WEEI>On Demand>>Is it possible for Jimmy Garoppolo's trade value to get any higher?

Is it possible for Jimmy Garoppolo's trade value to get any higher?

Mar 9, 2017|

Pete is talking about the future of Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo and if he isn't moved this offseason, is it possible for his trade value to be higher next year or will it drop?

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Or if you ventured into a payment plan and can't make the payments. Stop Uncle Sam right now this recall could help you today. 802961045. That's 802961045802961045. 80296104. The home for Boston Red Sox baseball Sports Radio nine. 93 point seven WEEI FE MA and Ph.D. one Murray's boxer. Now that's WEEI trending now. Here's restrict your ballot WEEI WEEI dot com brought you by Honda ignore the patriots have traded a fourth round pick to Indianapolis for tight end Dwayne Allen and the sixth rounder. Hats off the for a first round tender on cornerback Malcolm Butler. A day Thomas addresses post game comments after the Celtics lost the Phoenix Suns saying quote adding me to throw anybody under the bus. That's not me I decide how I felt the time my job is to just move on and do my job. I don't make the distraction because it's not Thomas the Celtics take on the Golden State Warriors tonight tip off at 1030. Red Sox plus a Mets it's ever report cell pitched three innings and left in the fourth after getting hit on the right thumb with a comeback for the fabulous that's produced. Tim Tebow went over three with two strikeouts in the spring training debut also got doubled off a first after a line drive to second. Bruins face off against Detroit tonight at the garden puck drop today. Whether tonight pulled off a little bit of an overnight low forty degrees expected currently 52 in Boston that's what turned out what WEEI that we judge our job. Are you hiring jointly over three million businesses that use indeed dot com for higher and post your next job openings on the world's number one job site indeed dot com it's much at night on sports. And. Affect your cell of the material but at night that though Mike McCaskey tonight. Here but failed to back up tomorrow and I'll be back in for a month Friday shall join a curtain Callahan. That default go 61777. Night seven ID 376177797937. Big news of the day so far. It is just wrote about India and the trending. Patriots trading a fourth round pick Indianapolis tight end Dwayne Allen the sixth round pick they get also. 63235. Pounds birchard blocker 35 catches last year for a six yard six talks six touchdowns. And play seven years old in three years left in about a seventy point four million on the deal very cap from the our contract talk about that Isiah thomas' comments. It came out recently. Apologizing. You know kind of after Brad Stevens that sets I don't it seems a little disingenuous to me but Isiah Thomas these guys that are upset about. They're criticizing the coach. In any way shape or form and no she'd want to be a leader. Leaders lead when things aren't going well. That's when they say it all the time that's when you find out about persons that your character particularly that this is where openly for general Susan that's what you do flied out. In no way and when things are going rotten. So now the big or rot for the Celtics but this team. Is in though a little bit of trouble I think and I didn't tell referenced it earlier. But our friends across the street it are Brad Stevens on early today and I heard blips of it clips of it. Until references to earlier. That basically Brad Stevens has come out and said that you know we're just not as good as our record at at which she's she's right. I mean he's right. And you know Danny Ainge didn't do anything to help this team at all and just a minor thought from a major move you did not Paul Georgian and maybe not entered Barbara but not. Not making any minor moves. You guys still kind of a lot safer body really don't care just one you're just wait for ping pong ball might pray for the best I still think. That they get on to the fourth round this year matter who they play their only. Apparently had an odd that second seed and Annika finished fourth or fifth if things don't go well here the better really careful. Down the stretch but. Your thoughts on that 6177797937. Ad on the patriots obviously does hold what's about NFL owners. Going on today with with they're afraid should be and you set tomorrow at 4 o'clock. So Brandon Marshall today side with a giant to twelve million dollar two year deal that got Michael Landon is expected to make fourteenth fifteen billion dollars next year which is unbelievable. What is more believable as that would be one point 35 million more than Aaron Rodgers who went on the FBI Wisconsin radio station today. Didn't seem. To be too happy. That he would be the seventh highest among quarterbacks in 2720. Point three million. Tony Romo gonna be released by the cowboys tomorrow Denver Houston expected to take a run at him. The jets might ticker right Adam but this so dom they're talking about geno Smith is gonna be the starting quarterback patio geno freaky and Smith as our wheat from eight jets beat him who would say no interest mutually between role in jets. How is that pot McCann came out last week army last Friday right and he said I think we brought the story to me. Basically said jets are open for business they're willing to deal anybody. Or trade any of the X that's what McCants said they're GM. Were open for business and open for business and G also that he lost mango you lost Marshall. And what people they have they got coach it's it's already to a port and tough the jets and that's what they get that's what you people get cluster of people organization I suspect what's worth that brought this up like that but yes. The run up that it is in New York City right now. Eric. You have the jets. That's that's that's that's enough to the giants are right. They're that the job to the judge who don't actually want you got the next who are pathetic. The Brooklyn islanders are the fight for playoff spot but they have no place to play next year yet though worlds ago. Got a Brooklyn that's tourist pathetic basketball team Angela one FC. You've got bubble had Central Park avenue with Roger Goodell and his Lackey minions in elevator and their plea pops. State shot Sox are not going anywhere in the big east at all. Eddie but outside in the dark and then it gets him pay higher today after the lost on him saying. Is that a recent played Casey six degrees borrowed doesn't service at all go value we should be played in New York City. Well that while the big pieces of New York City and in future years you got UB US cultures to chose to go. So anyway ultra modern body most of the united three point seven and the WEEI app and listen live on WEEI via WEEI dot com. Whether network kicks over to Brooke's coverage at 730 sort Jan. Check this out of the are told that I'm not a three point seven the W yeah I had a listen live at W Riyadh outcome of the network kicks over to the broad coverage that 730. Also a couple of other so that that's an and so what's and everything patio was worsening U out of all those teams. You know the jets the Brooklyn that's the I'll there's no place to go with the content of the postal in the playoff spot. The Rangers are OK the Rangers or the other ones the Rangers and the giants retired Brett but what a mess in midtown. I mean all the way around what a mess. I think the jets are capitalists absolutely have brought up what's Clyde. Brooklyn's worse and that's might be worse and worship if the giants didn't cut ties with their kicker they would be at the list. Now that's that's that's true. But at least or playoff team. Yeah you know that there I mean the jets are pathetic that our guys object cap stocks though Brandon Marshall that it's great you know your Purdue preeminent outlook commodity in amateur pitcher uniform. Eight and Peterson is not going to be a patriot uniform that is that's not to want to happen. And his dad again. Imagine that last night Nelson I believe Nelson Peterson talked about. His son may be played Oakland or Seattle or what his dad comes out. You know you have levoir bell coming out of port of lots of bell try to dictate where his son's gonna play. In all messed with that Charles Barkley and all of that stuff. By late this I think it's all this an April news. Israeli press that he and seeing you know how healthy Tony Romo was going to be the fact that he's going to be in the AFC I think. Police sparks a little bit of interest maybe it really does I'm hoping ends up with Houston to be honest with you. But Houston or Denver in oh that's fine with me I still at all that it makes it through the season I'll be honest with you but at least initially and add some spark. Though it gives the patriots. Who articulate clear cut favorites. To get back to the Super Bowl. In Pittsburgh is the number two what if Romo can. Kinda find it a little bit with Houston or Denver especially. Are you one of those teams. Not particularly fascinated with Houston because Billy O'Brien. And the way that defense is right now Deborah defense is not what was two years ago its users it was pretty good last year especially. Against the pass when it was terrible against the run you so the patrons sit in the regular season that 63 win. I think I'd like mr. Romo got a W that I like to roll it up and used an odd visual impeachment as they had a healthy why I'll be cloudy Sunday and actually hit Dion Jordan asked. Maybe. Country joining hot gas out Oakland got a journal missed the free throw you know off their feet there for a huge target he would elect god yeah absolutely. That's what 77797937. A couple of the stories of about. Video brought to my attention we got general had Monday Morning Quarterback an interesting story about a Martellus Bennett. That's some some and all good things to say and a lot of it is rehashed oh about 3030. Interview that appears artist PM with his brother. That is another story for managed meta from ESPN New York. That Darrelle Revis is getting much love from NFL general managers once set I wouldn't let him play for me for free. Lie how the mighty have fallen. As some of the army the argument threes against the people in no way people were to salt best when Darrelle Revis got let go by ballots checked him. Once again. It made the right move 31 going on 41. Someone said. Revis is done one front offered executives said the players diminishing its deal. Respect the body of work the route is rare but all good things come to one day and as we've heard many many times. So reverses legal issues also as the diplomat of the fight. Experts record last month of complicated the issue but football decision makers are more concerned with the guy's ability to actually be effective on the field. So. Darrelle Revis. I still think you'll get picked up by somebody at the end for very little money. And I would think he would have to place safety if he did. What's your thoughts on the up patriots and what went out earlier today. The trade. They get Dwight Allen from the Indianapolis multiple teams in an area six trumpet exchange report trumpet pats in the fourth Robert backed Indy. The cat it is about one half million this season. 20185000000. And 20197. Point four million. So nowadays there you have it 617779. A seven under through seven. Jason La reforma forms CBS sports says were Chandler Jones dual side he'll make over sixteen million per season. It's projected to be 8384000005. Years. With all four. Sit down. Fifty million guarantee. Fifty million guaranteed so once again I say you're out there did Bill Belichick once again do the right thing view that Chandler Jones. It's worked fifty million guarantee because that's what the Arizona Cardinals and pay for. Amazing. Sixty million a season. Five year deal worth close to 84 million with over fifteen million. Guarantee holy Toledo. Wow. All right a good player. But fifteen million guarantee. I'll patio I give you fifty million. That's surprising that they'll. How much of it guaranteed fifty. The fifty scared heat yes right it will mean for me. Oh on at least forty okay that attempt myself you do more work than I do so to you know ought to be repeated a 41 woman on the kind of guy. That absolutely 617779703. Severance all the setup on the loses on the table. The separatists before you guys have signed their all the quarterback free agent quarterback Brian Hoyer two year deal reportedly. I was docking with the bears last year but does have a relationship with Kyle Shanahan when they were together Cleveland. Yet across sockets on one year sixteen million dollar deal backs John Lynch much hurl that money can be guaranteed but still that your. After the top wide receiver. So right now it's hornets guard saw. At San Francisco while that'll get to go on Mike Leavitt set to make fifteen million dollars with a whoever he signs that I know December to school also wants to still try to laughter Kirk cousins. Dallas and Romo who talked about Tyrod Taylor thing on football close so lots going on. And still last night that would start him out yesterday about. About. David Price as well. About coffee and conversation with David Price. With stand grasp real. Still some left over conversation Baird did his thoughts body you are you concerned not only about David Price is double for the upcoming season. But again you concerns. For him mentally that he has. It though is is that director re all over again. You know where it it's just I stopped and he he just doesn't understand the environment he's then. And there's concern that people don't care that he's a good person not what's probably most people don't. But he takes this stuff so personally and my advice to them as I said really last couldn't sing it a lot debt off Twitter. What why torture yourself. I'm glad brought it up to them to go I mean LC Brady after Brady does it is to grab poster desperation bookstore operates so that probably prepared for you know prepare for him by. Are some media person or some you know. Some agency. The troll these people they prices up that trolling people with like nine followers. He has sole overly sensitive this the guy. That I thought were had the potential to be a site on the war candidate again this year especially with steel company at and take a lot of pressure off. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Now he's banged up and I I don't I don't know. To me I'm a very cautiously optimistic I for 1 am not expecting him to pitch until the middle of April. Now that he's obviously penalties got to be ready opening day and I don't want to push it. And I'm wondering if he's going to try to push it just to try to appease the fans to get on their good side. It's great when the chance to happen and it does but doesn't like it though the EE fixing was tormented last year. And it's somebody's quotes a ridiculous I don't know whether he was live and on. I've never seen a superstar pitcher around the Red Sox get such a free pass as he did last year on the whole. It really did. Nothing compared to some of the past athletes and coaches in this city. Deadly kidney. People in Boston don't know anything about me the only thing I have to do was to pitch good people don't care about what I do that type of person that I am that doesn't matter. Embeds Grossman settle matters to me. Then and price as it doesn't matter to these people boss I've got to go out there and earn respect by pitching well period. That's the only thing that's going to target page in Boston I've got to go out there and dominate people don't care what I'd do off the field. Look I know it's saying you have to go out there and dominate every game nobody. All right but some of the excuses that you came up with last year were pretty lame and I think you will let off the hook a lot. I think the local media gave you a lot of latitude last year. In fact I think you got praised what he got criticized particularly in the second half of the season. And rightly so you should praise because you had a damn good pretty good second half by a real good second half overall. Numbers that rival dot anybody. You know there was one stretch of like not attend starts that he was he was phenomenal. And seemed to be righting the ship or were all waiting about what would happen. In out in the post season and it was game two were just wasn't wasn't good enough once again 018 and he's up education and. Wide scope tactic he's got these don't yet at holes. About why you're on vacation. Getaway commute to corporate phone book five minutes. Goddess it's become such a pet people might people kick it away from the god damn phone for more. At the thirty seconds it's unbelievable. I told that was an event couple weeks don't watch Roger was made me. I was in the stalled by myself and it's clear that you know the cubicle but not in but at the yeah. It out or number one a guy next to me. It's. Now. Of one hand at this bonus on the spot is on the the thing with the other what the other hand he's let them throw breathing stopped. Audio texting while he's a kit should take two minutes ago we're the back without being on the phone. I'll tell you is. At the Euro unbelievable phone on the Ural one hand on a private another's right into the driver's left to head. There's not a flown. Going through stop you can't wait two minutes to get out of the bathroom really. Anyway six point 77797. At a 37 our policy and others as you guys like that our report a couple of lied. Everything's on the table tonight we're giving guys wanna talk about NFL. Tons of stuff free agency. Opens up tomorrow at 4 o'clock your thoughts on the pay to picking up Dwayne Allen concerns about Donte' hides our. At Alan Branch. And Malcolm Butler. Celtics Isiah Thomas they're Golden State tonight and probably a better than average chance that probably gonna lose to make it three in a row. Then what's gonna happen anybody concerned now because that he would you know there are already barely clinging onto the number two spot. If things keep treading the way they are they might be the fifth seed by the time this is all said and done you guys care about that. And abroad stick on the last place Detroit Red Wings tonight at the garden they have to win this game. Every game is a must win it was a really as the worst reports say that on Oprah's Cassidy yet against Ottawa the other night. I concerned about that. The dollar range of game tickets are you so much you it was resist he was just awesome I mean he he really was. But these are two big caliber in a two caliber playoff teams abroad might have to face particularly Ottawa. Which place is boring hockey as you can debt. Right now that would be the matchup in the first round but they are playing lead and I need barely clinging. To a playoff spot so people concerned about that. So everything on the table and of course the Red Sox and and date and that Donnelly David Price ports Ella getting hit on the right thumb today by Jonas that's produce. Through a couple of warmer pitches afterwards in the fourth inning got taken out after a typical home run in the long double. Tebow was pathetic all for three QK hit into a double play. Hit by a pitch and they got doubled up on a line drive to second to pick the Moffett for the double them up but first base. So we headed day equivalent of members left exhibition game. I get with the jets anyway. He threw that pass that on Sanchez off the head. That's what decade and baseball game was equivalent to today tee balls last pass I remember to Mark Sanchez and an exhibition game on the block ahead. I had taken a spot away from some young kid 1890 brocade. That may be able to actually play professional baseball I don't know what the Mets affected. Seriously why why it except for publicity stunt why waste everybody's time. And two doors great guy we all know him that you know personally he's he's the real deal I don't think is a phony or anything like that. But is a waste of time for him to be playing baseball in any way shape or form. Wasting people's time. And the Annika was in a sold out today and port saint Lucie. I want somebody on MLB network today at that looks hauled out to me. Not by a longshot salt the PR stunt that work Lou was in Fall River of most of them were young and Lou. I welcome the loop. Shut it they go out and argue and along I'm hurt I'm all I. Well let's grab it back at the back to since September it's going really well I'm glad you checked in at thanks for the kind words what's on your mind. All right so they've broadened bingo. At that treatment mingle and now they can let him off I followed though. Well all of you bill would be pictures didn't mingle in that role I mean he was knocked out equipment not a college record power. Yeah but I look I think Bart Davis Mingo. Beyond the street demo I was a little disappointed he's person goalies obviously are great athletic ability but. He had to appear more special teams guy. The that an impact linebacker person I think they've tried early every guided it's either going to be him. That's Mikhail Benoit came in it was way better I mean as far as making an impact back there with a linebackers but. I'll lose any way you load that our KB it's mango to ever fill the role of Donta hightower not wild longshot. Are under the that we should put all that well I mean bill got a thing of Latin people sit behind you know in. Rule amendment to that role I would just want to. Audit and all this Italy you look at that negotiate McClellan Mark Davis mango Leo and the Roberts right who go out to go to Shea McClellan. In no event though I mean I don't think any of those guys can replace Donta hightower really don't believe that and I still believe in my heart of hearts that Donta hightower. It's gonna be a patriot. That Malcolm bought the will be to Alan Branch I'm hoping Obama opened that's what the three stay that's against best case and our level best case he'll be all three. But I'm hoping to out of the three. I heard the raided the retrieve it and themselves. I mean I think it's gonna. Oh absolutely Lou everybody's gonna be seeing some of the tweets from the raiders are all trying to recruit but so are a lot of a lot of other teams trying to recruits are didn't go get an offer. There because they're speculating it may not be as big an offer as some seem but. It's gonna have to be in the fifteen million dollar range it's all going to be blue about the guaranteed money so oilseed. Yeah we were oh well it's great talking at peak. Thanks Le appreciated thanks for the kind words for forensics once 77797937. Continue the conversation let's go to Adams in a truck up next here on double Riyadh with Pete IA Adam. Area won't be doing. Our quick. We are too. Or. What they. Our Ali are on or. Why why dubbed baby bump or get twelve million for two years so maybe that's the best offer that it was gonna get. Maybe AP RI. Probably it would have to tell you my belt apart now. Well we will do it weird that it ought to mind among the patriots but I wouldn't pay them twelve million to two years but. You know I think I think it's great I love these sort of giants and gets hysterical just makes the jets the team stupid. It all but they got a quarterback geno Smith that geno Smith is gonna be their starter. Oh. That's a look at that that's a good look at that right now geno Smith. Not all record Congo are armed car out and earlier on I hate it they'll show up. There're all that they're in Oklahoma OK. And if they were jet is pre. Like ill while packing orders open air but the number product the Mac pac. All the one chiller back back pre. His college degree and a lot oil got on ears that are now what eight pre ordered. You're right out of it Snyder clothes and some of these calls up their look I I remember Clinton calls spreading I am glad Bakken and you know. Nine years ago. After the Matt Cassel season do you eat at you must admit we took call after call I call trade Brady trade Brady casket fitted to my hate you know the phrase I hate the system and all that all that nonsense. And I thought people absolutely out of their minds and now police castle at least. It was in Al semi erotic because legally at least gore at least Cassel played it all fifteen games. Are drifting and have games this guy's played fifteen and half minutes I mean is adding a you know a a whole game in the at a quarter five and a half quarters. It. I. Oh well what I don't know that all right and I don't like we all like what he we have seen so far but we don't know if there's going to be a really great quarterback I don't know that even if the best case scenario happened and they get. They got that pick from Cleveland or a couple of picks a person a fourth or whatever it is. And he agrees to a long term deal in Cleveland I will tell you he will spend all next season getting up off his ass. And all the greatest that you saw a year it's gonna go down the toilet so it's gonna have to you know pick and choose to checks and balances. Well there is the money gonna be worked on quite ET. Appreciate admiral appreciate it thanks for the kind words it's 1777 night seven that it 376177797. Knighted for his seventh that's a thing of the patriots to trade him. That's a nickel back and forth every day what they think it's gonna happen at some point I'd say at some point. As another then I think about a for Fuhrman it's a matter it's gonna happen before July gonna say it's gonna happen it could happen before the middle the trading deadline next year. I just I'm just look at these quarterbacks and what they're gonna make you know I I am I'm seeing. You know prime horse signing a two year deal I mean right now is a starter but he's probably gonna to be in the back up then Mike line it's gonna make fifteen million dollars. Mike White and had the ball also turned down a seven billion dollar deal. Anyways right. It's gonna make fifteen million dollars for somebody next year might it might be the 49 as of the ticket. Kirk cousins. You know. It is it just goes to show you right now the deep value for Jimmy eagle rock below is never going to be higher. And if he sits on the next next year and doesn't get the play at all besides a couple of meaningless pre season games. Al the time to strike in my opinion is now and I know bills you know playing the ultimate chess Jamie is away and for the and I hope it doesn't wait for the quarter quote perfect deal. But I hope obviously it's got to include at least a top notch first round pick I don't pick this stuff about them wanting to first round picks as accurate at all I'm not buy him out. That's just the way that the no article lord you go high type of thing. Wilson 6177797937. 6177797. Under through seven gem is on the driving I would want to 48 more than likely to 740 so maybe your you're just getting out of traffic to and I'm sure. Yeah that's too bad that cheap shot at the pleasure resent you don't know what Arabs abductors are games. Or are always played text orders people are. Not even six guided its exports. And I don't. You know I mean that's. Microcosm of much I'll sample. Well I mean I understand around here cause we always over value our players and I'm not saying he's not gonna be very good could even be great. But I am amazed at nationally. I don't you told me last year. That Jimmy go drop below we gate the kind of attention and the accolades that he is getting not just forget around here but nationally. Bahrain news he's above everybody else coming out of the draft which right in Al I think I agree with portable well now suppose that strips easily to this is the next. That breast gotten I've seen him play enough North Carolina I don't think he's NFL ready I don't think Watson's NFL ready either. Now and this archive it does not informant noted thing but how most big one of those guys does comment. Ed becomes in all of the you know next year's deck press got but I actually amazed Jim nationally at the accolades that Jim garrote was getting based on 545 and half quarters. It's because to replace or who we replaced in that stretch. Well and it's a terrific for the patriots. It helps the patriots are don't get me wrong nom I'm glad but I try I mean have you as asked this to keep earlier do you ever remember. A quarterback with five. Five and a half quarters experience. Adding that kind of public this guy's getting that the I'm stunned. Urgent shake up really as and that job. Got to retain top our. Outlet and. I think Saudi Arabia terrible loss of food and I know which in my in my gut feeling is that he'd they got to find a way to keep them here I I really do I know others disagree but I think they're gonna find a way. At least one usually result in May get better. This carrier status. Yeah I mean millions in this present his prime right now and always on an every down linebacker is mostly first and second down but. He is eight impact player and I would I would hate to see him go so I'm hoping he test the market but in the end. Though you'll come to a senses and hopefully not be seduced by the docks under the forcible knuckle heads and know when to go play. From them. And if the money is seemingly. If it's close Ide integrated school. Bull mate who go after Amanda and they'll match it's what 77797. That it 37. Al is it'll get you Alan others lined up at 6177797037. Another quick break welcome back take more of your phone calls big chuckle and for Monday night until Ted right here on Sports Radio WEEI.