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Not a draft for QB needy teams, 3-6-2017

Mar 7, 2017|

Mut is joined by Rich Keefe discussing the reportedly crappy 2017 QB draft class. Comparisons to Jimmy Clausen definitely are not inspiring confidence.

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News these mud at night. At. Yeah. It's really. And I. I'm excited about the opportunity and I'm excited about my future. Ali shell on there is nothing worse when you identified as sportswriters who does not younger isn't pretty much with a garden but not now. Here's my back nine talk Sports Radio W. Thought 2000 part of the show tonight Tim Tebow and rob Bradford modified Sports Radio WEEI happy Monday rich keep power yet. I'm good sir Mario I will get to some Tim Tebow over under Slater on this hour the Fulmer lost it you know boy. The folks in Las Vegas and put out is amazing this is the power Tim Tebow folks. There are prospects. For Tim Tebow is at bats in the game is a DH in aid Wednesday. Spring training game. Red Sox Mets and Fort Myers they put prop bets while. On now the strike outs hits all sorts of doctors will get to some of his profits coming up later on this now works I know you have. You've Joseph and his Tim Tebow defenders club because so many people are now against yet Tim Tebow went the opposite I hated them when their loved still I should go to Florida Gators and I never did like him Tivo argue that great college quarterback but everybody loved him and he's the greatest figures immigrants help wherever it all that I hated them root against him at one happened to them. But that it's long so far the other way like everybody now thinks he thought we understand I don't rightly this idea like the jets had a a press conference for backup quarterback signed T ball the holding a legit press conference or. The signing of a backup quarterback everybody argues the world he's the worst ever. Playoff game and it's goalie he should never have been outraged that a lot that's an apple. Now a little bit late in my pinkie is very good at eight out of vote lead now for reason. But everybody just piling on the guys that I wrote former I hope he protected the map no you don't yes I don't know if you don't well. I'll be hoping there will be the Mets that's got to say about the sport the sport of baseball team Tebow got them nowhere. And get their roster spot the New York meant that shot in the arm that the it'd be. That's not rob Manfred like I don't worry about shortening games anymore Tim Tebow is at a Mets uniform think Deion Sanders Bo Jackson and Brian Jordan. It Tebow don't youth football baseball. Rate athlete integrates wing Gary Sheffield said so sure beautiful swing. I smut and nine batting practice home runs over the week yeah. Now of them not that are now I'm sure you know what that sum it up into a ball and encapsulates Tebow coverage in not Shalit they had the number of spring training all runs through this I have entering pragmatic practice runs they had on sports I got a text alert. Seat nine this suggests there's about one it was. Those four provided batting practice with four home runs this hate Tebow and then I am my own and it's probably you should use it the cupboard I hate the coverage in Tebow and I hate some of the things that had been said about the antibody can do anything. Actually. Unless impressed that the guy because he had chance to stay in the NFL let the guys in the wrong with the guys and the guy credit in the NFL bidding Chris cool H back type player for mobile computer the exit and tired yes exactly and with that would of that what Jack played I objected to occupy. I don't know what EU. I know you can't throw saw I don't pass I don't you Rhode jump pass. A lot of touchdown the Florida Chris leak in it and I think it is checking it out. Their offense and other. It's first and goal is running around Tebow with the opera's the arms and then Jeff thank you god bless. Yes and an NFL. Star returned and race merger went expert or want expert. It's the it's the covered it's also the it's eagle a positive message that he's not there we'll get to lessen the prop bets that are out there is that how. The coverage team logos. As for coverage as does duct does it or duck eggs dovetail nicely LLs I just study has finally I barely tails that's like duck tails on the brakes was a good show back in the Dallas. The coverage of the NFL com Bonn where where does rich key stand on actually is suitable reasonable question. How many minutes over under. One minute did you watch of com mind coverage this week out over. This is actually down year for me usually I am very much invested so much so all right Mena miss anything. This year I did not want as much. That as I like to why I like for want to watch it and other things yet because I personally I had the same year. I think you get to a point ID to an age where some of these things don't matter anymore but there was a time we played like the com. Our show was on during some of the use of the events for years past that nailed a watch things during the day. Yeah I love forty yard snatched the balanced product is recount widow at the it was vertical jump to project I can get all these things this kid like I will be from Grafton Massey UConn safety is it allowing everybody is ridiculous abroad recalled the broad jump the forty dialogue. He's at I can just read that that finally in all of them integrate online on Saturday came out of nowhere the cowboys took Andy's a starred as a projected to be start going for bike and I can read the coverage afterwards and I gain nothing. Watching these guys actually do it what. What are we getting out of watching the forty yard all my god he broke Chris Johnson's record with weary the issue I hope so he gets an island of people on principally. If you get all the numbers out all the matters the numbers in check so where these players are gonna go it's it's it's obviously you're watching. Gulf which is not for everybody puts on people like it because there's so much. You know down time it's that they fill that by talking about the player rightly slick Rick's eyes that Mike Mayo okwu liked. In between forty yard dash times they're talking about 01 player laws and what he projects to be so I feel it for draft and there's a lot of little nugget in there. A number between the scene animal and the combo line. That's where a couple of years of the while error Donald and be really good it and he's he's unbelievable now it's like you can pick up that little nugget that Watson's. Yeah I there was a time I had some Karadzic but etiquette is falls under the category adding a lot of sporting events or. Single serving events fall under the category of as you get older they don't mean Jack annually the NBA all star game I'd love the NB a all star game growing up I watched about thirty seconds of it a couple Sundays ago. And I just couldn't take more than it and I don't know what invent pulp at this point and opens the in the game sucked it or it just might age and you sort of roll out of that don't sound silly but you just. You forgot what I like my time to watch this exhibition that they don't I'd at least it's some sort of defense in the fourth quarter you watching things on its. It's an Iowa radio guy yelling at him I yeah. Yeah. The president's stand is they didn't mean there's I think it's a lot of it is is getting old home run derby is another great example you know. Located rich Keefe will go enough for in that could misses and now I don't care is important years we'll see a lack of competition and you just you. He tried to Purdue you project be said it was the good golf. Was like the NFL com line wealth and like you can watch it need to be doing other things in the big difference though in golf it's that's legit competition like it truly. It doesn't matter if running back a runs two tenths of a second fast running back beat they're also going to be drafted at some point right does not it easier for you to it's but that's not a real competition you know Mel you know odd couple Dustin Johnson helping down the US open -- area or you know Tiger Woods on a comeback run in the masters like that's. They competition so you can learn that I'm more about how you know you'll see you'll watch something for four seconds and then there's a brake fluid logic almost looks good today can take it after. Recently golf is at Nicholson's got models that now. Saturday you can be on the computer out now be on the phone like look up you can you can do multiple things are watching it just like all of so you've apparently watch a lot of it it's not like that normally. I watched zero seconds of sweet and I'm very proud of my lack of coverage because I can just turn to our guys like Jeff how were paid to go coroner's event. And get the real big news because the big news is not the kid to. In big big great sprinting up John Ross John fast John Ross is their calling out his militants that is when a drop ports. The news is not my guy Obi wan from Grafton mass what do you Connor set the world on fire the news is not really any of these bench press numbers or. Bill Polian suggesting he had a high grass trade on Tom Brady but he decided not to draft Tom Brady committing a quarterback at that time off to get to a subway as classical pulling out a way. Other stories the quarterbacks in the draft sock. And it's not just be watching the comp line to get that it's not a badly college numbers it's a guy like Jeff how are always they are talking to. Experts he was there talking to the player personnel people and basically. Came up with a what we all fought but talk to the guys who matter into Shawn Watson a Mitchell not Mitch Robiskie has only called me and now Mitchell because he's afraid of that mix of blues a poster showing up for the right packs Pavel homes and Du'Shon Kaiser. All of intriguing tools but they're also all imperfect none of which appeared to be starters as rookies appease overtakes them. Are in this first round it is no work closer to being a good quarterback and just how today in the Boston Harold goes through. A very lengthy piece here today pointing out that as the people he talked to. That college people the NFL people the results are clear the rock blow Jimmy rumpled the patriots backup is so far ahead. And any of these guys that are there are at or night in the air specifically that are going to be drafted in the first or second round a quarterback. It is not even funny and he went through some of the the issue vis court fax. Watson captured Kaiser true miscue in the homes all had issues they're mechanics that have led to bouts of accuracy woes this is from Jeff store this morning. None are quick to read NFL defense is well Kaiser mobile is a mistake prone and Robiskie was a one year starter for a marginal North Carolina program. And yet here's the quote from John Lynch. I think it's a very tout that graph drug Platz a deposition what we're excited about. And look idled beginning to be too transparent to realize the position we're looking at any quarterbacks right now so yes. That's the position the big focal point for a preparation right now. And this week's a big part of it so this guy is tried to sell us after all the things right about these quarterbacks John Lynch shall not quite sure how he's the GM. A forty niners quite frankly. He's still trying to cellist and base these quarterbacks running good when the reality is the best one. Is the backup your doing or is he suggests selling it because when he makes a trade he doesn't want it to sail you may have been on record Johnny said the quarterback class Sox we know you're not gonna get a quarterback in the draft at least. The illusion that you know the patriots go on you know make a deal were OK because we like. Mitchell Robiskie Mitchell Robiskie. I'm glad you brought him out so garrote hello just turned 25. Mitchell trip risky you know. We'll turn it. 23. Well before even takes a snap in the NFL he's he's he's a rookie to date of the first round yeah he's two years younger than polo well the ups and had double digit interceptions this year. Kaiser of all of it gone through very issues last couple weeks on the show. And yet you still read in this and baffled by this. The other story to come by as the patriots still got a great offer for Jimmy drop. To hatch asked what school in the NFL hall of dumb of these dec it is rich. That you get four days a breakdown how bad the quarterbacks are and nobody appears yet willing to. Pony up the the asking price for the patriots backup quarterback right. But I mean I I that I don't know against Jimmy problem going to be recorder racked easier recorder racked. It really getting of the golf look very good arc and he looks at eight didn't get hurt but he looks ahead of any of these guys that I I could see your point if there was one transcendent quarterback process in July was available or on Winston our Mary go to any of those guys right. There's not a sniff of that you know that the big stories Mitch wants to be called Mitchell like not nobody did anything. I guess a one of these draft gurus these I'll walkie come on guys. Was can pairing like these numbers was able to put together some sort of script or program Albert that's okay who are these quarterbacks like. And the best quarterback with Donovan McNabb. The other guys you heard a most of the guys that were. Related to these now hospitals where monopoly and break I don't experts when was there part of the Brady six now but there are some bad bad quarterback that it that are tied to. And if you're in your GM this league in 2017. Your only job to find a quarterback without that you are nothing in the NFL so why wouldn't you be exploring. Every option to trade for him because the option besides grapple these draft picks yeah it's my freaking glad. The pit box are trying to overpay at eight billion dollars a year to keep as the back up the Davis Winston my. I didn't rape she stale these things we've seen as going all of they expire I guess with core rock law and again. I would also rather have grappled that I knew the quarterbacks in this draft but the play the other side of it he has won the Euro left on his rookie deal. And then yet the pain crazy money so your team and you give up at least the first round pick so that you're already a bad team could retire but the bears the four out of the browns. You give up a first round pick. And you might have to give up something else and if you're led to believe whether race saying what the patriots again. For grapples you're giving up a lot that he of one your drop low and you either immediately after rip up the deal. And extended to crazy money so he stays or he just plays out the year. And then you're talking about either Aaron franchise them over several like he's also not a guarantee. And I think a lot of people around here are making an out to be like he is just gonna be the next robbery. I do know Allegheny these guys to guarantee green go through Ryan leaf require all these very high yen first round picks who were can't miss can't and an old boss whatsoever. Arm but there is risk involved all these guys I think there is less risk reach with Jimmy drop. Look at the coaching played four yard experience at the NFL level he still only 25 years old Lee at the other part of this like I'd. I had no idea shame on me. Could that picture of this can be when he. Is what. Hours to get his masters of what is studied North Carolina he's on what they love them as you point out. 11 a one year starter for a terrible. North Carolina team the that I'd Michael number one number one. Not a one GQ that's that's a smokescreen of some sort of there's no way he goes number one overall. But I don't know I mean that the team had to be investing a lot into Jimmy drop low and don't you as a team outside. Of going on sale are all that player be not on the patriots. Because we saw Matt Cassel be okay that about little candy for one year with the patriots but he had like a one okay season with the chiefs the for the most part. Kind of stinks as a backup. Now grapples a second round pick and actually played in college of these very different but you just gotta wonder. A lot of coaches have really struggled the way from new England and you wonder some of the players as well just aren't nearly as good wants the ball. How come backing give you some of the comps and I'll give you sell will sell one at the top on skid to the top but comp Mitchell trip this decouple get your full goals in the swelled 617779. 7937. Are the top. Comp from the com my work of Mitchell too risky Dario. Jimmy Claussen. Jimmy Claussen and I do sixteen pick the outstanding lawsuit in a normal course and a quarter racks of laughs yeah. You are good. He's so well the great and or what you've taken up with this is a little weird face that's not the march and he's not the only quarterback that is plus it's a weird. Look right to do she face that division but it's like he's missing a part of it like edges that it's elegant bottle looks from them so YouTube can. Slate like these teams are bending over backwards and maybe some of these console drive people. At least at least we'll make you laugh and derailed today rethink about some of these teams what they are looking at. At the quarterback position 617779. 7937. Is the phone every can Texan as well 37937. On Twitter. But and you TW EEI key 21 it is Monday weir is four days away from the NFL free agency we are football to start its Mott at night's Sports Radio WB. It's Montag. With the rich keep on Sports Radio WEEI. Monday Monday night's Sports Radio WEEI rich he's. It in the house. Rob Bradford joined him. At 7 o'clock your phone calls and start football 61777979837. Nick Benito. Who works for a company called numbers fires are number number five there one of these advanced analytic companies. That was sort of tied in to daily fans usually blocked bystander there rights that they are an advanced net. Tricks. Site and they still do work when it comes to national football. So they have work out comps for the quarterbacks this weekend at the com line worked out comps Mitchell tribute ski you know. Within a 986 point 99%. Comp to. Jimmy Claussen. Soccer a 94%. Comp. Kirk Shatner. And not hit a 92%. Com. On a McNabb. Now good player 92% comp. J. P. Losman. 91%. Comp Teddy Bridgewater. I 91% comp Kellen Clemens. Would you say on hole on the whole those names their Claussen Kitna McNabb I lost an average water on the you feel good about magic Robiskie ready to I've never felt good about service even when he was Mitch to Shawn Watson. 97%. McNabb. 96%. Claussen and that they only have. Certain players that they they had we numbers are certain guys at the carbine made I did Peyton Manning even go to come in August for example I bet you he knew it was going number one number one can go. Brady was we know terrible should pull him. I'll merely to root out boy new Brady was gonna be entrapped him who's going to be your thoughts signal he'll only go lot of guys who are Chicago violated a closet on the crowd did how well here we go here's some more. I'm 95% per shot once and lost and again JP lost the first front though he was 22 overall. 93%. Geno Smith. 93%. Christian Ponder. The first round again I Melissa still though they're they're goal a lot of these I think Robiskie Watson in May be kind struggled in the first round. Here's Kaiser's cultural quirk of Sam Bradford 97%. Overall number one out there. I feel or look the same 97%. Cody Pickett. Cody says that the round number sixteen I can't recall who Cody Pickett is taken up taken out of a lineup a little let's take it. The play west Virginian too is that why you're here you got it now I don't have no idea if the coaches high school football summer 96%. But pretty good offense. Omar Jacobs. Fifth ranked concrete. And the pit row where people. Even you don't know that I'll Cody Pickett is Washington you know Bachmann intricate to grants. 96% Trent Edwards 95%. Ryan Lindley. That's we're dealing with folks lately he lost. Yeah. Air and I like they may be but you're just talking about lakes team the and cone drill comps in much heightened way of expressing empathy for you how great top line as well as you like to watch on translated to take some of the tan area Donald it is we'll see what John Ross Michael Laporte 22 Chris Johnson with a 42 or that was pretty good. You you have to go in knowing that Ari. They're not wearing helmets for any of these journals the U obviously taken with a grain of salt the quarterback draft class a between two. Was four we knew that before they went there in rain and forties into the bench press. But for all these teams that need a quarterback. Is there. You know Peterson their number one overall. Idolatry this Virginia Rob Lowe or do you just take miles care but there's also a lot of other positions that are good this year but they're saying it's like I'd intractable Tynan droughts. That you're sit there at 1218. When he. Are you trying to trade epic for or maybe quarterback or either internal walking in on what could be a great tight end or great quarterback her or some flaw. I I read this I just think that. Commits one of these teams are done with that not constantly on bella checks. Call screen. Asking what it's going to take it made that'll end up happening but hired people read Jeff how's story today to get an idea for just how bad he's quarterbacks are. And the patriots want value forgot it might not play next year drop lament the franchise tag be rafter to keep on. They're going to trade in my I'd I know Adam Schechter said what he said but I remain convinced yet IE gets traded between now and on the draft in April 06177797937. Johnson Vermont. On the Jimmy grapple a trademark I jump. Decade. Johnny. Except that you are a good. I sat there for awhile I think that the patriots are back being patient because there additional strike. Two quality outcomes and I honestly believe com I'm actually helped. In addition when you know eight PTE quarterbacks all what was available on confirmed nevermind that. It was an acting better. And I think that by rap day. You're gonna have. All poll offers from a couple of the current team and that's where. The awkward moment yet accelerated to the point where. You'll get something that'll global patriot way. Yeah that's what it feels like to be whether it ends up being. The week of the draft John a couple days prior to the draft I think it probably happened before the actual drastic is the patriots wanted to date the trade. And know what they can do with that pick of we all believe that it's some in deep dark level Belichick's party hiding about trading that pick back for wait for more picks. That trade will happen before. You actually get to draft day but I could see what John just presented the idea of these teams all sort of fallen over each other. Looking at Mitchell too busy the next Jimmy Claussen and and saying you know what it kind of got to find somebody better here he's not here and they say William might get Mike Glenn and for eight million dollars or he's gonna stay there in Tampa no probably not he's gonna be out there now on the market robs on a cell on patriots free agency Iraq. Yeah the gauntlet summit. Edwards ticket you go to hightower. So. Now come a year ago we had this discussion about high tower actually before that two years ago we still had Jones been traded Jones. Got picked up or eight pick that could jump on them like Cooper something that we had. Call and you know it was a surprise but then we get something at least in return for him. Which. Obviously meant that we were you know now we have all this room we have been talking about it toggle we have we get on the cap space. I think I think I'd have these huge huge leg necessity for us to get back on the team and obviously we have the gentleman's agreement that people have been talking about going on with the agent. And the patriots and stuff like that I just. It seems too risky to me I just I I just don't know what you and I and I'm not a I'm not I believe in the belt object model. I would never I would never question because he's eaten at far less certain than in any mostly gets it right but I just feel like. You know what is the criteria that have to pay a guy with the patriots organization at this point to me about it I think we need right now yeah. I think is important part of his defense and it was not I think rob this is lot of a lot of this has sparked it thanks for your call. When in the aftermath of not signing Darrelle Revis Bob Krause had their three young guys we have on this defense in the expectation was okay bill signed. To a three of these guys and be all three of these guys will you traded at. One of those guys to Arizona when it came to odd Jones Israeli the other guy Collins to Cleveland another one guy left. And you might not sign that guy. And look I I fully expect that dot the high power Rick will give the patriots a chance to. Match whatever offer he gets in free agency he's gonna get to free agency by Thursday. I just a golf friends and and of being too rich for their blood and out there they'll dole tried they'll come up close to it. The way they were DeVon according were reported poorly got this great offer patriots in matchup became close importing came back. Lag after two symbols and not being too much for high tower animal wonder. Were they do this 63 to million dollars in cap space that Vanilla Ice towel yet announced that it if you teams that offer high tower on like more of my parents have a number of their minds and they're willing you know they obviously did wanna franchise them at that number and I don't wanna pay and that which I understand because they factor in the outside linebackers of the inside Iraq easier to essentially overpaying right now did too much for any single year and but he's hearing a multiple years in and maybe close to that franchise number probably by a team and you know patriots by a look at that say it's too much Leo we've they've been able to. Or replace and overcome a number of players before and maybe I terrorist penal of those outs go to Brent to Connecticut on now grapple and the one year deal opportunity Brent Iran WEEI. It needing government and I I'd like make a case that the one year part of his deal it the most valuable art I. Tour school or. I felt more likely on Chicago probably going to be one of the teens are going to be looking for him. They have been number over overall pick up number three according to the NFL slot at a 5100000. Dollars. Now it is Jimmy Key contract is 900000 with a bit of about 600000 dollars. My point being is it giving legal ought the first few early on Oprah belly up like a freight. 200000 of the country not the five billion up all the all that is that is that it as a rookie draft. Number so when you're trying to rebuild you have limited about a trap it you can spin around protecting our actual people. You can literally take him and then cut him in one year if you load and there's no actual 000. Robinson next year. Well Brent let me ask god I'll let you finish understand the financial part of we talked about the benefit it would be for teams you have in the lease for one year. Under that deal do you think Rob Lowe and his agent do you think eight do you think eighteen is going to trade a significant pick to the patriots and the first round pick. A second round pick this year first round pick picture do you think that team is making that trade. If they don't have a contract talk in place a problem I don't. I think that. They would try to do that but I think you're in desperation mode at. They're absolutely nobody in the column come by the contracting you and you have all the cheese Chicago yet Jay Cutler under contract at sixteen million dollar this year there. Well he's gone JJ colors dark and yet he's Huckabee. Right but you're not cracked again so what your level is no quarterback. And you need to fill that position. I they are to their teams Brent thanks for the call their your you're right there there is a financial benefit. To having grapple on that one year I always assumed. That it would be one year at that deal then boom the extension kicks him. Well give on the Cleveland Browns much I need a quarterback on pol and I traded the number twelve overall pick to the patriots. A less about a conversation with Donny. Or conversations. Plural with Don the to say what the parameters before a contract extension kicks in beginning next year right now are you trading a valuable pick for guy. That you could franchise tag next year. I you can still do that that's what I mean so tell your meal and about a twenty to twenty million but Japan and eleven million dollars a year that's still. Under market value for starting quarter any different as in the year after that the duties over another evil does 1% like apple history doesn't wanna play you a good point could keep them for three years. So I'd be. Three years in about 46. Yeah. So opening. Fifteen million dollars a year that's still under Maria what they figure he's gonna get the market with the bush might blood and money. I wit it's got to be kidding I'm not that literally what they're saying Charles province. My clinic at fifteen per year. 6177797937. The phone overlooked for explanation as to why teams based on what we heard a lot of com by this weekend. How bad the quarterbacks are in this draft and how grapple according to got a Charlie casserly is the best prospect by far. Of all players talked about wire teens not banging on the door and offering the mood at this point yet for services we'll talk about that and acacia misstate. Tim Tebow is back in our lives he's playing on Wednesday. We have TNT able over under is for spring training baseball will get to those with Keith you're on WE yeah.