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Snowmaggedon 2017 is coming! Bread! Milk! Eggs!

Mar 14, 2017|

We mess around for a bit about the incoming blizzard.

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Oh yes. Wait did I did it do it. She puts it that what is it that. Well. It. Took I took the break. Us. It's dead that's a great. Don't be eaten. Like below. Have really picked up here and there's another one that's ever got to be due. Your 500 million dollar jackpot in powerball or wherever they could do was put out Tuesday. Four or lightning strikes before episodes of thunder snow. Nobody looking forward to the let Iran get more than you can story. Wow. We did OK yeah picture of the plane on the way down a lot of here vote. Good the bad sign thunder snow. We have more founders. More to. But if you get big team it just what the hell difference does it make it's none of Oregon right. You're supposed to snow and start an hour before our show throughout our show and in an hour after ownership. And powerful sports we'll start at like 3 o'clock 1 morning on photos at like noon on on and on and on and no. Know by the time you go to driving here tomorrow it's going to be a problem it's going to be up to year who's it's as if it's going to be lords of the what is it might update here it's. I got here Danica. Our while Marty. Not ready for all that none of that is my that's you since you can't Torre account you think it is Armageddon this could be it. He's here somewhere he's out there right now gold it's really does is a good low clouds in the sky. Love this don't think they'd let an Ito they let you know whether people do all storm go to our store Jenner the storm update. Update update us on Internet you can sort of look more TV time. And Burton was the first ever and how to be a producer to say you know not good enough. Our weatherman woman is inside not enough to get out to get out there in the elements get out if that's all they do in the semi three to for once per channel just tonight. Yeah I'm on the cape and holy smokes it's knowingly out near Boston can you believe here's the stone I'm outside its own. It was what it really sorry for your time it was Shelby Scott. While the oil oil and channel ports and Shelby scholar doctor an airline isn't overdoing it with like that the the early version of team Cantu OK Joseph he's out there standing on a break wandering planet. Like the yeah over this stuff and that that it is supposed to be impressed with that you are like oh man these guys that's terrible on your dad or your waterproof cameras are the Elsevier put a lot of their. The world stuff at at risk you don't even know who's reporting about it like all at the park that I paths that are big all ball below where it's none of he's handled out accurately and now now whether the house he was he was strong. Drummer and in studio though they say that there is still on. Badge of honor those guys I graduated I went out there on out there. I'd say it's crazy arcade Bob Hosni you don't wanna be out there I know that. I don't hold back and I don't what do beyond it that's fine. Take a look outside out of the storm certainly always a store yeah rhetoric does or blizzard. Storm for us to rage all right what's that what's happening. Probably decide to keep keep the mics on you wouldn't say what people own studio wouldn't think. They're not on that said happy sunny warm boy. I'm pretty sure about the. All when they bring in like two or three meteorologists at a passive they have all hands on dad when you meet epic. And and the first meteorologist Mike hardy will say whatever is gonna say I don't know go to meteorologist number two I was not party now they'll say the exact same thing Harvey you said right. Jet age as a lot they have to it and if and this could. Designated adult storming rather about we have wrenching button if that's happened this guy that we got is that this got out right now. Latin. I'll means that the jets got a low volatile. Analysts folks walking up all we're going to sole goal now is warming up he's. Welcome our schools to go to your school too bad he can't my schools book that any real similar for autos and I'll doctor Bernard to. I don't my elementary school he came to did you like. Racer handling all well the temperatures going to be like all other hot right and I temperatures. In the stores. Stores are probably out of everything go to those shelves right now. Are you take other stores now nothing now and this has ever catch this gem from but he shard a couple of years ago there's a snowstorm. He's talking about the the totals and he goes. And here will be nine inches which is a lot. For some people. I'm all dirty. Dirty guys storm megastores reckon I'm a little Randy now another area the other. Work to blow out of Norfolk or I don't like the rules applied media outlets that yes he bill gets fifth after. There's a big storm out there but it mounts its excellent well yeah he was that ever sits at 77797937. Its telephone number Denny's in Providence team any idea. Good guys they give great show. Basically like quality but just couple of what an old but it's oracle obviously for the contract but. I read that corks come in quite easily make one point five million next year arm Connecticut speaking at an option eight million. A Mickey complaining about arms you know targets in the water that usually play at one point a branch and the second the public question. But limited Richard that he pleas for a lesser contract that would negate Gil Morgan it is Belichick just give him an agent can't cut the lock and key. Kind of we're before they decide to. Did not contract. Very serious place for it. Users are choosing a place for less than Joseph Moore signs for laughs yeah yeah I I guess I'd. A big because he's not this honor restricted free agent he's not gonna get what. What Stephon Gilmore this I hear you for a 100% right next year at the different story he's the patriots this year. Did you feel like it's gonna be for war 3.2 point nine million dollars. Next year no matter where he plays if you want to talk about fourteen million dollars or the franchise attack or whatever else that out but then you'll make more but the hour and he can't. If these days we've talked so much about his contract but just imagine him on the team. So you have. Butler and Gilmore on the team blah and you have let's say row or Cyrus Jones in the slot one of those guys are an idiot mystery or or or. Or relatives or Darrelle Revis you guys and you've still got your safeties back got young coming back here according. He would die out at army as the relevant humbled enough to take a ia a cut rate deal an old by the way there's the whole thing about. Is he going to be suspended the court case that still pending let's say let's face it if we don't need him to be humble you don't have to be humble he's going to be who wants eight million dollars got to look at that. You've got to be realistic. At all for I gotta battle the and you can have a huge. Ego and still be realistic about what's gonna get maybe in the sentences I'm still the best quarter in game. But right now there offer me two million dollars and I go in and an approved everybody's announced oh great. Out of luck to get a Darrelle Revis like that effect short money because in the training camp and this has happened many times how many big big time guys big name guys at least. Have come through here in training camp and now. As it Torry Holt has something left the sea of Reggie Wayne has something left. Let's give Adrian Wilson has something that lets you John Lynch that's just yet undoubtedly that's laughter that's my point. You can just move mod you get those guys money move on from him yeah etc. Revis can be that guy who comes in. He does flash. Something that he did in and fourteen and 2015 wasn't as good and fifteen as he wasn't fourteen but he still it a decent place you'd use a good player if you hit last year and would that be. An interest stories Revis leaves it once a Super Bowl with the patriots leaves goes back to football hill in New York. Then comes back was it another championship at the patriots. It. And football yes that's on the I'm definitely that get yourself in shape. I mean NJ. That's part of it he was so bad last year. And and if they said you've still got the full court case possible suspension by the NFL ending there's a lot of other things going on yours well I guess it's because if somebody went to sleep. At. This yeah well right. Do it quick update Alka million no longer doing whether oh. He is slowing in Cologne that Macy's mentions. I was jolted Manchester weaker two ago I had I known. I would have gone to Macy's just to see you a ball New Hampshire yes selling Cologne well I don't so he's looking at me guess automated no matter don't really have to give that a they pencils. The lots that are great career he had a great career the second Korean the genius and I was slightly wrong on via blue shark have any found some of the ups and sell our way. Yes we have a car and prints and we picked up nine inches of snow belt right at seven the biggest amount that I could fine. Almost as big as me. About nine inches. Are. Oh my fifth but it really well like we always think. I. Don't say. Yes we prince and we picked up 90 don't go right ahead seven the biggest amount that I could find almost as big as me. About nine inches. Creepy thing is like you. Yeah he's a closer to the camera looks like right into the camera due to do battle and truth of it is he walks into the shot. And yes the crouched down the shot is wrong so it's cutting out the top and so he's argument is heightened concepts like yes yeah I'm talking about I don't know all lines like come on tender and bumble. I. 6177797937. Its telephone number Ella Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB had a default.