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Freestyle Friday Hour 1 - Malcolm Butler, Pete Abe, Opening Day Starter

Mar 18, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe on a Freestyle Friday. Hour 1 includes Butler talk, Pete Abraham vs Twitter, and the Sox day 1 starter.

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I'd just we get a clear. When Michael Lombardi saying stop we wanna hear. He's not a shield for Bill Belichick and the patriots he's just spouting truth. From God's mouth to your ears truth or or is he just I mean he's still he's spot on its right. I think Malcolm butler's got back play. End of the ten year. While he is not I don't know hours on the planet thing. Jack reminds her. Maybe yeah. Malcolm. Answer this is what you wanted to do I know you want to rule don't care about that contrary you wanna play for three point 91 million. The guys that Diana. Nectar they are sitting. There aren't any of them is guaranteed to the worry about that all league and the planet thing right. So we know they're different not promote get traded it's gonna have to be something less than that take now the saints can't trade that pick down a lot of people say well. Why are they just take your pick and traded down you can't do that you jam like a working wage work your way down you have to trade your original take if you haven't. So therefore to work for me. The saints are trying to improve their defense by cash and Brandon cooks to get more pixels. And then they're gonna use those picks and hopefully sixer defense which typically has a work. Now I don't know if he's telling the truth or not but I hope he has because he answered a question we all hat. That if if they signed him to a tender offer. And the patriots didn't match the patriots are supposed to get their first round pick which is number eleven. Right and we set unaudited I've got a handshake agreement they'll just take the 32. According to Lombardi they can't do that now do we know if that's true or not or is that just wishful thinking on my part again. I'm hoping that Mike Lombardi Triton. No I think it is wishful thinking and future cuts. Because that would so many reporters being dead wrong about the rules because how many have said they'll probably get the number 32 picked back and I got part of the deal of the basically a trade it's two weeks in the making a guy feel lake. If that was completely gives the rules all these NFL analysts and experts wouldn't be saying that right. Well he did he did he was general manager in the league if he was should know the rules and stop these Judd but so shouldn't. You know show after Rappaport and everybody else right where the patriots. Were time. Burton Bill Belichick in Cleveland it's been around the league for a long time nobody knows anything I have name that I have they need got to be so much pressure on. The last game of the party that be right every time every single time. Most of it more pressure than Stephon Gilmore now yes. Yeah oh I don't know forty milling area seat of the lot well there won't be as much pressure on Gilmore if butler's a year. But though voters aren't going to be here. Yet at a Dow and the butler's years. There's really no pressure on Q I mean the guy that I industrial and it goes and it doesn't go ally idea is that he'd be the number two corner. What it did an average of quarter with a number one and shot. Or paycheck yep now. A techsters bring up a whole Welker thing remember now with the Welker thing it wasn't a first round tender offer second round the second rotten. And and you know the patriots made a deal with that with the dolphins in all but. I I wondered about this whole number 11 pack. And am whether or not if it now maybe the way around ideas. Malcolm are signs the tender yes. The patriots haven't three point 91 million vague and trade him to a New Orleans Saints for the number 32 peck. And the saints then rip up his tender offer in and simply sign him to a contract that's out because he signed an easy science first with the patriots so that it's their right it now he's basically on a one year deal you can trade a player is on a one year deals do you send him away. But that it's Horry agreed upon. All that stuff again it's you're not really in operate in the roles but your parents her around article are right up against them you really are. I doubt there not the spirit of the rule at all not at all dot but he but he integrity of the game yeah like as the phrase you're searching for air the integrity of the game up they might they might get a letter probably let's be honest. Our other two teams more likely to get scrutinized by the National Football League. And the patriots in the saints don't two teams that that Roger Goodell would like more to lower the boom on if he could find something on them so they they have got to make sure every. I is dotted and every T is crossed they will not take a chance. They'll let us it is where he's lowered the boom he's done it already once again I don't know what to do it I mean if they both audit has taken dead it is ultimately secretly patriots fan I don't you really believe that it's not a secret the Super Bowl changed him it'd. Go back and look at that without cop caught up in what he was like a kid he would get off that stage quick enough job okay well on a field goal on the and it all shots are polishing up the three and added I don't believe you know either you key dads when has the robotic. Roger Goodell ever given you show all they program that in for that night it got bad news thing broadcast were you watch. And that's normally grabbed his hand in the weeks or something when it's. That was huge opening rounds now he he said he says it's an awesome I was also went well. We need Jim Currie who stand him right to agreement was Jim grand world are real close lest this give you talked him. Then you're going to reach out rugged LUS Cuba captain it's a great. Draper to reject a Roger Goodell he's available every jet vet Patrick they would your favorites are Patrick Coptic right now tells it requires. And I remember it well I would like dioxin genders. And I that Tom Brady guy naked and he's not given. No chemical could he won't be at Tom Brady guy if he does give an it he give the mood of give us yeah we need the mood yes I'm all about it. What did you see Tom recently posted what was the earlier this week posted a new video. On it since two Graham account it's essential. And it was it was a video Brady coming down the steps off of the platform there. And it's he's with the kids and his kids are yelling dude did it daddy and a very sweet very nice but I didn't see Roger Goodell on the video anyway. I use blurred out if they're kind of like are you think later from again I don't think that'll wanted to hear. Are really Allen knows what Belichick. And oak idea Belichick and Brady. We laughed and in the back ravaged Strahan was vector for awhile and they were dying yet to Dell's have to get booed their elaborate Hawkins and it was an extended conversation. Between Belichick and and it now otherwise maybe get Ellis and you know as much. Yeah I went and did your other great I'll have time maybe we should renamed this trophy for fuel. And and bills like all is forgiven. I I'm not. Give us already been a lot of them went to like our first is that yes I want what is it. And the reason to wait was it. There is because he was on his way up the space yes I go Robert. Your cards started yet make them hard enough and I. I've made it obvious heart if it weren't for me he's still did it some links of the news that is somebody who's won two points. We that is removed five times are the thing that happens just about every other year but out of Google. I'm especially given how hard it is right probably Britain's of the aids does anybody doubt until the last 23 years. But he'll be here will be here in 27 to this Olympics so. At a meter freestyle Friday people that's right we a lot of stuff rock god Friday the Bruins had are rather disheartening performance of your hockey fan last night ape predictable but disheartening performance Bruins didn't have a disheartening performance. I thought man the best goaltender in the world don't have an am really had a prominent without any of the five would you blame him for. I blamed him for one really the last one little. That they last one of the first period. Because it as a well and as he's I mean that they were so bad I don't they were but you give you think Cassidy would only blame of one I don't know I am just got about got to get a monitor. We were we were taught what you just don't want to give up twelve or something in the way that team was plant where we're talking about in the green room as were watching last night and you know it. I said it was somewhat predictable you're playing your third game in four nights all on the road. You're playing your second game back to backs worthy of the opposing team didn't play the night before all the all the check marks were there for it to be an awful night. And the Bruins were as as ill prepared to play games I can remember them this year. Mental mistakes physical mistakes too many men on the ice I mean nobody backed checking anybody. He was left defenseless most of the night I don't blame him for the fourth goal that was the key goal of the game. They fight back it's 32 yet think you got a chance and an gives up that gold a slap you ship in front. I could say that by the FCC clear. AstraZeneca. Again slippage. I dare you up I. I suggest that like little fatigued but that's the area that whoever does not want to establish our act that I can say it like it I. I understand how frustrating last night was. It's funny because that Tyrod apiece on WEEI dot com about this group. Ty and it's okay on und dot com. I heard. You may be at the age don't any wrote a piece about you know is it time to stop blaming took every time the team has a bad night. And and it was he was right in my opinion because I hear I have a similar opinion but he wasn't good. But there was nobody was cut last. I wasn't born then walked Julio out scores of senate Jack guy goes goes without when I don't this year and yes. Some thought. That was that was concerning to me that now estimated three nothing and that was what night halfway through the period. In a doughboy the wonder if they were to where they satisfied with the when how the troops had gone to that point maybe. Are added. I don't know what was that Clinton on good team Leo borderline playoff team yes but they as it. They did look good or that their four game winning streak you know how grieving Hoover they look great. So what are thirds are a little bit ago of a let them let them. As payment that would have been a game workload Julian starts after it says no excuses but. Though there is classic great coach but I don't excuse is bond as a back to back you know gotten tired Edmonton didn't play you wait for all that. Our I wish I could have seen you know Peter surely post game. You know the history and set out there trying to obvious saying things that he. Probably regrets today you know talk a lot of trash as you go up a taunting. They they did a good Edmondson a very good not like this is only the second well their time. In the Cassidy error whereas look at them and said okay. And this is not the only game was the other one Ottawa Ottawa Anaheim and this one. How'd they Ottawa was more disappointing because that was one of those moments where can get an opportunity everything's set up where he had opportunity this the team that you need to handle. You know play him three times down the stretch. How you do against them can probably determine your playoff future bright and and they just came out very flat against Ottawa as you say Edmonton Edmonton you can kind of understand. You know it did give you quote Julian treatment no excuses. But. OK you can kind of prevent hedge for a loss and and it felt like I've and I've you can even understand to a degree. So just to Baghdad and I was just a bad in inhabitants. And you run a half of those it's just it was so glaring last night. Yet they give up seven goals and the other team didn't score in the third for crime not on Japan are portals. While we gave up three power play goal now. You've got a team that seventh in the NHL on the power play and you give them like six chances last night. All the things that you go into the game saying you can't do you did don't don't let him get out front don't put on the power play. And not only did Edmonton occurred. And in terms of scoring seven goals they looked good but dad and I go up Barry this is what I'm talking about yes. Old school Oilers you want to go with the old school stuff that you can't go over works all beautiful yes tonight I went like a sweater a beautiful good snarled great ensemble nice color scheme nothing's working there. And squares that girls have Oprah martian for more points are brat brat Marcia kept pace with Kerry did dedicated Perriello MVP. No ad that deals of the people you first start. Just jump on I don't know I don't vote I saw it and all that he's I think he's going to be apply yeah addict. Keep. He windsors credit for an anyway I don't think that a win I think he's going to be a finalist. And that's all I said you know when when we brought this up now now everybody's donut for crying out of the Vietnam reads up everywhere about how martians Hart trophy candidate. Everywhere you turn it leads the league in goals and he's tied for the league lead in points yeah that's sort of put you in the conversation just you should be the mex yes. Or legacy with the low the the guy who leads the league in points was the lowest he's ever finished. In the voting. I'd be into the putts that went. And like people are yeah ha ever go back the next week about it as I said yesterday the last time the Bruins. Had a player lead the league in scoring with 7475. In his last name was war. I would have guess somebody else line wow that's amazing but you know I. I'm telling you you guys to go crazy and that's with the Bruins with this with their resurgence. Yeah. I'm I'm looking in public and had to April don't and I have I have great expectations and I have champions both. Out for bolt what are teams. Well you know like a phantom assault response he's changed his tune I'm right there he says never the cavs trouble. Vulnerable shrub although we beat Cuba on a fairly VW both the Canada so much trouble in the world they're just trouble trouble trouble that's but that that's for the that's for the Celtics were for the Bruins. I expect him to make the playoffs you guys you two ranked yes economic yes I do right now yeah huge disappointment if they don't make it but if you try to play if you'd asked me this question your goal right now I'd said the same thing I actually not song it yell each of the last two right here saying they've they've got a Hart trophy finalist they've got two guys who were explosive players. You can't be satisfied with hate it made the playoffs and that's. While if you had told me in in January that they'd make the playoffs would you be happy. At that time. Co Julian still head coach and they were inconsistent team hadn't seen these classes. That I've seen from the broad and I'm flash is anymore. It's sustained. In this what is the fires that are nice winning streaks they are going to look like a real teams so because of that. My expectation expectations for the Bruins have changed and so I expect to make the playoffs expect them to whip around. In the playoffs I think it gets. Not unreasonable now and apparently not it once there in there especially if it's Ottawa in the first or Montreal or even moment on would that be NASA that's a mobile front even though the Celtics. Have not won a series under Brad Stevens expect him to win it's just a you don't let them look good while they want it I don't think it ought. Well. I don't know honestly a Washington in the second round. And I don't. I mean balance. To pull for incessantly to win that one of the good loser got about a half hour and by the way it was analysis around it Maryland I had read it any other kinds of injuries and other the other guy they're well coached. A disappointing year aunt uncle go either way not a head cold either way. They lost so our. Our expectations for our winner sports teams is safe to say based on how the seasons have gone. Elevated as the season's gone on this has not yet flop this is you've got more information now. We expect the Celtics to at least win one series in not to hack there. Eight if they don't win a series. For the first time and I know and Brad Stevens get ready for this there's actually. It's sprinkled criticism. Now there's actually criticism you're unfamiliar of the user not only he didn't get Butler ready get ahead right now getting getting treated like a eight college coach. In the pros and approach Valerie you've got pro players and giving college. Coach treatment. From from fans and media but yeah. That hole and if they don't win the series. He's the most well liked guy in sport he he absolutely the most well like our impossibly at all rod that I can pick out in the rough and I'll say that I can't get around haven't talked to on nice guy he's the nicest guys right like still cannot. The nice guy. It it. Nice guy does doesn't prevent you from getting criticism dot pharaohs got up and I'm not suggesting that did call around and get I'm saying he's a nice guy everybody let's. I can't a Mac iPad can't remember you if you care and young guys remind me. Stevens has been this is here for yet it's defense. I can't remember the last time he Boston coach with three and a half years. Without. Being second guess let us out Mini Cooper without being ripped. And want to know when that well yet. By Isiah Thomas got a five Marcus Martin and everybody. And we tried to all of that yeah it. Yeah. Oh. And yeah it's I can't remember though they lose in the first round it's the first you're gonna ripple yes. Tim apart I am. And it's yeah. Definitely I okay hired to an -- I Ahmed god god I don't. You can he can't especially good to see. An NBA. Although the two tours every Tuesday in the NBA you lose some seventy sorry yet and it's not like you have a seventy that is all on the verge and they get this guy back from an injury right. How did you know I really Westbrook on the web via. 6177797937. As telephone number as Michael said it's freestyle Friday so what are you wanna go we're happy to go with yet. Now it is a priest out Friday Wiki from Aniston yes another one desolate Saint Patrick's Day theme wall yeah. Yeah there's border mind that it. We might have the same page actually over really urged discussing some. Are a command doctrines and Ottoman and talk you out of whatever your ideal I thought our madness at 5456177797937. Its telephone number. I Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WE yeah. What does it mean for my mother next year. I love the most are just undergoes an award. Those who are gonna puts the onus on Illinois played great. I'm making huge deal next year 128 next march they'll make a huge deal on the open market millions talking franchise. Mike Lombardi. I'm telling you that mouth about what's gonna come back but he's like the only person on the planet I know it's still saying that. I mean Michael was one of the last people off that island and and as much as we always wanted it to happen none of us think it's gonna happen. But Michael Marty does. A reduce all day. Irish our songs that I thought Ahmad and expanded on Irish Felix Serbia they're complete frauds as right inevitably Paulson may write her she really are and and it. Mergers in the video Heidi is now tell you this or knows this woman Serbian won easily something else ice at any time in Dublin. Boss asked the group right toward their wants. As soon as he now you have just rock Michaels and or are out our best on a couple of high Matthau out got to be kidding me. A high as we get ready to go to the calls do you buy this. Well you know the jets pulled their offer after its physical you buy and that's storyline that's out there now know that they saw the physical and sentenced. I don't think so to Don hi tomorrow do you think it is pulled their offer listed too they knew it was a size that I makes it look like they did not choose them especially the cupcake thing. Not that bad baggage that did not goal shy here so bear some announced our heads up. So what's the purpose of of doing the whole physical you're you know damaged goods over the what do what do they gain out of that. I leak in that story line out there glad for your fan base yeah exactly just protections trying to protect ourselves and they were trying to do what's best for the jets organization and you want us is not a big name free agent right. We don't wanted to sign somebody and have a breakdown on us and break down and do jets are. On the patriot sorry acrobatic and an injured player they just signs don't get too excited about things but I mean they may have. It away you look at how much money the patriots ended up paying high tower not much. I wonder if the jets to look at like do we really want do we want to overspend. On and a middle linebacker is on earth or you sauce on the contracts and players they just had to get rid of so I wonder if they said we wanted to start up again. That was targeted this club for the show I don't know the jets certainly known for Smart moves but maybe and then I won here maybe he did every job I'm thrilled high tower is on the patriots it's a perfect fit in I'm it's great power have been upset if they lost them. But for the jets and a bad team you look at all the all the needs you have. Is one of the higher paid. Middle linebackers really want a moment exactly return the jets around volatile linebacker probably right so maybe edited some morals yet don't make sense that I got a Andy. Now when you're upset about this and this is the thing about the pain and so how about YouTube YouTube due to a Irish okay. Today our are assured Yahoo!. Yeah. Your true claims in the Irish. And our. Shore. Irish brings so social. I got. Figure pretend it's not so who do we agree that. Best Irish band is YouTube. I DNN art that go you because. You you to look at an acute I don't like there there was like these are utes. Yeah I don't like. 000. But that of foreign wars post zero. Yet it best best irishman is it. Sure yes. Best Irish athlete this nontraditional. Urged its weaknesses especially Irish athlete asked Irish athlete Connor McGregor. Ever. Robbie Keane. I thought I Tucker I would not ironic and 2000 people now Palm Pre that is clear mines. You like. Irish Irish it's like colleague. Lived there Irish Ehrlich rich keep Irish Tory leader to being outdoors there. After their two different categories who can have americanize Irish we can have that a guy like the rich keep the beliefs yet. I mean you know nominate yourself and McCain doesn't want god I think if you're gonna have a a bracket should put yourself in your Brack succeed and print it out on that here in Denver when you're and you and I can talk about yourself one that way it's better yeah I think Mikhail right now that's a good one that's of McHale and that's a good you know as the be tough to beat. Yeah I'll take Mikhail overcome McGregor. Move all of both world champions hall of Famer. I remember bill kept getting better and better yet McGregor might beat up if there was ever because McGregor is real details not yet. I'm a resident of different there. So it's a McGregor is in the Robbie danger you'd two's. He's from the I'm really yes yeah don't fry it right you gotta like embassy there predators about. Mickey from snatched the Brad Pitt character tremendous athlete he was irony that on and on and so he was non Irish it would use a Gypsy. Zepa like the pike he bought it in Gypsy. Into the arena with me now. There are in England they're just outside London there's Irish Micky ward hit him with Seamus Seamus he can't fight that went yeah yeah but that you lynch thank you Reggie. Great iron Mickey ward yeah sure it's called Irish Micky ward and he's from Ireland peace from now I know. In the camp Mikhail bracket is a problem busily on Iraq now yeah right now American has brought americanized Mark McGwire. Definitely put him in there that one tournament if we're the top of the list via. Not gonna put through ovarian and I don't want to be sure I'm not discriminate. Yep target PDA yeah. I ought to be any Indiana right. Today if you Jimmy Connors John McEnroe. There are cool and John McEnroe Irish feud okay John McEnroe vs Dexter Dexter in all caps as. And another with the demand McCarty. Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq O'Neal O'Neal Jermaine O'Neal. And adamant opponent of Europe I joke. McEnroe. Mikhail. Lewis will soon Gloria Gomez stuff winds ten shamrock. Holes. I. Should just. I am that famous camera gets out of it by extremist I I edged him his image and valor. Fool I love than dollar and I was a good one he should be back after mania. John it's a beautiful little adults it is fair world. Monolith known now knocking him it doesn't matter now there is no list for which people actually John Ferrell as an American to be fired managers in the Major League Baseball pills that materializes pretty glad that there Walter McCarty gets to be image I know in art but if you put ten Mikhail of Mikhail sort of appease at the high hand there is right and John McEnroe Jimmy Connors yeah. After over con or like at one point oh yeah I don't want to know from my sport. Terry O'Reilly arrow cholera GAAP and plus at the casket apart today. There we go crazy days to have confidence fueled me. Obviously we. And invited him in the line you know is Jimmy. Jackie Jermaine we are would be to get a table table that table and you're sure. That that's a who's who and you probably been able to tell all of us have begun drinking a decent and it's obvious like everybody is Irish today. And think of anybody we've left out that I got Mark McGwire we've looked at the line bar or off the football players. John Allen just irony Elway government the man very human. And that says. Brady is start Ira ever idea of going that Jim Kelly. Yes dodge and got. Achieved a sham because there's. This March Madness time not the Obama opener and judges and the good news judges now. Let me just say I was listing. I was listening as I was driving over and everything is Gerald Perry got. All great ones the separate ethnic I I was try it is driving over to NASA yesterday and I was listening to month. And keep is I always do great power and and I got to tell you and all I always do the great you guys hit the nail on the head yesterday. I don't wanna hear doctor Brackett Brett I don't wanna hear about two fantasy football team bracket don't either of those things to my table beta ago I don't care about either up right. But you wanna know how I did and did not I. I think all of that aside I do the title of the gave epic. Get a few phone calls in here and get Roland threes 6177797937. Dayne is in Connecticut hey Dana I don't. He gently to a today. Hey I'm so up for too much on the same that. I'm pleased with like to buy a device are sure dumping out Cheryl but a very seat but he started. He started or sell a lot they want I think that's very positive. Well look at the figure and it and it future with the new guys say Alina it's kind of slap in the face support so. And by the way both sale and price set yet. Ursula should start at one I have to say Dana that is an I respect your your opinion on this I think that's one of the things about baseball that drives me crazy it makes me mad. Image in both senses I you know does that first and second definition of the word mad. I. Rick Purcell hasn't earned anything in 2017. And and so what he had but it is a reward for 2008. Dollars reward for 2006 he was getting this. I haven't played any game since he won the Cy Young I get. You got a record also I thought man I mean on the god that he he you don't deserve my butt when the other two guys saying he should start. You shouldn't start. Many lack of pace and that's a baseball thing and that's games and baseball away the unwritten rules of baseball to slap in the face it really obvious slap in the face to report sell. If Chris Sale. Who they traded the top prospect in baseball for. Who had a hard day to Mike. Writes I already knew thank you very anti right forget that data is not a big deal right. It is not a big the only not okay so it's not let the guy who won a Cy Young award. Start game line up your profession is that this of professional athletics now we're not trying to get everybody involved everybody's got one for ice cream afterwards. Leggett did the ball to the best guy. Available and the best guy available as we were talking about first game of the playoffs I'm would be a 100%. But the first game of 1620. This is a big deal you know I think it does not like I just. Think it's a big deal so no it doesn't matter so we elect the guy who's the reigning Cy Young award winner start game and how about this from a human didn't Tom Jackson is gone now I'll I'll undersized is Alitalia if not a big deal but it does matter. Out of jail I don't think it's a huge deal. Yeah I was shocked I was surprised at just give the ball to the guy who gives you the best chance to win and that guy is person one. And it gives you the best chance to win it's gonna start the other four games that week till let me just aren't starting game. I I would start of opening day as well and I think part of it is and it's surprising just how much it lines up early on the season to take for example the plan the pirates right to open up the year yes so would you rather have sailor personal again both great pitchers who would rather seller for sellout. Go up against your call. May be sale and then it's it's the way it happens always teams have similar schedules early on the next series where and when sales turn comes up again he's probably going up against an ace it's the ace first ace a lot the first month of the season. And that's and others kind of small reason why argument 2% and that. Reward ago. He's got to have a rural large. I noticed I got enough your your record for fellow part 2016. And over in 2000. Seventeen golf needs a reward. Jackie Bradley junior got a great year last year Richard we're gonna reward you this year. Nothing to do what this season. 6177797937. Its telephone number it's Daylon Hollywood Keefe. Sports Radio W media. I. All right they're not you too I'll give you back. But the pride in Dublin Ireland thin Lizzy was pretty good. Those combined Jerusalem this is like some so there Barack I know it sounds it doesn't. We're talking about one thing vs what what is in this community to diseases in this spirit of accidentally turn concede. That's been the Buick at sixteen teams here it is not a lot. But I just it just feels at all they're writing an article you'd have YouTube and that you're clearly very user with the wide thin Lizzy is a I was a little bit of zoo who's. Always there really done a lot to choose yeah. Compare you to you to him was the cranberries to double winners through the core users. The beltway I think Tom if you miss that I'm not think compared to all Irish. I think there's been Taliban as they are not we're just talking right now because you're new on the plane enjoys going to find it in the pirates now top 64 and the and I to a JaJuan and you're talking about all they still don't see note although I did yeah. Yeah. Who grew Murray via pearl can not yet you do drew entered into a culture of the mountain it. Now. You can not business it's what. He's been in business sense and still is still get done are right back at this undated they the put that out and I tried to iPhone we're gonna force going to be at Gillette Stadium on June 20 you don't know where we are goal and all of those accused and a I don't I don't know what is what he liked that. I think that that's not for. And people like different things that's fun really bummed about it top seeds the stones The Beatles than you know what's up Yahoo! with a bumper and a let's employ we're bar employees if I see big Floyd is not a watch out if I think Floyd I don't want to see. Who seek to influence he's really much higher and and put too much I YouTube and Andy Brack towards relies much higher than YouTube and deeper. I'm an Andy on this. People. Dark side of the moon I selling album of all time was a top 44 years is this race. Yeah studies and it's nice or if there's an hour. They do that in a proud and in terms does your reality outlook that the problem but the bay right mr. Today put out a new crap doesn't mean that you're yeah. It is crap. Stopped Rebecca foresee the ones yeah seriously one. You we've overstated though by in my turns. The guys to have your own tournament but a 6177797937. Its telephone number robs a New Hampshire rob. Why are you doing guys what's going on. I love you guys do every day thank you. I I larger question kinda seriously good Irish athlete and then 11 come to mind that not Turkey you know it was. Is very popular and a burglar got it was England Auckland. You don't wanna track got leaked and even at the age of forty I think they'll trying to break a four minute mile forty. You look up payment MO I don't know I'd. I yes but but track athletes that Andy was wonderful I did don't misunderstand but that they did they make the cut generally speaking. Now I mean I was only joking about it Seamus at the way they did I really think shape mr. Becky Lindh should be there or warnings wobbled but. He did win gold in the 5000 meter at the 1983 Helsinki world championships. Slow loan analysts. We let my head are you a passerby left Seattle with. A gold Africa six led seven a lot of. Couples that are probably due to once the car op now. How hard our iris iris that's Arlen you're Irish you know having the number one seed also Irish band yeah absolutely aren't that different than all other collars. My other half. Dollars. Angry callers like YouTube are our first electric iris and it. I didn't you know. Yeah it text line it's not do any better from Michael in the calls are pretty easy for you to they sucked in the eighties things. In fact that I. If you know they've sucked for at least 25 years into public 19925. Years for their decent. They've sucked since they've separately Saito allowed a long time. Wonder like why I was a lot of people terrible taste in music and how they are going to be blood on the answer theater so they're playing Gillette Stadium. Yeah images and those idiots and think about that seventies and eighties morons let us catch these cells out Gillette next summer again. He'll on the same par with children I want to be with you guys need deserves respect that's parts it deserves respect to the best band in the world. That's been there for us that there may deserve a one seed in our turn here. No. We've got our our I don't know what are turner yeah. Does your Atari per gallon and do this better than we did give backs have a real bracket they real voting me an idea I alarms are prepared as you heard. Me earlier talk about our own bracket color or anything you know determine that has yet that doesn't exist gathered my little marijuana off you're off the selection committee are now that we've voted 6177797. Entries at a relatively relative freestyle Friday kitchen. And I mean keeper madness at 545 it's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio.