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David Price Is Doing Himself No Favors In Globe Article. 3-7-17

Mar 7, 2017|

Mut is joined by Rob Bradford as the two discuss the story in the Boston Globe about David Price's current situation with Boston and their fans. Callers are unhappy with Price.

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Rob Bradford of the house about it night Sports Radio WEE I'll be here until ten Pete shepherd. An old friend Jerry thought whoa you're the guys on Sunday morning important sunny morning I am right right Bradford yeah we stick a pastry for any amount paid. You can only guess what they treatment shoved down my throat next Sunday your dole needs a crawler. Is what expecting here this week as by as much else runner or. Personal. One of those that's my war Nagle people World of Warcraft. Tag game my gullet need to crawler. All kidding take your phone call 6177797937. The phone number you can always text in a 37937. Or on Twitter at much and UT WEEI or at Brad they are to meet two big stories tonight if you were driving around the city of Boston at. Number one hit balls David Price he sat that was Dan Gross the latest. Sent that the link is on my Twitter account and bought and UTW week yeah I'd say lengthy Q&A back and forth and I admit. I've struggled to pick through really. What I feel like is the biggest take away in this story normally try to read this and tell the audience what the biggest thing is. There are so many. As men and called them bizarre I'd say wacky answers in here yes that there are too many things to choose from I'm like a kid in the candy store Lechler. This answer do you think what is this to me do you play a crap you've got so clearly you're thirteen and asks I issue I care about that so clearly like your sin before this is sort of what can we saw the team's quarter in thing what can we do like the and limit his duty probably thought this is a great idea right so they do Matthew Slater episode one. Always great Israelis is unbelievable. Humanize Matthew Slater was back on advances in January. Who ride along with patriots now thanks laid out what they can what do guy give up so well. All episode two didn't go quite as well. It's a couple hoops with episode three Isiah Thomas is gonna rip Brad Stevens apple you athlete I authorized a. My at this and what he said and look at its united seemed actually actual off the element that's a semi being too. And I missed it by misreading this because he comes across as. A bit too faced at the beginning you thought by got to pitch well the end building on the good person. All the crap that went through last year. The writers didn't follow my my charity work Eagles after that the Boston reporters not caring about his charity right after it for me it's he said I. Was exit chased me was the reporters to ask them by charity war yeah said I don't laugh when awful. This we didn't care about them because we and ask him about his charity work I guess our guys I fantasize caring about who by the way. And out thinking about it now that salute the fans and reporters shooting care. About David Price last year I think everybody Boston would applaud David Price for the charity work. I know they hope the writers went out there ways they'd you know what today. I wanna ask about the charity work but I'm not going to be is I don't wanna get to know him as a human being so I guess I'm glad it's on this thing up or pick. There's some pieces of over the course the next couple hours he'd just doesn't seem built for balls that that's sounds like a dumb. You know blanket thing to say on the radio about an athlete we saw what happened last year. We saw over reacted last year we saw the the clubhouse not altercation that's on the right word but the the quick answers he had for trying to because America Comcast and that back and forth there. And we decided not wanna take part in the interview with the guys in the morning data in bed for my effort is fine yeah sorry I didn't want to but other it's a pretty. It's a pretty good spot to go on and in L openly sort talking here John Ferrell my guess is John for a wasn't thrilled. I'll sit down but he got through it all good in that spot in removal all my news. This is that this was bizarre about this is because. As I said that at foxwoods you meet with a mediate you do the thing may thirty it was a long thing and he answered all the questions exactly like you probably should have answered. That he does training come Osce which is on our airwaves and yet and they ask all the questions. Out about the racism and everything else being in Boston idiots or meet each kid into these questions and Angolan being darling spring training. I would tell people it's and he seems more comfortable he seems after going through all this he seems like he can answer these questions without getting himself into trouble like he did last year what happened. Between you won't be getting here this interview in the end rattle one's twenty boosting growth field threw him off his game I asked him with such. We sell it to me this is one of the big stories we're talking about and the other is the as as the world turns in regards to Jimmy eagle rock blow. We went from they're not gonna trade him today might trade him to. On a story today with a backup quarterback they the patriots reportedly courted the NFL network want to first round picks. Offer drop below and the Cleveland Browns. According to Cleveland dot com. At least entertaining part of that scenario pro football talk is picked up on it. Under the dream scenario according to Mary Kay Cabot of the people plain dealer. Betrayed and number twelve overall pick for a drop low at these in the first pick on miles Gary. On Michael David Smith writes I doubt would probably not be enough for the patrons give them drop low. The airport they want a first round pick this year ball conditional pick that could be at a first rounder in 2018. That might be bored the browns are willing to deal. But there's more to the drop below trade than just whether the patriots in the browns can agree on compensation. There's also look at Rob Lowe wants to do and obviously. It's long term extension what would he do there which is a big part of this going forward. But at the beginning of a brothel a trade was the twelve nick wants. A trade Jimmy G rob I would to OPEC to I would try to step the well why not spell because. Brenda twelve we're gonna drag and drop a billion would drop OB will grapple will be the first or second pick in the draft. Yes probably thought okay I'm taking a salary aside B what is not in which of a pair of figure salary out of it because I don't care you have the quarterback you want you pay him. That's the life of the NFL. So if you the first or second pick in the draft but we've seen these deals for the first or second pick in the draft we've seen that it's gonna take. A first this year a first next year a couple this is like the Kevin Costner deal and draft day bye bye which is an awful movie and it but you have to use a get rid of the contract part eking. Because if you you can drop well for three years rob this year's contract and to franchise tag years it's three years and about 4748. Million bucks. For Jimmy problem Versa rookie contract which is significantly less you have to factor that in so might not be worth multiple number ones Barbara the one that. Plus conditional or wanted to. Or one of three to four. But to hold that the browser to number one picks for backup quarterback he might lose after next year anyway. What's the point for the pictures. These start at number twelve pick. I just think you want to get rid of him and he's important but I've said this before let's double weeks as you know which is. Yes they're gonna have to pay a lot of money for the backup quarterback but which is more valuable pay money to beat back up quarterback. At that position. With the Brady being the age of years I'm sorry. Although I know your your buying his nuts and everything else I'll love is now I know you do love those bird I know button and even after you box your buying enough slices of mattered immediately snaps at. So even even with a all that. Braves at his age so which is more valuable to pay the money you to meet if the guys they can keep your receiving going down the road that you want it's not paying it to a wide receiver who if he gets hurt is not to make that much of a difference. That that position we are so important B might be getting more players to put around Brady during I had I had to yours as well the guys actual model plays that we should not forget about how open how important that packer quarterback position is when you have a guy who if Brady gets hurt can actually still give you a chance of winning the suitable. I'll pay my money every day of the week to that guy instead of the star wide receiver I just would I don't know what. So our receiver comes from not I'm I'm just say oh what ever whatever position. That the chance to restock the draft after I lost first round pick thanks in a flaky. I understand that by Andy is a case for a guy who might not play for is it to open is still if it's still he is of tremendous. Tremendous value in this comes back the importance of that position. You'll meet that guy your season ends. And if Brady gets hurt if you don't have to be dropped a shortage missed the opportunity and you might lose grapple after this year anyway. If you don't trade the guy rob that's another reality they can for our tag them. In in your world what is Bill Belichick when do you spent twenty he's billion dollars on it and I've got about tomorrow than Bill Belichick so you should heed my advice ought to be those of the two big stories in town tonight David Price and Jimmy gee your thoughts on bowl that 617779. 7937. The phone number we'll have a tease for you later on this hour rob Bradford podcast. With bush on the gas. Who wanna play that snippet all the people what the whistles shore up for you get out here at 9 o'clock is out there with you Gary anchors on Murphy Connecticut on David Price Murphy or WEEI. Maher. Mar it a lot of get treated pretty did terribly era that's false. Yeah. They're not true it's all good now look at what's going on or rob have a good time up fourteen noodling on March Madness involved may be where we were conference championship week let's go. And we got it we gotta take a conference championship wanted to hear or hang an you know bears again that's OK okay we're not like princess we abundant clean them back banners but yet be nice to seek Ali's theme make a little running. Back. It. Let's talk a little David Price for sectors are on. And it EU law and mine did he go to India now was to get checked for concussions or because you have a problem. And I'd really like to know B album. When you sign a contract. This being when he when you accept 35 million dollars more in the next. That's offered you had on the table it is what you're getting paid for. When you get when you don't pitch well you get dragged down year and I'm sorry you know we're not we're not patting on the top and patting you on the block and asking you about project 14 after every terrible start which I've got to tell you are are ready at least a dozen stories on last year on his on his efforts it was project one for one more project. Wherever we're whatever remain yes we acknowledge his charitable work right. We do every regard but the media does the fans do but when you come out and you pitched the way you did in the first. Three months of this season it will may and June you were awful. You'll awful we're lucky to get out of it and it. In most of those start even when you're even when David was pitching well. In due in when we got into July. And his ERA finally got under re. He's still wasn't pitching well enough to it and when you're getting paid thirty million dollars a year at ease our viewers on your arm. That's what you're getting paid to do it well enough to win whether that means you're pitching for scores the re runs on 81. And that's what he doesn't get that's what that's why don't like it murder or murder. Murphy AB I think you hit the nail on the head when you said. When you signed that deal that you're talking about this is part of the deal in my eyes will be in the contract and and onto or through my mind about guys to. Who signed big deals and understand that and have to deal with it and made a power through it and go and I'll tell you one reports fellow did. Right is first year viewers get ripped pretty good. And he came out of it and there was the 88 figured out and I thought this or that although that's a way to David Price is going this year honestly. Until until the Mike and Hinske dramatic treats. And and and Mikey you hit on every inflection be exactly the way it should be nailed it exactly I am proud of of fellow UConn alumni. To sit there and smack it down our. You it would it would print acrid they got before I go and I can argue about one shall start out just one little comment about Jim EG yes scores that the simple you know. He's making a million dollars this year a million bucks you walked into his into his RU. Agent used to look I won't. This is what's gonna happen. We're gonna franchise next year. If you don't. Sign an extension. We will give you this year. And eleven million dollar bomb. We will sign you for three years at 36 million dollars we will guarantee 25 of sign on the dotted line or your business or we're gonna pay you. When he five million dollars. And you're gonna sit on the bench anyway. Well that would that but he's gonna get. These idiots when he finding guaranteed. It's a pretty good spot to be get to play a little chicken here at the team rob thinks that since on scenario that. They had a franchise in the keeping an eye once they franchise and they have to move them and I'll have to trade him at that point so. Go Huskies are I just don't think it's that easy to all the sudden. The quarter into it a few grapple. Doesn't seem that way to me and he's got some pretty good let my eyes so I EU is that you give him for the twelfth pick in the draft I use the more let's just I I I agree with you but if that's now the starting point. Cleveland and on a deal first round pick out there what the twelfth pick. Plus whatever. Like that to me it feels like the two sides are least publicly. Getting close to ordeal after hearing the patriots work an ideal on and hearing the browns were in thrall with. Mitchell probe risky and that number one of which all things were never true they would ever gonna take Mitch and A and the patriots averaged conciliatory shell and you'd share don't you dare call Mitch Mitchell I will say this is it and it's it is baffling to me. In the in this world of professional sports and executives. In football that they don't understand you can't draft a quarterback can develop. He can't because by the time you do he's going to be fired. And that's almost always especially hue Jackson right these are doing all I wanted to evaluate it and get blown out there clear out yeah San they would tell plots in Chicago and are gonna hitched their wagon and Mike Lenin. To pull themselves out of with the bears yet BC news and when you. Especially if you ever mean to locker something like that OK maybe but there's nobody like that even a guy you look at the team is which in the markets Mary notice. How how many years we are into those guys right now 232. Two or three right. Marietta's heading to your 33 right okay so they've been through years. You really feel like in the third year they are equipped to win a Super Bowl either one of them not known bit it and they were better they're received much better I think than what you have the quarterbacks coming out now right I'll no doubt yet Mary godaddy a Goodyear it was almost like what do you. Doing in particular round win win trying to develop quarterbacks. If you wanna keep your job. You go out and get a core guys that right now the playing chick with the patriot because they want a place they can sell their fan base and a first round pick this year and a second round pick next year. Is a sellable priced your fan base common Rhode Island David Price ital. How are we hope hope you get sort out ownership score I hope so too I look at our fuel I will be on the pre imposed beginning April 3 I don't subbing about it are you vying for the please reply and I known are you switching roles is all due to the free implying red zone around her job and I think you meant the Red Sox pre and post game and it's not a via Europe correct I'll be their Thomas. Okay across a WEEI Red Sox radio network. That the practice that every now. Yet you wrote there and it was on him in that last that last note kind of in the sport on the at I telecommute guys need to be screened before it becomes a box I mean I didn't call cross certain others that. If you if you perform here usual intensity you're you're locked in wash like god. In that if you call flooding it takes Vietnam where you know week some of those disk media speculation here how. I don't know all the same and it's gonna turn on you know where real law. Everybody is extremely passionate. Hit it about this I think he's on your Twitter and a local stations. Are. This I like it already has done this I question please guys Iowa last both of you this. This say this is 1988. David Price comes to Boston you get the speaker contract weight boxes here and we parked my theory wells and laugh exactly. There's but there there there is no Twitter there's no winner yet. There's did good that David Price is there even a problem with David Price probably not because because our Whitney you know who's giving him crack. You know that nobody ever know being I let's talk talk radio. But 1988 it was like this system was it was it was all order way and the sports analyst haystack Calhoun Aldo was that Eddie Andelman now it was more side us not you that's that's a nut and that's a good point though because it's not only social media. It's I mean this stuff is. Start hearing goes all through the night now it's going all the way through 2 o'clock in the morning midnight on TV tonight on TV and yes. It's though as a whole different dynamic. Told players that handled and handled because I I'm not a twenty yeah about equal to user I do. In all consuming media through yeah. You know it Internet armada. About social media user anti war people still talking but actually. Somebody's some professional athletes choose to opt out of there remained out of radio silent and all others are involved in. I think people that are involved. I don't obviously got a hard time hearing it now aren't the only ones in the yet apart if he's talking about charity. Beauty. He'd do the charity for himself or is he. Doing charity for the public appreciation. Look at the bad law I'll tell you what Thomas thanks for your call I've no doubt he's doing the charity for himself but when you say things like he says today. That one of the things that really changed him. Was that the Boston media of the reporters this is quote one of these and honestly cheat me about being in Boston. With the reporters not one time that anybody take the time to get to know we are my foundation. Raining and you are we from the field. That's that's a rule like when you. You might you might think that robbed by over there are things we all think most of us that we may not make public whether it's about York. Our family or relative or somebody you work with the aura I ate a neighbor. Aura I 88. Preschool up parents right DC whatever. This what these things David Price should should never ever ever ever ever say out loud. That's one of things and honestly chased me about being in Boston. With the reporters. Now one time that anybody take the time to get to know me or my foundation or maybe I do away from the field. A lot so that's. As it's about a new bill previous charity and never bring Terry and never allow us the charities brought to you. If I can admit this is what this is what he'd be good for him to go further evidence left but it. The fact that though we are asking about his charity. We're not writing features about his charity I guess is what he really means right wise is on writing about how great Meehan my charity are. I don't know that I'll come they viewed by behave is and his overall point that he wants people to get to know him that we we that he feels that we don't really know the real David Price. And I feel like there's been tons of story written by the real David Price. By the way I don't know if you knew this mutt but every once said he's the greatest teammate I ever played with how times did we do that last offseason I am at all these. Alex and topless in. And John Gibbons and Dave to browse he had all these other. Places the he's played in Maryland said the same thing. He's the best teammate you've ever played with great I believe that love them so okay we we said that is that part of doing the deal is not part of hey you know what we're saying what a good guy you are David Price. What to what level you have to go to say what you did guy you are right about his charity apparently out. Literally fell stand Rumsfeld 6177797937. The phone number David Price and his comments certainly Jimmy drop below. And Desean Jackson's name now being thrown around. As somebody who the patriots might be interest in and we'll talk about that would you guys rob Bradford as well. Here on WE yeah. Rob Bradford is. I say. What year did you blast from the Boston Marathon. Few fourteen. When did you really start to struggle in that there upon mile to that literally hits him while three. Not a good analogy wherever that was that's where you are right now admitting off the air that this has been a long day long when you love. So lives of all not just call an offense I shoot what I tell you it was only the Moby not. And I I what's being multi I hope what I tell you what I said hello I am highlight of my holiday industrials in the station yes yeah I think you'll leaking out my passion both colleagues are you you have been the highlight of my day I had and I said that your that was when he gets that at some point but you also art you're admittedly tired ally in here today I would I've been here since 730 she reasons and I I tried breaking out I tried going to a movie yeah. But there was like a water main break down by the Fenway theater. Ed Ed I know that sucks Jason our producer because god forbid there be a different movie theater somewhere near us rob though is that excuse though because you were I was writing a bridge I was at I was in that awkward to fifty movie. And if you miss the 250 movie. You know and act here. You could go right to fresh pond fresh bonds got a movie theater right in new would have been for a press quoted a 4 o'clock movie I would I would like I gonna be here for show Pratt. What should wrap. I look QB who can does that to bitch about things in the back posts that if not go Jay yeah that makes sense. So idol is gonna happen or not are probably should bring up in the air but I will book on Scott McLaughlin what Scott's title here at WE a half some to question. Internet so on digital. I don't know I do the a lot of other things social media expert. Social media expert. On he came to me last week. It and he said he said he then it's fish is done sort of a sub sub racquet theme. Promotion where one of the shows does a a bracket promotion yup right. And they offered the deal holly again at data wanna do owed Ollie won they already considered too busy native wanted so we offered to me that I should absolutely. I've got some family stuff going on so I've not thought about as much as I should so I sat down patio today trivia what can we do for racquet to get people interest. Is the only mildly interest in the I'd come up with and I had to ask you beauty it's a good idea. I asked god we can do it. You got asked the bosses might never happen. But I wanna do it bracket a WEEI. Hosts where people vote for the best host in the station in a sixteen man. Rank of one group for sixteen votes Elliott sixteen hosts and you know you don't think so. I'm weak if I count for example we in the initial list can layered is another aspect of thousands are of such Sunday's last Saturday skate. But. Is that a with a tie Anderson that they were not technically a host. I any guy can sit in host when someone else okay there on an Oakland for example all three guys in the afternoon. Will be considered host as rich hosts at some point how does the Elbe all three mid data to us the host of guys in the morning. To mossy right now is on the fringe vehicle in the top sixty has been trending now before he has but you know there there's thoughts of putting some some bigger names of the station like Alex and trendy. Ahead of ultra wealthy Tomas lock out I just I think that the you're right I had the votes will be I don't think galaxy tried with two of the broadcast today on and I don't it works I was listening to. But I I saw your facial reaction you'll think it's a great idea. All I just I think it's gonna be predictable. What does that leave well first law in my going to be an. I don't know off. That's how he got to win your division and I want to read about not a good division I mean this is based there might be a couple my game my mind if it might or might be a couple of players and that's the equivalent of say I'm gonna do this I may have my birthday party it's gonna be really awesome. And I think you're doing all it's cool stuff what do you think in my invited. And not necessarily I don't think a little clue myself as the first is when the bracket together does seem silly to include myself there is a great idea in that bracket it's it's woods. What what's the criteria I mean is it is the best who's the best WTI personality best WI whose vessels of the station okay. Like that's your great I thought I wanna really talked about this look at your your creative guy. What it if we didn't do that what would you do bracket I would have to think about it. You you literally didn't give me any warning would be maybe it would I thought all this for at least four minutes today I've done it and I've done this in since the inside re booted my podcast I've been fifty government by do one more we can ever. Bracket of sixty and that's Brad products. You guy like the retool it's time to the W lot of shelves so that Brad coshow ring of Hillary. News new format scandals and animals like Cramer with the Merv Griffin said rumors and booms that do ups that would I would again register or sign up nine adding on a month or rumors have moved outside your first subscriber to that site. So you don't think a winner take all sixteen person except we have four regions right Andelman region. Penal region like I get the good. Or who the other two would be several aspects of that answer. And you vote it's only sixteen. And it's around my around Asian real Mike's authors including. Yeah oh that's actually pretty good idea and NC salt. Dino any in old ideas about why you I used seeding them. Because I'm not include myself on probably see cards that give you top four seeds. Channel aired three. I don't know a I would like this a little wet roads alibi ratings and does all that jot I got a general and if Jerry Kirk if you go buy ratings and you leave have to have a competition I mean because you just go Bob back to forgo raises subjective. Right it's fun to be subject if I'm going by the ratings to actually see the bracket. A cat that's what I mean OK all right affair like like a team record of four number ones you've gone by you say Jerry Kirk each and number one's okay. And Larry terrorists 34. I think or way apply its number one seed out of seniority of these all the money tied by the end of this I'd rather be one seed. And I mean I should be the number one seed rather take my Obama's. Or accuse yourself of that Maria yet. Boston sports you watch it one of these do you bracket models are always there forever Bruce and I remember I was the usable silent. And I got I got an. I was the I was the sixteenth seed going up its order wage number one seeds taken down I called didn't I called him I say hey. Our rob Bradford other sixteen C go to put it toward weight you wanna have beyond that it he was like Eric collect no no thanks. I seem to have him now. That would have been good. You might be seated ahead of America. So year. I will go to the text here and a second 379837. The techsters or people on Twitter at muck and UT. WEEI I think this is a good idea yeah they've entrusted what this show without rattle my Twitter followers. That's an excellent idea rob thank you so just do that to do all this yes. Sure. So I would be adamant. I don't know I don't know if your intent what do you would be a host of I'm the host of many show I'm the host of the show I don't think when I goes a Red Sox coverage WE lost I'd you know on the you know I'm a Renaissance man you know I'm the guy on the host the show. When the guy doesn't show up at 5 o'clock and Sunday actually who edits for thirty you can cough and I could be at the studio and argued that show because I think this one of these things that other shows would talk about like I could do for example. Boston sports uniforms and do a back route now. I can't do support was added that a year ago. They did the best Boston championship teams two years ago some not get a reset it that is I honestly that and I'm not I'm not gonna do. Hottest. Sport hottest anchor in town that's been done. I'm not I guess I could do I could've done like best show and equitable stations there and dollar what's the best show but I that's. If I had a personalities as Asian variety of might be right with more controversy. I only has a chance of happening I go like this personality bracket of the Judeo did Scotty made off like it. Scott was Scott's email response was electrical in effect. Which it's got says. Patio liked it I mean Scott Scott is also the Colorado a bye to the boss justice these guys because also the host of the College Hockey podcasts he could be in I'll think now. Eyes and it. Lever for 1616 is the perfect time again so people be pissed about it and how I won't play our lives iron sixteen how might not in this. Rob if you're going to be alta you know you're gonna be on a plane game. You'll be gone against Hamas he proceeded to interns. That'll be yes Iowa I would lines when no party your yours silly thing is I should be I die on me. Heights the Texas 37937. Playing game for attorney vs the mossy Cinderella stories are can love the idea of not Bradford I hate you great idea mutt Dino unanimous favorite. Would preclude we include deal we see is that it is kind of grandfathered in is he still he checked we still be an important right. I'm still have a ozone limits how boat speak of so how about integrating. Post from the past and so like the best this is the all time bats pose the time about so you have Eddie Andelman you have do you know you have. Dot wells Mike song you have demands. That that's a good one that's a good idea. So the all so that and so all time yeah guys that the second us at 32 that he thinks merit my sixteen or thirty minute. So we barely have sixteen right now yup sulphide go to which it is quick Alter. Entitlement money you know all times sport's all time best WE but I suppose it's got to be you're not missing the point here sniff of audio for all these people that's his landlady audio patio is gonna create audio that we played India we talk about they can't find audio for the radios. They do you do that. The magic go on but audio for the sport paid yet. I can do that right now Zalmay ringtone. She really. You ask you to do I guess he arcana the top eight seeding for Killen a late night yes RK will be included in this. Ahead of rob and only so here's the question put up put on the on the Twitter poll in the might minions keep pace. Which would people rather have the all time best W I host or the of the current posts I don't I don't like the all time. Go ahead it's too that doesn't appeal licked at the via the audience we're going for you would admit. Probably never heard of any in which why he's included in sort of rate he regional bracket like it's that it's Ian on the bracket a bright either way that's fine it's fine. And a new take that long ago if I it's a good idea on them being perfectly off I like your idea like your initiative wrong. Another in the fact that you have fifty court discredited me. After like coming here two straight nights trying to help you know done an excellent job a year you'll be in a but it might be a playing game you're OK with that right. Not really you Alonso you against him later. They'll play and I don't know teacher against and while you layer its biggest everybody around my student. Balancing act everybody. My coach recently. It's a debt of gratitude and Bradford coaching tree. I need some good responses this at Mott and UT WEEI is this a good idea what people vote on we talk adding other show that talk about it oh yet negatives controversial. I people would be angry about it I think two of the three should. Afraid of Porsche well. For the five shows we're talking yes you include late night about what Christian Dark Knight for the five shows would once show some other stuff. 6177797937. The phone number and would you participate in a WEEI post bracket battle Royale. At Mott and UT WEEI follow in two week in and let me know. I you can leave now if you while we were short segment I think you're gonna play my thing to wanna go back and do that yes all right if you I wanna play eighteens of what you gonna get on the Bradford. Shaw McCadam podcast which apparently has. Sean laughter club with little bit now. That's. Recapping that T and sports much at night fox Sports Radio telling me I. If you ask me how to explain to people like Huckabee ought to prompt us anymore what happened. And mighty you know my short answer our guys have only got thirty seconds to explain this I tell people and I don't mean this in a bad way. Comcast is in this in the sense try to become the third talk station in Boston. He is is unique I mean it happens in some markets but not many. And there's been a lot of speculation that as successful as these two are maybe you could stand the third. In the radio cents while weather can or not I think Comcast. They take a look back big big step back and say. Well there's people are already. Listening to this all locked on the radio why don't we give it to them in a TV four. That is Shawne McCadam former Comcast baseball insider. I'm sure he's gonna land a job in the Red Sox be here pretty soon rice too good at what he does DA well. Out of work for too long he well but that was the one that's with of the Brad coshow episode fifteen it will drop below later on tonight yes compare. But that was when Sean when that hapless on December and he talks about the timeline of that. Yet she went to the winner meetings knowing that he was going to be ago. And that was the one that sort of the shot across the bow saying things are really changing it's really mean this guy respected guy. Did everything right all that and and as he points out that's when you knew a specially Comcast. Comcast is going completely different. Well they got rich you guys that were more of information than they were opinion or entertainment cannot say that a bad way to to guys that I would watch and respect and Sean academy and Bob knew Meyer Bob knew Meyer. Art is great what he does. You know Bob had suffered some severe health issues and fought his way back and I thought was as good on TV whether to on the Comcast work or. The Triple Crown horse racing coverage for NBC. I was sad to see both those guys you'll lose their job as the guys have been in this business for a long long time. And pretty clearly if you take out a couple information guys in show on a new meat. You are trying to do something different down with a reported Dick Cheney is that night which will be. On Michael Holley and Tommy carnage Tom Tom Giles and Achilles Smith I apologize Q that this could appear name. On your goal for different format there for three. Hours while what are known as we talk about is I said in every truck is going to Comcast right he's going from The Herald the Comcast yeah right off the Turkey Callahan. Lawn today and so Evans a good guy give wanna crop loss at times but were France and he'll do fine. But I that they show on. Is it I don't think Comcast cares if he breaks one single story. This is what shots reputation was in large part built on breaking stories yet. And I I really believe that I don't think they care template breaks a single story. I think they care about exactly which I was talking about which is. They're more like talk radio opinion entertainment. So forth and so that's where the business I think you would agrees yelling and that to your people can get the information. In in in basically whatever form they want on the Internet you're gonna tune into TV to be or radio. Be entertained all at but laugh yelled be angry would in my in my thing too is in week talked about this. I don't know why you can't perhaps a lot of everything like you don't have to go all the way over say OK Comcast you're just going to be. Shouting and yelling it doesn't matter if you write it all and he doesn't matter if you get any information. I think you can be a lot of everything Amy when we're part of the website still an enormous traffic driver for every website is information. I think how you present that information has to change. A that you have that you have to make it a little looser in terms of the headlines and things like that. But I don't think you'd need you to say all it's all list and it's none of that. I don't think that's how it should be not much like I think you would say beaten into a sports show doesn't have to be all sports dollar and fifteen minutes pitching about. Should you do a sixteen man yeah yeah I've personnel and price and his ridiculous dryness regrets or on the Brack regrets must had a few we'll get John this have you read the embark receive book yet. All. Now by. That is featuring your friend John Tomas I'd heard it. It just happen to writer for review that's amazing other. Eight I heard it's different more just on the mossy I heard it's really really did in this story stumble I gonna have a month's wire I I've not a fast reader. I read the book in three days he really I've done the book I finish at this morning. Is laurels books I could not put down and always has to be in studio third that's awesome it's gonna commander extended segment and as I feel like a full half hour I've told Ben and the other guys you don't make it podcast they can't. Or gonna sit for twenty point five minutes to talk about that look cool the daily fantasy industry can you tell me the book is called dueling kings and if you like if you're a degenerate gamble like I am or you of any interest in a daily fantasy. Are you need to read this tonight is how I think because a lot of times you don't wanna spoil that I think to get people to listen Dan when he comes in. The story of what he did a nutshell I think is important. Good news an unbelievable story that he went on the aisle way at just summing up this way without giving away too much about the given away he's always he'll talk about the way he started out. Wanting to write about the sharks in fit Daly fan he was the Yankees beat writer for the wall outside let's go back there he covered the Red Sox here local yes he Russia. Went to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) the cover the Yankees he got sick covering baseball understandable. Left baseball together to write this book about how the sharks Dewey and fantasy sports after or daily fantasy after he tried as a candidate anyway and and failed initially. He went from a guy writing a book about daily fancy. 21 of the best players in the world. Playing daily fancy hockey where he won the of the grand prize set he's won seven digits and prize wiles and that the story itself is just. I knew Salo for read the book that has to mossy knew I was into we talk about it the part of the pregame show host. Endorsing drafting that plated trapeze I love draft I loved in Tennessee. I knew a little bit of that I had no idea the extent of Barbary sees. His success. In putting this format and it's like I had no idea about how the sharks do like I I learned to. So much I spent all day today it merely thinking about that I don't I've become one of the guys. I talked on the radio those guys stupid that Doug Jolley get out of this and go do this for let me ask you this having read the boycott so cute cute thing rolling kings usable do you think that it could be movie. Yes they do OK I think they're not there has been some tock if if the move not I'm not that's not when he won what's the point one is that what it's anyone yet it back in the movies back can be a movie. The Anbar Parise book is in what was stored there is no doubt in my mind. And people forget I mean it's died down a little bit we'll talk about it no news of the people died down a little bit. Wise that year when he was due in the book and we went through. Mean do you you're you're real you're gonna get to a sore subject here exact route you you do this on purpose why. Because you lost so much money Knoll because of and yes it's only at about those feelings yeah so that's our. But it was but it was. I've never see they outspent Geico for the month of September in advertise our country it's in the book they puppies ovals Geico commercials. And radio and TV and flow. Draft kings out spent Geico that's how much money aspect west. Op anyway great great book Adams really really not. Be so I've really psyched I reckon you'd ever ready yet he's in good book you liked it and generally know Dan I read the book if you like gambling if you like the only fancy. I don't say you have to read this well I know it's another Afro from a guy who was eight with cover I cover the B width. And decide to leave the beat. And to do this not only read a book which I admire tremendously. But you what I admire even more winning a ton of money by being the best in the world that something. By doing. It off and I apple or respect for his wife Emily Benjamin yes work for the globe she now works for NHL dot com to deal with their 'cause been. Leaving a job full time to try to become a a shark in daily fantasy. That's pretty good that's the effort to get Michael like I was leaving radio. To go to oddity of full time handicap or an handicap horses. I determined player there I don't think and get the same response on their way to stay five minute flight look at this heating notes I I I who I wish it was Hewitt I'm so Ayman site naturally want want to visit the Uighurs Sean McCadam moment on the idea and should that be maybe it will be only part maybe an episode sixty they'd go robbery against those. Op at Brad fell I castle drop later yeah atomic yeah. On that's rob Bradford we than an hour ago for a heat and your report and take over at your phone calls on David Price. Get the latest on all things Jimmy rubble and the patriots 617779. 7937. Is your phone number amok at night until ten right here WB yeah.