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OMF - How much do the Patriots value inside linebackers like Dont'a Hightower, 2-28-17

Feb 28, 2017|

Glenn, Lou and Christian debate whether the Patriots value middle linebackers as much as the rest of the league does.

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On him when he. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and forty in this sport you play this baseball or what what is the sport and guys know we're doing today to point out board game better Lebanon's. Then at 130. Self important public crucial to you guys. I haven't lived. Until you've done lake color play by play for the eighth inning of the spring training your opinion do those guys were with -- -- and Christian I need to be refused meant to Maggie Mae and everything out show -- your baseball ignorance of her I'm not a fan of them and everything is an expert re I know what the ruling understand the parliament's role and so the reason that baseball does this is what it could be they re sort of way at all knowing I sort of way. I was very limited benefit baseball. On Sports Radio WEEI. I'm right back to the phone calls we don't six point 777. 79 B 370 is alone hi Tim. That little boy this afternoon. Most of all told dot I column period. Did you say that about Jamie Collins did say that about Ella Jones. Well it can't be right chick fil a isn't going his decision. That hole is what Leo that was not my belief slut but I didn't know what they're gonna decide to keep. We thought about Catholic Church Asian leaders who was more important. But you know the thing about him why don't they can afford to lose some and I think crucial part being green and make. He is the quarterback and at peace perhaps. Do you put that call the place. Now this style of defense they play he's got a great pass rusher but this solid defense what between me and foreign. There a need that I liked him a little bit vehicle stopped a lot. He continually had to paying for according to what I've been OK but this 65 million dollars under the salary cap. Did acknowledged you'll want to hear but what what could possibly Reid would say it they're region saluting him he does get hurt occasionally. He stole polite and I don't picnic and let him ball. I grew at zero and I think we were all agree he's when he's on the field he's got the green dot and he is quarterback and I would say. You gotta give some credit for the for the big play ability. That he has he goes back to Seattle's sue all of making that tackle that nobody really even recognized or so much attention to give us an alleged traditional Afghan Butler the book and then and then what this article month last month. Let me make it that sack you know granted he was on blocks okay who is for easy but at least he had enough recognition to you don't knock the ball out there and you don't make a huge fight okay. Don't tell me all along limit let me ask yourself how does that necessarily. Play into how Billy's going to look at a guy I think it's more likely what he's gonna look at is he played twelve games in 2014. Twelve games in 201513. Games in 2016. So I'm signing up for the next three years. How many games so I projecting he's going to apply I've got to play without this guy for four games a year. Daddy is the one weakness in his game quality get trick or you know it gets hurt because he get the good effort when he's out there like. I basically the racing visit years ago it all week including a double to push himself to break down it's not a wondered just how big given half and half. But but he hasn't been yeah. Two or should. Yeah. I was going to ask him political mud on the shelf. Let you know that fame ballot check respects leadership black. Import Christians and stroke this guy that big play guy. In the old guys you can ask that all you want the war without knowing that if Britain what stats attack. This guy play need to apply to make he'd make game changing play in Eugene automatically assign network guys even at these troops. I'm not an arguing point you made I love them as a player. I'm just looking into history of Bill Belichick and the team and how they deal with a if he wants top dollar at that position he's going to bat for every good bye to meet people in knowing that a statistic that engulfed. Don't want them is awful. You don't need him everybody wants them. Mean everybody thinks it deciding with the sound long term he should you franchises and I rather doubt tell them well look in his so he wants what did you say they keys is to make it a case to keep my don't think you have to make now he's he'd we don't understand what price the point is is that right now bill to do it valley once. If he let down there right now walked to go to another team it wouldn't shock me you know might disagree makes it to yourself god what is she gonna do. You always induced replacement another inside linebacker you know didn't do that and when the AFC east and equality issue that okay. President OK so where is where is the guy that leverage in negotiations. What leverage does Donta hightower him if he if he unless he wants to take less money. Then the true market value of his talents out there in the open free agency. What what leverage does he have always leverage ism I'm leaving. You know what they're gonna say. Go get a tea good buck at thanks for everything and that's the that's the problem where you know what Brill never gets a scenario where. If I don't have this guy where screwed. It's next man now they know it when they there and you know they know as the season's going on and in the offseason to get reminders constantly every single year next manned out. We don't need you we'd like to have yeah. But we don't need you but he's leverages a lovely thing a case against us and pictures to decide where that hurts and you guys have seen this before. Owners sometimes will get a little you know the knees will start wobbling a little bit if they dear friend didn't lose when guys are one of those guys to Robert Kraft know. And I don't either don't convince us that. Bullets compared to some of the guys what happened there yet so you're looking at just inside linebackers. So you start with Lou keep we every down guy. Better in the passing game is there's a season best American already thrown Bobby Wagner B start getting into news through Navarro Bowman the Lawrence Timmons. But right machines so Brian Cushing that's if you wanna do not everybody. Sort of our time all OK but he signed what is it 52 million dollar roll the top guys average eight point 75 million along go to the sign that. Did the last couple years all right we're just steroids and a yeah bias on the due to the point is that. If he's. We would you consider one of the top four linebackers as a NFL yes inside linebackers yeah we inside Lambert's pop up for the game or I go back to what I said earlier that the game is changing Saluki sleep every down guy Robert Wagner every down Gaidar Bowman not so much. She is is high tower this. Guys get big legs he's great at stopping the run but sold much of it now. Is can you play in past comfort. And we're seeing the game changing I won't say Matthews and our lineup for the linebackers I think you don't need to be an. So what is so it's both guys don't need to be you don't you don't need it has got to know even that doesn't always a bit you have one light like high calorie and other guys can move. You know I mean it's about you but how the got to you could put him. A you have to put an Indy. Any comfort situation he could be rush and correct a stand up guy just go to the court and a lot more of those minuses you know you're not a BA like a guy that shoots the gap from that mean to be that guy also forgot about coverage I have no responsibilities. But getting to quarterback fits OK so you can look at sixty they'll manage its sixty million. I just figured out bill's gonna styles money was gonna give balls might where's that. Iraq report the vikings will not exercise. 2017. Option on running back Adrian Peterson he's on restricted. I'd taken give me your Peterson fourteen any easier for the kids that and he's good at new clothing for the kids clothing has been that is going to be an interesting thing it is that it. New York if you if you take him. If you take Adrian Peterson. And sort of probably get to the point now where they're done deal when it okay and it is changing. So as much as Adrian Peterson who is a good throw a block and I'm about to throw a football threw it back now. Are you may recite them and administers Gaza it's a because that at least one analyst Mike if you memory UPS remember they and they made a bunch of moves and the giants in between you know mr. cryptic tweet. Do a lot of things in New York like it was a that he thought looking at New York Jets fourteen million dollars under the cap and hijacked in Greek position. And he just. You raise some eyebrows and Ausprey note New York that policy you're Peterson and attorney running back Jennings is gone and he said he tweet about it. But they don't have that much wrong. I gotta tell you Lou I'm sick of the tweeting by the by the players really meaning any. Think that we go through the Christina tightly as I would in funny guys these players are glassy don't know what's going on CNET and he called George issues. Yeah the Irish are blasting his size and this thing about fans getting caught up about that you know like thirteen year old son gets wrapped up about oh dad you should see what's what I say adjusted in order to swallow right. OK okay endorsed actually they're trying to do what happens over Clinton but there's another thing windows media. Credentialed media are now falling for this up all. My god. We just a good Malaysia about everybody at its bid sent that whole late mentality of being first to see it repeated its. And you don't but he left out. I really be oh look that's economic you don't get left out when and say yeah I'd send a comment about Aniston. I got a costly ticker phone at any age even knows what an mode she is I mean yes he does not just like bill knows what FaceBook is in that case sort snack shack that channels and all that it. If it's Kevin planes on Kevin. I am going to help you. I was you're talking about Il ought gently sending go out followed to Cleveland at twelve X yeah. You get bigger better deal would be sending him to separate this go for a middle linebacker like that honorable man and drastic as. All the science and expired years. So wait so said deck or upload to. San Francisco. And in the patriots did Navarro Bowman and just let hightower walk him what what is it just think. I just I mean I thought you guys think third rounder soccer draft pick than me grow up until one year left the site. I don't problem the first round guy he EU trading for and you're getting a first round for. I don't care if it's one I don't care it's 25 it doesn't matter you're getting a first round pick you can possibly a second round pick also because you can hold on till next year and at least get the top of the second round pick in May be more. Elena recently you know it the world make of these assumptions based on what we've seen. No wonder what a another GM. Who is seen this guy from afar wants to come out the draft but you know paid attention to the last couple years. Saw the last couple games that he played at what it would the Miami Dolphins feel about a war that Arizona Cardinals were they saying about him. You could realistically. Those that hasn't really had all the answers is it worth it or not compared to the other guys that are coming out. I mean. Here's here's your problem and try adding San Francisco trading away. Navarro Bowman they just recently signed him to a deal. A four year deal 42 million dollars. Dead cap money and showing it right they can point at twelve point eight this past year and point eight this year. Eight point two the following year. They can't trade a more. Yeah they can't trade more because they recently signed him and so all that bonus money they gave them up front. All becomes change you trade a guy just give a five year deal now you know you'd trade him. Three years from now he's got a couple left. 01 I get a stretch out Corretja to Gary I don't. Well they have expo eighty million dollars and crap it's not really like a financial issue for them yeah I mean they're trying to keep good players they have a good player and a contract for the next five years. At reasonable dollars. Do you do both and oh yeah enough figure to him you know we are Kirk cousins is cannot said he's not playing there in Washington it like to play in San Francisco yeah. Cell death of playing this recently signed in in a new deal. You're not gonna get in the way of trade is all of that bonus when he becomes do. Once you tradable weigh in so it's all up front and so they're they're taking a huge hit with a dead money here's Paula Braintree report. It's a good morning General Counsel of good ball. Good idea to really go you know this kid is the most. He can best defensive player on this team right now and who. Yeah I don't like to use have been almost run sect defense anymore the right hybrids so there's always somebody else up and covered about out of the backfield. It EU always note where did he always knows what's going on. And I think he should be the offseason priority to. I I love them but let's say I would disagree with and we would disagree I love. And that's a much. I might say well I might say Butler might be slightly more important because of the extent to the passing game OK but I did but I'll give you this with them I agree with everything you just said. Now put yourself into Dante high towers position. Dante that's covers already won two rings. This is an opportunity for him to score big time out here in free agency he's coming not only awful they Super Bowl at. But maybe the most significant play in the Super Bowl there are tons of other team especially owners who don't understand football say oh my god I saw that play that I dollar may we need to get that guy. And so big and offer him hot money for that position. Do you think the patriots will match hot money for that. I don't think he should take a pay cut I think it's ridiculous saying. This is presented an eight and these may seventh seven after this year. Why not a franchise tag on me if you've got to find a way am I going to keep this kid here. Does it gives him it gives the player leverage. In this case it gives him leverage. Amiss again you start off with the I disagree I don't think anyone deceit. Here nobody here thinks you should leaked eleven. Premise I disagree with the premise about the the game has changed. And he should go out linebackers now cover back you can always they went hybrid defense is now you. I don't want her playing a 100% of the players on the field. Saw that. We saw it. And and Christian brother for great point and that is. I think they started to figure that out they moved him around a little that OK they moved them around this past year put him up Mullen he did some of the stuff with them. So maybe you're looking at it that way we got to figure away around his. I just think if Donta hightower and I couldn't fault the guy. If he goes out there and this is his big payday and somebody's gonna offered sixty million. And you can sit there and say well I will but what about that in England patriots how can really be I want to raise their. Yeah I got it real. You're allegiance leaves in a hurry want to get multiple zeros there you're just like god this is great and and mullah. So how much are you willing to give up to stay so if so some other team is offering you two million dollars more. Okay and then then what's the most important thing in view you know what's your livelihood like Lakewood switcher and we will that's what -- we don't know where I mean so let me just pick a team and anything we do you wanna get up and debate against all pick if it's ten million dollar difference cable and you'll figure it out. Like your Pamela figured out your people figure out you'll be fine. OK if it's a million dollars at its some Bologna like it sent a blatant contract. You know that they're offering an Albany State because the upside eventually is better potato to an analyst Justin is a thing you don't do you know he loves it here. Misuari want to suitable deal he loves it. Thank you Hilliard and it is like now important agony I think that the challenges. So she her utility bill challenge becomes important when your forced it to deal with it like when your forced them when you know. That's the easiest option and the easiest way is sustained winds and you get the most face time you aren't you already know the defense everything's easy doctor hightower knows the answers to the test he based Tom Brady fired up he's put. Sayings that he might also sit there and seen on loved it here won two super balls there's no question. Same money may be little bit more money. The Miami needs a linebacker. I want I rolled down South Beach and Miami and the next 45 years and maybe just. Though these guys that certain things motivate especially party one that we have no idea what's in his head now and his once they gave c.s that's a discussion but maybe. You know Arizona go back out they would channel I can live in Scottsdale. What a beautiful life that is that can make. Fourteen million dollars a year to live in Scottsdale Arizona the next four years if that's what those winners a like lot better than this crap. Right I mean you have no idea. Can I ask you questions. Eat and they give them last contract mining and more bonus money orders money's not a cap is that correct. Took that given less easily but but really. Obama's own recordings on everybody's on account. Everything goes to the cap yes. Everything goes carries over the phone but no Sunday here on C what with the with the patriots will do. Is they'll try to give him a deal which makes it extremely friendly for them. I especially up front but eventually all of that stuff comes back the hardship it. It eventually gonna have to pay it. But I think two championships I'm I'm with you guys to two championships change everything when a player as one. Twice already here we don't know how much she loves it here we have no idea what he's saying all the right things you can look back it's all legal migration like wishing us. I didn't catch your eye candy you waited yeah U of southern I love you hear it and when he saw all your problems into the grass although it. If and and that's what I'll look at it it would just depend on what the team is if you're going to wait team. That literally has no chance you can look at the roster it's a really just I would quarterback. The Corbett BC they don't have a quarterback he's been in the league long enough but he knows who's good who's not he's already scatter regarded on the prep on all those quarterbacks. You know you're gonna give it to have a quarterback. Then he really is that it all about the money which is fine. It should be at here's your opportunity you don't get this opportunity a lot of fear and and it focused free agency comes around once in awhile you re lucky few gay. Two free agency contracts. Coming off of a Super Bowl win in which he made the biggest play of the game. It did he should he shoot deeply sorry you didn't we've learned this past a week. The owners get there infatuated Russert players our value system what did you. We can't make the deal because we need body yield gap as the oracle of our healed. High towers a guy that these owners of these other teams are going to know about it because he made maybe the biggest play in those Super Bowl he's right now you couldn't. Ask for better time for Dante and I it is. Perfect time I think what I would say let's grapple with the same yes it's a sample a lot of mentality with young as one I heard this guy's really good. That you almost don't trust her own scouting department that you hire. They're tell you he's our public we sell tickets. Oh and he's good looking guy. Get sick bodies you know looking at it from a different perspective later what's most working the owners selling tickets. So bulls jerseys and keep people who stands to get people interested in the team again. Double teams need that Cleveland desperately needs it Chicago neither coaching staff needs that in there about a BO one put out the door they don't win this year John Fox. We'll know and also has a history of not paying those guys what other people wouldn't get him to proceed what you went to see who balls here back. Yes when you left here was it you disposed and is driving think it did suck but if you had fourteen million dollars is it easier on yet crime a bag of money. But I don't I don't set a bottle it's not you win here you respect that process it's like no other place it players that come here all the new guys whenever but it is a lot harder. Right it's a little bit more strict age I don't know anything new that's is that it's just heat. Here it's like you Marty you're you're teams are set like your creature having you know you get it but this time he wrote out this time you know you know what you're doing you know to expect. And that's the whole like rats thoughts that's a whole Red Sox mentality guys high paid guys coming here all the cancer out like you figured out. Quickly and you ego gets a little bit dented too of Jacksonville was offering you 62 million new England's only offering you 53 and it's going to you have an instruction instructional little bit differently we'd say they don't want it Eminem really got really much of unlimited guaranteed money in everything you can always go back and you can always come back to test if you had a child and if you got all that money not only do you come back you can go back and visit. You're not even saying it the good the best western are married nonsense reports that. That's just not quite 6177797. Countries haven't talked to some football we are warned away. From the expiration of viewers use of your franchise debt.