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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Latest on Malcom Butler; Gronk vs Zeke 3-16-2017

Mar 17, 2017|

Christian is up late and opens up the show talking about the Malcom Butler situation. It seems that Malcom Butler will be moving on to New Orleans and Christian doesn’t want to see him go. The discussion switches to racism with comparisons between Gronk and Zeke.

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Some late night with Christian I can Sports Radio. Would that tee winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get a goalie with. Talk a lot like Christian archaic but we're gonna get we're here. Late night Sports Radio WEEI I'm your host Christian art can't live in our Brighton studios overlooking and has turned quite nice to have you this here on this chilly Thursday evening. Mad at the marine on the wheels of steel taking your phone calls all night long at 617779. 7937. Text messages at 37937. And your tweets as always at Christian are cans. So many wondering where was last night I told you as they did that I've been struggling since I got back from Mexico. I've had doctors are people who claim to be doctors call and tell me what is wrong with me. I don't know exactly what it is but I know I'm good enough to go tonight. And that's really all that matters so you're right here I am here we are. Got a lot to get to hear rear admiral Parcells sports WEEI dot com we'll be join in the party at twelve midnight lots to get to them haven't seen him and quite awhile now since I got back from Mexico so be nice to talk with the admiral as always. And your phone calls here all night on a myriad of different topics we'll get to as many as we possibly can here not a lot of tournament talk tonight. NCAA tournament or the NCAA hole tournament or just I don't know. I'm not really a part of the eight hole tournament. I guess and just who threw nice. But as the NCAA tournament I'd come on here like might princess or pretend they know about these games. And I watched any college basketball this year but I didn't. I'm admitting or right now watch 0% of these games don't know anything about any of these teams and don't really feel like talking that much about him. And giving you a bunch of dead air for the rest of the night itself. We'll start with the patriots. The Malcolm bubbly situation I haven't been on the air since Donta hightower sign I do have some thoughts on that as well. Also this Rob Gronkowski Ezekiel Elliott situation which I think is. Well just another springboard for that ridiculous conversation that people like to have when things like this happen and you compare him to what would happen if this person was action. Well he got treated differently because he's wire whatever will get and it sort of all of that need. And neat weird direction over the last I'd say five years or so I think it's really just on the last five years since about in 12011 points while. This weird direction that sports. Conversation is gone in and I don't know if I'm gonna blame it on ESPN I don't think that it's 100% their fault I think it's a it's a group effort. That is that is combined two to make these sorts of discussions as prevalent as they are and is. Angry as they are in and sort of uncomfortable as they are I mean it's all. It's it's not just one side or another I think there's a lot that sort of goes into it's we'll explore that a little bit tonight do. And some Celtics news with a Isiah Thomas and Kershaw on every Sele the Bruins and action right now talk about that game after it's over with with admiral but let's start here. With the Malcolm Butler situation. Which is one that I've been talking a lot about over the past week or so. Malcolm Butler visited with the saints today we also learned that he visited with them on Wednesday. As far as we know. They did not completed deal which is sort of misleading because even had they agreed to terms of the deal they couldn't sign anything. Unless the saints were to. Put an offer sheet together and give up their eleventh overall all this really is is them negotiating and talking about OK if we trade for you. What are you gonna sign how long you gonna be here power gonna make this so we don't trade a draft pick. To New England to get you for you know on this one season and then you go off in the free agency in the next yourself. Obviously as everybody trying to cover their tracks it's gonna get complicated I don't think they're gonna it immediately. Fall into some sort of deal that everyone's happy with otherwise you know maybe that could happen with the patriots and Boller by this point. It does certainly seemed as though Malcolm Butler and and his agent who we've learned is not exactly an experienced sports agent he's a lawyer down south basically ignorant Ted Wells down there. And it will will see exactly where this where this goes because I think it. For the most part. If you asked me. What would be the optimum situation with Malcolm Boller would intelligent as I've been saying the whole time I think they should assign Butler an addition to sign him a year earlier conditional lock him up. Did you have to do is there any obligation for them to no no not at all and I'm not implying that there is. By it as a fan of the team and as a fan of Malcolm Butler. And the way he plays in in the plays that he's made in his overall attitude and just everything about really. He's one of those guys that I would really hate this ego. And it looks like that's the direction we're going in here just does it seem like. Donta hightower would be coming back. And I called that one a couple days ago when I heard that the titans autumn. Go off to new York and and the jets let him go to Pittsburgh and in Pittsburgh said if you leave Pittsburgh and had offers off the table but. You can leave this meeting in although all the clues were there. The writing was on the wall so to speak and I think the writings on the wall here with butler's well. And it's not because I think spell checker the patriots don't consider Butler to be a good player I think they obviously do how could you not. What we're at a point now where they're trying to. May be re load with some draft picks. Get back in the first couple rounds and this is the easiest way to do it armed there's also a rumor going around right now. According to Michael Marty. That the Seattle Seahawks. Could be open to trading Richard Sherman. Which IA. Didn't think much care. I didn't think anything of it. But if he's on the market. And Lombardi seems to think that he could be. Not that he is but that they be open to putting him out there and dangling him out there and seeing what's order returning to get. Would you be interested to Richard Sherman now Shirley. From a player perspective how could you not. He does make a lot of money. He's one of the few players at that position that I'd say is head and shoulders better than Malcolm ball or. And I wouldn't say that about too many other players too many other corner. But did the patriots at this point now have the chips s.'s swing a trade like that I say no. I don't think so I don't think you can go make trades for calling you Lee make trades for branding coach. Dwayne Allen. All these moves. And then somehow put together something that the Seahawks way to look at and think yet this is a good return for Richard Herman. I just don't think they have enough bullets in the in the chamber to do it but it is an interesting thing to think about because of Butler goes. All the sudden you're looking at a secondary that is riddled with question mark. And that's another big reason why I'd like for Butler to say. He's a number one corner we know that there's no getting around that. Is stepping Gilmore. May be is maybe isn't he was very good buffalo first first couple years last year not so much. The patriots certainly think that there's something there otherwise they wouldn't assign him with that big money like they didn't all that guaranteed money. We're going into next season. Going into 2017. With a secondary. Headed up by stepping Gilmore. Despite all that in bill we trust the rhetoric that I have been just as guilty as anybody if spewing on these airwaves on a nightly basis. I gotta say I look at that and I think her. Could that be enough. Is Gil Morgan enough to x.s. Hold the unit like that together now obviously. There's still moves to be made they're still the draft there's still the rest of free agency. There's guys out there there's players who probably hadn't even considered that they're probably on built radar. We do know that just in Coleman. Signed an exclusive rights to under so he'll be back. But those kind of guys you still have now behind Gilmore should Butler get traded. And it doesn't get traded this is all moved by in the event that he does and it's looking like he will. Stepping Gilmore air growth. Just in Coleman's Irish journal. The back end of that obviously is weak. What you can cover couple weeks secondary with a with a stud at the top of it. And butler's been at stud for two seasons than. They let Darrelle Revis go because they felt that good about Malcolm Boller and they were right. Can you make that he can you roll the dice like that again. Eighteen year old and our guy like Gilmore. Who's played well in buffalo not great. Good player over there certainly not a Richard Sherman Malcolm Butler Patrick Peterson. X setter. Bite. Doesn't bill we trust extend all the way to that because as I've as I've mentioned here and I've I've gone overall that. All the different secondaries they've had by year between 252014. And there were some awful ones oh my goodness there are some bad ones. 2009 show on spring in Leigh Bodden. And now await would Deltha O'Neal and Ellis Hobbs there's spend several years. Where bill just tried to make it work. You know I just threw some guys together put him out there and hope for the best. And they didn't get back to the promised land they didn't get back up on that podium poise in the Lombardi trophy until there Revis and Brandon Browner got here. And they were able to get back again. And win it this past season but they didn't do it in a vacuum and they didn't do with out a number one shut down corner. Are they capable of doing that shirt 2005 Ty Law are sorry 2004. Ty Law if you remember that your. Missed the last nine games of the season he was put on IRNA were within a together with guys like earth wind Moreland and Hank Poteat and you know players that had no business being out there and they won a silver bullet here they beat it beat the Eagles. And they and they took it down. But there's a drought after that. And I'm not saying that drought is directly 100% the result of the secondary. Why it. The clues are there. You know again the writing on the wall. And going into 2017 without Malcolm Butler I think is much more akin to what happened 20052008. X setter. Then the drop off from a 2014 to 2015 when Revis left and Butler took over as the number one. At the time myself a lot of people thought how can you do that. How could you let Terrelle Revis leave. You finally after all these years of having these crap secondary you finally put one together that is one of the best Italy. And now you're just gonna let these guys did you know let him go read Michigan elect go gonna what Browner ago. You're gonna put this undrafted rookie who had a great play in the super ball don't get here are. We're gonna put this guy in charge. And it worked. And thank god it did. And again the way that the rules of the mood of the leaguer set up. Restricted free agency setter. No one's breaking any rules here. And I also don't even think that the patriots necessarily old Malcolm Boller or anything. They took him from an undrafted guys swing and fried chicken in Mississippi. To a Super Bowl hero now making standing to make four million dollars next season. Which is well below what a guide his talent and his ability in his position and everything else should be making. But compared to him where he was 33 years ago. I'd say everything's working out pretty well from out embark. That said. His loss in that secondary I think would be substantial. And if they can just keep morale for one more season before having to. You know let him go or free agency and make his money I I hope they can't. If they find that it's not sustainable if they find that he won't you know you want shape up if they think if they fear he might hold out. And input some of his guaranteed money on the line which I don't think you would but you never know. Then trading him probably seems like their only option. Not to mention the fact they can reload the draft. But that's where we are with that right now the fact that they didn't come to any sort of agreement. And not that they could've signed anything on the dotted line but the fact that they did not. Complete anything. Tells me that butler's probably still in the still in the mode of hey I deserve acts are right I need this. I need this much money I deserve this much money. And whether his agent is in town rosenhaus her Boris or some you know big kick down and Alabama. The fact of the matter is if I eat you get someone in in his situation like that no mindset like that it can be tough to change their mind especially when they're betting on themselves. And Malcolm butler's bet on himself all along in our daily. Did last year he didn't take the seven million dollars he thought I can play at a high level hum maybe get paid more. And the patriots were unwilling to to play ball with that. Everybody makes their decisions. And going forward again I hope the ball was still here. If it for nothing else this one season. Adding to be ashamed owes him. But it does sort of seem like that's the way these things are going chatty feel about the secondary as it stands right now how would you feel about the addition of a in round. Player of a lesser status than Butler maybe lesser than Gilmore even. Eddie feel about that going into the 2017 season or are we still just fall on and bill we trust. Is if you are I don't blame you I really don't how did you not beat. What's there to question at this point. I will just say that history has shown. Having necked guy in the secondary has proved to be substantially. More conducive for this team to go further in the playoffs and even when super balls there when they don't have that guy. And it Poehler leaves and Gilmore is that number one I'm not sure that that fits the bill. That's where I am with all of that 61777979837. That your phone number 37937. That if you're number context. I wanna get into this Rob Gronkowski Ezekiel LE a situation because I think it's pretty silly. People getting upset that. Zeke Elliott who pulled out a young ladies. Breast. Talk to doctor via pulled out the young lady's breast. At a Saint Patrick's Day parade earlier this week. Why that's being treated a certain way. Whereas Rob Gronkowski motor boating a girl on a barge being treated differently. I think the initial goal. Reaction to what we saw with with Elliott. Was hey. You can't do that. You can't just. Pull one out like that. In public. There's the whole issue of consent. There's the whole issue of assaults. There's also the small issue of the fact that Ezekiel Eliot. Is the guy that rightly or wrongly and we don't know the full details of his situation we do know that you know no charges were actually ever filed with him and a domestic violence thing in. In college. But that's still sort of hanging over him. And a guy in his position and in his high profile. Place like Dallas with all the spotlighted be on the cowboys should know better than that. Rob Gronkowski doesn't have that kind of baggage with him he has a reputation and there's a difference there's a difference between having baggage. And having a party reputation. Having a party reputation is. Mostly harmless wrist. What you're drinking and driving your my sheer you know getting in bar fights are doing things like that you know being a party guy. Is certainly not the worst thing in the world. It's certainly not something you have to wag your finger to guy for. And knocked it domestic violence is worthy of a finger wag obviously it's much worse than that. But that's baggage. An accusation like that rightly or wrongly and I'm not saying it's fair British is true that's baggage. Rob Gronkowski has a reputation there's a world of difference there you'll source fiesta. And the people who wanna make it into a racial thing. I gotta tell you. You know you asked yes Gerry Callahan of I am a bit of a big liberal I'm not I'm really now. I'm also not one of those people that gets uncomfortable at the discussion of racial topics and you know at any time anyone call somebody else races that doesn't light. In turn a switch in my brain or feel like I gotta get defensive and it's with a hole like a good example would be to David Price things in that interview with the globe when he said that you know there's people in the crowd were yelling racist stuff to woman at the bullpen catcher was there and he heard it in the cop who you know that. Arms raised bullpen copper and all these people heard it and it hired the next morning Jerry's now believe it or don't believe it happened well he's got three witnesses so. I don't know. And and I don't know if any of them backed up the story I didn't really reached too much further into that because ultimately at the end of the day I don't think it really matters that much. 40000 people go to each game. And we're supposed to judge the entire crowd the entire. Fan base over the comments of a couple of idiots who got drunk and said some stupid you know I mean I just I can't tell me that doesn't that doesn't register. And I know it's partially because I'm not. I'm not black first of all second of all not a uses pitcher on the team who gets. Yelled things from the crowd all day every day you know I mean it just doesn't doesn't work out like that. So that's maybe why didn't register for me but I also wasn't quick to say are now that's not true there's no way that happened. How could anyone possibly ever saying anything racist and when he seventy people spoke there what people still go to Boston people still doing in New York people still do it in Philly. There's races eight holes everywhere. And unfortunately some other sports fans and unfortunately some of them can afford tickets to these games and they go to the games and they yell racist things. You know I I haven't heard of a whole lot of it myself. But I'm not gonna be naive enough to assume that it never happened. But as far as this whole gronkowski Elliott bingo it's gonna bring race into this really. That the road you wanna go down here did you hear Max Kellerman twisting himself in the pretzels. Well there is a double standard this is it'd but it doesn't exist and I just wanted to say that got its IRA you know imagine if this isn't an example other. And shut the bleep up. You know why should why should we listen this if you're gonna get out you can didn't mention anything and say that this isn't an example of Vienna. We get a neo Nazi go right if you're Y and Z and it does make me think it did you know like. No. If there's an example that that speaks to your point by all means make your point. But don't just say this made me think of something. Even though it's not really what happened. Then you're just saying things just the same and that I have a problem. The best they said I think there are actual issues in this country in this region everywhere. That involve ray I don't think racism has been solved in this country of course it has and that's ridiculous. Quite it really I think blurs the line between. What's important and what's. Behavior that really does need to be addressed the needs to be looked at double standards. Biases. All those sorts of things. The real ones I think need to be talked about stuff like this. Why even bother why bring it up. All it does is start an argument. Between people would think yeah okay. There's. Racism in this country but this is an eight people think there's no racism period ever anywhere. And I feel like everybody's wrong. You know this gronkowski Elliott being had no business being a racial discussion. And yet here we are. And I feel like that's happened. And a lot of different topics. Over the past I don't know I mean just look at. And not the point the finger directly ESPN but I mean look at the Gordon Hayward day. But it Israel Goodyear is in in his you know. Enlightening observations about being in Boston walked into a diner and everyone looked at me like okay. Really everyone looked day. No one of Boston ever see a black eye before. Israel Gutierrez is in black out you know like it. Really. Everyone stopped. The music on the jukebox stopped everyone just looked at lake that didn't you know. And they and you look at it also in terms of I remember when the patriots are replaying the falcons and you were are well known Atlanta. Black America's rooting for the falcons and white America's rooting for the patriots inflate. Really that or is it truly do you think that's do you think that Atlanta is less races are more racist than Boston. It's Boston Gordon Hayward looks more like Larry where than other players who. And when you get on these topics do you just go so far down this rabbit hole assuming what do. Big swore that the cause of the country in an entire region of of the country thinks about certain things that you just see if at all exit just being nonsense. You can't broad brush like that that's ridiculous. And we're also talking about a pretty progressive part of the country here. So that's sure where I am with all that 6177797937. At your phone number. 37937. Asian number on tax free to take a quick break we'll get right to your phone calls when we come back here Alina. It is ferocious. Currently and black stuff. On Sports Radio got. What was transpiring between Rob Gronkowski. And the woman in question. Is consensual reality. It was clearly consensual and a case of Ezekiel Elliott with a woman regardless of whether or not what hanging out at. Afterwards what have you eight clearly what the consensual on hop ought because she did not want him pulling down a hug shirt so hard cleavage could be exposed to the world. During the parade. That is the difference one was consensual the other with not listen. Brock was also not been as public a place he's in a borrower could look like a club dimly lit compared to a public paraded everything. And she put her hand behind his head at a certain point way to but. You could also argue that people have like once you're in that position you do that because it gives the appearance of being consensual therefore it's less humiliating. I wouldn't make that argument in this case it doesn't appear that way to me. But that argument can be made. It's also it's not just consensual in this case it appears and not necessarily the case. We Z it's also the issue of it being very public to me. Mean it was is one example would Kellerman might not like when you have to say that many times I don't believe this why you could say okay. This is not safe either take it take decider don't and if you don't feel comfortable taking the site shut the bleep out. I'd take a dumb thing to say to a guy who has a talk show but it is like. You don't have to just take the other side just to do it and he couldn't even do it all the way if you're gonna do a deal would skip Bayless doesn't don't say the gronkowski the bigger whatever. You can't you can't walk it back damn much and instill. Sneak in there this whole idea that race is an issue with it I just I'm sorry I think that's very irresponsible. 6177797937. At your phone number get your phone calls here early and often that is the late night promised John is on Huntington Beach and you leave those up this hour what's up ya. That I you know I'm good John what's up. Out of Mexico okay Mexico's great until the very end it was the only day of the day we traveled was the only head injury Kenny tequila. And I was unable to kill the bacteria that day and had a rough traveled it and other than that I had a wonderful time. Yeah we we take frequent trips sanity. Or yes yes it is I wasn't that was in nice ideally through which is a small sort of surfing down. But I don't alas I have no idea why trump hates it so much it was a there was a lovely time. There there and I got a quick take on on the all of what was situation I just don't understand how you in tiny yeah like you more I don't think it was good. In you paying him what thirteen mil a year then why not throw Butler a Carter like maybe. Ten million I understand or like restrict free agency thing but I got it in your system. You brought up through the ranks and is there held a quarterback why you wouldn't just. Throw in the money Bradley you know more on what you think group Gilmore that much better at that spot you are insane. Yeah I think it's more question of what they what they had to do as opposed to what they should do you know what they have to do. If they wanna get some insurance in case Butler leaves or if they wanted to shore up at that position as they have to sign a guy. Like stuff Gilmore they don't have to do anything with Malcolm Butler. They did given the first round tender which means it would be you know a big big reach of some team decided that. Put a sheet together form which I don't think that's happening even they even the saints don't seem interest in that. By it you know I I'm with you I think Butler is the superior player I don't think you would have taken ten million a year. But I think if you gave him a market friendly contract and said you know we we want you here this is your guy that we wanna commit to. Would anyone I've had a problem with that would any patriots fans thought that's not a good idea why would you why would you give all that money to Malcolm Boller mean that everybody would have been happier than. It had. Darrelle Revis is the bottom I don't want a moment team. Yeah I'm all set on readers through John thanks for the call I I you know did I heard. I heard much talking about our readers please also don't read it. I mean I watch that guy gave flash fried. Last season by everyone. It didn't matter who they were playing Revis couldn't cover anybody. He couldn't cover the shifty guy over the middle he couldn't cover the Bernard on the field and can't do anything else. He couldn't cover possession receivers he couldn't cover anybody. He is finished. Plus he's knocking people he's clear to me yeah well I guess away I guess they say it wasn't him. And he got clear I did drop all the charges dropped charges and I did note that so you know. It is a safety help over the top I guess finished in the street fight it. Temple safety held there. You know couldn't quite go one on one 6177797937. Was go to bill Malden had bill. They react telemann these comparisons. Himself for blocks away God's these. Since with squawk and mean there was no way. It just couldn't. It now he struts themselves. To make Locke will bear. Yes I'll and he even went as far as to say I don't believe this block and you know play well if you don't believe it to shut up lately. Why are you why are you introducing decided that they like that. That woman who's on the show whose name escapes me at the moment if she had something to say about LA hey as a woman who's better club around professional athletes before. I would have been horrified if someone came up demeans our motor Boehner I would've been horrified someone pulled my shirt down an operator some like that but instead ya Kellerman over here having an appliance. Talking about well I don't believe this boy you know you could make the argument that it's like well. Either make the regulator don't you know if you don't if you don't believe it enough to stand behind it then just like Elway you know it well why even continue down that road. And I just want a more want to treat aids because. Now. Yeah sports himself for how he field goal and I think that was long. No he he became frustrated. And Cheryl how he feels about Abraham I don't know what guiding them. I don't know what I don't know why he thought that was news. It's marketing it's weak and I know he took it down I mean he did he did delete the tweets that we clearly realized he was in the wrong but almighty god what a stupid thing to say. Mike's got passed on the so far. But I don't know about that I'm I'm talking about well why. I mean yeah I took in my opinion they shouldn't second ballot checked crafts for Brennaman and an amateur you and god it's gonna. Yeah. A big part of this organization. And I go back home. You know wash talks the guys came in. They would they would don't stop and they were able to war on get a blocked now. Yeah that has happened before it it could happen with Butler we don't know bill I mean I could take dignitaries UCL next hour to see you this. Him you know I've worked this we have been forced from the boy on that. Attend these courts are pretty quiet now you can imagine. What it good in this series all along with. But I buffalo you know more upright piano. I agree with you bill I think they. You know he in terms of the Butler should be thanking ballot checking craft yet they should be thinking and they'll. In on one I want a super ball importing fourteen and they don't win the Super Bowl this past season without Malcolm Boller. Believe me I know that you know but I mean it goes both ways and I think that these guys and that's why keep Camara. C'mon you know light course. Or won't. Look at him yeah. Now he tensions. Ring anymore harm than right here so I mean who most common next commandment grab a ring in the water or. Greg I'm looking toward the number six straight. Can't wait. All right well thanks to a golf. I I am too we all are everybody is but it's not it's not really fair to compare Chris Long amount remotely. Chris Long was a guy who toiled away in a terrible organization for his entire career. Finally got a chance of freedom and Jane the new England and played well enough pieces you know get into lewd. Regular rotation and at the line. And ended up gathering. And then moving on. Malcolm Boller different story undrafted free agent worked his way into the into the defensive back rotation there. Made a big play in the Super Bowl was given the reins in the secondary. And didn't just perform adequately. He turned himself into a lockdown cornerback. Which along with you know franchise QB. Are the two most valuable things you can have. Both on the on the field and financial. You know there's a reason why quarterbacks and cornerbacks. Get paid so much. And defensive ends and wide receivers and everybody else but I mean you know really comes down I think two things. And with the patriots you can see it just look at the history. Look at what they've had when they won Super Bowls and look what they've had when they've been bounced by the New York Jets. I think it's announced black and white pretty march 4. Didn't mean that the way came out you know what I mean. It is pretty black and white by the way the Bruins are getting absolutely annihilated in Edmonton right now. It's seven to three. Hi Peter sure rallies probably just took his pants off. Edmonton has just scored a touchdown against the Brooklyn's. Saturday. Is an ugly one. Well I have reaction this rear admiral get your twelve in the meantime your phone calls on the patriots. On gronkowski on Malcolm Butler and also I didn't wanna get into the and and some of the other comments that were made regarding David Price I think that's another one that falls into the category are just talking about 61777979837. In your phone number quick break we're back after this. Kirk. This is Christian art can. On Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. Not about the why this about I want. That's one thing what that video and this is probably a bad example because he's married I can't even think of some what is what is that was LeBron James Stephen. Okay what it what it it was LeBron James and we saw that video before he's married he's doing what ever action with a girl in the club. Don't you think he would receive more backlash than pronk. Well listen. What I'm safety for as well I'm not I'm totally uncomfortable answering that question because LeBron is married and I'm not a bad thing I would like Alec. They haven't Africa African American athlete that's a superstar that's not married I don't know people's marital status because I do believe that if they work if if they were African American. And that video surfaced in a club they wouldn't just be oh it's LeBron being LeBron should probably popped. I don't know added that that conversation that whole conversation just the dumpster fire I think. Late night your Sports Radio WEEI arcane here with you go until 2 in the morning nice that he was here tonight phone number 617779. Seven and 937 rear admiral joins me at twelve midnight. In the meantime back your phone calls let's go to Joseph in Dorchester with a thought on Malcolm ball they got. They could who question. Keep up with enough for me. So if the patriots do nothing enough about the science with the saints we get the eleventh pick. So why in the world so this is what is this talk about the 32 pit while we can do that. Okay well there is a couple of things number one Joseph is he's still restricted I mean Butler still patriots are thinking he can't just sign with the saints. What he's doing with the saints meeting with them is sort of telling them listen if you guys trade for me. Here's the deal I'm. Ready to sign with you guys to stay here so they you don't make you trade entry draft pick in and I believe you know we'll have sort of a you know wink wink wink hush hush sort of agreement here which they don't even have to be at secretive about if you're allowed to talk with referred to create things like that. If they were too tender him an offer sheet. If they were to put an offer sheet together. Then they would have to give up the eleventh over topic but I don't think they're gonna do that I think they'd if the patriots insist on that in the deals probably gonna fall apart. But there's a difference either 11 would be to be trade. Or if they go there restricted free agent route the offer sheet then that would be the eleventh day but I think what they're trying to do years the saints are saying okay. We'll take Boller will give you back your 32 the traders for branding coach we don't wanna give up the eleventh. So what what's the motivation page to do that spiral pages because they don't have any fix in the first round. While accredited pilot and any taken for sure so what I can and I absolutely would do but you know also you know we said that about Taylor Jones last year. They treated Jones for sec around pick and that pick turned into two picks which were. Malcolm Mitchell and Joseph Toomey who were both big time contributors so I mean pick in the first round can end up being you know something much more than that Gerald so I think yet. You know you got your. You guys geared threw sides of the corn. And I again you know I'm not a I'm not a draft make. I don't know what the middle round defensive back you know crop looks like in this draft they had no idea. But I do know that no matter what they deal. It'll be tough to replace Malcolm Boller even with. Stepping Gilmore. With that being said. If they do lose Butler. I'm happy as hell that they signed Gilmore. Because in the past build been burned by this. In 2008 aside they Samuel flew the coop he was out. It was the end of the 2007 you know into the 2008 season they. He was god. And it never great Super Bowl if you remember. Had what would have been a game clinching interception go right through his fingertips. Not to relive that horror but you know and it happens. And they worried about is signed him to a big free agent cornerback deal. We're rather than replace him with. Another starters somebody who you know could could go out there and be at number one guy. They move Ellis Hobbs to the number one corner than they signed a couple of people with San Fernando Bryant. I forget who the other guy was. And they start of the year and played most of the year was Ellis Hobbs your number one in Deltha O'Neal was your number two of in 2008 we remember how that went on nine they tried their reload again they brought in Shawn Springs who was at the end of his rope they're brought in Leigh Bodden. They tried it kind of patch it together and and strike gold on one of those guys in 2009 ended terribly. That was the ray guy can't get these guys the play are one and two year. 2010 not much better. 2010 they couldn't stop Mark Sanchez in the playoffs. With that secondary. DeVon according got drafted he had a good rookie year is as a corner but then sorted it became clear that that wasn't the position for him. They move them to safety and he gold right there and got it all pro safety. Well again you can't count on these things. You can't count on on a gamble like that the pay off in that sort away it's just it's not you know even for Belichick you can't you can't count on that. And the proof's in the point. You know in 2007. After after they'd almost had a perfect season. People still trust the Nobel checkered construct a roster or did you not if but the other team that was one game away from perfection. In of course Tom Brady getting injured in 2008 was the big factor there. But that's secondary for about you know 67 years. Crap. And he's already in signing Gilmore ensured that if the Malcolm ball where air does come to an end. They're not gonna be back in that same position unless Gilmore turns out to be a total boss. I would say a total bust followed a dailies Thomas but there's arms wasn't a total bust. This first season was good. And I was good that first year I still remember him sacking Brett Favre with a guy in between him and Favre Fuhrman that many here play the jets. Brett Favre takes the snap in like a fullback or somebody stayed back to block and Adalius Thomas came around the corner. The guy was standing in front of Favre Thomas basically bear hugs the guy reaches around them grabs are and swings are both around like America around throws into the ground. I've never seen anyone do that before. You look like an NFL player played against the high school team. And I remember thinking damn I dailies Thomas is a bad mimicked him. Like this dude is a bad MF for example. And yes not not so much. But it started out fine. We get a good year through at a at a Gilmore here in the first in the beginning of this contract I consider that. Just on the strength of that alone no matter what happens the back end the first two years are good years at a Gilmore I consider that a great signing a really what. If they want another ring with him. How can you argue. I just think it's a lot tougher to do that when you don't have that number one guy an amateur and Gilmore is it yet. We got a lot a lot to see before Obama. You know got I'll camp we are all pre season we got polls she's I mean wolf Woolsey will know well know what Gilmore is. And we'll see how he fits at. Fight we know Butler fits and we know Boller is. And we noted he works in this system and then he. Plays well for bill and for Patricia and for everybody else and you know has good. Good chemistry I guess if that's the word for it with the safeties and sort everybody else. He only saw Boller get burned a couple of times. And some of the tie united everybody remembers that big play against Beckett he tripped there. Or a lot of times were Butler really got smoked there's a few there's a couple of ones even in the on the super boy got burned a couple of times. But he was never a liability out there. And that's basically it is the main thing if you can put a secondary out there that has limited liability. You do every single time. And I hope that they'd been published days I really don't. I'd rather he stay here and that they have a secondary and Eamon Gilmore than that they trade him for taking even if they turn that pick in the two threes in the tour for whatever. I just I. In the in the blitz for six I think that would be more conducive to to a championship. Then trading him to New Orleans because they're because I don't even know why. To reload the draft. There worries gonna. Worries GNU in and hold out there is. I'm sorry I just think he's he's too valuable player does this. Think around like that I would like that for them to extend them and maybe they tried you know it's possible they tried and he turned it down. You know. Jeb. Pushing and pushing and pushing until the patriots finally just said screw this you know we've we tried here. We're gonna bringing Gilmore you wanna stay can stay we'll keep you will be the first round tender. You know before million dollars next year's the most we can do but since we can't agree on a deal. We're gonna go and a different direction you know and that's perfectly reasonable to. 6177797937. Quick break I'll come back another hour late night coming your way way.