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Phil Perry, CSNNE on the Patriots and NFL free agency

Mar 9, 2017|

Pete talks with The Senator, Phil Perry about the Patriots trading for Dwayne Allen, ruling out a return to New England for Martellus Bennett. They also talk about the potential future of Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo and some of the big names in NFL free agency

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Heading to the AT&T hotline checking in with CSN enemies. What a best Phil Perry hello fellow I don't kid. Pete go well my friend how everything. Fantastic as usual you won Tom Meehan Mike QG doing an outstanding job. And I gotta tell you. Coroner's looking happy and handsomely re elected bared the little gray. And he's losing too much weight is making us all look bad. I'll hurt us very today he is distinguished gentleman. Yeah it just goes and hibernation that you know around this time it's July 2 impeccable facial hair. That it is well you can't grow facial here you're you get that type of what pat summit passports you know the other Big Brother may be created. So Pete I'll bring a little bit what the agree TTP and not a whole lot of recap yeah it but it might happen it might have. Oprah. Our let's get right let's get ready to Wear it and I'm sure your phone number Reagan often obsessive quickly poured into Dwayne Allen and Jimmy G and the rest of freeagent hightower. Do you enjoy this time a year because you're getting up to like that that sheppard's status where your phone is probably ring and off the hawk. All your connections would agents and everything else especially with free agency starting tomorrow at 4 o'clock. Well you get any sleep tonight. You know what it's a it's a it's a interesting time here on time European it's a tough time a year that you know you're trying to that figure out what's what you try to make sense of everything trying to make sure. That you know what you do here is accurate and so while it's difficult it's difficult. I will get some sleep tonight out I think. It's for whatever reason I don't get enough. It'll be because of the this six week old oblivion which now are not because and Craig and opt. Gradually by the way haven't talked to since should be so that's being it was a baby boy or girl at the jet baby boy or and what's his name. Riot great record nice though gradually allow will try to figure out you know sleep schedule year and that epic all the little light touch it because I'm up. That's great. What I did Whalen comes the patriots traded for a fourth round pick to Indy. We get a sixth round pick back as well you had already column a couple of hours ago Dwayne Allen is a classic dual. Threat I I like this deal a lot I'm tempted to say love but I'll stick with with like for now wrote a picker for the patriots. No reason not polite to keep I think because these look. Which gave up to get them would memorable. You're potentially swapping. Beat three draft pick acute treatment for first sixty your getting that guy who wouldn't help the cannot only be an effective red zone target that the and the ball after catcher blood it. One of the better run blocking tight ends in the game and had a really had a chance to show would actually because he's been he's been fighting off an injury. And we saw the pat even with mark well but it what do you tell the he can be dominant in the run game and that's the kind of you're looking at. When you look at that swing now and can be very good in that regard that's what the peach street likes it like being able. Try to can use a quote BP expenses we have a guy in line are you gonna pound the rock up the middle you have me back. Or are you gonna pull it out you're gonna let Tom Brady chuck around you'll maybe I don't run the it just makes it really difficult to the band. And you know he's not heartfelt and he's not success and not you know wouldn't have that kinda. Game breaking ability directing and it had when we eat healthy. I you know you think back to that technically we're in a minute I don't think you're gonna see any kind of a reports that like that from Allan Kirk catching a ball put a really solid number two. You put him out there work Rob Gronkowski that too graphic and catch. Regard record run block and I think that makes struck the keynote Brady effort. So I'll vague is gonna happen but destroy it out there any chance that as we all have high hopes is well for Chandler. But didn't work out as well any chance of that scenario repeating itself in your opinion. Well look I think the one concern to have treated the injury thing with Al and he played just one game its second season. You know he's missed. A couple of games. Here in the air the last couple years you know not it not a significant thing not you know I'll keep like a proper code Cuba all injury your gonna bring that number here but I I. I could see it. You know it's. For whatever reason he runs in the suffered physically hit it ended poorly in that you know you think Becker threw what Chandler you know Ebert didn't get the patriots a lot of that was. With due to injury and when they eventually early sick I was with. Not real political. Designation because you so banged up and treat you not only that put you would. I shell of himself by the end of that one year yet with the patriots early on. It would be too little brat he was you know brought it to gain per cracked out keep the goal ought to get your and we wanted to just kind of court collect outlook can they help you count can stay healthy. I think you give you some pretty caught. Right now I have an interesting kind of a four part question for you it's a very easy one though considering heart you before the question yes or hurt you wellness is wise very easy to see you variances intelligent. Okay taking into account. Donta hightower Malcolm Butler and Alan Branch the factory in your opinion what is the more likely scenario they keep all three. They lose all three. They keep tool the three or they lose to Pittsburgh and at. I think. I'm gonna guess that they keep through that Maria I think to the ball or. You know there's an opportunity for other teams to go out and try to culture in my understand that and I understand that. Player of that caliber don't typically hit. The restricted free agency market and so maybe just me neither team at the in the first round will give up that urged OPEC. And give Malcolm ball or a big deal because if you want peace away I just feel like the odds are. That's not going to happen. And even a pit. I could see the patriots beat overly willing match a ticket that yet so important to this defense. Collecting key cure for points seventeen I actually think Elin bring it will be around recording seventeen green tree understand how valuable. Yeah their defense during two years old I don't think. Despite the fact that yeah it's such a good you're really in reader you're my area. At his age his side and I could go the another team out there lull in the guy away were like you know a three year. You know sure what are you five million dollar deal you know I I just don't see that at. Happening I think the speaker will be able competitive and they'll be able keep them around prick like two years well. You understand that the scheme here did a great step for him. And so are I see him sticking the guy that's going to be up then keep that thought they act archery are out of the pop up but. I just I think what all the money that's out there. The number teens that eat healthy linebacker. Which you helped. On the edge work hightower so effective at the end of the season I just feel like although they're gonna add up and eat gonna make. A ton of money somewhere might be here who don't picture that you know about 55 million in cap space they'll. So they could beat it in the case and I just am not sure. That that awaits a breakdown. Job with them I got drilling is he is storm they're gonna fire and somehow someway he's going to be back here and majority scared to death that I I thought you said last night. That at the Tommy's or you were Tommy said that about that you thought you know this that he would be back here but certainly. It's gonna be really it's distinguish him but I amount of. Good I mean the bad. Everything he'd bring view would not only on the field but in the locker room marked the peak of everything the right weight he's exactly what they're walking or. And so there are going to be at CNET and at the top of the market there it would make sense that it's the patriots in the took openly done in the at you not think. They obviously have a reputation for playing hardball cut and not being able to pay top dollar but it's not the case there. And you go back in. In their there are several occasions where they've been well you know that my quarter. Probably be in the most recent quarter student discount for the kicker there Logan make it all these guys they pay at the top of the market because. They like the Paul Hackett. And then. That's what not that high caliber and as well I would not shocked they are able to keep him around a look at some of the churn out here. What about Malcolm Butler tomorrow any concerns about the Q did you could actually steal him away tomorrow by 8:7 o'clock at night. I I wouldn't be surprised if there's a team. Will linger. To pay him and willing to give up that first round pick. I again I just don't see you happy Peter think one thing that will factor your well is that you get catatonic quarterbacks. Light it up with the NFL com binding you're gonna have GM's personnel guys around the league that are just salivating at the opportunity. To pick one of these guys that's one of the deeper quarterback draft I think that there's been in some time until I actually win their. Have been no meetings in the next 24 hour or so and they're considering. Malcolm Boller because they're saying and we can just bring that guy in our secondary school who solidified and we get a chance we can make a radical party true here. What going to be playing in the back of their mind the fact that there's. You know about. Tenor twelve quarters in this strapped federal run four or you know they're all you know about six feet tall and they all have good ball skills that I think. It think about that you're seeing yourself. And we can just pick this guy he gonna be way cheaper. We're gonna happen for five years. In league we can just make a longer run with this cap imposed a knuckleballer it's 27 years old gonna have to figure out of the market. Think that that will depressed butler's a restricted free agency market who knows I don't know to get an upper sheets. But it there's never been a time that would. Wait state you know or to spend a first round pick. On a restricted free agent I would bet that does that because I have a Butler Albert just go. Become available like this every year this is a very rare occurrence and so it sort of unprecedented. Our dollar should the big story is that it's still a big story not just wrong here but nationally is is is Jimmy drop below and everybody has a different theory. Overall credible I think on the hall and I forget where you stand on him my my thing is this oh speak with opener from CS that Andy is that. It is. His value was never ever going to Bihari that it is now and you know I'm I'm trying to figure out drill. Powell if he is sticking around here. If Brady is true to his word has come play at least three more years that that this guy's gonna sit on the bench and be happy as a backup for three years and yes. I get what's best for the team. It's people think the pictures have no heart when it comes this kind of stuff whatever. How how do you see this all playing out here just Europe your best your best hypothetical. Yeah yeah you know I think they're very real chance. The guys stick around in New England for 2017. Years the best ensured all the that the patriot could ever have or at that actually occurred their four year old quarterback. But I think they're very real possibility they they let him walk you free agent the really take whatever pick they can get in return I get. I think the here now in the value that he brings to this team. It's something that the patriots. Really carpet and and they understand. Just how important it is. I have a capable guy behind Brady and soul at the the question is one. Finish next season and his contract is up. What are you willing to do what kind of promises you'll have eight. That age you've been willing to stick around here in it and B how much it would cost. I am. That's where I hate sort of say there's just no way that they can picture of the guy stick around it a eagle to be paying too. Starting quarterback out galleries and beat it wanna be here you want the played absolutely unless something happens with Grady. He's going to be here well and that's you know you're gonna end up part way there so. I think it's a possibility. What I would like illegal I would. Because I think that it you know when the patriots are thinking it's just so clouded right now that nobody knows. I would rate if I get the number twelve pick from the bay from the app from Brenda unity. I would do it heartbeats and think you know Tom Brady you have them for another three years I would think to retreat at a very good level. I think you have a capable backup already house surgical regret that got nothing but positive bird used. On the guy from his teammates. From coaches in that building network with him every day I've got to normal little bit I think you able to handle that they've they've had in my opinion. What Serb backups. Already I think to present its higher caliber players than they all line now. But I think he can do more work for you and Ryan mallet that. Brian where did you know who knows what level they'll eventually get to what. I think he's ready to take on that role would be the backup. And it's just it's free are roster spot at three that you know you don't have to worry about pain in the you know backup quarterback. Big box a couple of years critical Obama franchise technically. Didn't make too much sent them at that number twelve by. You have an opportunity that it either trade panel would target Lugo the page like they'll repeat some bikini get knots and try to quarterbacks that. It's class that. Is not very good note to some of these guys end up going I. You know you could end up having the number. Five or six player that on your report. All EU at twelve and yet happened for five years that are really know. Cost effective. For a price tag so I'm doing that Sheila Hart you know that the reports were out there to look at for 21 rounder I don't know during the gonna end up getting nap but I think. You know it would Miette the FB well tactic that. I agree and still more fingers. And Jimmie before I would say goodbye to doctor Bob recipe and after all what the hell's happening in you know we're glad it's gonna get with a few million dollars a year. All that's a but there's farm. Again with Jimmy G and people always throw out well because I can brawl wanna break it it's always one of this player takes a hit that player in the matter what sport you're talking by camp in L. I hate going into a season thinking that I know the patriots have planned a BC or entity. My feeling is this drill what they keep on. Ruffle some play crap load in the pre season picked takes a hit god forbid and gets hurt pre season nobody ever talks about that. What happens and. Great point that the great like there is no guarantee there and even even that skill level you need to put the injury part of the side. You know we all talk about it now Leckey. Is a franchise quarterback in waiting and and I get a is that with two police. I understand it because we shot in you know five and half quarters of football. We watch it didn't have the training camp practices the B dot UP eight. Where it doesn't look good seat watching the guy. Play good about it not all bets are competitive well although what we see a lot of you all think pretty highly of them. But it still at its five and a half quarters of while real lives NFL regular season football and you know their achievements. That have been bird in the past spending money on guys that that have. Shell and more and more time. Then that so. You know you factor in the injury up you know he got hurt he got hurt or can even finished that second start. Yeah Specter in the back that you just don't know there is still some elements of a mystery terms that I can give you blocked her. And you know I. You factor all that together and you say if we can get our first tropic it's actually a bit tough for her trial picked. I got to on the picture. And finally just you know looking into bill Belichick's soul okay. A little bit we all know he can be sentimental at times he does have a heart and in though executed it well we've seen. Do you think deep down that Bill Belichick wants I mean save. Board ever reason. What ever reason that their core rock Lois here for did you ever see a scenario where years here for three to five years. Bill Belichick going deep down my god what a quite content his kid he should be starting somewhere. Why am I going to keep him around I'd go all the whole thing about what's best for the team yacht the audio out of but you think there's a residue of sentimentality and Bill Belichick about keeping him around. Knowing that this kid should be starting somewhere else. No I don't think I don't think that's to keep people that think he would be. Completely understanding it. It can win QB gore dropped below its free agency and he says look at the Gartner expect needed to be back up for another couple years. I got brown opera music has watched its. Did you wanna keep me. I in not going that they have any guarantees that I am not playing you're gonna actually have an opinion a little bit more and I could talk you know Bill Belichick can understand that it you know that what than what it it's out of that into out of that Ian I don't think you. Send the kid away just because you feel like yet the good players locked to make sure that that Jack insurance somewhere else. You get all that it would be about what that's purple all the cities doesn't mean you know in note this action in a negotiation whatever happened. You know your your. You know when your word you're you're cold you know cold hearted about it or you're playing into that stereo type that I think a lot of people but the Bill Belichick. As being. But you know it it's going to come down to what's best for this succession plan what's best for the patriots long term how do we keep the team. Competing. Long after Tom Brady is gone you know I. Constantly think back to it was the 2014 there was great after the draft to chip in Iraq War and Bill Belichick reference what happened with the coal. And Peyton Manning and probably completely win in the tank. What want Manning got hurt up ended up walking out with he would lock up your picture on the restart branch out. But he said that you know I don't think that's where you wanna be so we're having a good backup quarterback a guy who's the starting caliber player may be a pretty chart caliber guy. There's always in the plan and bill Belichick's mind or post greedy air girder you know. Good kid. I feel like you wanted to see him succeed but not just a dependable way because of the. Felt finally channel Jones about the sign a five year 84 million dollar deal fifty million guaranteed. Your thoughts on that real quick. Unbelievable not able to get after the quarterback in the regulars even Pete Pace to be long athletic. It it's just insane it. It's an insane amount of money but it's that big money position and it just goes to show you you can rack up the numbers that. Like Arizona look in order not asking him to do all think he did to England it's essentially there get after the quarterback. Be disruptive to topple all out you know try to hurt some people and we're gonna pay you at at the very top of the market tumble we are young they're. Kids moms you know make sure your kids an offensive and that's their you know sixty eaten in pebble armed that are going to be you know thirty preachers are locker. All right I want to tell. You want TV that I did you guys get trendy dress specials coming up tomorrow to have a day off and will be glued to the TV you guys and ending coming up from. We'll have we'll have all sorts of free agency coverage speed on sports essential. Sports tonight. You know it's yard he'll be their car will be there I'll be there tomorrow where he went. And stuff online routes if anything breaks but we don't emergency Arquette so keep an eye out for all that stuff reference. Are right thank you so much and congratulations again to you were you beautiful wife Brin the young Ryan Perry beautiful six weeks also congratulations the new patriot Finn. I hope I hope that a national I've heard from CS then Eddie joining us here one of the great guys in the business believe me.