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K&C- Adrian Peterson to the Patriots? ; Headlines with Kirk; The Democrats’ response to Trump’s speech 3-1-17

Mar 1, 2017|

Hour 2. Kirk, Gerry, and Trenni want the Patriots to avoid Peterson. Gary from Chicago is a criminal. The Democrats had a elderly man give their rebuttal.

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And Callahan. After everybody ago welcome good speech governor Kirk medic are going captain Kirk I've never heard that before overreact anybody I don't read finding ways to me give me Geithner got any we get a month that they're certainly obviously Bobby Valentine the golden boy thinking was overwhelmed the it also got our feet we regulatory retired he's Smart enough he's experienced enough with -- committee had my voice Jerry Gordon would be best shows in this review vision by far everybody knows now we might need to offer people an escape that Gergen. Sports I promise you what makes you say we're better than treading into mosques by the close topic I've always felt like two hippies I love it now I want somebody king can even if not a great outside shot your idol. The race for better since I've been on they have that not just open station that's fat I'll turn it back and Gerry Callahan. The best big job ever heard we are blessed to be judged by who you know it's just poor woman this widow who use that as I'm just thinking about my ratings because this isn't a game Brian is looking down very happy because I think he'd just broken record he's going out. The charges. It only USA O'Donnell on Sports Radio WB. Hello Howard too perfect now. Joy joy joy happy to see what you. I loved so good segment that I Atlantic. Regret when trump would have to have a look back. When you look at that haven't and talk to try and balance that hit me right here Turkey. You're feeling it. Probably it is private moments and missed so it's my. Let me grab them by the U guys. She was some. Attractive woman I mean. She's grieving but I moved there like a bitch did very athletic so collect a twenty to protect a runner fitness freak. I'm committed nicest thing you've ever sent in animals and more from that your free will restraint as a sweet sweet sixteen or from mom Ryan owns what should become one of those Alex so ago. Kyle's wife. Yeah Alex. Pals what we've known them looking woman either option very handsome or the it was a crazy. Mother. You know protest to use when bush was present in Texas Obama was elected she disappeared right the media just. Dumped her like a bad habit. Susan G city she million Sheehan. Sushi and yes Cory and I don't blame who's grieving nutritious crazier and teachers' package a little compassion good word and as you with the code pink crowd and they were very vocal bury them profile until. Obama elected in great passion and the 20000 drone strikes would just move part of the job wasn't too big deal anymore. Anyway before it got to stop this stuff what you should know is not a lot of things millimeters they don't know. One on Monday nothing in nineteen I think Kirk Monahan I think I can and then that's not what I do and I and it's it's the Brady pajamas. I don't Wear a red based think oh they do they think they're excellent really is why the bottoms and aware of the top do you Wear diesel big teaches you it is not cheap it's the last thing in the world is thought I'd I'd love for under armor does it mean some really could have sparks are too big for him right there be any debate for a year to victory for me and what they're very comfortable than not each and all he's wrong. When you wake up in the morning. And that's why I'm so glad it cheerful right America right now just anxiously beneath it and that's us. Dale agrees with me by deals that the gyms and he believes in every set yet I don't actually say yes what is it. He says that two days ago you'd actually this gets out there that. I believe this she just curious that's all you want it does work for. I mean you know he could be a stooge if you want that's fine I don't you guys who think the magic but the comfortable tired they are a guy called me today the same guy called us and ready by an approach called Taylor Hall he about. About the right thing in the course is always dale takes me deals never takes us and ever. Never he sort of us he did not never it never happened to sick idiot Iowa he's at Purdue and would. Not do the same thing as I mean that we would try park it was in trouble would do whatever torque. I went to president. And red meat with the rim discussion Kurt is written in Greek isles I know that's. Confessed in a way. To us on our show that he went too far enabling you saw. But time and his son was thirty. Mean it was a little ENED obviously pack away dale from what did about the jobs. Mean I watch it's I wasn't gonna admit to this I bought and good and I dollars from the from like three weeks ago. That's what we're talking just two days ago if you if this is a show on Tuesday. Who is this this Wednesday there right on Monday talk about the downs. It's when he talked about taken as what to brunch which I think is very cool by the way it was yesterday Alex and Pete. Mocked details as Westbrook he's taken to private Bryant nice features that are that great gift why can't I don't know that what's issue that. Taken. And I commend her good friend is a slight short ethical week what was wrong thing. You agree I could out of the big name as her birthday it was great it was a lovely it was really fifty. Fifty grams. At that I was told. It was quite that I can't wait to see it. Jerry gets me from fortieth. Site what is it April April 30 you're going to some crazy place I am not going to Spain Spain that's what you're afraid. She's afraid not afraid and oftentimes I'd assume once in north Koreans and to go to Spain and stated very long North Korea if you read a man called. I know that I want to take a bus tour Wednesday. Don't take a bus tour it's a great great book over rate was conspicuously. A medical. In US we call you guys at the end. I don't believe that he doesn't look to open on on to be fired him for the Portland yet you re not ready. You have I heard the movie is fantastic as you'd you'd see what it's only and I warrants and site is now it looks kind of silly and give details asked for a rainy crazy nine iron film. And it's. And he always what bad what ails me shine our timeout like Jerry's gonna get you an in Spain for different when you're in Spain Natalie and English accent is on yeah room service breakfast tea room everything like a you can have some for an hour thing. It certainly where can we get something free from my advertisement. Really one you're on bag some O'Reilly auto parts yet we will get your area what branch. Let's get you practical future. Not evil things what is it like I mean I definitely will get to sell them but I'm sorry I interrupted you my fortieth birthday we didn't show we had a whole celebration here. That's true we'd strippers do about it. A beautiful is our lasting lesson interest applicable rod mess and the directives to avert the eyes in the world because the strip those are good bye and got lapped it's on nests out of about a bang from two literally wasn't quite that good for the two girls who I would say. If Penn escape second sale. And one is. And who. Rosie Rosie O'Donnell articulate and four. They weren't selling actual torch tomorrow. And they combined weight of let's say seven he's mechanism they're very attractive anyway that would convert the presence could fill a river we could lead to male strippers from trendy. I was just as I do not wants reports. Too that my time recollection of a male stripper my. Frank had when I different got married youngsters like 21 and we've got hurt him. Yeah it's different brands I was different. And we had this cancer prevalent I can right now picture in my head he would like at blue. By the way your birthday last innocent and Halloween you addressed his own hands big day when you've got elected as he addresses phone right. Yes I would that was fun day that was a function you sort of wacky outnumber you may not ours to release a constant with the with them make up. It was slick you dress up as addressed is one of the Lloyd Christmas Lloyd Chris and Paris as one Christmas produce hundreds of an effort to. This idiot he shows up. 530 mourners have nothing these enough and he just that scramble and stuff and stuff under surety that the Baldwin and a sweater vest. The sweater vests that comparison is that it ranting like Tony Wright added that it was followed with a good time you're a good mood that day unlike today where your bitch. What Ahmadinejad you can say I thought Pringle decreases Frankie he's cranky. And mean. Will they do more good mood yes. President delivered an A plus speech last I was proud of spreading projecting optimism from. Forget is that what you do you signing appeared nuclear deal which is viewed you yet the correct sounds will be deal from like nine years ago. Yeah this is dale talking about how pajamas are working I'm telling you received a great. I've got to tell yeah. Is that they're really comfortable in your mind idiots at and yet noted as it's it's like I waste all this money these things don't work think it's all I've convinced myself Natalie Allen did not trying to convince yourself that you actually pound break you think your town bringing up Brady on now yeah Brady tendency to get that Brady that the that this is in the allies. Beat him mediums and it's yeah champs they are they. Do you meet cool. I don't know what they get they got funny little pattern inside of we don't want right now and what do for the summer. Not don't know I I I sleep on top of the cupboards and at York. I ate I grew. They're cooler the Cuban dancing is supposed to work he seems to convince themselves right is that saying it works. Pretty nasty is he says he can always something or even just don't believe. Let's go look at the right yes. Yeah mile from the same way at sleeping in better. No but they're comfortable you say you see spent 200 dollars you would've spent 200 dollars on the couple pair of exactly over the only a hundred and like warnings of top and bottom. Except it separate. That's a lot for projects that some of the bruins' Tim perfect Christmas if you know you buy people stuff they don't need in pooling and today at Christmas are selling in jail. A circle doll so now he does not overpaying for 200 dollar bridge course. It's far for. Yes far infrared that's why looks so good this morning yes our infrared and have I worn in the first ideological. Colors for yet down to hammer and a I discarded and I'm not worn them since the first night yet. Can someone else can the camera. Curtis are trying you know I don't want and I don't want any touches naked body washed. Why Ottawa they got any little pattern inside. A funny little pattern in for a great job is today anyways weird like that you really don't pay significantly I didn't Josh what's it for Christmas like you're you're actually try to fit in the room teacher sister brought to run which I don't like it across. You don't like him with what do you what he way to bed and now I have right now IV short aboard a five cable for five years ago but better. But I'm can yes the question okay. So I Il me I've troubled by apparently the next open opens that's what type of B and all my shorts and bite you breathe some business don't stricter ones like cutting the it was he just by Phoenix Arizona Phoenix thanks for the shirt they sell its stride and I had our I have a picture was really comfortable item on the loose and talking good bad time for its return to the movie and certain uses Wear underwear and where some of Knoedler true identity on an Indian special night and hand half right into the bathroom in your program. They can with the it's a bridge the iPad that I now have finally individual Kirk in a product vinik teacher no underwear and three can now fairly erotic ones when you now you know Saber you're you're Brady pajamas to like a lucky caller list and want to do that and I let them some day I give and I chilly. And have fun as ever at her and now it's to sell them. Give money to charity no I don't wanna giving it chaired yes don't think so what he can doom from way. Due to certain things you close you don't Wear in the hearings get rid of them it'll go to their probe into cluttering and it was going to all the stuff I did a few weeks ago while that put in you know. But didn't commit an act and well yeah yeah. Again in the my brother which is sort sent to save face as rights of some homeless guy would elaborate Belgium's real Slick Rick. That's wrong why even know what they. I and calls they don't know what they aren't they won't want you can't Mikey did my pajamas have warned they might not cement on them would you would you weird I'd watch it. So clearly they would debate and it way too big for me and strategy. So let's see help. Can you sleep. With it again and look at each high style TDs and I interrupted you but half an hour ago you gonna make a point one pumping two appointment to head its grant cigarettes and he points what one will get back troubled shores. But you know seizure Peterson thing in the afternoon guys started yes for the patriots snuck inside the I did setting its peak at times creep. I don't want him here frontpage it's been one department. Barrel had a story and I do a Google search in Google search agent Peterson patriots won the first thing comes up now. I go to Harold and of course immediately the Canadian. It's my fault for going there a website. Harold what website is is the be successful things on the planet it never works ever never ever I don't I don't agree why her but I hatchet and Kirk you're herald. Fix your website and yours Carroll guy has. December Evans wrote actually in the diocese is by design. As you can't read it online you have to by the paper my rather used to pay walls and yeah and and ways to force should by the paper's web fortunately the paper. Let's not brilliant work you are angry the problem. I mean I did say work bosses say on kind of its been this way for one last lady about it and yeah have a great answer reader I don't understand anyway so. Here's what the patriots always mention when has a bad guys on the markets is there you know Belichick. Generally doesn't care bowl PR. He doesn't care how it looks so you go to the team's. That are on afraid the cowboys usually number one rush to push me to the patriots are on the short list list of these guys you know assigned names were. Chad Johnson I mean these aren't criminals Ochocinco just that though. But a dangerous and bad guys I think rotten guy they signed them Aaron Hernandez they drafted him. But. I think if Belichick were. Completely and shackled. And didn't have pressure from above he would have side and Ray Rice. He would have sent he needed that time of pass catching back he's needed he loves Rutgers guys. Ray Ray Rice was very kind of yeah I think he I think he fits the bill I think he kicked the tires on rights but don't take Peterson's bad casting a short note that I know and they have no we don't forget to think about stopping the leaves and mean you know. He says poetry visual running right whose story rice was 27. And with the thirty pounds fighting back on researchers as he had chattering classes have been injured players I had to. Is needlessly be reconstructed. I mean I I think the list is very short of teams that are gonna. National interest in May be the raiders. Show interest in Peterson I don't think you'll be effective arms this very it's very very 3233. Year old running back who's. Any good at all especially one as reports have been hurt which is a million carries Wright issue is more proof white pages do what they do they'll bring in somebody some unknown running back but then you know Jamaal Charles is an agent Peterson's and I can. Now Null and some other team will. Assign them some other team we'll certainly pay the more they have no interest and it's too bad it may be good for business. Eight agent you said the reason no good piece of garbage. But we would have sometimes terribly human being ever the storied history just read write a couple years ahead of the world can roam the wardrobe room chest to beat his kids just kids has made a mistake. He whacked his kid with a stick on the ball and that's finally that's that's when we see his kids. Which one it is you know sixty and just right and you think he only hit that one no of course not eating what the room when you have like a bunch of kids that to be a regular basis since we want to take a room. He has and a heated as it and it is were kept flip the switches. Kept. The belt. And that's where they sent in on the kids what they can do remember it was some video game. Yeah that's right to tell does that like you know I'm not and I manuals for a really dangerous for offing as four or do it to Harry keeps legitimately it's a major tired taken a stick and whacked him across but none of all wanna do it but you don't do. I mean. And and not only do what he defended like that's what we do keep key points in the ski said that he would sign as its either we pipe pay based on the. I just a YE a he's a an old school traditional running back like I formation running back I don't know why date in in an ad. Offense with the patriots that's a pass heavy what what we do for you. We can do mean me what you look at did you immediately Gharib block. That's right blogs this would be essentially you'd replace him would block that rather and that for the twin brother bought. I would too and warm and warm anywhere near my team my team your your daddy's. My champ Asian shares is Teresa and causing unfold champions coming off major reconstructive AC on the surgery again on side begins banished I don't sites like Ray Rice concedes they now know he's old Dolores is a worse human being mentally nobody cares you know nobody really cares that went away. Then one terrible moment in Ray Rice is a life. You know why nobody you could. Don't follow you know there's been out there have been over pictures of that kids. Yes bullet was didn't do have some other kid who died and sharply an hour before he never says it is and I get huge and can't hang on the canal beaten by the boyfriend the boyfriend to death. But he was on life support he didn't see the kid American didn't see him that it was in and never saw his dad and the kid never serves dead anyway likes quietly brought the heavy beard it was already gone he's he's the worst scum they what's right and I kind of wanted to so we can come up in Africa so there's there's no chance no chance no chance again. Tell me why he's in San ray writes there's only one reason we Democrat Bob Kraft Kraft and worked to Belichick I think. And I wouldn't have blamed him I mean I think ravens did everything I told Ray Rice was never played in the NFL and he's the month. He's a player Kansas north he's younger than. The Sunnis and National League now for yourself for years to a full years it's got to be right right and nobody is the hippie years name ever it's too bad. I think. That would be good example of what you have to do you pay a price shoe are you beg you go to chair absolute go to their pain therapy and you go to women's shelters. And you do everything I don't Venice fifty times and they signed him and every single TV station pounced on that cut over and over what they do to perfect an extra problems were just so sick I know you'll like this but there's no video that Vick went to. Jones and as and as he humane side here whenever Pennsylvania but that was also considered a valuable quarterback. Right big difference NBC I'd like it or not a big difference Suzanne whining animals and other breakfast should be frightened people care more about animals and human beings which is in Kirk's right there were video of him. Scheming alive a dog or feeding your cat or dog or rounding the video of him drowning in dog he never would have played today. But he spent two years in federal prank Vick came back in his first your policy was second or third league MVP and he right young right when Islamic read write like a mid twenties. The resolution on. Sure don't you know don't Ray Rice is approaching thirty satellites was now so he's used younger I was 27 and one bad years before that was very productive and he was what the patriots. You you point out that they don't need abuse and they computerized these past catcher. Mean obviously. Have found one in chains like that this change marine that on every magnified by guy right but he fit the bill and I think Belichick would have. Sighing and given the chance if not for craft art 617779790%. Of some good headlines today. One in particular jumps on me organ that is well more trump talked as well six point 77797937. Kirk and gallantry. From one of the planet's most understanding. People current Medicaid complete embarrassment to all of us men at its worst person. In the sports world a man known the world over Kirk Milan joining us now from Boston occurred and minicamp on a first name basis with America's greatness ball I talked to Brady Monday bill and I'm mad enough sincerity and remorse if she weighed. Fifteen pounds more should be weeks Kirk is most of all. Survivor. After WBA I radio and massive fires this guy which they now have to do that after fire could be lucky if he finds work. At the Perkins out there and every road exit and head chef it's time for the Kurds. Mill hands lives. Headlights brought you by doctor Robert Leonard. He Airbus expert doctor Robert 1800 get here believe might Komansky and over the next week for consultation excellent. I believe we have we have some Keith Olbermann on changed which is so good after trumps spectacular speechless it's a quarter of that. Come on people that's died. This sucks but the differences you have a job that's true of Francies in his basement like a worn out. We're living now that he he gave up their heart and tell you could try harder to think he sold his Condo profound because it doesn't accomplish that because when he doesn't have a job. He's come on some hard times would be that is probably get real money they have to enrich MSNBC you know I mean pre publishers got money no no kids are. No kids no car yet but sometimes when you have no kids in Munich lots of money. Stupidly spent stupidly not and how would you know different experience certainly going to Spain. On the track currency or start Barcelona number and out of I had the sale of organs and Santa Clara memory there Morocco Obama dynasty that was not in Spain and I know I told you that sounds also it also rock and you can really off camera may be. Blonde women in Morocco the dummy bomb the Levys are illegal their support us well you've got three other friends we know it's. The media people not. To the work have worked in media that behind this a perfect camel writing music like guaranteed part of the posting a renting a car in Europe this. You rent a BMW where English is BMW rivalry right side may generate yet there's not Islamic prayers for. So before you listen hiking until I was real losers there durable. I don't like big sweets that's what the bus present in the mental he was drinking wine moving. I don't give away and they can on every talk averages the different movie. So it's a book it's what it's about the winners and so the fruits of well look. And you read it Jerry's wife had your surgery might do you do you really cried in us dollar. Yes I your feelings. Don't lie news I mean it's it's very tan. I'll. It might read honest. And a goddesses of reminded her of me which. Of latter oh yeah. Call of I don't care what you saw it as an African about it that is all you need is. I'm gonna re giving me read that book says that in the back or use of you know what in the world's recommended. Was Chris Kirk that's pathetic I really recognize it as an agreement and inspire Terry Jones. He's got nuts it's America through its current dragged at a I Spain he's been fifty grand of spring announcement about that you shouldn't read about times and things don't go well it's. Now. That's right I got two books are good read for this Hillary I got one book and probably take you and here with a mood here and say look. It's Bruce Springsteen's autumn fall which he was paid ten million dollars steel towards the price I read about you suggested. I'd like to be next week. Combustible a love sprint to all of them before you know who was. That your older and I. A little bit of credit for that started my parents Greg and earlier one harder they have had sex they're fourteen when that old Gregory all writers. Mean yes one (%expletive) as it's gonna Goji musician like pages long it's two sentences that just goes and goes read it thought he can. Handle criticism of his hero nobody should not you agree with me right he is now very much over written they disagree all we're done. Were 5550. Page I can't really 300. I told you ought to do is read the chapter we says goodbye used his dad I read chapter and Elvis and the most you were he. When I just listen to just reduction in Orange model all of our right trying to prove something. Yes. Was he was trying to prove to strengthen Google's audience. I'm sorry you know. Right about you know Tony's the twelve year old boy indications that play football today thickest body spot. And today's your day. I did hit a he watched her in the kitchen and I your annual white gay guy one day I went there and Alan why do Thanksgiving McCollum has mosques. Center stated that made Springsteen's wife ordering lunch. And Miller and her web sector could read about it. I do all we all watch youngsters correct yes. That. I can't say that columnist but when you say his name is Gary from Chicago at that kind of law. That's only brought the normal people enough trees and treat him like a zoo animals that look or is weird right Jennifer it's a good sign glass one of them. This'll Lama. Look. These people who actually work for a living these we utilized its Achilles heel or addiction or like you you vacation and definitely in this is that crazy they used it. Fly in your eye brow. They always say and 500 oil flew in his eyebrow when he called I'm a consultant consultant. False you don't trust insulted me threat little at 500 miles guy. Serve but your phone have a retirement as the record to to to touch up his eyebrows. That point. Because he did that holds our special I'm Nat G our whole life like he's hoping is if I may get youths I estimate that Indy 500 miles for your eyebrow Nicklaus was to care about the line let this take this ride it for granted who could give it good or not tape tonight shutdown and they read the script great actor. Meet if you Arctic environment for granted in the world for granted maybe don't fly someone 700 mouse to do what any person on the street corner he has just think I got eyebrow he occasionally or I don't Jill what he's got some time off he rents the biggest yup. In the world. In the world as a man as a really need that and I understand it but you really need eyebrow consulted and never heard of it. Never heard of such a thing that he just finally tell us on board waxed and I count us out its browser out of control. Wait hey I love eject air again he needing or using here. You know it sees these messages I get together of solar for a that's an anchor I care Chicago's feel good story tickets turn. When emerged Tuesday that the the Oscar darling is a registered sex offender. Gary Allan Poe became the toast of tinsel town a few opens and so with Kimmel and if it's anything Casey effort doesn't like is registered sex offenders steal his thunder. Scary Gary Allen told from Chicago where you from home I just lose your confidence there now. If you didn't should you believe that these people frequent my TV maybe and I know it's it's a good idea there isn't three days before this yes he was. Yours ego. Here's a car 300 California's notorious three strikes law that told a mandatory 25 years to life sentences. After three convictions about how small. He visited prior 1975. Attempted rape conviction music teenagers. Total California is Megan's law register for sex offenders because of the arrest the lawyers said. I was what you wanna grand theft its instant for shoplifting twice we'll want to run Merrill Streep it must then they should put. It's a tentative I rompuy as well let's get heat could cause that's true as you would merit my will be overtures rape rape. Oh that's right it's she's talking about. So and the woman he was with his is was a he better push. I'm on any woman has while there's Jewish Jewish and are attracted to wit who'd like right prisoners and then go visit them with India being a gold point what's the great. That's the three parties BO miniseries is a couple years ago one of getting off the three guys gaining tackles these other guys you know talking about. The big east here's what these three guys to get offered to big they were Iran convicted of killing these third one Oscar for it in the documentary that's vapid. He met his wife she wrote letters all the time in prison with a visit. Rectified notes not rectify or the prices a fictitious show. So this is a document a big shot a shot at a consistent go blank to rectify ever find our real show. You want to document Love Boat. Happy days. Certainly goes family time hurt because bananas. At 55 Manchester by the C. She's did you see it right now who's gonna live with whom it. It's a he hated do you like about his uneven. I've ever show latest you're one of the worst performances in film history I hate people Fleetboston acts of the worst I know you over the world. I did not like her character and I heeded the Boston accent I just I thought the kids in the movie also did have responsive accents up yet but you quit there but I actually thought that bikini. The boy deserves. Women aren't worthy of a nominee. Yeah Michelle Williams insists the best performance of any actor in any movie this year he should have been nominated by Fred Samuel Jackson tweed is a mystery right. Was the little kids. Not to be grown up a little kid in line in the first half of line was on the belief amount to little antsy and West Memphis brewery yes that's a name of the documentary. Paradise on paradise lost it's like heck that's why some and it. So it's it's. Eyebrow artist is from Sydney Australia mr. Remaining they have the best I've wrote artist Sidney they're known for him there. And I waited as he Jill of all schools to LA because LA doesn't have any good bro I always have a jumper and right now cosmetic plastic field actually not. Their tempers eyebrows were good at you know. All the pixels onto that stage he gave up best actress whose onstage for the three minutes and yes and yet he all but marketing Curt Young but I like Carolina and Leo Vanity Fair really. I rector is too big publicly that the guys name's Lee the woman's name is Sharon Lee Hamilton she's that she's gonna do couple other celebrity's eyebrows while she's in time of all force. Back to Sydney and Leo. And how she finds time for such altruism. It's Abrams done current clearly have you like Palin I'd like ever you know let's say the cup match the call he died like your parents how to. The action does not blessed by the way Jennifer's seagate that will be 625 dollars she wants her that she wasn't happy she ventures to leverage open she left for them. Jenner else should also not wrap it up for another and where I think let me Jalen well isn't it last time difference and paid for some passes. Or. She was wearing eleven million dollars in jewelry that Washington. Known for me that story. A lot of those who I mean a lot of eleven million a lot of normal a lot of now a lot of those women ages and even the guys they just a bit length then what is that ridiculous it's an average access. And a who's behind. Really really dollar necklace really really rich people. I would I haven't heard Dielman sounds good Chris good can pretty good this is the resistance trucks travel ban is a Muslim. And he's immigration enforcement order is eight per doing. It's hard during the frivolous novel yet or anything else. It's just getting warmed up a bit more I was trying to tease it you're gonna go back headlines property by doctor Robert reaction from anyone else Bernie Sanders we of that nut job harder for Lizzy. Does Lindsay go public if you go to she stand and I heard yesterday on NPR it was before she ironic you're paying your best. Shot of Lindsay was when she was schooling and marquis I think he clapped for something. She didn't just give me I got but I thought I was an adequate Democrat last night without frank. And you you're you're the purpose of the same I really having breakfast last minute. This blocks breathless no one was worse Nancy Pelosi I was excited so she felt like a person well that's true she's like actually did you arrange such as she is viewed puts at madame tussaud's in us but she looks like. Our headlines brought to you by doctor Robert and beat Airbus expert when we'll come back. With ornaments out of the reaction as well in your calls six point seven. 7797937. Per gallon which. Well I have plenty of time to address the American people. The governor of Kentucky did a fabulous job I thought tonight his speech. Shines. And I think was a much better speech than Donald Trump's I'm a proud Democrat but first and foremost. On the ground equipment and things and mostly America and like mini review I am worried about. The future of this nation. I am a proud. Libertarian also proud Democrat and Republican. It Green Party member on hands and I wanna get you in reverse mortgage. That was embarrassing it is embarrassing today to these Democrats assess feel bad for. Democrats and I'm proud Democrat before my first and foremost. I'm a proud Republican. Worst of fire and brimstone you know forty year old Democrat I don't have set. Moulton the data don't he should be ago even on an extra real bomb thrower but think about it. You can Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer Harry Reid just left the stable and a bystanders. Joseph Biden. Hillary Clinton. Mean ease ancient that it might. Apparently seems like the titular head of the party Ernie was aboard a Communist 76 you'll I was with warmest and but when I saw Chuck Todd after somebody else and the reason they had this man dues because they lost a lot of old white votes to try. The company and they aren't in their minds is how we think that working here. They think if you have. This guy do with people who say oh my god that's right four years from now oval for some oval for don't thing. If there were election in the month it's OK just reach those voters last minute. That's a long ways off but you have to look at the big picture including 500 perception people like this is tacky it was just a realist is such a realistic settings are really thought they just had dinner that I have to of people behind them that no food not who they were just all sitting there. Which staring at this old guy from Pataki who. Nobody again if you fight a war war Donald Trump might. Fights and he said is nobody can find any four year old Democrat. Who wants to destroy Donald Trump likes of 72 year old we hi. Tired old governor all the real spokespeople from the Democrat party are only could be appropriate as that George Stephanopoulos which are on doing that pretty wrong on their way to get us. No but the view that I agree it actually grip as its modular re bottle the democratic response let's go to. MSNBC and Rachel madcow. Or whoever can degrade it was Chuck Todd core Democrat first and foremost I'm a proud Republican. I'll did you mean like and that crowd Blake something of the purple lit feet. How much or what I think he just he should select a proud member of the republic and the teleprompters let's Warren Beatty you cut him some slack he told. Americans are diverse people. And we may disagree on a lot of things but we've always come together when we remember that we are one nation. Under god indivisible while liberty. And justice for all I just wrote that. Consider itself like Dana Carvey doing Ross Perot and usage right then chuck Ross Perot which sounds. That he redneck than a year ago in an accident than you know what it says the Hokies setting to this dom diners so fake. There was led to a young guys up their young guy young girl is tough every week if you ask those are from a different and it was tough being a liberal last night because. I don't want that clock trump. Became. President on the 39 Davis presidency find me follow became the president. To teach your. Idea yet things are ever paid from and I expect I cared for at. You're so you searchers. Kirk usually at this prisons yes a very generous time. Through all breakfast and money or Richard and it's a who's who can do. A lot like Carter went very current reading on there from having a bar. So yeah it's almost would you rather have that'll pick from Kentucky B spokesman Keith Olbermann that's your choice to cruel. As we have the unofficial rebuttal under sack. And I'd go to guy from Kentucky is he reaches a broader somewhere in a basement in Brooklyn people don't go to a park where this fruitless. And. That allegedly detained a Mexican man at the border and even though he is in apparent emotional distress deport him again. Anyway and he goes to a bridge a few hundred feet into Mexico and he throws himself to his death. He is the purge of Hispanics. A I report from the Department of Homeland Security but the ban on travel from the seven countries will likely do nothing to enhance American security it's a Muslim bat. When you detain story did you visit these are taxes and am in real life and he's making embellished. He was born in Cairo Egypt's 62 years ago and he was coming here to speak. About the French BG government that collaborated with the Germans in world war two and how all those lessons have been forgotten. It is a Muslim band that now tracks directly back to the Nazis. All I feel like a one know what you George. She reach you think broader audience but probably someone like three Keith Olbermann as it's. Can you don't know it's hard I appreciate I appreciate the anger which the guy from Pataki had some of that anger and ballots would be you know I'm you know I'm a proud Democrat talk first and form the brown Republican. Now off the rails Allman is he's Smart he's articulate and he's stoned liberal. And he can keep its topic piece shepherd Karadzic and trying to exploit something. He can't find a job in the media he's on the I don't know what people around. Him is ended. Their complaints about him is that he's difficult to work way that's what a jerk and isn't that the most successful I think after awhile when you birds of the bridges and you're not making the company money. They say forget what point will they don't care making money and see what they fire. Again I can I know I can assure you we care about making money. Than what we have Chris gaff prone and and I know it gives so it was yesterday and what happens wise Brian Williams still important. It's kind of embarrassing. Not my parent company right on the very well I do think that it'll make you might I don't know why did irritable and it reduces an eight. I guess he's difficult it is also about six is that it was successful 25 years ago reading highlights. I think he's I think if you look this is really carry everything massive if you're going to be a massive. A hole to work whereas in you need to be bringing in I think eating drinking rap core I seen acting guiding thirtieth liked. Beside Bill O'Reilly. Sure absolutely according acts intended terror ever work where is where is. Syria and no video Ted dozens of unity it would displease that's what do you see her now. It's just read that's written up just a widow upon Natalie had little. Looks like a hostage it is like a blanket. You know blocking out the window. EU move that trump tower removed and some basement apartment in Brooklyn and that's where he does a Q you articulated perfectly he's an articulate. Wild Smart guy who hates trump trump as president in the taken shop. He must. Think of what. Up busy getting paid something for I had this huge you know you need those that own website and tired of hearing the radical right bull that they are. Else he's essentially sexually abilities were yes they're like tank when he's articulate he's even you know some things are little I think even too left for me they. For the most part he brings I reality might try to get me fired eight shots you should do podcast with him I mean I would try Allen outage was like yeah it. This is what makes it's good it. Take any heat to fake it pretty good came out a really solid enough to revoke garlic nose cut borrow. So players will think he's stuck on the coconut. Now yesterday's coffee talk to a Tuesday's it was a funny he's ten ways to be developing a conduit and I think when I hear the results 57%. Of people tuned in San endings. Very positive reaction to Trump's speech. That is amazing seven and seven of ten says the president's proposed policies would move the country in the right direction. An seven of ten said the speech felt made them feel more optimistic about the country that's a CNN poll right that is amazing Craig as in the mono or possibly the polls today after the state unions are always great always not assault on a 60% closest person she's expressed Donald. I started. That's letters he had proposed never seen him keep that again proposed meeting with a line a little weekend for 2 weeks after that morning I had a meeting they'll never end. Say yes just he can't even imagine the outage if he actually does invest in infrastructure which is one thing that I think our country fails miserably out. I I will be the first to say that that are in Spain. It's better than most European country with it in there you are my no I'm not and I think this country's event. This disappointment and a few and two. Iceland and I even Iceland Ireland Scotland. England. France. Is it really fast is an Icelander in the European countries considered. Urbanized ones. The German impressed. And France it faster and Germany and it. Hated since I spent three weeks and the Olympics. Lewis who was asked their infrastructure is vastly superiors. Also gives them later art six point seven. I want it can't boggled that the unions in the the left Olympic for an infant care. We don't think we need improve our roads and bridges and fathers and rated yes but you know what's going to be the trillion dolls gonna go to new projects. New projects that's what happens. On the gonna dig holes and look and I let anything I say even if it's something hearing much from Jerry to seekers it was when I disagree with is this increase in the military budget I'd totally do hate wow I hated it there is and much much waste. And I've loved what he says pull back and make a B no it isn't always you'll at least it was for red meat at the moron Republicans have been Hartman talked to a military that is and that's what are we spend more military in the of the neck that ten companies and I. I write our increase that he's proposing is more than the Russian military budget I I agree MLB on its total you know it never own meals at the bottom never lose Republican battle throw more money wasting more money and military ever. And this means pass plays as the reds aren't pleased with you dummies who think that the military's fleet trump country music. And I'm with B Shepard and analyst said simulate political. Isn't his favorite theater group. Let's not quite a name. Like Genesis. Genesis I Dziena asset on the field and I ask them so fast so for a while he and he like the last thirty years and is its who has Genesis. Billy Joseph and blue oyster told he took the car in that's all comes on he gets all excited. So Kurt as the invisible too much of those with the last thirty years. Sue sue Sue Bird that only Phil Collins and a Collins. Mean it's always say it's just a shame that some. Like the subject. Very Billy Joel's and so I don't know I love good and bad. And I got out about your dad Billy Joseph the worse. Or Joe's guess and played some Google compete in the would you play. My life on crappy known as crappy or tell her about this the like classic rock that's why I mean it's you know that's. Yet you've got a blue which trickles you're as bad as he is an issue once and once you like in the last thirty years and you could not I don't I don't like anything. There's just not protect you went out and get the cape Harris and all this description cake if you can. I was in the unit hits all the time I don't want is terrible deals on. Any other thing Milan's M I content. Aren't our three coming up 61777979%. And more on trump. Any of you wanna get elegant it was this show goes well we're gonna get. TP course they don't tell you ransom the what's written world. It has yes the late breaking news around world hangs in balance. They are. Let them vigil at ESPN praying it is okay candles being lit like Nestle science class know what I have a bad feeling about this we do that we get back.