definitely it's it's a desperate to baseballs he is the oldest wouldn't league. Wooden bat that it wouldn't that league India in the country but. Not only did it bring us all the great Freddie prinze pars but honestly you know at the terrible movie. Jessica Biel finest onscreen moments come from summer and all so different that we were she's a stripper and also well more mailed Valderrama. I'm just he has a year admitted that Stabile and her finest moments don't we have ample and that. Bikini and they don't tell me. When you watch that movie you're not thinking like please let her have a fast times at Richmond I Phoebe cutesy kind of letter have a fast and as a lot of our. As. But I think this argument 2001 or two. I so like Freddie don't have the tickets out I was all excited they were talking about that our newest project the Packers movies Eagles do you think the greatest guy movie. It without even a second passing ago as a as a kid. But Freddy prinze junior in this movie is is a bad boy who gets kicked off the team at Framingham state college and I was like. All I knew him is that what premium states I used to tell people it and no new word I was Ryan Dunn in the it. But let's that that doesn't hold a candle to my. Favorite fictional. Boston sports movie thinking equipment to categorizing as this one crazy summer of 1986. I think that Puckett got to raise it. Up I thought I. They'll wind and it got. It's the greatest. On my knee high rates savage Steve Holland is the greatest ensemble of actors yet John Cusack who got nick and bobcat goal weight. You have. One of the Murray Brothers Joseph Murray. It was John Murray I think it's jolt Murray who has showed with the jelly here when it went needed it man Curtis Armstrong. The great blogger from government and there. He will as. I think Curtis Armstrong was a point that was playing wide receiver he was a little lot of positions and then use him to the best way act act that a candidate who I was happy to see him in his closet like I'm meeting is obviously in it because he had played. In savage Steve Allen's other opens the greatest movie ever made by Europe that are out that he'd like to our student piles of ours. My spirit in bed and they had a blind villain in the eighties not played viability. They had some whose fantastic though isn't even touched. Our aren't. Cookie cookie a hot ugly guys. I don't want any wonder I hate whether it does is it does to mean more than you have to be more yeah a lot of doctors corner road to be Mars the inevitable once she's you must have seen. Better of dead and like alone in this guy's ex movie it's a great summer. In the end the dog from Mars and a couple Franken at tub evidently when the area got I have daddy bit and today. It tonight I'm going Albany and I want to treat those and watch the greatest game ever why I'm real logical one crazy summer in the miracle. Oh my brother Bobby loves agrees of course it is these are the title of bunkers some rights. Lobotomy next category now honestly so these are movies. It just really Boston's kind of plot line. Across the sports for others can apply in this. First and it was near from two on sixteen patriots day. Reliving them Boston Marathon bombing I mean the Red Sox and the marathon itself really exists you know. Subplots into words of the Dow off four bombings that happened. I see it and if you. I should have I did not see it and I have a weird thing about seeing these new like Peter Berg directed Mark Wahlberg starring. Ripped from the lions play and turn into a movie and a and again because it happened we all remember where we were when it happened. I it did bother me we talked about this in the week interview the author boss destructive waves on the radio show it did bother me a little bit. That they mutated to this amazing real story. I would have been more than happy to see like united 93 and and seemed like just all of the actual people with no particular lead but I think they Hollywood defied it. In order to get the story made they created. What we joked around was composite Boston cop that should the name of mark wall worst character that title. In myself units about and it really. It was it didn't get it not get a great reaction yet. I'm great consensus. But on the subject of patriots day and mark Auburn in the dead of a composite bossy cup we did a little bit on our radio show. Which I think you guys the audience might appreciate. When Tom Brady's. They're talking about Tom Brady be in that the subject now of this new the great new page its movie hopefully. We did one once they found out that Tom Brady's Jersey had been stolen. We thought well here's the next great Boston sports movie. And it's called zero dark Jersey the hunt for Tom Brady stole a Super Bowl Jersey. And Mark Wahlberg plays her roots were and it turned and Mark Wahlberg plays every character in the if it. It's that is worth mentioning from 2008 Sammy bro. The group will will Farrakhan and Andre 3000 in Abu Woody Harrelson who is a former Boston Celtic. He's he's supposed to meet all plotted these back up guard for the BC Celtics he comes in the hotline at Miami tropics. And teach them how to really play the game well they tried to be a BA expansion team that just listening Palmer Academy Award nominee would be. Can I just mentioned that I have. Secrets off spot I I think it's I think. Federal broken you know we'll try to compare to other Will Ferrell movies and it's not going to be Ricky Bobby in Talladega nights it's not going to be old schools and anchorman. But it is highly watchable 95 minutes of pure nonsense Jackie moon. Movies super funny but rob me sexy man that's a fun and also the great Andy daily. As the the play by play guy and he does like all the interviews seasonal local sports talk shows were like that's a super fine. Check your ability to. Jackie as the content oh that's right that's right. Didn't think of that as of Boston's or through your L today at the supply asked for was. I atlas stock no one's really hurts me down its own 1986 open. Author you don't fever now it it's on his ex Celtic for he is clearly there recoup quickly so the odd 1995. Graduate. High school I buddy goes hey I'm he's working at Dunkin' Donuts or whatever and the egos they have something it Dunkin' Donuts where. They've given away passes to become an extra Celtic pride. So. On her surety gets like ten passes and my family in a couple of buddies. At the extras in this great movie that we think's going to be just fantastic Boston sports Williams accepted the league they're fine they're playing Utah Jazz in the movie. OK so that we kind of hear that the story line is this the bus sportsman of kidnapped the star of the jazz. Too so they can secure NBA finals victory. And while we're sitting in third row behind the basket we. Have we seen the grades hired group Brothers. So if not in in the middle of like a break between takes walk over and try and peak inaccurate. And obviously gets or Boston. To hit it to you guys rabbis immediately escorted out. And that was the last thing they ever did in the Boston artfully torn down so gentlemen you're sitting in the room with the last man territory must lie. How they are Boston sports royalty brother and a well. So yeah it was lose it in so it turns out to be the biggest piece of crap movie. On hand who directed them I don't know his books he should be guys' past their prime too late. Yet Damon went right was out of act throwing it away at an annual it's earned the last funny or did Elin is flatly and counting backwards it was funny was Tommy Boy. Now and Daniel Stern that he was even like past like he probably got that just because somebody. Liked him and the homeowners to let the coastal a couple of men on his launches as that too and demon wanes there and and I thought like okay well pack right stern. David wins. Of my favorites and also Christopher McDonald was the coach of any Soledad as shooter again this movie can't fail. On watchable now on watchable. And then they do the cardinal. Scene of one explain crush everyone involved in this film today. During the closing credits she'll footage of the Boston Garden being demolished. So Natali I would what is that and we have to watch is crap fest but the very and you get the watch is beloved Boston landmark for responses sports and you know get torn to rubble I mean. It's it's the lowest point Boston sports movie by far. History far. I'm not sure I think and credits of fever pitch where Fallon and your bare mart make an outer preventive. Just jump so we can you know what this has talked about 2005 to be found in drew Barry more. In fever pitch. Now about the history of the guys that means the fairly brother's been a lot of movies where they include Abbas sports athletes they come down. I'm dumb and dumber starts in in Providence and a lot of early in his arm on the is out. Have a standing alien rock Roger Clemens planes skid mark and like all there there's so many great little conclusions of Boston sports legacies. They've fever pitch up and one and I and I enjoyed opening segment in which let nobody would win any dark now brings the kids of spam way. And eat you exceed actually put pads I think Jim Rice is somebody in like his old thing immunities and CG item touch up a bit. But you get to see what and we used to be like when we rockets right. Not into the is that very nice little opening scene tells the kid don't follow his team get that break yeah and then. It just turns into a drew very movement either personally and I compiled the becoming a rom com and that's fine but when they go to Fenway. And he sits with the with his the people his family is summer family for the first time. And L of the worst accidents is anonymous talk like that. Com. And and that we all know they don't get in coming from somebody who. Regularly speaks with a cartoonist Austin why they don't get out the accessory than ever do any ability and never and that's fine but and also those people can't afford say it's now ten and then X Pam thank you them explaining. The curse did you Barry. We don't mention her she can't say anything about the current hybrids on the field in school did not yet. Please sell they are yet to explain met her I had a mind yeah idea by how why did you do it this way. Where you have Tonys she gets banged on what the ball evidence came. Off its eyes I just ate it hindered so badly and that the Farrelly Brothers were forced I don't know maybe that they still has shallow Hal fevers something and they just weren't the same directors that until now. Nine I don't know you know. Yeah I'm giving you five things today that that. If I sound does okay. But like you've got this great nick army novel that takes place in a football it's an honor and a soccer book and and I know you're doing two things you're committing multiple cents. You're giving a free late night with Jimmy Fallon pre tonight judge Jimmy Fallon host taxi would you sell budget Jimmy Fallon a job. Your bastard arising Boston baseball in the entire reversing of the curse of the 2000 orbits are indiscriminate target movie. I brought terrible then on top all that. The movie ten aid ends up happening at the exact time in which the Red Sox win. That 2004. World Series so. Not only does the movie Canas. Play out as that season plan even though the things that are happening in Italy don't actually know we're close the way things happened during the season. But we we see the Red Sox. Beat the Yankees. At a very quick montage DN beat the cardinals at the very group month Bosnian but the actual Red Sox win the World Series. And you get to see Jimmy Fallon Andrew Berry marked on the field making out and fox. Shows and in Britain from the Curtis the mechanical scanned and it was. All Boston was like why are you showing them freaking kidding me if eighties excuses when it hit me everywhere but at Jimmy Fallon major program or because they're filming a movie and it was it was just such major like it if there was a bummer that night I was it you know it it was a I mean listen yet nothing was gonna stop the there. Enemy and program. The excitement and party that did happen in this city following that win but it was like this ugly footnote. And that. And there was just you know it did pretty well Abbas subs and immediately fifty million bucks the box office by you know Jimmy Fallon didn't do the funny acts and he did as a boss think parity was supposed to be born bred Bossidy and he did human even those that live in joking news that you as the Boston character didn't you had didn't come through lake he was originally from Boston area that's. I don't mind an accident but you've begun deal and you know you did do something yet you know down the wager Barry Wallace from from probably Venus. It's pretty easy. Iowa are we gonna save a fever pitch because you know. This is for the the last let's pretended that we just didn't happen a couple as quickly touch on here. There's a scene in 1980 nine's field of dreams in which they go to Fenway Park right very nice seem wary orders Doggett a beer every time I see gotta go nobody walks into the concession even in 1989. It says a dog in a BO and drag on like. Well do what kind of beer which are. Are you now while this is the Democrats not lying even receive life church does the Easter craft Beers so reverence that emea are Brian Elliott me whatever like. Back then they used to just pretty much like at this stage Agha stated here South Korean government and we sit in the seats my father would probably sell out at top of them. It Kevin Costner James Earl Jones. Had a great senior friendly park in its kind and nice to get to see the view continues to be they have that move might grand moment up on the big on the screen. Then you have money ball doesn't eleven Brad Pitt. Plays the Billy being character. Very was found it ideally if you really love to greatly loved it but if you're age span. You wish you basically like brought through the ringer just the lineup the Red Sox were rewarded from year did you GM's great does it plays out. I I love money ball it's my favorite it's one of those movies that you can actually fall asleep too and I'm not saying that the badly it's as if there is Noelle. Action is no romance movie it is you know miserable baseball scenes. There is there's read the book and tell me what part of it screams major motion picture right that there's nothing and you have Jonah Hill not being Jonah Hill is written by the great Steve's all yet I believe who is resilient searching for Bobby Fisher one of my apps that favored love it love it yeah. But you'd have Jonah Hill. You know. Off character off off super bad night you know. Catalog of them them Academy Award nominated. It was nominated in a spike Jones and throw a cameo as. As the growth as the view husband who is still great now but I I'd love. Always and your forgetting about who played at a very wasn't crisp breath. Chris Pratt is just cracker plays Scott had a very crisp try to bird yeah amazing and it's not as people who lived through the category area aren't all that it was not that right now it didn't turn in the start he didn't block every dialing up the bad either. Yeah it's that they'll want to look at it definitely seen as varied as the Indy driver of the subject. Some never braids. Again if it waits in nice rainy day in and have agrees see where he's up there would John Henry. And he says that to John Henry thing which I get my secretary for gifted man right. We just lost in five games the LC is terrible and I just you know. I really like the Boston moment out of that but it's funny it's like a Boston sports movie that is 85%. It is an out of my husband's when NDP and the end credits you're right it does say Boston Red Sox took would Oakland is applied it to them and won the championship the next year yet. Interest and I was kind of I was on destiny's. There are queries fans now you know. What was your thought you see that movie is it's like imagine ray I'm so glad I made on that hey we held the Red Sox we figured out a formula in like Iraq to the constructs for other people to be able to win in those dynasties and because we. Got lucky and had Hudson and Mulder and Zito. This formula seemed like it worked and then we will never be able to have bigger payroll than sixty million dollars. Forays of a turn and everyone else is harmed him and but it's not you know it is it's a nice. You know it's it's not too slowly piece but it's that like. I understand why you sand like it's a great group wise like watch if it's on at 1130 your like I should go to bed you're like oh it's going to be so is gonna talk it was movies that was just. Shields arguing it would have watched forty Nancy realize. It Shawshank is out to act as Terry it's. Monetary fours and natural Robert Redford actually patterned a lot of his character around ten blames including. Making him number nine I think writes at where you it was in 1992. That you've got. Love Roy highs Jersey. And let me get a right lobsters in its way to big for me now but it's a new year nights. That though wonder boy at that for the night before it was cool to get. Lot of you know leg to my favorite sports wrote Erica of yours have a chance watch that timely documentary HBO sports where Redford's one of the guys you definitely talks about. I mean you want to meet him since it could be that he's fishing. Out fishing couldn't be bothered meaning one of the better actors of the toys that you basically had like a love letter of movies yeah. Odd 1992 as the baby contestant John Gibbons ridiculous swing but the one outs I'll save the debate. Is that it covers more of his time in gambling and the other movies he's done a farm in Sudbury. He talks about you know his initial days of pitcher. We kind of the early days of the legend Babe Ruth at duke recovered pretty well then eighteen to debate a seeking. Six for 2005 the Michael Keaton movie where he's a playwright New York. I'd love Snooki now all I felt anything at ski yet this didn't make any money but it was the terrible we spaced around that game six of the 86 World Series. In which he is a lifelong Red Sox and and he's a playwright in New York City and his play is like bombing his wife's gonna leave him. And that also hamper demand Wallace yes so that's pretty much like a prequel the birdman and this is so Jews so all this is happening around. Game six of the World Series and though the concrete line from the movie if there is one Robert Downey junior by the way apria and and come back is in this. But he's great line Michael Keaton is the Red Sox that is some kick goes to Red Sox are winning and Michael Keaton goes a Red Sox are always winning before they lose a a or 2010 at town Ben Affleck now I don't remember this but I guess Ben Affleck part of the story of his character was that he was a former Bruins epic. Apple didn't in the tough on them they steal some from. Stay in the end though it in the end of the moves they go to rob Fenway basically they have that great shootout in the right field it's likely start in congress yeah but yet there's possibly some subplot where he was former hockey player. He had at that way scene reminds me of that seeded heat. Like demon gunfire breaks out realistic on Johnson the only film I think that's the only scene ever allowed any film to the concourse to. Yeah really well and I really that was great but but I also speak to speak in about Fenway seemed. Especially chase scene kid who doesn't swell of a well off the month as C where I had Ted falls off the monster split here. Rule the editor and then I'm. And then there was also seen an RI PD recognized honesty doesn't Ryan Reynolds and Reynolds Jeffords is a technology that move because I was told by the ramseys the rotten tomatoes. And all of that and the medic critics do Nazis and Ryan Reynolds is and Ryan Reynolds as the old saying about green lantern site it's easy RID day old men at the end of last season. You have chosen to wise and that's a. A the arrows. Lou but what's funny is that there's a scene where they're like trying to Avic clue ailing father says that he was the thing that happens like some guilt trip and fall from the U two's probably. That do use cell idea so anyway there is a scene in the movie though when their turn to like. The Boston cops or whatever and it trying to learn something to do something and then they end up. I am going talkative guy who runs the scoreboards they go into the family scoreboard which is probably. About out. Maybe 23 feet wide Macs and they go in there and it's like this whole underground like right thing where they like they're solving crimes and the step. So then. They have a category category here Boston sports influence where there's a smattering and sprinkling of the Boston sports. Jerry Maguire in 96 and agree seen where's Tom cruises Drew Bledsoe as agent Alan it they have that cover that -- the globe which it was actually you're right nobody scenarios. Half of Tom Cruise but it Colombo let me out. In a yeah where he's he's been trying to think Parcells might even be in the picture too but Bledsoe actually has aligned to where he talks about. Yeah Jerry and I he's been fired. In and honestly we can have included. Drew Bledsoe and something about Mary if he had turned around the world. Over Deborah poverty was supposed to be the original Brett Favre get our of that. He edit how that would make all the sense of the barrel although what about let's also the deaths of people know it's true listening. On the wholesome and down happened. Of around the time of day that nightclub although tax every. There is so as agents and let's listen school with a loose extracurricular stuff folks in football is to return in the world. They witness Ron Amadon. Is Ron Amadon because he's a more mormons former BYU said can be involved in movies and got things like this new movie. Instead they went to option three Brett Favre era. Right they were sectional view three. He was great in it but at the same time it's like a but he just in this year's super ball fairly Brothers how why. It's like they lost a bad or something so let's stick with fairly close just for a second here. There's. Another. Fairly Brothers movie. Outside province as overseas when love and miss out on Baldwin Alec Baldwin's raise the dead shot had a C believed in my favorite part of this movie that was when they go to Foxboro it's the only a cruel yeah Foxboro it's ever been featured in the movie that chain link fence outside. They're trying to do that comment brother pretends he's the he's mentally champions are doing and that they decided deterrent is seeing Neiman. And just like. Now because vertical wells with the national that gave it to gain year let's hit rock star at that time let's talk though. I loved outside problems as it's actually saw them the editing and direction I did sustain a 100% the united there will be announced crazy and let like one there is like assisting cameramen like their first unit director. Direct that is all those are like supervised jobs about they did what's the best line planes trains and automobiles. I like Colin elected you like to play with your balls. I do not like to play with my balls. Larry Baer doesn't do as much ball handling it one night you do an hour. The departed. Everybody in departed except for Nicholson's wearing a Boston and it's which was a big bone of contention. Yet you please repeat usually whereas. Yankees Yankee fan Laker fan that he is it within the endless talk about somebody who is mr. new York and didn't have a prominent. Canadian and Jack and safety is number this we Robert De Niro. So the issue isn't a lot of that based on movies like the fans want us that this wasn't even a baseball movie with. I struck me but the jet at this will be Jackman at the de Niro did but I was a kid you go to the video store right in the you have all the videos lineup and you have a video congress. And that always have that room in the back that you you know these years the adults were going in in and you know. By and he can't always rinse our sixth. And New York but I'm. They have this moment it was always a Jack knife that had Robert De Niro in a red sex cap it was so strange to me so anyway. When I was above agent accurate narrated movie I'll interject that and it's actually really good movie. About guide post Vietnam. Who he's from New York but he wears a Red Sox get because. It was in him his two buddies in Vietnam in one and it was a from a huge Red Sox and so Leo is worth a read it in memory was that but he. He goes it is Ed Harris and right that's is in the movie straight right right and so as he's gotten this agrees seem restocking and heresy and bring them back. The three. The French of the three of them. In a toxin if you guys need Johnny Johnny always talk about family unit grass so green and open and analysts at. It is great monologue about Stanley Park we get a chance reject that he's actually a good good de Niro film. On the bow hunting degrees seem Robert Brian Williams and Matt Damon with which face the camera sets and a like their bases you know he's talking about the primary met his wife and any rightful place children as Wi-Fi. She thought that goes who's sleeping. The bulls were corrupt or less falch can hit it Georgie mentioned earlier few good men Tom Cruise. Got that Red Sox fan base policy and I'm. I'm very aroused commander in the slap shot. You know old time hockey east man he's an Indy integrate at least doc and the the sports writer when exactly the Boston Bruins. Candidate who can forget Happy Gilmore. Is idle Terry O'Reilly yeah Tasmanian double. Happy plays half the movie golfing is Bruins Jersey. Sir is are also some movies that little bit of Boston to name. Mixed in there but I wanted to little trivia time for you guys real quick. Our. And then I once had a few more bus connection that we don't disclose the soccer. Larry Bird has been made cameos how many buses sports movies. To do wrong. And we talked aloud we talked to some analysts say space jam. One we say blue chips. Violence. And break on this day. There. It was. McDonald's commercials to. He did have them little small appearance in south. Three theory. Of history and he leads the list Tom Brady how many he had. He had. Stuck on you. But when asked Ernie and I make about with that you know is some Lawyer Milloy who went away or maligned in a gave share big buddy his production as a tea it and and as pentagon better drug that is at the end is that you. Roger Clemens made his cameo in the. Sterling rose poking back pain as a skid marks market. I weigh in hooted and can nearly play at sea bass in them and he does so who's in the fur who's the Boston sports. Celebrity in. The first fairly rose. Dumb and camera with Cam Neely now with us on their first movie. With their personal predominantly. That went down for us was realizing keep it was a site a and why I was thinking that there was one more before that. And that's it and then also. And another throwback he has troubled him since he's the friends of Eddie Coyle 1973 Robert Mitchum. It's a screen saver has eggs. If you as a as screen saver and now has a great seem with. Where they're at the garden actually watch the game between the Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks. And Eddie Coyle muses at the idea of Bobby your being only 24 or something the greatest hockey player in the world number four Bobby Ortiz went a future he's. If you go back in the taxi chemicals seen on. On YouTube shows the old guard and you get reminiscent of them sit with the polls in front of the show. And then are we got a few here with busing connections league of their own Tom Hanks played dad league manager of the women's baseball team Hanks is character based on Jimmie Foxx. A man were as. A matter is unique numbers. It is. Near if there's hey we worked at the movie theater when we are going on together. And we are fair movie there was leave reefs are at it many many times we knew every character. For Christmas one year in my belly six or seven years ago he got me. An eight by ten of the original mark beaches Dodgers got a free I was at the it was that the bush is that this is there any UN human natural fears eating out of I have always say there's a game 2013 minutes of film and I and there and a bunch of ladies camera in its visitors like Jack Morris in Raleigh fingers and in the I was the most taken. By far over the likes of surviving members of the Rockford peaches and their selling stuff and that you cannot that it. Little picture from those like I have to get this for George WU Betty spaghetti Jersey. It. 2012. The film lagoons John William Scott plays a bouncer from Boston it was a signal coming out of gas. Good. Nat the next Karate Kid 1984 miss him yet he moves to Boston for some reason in Braintree pride Israelis. It trains Hilary Swank but there's an actual red line train that says Braintree on it in the in the scene and Braintree pride swelled. Is where from Braintree 1990s days of thunder there're a lot of scenes were filmed up lead New Hampshire speedway. And ended even as a receipt everybody's all American from 1988. The desk wages and yes Jerry and John Goodman yeah but the greatness now. The film actually shows video of a Broncos patriots game film by NFL films in 1978. And the interesting kind of fun fact and this is they brought in to fox who got in hooked in as like now. Consultant honorable yep and that's and fox actually get stressed that proposal gear. And has to go hit Randy Quaid and his seem resource you reaching for a one yard in our for a first rate a year ago. Anyway Tim fox drills him exit god. Randy Quaid operate kids how critical will once. Again Hans solo like if you know Harrison Ford bus at his ankle for a few weeks on the force awakens Malia broken clavicle that'll take out of football movies for a couple yeah. There's a movie we haven't mentioned yet baseball and boomers. Diana at what time. Mom I've got to want it today why go way based on comments and of all I ever on who reminds me of the evening. It and because I'm very positive and I don't perpetuate stereotypes. I know last week in Edmonton on here. It's nickel like this one especially in 2002 mister deeds Adam Sandler plays I I've had asked for. Easy soft spot. On the boat just because yes it's like Terrell plays a magical Butler. I. You can't not have a movie would John Turturro as the Butler who can operate. If he speaks well in my New Hampshire. Mr. dean blog ballot deeds has figured out ice Adam Sandler is the huge New York sports. But he's in the yeah. It is like he's. They jets guy whatever but like the same time heals as a big soft spot because like where at the grownups movies. They'll take place a map fills out across. Now is a funny thing about that though is that he guess his father's from New York yes spot it was always during these teams. And but like even like Paula grapple as the song from his first we're only for now they are like Galloway. Bilingual is that what we did he was talking about that and medium build its active Patriot Act I he's just he was in you know. But in this movie's got a great line he he's on airplanes flying to New York city's it's inherited all this money if any does ice acog and the pilot because I know. Pats got a good chance the plant is weekend in the gag he's you know Reagan Reagan is gonna beat those stupid jets or whatever and the guy goes. I would say that's there you all the jets because a relief. At Saks fifth. At both of the pats play the jets of the plaza epic kill myself. I'm not an accident I mean honestly devastating deadly mystery bus movies it's only the occasional reference like. Bat members of the movie blown away hasn't blown away I there's just there's animal movies where it's and the worst part is like move on jacks on TV in the opposite that the rates to like. The team it was like Sean McDonough call on the games that premieres on them and the balls. Morris Honda bail out all bought all they don't like left all sides you know that he hit it over the bullpen wall in right Leo and one's god god out of the Mazda. That they they like if it figures like in a movie that had so many Boston inaccuracies that they would do. You know let me lesions on the sun TV is more possible connections Chuck Connors. Over Red Sox the rights under the rifleman some unnamed man hello Bob Urich. In Spenser for hire that he opening scene with Larry Bird dribbled a record and it's a chat. And then what about Abbott cheers so I had to tell Helen great pitcher Andy Andy look back the girl who was going to do with children yesterday. I'd folks well and able what you guys and they got. That's about it if people remember any other ones in the that to exist or at them based college short pants that Boston's is there and at Boston sports on no we have individual ones. Arable going to work on our Twitter later regretted getting into group tweet box. Get a new neatly boxed for now. You can catch me up about to be the guy on Twitter at the other. That's been. And at a point nick Stephens or at many nick W if you like to Miami and a half to about it was it was an item on my eyes and time and Matty will be joining us very soon. Alongside the great Jerry Norton bar Bristol sports for. The buses ports 101. EE IAEA app ultimate today got a cast me multi mega cat solves 100. Guide to please. Ever. Sponsored by Iceland. I tell you which ones all they want to. Ireland that's it for another edition Abbas ports one on one. Nick Stephens thank you Georgie camp days but think about an uncle buck we'll see you next time I removed it.