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Dale, Holley and Keefe's Final Drive 03-15-17

Mar 16, 2017|

We close out the show with the best soundbites of the day.

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Rich keep plus Sports Radio WEEI. Final drive cosponsored by eight RS restoration specialists. Regardless of the season a disaster in future commercial residential or medical facility at any time. In an IRS disaster plan in place to make sure your client's employees or tenants are protected and learn more today RS served dot com. This article right now they'll get ready Lotta people Lotta people he so I stamps issues for folks it's no. But fortunately at least a reality. And was there. By and let it spyware spam it was you or out west of expert. Here did you did you shovel it and here you have a gap we know we tablets were you know Boston coaches who are settlers in Boston coaches who. Have got. Liberia to announce. So complex so sorry to hear started taking care night I did not shovel missteps. Figured this. My neighbors is my complex odd to cure your roots to. There are folks who say again you know it melts it. So good about Bill Belichick he's somebody who would not only he but he would not do it himself he could not have a guys' credit that he would come up with some system and he won them by having the most successful yet following this now in America you know what it is he's got Malcolm Butler of their shot because it could have somebody to devalue whatever how I would look at these guys have done. Jesse's he'd be too hot shot because you don't count out John left Stephens. He's got a bit fragile restaurant at the guy who probably a shot in Ireland and although that's gone all barrel though. John Ferro. Age girl the couple. If I job Karl with chocolate. But you a question is particularly like it I thought I. Tour are you doing. That Charles Barkley Lavar belt cat fight at the liven up. Are they started the day appearing on the Mike and Mike JaJuan ESPN. And shots were fired. I got a phone call what Guatemala where what my mentor these fitness craze there's some wanted to be good. Jaw which I would argue with their guy who averaged two point sir David Collins and these are audited every to a court because my computer exploding here again. Rick but yeah it was important for decades the drugs or alcohol ballplayer. Pullback in colluded. That the point there yeah. I know that he would school Michael George. Right loaded deal more on his senior year acknowledge when he was averaging two point to that same year Michael Jordan was playing in the NBA and averaging 35. They'll sell art. Or eight. Averaged two point game did what if you play but if you play pick up with that guy he would dominate certificate at two point. Yeah two point per game score originally wanted a dollar plan to account I don't care where it went pick up it's probably going to be that you'd think how it played you played a pro. Now is now to do it from the Roy dominates them. That this has been ducking. It just struck a giant released. Its child. I'm gonna end if I don't it's not a guy who walked on CN. And we were partially right 53 net. Porches all of every time it's all stupid jumpers from elbow and he feels there on the tar balls probably averaged sixty in the Braintree Democrats odd about playing you or me talking about in Jordan Barkley. Well for summaries and ESPN decided. Apple wants a bald spot in the car won today having him appear on multiple ESPN shows on multiple platforms. And Lamar shot. Well talk about trolls double golden for what. Some Frist I'm good control. They won't report you won't want alone isn't your average two boys hope carriers. I know you don't wanna put in one wanted to believe he did his big behind them team TV did donuts. Hot. He wanted to go what you don't want to Regis talking it is normal for us now see how they talk about it by means on the basketball more. He's got to commit these need to stay relevant. Couldn't look like he fade now at hotels sports bureau of reports or Charles OK I go on a citizen has cream donuts and you don't have an offer again. It Clara Charles should be lucky to be that as relevant as far yeah. Then after normally Reynolds I birdied the all time birds they're relevant and I. To quote the great Steve yes you never reached the heights of Charles Barkley used when used brought home here as us. Actually come out so one guy supports the lows lions a vault UC UCLA eleven hall of Famer Bill Walton. Now we don't know what he's altered his next flipped it. Please give us a little bit off that. We'll did pass ever finalized bill. I think it's hopeless and I'm I'm normally in a normally I'm optimistic person what they did everybody can be sued. But I don't know this this is a guy who. Love's hole. I'm all about the future drivers of all about the trouble in the plot. Rainbow with meals solar panels will ever allow orders children what a lot so I just wished that he would come. And rub some of his magic or maybe some dirt on this guy right here just rubs him. A magic. Of launch Opel. Of the selflessness. Of the humbled me assure us. Of the good of the willingness just to look. Look at reality that would teach science to look at facts to look at what you can do to make the situation better and that's what blonde jokes all those about 100. So that's why I'm so proud fortunately here we go this is happening vision the dream the hope. For the future. Don't take away our children's day and that's what that guy who were shouldn't hero in my next to me. Trying to just issued only I got mind I don't care about anything else I mean to the team I've added that the success of the. This sentences are like one giant bowel movement. Yeah I'm done at Walton but he's right about all hot and dollar. That is on his humble that's that's the unselfish and it's all about the really think about it as children and babies. Right now and the solar panels are. I don't mind there isn't. Call it there. Blondes and apparently that it's Father's Day out yet exactly. While Bill Walton jumped the shark twenty years he used to her he's gotten this year it's even worse or that he's been he has got all caught up in this act yet it's too much. We had yet another media lesson for you up and coming reporters out there please listen and Gertz in growth uncle bill's got some information or you're doing man on the street interviews during a snowstorm. It probably one of that people before you put them on the air and you know not just grab the next random person that spy. Mike why don't advise this walk across the middle of the street with there's nobody common. Not that. Well yeah hey look I'm nominating where you from Richard Wagner personally until finally got a little slow. Okay this is also now got to sit there when I was not gov earlier this young. Yes I have a look at how much more do you a lot of snow all know we all know. Oh look Iraq disheveled yet know. Are you good schaeuble. No well. 'cause it never does not have a pretty up. Front I'm tired I've been but the snow day today. I don't agree on who can we I would go to. We've got lit review our daily. Oh yeah. I. Why can't see any of this as Korea both of them are we told you few weeks back Bill Belichick it signed on to do some voice over work for a subject. That is kind of a passionate kiss he's narrate in the World War II Foundation's new documentary. And the first trailer it. Has been released my name is they'll they'll start. I've been eager forces via professional football coach for many years now I think it's a career continue to feel very passionate about them. And one that I became interested in at a very early age thanks to must follow the biggest influence in my life has been my dad's the this place in the National Football League there was also a football coach for fifteen years at united states naval academy in Annapolis Maryland. That's where I grew and learn much about the game the following the story about one day and forward to it. June 6. Thanks Steve great. Eight time of those heroics. And or experience by teenagers. Young men many locations still showed the marks a battle decades later. This film brings us a unique views of the landscape of Normandy France. Intertwined are the stories of the men who all these pieces and among these French villages and preserve our freedom. It's horrible double what. I mean it's what everybody sort of expect that the bodies the football coach that was not a great yeah like. Our bodies on the great to legally bought it like. Don't live Shriver listed. What do you think but the subject matters you tomorrow. Ashley got. Yeah. Yeah you gotta internationally. Let's check out of god given that the senate to rebuild lively in the producer director that should've. Done about war. It's a San Jose Sharks had Brendan Dolan might to pre game last week against the national predators. A lot of standard hockey chattering there. But hearing the audio of Dylan fighting the Fred's Austin Watson. And then making nice with the in the penalty box afterwards was critical. And. And lots. There are card bill this summer. Is this. Not only does not carry out. I get. Derek thanks you to nobody. They're not all like that I should point out the after fights day to assume another I was like that it's little like utilities and so far. In anticipation of this year's draft ESPN's John gruden has brought back he's QB cam segment which he sits down one on one with several quarterback prospects. He talked with Miami's Brad is it high it is kind write a great summer about Mark Grace high. It's on to know. They started out for certain I don't know how well things got interesting when Bruton asked him what he was listening to on his headphones. During a pregame routine. The reality is. You are undefeated UR three you know this is you get all the bus in Cincinnati. And it's on national TV it's a Thursday night game when you listen to there. Are you wrap it always is yeah yeah yeah Bozeman then we'll also listen to us. Kind of what's it looks at the top. Whose futures. But with the number Netflix feature yeah we'll weighing OK lose me and and I got his big. Law has done it this. Scola AC DC. But not so Aerosmith. Put a little. Steve you really want. K let's move on. Throws a basic prudence and somebody that I now yes and he named that I currently are two hours ago little way you want to listen some white guys from 8 o'clock and that's what and that's what we are not in the eighties and it's not me earlier this. Couple fixes for you today Michael since we haven't heard from the sports Pope but so far this week first up. Mike really really likes the patriots have done this offseason and is impressed by the head coach bill lomb. What's his last name. This all season more than any other I can ever remember. Bill zealous sect has embarrassed to resolute more than any time I can remember. Think he has utterly embarrass the rest of the league with what he's been doing. In preparing from where and that's after winning the suitable. Preparing his team and getting them ready personnel wise for the next season he has although Lee. Just what his movements just utterly embarrass. The rest of the other so. That is true. And the gap seems to be growing not lesser. I liked everything after build jealous Chad Johnson Bill Belichick. Had a everything after that's out there are diligent. And whoop Bill Belichick. Telecheck jungle village that is probably easily eaten some of them almost jelly beans yeah him almost killed jealous that could. And finally things once again our body on Twitter at sports farmhouse its of course time for Mike bread Seth says. I'm with Collins might can learn real what's up Mike. Well I wanted to. You about a little thing that happened recently Albrecht the we called the dead Battery Park I happen. And I appreciate it and we quote Kate. Unplanned political team was saying OK and I've told the about the fact I used to play a lot of volleyball. Then Beckett bomb. Don't today that it found below then those in 2000 and who was well yes again did you do play against it sounds he did very badly that the polish. David and there was probably heavily and we know who David Thomson. And I got Anatolia setting back the bell toll. On the seven me. And I just hope I'm not. But anyway yeah it is another McDonald's and a hum and Arizona when the guys to look at those guys played volleyball with David Thompson exercisable we've all got. I told coach chancellor volatile months that he didn't want to let anything like that what you want a quality call about months. You want to talk about the absolute best and subtly wins assessments that he wanted to tell you that he shook hands with David Thompson and coach K and he played volleyball with David Thompson you guys know David thousands. These are well David Thompson also. Well I'm back there yeah that's her first clear idiots don't but it Thompson's. But Frances was wrong in any of that he handled that perfect either but had to coach yeah. Eighty whom who still wants to hear about him talking about playing in her volleyball against David Thompson. I'll tell you and seventies and was it two time MVP I don't. Here's an organ as entertaining as our guide drones that. It was a good Trump's never called the station he should use gracious title because it would want the money MVPs codes and yes. Two time Karabakh peace lasts us formula we'll assess or would build diligently to build zealous sect. Brad also cosponsored by cars for kids don't H cardinal the child today schedule your free pick up at 877 cards for kids are cards for kids dot com. You'll stay right where you are among monitor on his way through the door. There might be some media and media crime coming up I don't know I'm just saying it's possible to be happening right justified I don't know and we'll be listening I'm gonna find out what that everybody else here just Goodman sees for Monday night our network in hockey with dale and Holley experts keep its act of American hockey tonight let's wait about 9 o'clock we're going homo and got a lot of traffic and yeah if Elena holly Richie Richie yeah. We could do that on yeah we'll see you are. Thanks guys.