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NY Jets are trying to woo Dont'a Hightower with songs and birthday cupcakes

Mar 14, 2017|

When you're the NY Jets you have to go the extra mile to try and sign marquis players... but are cupcakes and "Happy Birthday" enough to grab Donta Hightower? Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe talk about it.

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The New York Jets have pulled out all the stops. On dot I Karadzic and his mother. Jets merchandise they brought about a dinner for his birthday last night ate cupcakes given to a on his birthday they're happy birthday dot die to our and all this means inside the jets' training facility. They haven't their today that keep them alive he's scheduled to fly to Pittsburgh tonight. To visit the Steelers the issue is there's a major snowstorm moving into the East Coast area. And there's a question as to the doctor hightower is going to get out there tonight. No food. That Bill Belichick doll look that snowstorm to prevent outside the hour from going to the Pittsburgh Steelers at this time we're waiting to see whether he actually makes the trip so. Not the hiked our situation fluid while it's always an answer or. Laughing twilight birthday cupcakes to seal the deal though. So the jets within the last hour have rather breathlessly tweeted out that Donta hightower has completed his familiar yet. If you're the New York Jets is that where you are now. That that your big offseason news in addition to who you've cut. Is he is that you know they signed a kicker he was here with on the long snapper. They hightower and you know he visited. Bears into out of sectors reporting. The jets are going all in on Donta hightower they gave them cupcakes they sentenced up to his mom is a grown man. Million cupcakes they get an active. Signed signed dumping of Donte' there are thousands and say analysts on and I I will admit now at one point during the year on a patriots Monday. Bill Belichick sent in Aronson Donta hightower were all in all and I went out. I went out they saw Stacey James got a commercial break and I said I was thought it was Donta hightower but I heard bill say Dante -- yeah I know it's Donte'. What is the contact so I differs ripped off by eight Don sows in there yeah it was almost like you're trying to win a bet. Every other kind of forgot who Caledonia out of her RAI damage if I love and villages available and I don't want to allot you know a Mike Mussina went to the Yankees have won him the country's war in Everett now. The companies generated the related cupcakes and him wrong here Donte' here's here's a bulletin for the New York Jets. Are tweeting out that you visited that the state that the New York Jets aren't I was last and hello patriots have visit we don't even know people are there now and I like it though. In my life in May he might like the attention that some guys get a courteous to your credit is there radiated love it getting recruited and who knows what kind of money. They're throwing them. So they may make money made permanent position where he's got to leave as I am David beginning of the show if your Donta hightower. How much more to the jets have to offer to make that worth it to an argument examples seventeen million guarantee from the patriots verses. Thirty or 31 sold that's the number tumbling down around to say we've addressed if that's example if it's. Yeah you know if it's double digits in in terms of guaranteed money yes. And gamble ever at all and audit in it and that's what I'm asking yet I think that the answer or may wait a minute somebody would. That's where the security yardage did it was yardages with about Butler so this is. I'm I had you and latest in our hearts our I doubt you'll you'll find that high towers gone to the jets. Let's let's talk about the player if he's still a good player well and I volley out their two thirds of the snaps on things orderly and it now. Middle linebacker area those guys breaking news what happened there. Don't write this guy a break after awhile right. How he played today how it plays in the name of it suitable really look. Out why. That you're gonna get that all about what are your favorite cupcake. Bob favorite cup cake will be this event is home rich velvet cupcakes on my. Forever ago. He had a half months Sampson Washington. He's so much about that well well. A lot of yeah. Change here. Wow. You with Jerome says they got to wrecked out of a lot. Elegant BP. 6177797937. Billiton Providence they delight. I don't know on a go it's gonna. Not too much social he has the greatest show. Still audit rights of first law I'm all on where it's getting trading Iraq oil. And as Mary's today they're always going to be quarterbacks coming around find them. Oh prop and I believe it would solve. Lot of problems that we can get a first Arctic farm if we can get Jibril practice. It would take care of a lot of our returning more than a dole you wanna have that element out there are an injury integrate our return. He's great on defense so what you want avid multi count why is there are intake air a lot of stock in what it may not know. Just wanted to know you guys that. That's your guy that I loved I loved liberal pipers of the great golf ideal goal line back for blog. He can be your safety could be a punt returner a bit of salt because this adversity down right yes. All hustle and not been you know I know Michael Holley is probably you are right now in this but I you know like I stayed. In my feet and you might be. Okay giant stick and I watched every single game. I've watched and by April 2 years it was an air. Unbelievable. Yes I'm until I haven't heard anybody talking about what they would have in the draft doesn't have a excellence. Yeah. But that's what I mean so freaking trade and yeah. Yet someone informed articulate it Greg now we're played pretty you fall in the trap. Hours when it's Friday's it seems like hornets when you don't have to go out and possible yet offers of record or or bill will generate down again Biden and the senate. And it sort of randomly hit on mr. Brady goes about. Ease seem to be OK with outlive his senate okay how well I was glad I'm by the way I was rooting and it was like has it lost in this. But watch football audience because we've worked together right I'd I'd develop state aid and antipathy towards Michigan as well. It I gotta admit I was rooting for them. In the Big Ten basketball term dark carnival run of about reform basketball heaven that there's an awful offensively you know if you're popular rock hall and are they go team vote now we're gonna sell color we're going great eagle play the first game their practice uniforms they went the the Big Ten pretty cool household I was it was hard not to root for them and that. On bio care all of also about the abdic ahead do your I love the fab 52 yeah. Great with crumple into. 6177797937. Ericsson dole. Erica I don't. They got they don't break it up. That is why it you know wondered what you think Roger Goodell thinks all the interest that. He'd chat with such an garrote well consider and that's you know it's kind of it's all you know make sure Brady had that or inspection without what inspection. You know you don't you'll Egypt Iraq. Yeah you know it's a good question which I have to say in the back of Mumbai and out like it what's he gonna duel well above more heat of the trips I get it in the back of my mind that I'm I'm a little fearful that. This is all been this is a media creation there's some really not a market for Jimmy grapple that Kana. I kind of keeps me up at night daytime. And say hello clip that's pretty clearly wants them into. On ball Merrill a cap I don't know she's got out of every day is psychotic she says he'd like. They're perfect first round is miles Gary Jimmy crop now today. Do they really want them or does she want them to one enemy is or is it felt like this is what I want you like this what they want. I wonder. Well prepared if that's a legit hiccup as international capital does get her here now I I I watch. That backup quarterback to be traded for many draft picks this is what I want to happen what like Lennon maybe you could acquire water so much that actually. Creating something that doesn't exist. Exists. Might not be as many teams as we we thought but it is exists. They can get some form one more hour of pocket of suck dropped in by Michael Holley at us yeah it changed. The sudden out of nowhere yet to return ticket that's in the pill literally get off season and there's other wild days entity. Yeah with the Michigan called blame the. The hardest thing guys I let turned in dollar out 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. Our final drive come about 545 thereabouts Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. Fourth and final hour gala Hollywood keeps. Sports Radio WEEI. We've been talking some football on boards of the day today. NAI techsters. At 37937. To put it perfectly. Haven't all the various reports about Malcolm Butler said every single possible combination of things about Butler. Yes it is going to be back some of us unhappy that it wants more money Dolly enough for that much money. Haven't ever the reports pretty much covered the gamut of things that you could say about Malcolm Butler and and is that how it kind of works Donta hightower. In Johnston one he's got a house in Nashville wants to go to the titans titans now convinced he can go back to the patriots. According to Ian Rapoport. In fact Donta hightower spent parts of the weekend with the jets. Jets now convinced he's called back to the patriots. Pittsburgh east scheduled to make a visit with the Steelers Steelers are convinced he's going back to the patriots having. All these reports in and sooner or later somebody's gonna get it right summit it fat if they talk happy with the money to all dead that's exactly what I said was gonna happen. Everybody's convinced he's an accurate. Record out season great off season so far this will put a cap on it yet I think. What this would on the back of that next to. No the next level it's is that it's a level just below the top because a cap would be grapple. Yet for some people some people are afraid to trade them not that category. I think you know you've got just can't. Can't think of what what could be three years from now or four years now about your thinking mrs. This is Tom Brady's last year that's the only thing we've come up OK but yeah you think this is this yet all of and so on but otherwise. He's he's not gonna play here he can help you. Can tell you what as they. Sounding board can help you a guy who can get a good look on the scout team that really now that reason hold on to a guy player who it. Potentially bring you multiple for. I think we've on the policies. Oca that for 2007 team. The best thing that I think they can do is keep welcome Butler even if he's angry keep welcome Butler and he trade probably get back in the first round and use a first round pick. The draft next month dowdy the best four of this season I don't know how realistic. Can can Malcolm Butler play well while he's angry. The angry last year I'd always in my stomach without really wanted to what surprised me was really upset last year is really anchored at but he played well she Marty said it. Okay yeah well and he was that sent what do you believe the reports that that he was offered you know 67 million dollars he turned it down. Of the you'd be thrilled when that. So policies. Lots more angry about professions or professionals sports. I mean you know what I Adams or other professions you can do that. It's so hard to imagine. Rich yeah 67 million dollars a year in fact I hope that I. This is an insult me yet at the crowd and Ben ball well ahead who is thank you involved. Wrote a piece in the globe today and and the headline is Malcolm Butler has no leverage in this situation is very. At Friday's basically saying you know Malcolm Butler may be upset with what the patriots paid Stephen gill Stephon Gilmore but to back. He wants it paid for the the going rate for early cornerbacks. To bat. And has been Olin says he's got to recalibrate his expectations because unless a team gets stupid. And this is the NFL so we can't totally discount that. He's not going to get paid this time he's gonna get paid eventually up next here on it's not going to be now he made 420000. 510601000. Each of the last three years. He knows that in a worst case scenario he's gonna make three point 91 million this year. After those three years. He wants a lot more but it's not gonna happen forum this time. He's still driving the truck in about an. Animal. I'm Portland when upgrade and upgrade this is come the captives free truck. And as a nice memory and so it got a truck into different I was out with different than I was young I was just I was lucky I was happy to be on the roster you know. Way back then but now Betty keep the truck just add some upgrades to the ticket to exhibit have him kind of you know and the rival got that right as an hour. You can you know put a lot of money to a truck became hands and it's especially if you turn down seven million a year look at the bigger better candidate and that sort of. Now the whole idea here is he can go gotten by Butler he's a restricted free agent in what they're convinced that other team decided between now and April 21. April 21 he's got a contract in his hand he go back to the patriots and say here's what somebody offered me. The patriots. If they don't match receive that team's original first round pick. Whoever it is who signs him for instance let's say New Orleans really loves them okay yes. Means that given they give the patriots number eleven pick in the draft this year. If the patriots are okay when you go. The eleven pick in the draft for Malcolm Butler. Didn't seem like that's the saints would do why are. It seems like an awful lot in addition the contract even by the way. To give up the eleventh pick in the for those are your pick right so it can't be the thirty secretary which they did exactly I asked to be their pick if if they and if the saints signed yeah. They can't give the patriots the 32 back of us who work out a side deal unless you work out at yeah. What would you pay of for a Pro Bowl cornerback. Whose young. Three point 91 million dollar level college would you give up a first round pick. A top fifteen pick for Pro Bowl quarterback. It it right exactly yeah I just thought about it if that's a bit out no thought about that first round yes I'm half got a you know I really think about it because you can get. You could probably get a day one starter Paul. They picked eighteen or nineteen in the draw it it's happened many guys just don't see a team giving up their first round pick and the big contract to Malcolm. Maybe maybe while team out there on Saturday a bigger contract then. What he's been offered and you have to be right. Gilmore Gilmore Contra little idea of the patriot would match if it's not. You know I don't know I would contract I don't know I really don't know that part I had that at a quarter of somebody pays him ten million dollars. Yeah they don't match. I saw that that source added don't. Our contract but it's bigger it's it's bigger than obviously three point nine and bigger than six or seven that he turned out into somebody offered them. You know nine million a year. And he had put pretty good guaranteed money and there are nine million a year in 125 million guaranteed or 1223 million guarantee. You know the patriots match that I'm I'm not sure after after what they paid Gilmore I think they're very vulnerable. When it comes to Butler and somebody structuring a contract. In a way that is attractive to Butler and really distasteful for the patriots and their extremely vulnerable right now. Here's the thing to keep in mind too is that after April 21 he can't sign with anybody but the patriots. So he may be pissed off about the whole idea. If he hasn't signed the tender by June 15. The patriots can and reduce his salary from three point 91 million to 660000. Dollars. Yeah and Simon. He only got a hold us anything it's gonna sign up now. You know that until Carlton normal toes yeah don't you Rhode Island resident all of these guys didn't even know. Is of homework. C'mon I'll nobody in applause and Boston at a party an evident I think I heard Colin did I heard Boston media rants performed through those but sure nobody. In Boston there nobody pulls that it. I'm director profession is an honor. Smartest guy Carlton says ask him you know Dahlia and accidentally 6177797. ID 37 rich is in Brockton and rich NATO. Hey great nation that might call. There's about all Malcolm. I I think I think Belichick it's where he always wanted to be this city knows the patriot. I'd like you're talking about where you read them out by April for a million which is great about our. Yeah I came as a entertainment along with twice occasionally you get in the they would take that trade all day long talk a first round pick in the top one big footballer. All they want used to coach I know aren't. He took a free agent. TV and made it into one expert excel. I know that back about at all I think I hate this shoot at six project bank a call. Hot like I understand what you're saying it's a question of whether or not appear the saints he would not only given the contract which is just money I understand yeah. Which you also give up a number eleven pick in the draft form. I mean. ABI I don't and there's been one of the worst defenses ever. And get older step in the right direction or do you feel like. Will get a player with the number eleven pick in the draft will improve our defense dramatically it's brought a lot less money than that the leg ideas good as Malcolm Butler. I don't know that's that's not last year to maybe. If you look at some of them are at hand up and that guy 91011 million dollars the. Precious but you know tell you mentioned above are beginning to show you as trying to figure out who's better player Gilmore Butler. Well Gilmore was a top ten quarterback it's tough to corner. And he's not better than Butler but at least he wasn't last year you look at eighties and guys who. Where drafted high instantly but not that good. You know Claiborne. With Dallas never has really caught on a team owner whose politics. Gone you know. Some guys who draft and it's hot and we're pretty getting Patrick Peterson's talked to pick me that he had a great great great player. So if there's no guarantee it if you have a corner that you love you think he's the best quarter college football is no guarantee that I could be better but at least for Butler you know. What he is he's he's a he's a winner to compete he. Again competitor competitor. Pretty a man tries aren't you might wanna consider. Your tried so hard to tell them don't and I are well. I'm I'm happy it. Butler is if Butler is good with this play in the game very Malcolm legislators it is used in business and they're just using. What they have the ability to do business wise on you into the same thing to them and if you can figure that out if not personal. If not personal you get what you need to get what they mean say what your performance warmer here at a high level. You need to perform and another year at a high level of the contract that you want to go ahead do it so if he pick a figure that out. Oh I know he can't zone or anything. Right on the net is agent yeah it is I don't know if you think that's unrealistic agent can forget that not everybody except. And I know it's weird to even say this would kill more younger than. And Malcom too busy. You know six months and it's apparently a pretty close dots like six or not hospital together this. Goodness it just say we just are cleared his Gilmore spent in the league longer merit. And yet he's he's still young load Brandon Cox is younger than some of the guys in the draft that expects that young. It's a strange world out there and all of the patriots more loose. And they were one of the younger teams late last year all of their moves that have gotten younger still. Everything they've done so far in this offseason is as been for younger players Japanese in Springfield Anthony you don't. It or you. So I'm speaking of make the most sense with. 00 ballclub Butler into rock wall and I think the Packers make the most because they'll pay him. It then the patriots get the point night that with apple sent in the Cleveland you get there are twelve and one other sector. I think that that everybody makes our Cleveland finally gets a quarterback. Vicky did post X optical the bubble burst in effect of tech and now the patriots are in the minority persons haekkerup it's not that they make that trade. We'll have 21 round ridiculous. Simon. Schools a middle ground on a problem got a problem you've you've you've given about but yet not a bomb underground senator everybody wins which you've given up well. You have football for the patriot I think that would validate what values you know what would that not make the most sense. The Packers in the browns got the Packers need a guy who built duplicate their course it was Super Bowl but they needed because fill out a little while immense. I would rather have Butler on the team this year when he can do that. I'd rather Butler in the pac. A 29 pick absolutely I'd rather have Malcolm Butler now. And the other thing is as a restricted free agent green Bay's freed talks element sign him right now. They can do that exact thing make it precipitate the trade they can agree to a contract. Have Malcolm go back to the patriots and say here's the Packers have offered me you wanna match patriots saying now. Packers get up number two funny but. Another Butler and and may be to lose and I connect your ass now we hesitated about would you rather have the eleventh pick or Butler 29 pick a lot of. No doubt I'm not in his right there is right there on. Right there at the swing point. And that that makes it tricky put it let's say I had fifteen. 1518. So I have a chance of holding onto that pic are getting a guy like Malcolm Butler I did but I give up I'd give up eight. And the other guys are out there on the flip that you're the patriots you just keep. This this wagon of a team they have gone right now. Think of Hollywood without the ones who pulled up rock. So that he and every account if your odds of and a Tyler Jones doesn't matter quite as much but I think for the the best possible team on paper. I'm just keeping not bode for a year organized and Malcolm Butler as a slot. Deeply concerned he's he's always plays ever played as well. I don't remember much I don't remember seeing him there. Do you think that the money Logan Ryan just got is also kinda. Frosting Malcolm butler's preserves your little bit I would think so in this look at a ten million dollars a year furlough Fridays on Logan freaking crying about I don't think butler's securitizations. By about your body gets there and got sky high character out right now. I tegra everything editing negative. I can do that is the team I in my essay it out loud he's definitely looking at what can I see between on restricted free agent outage that restricted and it it doesn't seem as they'll Malcolm. Nor his agent wanna wanna acknowledge the fact that this is different. They're saying I'm better than him. I should make more money than him. And apparently the patriots are things you may be better than him but. You're not an unrestricted free agent yet right of the matter is that the user agent can't grass I don't know. Agent right guy Malcolm wives at the not a thousand but clearly not good at the job. You know on and understand you think you'll have the same agent this time next year. I think you. Greece alone that's got record the guys that I am glad he's having his by yeah. I had a remark clients out of this all of my attention is devoted to you yeah. Exactly called me up therefore he literally anything on any time. My only job you and anybody else that threat at any time. Texture by the ways says Malcolm had a pretty big pick playing in the slot yet but he wasn't the slot for its effect that slot corner on that play. He had that receiver and he was following that receiver he wasn't a lot quorum. And I don't know a situation where I remember him playing slot corner. Now let us whose phone receiver around a certain thing right now via know Steve's and polio case feet I don't. How are you gentlemen. That's enough and that was about to drop altering and have been very beginning I was fort trading him for our draft picks but. No second. A lot of the discussion has is predicated. On one Brady says he wants to do okay. Everyone just assumed because what he says he wants to play it was mid forties that these going to be global effective quarterback. Border next week for years. Did you damage Belichick is not about abdomen as got one more Internet it. I'm gonna go with you. Or maybe even crack in all the street genius choked it away like lighten the load he's clearly better than any quarterback at notre. He's got. Pull experience. I think it's as Smart as I think I really don't. That's Florida and Al disagree with in this regard I I don't think that Robert Kraft listeners and looking maybe gives us another year and we gotta get him out of there. I also don't picture Bill Belichick you know at the Fisher cut bait point because there's been no obvious slippage to to Brady's game. If he had started to slip op Ed if your if if we start to look like Peyton Manning did is last year someday and yet you're saying okay look I don't care what he says he does net five more years in him. He probably doesn't. Oh why don't I don't believe he's got 123 more years and am because I've seen no indication that that that's fallen off of you. Now he's gotten better and each the last four years he's gotten. A little bit better and other share you have to play the full sixteen games we Hannity brought to the playoffs and he's he's getting better and if he says he can play five warriors there again Cornell zero since the NFL's that may not be he probably can't yeah amid realistically can. But he's defied everything so far and for players 30040. This season. I mean. I'd really does depend on how good of an offer you're really getting for Barack Obama the Michaels pointed out maybe you're not Nate baby what we're hearing isn't exactly true. If you are it seems like you know you gotta make the move but if not. He's so cheap this year and you know you can always get a compensatory pick you couldn't even wait things out. A company if you get blown away by draft picks I food you have to do got to do it yeah. Davidson an attorney David I don't. Hey guys. They I mean I'm just I'm lost in all listen up tea light. I usually. We're talking about they're the move the team has not made yet. And then they need that they have. Just tell those holes. So there you have Milosevic years were exactly the opposite. And now. We're making up excuses why we need to deal two guys. That and get something who what who meet. Right now and they get random grapple and there. What you need. A year and what those two guys or one or the other I don't understand or doubt about. Well you're right it in that you know especially with the moves that the patriots have made there's no glaring areas of need on this team not you know you kind of got everything pretty much you did just win the Super Bowl right and you have lost some guys they they probably need some help linebacker even if they get Donta hightower back Britain they could probably use some help there. Obviously. You know at the moment they're gonna need at least a slot corner. It was Logan Ryan's departure. But there are no glaring areas of need. No I think that it's a good point. Especially in time of Malcolm Butler was a what are you getting for him later on trade him potentially weigh in than just yet. A rookie to a late the first round with a Rob Lowe. I also I sort of get it because it's not what you have to trade him to get something done to fill a need and then that'll push you over the top what already over the top you're looking down on the rest of league. But the idea of trading a player who doesn't play. For a player or players that will play. Regardless of position I feel like that's and of movie should. Yeah and in you have that thought that you don't need anything that's how you you get old very quickly. You find yourself fall on the outside looking in very quickly feud that approach what are you need what what don't you need. I really can't can't use another quarterback can have a terrific corner can have a a pass rusher on his hand but is their knees that caller they're what are your browns roster yet journey for pass pressure on listing council. There you put a lot of pressure on Trey flowers to keep. Improving like we've seen them you growing. I have an okay who else. So let's get flowers is they he doesn't. Pick pick a huge jump doesn't look like a superstar now Japan pressure Tonioli. That's not really the thing with his career high five virus at the Chris Long and I had this year in the second half it's three or suitable two years and three in the Ninkovich. Yeah and he he didn't have a and have a great year Masters Tournament yet they're always needs especially what you need a number twelve I'll figure something out yeah. Noted that it's not. Yes he walked. The caller point was Q what are they declaring areas that need on this team. At the moment you gotta replace Logan right near corner slot and and and and at the moment. At least until you get mile Garret blunt side or somebody eating it right back. But Brittany you know all they got. Yes they. What can you not play this the patriots have ever been that position where I can imagine you start the season without this you just can't do that and yet they're much covered in them than that under Belichick and I too figured out that with the top fifteen draft pick from shore. You'll kick somebody that you like and then in a year you'll say while our unfortunate that on the blankets on the team because he's incredible. I. 617. 77979837. This telephone number. No we. Aren't playing American idiot because my voice is the next voice you hear all we could be play American Media adapters. Backed the call we go like Justin is in Brockton hey Justin I don't. Bookstore almost you. So I picked up like that integrate and nailed it earlier when you saw. Patriots and our people are all chew chiefs like being Butler. Benjamin depiction. In structuring and wait for the city is typical big money. I'm not allowing the patriots are one you don't have much money that position. A I remembered another time that big comeback so much money to two quarterbacks and also question. It went. No I don't competition. If people are so did not sign on. Eight walks all niche here. Did operate it you know. On draft pick or whatever but we've gotten to checking in with. Exclusive. You know what right now against better competition. Well that they've that Marty tagged him with what would be a first round compensation anyway. He apple Chia. He walks but he competition. Yet to have sort of that story that yeah you do. Thrown a look at the formula would clearly lost the out players acquired things like that to which would note went up his. The death though the better pick would be if if somebody signed into an offer sheet and you let him go this year. Then you get for do you do that teams brown. That's the best possible. Draft pick compensation to the monthly. And also speaking of draft pick compensation are just following up on the other question from the caller could questioned by the way about. Jim Jimmy drop below. Why would you why would you trade for Jimmy drop below when you don't need anything this year well the answer is he's an it's an asset. So you're trading one asset you back a quarterback. We're an otherwise it again quarterback sack a quarterback in order a first round pick so if you hi first round pick probably number twelve. Up from Cleveland so you can sit there at twelve. And you can use it or you can tell yourself I'm bloated. I don't need any day. Anything I need of I picked up from free agency or I can get it. At the end of training camp or in a little training camp for a fifth round pick so. Thank. You thank Patrick give somebody else. And you use it and actually. If you wanted to you know what. But that that this suggestion that just because your team you feel like your team is loaded this year that what could you possibly do pick number twelve it's got great value. And naked draw you. A player this year or in a year or two. Well a thing about two years ago everything's changed so quickly where you fight you're all set defensively either I'll chairman John Stockton I'd sergeant Collins now Butler like you're pretty good shape. There's a chance that all four of those guys could be gone I would definitely tube baby three so even if you have three young players council then you know even yesterday were last week we were talking about. He'll bring in branding Clarkson on sand all the recent core although no you know all pro that jumps out but yet it's a pretty good receiving core things that while. Virtually an element. Little they get older like how long can he keep playing and are you really get around Rio rely on the other guys in dole but he is good as gone so. All the sudden position which was really good for you this year. And employ given eyes you could be left needing somebody so it it makes all the sense in the world to try to. Did into the the top twelve and then just see what would Bill Belichick decides to do with it. Stephen is in Ontario hasty and I don't. They did at noon. A question Turkey Vietnam opened their community to Xbox the PS sport. Yes war I asked this before yeah yeah. We'll where was I asking about the slug most of them. Yeah I would look at it is called brought technical years ago all right on display and yeah DS like most welcome I had. Old and now I got you without government ought to be limited to edited out so dislike. Because only about what he's done. Thank god work I'm sure you are thank goodness of stuff that's great. If anything else but anything that everybody else don't care about they'll get a sexy and ask him. That. I know you have a book until there's a winner on yet and cynical about the one seed Cleveland got some injury problems. And also you know the government. Preston LeBron James who is so but yet think well that's the goal for those of the US and some of the plays well. I think its scope for. Go for you know what I'm afraid is gonna happen is Washington's already caught them. It don't have to rise to that are tied to Heidi tiebreaker that might have it I am afraid. And I solace coming to Boston rob winning streak. That if at Washington finished second and they're great home team if they have to go in the second round against the wizards the Celtics will lose there. Because for Lotta rhetoric and the number one seed well they also do that or three seed yeah that a home 441 series in the non habit for the next but. It's definitely within reach the cavs are. Our spotter around in his Larry Sanders titles sure it's true football hall. Charlotte Cleveland the other difference between regular season trouble is that a seven game series. There regular season troubles you know they can turn I just don't believe. That. LeBron believes they can turn and I think he's concerned it's that lets them or looks I don't worry lies aspect agent right before it looked like that when he was eighteen Il did have those of the old lies out. Intake of the body who used to have here got let go for pride America a welcome. Yeah now that it goes back dole knows a comeback that ago Mike's up in Maine Mike Knight on. And jeopardy you guys done a great. And that in the Butler thanks so come from a fan perspective I mean cabinet talent turnout the year I made. We've all seen the contribution that you got by art. But I can't help but think it's just another one of those situations every time I hear it agent daddies not acting at the moment you've done. Ultimately seen over the years that watch your back on public with your contract situation. Did not on the scene current law. You'd think look at that point already. I look at possible that your your your point is valid that generally speaking. And you know whether it's Richard Seymour you know we go down through the list of guys who've. Gone public with their concerns about their contract generally speaking their they're tenure with the patriots doesn't last much longer. That's possible. But it's always an immediate departure I don't know writes I mean that's that's that's what I'm wondering is is for this season we know about Denmark Butler long term. But maybe that's unrealistic but for one year you know Gilmore and Butler that's like that's like having a keeps leaving Harris that's one of the best of you guys. When's the last time they had that that set up a corner where you felt like. To establish guys at least at some brown yeah I did I thought pretty go Browner came back out percentages of those to authorities all Broderick play. I doubt that you know he wants this to us out of the patriots. Yes you're the only one he was he was not great he was a a penalties you'd. It gave you foreshadowing of what was gonna happen in New Orleans audiences who were labeled nor played on a better team they have been a lot of penalties since you know. Dugard Edmonton seemed to get physical corner Michael yeah that's true but Tanzania. But OK if you felt that get about brown as a reliever I think the background or brownish green I would think about that duo as well as the rebirth of the if you bothered about better Browner and Revis this would be better. You had Ty law and sand on the same team with Samuel was acute right so we didn't know who was on the Samuel was at that time but it it. Why you have to go back pretty far to find a combo. Yeah like this. The only one that nationally at all or or assent simply put. When's the last time he had to pro bowlers. On team is Browner was not coming off of improbable season. Revis on Revis is great and if so. So is that he's been allows them to 22. Pro bowlers at corner for the pitchers Jorge is installed. Me George I don't. I don't doubt. Yeah I. And questioned it should matter grow great with it not by. They're really isn't a gleaning you need on the team. But how are upgrading kicking okay. Because. I. Kicking team Pete is there in their putter was great. You're talk about the ticker. Yet so I'll just cow ski that it was bad last year he struggled. He he's not been mr. automatic sent they want Super Bowl party not. Eight I I understand the rule changes in the that but all rules c'mon. I gotta tell you though part of that part of the rule changes including the kickoff rule change. Worked to the patriots advantage because he's so brilliant at that part of it I think that there are parts of N and by the way in the Super Bowl. Despite the missed extra point. His kick offs were crucial. And critical now to the patriots come back. I'm not ready I'm not willing maybe you guys are I'm not willing to give up on student discounts yet I'm not either you know I I saw a story about him. Right after the Super Bowl and made any went over. His stats. And I was surprised. That they weren't as bad you know if I can write bad seat right. He's it will bring I would go years without missing an extra point units are to what multiple extra point and it seems like summoned together the problem the problem is you know the the previous. Three years here you think about is that percentage 92 point 7% a field goals and added you plus 794 point six and one point seven. So that radio stations then he went down 84 for price of 2730 to last you missed five field. Danny of that bad stretch like he pulled it together late in the year that kicker. Good kicker out trying to plus yeah no well there are ways yet he's our final drive is coming up next Sports Radio W media.