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OMF - What is the likelihood Malcolm Butler gets traded? 3-9-17

Mar 9, 2017|

Hour 4 - Fauria hates Tim Tebow, Mike Reiss breaks down what needs to happen for the Pats to trade Butler, a deal with Alan Branch is announced, and a scene from Jerry Maguire mimics life. Also, everyone wants Jay Cutler to get signed by the Jets.

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On him when he. Beats Fort Wayne alimony and 46. Or. Pepsi stuff on the outside it would of fraud and you've always sticks. We weren't sure. Ryan had a clown show negative total mockery of their sport will only doing it to stay relevant he's a kid car dash in tight. And the only reason why flame me quickly and Lou interest. Stephon Gilmore intends to sign with the New England Patriots go immediately to Malcolm Butler this is direct competition Stephon Gilmore is a potential number one corner but you already have that number one so Malcolm looking at this like is this writing on the wall was I already given a deal that I turned down and now this writing in the wall tells me on my days number. And Sports Radio WEEI. People with a prickly coming out that you play which. If he can't he can't and I schools there it's a government you have yeah I think it was like a non verbal view of god loves you. I'm amazed that there were some people that aura or you'll be Kursk's wood and sand itself with that back into common insult. Lets your hard question there is that this is just a clown show and I noticed from Borges to debate today and usually want is one of those guys. That recognizes when it's not sincere it's not really about god having an opportunity to play in another sport. It's marketing dollars it's selling the the shirts it's doing business off of these celebrity. You know it's Billy Crystal times can. I had a fight insisting that like people would say it's a habit of PR stint and it's and it's embarrassing for teams to even signed Tim Tebow the quarterback. Right I go people critical of what team signed him as a quarterback Jim because it is but attention this is about it is that he sets a guy can't play. But was supposed to accept him one played baseball in his own support people mock and at least its success they didn't think it should level did rod rod bullet just feel when the patriots signed Tim Tebow. We have to go look it up you'd be rip on the people a chance they'll check them. Go that your democratic these guys got your your line it's not stature and why should be accessed are now should be okay what's the big deal and give Tebow a chance to play quarterback there was one person with a great deal bluelight I only saw the highlights and in the Sheila exit. I'm not test. Yeah they're all as pets yes you can impact on our video got us that he only have they have to have basically it's Tuesday it's just as she went pretty easy just stand there and look at and he did change a boy from Ramirez into a double play kind of the big in break its battery thing me. Fastballs little coloring book. Didn't embarrass himself on because they're go anywhere but. Okay thanks and reinforced delta got this got struck Kamal what's the big deal districts you know Cy Young award winner. Yes so no shame there. Finish and it resilience it's so crazy it's like. They're tired Red Sox team like they're checked in about trying to see what all the fuss is about don't force it to anybody about it is standing it's a standing ovation when he Ali give bill for social produce about point oh while he figures out at you all have bats of pat that big aspect. It got a dollar or anything he's McCain looks big and baseball you know usually we say like I thought it was a bad boy it means because he's 654. Or twenties when he ignite NET fifteen an outlook on deck answered to that and those two but those of batboy. He's Jack. Acts that he's repeated call us at the asked a lot of remember during a World Series the jury had trouble getting into Colorado to the Denver a ballpark because they thought it was a ball when he thought he was a may have something. If he was applied but you're right Tebow looks huge media outlets in baseball you never know we didn't embarrass himself but it's just it's just. The biggest issue I have with this at the deal Casey chasing dreams go and that's what you hear. Why you guys gonna get out somebody for chasing his dreams. Okay that's not the point I think they're all chasing the dream I think it's both yes. It's he's our favor and not Larry and I say this I want I want you know this right now I would love to the my drink a male model. That's what I would like I want I want the ball doesn't want you want to lead the show and NC surgery instead got a New York City yes and then to see what does that. There's a tight for everybody yeah right don't show that the magazine some cult following. Underground -- culture abuse of yeah Photoshop wage because I mean we could make you look good and losing weight but we know why did you knew that doing it because he's a celebrity. Who's right because he's doing so it doesn't totally embarrass you that is totally embarrass himself is a solid kid Billy Crystal and happily played very good with my high school recent celebrity and that's what you're using right now to sell shirts was all over ESPN analyst at the most loved it. They're getting tons of publicity. In a time period where nothing really helpful also to me it's harsh well also it's like he goes out. Batting practice. And he wears number fifteen Turkey vultures that they sell the team via the Mets Jersey with and then he comes out for the real game to date month gained viewers 97 double their club you don't think he's earned the respect that he can dictate his own number now. And they took that big actually but they didn't exist it doesn't it or not quite yet does it make you Disco. How sincere are you really because of this is it's. Surely if a veteran player on the Mets and saying listen if you're really serious about this. Could have a shot. Take you why I will see what happens but don't don't try to like act like you're all about when you're coming out at one Jersey come back out another one. Ali trying to do is show that you won't you can purchase this Jersey on line this would amount to all that's missing is and take his shirt up and edits his golden palace that it could connect I'll. Countless. I mean c'mon now than me what's next and it ended it just aren't winning. Celebrity boxing easily put the Mets are a part of it the Mets are doing this so well you want I still didn't. Handle it. So look at this kid the Mets Matt Reynolds. Shortstop at a utility guy or whatever it is but he's got a fifteen. Thousand on there and ability to actually place. But not the merchandise at all anybody anywhere I'll be there to see gamers it give it to Tebow assistant on the back of a ticket is elected this guy does this guy actually plays one yeah a player like your music player on the big leagues and nobody plays it yes. You place. So he's got a fifty and this Turkey clowns Chicago. Rolls out and his number because it is college now it's up on them grab and Heisman Trophy. Just to show relevant it's like Oleg did you know who I was. Matt ten below fifty a highly altered her amounted to I mean that's the topic. McDougall you're 97 I'll without your name on the back in the port jerk. Man was and he's one of those guys he's a lightning rod I think a big part of that. Is you know he's embraced christianity and that this is a lot of people I don't. I don't have a problem perky I ask you if you are probably dollars and nah I like Jesus god and I agree and I think he is seems to me. To be a really good guy the stuff yes with special needs kids go to. Also politics hit from every compliment you and I let's modeling the next month and I probably an aggressive approach to parenthood I would say but he had a public fifth goal make a real baby. Happy that is not willing to do that all he's 888 B 800 area be where your magic underwear whatever you want to do because they know where. But it seems to be a really good guy and he can contribute an awful lot to society this is a joke. This is just that joke that's don't say hey here's Mike reached. Commenting on the possibility. Of the treat now. That would send Malcolm Butler of the New Orleans Saints. For Brandon Cox okay and he's got a few thoughts here one is the patriots deal Butler it would be economic based. With the thinking that an extension is highly unlikely after his restricted free agent season. At 2070. It would be similar to the Chandler Jones trade. From last year from the team's perspective. Get something for a player you don't believe will be part of your long term plans because that difference of opinion on value. Number to the sides were close to a deal last year but couldn't push it over the goal line has been no advancements since that time and if anything. Butler could make you stronger cased hole for in his stance after a solid 2016. Season and the maturity. Trading Butler and using some of the money to sign a player outside of the system in Stephon Gilmore comes with a risk both on the field. And from a perspective standpoint a perception standpoint with the players. Butler is almost everything the patriots could have wanted to. And those of the type of players the team usually wants to world war. Put in the case in this case he would be leaving the organization. To get these big financial reward so that's what and that must like it might be right on tart. That this is exactly what you want you want a kid that you didn't you got underpaid for the first two maybe three years. And then down the road you're gonna you're you're gonna give him some money but he's got an agent and sit there saying there's no. There's no neutral rodeo we want to make killing we wanna be read at the top of the market and we want the money right now. The challenge Jones comparison is good yep Chandler Jones offered Jonathan Cooper. Okay who didn't amount to anything we you know the team. August I said he didn't know John Young is he bigger burden on the garden and hope is gone go to any Malcolm Mitchell for. I'm so unless let's get to ought to draft picks SO lobs that worked out. Right he got some Japanese guys that both those guys to be started much the whole year Mitchell of. The difference is we standards that you can gain an edge rusher. You can you can give me losing would you rather lose Jim Jones or. Welcome but I mean when you put all these guys get older they find what you say Malcolm Butler and Sheila Jones Donta hightower Jamie Collins who's on top of that list you. Mean it's Malcolm was it was it was Butler because of the position yet. And just how how much I think this enterprises or because of the position but also it has safety to state bill rifle through some edge rushers. That's a position where about that navigated pack guy there anyways and another I want it Chris Long Rob Ninkovich they scare anybody anyone a simple. Exactly no decision fat that's Al lately it's fun though they don't need Von Miller and lights Campbell. The NF articulate the positions and that and that seems that seems at this this seems like you know Taylor Jones Jonathan Cooper 2.0. I mean you're you're you don't the going to be able to sign on you wanna get something out of them you found a replacement already. And does so you go ID trip from Brandon Cox windows. Bill get burned. Within a good place. In which. It the contract expires and he gets nothing in return for the plight when what what is that never. Well I mean it's never gonna happen out of that advocates aren't oversee without teams what he loses Tom Brady that's the mideast or feel the effects of some. CL USA one they get burned by trading away a player like Coachella Jones because of the mobile to re sign him. And in the end up getting to what they did return doesn't work or use argument like we mentioned earlier Don Cooper didn't work out. But the other two guys to drop its dead. But they always seem to look at it and say if we can't get. This guy and that that's the case here football but we can't get them on our terms we're playing we're we're the ones right now that are holding all the laughter. Therefore he's got to come to on our terms or somewhere in between he doesn't wanna do. He's a restricted free agent his agent is acting like he's an unrestricted free agent and any go to war so here's what we're gonna do. Publicity or say screw. Why don't we wait until the 2016. Season he has a great season and then at the end of the year he goes he goes to Miami. That's the buffalo goes to the jets competes well this for the next five or six years. And he goes elsewhere we get nothing in return. Let's sort of off and get something in return I think that's what they're doing and I think you're gonna find on the end that the agent was a major. Problem for the new majority source tells me Alan Branch is finalizing a two year deal to stay with the patriots stood there and battle works at the -- I think Alan Branch to on Harman. James Devlin. They don't have a lot of options these are guys that held an honest quite frankly to be extended in November. In a mile and leave again blunt I don't understand though they do they do that that's a that you do that but the Garret blunt is the guy that another one that I do that. He told his guys a million bucks you know and in the mean blood than any other guys I don't know 22 and a half three laugher right those easy moves. How picnic and house says that we Garret blunt is back on the conversation with a patriot my guess is he went out beard are going to test the market test the market. Found out there was no money out there and if there's nobody out there. Are you got. Play for another team. For no money or you gonna take place continue to play for the New England Patriots where you're comfortable for no money. You're gonna play for the patriots and if that makes perfect sense aren't great sense of just wanna leave. The Airbus now on leave. Is that it is successfully his livelihood. I mean and everything else Italy and he left once before summary Datsyuk and have a three million dollars. But don't yet know that was probably three years ago. Two years in two years ago right now is now 33 years old for you look up and purchasers of and then yes that little issue and lives are not an issue you know wacky wacky week. Each guy he comes back to I don't think he's gonna be leaving much money on the table if he doesn't come back it's as the patriots look at it and say we think he's done the typical. We get rid of him a year. You know to be early rather late we just would we don't think he's got its. I did exit the car next up they gave it. The guy good afternoon thank you for beckon call I think he's got a good exciting could get alerted to march because. Well let me just say on record high in the pages and I am a huge Bob Brady said well we don't go to site sombre based UB twelfth. He took a page out of CR seven book grows younger and although the difference bought but you got seven saw this all thing. Became huge public at the same thing PP twelve solid action so insured something else going on both want to criticize them I can get to go to. We're talking if not if Tom Brady was sitting here trying out for the Mets right now. I think I'd be seen the exact same thing. I don't think so. I'd I'd I'd hate to say about you guys got criticized in this geared toward trying to sell something whatever he. Do you want president criticizing the Mets for actually doing that I did more criticism to the match than I did yeah I think he probably seems a good guy. He does wonderful you don't have it as an appliance like justice because at all you don't want it thinks we have the profits that you gable think. People think you're trying to criticize his lifestyle or something like my door that the that is fuel run and the Mets are using him David and it's a joke. It is a viewer on that Michigan player Tim Tebow was on the Michigan plane that had those issues on take off how many people would be running to Tim Tebow side. It would knowing that he's gonna he's one of those who want to know what anybody at all it'll be a two for one type of deal you can go author. It would take a novel and crypto that's certainly good for. That's a that's all sanded. I know I just think you know not just you gotta do it seemed like. They can get a lot of criticism so to speak is eight a great guy trying to do good things and yes. Went public I don't think any of us who don't wish any you're done you're right. There are a lot of people who don't like the fact that he throws god people's face and they don't like that's I'm not saying any of that other state and you know what I was. I give Tebow a lot of critic as most people are afraid to fail this guy loves it. Mommy loves it here and already made a living out of it get enough of pigs Rabin. Gold dress for the NBA to layer at a next maybe he'll do that so I'm Derek Simpson is the level butler's agent Derek Simpson. Of Simpson Shane and shell Lola who shot an Olympic. So I know a lot. I. Don't. He's the Huntsville attorney. 00 well established practice he's a lawyer with male are you just got to you know you registered you to like them. You don't he also and I just think about it you license to pass the bars he also has what he calls has called a hobby. But was Shannon. What your month wait that's that that's so it is it's a hump and maybe he's trying to deal. We nick Serio Bill Belichick. Robert Kraft Jonathan Kraft and it's a hobby like collecting stamps right. So it's not that I just it's just he's it looks like is a local turning. In the city that sort of brain areas they can you just Teddy Reid over the thing for me I'm undrafted. Freeagent I mean date they probably through like 5000 bucks to sign he got to make the team it's mean it's up and down and pretty simple stuff. There really is eat as rookies are we need agents and as an undrafted free age you really don't need or can't you tell me because you know how the world works. You don't think there's a lot of high forward. Agents and that league had not contacted him off and on no I don't Elvis surprising answers I would be surprised if he. Reached out to those guys did it at him on its own cousin Joseph got friends so all the agents go to the games he's president hightower all these other guys that have probably had battery agents. And they probably think of him as a meal ticket lesson that guys burn up I'll hook you up I'll do right. You want me to goal overeat the jeopardy question in the B range you the majority you know the Wayne and I go to is Iraq I'll take you on the you have to say and you. Everywhere they screwed up though fears agent and we're assuming we know what the discussion once. You have a restricted free agent sense three point 91 there's discussions about an extension. They go to him and say you know what we believe that we won the top five callers will be paid like you look at for 1414 happy year. Patriots they know you say OK and you walk away. But then you turnaround he found that just came fourteen after a that position and the doors probably close to be moving forward in this organization. Yeah but that's probably after two what did they do wrong the patriots did nothing wrong. They in in negotiations they said we don't have to pay that now we're not gonna. Okay fine well we're gonna ask for this is gonna take six or seven or a year away from game franchise in free agency so that both walk away from. Is it lead and you did blind sided next morning when you hate the thought. And you say oh god you are willing to pay for it to you have million records just not Michael an event that you don't always that little golf don't ask not your crowd that was always the job they don't have all the there's a bunch of things that could happen with him. What he's saying is like it did promise they'd like screw it. Don't worry about it dole don't pay attention to the news don't listen radio don't get caught up in all that all the movies and shake is a free agency and especially the dollars. Because that's like you did turn down eight million a year and you're like eight million dollars when he was making peanuts. A four years ago when he was like server fried chicken and caught red. He was doing so you get caught up but you wanna chase he's one of the you know I just want I just want security in my life. On financial security and point four million dollars over the three years a lot of money so but now he's doing the right thing you it. If he stays healthy he will get paid yet he was Craig no I'll tell you this I think he was crazy and I said this last year. The so he goes any any heat the comes in at the last second second half of the Super Bowl because Kyle Arrington couldn't get the job done. Played really well in the second half and of course he had that great play. That will never forget. Now comes back the next year ya he's tired on that on that that sharp you looking at yet announcing he's the mayor and you know we don't know if you know he's he's got a job okay but it never played. Before that so he is still in that process of we don't know short term we think he's the guy. He's picket 400000. Box at that point if on the agent. And I'm looking and saying they've gotten for another year. And then a year after that which they can keep them as a restricted and then a year after that where they can franchise and until my client you are at least three years away. For making a payday if you had any type of catastrophic injury out there on the football field. You're never going to make squat as a professional football player let's go to the patriots now. They obviously like you. We're in a good situation we're gonna get positive feedback from the media the fan base and everything else let's go try to work out at a deal somewhere in between. Instead what does agent business agent got greedy and says screw this Mike does the man. Greg's plight is all history his statement we want top dollar for the quarterback and you know much about why rip them. I hope good job creation. Balls to do a job at city gets hurt this year. What happens I think it was a divert to JDH it would got a much better job we sign to him at seven million dollar contract looks tricky doled out to be a free agent next year when he signs five years it's eighty million Lou it's one of those deals where Yuri you want your little betting pools your gambling pools and you have an opportunity at the end you can cash and take affable money. Or you can waited out the publisher and risque and try to take the whole pride obviously I would I would wait this but you make it sound like this this agent would be doing much much better job. If rather than waiting one year in Mac the other fifteen million dollars than signing a seven year deal to please the patriots I think in life should fire your agent Pete I disagree with you one here totally disagree I think if you're looking at the risk vs reward. And you make it 400000. Dollars at the time. And you you've got to go through at least three years injury free. To get to that gigantic paid day off here angry over the years have 400 ally that's what you don't know what I don't lashed out right now. Jamaica's Ellington mistake we have two years left. When you're still employed three point nine dot and then they can control you with the franchise funds caffeine going right to if I'm an agent. I like likes ice after I am trying to work out a Vietnam closer you get. To our unrestricted free agents and I think you're right that's we you don't get as it went on to say a twenty million guarantee that it's two years if you franchise. So why would wipe out of only two to collector dealer to separate you would depend on the go screw you and don't just pissed I'm just about the guest house about this past season the season before you would not have done. Two seasons ago we're gonna go to starter last year Lester. Maybe okay. But but every single generic box but every every year I get close to free agency it's advantaged me restaurant the athlete that's right on the get thrown out now cheer one hit away far from losing it all adds I don't know all fight take that Kia I six wants 77 on seven on its recent report wade were loading and Fauria. Sports Radio WEEI. Talent. Tell me Lima beans in things. Tell me this is the best we can get this is always get there I'll tell you do please talk when we. Gerri now this is what you can do this is what you can you kind of reject its contract. You can play out in these things. You can't be engaged to someone hey hey hey this isn't. We can turn out well. It is too strong. Wow it surprises. Me that we. Keep it injects it here. Or evidence from the fun. Malcolm on the move. This stuff stripped them that their father as a ago that we fever pitch political redo the end yes Sox won the making of the you need this just another obstacle though in regard to get over this what is. That is different is Laurie. And the story is necessarily. And unhappy ending though military had the endings and witness to a bona got to show on the New Orleans and again just to Logan but no they do just like you know that movie did you know Jerry Maguire he hits the big giant contract. At the end in the and it's all about the money listen at all about the did you tell me that movie's gonna have. Live footage of Malcolm Butler this morning and it's a fun deal war signing with the announcement. I I may not lie now and I'll go see live raw footage you don't I don't think you with any do you think he kind of heard about it. I just by watching TV Twitter are did somebody call on rod and estimate it down or use it happens when you're watching I got to come out to come to you paternity got it at the two blown away if that does it go well look we. This has just been hands in a memo signed a contract. Guarantees. Arizona Cardinals four years. Eleven point two million dollars. It played Arizona all started. And chipped it repairs or we and yet those votes Edmonton. It's an age that's going to his drawers gates this year that pulling knives out enough and we don't know that there's but amid a back. What let's go to that now that played a minute hold them because. He's picked it as a shock. Drinkable it would move your right 1994. Years eleven million dollars and elegance guys. Nine and ninety. And since Nolan got they were to upload. Forms of it. A it was offer I think for years it like five or six only that though with a crappy deal turned down this crap beat him yeah let's woman's advocate so much of numbers we hear right now guys you know lower bunch of yes. They're not re. All of Alan Branch to into the points are talking about it Steelers are a lot efforts obviously up two years up to well I think him solidly. Because he's a stage name again as the two B three million could be formulated thoughts are exits here at 3000004 million dollars in incentives what are the incentives for your bases like 3.5. Ish. AJ Cutler's on the street. Well yes you never was granted his release this morning Mike Dolan and if you do quarterback in it's got so Jay Cutler. GE T as slotted that would see all of for a dollar all for Jay Cutler. Our media all does get out of the way please lord let it happen and wanted to Mike does that happen to like Tebow play is all I've been jet. Jay Cutler. I love I mean not we would love always decree. You're a genius loves it he will screw up so badly he'll cease to auditor he can't help themselves no matter is this thing is an impossible here as an analyst Gloria and who from that deals in Africa parade there will show that kids and human implement. She's she's probably make a moment and he is proud of it she did today op yesterday so jets might be of one of the rumored to have places landing spots. Four so you got Jake color view as well recently Gina Smith is gone. No actually I read a story yesterday that. They're thinking about hanging Allman on why they have they have they have Jay Cutler data have geno Smith Bryce Eddie pursuant actor doesn't matter who they sign for quarterbacks and they all sock appreciate sides of the table colors. Metered out whatever even if he sucked senate for one year go through fourteen gold to after quarterback public there's I don't know this guy is indeed the laurel who stepped. Writer for Huffington Post sportswriter founder of sports rates dot com lefties saints signed Ted Ginn Britney coach the patriots being finalized. Raiders thing again but that's in awhile ago I I don't even know that was definitely some post if Jeff theory grab important city yet I was trying to run. If I hear from from chef pump out by name again. Artistry. Some dialogue that is like that one like high school kid or some grants okay those are out of that they don't they saw what is obvious gaffes that. And ground editors of the individual sports Ron Jaworski. Mortenson. Yet the Florio if it does the entity to Moore is gonna check mark off the energy than they do more and meatballs. I will say this if you look at the white either if you look at the quarter over quarterback landscape right now. Everything's port to a Cleveland. Click on right now the only franchise up and everything's get swallowed up right San Francisco Chicago. I have to pay New York for 21 rounder Sanjay Cutler one year deal an island go suck. Whenever. Now it's weekly or other game good and hurry. They're getting good as far as or our offense they're added that we use have been a major major signing right now they just made a major side in the browns. They have signed jolt but O'Neal. To a monster. Extension. This is there left guard. OK so here's what's gonna do. See what their philosophy to what they're think it is is bigger okay elicited. If the Dallas Cowboys get by with a young quarterback rookie cornerback and it's based on the fact that they have a great up until line. Oakland Raiders same mentality with the browns had Joseph Thomas and still do but it's back. That's fit everybody else Sox didn't didn't we talk about the baseball people around the Cleveland Browns right now in dealing with the money ball. Why would you give a monster deal to go. Right guard left at that have been right gore back in based on the way there at least he's probably going to be a left go right Brit Joseph Thomas him in an Indy grab some some other younger and it's a guy. It was some he's played two years of can two years he's missed seventeen. A 32 games com Michael Mardy and then just threw this out FYI. Don't know slot the pats cannot trade Butler. Until he has a signed New England contract was up but that would be part of the deal right now he's been tendered not signed he's restricted free agent over assume when the trade offer comes back and he relies looked at the terms are that he is gonna get his money. He would sign it tender right. And then don't I think we assume that that he was gonna don't because. What alternative does he have your right he can pass and say I'm not a sign this thing. Preschools on the clock so let's say he sits up the entire season he's backwards starting gives us it doesn't move into. Unrestricted free agent territory he remains a restricted creates a FedEx is by not signing him blockage right. I yet technically get a treat you got a pretty nuts he says I know Ewing you know cloak 'cause I'm not sent in my contract technically you can do that but if New Orleans really likes the player. That may be due works on that they work something out when nor did technically there. He is right but I think when we were talking about where we assuming that he that he signed that thing and then they move them. This matter with you know just I don't think about Jay Cutler late in New York the -- as choice twice a year off just how that Canada is how bad yesterday and make the jets fans to death and you look at he would he would we're gonna job jets fans and that's why you sit there while these old accord as you already know. They can't play anymore and no matter and means. Dick Heller a quarterback off as a coordinator killer head coach killer if luckily they they decide to get reported got they started getting after John Fox. But you wonder why there's all this just attraction. To Jimmy drop below and all these other cornerbacks they're so hard to find even the crappy ones get it big deals. That's that's just such a short is short on you want to take your chances. With a rookie untested guy that is have liked all the world. Rikers flickered and Marcus Mario's world dip like three years and Heisman Trophy Davis once the national champs of Heisman Trophy. On the go down the line just exclude a John and sell. But going on the line a bit that's why get paid big bucks I mean EJ Manuel a Florida State every play. I mean so tyrant to me it's just amazing. And that's what that's what will be desperate desperate to make a move it. If Cleveland Browns think they get by with RG three year clipboard Jesus all right the other guys or they sit there they wanted to hold a bull make do with with RG three we got a better off of the line and wait for San don't Arnold not a US because he's gonna come out clipboard Jesus doesn't. He just looks good in the side. Those are powerful and does not like I'll get one more segment or wrapped things up next.