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OMF - Former Red Sox team doctor Dr. Thomas Gil weighs in on David Price, 3-3-17

Mar 3, 2017|

Dr. Thomas Gil calls the show to let us know what seeking a 2nd opinion REALLY means, and why so many pitchers are facing Tommy John surgery nowadays.

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Now back to more Fort Wayne remotely and Fauria watch Sports Radio. I've always if we're broadcasting live at the national golf ball. For instance his problems were not under their opening ominous start working around June and the new OK so. Free stuff like anybody anybody the most setup lots of food options at the world. Like the count or at least a full clubs and sort of like. Let's talk to our medical guys from Stewart healthcare doctor Thomas gill former. Position with the Red Sox game with the patriots. Doctor how we doing today. Well. Some interesting stuff going on with the Red Sox down in Florida says David Price says that he's feeling some discomfort. It is for all our heads felt some of this before but this seems to be a little bit more dense. They go and do an MRI and then the next thing we hear. Is that he's receiving a second opinion. And the second opinion is going to come from doctor James enters a deer in Indianapolis to doing it right away we said here yesterday these guys have played the game. I don't think I've ever heard of a second opinion where the first the MRI is good news am I missing something. Yet I've missed anything I mean I think there's you know it can't happen that like the guys have a lot of pain and says look my arm is different. If sticking doc who's looked out and says gee we don't see much on the MRI or I can't figure it out on your exam. And typically. You know I'll go to get a second opinion and as you know a lot of agents as soon as their guy has anything wrong that it yes for the second opinion before they get the first opinion. But they're clearly when that guy I have David crisis stature as saying. Or coming to eighteen saying it doesn't feel right. Org yes I've had this year problems in the past but this is different. That's got to meet typically a pretty big cause for concern. You know doctor it's too Tommy Johns kind of evolved to blow you look at guys that must adhere to knock evened out Bloomberg and his team they avoided Tommy John. And get PRP injections it's it's. Have we come to that point where if it's a small little there EP VC both these guys perform well Bloomberg last year and after the last couple years it's not necessarily Tommy John Boston. Got a grip or Lou that is certainly the whole field of regenerative biologics in general of medicine that's what we get that has sort of been really. Try to pioneer right now PRQ injections bone marrow stem cell injections. Yeah I'd different types of this goes supplementation. Anyway. He went when it comes down to is if someone's got through and through care of the alt a collateral ligament in the elbow which is between so called target John ligament. PR people can do or anything. At or even a high grade partial terrible too much but a lot of times. If a guy's got a bad sprain or luckiest day just a partial pay our I absolutely had pitchers used PRB. And the deal is though it had this is the part that's kind of a hard sell for the player for the team. If you do a PP you really have to not throw for twelve weeks. If you if you throw anything before that you middle not a good PRP injection. So's those things where art buyer beware. Older guy lots of money they'll. Abby you know it's thirty year plus guide. Is something that. You know beat the threats that you like or they'll send it guy you know which could knowing that it's probably gonna happen. Let you know Chris what that. You know things whereas with the team you know there was such a cop brought up where you know DL or you know management with. Agreed terms. Or opera guy contract. And then come to the medical staff and say you know were approved product but it do you like thoughts on the deal and you know I was federal this is no way I would ever sign off on giving a pitcher like a five year deal what he's over thirty years of age. And if it's only child lack yeah I mean sounds to me a little bit like Lackey situation. Again I know nothing about what's going relative price right now I'm not suggesting we're trying to guess having that does disservice to the player by. You know the political Lackey situation we was with the angels. Kitty history. Every year or using an April or so April or may. Cabinet elbow pain and ask you just know that what happens every year until we get through a little bit. But actually be a matter time before Torre is the tightness. Right in the inner side. Who we are doing that deal was first time he's ever been done. We should look to get pretty he would hurry up from a five year deal as sitio as far as Vinatieri is is our. Ligament you know be forced contracts over and so we have a unique you know solution which was. To the outside so keep the fight you're offered 85 million that they had. But if you do charity seekers or Clara or we get one more year at the minimum so we want five years of service for five year contract. Appetite if you don't kind of got over that he got to take until you have to do but I don't know any pitcher especially a power pitcher went over there there are gonna start to break. Then to market allows it to happen Lackey was in the different predicament obviously than the price was in. So I'm looking at this thing now and saying that. It's like a car. We look at it comedy you've got a 150000. Miles on an arm and everybody is going to get this eventually. Because the army is not meant to do with these guys had. What it. Is very interesting to look at this if you just look at the biomechanics of K look at ligament strain you look at muscle strain but pitcher. We get a lot of studies that looked at exactly what you are what forces are in every literally with every pitch. You might force elbows he is enough to carry that ligament. And what you think about that for a minute that's really saying something. Why doesn't care it's because the the muscles on the underside of the form of the flex a muscle like you dangerously. And then your fingers. The muscle disorder shot absorb all the sort some of that stress. The single biggest factor. To whether or not you're gonna have a Tommy John or break down your rotator cuff formulated from. If your mechanics. And ended discussions. So you can count indictment macro met when Matt Clement was with the team. Look at big arm. But yet this kind of very atypical tightly throwing motion and he broke down very quickly you know in do is deal. She's got to get kind of has that doesn't want to ask your doctor David Price as of recoil right when he delivers the baseball. In in my in my wrongly assume that puts more stress on the back of the shoulder or that it now. Yeah actually it's once if they actually go together so sometimes ruin your career did you see guys. Especially pitchers that had this sort of problem and employed after elbow. Or vice Versa. And related because you know when their national Turkey can't. Which are altering your arm slot or altering. How far you're bringing your extra working shoulder back. That by definition puts increase stress on the elbow and vice Versa you know that is it. If he's had a problem this well he assets which were with the shoulder and that puts at risk for shorter injury. But his motion that is you know that it when he intercepted made him successful. I'm the only guy that I saw that has changed his mechanics later his career but successful like that was with Pedro right and he became. Plucking that he threw more off speed stuff. Electoral power pitcher missed a very successful for awhile until he torturer tipper. But yeah it's it's the mechanics of the biggest problem right now and power pitcher like if you Strasburg type. You know you'd need would be unique he came at a time when you spectator. We'll see that that's the thing for me it's a distinguished Holler in the game right now it's not just an over thirty thing I mean we're seeing kids college high school. You know 2324. Blowing these things are blowing having Tommy John surgery shall. You know how do you obviously get older this. The more chance of your bodies just aging has more miles on it but how'd how do you look at we don't invest that 24 year old couldn't come. Well that the the single biggest factor in and disparate of that work my soap boxes sports medicine. Where things that we see every day. It's the fact that you know kids that do you use in professional baseball player but how many different sports that you play grownup. It. That is what I used to do armed missiles right now if you look at baseball prospect. You played baseball spring you've got some aspect. Select art that teens and canceled. You've got anything to playing the winner in the SE trying to recruit college. These kids literally never stopped short indeed we see more on each on injuries in. Thirteen year old now fifteen to reassure parents come in and saying wait a kidney that would Keiwan. Baseball schools can do type job because they get people come back faster and harder so. This in the biggest problem is that his approach match at a young age. Sounds like they're. An attack. And advocate. This. Put a direct. Doc let's go on the premise that the that this player needs to have Tommy John surgery and they do it fairly soon here. What do you believe the timetable is what is he like let's say we know we jump the awards he like in 2018. Or do we have to wait until the following year. Before we actually see the best of the sport. So typically you just start playing catchup for months. He's got thrown hard on the flat on the ground it's six months you can get off amounted to eight months. And then that I can admit the earliest just ten months but most people it's a full year from Tommy John to be to get back in the game. And then after that it's typically it's your second season back that's going to be better than your first season. It. And I have reason to the opt out here. I always talking to you thanks Nadia for the advice we appreciate. You got it. Vermont Stuart healthcare and obviously is he said and that you hear this. Second thing but it's not just descended Indianapolis wolf sequences like you that's the thing with David Price has never had arm shoulder noble injuries before and we'll talk about the re water zip stressed the troubled notes that back you've shoulder. You know when you're actually stopping the if the pack and now weathered that is sole or you competency hero or heard anything with a shoulder with him before. Boy that they mixed it up to me it was the whole OK here's here's. If they wanna sign these these older pictures dirty girl pictures released an old and here's doctor deals and that's gonna do this. You got a note this is going to happen tonight there's going to be a cliff necklaces Tommy John surgery so. I mean the fact that Lackey Lackey out and that in this country and actually. Having that leverage and a great weather but still Hewitt's youth at this it was what you two million dollars so we protection we outlook he'll sleep at night because. We look the way you throw all charged look at that data so we know this eventually you're gonna lose. It's interesting because. You're always there obviously he just admitted that he told the team we're not gonna son play it now don't do it. Or thirty because it's going to be probably be sent to long term deal. John Henry adopted that philosophy when I'm doing. They pass at the time on Jon Lester. Get the marketplace decent angle. We're doing one or not until later this is to take big game pitchers. But when they hit free agency they're all morning 93031. I mean you. Normally unless you get that big leagues that nineteen years old article six years before your freeagent. So predict or 22. You know 23 years old Knight Duckett forty Tony nine. Maybe somewhere there was you know after your third year in the league it was a five year extension right the small little the small deal you sign. And next you know everybody is thirty. Do you want one of the best pitchers in the game a point 930 assault at some point you say yes we do all we just know we're not gonna dive in a free agency. You if you say I'm not a game but it is point out there that's what made brick Marcelo when they traded on the extension was 26 point seven but look how long did he is extension for. For years you know hold its going to be thirty. So at thirty years old or so well Kurt good port three years last three years in Boston someone's gonna. What do you indictment that we think David Price would have said they said we want to put this John Lackey. Clause in the contract with an offer of veteran minimum Bos and we offer yet another opportunity is yet another boy here's the thing. He says to her and usually it is going to be a lot of signs right so one of America are also noted that price has dealt with the discomfort. Like this before. But it hasn't been to this extent so it's always been there it's always been the signs already it's always been there is a matter how prisoners burning power hitter. You go to camp and after like you know the first. Fault for five days you hand your wrists their little sore but it's normal to feel ground balls. You know he's grown a little tight uniting your hips a little bit but it it's normal. So that after those 456 days. Know week to week three it's not normal anymore you know when you your your hands not wrist is really bothering him sixteen million MRI gets around to rest up. This is a is that there's normal aches and pains that you normally especially for pitchers in the first crawl. This went beyond the normal for him. Priceless views Paramount she's got a problem here it's been right now. You know maybe it's okay maybe you were fine maybe establishment that's what he's got to duke like six or 77797937. That's our phone number we'll get back talking more about the patriots as well. At again 6177797937. Mood among.