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No rebounding in sight, 2-27-2017

Feb 28, 2017|

Mut returns to his show and begins by talking about the Celtics lackluster trade deadline. Mut is bothered by the Celtics not addressing their glaring need to acquire a rebounder.

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Venus please Monday night. We got to wait to be possible by serving football night and love it that's if it takes a whole other meetings here about the desire. The club with my. Senior citizens of New England. No one anywhere in this country feels any sympathy whatsoever for you when your team's. There are sympathetic characters. And then there are all of you now. Here's my. Night on Sports Radio telling you we. On what a rarity. Posting lounge. Oh here on W we Shiites but at night Sports Radio happy Monday happy. Boy this is really the sport said zone between now and I guess you wanna call it March Madness if you care about the NCAA tournament. As a single server and sort of two week event and Red Sox opening day April 3 at some NFL free agency sprinkled in and away we go it's gonna. Gonna be you and me and they'll be here until 10 o'clock tonight talking about a lot of this at 6177797937. You heard rich keep off tonight back tomorrow rob rattle Jonas from Fort Myers beginning. On at 7 o'clock and does certainly going to get into a bunch of different sides that you've heard a lot of the shows today. Right on this station in Sports Radio the next couple weeks for shore into April 3 the next month or so Red Sox opening day pass that. Where the NFL I think is surpassed the baseball when it comes too late talker on sports talk radio my grew up. In this market I grew up in in central Massachusetts in here the big show lower or below collier Dennis and Callahan at that time do. You know four hours in the Red Sox. New four hours in the game the night before in some cases or a series race side I think the landscape is changing a little bit. And I do think that the NFL is king and we will do NFL free agency. And Jimmy grapple Ahmet against every night and on here. In some way shape or form this'll be some days are amid with the the guys in the morning. But between now Red Sox opening day you'll get me mostly hear from six to ten in the show that's called mud at night should college be here at some point because. My name is now on the ship. But every night gonna get NFL free agency including tonight we're dumping high tower. That decision looms for the patriots but sketch I Skaggs and slapped on the league but I tower. Doesn't seem like a lock for that and it appears that Jimmy droplet trademark continues to. I'm absolutely. Peak. Where the Cleveland Browns might be ready to. Do what I thought was going to be unthinkable trademark the first tropics. I owe it to that we'll get to World Baseball Classic in handling the Oscars and a ridiculous law on the books now on North Carolina your parent gonna wanna stay tuned I. I gotta get a parents take on this as the father of two I find this insane. What they're thinking about duke and North Carolina. What all which in Allentown with your calls 6177797937. And on Twitter at mutt and UT RWE EI jet is here. Question to say hello now because jet has this habit of just jumping in people. You think you're a superstar you did for three years of big show until the but he is due. To a lot of people Jack are you I'm doing fine. Yeah it's a high to have it every host loves and only talking about people wanted to jump in known on on I hate it I I think you do a great job here but there are times where you'd jump into the people but the saudis know you are some say hello to you now conjured NBA freak in my guess is gonna jump in here. At some point on the NBA which is fine but I want people know it's yet. He's a produce year patio is a Red Sox do you hear a lot of jet that as the producer are on the show during Red Sox season. Will start the NBA because my friend Gary tank weight is back and I would say better than ever but let's say worse than ever. When it comes to tank weight and his belt he's Gary started doing this thing where he would. It's a video sell the belfry. He says he created it I'm sure it's a common term on social media I have not bid to deep dive into these healthy market as of yet we shall see. As it goes to things like valve V and FaceBook live in the median changes but Gary is known to. I'm videotaped himself all sorts of things playing play the drums. Anger at a a local. Instrument store and singing patriots songs. It is kitchen. Where he's Tony at a slice up the garlic. Like goodfellas. And then out of nowhere to just give you a blazing. Blazing hot sports stake. You get those every night on sports tonight my assumption is hosting tonight at 630 minute hand Webber's on their tonight Gaspar or training or whoever is on that show. So he took to his belt beat today. And he gives you what I attitude are getting credit. One ovals terrible Celtic seizure ever going to hear. When it comes to the Celtics and I guess is tied to the trade deadline but there's a bigger picture here. Let's let's hear for those who have had the pleasure seeing Kerry Twitter got today. Let's play you Gary's blazing hot Celtics take this a warning if your on Mass Pike right now I see Mass Pike. Westbound it's funny traffic a C 95 north and sell you guys are stock based in a parking lot. On the asking not to drive across the road because this one was hot takes that'll make you want to drive into a bridge a ball and I think let's hear from Gary and I talk about did you expect. Vacation and as I promise. Of wealthy but I'm not move around because this is a serious situation. The Celtics needed to make it you while you're kidding me. Smart a regret PG crowded gym rat and picked I would trade all the work that and the pay. For Paul George the Celtics are pretenders not contenders right now I mean even any change those acts. Come on they're not ten against playoff teams that game against Iran and that's what we're gonna see in the playoffs because the Celtics have not gotten better. They have to make a deal by enemy if you assume. If they don't have all the time before it truly contenders again. Right now the regular season darlings they're good take but they're not be true playoff contender. I will give Gary some Agassi symbol full credit here. Because some of what he said there I agree with the in terms of where the Celtics are ended their real championship contention to drive in the garden right now Purcell to topple that you sultan calls. Early and often here at 617779793. Cents. Where Gary's out of its mind I would say stupid. Is when he says the Celtics had to make the Paul George Fareed. Because the way that was presented. It Indiana Larry Bird wants to keep Paul George while George is a and it's called a top eleven player in the NBA. Okay. He's a very good player plays in the weighing good offensive player could defense a player a guy can build around in the NB. So Paul George Larry Bird wants to keep. Ownership said wanted to ask around it he would sell they're the report came back that they asked for those four players just talked about a three of those four. That Gary just mentioned Jalen brown Avery Bradley. Market Smart eccentric plus 82017. Brooklyn lottery pick. And that is basically. Right that is the Indiana Pacers saying if their adult enough to take this deal I guess we entertain. Because that would be a dumb deal for the Boston Celtics look I was not happy we spent time on many shows last week. Well what I expected idea and he ain't always has to do you do some sort of small move for rebounder or winning it sounds like a lesson to Andrew Bogut not gonna getting one in the bile market. Other team is in eighteen games this year is out read about their opponents they're seventeen you want what they do that so. It's a pretty good number big outrebounded a lot. And getting out rebound a lot is they get into the the post season I'm convinced of that. So I wanted that I want to Jimmy Butler pick I would trade all four. And Gary Gary get right. Does make a better. Figured out Jalen brown Embarq Smart Avery Bradley and plus the player one more player plus a pick that does it make it any better today. That can't be the point in fact that's one thing that that the Celtics kicked it. It's the one age can't do and that's make it bad trade. If you believe reports a couple of years ago. They almost did. They offered four picks including a couple of Brooklyn unprotected. For justice Winslow. When he felt the draft that night ended up at Miami. Charlotte apparently they called led the hornets I believe it said here that what will give you. Zoo one job. That's Winslow. Well it ended up being Smart cards in his frankness and forget that me that you we we believe bag of them for taken go to Fred Kamensky and that trade happened to adjust is when you're not a lottery picks. This team bitty. It in a sense got lucky if you believe that report. And they were the team that turned it down the Celtics are pushing for that the deity got lucky there and good luck as part of this. That's the type deal that you don't recover from. Smart regret PG products and I treated all that and that's you don't recover from. Like here I understand for any age is to win a championship. A vegan and smaller things now at the deadline to acquire a a seven the rate guy. Rebound or twenty minutes guys playing in front Tyler Zeller. Guy plays potentially some late and it's for Amir Johnson that statue would get got his ass out rebound over and over and over again it's the raptors. On Friday night. Oh look ballots unity jumped over again for offensive rebound. That type of person. Orkut Al player was available say Jimmy Butler. Who's locked up for three years it was gonna cost you one of the Brooklyn picks and a player. That to deal would have addressed it on Danny and turns out that the bulls are idiots and they wanted core players up the roster so again that doesn't make a lot of sense to do the Celtics. But you overpaid for Paul George. With three of those four or is Gary sent all for those players what the pick. George is down. George good players of all George is basically you're getting him for a year and four months. You get him this year you get it next year and a 20182019. Diaz the player option he can opt out from all indications. He's opting out no matter where years. You read his comments the other night and a trade deadline that he was not happy with the Indiana wanted to be involved the trade talks. Wasn't there are so clearly not happy unity. Everything you read says he wants to go to the lakers. So did Danny Ainge Matt Danny traded three of those four players. That Gary just mention and the pick forget the four players forgot I was here for a year and app and walked knew nothing for. He'd be ridiculed a year. He'd be buried for setting this franchise back. Because if you're not a championship contender now trading three of those four players and the Brooklyn pick. One other guy doesn't make you a championship contender given a contract the Paul George. It actually said you backwards analysts the guy is LeBron OK LeBron or polite letter or Kevin Durant or staff curry exactly gents thank you Paul George. Is it that he's in excellent player great player and top let them meet pushing him fringe top ten top eleven toppled somewhere in there. Is right put him from possibly advance metrics. That I may get a little bit walkie. The word of the day here in 2017. Puts him in that category. He's a guy can build a team around and he and Al Horford and one other guy sure that your top three. But if you're guiding your roster. Annual Leo Paul George for a year and a half that's the big one to me. Is that you're trading all these assets including Jalen brown is essentially a a top three pick. End of the book club protect this year that has a very good chance of being a top three pick again maybe the top number one pick in a draft as a couple players that. Feel like they're legit number one picks in this draft and franchise players potentially. That's where Danny goes backwards and sat and wrote a story today the Boston Globe and and maybe he's right that people arm added beanie age. And don't they Davies should. Be the GM this team anymore. People are saying he liked about the tech way people. Those are ten ways healthy people. Right gathering of the season darlings that are take. Sure there there there I mean I their their fun to watch estimated Andy is right they are lessons he was atrocious to watch. Was eight when a bad Sunday night NBA game. But they're they're good watch they play hard target to eight yard there great take there at number two's I I don't care. What the records are carrot the seed is it to me it's about you winning a playoff series finally. Under Brad Stevens. But more than that it's about building towards that championship level. And by gutting your roster for players that might only be here for a year and a half in all likelihood it's here for only a year and a half that's done. That stupid that's fire herbal for a change. Standing pat and not giving up everything at the deadline for whether it's Jimmy bought or Paul George or pick your star player. Giving it sit back and debate at some level. But it be fireball with Paul George specifically or pick your player only be here for a year and a half. If you gamble away your assets of players and picks with the hope she might re sign that guy. That you might be able to convince him to take a Larry Bird exception and not opt out of the player option in 201819. And maybe stay here long term. To me that's the fire of. No offense. I have not. Video promo you please if. Sell. I like when Gary goes rogue on these things it doesn't gold. Cardoza forty on his belt because you get things like today. Where he goes all in on the Celtics for not making a trade that I think most Celtics fans. Are quite frankly happy dated make. We'll find out we start Celtics I I think they'll be a lot of people had ignored the garden tonight Celtics hawks the place be bagged out. The Celtics are right now and a very good spot in the Eastern Conference to least. Avoid Cleveland. It till the Eastern Conference final which is the hope I guess did they make a deep run. But I want to start their commitment of people that agree with Gary I I can't imagine there are a lot of Celtic fans to do that but if he'd do. What do I agree disagree you folks. That would have been the trade you kill Angel over. If he had made a move like that three of the four players or all four plus the pick. No way in hell should Danny had done that. We'll get your thoughts at 61777979370. Is the phone number. You can always get active they're on Twitter as well add lot and UT WEEI. Because if you. We Danica they got Lilly got. Yeah. And be rock falling tag oil on Twitter just things like that you're missing out. Get a quick break we'll get right to yourself that phone calls coming up on the way to the guard one here from you. Not more starting Celtics like I expect that to be abandoned out house and I couldn't believe Gary's take today. A McCain is Celtics open your phone calls on the Paul George entree and no really good piece it is yourself the stand today. Have nothing to do with your team that your calls but at night here on Sports Radio W media. Join the conversation with a much 6177797937. Feet of mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. Yeah. You know for small and yeah ultimately Vietnamese cops instances things that we can do to improve and that was good enough to do. That was Danny Ainge is part of the press conference Danny was on now with the guys here on the station on Friday just gave them absolutely nothing out out of a lot of the guys that he was just. Robotic the anti change include one point saying they may look back in that they're glad that he give up. Certain things are certain players that the price would have been too much. And I was asked Danny did you feel the same way after watching PJ Tucker on Friday night. Step in and had nine rebounds and banged around all day against your team. And it's helped push the raptors to a seventeen point comeback about Kyle Lowry on Friday night. So I think some of that was spanned from Danny Ainge and there are some moves I would have made but the ball Jorge won the tank was all for. On his LP today adding gays right not to make now afforded the phone calls. Two things that help you word or 22 positives tonight for the Celtics adorable all the teams specifically I guess one involves Andrew vote. Who is bought out after he got traded the deadline of Philadelphia. He is going to pick eighteen to play for. He's gonna choose from four teams. Surprisingly leased to meet the Celtics one of those four teams. The Golden State Warriors are not. Celtics spurs. Raptor is cavaliers. My guess is he ends up with Cleveland. If he wants to win a musical about a percentage chance but the fact that the Celtics Leeson on a conversation that is a good thing. So maybe getting convince him maybe ought to guarantee a second year for Bogut. In his contract I'm not sure. But pleasantly surprised that Danny's gonna get the conversation with the senator who is a good rebounder. Good defensive player inside would help the Celtics on the interior dissect it he puts the uniform on a gold watch Amir Johnson Friday night. It's already he would now. Secondarily speak in the rappers raptors. Kyle Lowry their star guard out for the rest of the regular season. Sully got a chance to really lock in the two seed here which as I yelled with or weigh about on Friday that need anything. They finished second or lose the first round of the playoffs and what the freaky do. But it does help you avoid Cleveland at the longer you win. So for that stand what you might get to a spot late in the year wreaking rest some guys because you've got the two seed. All wrapped up that will be a long term help I don't care about the C I care about the player results this year. So Bogut gonna talk to the Celtics. Please keep Kelly Atlantic away from that conversation has done Danny. And Brady will be at that mean I then. I Tom's maybe a little bit busy with the family jet the offseason but if he can be about to pick up the phone would help the guy can rebound accuse that rebounding help on the inside. And bogus gonna talk to the Celtics here at some point. I'm I'm watching Gary yell on TV I cannot wait to hear of Gary yell about the Celtics we'll have blood new tag we sent four it's a point. I'm next hour Roth is terrible the LP today. Mike in north Providence east first up here but at night Sports Radio WEEI Mike good evening. I'm yeah you know the exit the best way to get back we don't have Batman on the you don't trade them for the certainty Robin. Went to get back guy means that you're now you can't get that makes. Yeah we've argued back and forth on likened this and you were happy that they stood pat you think the draft the best way to go especially in the case appalled George like. That the value getting back in return the player's contract year now we can opt out that would have been a major. Overreact by Dan each year. Well and that's. Indeed the same really for for Jimmy Butler to detonate a site. One of the things we just in recent NBA history and it's currently ongoing what happened. The clippers in 2008. It draft Eric Gordon with the number seven. 88. They take advantage to do any leakage target and they grabbed the thirty yard or 20 there's one of their victory the next year hit the jackpot. Bleak record. Right yeah then 2010 night and have problems numbering it I Al farouq amino number nine pick was Gordon Hayward number ten pick Paul George. All are right. Hey we want to be better be better right now. In February 2011. Torre baron Davis and unprotected 2000 look trump a Mo Williams. And Jamario Moon. Kyra you're in the number one pick in the draft yet and that of course you can. But you could say hey you know if they didn't make that he needed affected their draft positions and whatever spot at that. Number eleven for the draft quite times number sixteen. Quite a lot yeah. But not quite on now. From that point it'll be it a draft picks are the bomb Madras and in the salaries too much to offer. As a free agent to get in the small or that they need and then this the end and it's exactly now. What wait till this game I need to so desperate for small or they bring the ghost of Paul Pierce and hoping that he'll. You know it it's over they cannot win it currently constituted and that's what Chris Paul Blake Griffin and the Andre. And a pretty good bunch of Lagarde. On the team but yeah enough. There are also playing river and and a rivers can has gotten better Mike thanks for the call but I mean doctor rich kid is playing meaningful minutes there are so when Chris Paul goes down IE eight they missed their win that's for sure. On a part of it's getting the picks. The other part is trapped in the right players. By Danny can get all these picks and if he misses on these draft picks that we think are worth a lot. You're going to be in a similar spot you are now because those countries in the last hour fell to you know eleven or twelve reasonable argument there's you whipped. Forehands and it's happened at times I mean it in haven't any effect famously did the full blast strapped Iran are back had a hand in Munich to Joe Forte. By any key to brown they all these guys that did not pan out a three picks in the first round and went over and it didn't. You have to you hit two I have so I have faith and range hitting. On these picks in Jalen brown looks like it pretty good pick for where they were last year. You start to get some late season consideration for rookie of the year. He's played so well which is still a long shot but he's played well and other guys the rookies have been injured this year. But for Jimmy Butler to me it's a little bit different as you have mere longer term and I aged that the Paul George won that one and okay. Christian Maine on now Paul George and the deadline actress. There are a lot of them are personally think that being as wet the bed and making the record straight at him yell oh it sure. Last year we well capital of the market. Jackie Butler Carmelo all these Olmert and he's not a track ball. Instead we drafted. Workout or crap like that or make it at that not outlaw state and it works that's about the Arctic. Overseas. Now they're. They're not cut any high draft picks or some sector around guys have not been here but you know first round picks have been you know okay. Well it JR otter are hotter. We talk are the first. Well he was at at some point you move on from guys not I mean that they you guys can't play and they made mistakes mean James Young is a guy that is only twenty years old. But who knows that I can play it was so long now. It was one after hours that all secret model to come back round picks. It all your art or like a soccer yeah or paying Karl Austen a couple might go. Here's it was it was good in that role Chris. I I'm with you on happier comet lines said it was foolish not to make the trade for George you would have traded three of those four players we talked about in the pick for Paul George. So Abby don't like Chris. He say do. You say do something would you rather see that. To meet Chris I would rather see them. Not make a bad trade. Right and not do anything vs making that tree and trading three of these four market Smart Jae Crowder Jalen brown. And and Avery Bradley and the Brooklyn pick for guys on gonna be here for year to have back to me is a bad triggers. Well all like beside Al Al Horford white light side L or good all around. But we need that we're not gonna next year might be struck. Or not they're not gonna win this year Chris I am with you on that and and maybe a little trade the picks I'm not gonna be shocked if we get to lottery night which is now what 7978. Days away may sixteenth. NBA draft lottery night and the ping pong balls go the way they trade that pick for star player. I'd prefer that we know what the market's going to be four. On the star player at that time. That is still very much up in the year. They draft mark helpful Lorenzo ball I you're right I'm not sure. You know how that helps them during this championship window. Well all see I did not think I do not think not making the George Strait was a bad move by. The any change given the reports of what was going to be the cost for that player given a player's contract. And for talked at the Gordon here I also say all these rumors that's not to what extent that's not ranges ball. Right because it. Is there a conversation with these guys to rant on down that such a good thing. How these guys have been moving Kevin Love is one that ends up in Cleveland I get it. Ends up resigning their long term. Like other names you've heard the guys have not moved anyway. So the Celtics were ball the guiding get traded they'd tech we didn't miss out. Pats may be given age too much credit again I understand that Gordon North Hampton on Danny Ainge courtyard WER. I had my first they'll spend much time on tangling anything Serbs in the. How dare you Gary's got some hot vacation days gone up. I don't wanna hear. The culprit to date it is really great I think there's mostly Arctic com. And on the radio lately don't agree with Christian at all. I think changes is pretty reliable in. Are concerned. About candidate maybe use some players too much I mean I think the court should retreat Rondo literally than it would really had value. And I question is whether. On issues considered healing Isaiah when and if that becomes the Smart thing to deliberately too long. To pull the trigger. A while it let me Alex you've. Sansa former Gordon why would be the impetus to trade Isiah Thomas right now. I don't know what he's a championship player yet. And I think now I'm paying my my my point is that any. What if it becomes a Smart thing to do Liggett and sugar they won't do it wait till I election won't get much for. See I here's my agency Gordon thanks for the call I need to see Isiah Thomas any playoff series and another very good player. Al Horford on the court. Because the last couple years the results are pretty evident in the post season Isiah Thomas is not the player he's been in the regular season. Because teams are double and triple teaming him saying you know what Jae Crowder beat us Avery Bradley beat us. Evan Turner beat us a year ago. And did happen about it rally was hurt. So I need to see Isiah Thomas with Al Horford I expect the results will be better. I'm with you are not convinced he is the guy on a championship team I can you one of these guys portal. But the guy short though the the verdict is still out. Oh why are we talking about trading Isiah Thomas right now. I guess that I don't understand allege they gonna draft faults. Or ball and that guys the next Isiah Thomas they get something for Thomas and returned and I guess that's a discussion we can now they've drafted those guys yet. On far more controlling Isiah Thomas run this offense this this pace and space off it is perfect for him. What he needs some help end of games like Jimmy Butler would be great. But I got to the pressure off offensively and every game Al Horford should be huge help that pick and roll and it will be stretch out that defense in a post season series. Saw I don't get the trade Isaiah talks yet. I've heard. Are more that the last couple days we got a couple days last week at Oakland. And I admit I don't get that part of it. James on the cell talking about Danny Ainge at the deadline hi James. A mutt. First uncalled along the lobby shop thinks that AI. I agree yeah I don't think that all portrait let but it. It brought in any way I doubt it but what would any. I'll. I'll drag you can't beat up there would have worked for a Al and you don't see that Bogans market. She comes and what they eat a speaker at cooking eatery bother looking forward to let you air. Oh hell I mean the fact that easier talking to a James thanks for the call I'm I'm surprised at what you'd hear Cleveland or Golden State. Warriors are camps. I assume that was a lot because there was report he could go back to Golden State returns on NBA rules let him go back to Golden State with. Italy played there in a trade to a couple teams and Alec go back there. According to mark started ESPN he's gonna talk to fourteenth Celtics scorers. Rockets cavaliers. So it's now up to Danny too close he does Terrence Jones apparently I'm not sure again not sure why thirteen point 67 rebounds a game. Off the bench at the wing position shore John's island Mormon somewhere. Our old enemies they committed to Jalen brown and they're gonna give Jalen brown more minutes down the stretch which okay will suit the kids got. As it would come and expensive Jalen brown so their role that the Q with the Big Three last night. Saw I liked that idea. By. Edger Bogut he is a it's timber Amir Johnson late in the game on Sar one Andrew Bogut. I've seen Amir Johnson you know get out rebounded too many freaking times. Catalytic great skilled big man. Seem to get out rebounded too many freaking times we'll see everybody's still statistically amazingly on on February 27. The penultimate day of the month he's still that leading rebounder statistically. You guard that's never been signed yet right. 6177797937. Is your phone number on Twitter keep the tweets come get some of those coming up as well. At Mott and UT WEEI. I'm more or sell this phone call yet to the game tonight hawks in c.s at the garden rob Bradford joins in the conversation. At 7 o'clock here on WB yeah.