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Pete Sheppard and Jerry Thornton aren't buying the hype about the Pats holding onto Jimmy Garoppolo -- 3-5-17

Mar 5, 2017|

Adam Schefter was very definitive in his belief that the Pats are keeping Jimmy Garoppolo in 2017 and possibly well into the future on OMF earlier this week, but Pete and Jerry aren't buying it. They think it's all part of Belichick's plan and that franchising him after this year is insane. The guys discuss the offseason for the Pats and what they expect going forward.

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Two more Sunday sports talk with the watch Sports Radio guy. You don't think you don't think your team is calling them up at thump that you'd have to happen. Dirt reed he doesn't have to happen before the problem. It happened act would come by or or could happen before Campbell. Again I'm telling you if they're not expected to create unique problem no but I'm Matthew I don't you expect these other teams to make a run at him. Good advice but it doesn't change and they're not gonna hurt and I could take the phone book. I don't know they did buy it I already heard anything about any teams. You know. You know looking into it asking about a moment because the game in the works both ways right they don't intend and move on but other teams are they still of interest well again we. I mean you got a lot of thought about a quarter what I'm just telling you. That you were ruffled in the patriots. Who doesn't have seen no matter who called her lately off of the other rosters some. I have Shepperd we'll surely would feel about birds. Earlier in the week your portrait of the greens and 200 you know Q I'm I'm not buying it. These people's I don't care what he is disease changed its tune in yes that wasn't actually report a month ago from and what little byline that. He was to hold that were taken first in the fourth and the patriots would trade Rob Lowe. Someone told him erode erode their bids start with a personal war is what they'll accept. And now it's a totally changed his tune the report is coming out Friday speaking in absolutes as well. And I quote from Borges is column. Belichick is not has not and was not considering trading or apple are you sorry. It you might be right Ron by you know chances are you gonna be wrong again a lot of lot of people who speak it absolutes either way that's the problem. We don't we don't know. I think. The majority of us feel typical Rob Lowe is going to get dealt at some point. Mean happy tomorrow may not be up this to become bond and may not be until next year to date. But he's getting traded they are not franchises that people think that big of a franchise him. And keep 48. To fifty million up cap space between drop below and Brady. It's insane that is not going to happen Jared Norton. I'm with you Pete look I'd get how reporting works. Someone tells you after the patriots rank and gonna consider trading grapple he reports that. He's not speculating he's not he's not given his opinion and I I was kinda goofy that the Owen map guys like what they're not gonna take a phone. It he's. Commanding the patriots how to handle this he's in he was told they're not gonna treat grapple which I think was put out there by the patriots. To drive up the price of garrote lie I agree that you are using cattle at a collective here is do you think these out as being used some sort in some way it happens by every point exactly and by every Getty and Donald F I brought them down. These are wrong to say sources tell me the following it that's exactly how we phrased it. Borges is to is Deion absolute peace and there's no way Belichick has considered it started really though the thought never crossed the mindless Pete here's what anybody who thinks. The patriots are gonna keep grapple need to face their. There are three possibilities either a beekeeper in the next year because you want to be back up to big deal and now. There is no third. Is that what is the alternative how do you keep him. In 2018 if you think he's part of the long term plan you need to answer the following question. How much money is Jimmy grappled going to be paid in the year 2018. Help me out. It as a franchise unlike some of these people think it's gonna happen is that we can be at least one probably 24 point 5000045 million Kirk cousins right now is 24 million. I had an apathetic you know the free agent market is Mike Glenn at follow box okay I'm thirty yet he's there at that though. Conventional wisdom appears he's gonna make between thirteen and fifteen million dollars Michael Landon who completed less than 60% of his passes. Web like six and a half yards per attempt is gonna pull on that kind of money. Jimmy grappled stays how by what mechanism and that kind of crazy money is held there are available to him. You don't people you certainly don't pay him that much to not pay play. So. Don't give me an alternative. You want to avoid getting bigger all the story just rip it out shepherd on the old effort Jimmy gee won't be traded Jeff Powell. They could support from the Harold pay to explore your options among backup QBs. What set to become free agents that tells me they're gonna trade drop below it that stores correct because Ian Rapoport and a well. A network said earlier this week the patriots would not be. Thrilled now to tour and the team over to decorum percent if Tom Brady gets hurt read from that what you will then America make up. From Cleveland dot com. Pat's cheese burger by the way pats will trade Rob Lowe. If an offer is right report also says the pats have received a preliminary offer from one team are expected to get one from other teams don't. They're looking for a first round pick obviously and more so that no doubt about that government offered the gonna get many many offers I've I would think. Then you have the other part of that report where the browns say they don't take. Mr. rescue that possibly take deported back North Carolina number one overall you know I don't trust bad teams I don't trust the browns. The jets and McCann came out Friday night and said we will trade anybody. Call me were open for business they have six of the top 107 picks would it affect overall pick and they're willing to deal. Quote from jets GM. I'm Mike McCann said we're open for business in every round. Ever vital de wet. They have dumped all of their cargo. Just trying to keep that plane aloft like how. How would seem that bad could be in such a miserable cap position but I I guess it's maybe they got got that backwards you weren't terrible gap position so therefore you're an awful team parade Marshal. The ball. Object I would I would take a chance on him I think that if the willing where the prices right. Our apps this despite all the crappy said this we are last year in the years past about the period blah blah now we looked bella checked. You can tell he's petitioning himself to calm your system the price is right. I would take a chance on I don't think he would be disruptive here I think you deported his place in and it would be I love seeing ex jets come here. You know try to run and went were trying to add to our win a ring I have no problem that. Yeah I mean. I try to cut him some slack because yes I always thought it was just a terrible human being. Many came over that thing about the personality disorder and I think it might be would yet. Because I'd I'd I'd just face it always conducted himself IDs of pretty good teammate. He's not at all bad on the on nine inside the NFL light and maybe there's some legitimacy to that was a disorder and he's got treated whatever. I don't think the patriots need it but if he wants to do what Chris Long. If you would just say hey look Al Al plea for nothing much else kind of resentment Buddha like career yes exactly. I'd give them a shot it don't know feel that the system don't know if he'll be able to arrive so late that stuff and all that race. Betty delicate oh lead for Bill Belichick they won't grasp the offense how are down because they're. They're they are picky would it is certain it takes a certain skill set and it's multi what's between your ears to get the nomenclature in all the reads. And do the kind of things it's a a Malcolm Mitchell is able to do that say a Joey Galloway wasn't able to figure out you know Chad Johnson wasn't able to take a shot at bat. What more than it is good to watch the jets take their most talented players and dump them. It can't eat the money that angle is at the robotic nick angle on. And ultimately it. Did this against like it's a fairly guy cutting the top talkers and one of the episodes of the year this just in Detroit has given up back to you. The jets the jets have give an update they have. They quit. There aren't yup she gets put into towards fourteen to got a quarterback that you want to trade at everybody and anybody. Who will listen. Admitted that dog they thought I got to be competitive I really do. Any only play three cancellation of Eric Decker you know has had a good games against the pats there's rumors about the getting rid of him and keep this in mind. As we hit free agency. And the patriots are going to lose some guys you don't wanna lose they won't go while the sign big name guys that you would like them to go out and sign. This is there a formula for winning and if you go by what the reactionary people out there want the pundits though you know the Ron Borges is a whenever. You'll end up with the jets. You you end up chasing guys like Darrelle Revis who was a colossal disaster and put them in cap jail and you people like Mike Felger thinks the cap is crap and there is no. That there is no reason to even argue about it Scott explained to me how the patriots went at it open or just so that might wanna keep harping on him but. His thing is always to say it's not the x.s and knows its the Jimmy's Ngo and. Okay the patriots got rid of a Jimmy by the name of Chandler Jones. It LI GI Joseph by the name of Jamie Collins. Darrelle Revis they replace them with guys that are basically. You know from the Droid factory. That Bill Belichick made is a fine these guys and who goes on and why I don't know forgo that can plug in and do your jobs in and keep what they're assigned roles and not freelance. And that's how they would super bulls. And it's not sexy and it's not glamorous and it always feels dangerous when they let a guy like Donta hightower hit free agency without franchise Saddam. But he is stick to it and it and it works you take for assets and you turn them into ways to help your team right now Jimmy grapple is an asset. That has tons of value on the open market teams will pay through the nose to get him. Pete you have to get a return on that you can't just Khaled Abu withstand a hold that Microsoft tablet. Absolutely and they ended well it is there is I'll be shocked if he is saturated at some point. Made up tomorrow and maybe midway through this I don't know but he is getting traded I still think it's gonna happen before. Before July. Obligated to all of its 6177797937. Bob Paul and others see you guys lined up provost right we get back from break right to your phone calls George Awad Sports Radio W Riyadh.