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Exploring the options of trading or keeping Jimmy Garoppolo

Feb 28, 2017|

Dale and Michael discuss the interest out there for Jimmy G, and whether the Patriots will move on from him.

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Fourth and final Howard Jalen holly Sports Radio WEEI I didn't think dale holly with people on the because he's not here today rich will be back tomorrow. It is normal spot where it's right over there. So we slog through three hours so far one ago. I should say today was conference called a from Mike Mayo misses fired at the start of the come by and I think that begins tomorrow in Indianapolis. But he gathered in Indianapolis to mark the start of the NFL com I'm sure there might may knock NFL network almost as big conference call I mean literally at times these things have gone like 22 and a half hours. As he answers questions from folks on the conference call. We noticed though one of the things he talked about today. Was if if he were the Cleveland Browns. And he could get Jimmy rappel off for the twelfth overall pick. May be something else but for the twelfth overall pick if he could come out of the the draft with the first overall pick him whatever player you thought was best and Jimmy drop below menu have knocked it out of the park. He in other words is saying if he's the browns. He gets everything he can do to get drop a lot of the patriots. I think about what what they what they're sitting on. Even even though they have to give up that that pick the compensatory pick number 103 I think of it is for Jamie Collins. They still have several compensatory picks the browns do we got the first overall pick. Let's say they get rid of twelve and and give it to the patriots Ford Jimmy drop below he still is still is still sitting on picked 33. So top of the second round so think about the hall. That you could have your the browns get a quarterback which you're twelfth spot. You can. Get a dominant player at the top of the draft can get a starter theoretically at epic 33. So yeah you probably should do which means they won't. As there at the click aura and and believe in grabbing and there's a lot of competition. With a lot of competition. Who grew up below. Who is top three teams I give her ailing though that may shock fell twelve was about as high as you could reasonably expect to get in other words he doesn't think either one or two. When it give up that there are no one is lead writer 092 or three digits I. Four or five the only quarterbacks and he just doesn't think Chicago or San Francisco at least the way I read it. He felt that that Cleveland at twelve was about as much. As high if you're the patriots as he could possibly competition can bring a lot of tonight the absolutely. I have a list now I came out today of the complete list of patriots graphics. On any of the 32 overall on the first 64 in the second 96 than the third. Then 103 in the third that come compensatory pick from Cleveland. I put this in their only because it exists fourth 131 overall loss tunes of due to the plate gate. This is the one the fourth round pick that they lost they have fourth 1375. 163. From Denver. Fifth 183 compensatory pick seventh to 39 from Denver. So that's the complete list of picks that the patriots have if you added. Twelfth overall to that list crazy and and theoretically that's let's go crazy because Cleveland got a whole passel of compensatory picks in there as well wrecked. If you added twelfth overall on the comp. Pick and you can trade him this this this year re entry that because it's compensatory picks it used to be that. You have them and they were just static he just had their best they can pick you have no options with them. This is a better way you have picks they belong to you have capital he should be able to move. Absolutely yeah it's a good it's a good move that's how I'll applaud the NFL for allowing that to happen. Are you of the opinion that the patriots. Are ambivalent about whether they trade this guy or not I've read this that and I'll look at somebody knocks them over fine but you know they don't really mind keep in Jimmy drop below. Fine you know insurance policy for Tom Brady I think they really want to trade this guy can't get a first round pick to trade him. If so much so would they be calling Cleveland. And making the offer. In other words not the other way around would would Bill Belichick or nick is stereo call his counterpart in Cleveland and say hey. You're looking for a quarterback we could talk of that twelfth overall pick. The telephone calls already happened. From the patriots side Talal and while that's a that was my quite adamant that they diarrhea may be off now probably. I can I think the patriots wanna know what though what the market says I don't wanna be seen is desperate. A fear that the minute you make that phone call I would think. And then again. It is Cleveland is Cleveland haven't proven anything browns haven't proven anything yet. So. I I'm just gonna assume that the that you call the Cleveland Browns and you tell them what you want them to do they will. You wind up doing it you can control them you can steer them to do anything you want. Some franchises I think the good franchises you call them and you talk about a trade then. They think you're desperate. Well I think they have leverage. But in this case I don't think so. Mom this is the Cleveland Browns that you understand. Think Cleveland Browns. We could talk about all we want now now 88 techsters says John Lynch supposedly. Told reporters in San Francisco today he would be willing to deal the second overall pack. That doesn't mean he's gonna trade him to the patriots for Jimmy to drop below it means and we're open for business coming at me. I'm not sure I'd I don't know I don't know if we give up the second overall pick for for a couple. Rookie general manager needs doesn't know any better Ricky quick plus he's a quarterback pay it all of them top of the draft. If I don't wind up with something that that might blow you away that's just my feeling on a grown up love that he's gone back and I think. While the patriots are all walk away with something that. Really makes a map. I can reset the franchise and a pro just imagine the patriots won a one of the best fifteen. Not just breast fifteen players and draft but. Top rated. Oh league talent like clear. If if they traded Jimmy Iraq politically went and got the twelfth overall pick in the draft. As part of whatever package but they got it that they've got twelve pay it's and that delta and away for a second and a third and a first later on it would drive people crazy way that they wouldn't do it. They would they would make. Especially if they still have their own pay changes if you have to you'd get in order to get twelve or to get in order to get two or three. You've got to trade 32 along with it. And so. There are some different options but at the patriots is. One of the second with the second pick in the draft. Pick that player. Second pick in the draft. You're picking behind clause I of that second I agreed to take share I'm wondering if they take the twelfth. And and would you got two options there's not a clear cut number one overall it's another thing may out with senators are clear cut number line. And you're picking behind the browns' chances are they will leave you with the best player in the country they have legally grown up they'll probably make the wrong choice. Yeah you take epic. I agree with you about two I just wondered at twelve if it's now keep it keep it. Top and I know that's what we want them to do what I think it's what they wanted to you how how often do you you wind up in that position with no other patrons if you're the defending Super Bowl champs and you get. The twelve overall pick. And you still have a in your own first rounder and have second round pick yeah I think that you've got some. You've got some room to deal with those picks but. Good fortune is taking you to the top of the draft. To sit there and enjoy it. It would it in a way it's similar to what Danny Ainge described he said normally you know to have a pick in the top two or three in a draft you've got to be really bad. And the Celtics gonna have three straight years where they're probably gonna pick in the top three and be really good by the way that's right. And still have that now the patriots are gonna be the defending Super Bowl champions if in fact they work out this deal with one of those three teams. And to have one of the top twelve picks in the draft. And speaking of the Celtics we talked about them a bit earlier for those of you missed it Kyle Lowry is out for the rest of the regular season. Surgery tomorrow right wrist for the right wrist surgery and he is hopeful they can come back for the playoffs but. They don't have a point guard. He's their leading he's a leading assist and gives you about seven assists a game means it when he point. Plus a per game scorer along with a rose in this is a huge loss. For the raptors I think they made some nice moves for themselves picking up Serge Ibaka picking up PJ Tucker but they need a point guard. And while Lowry out for the rest or regular season ending how many minutes aggressive play offs America did you just I think he's gone. Yet they always do that you know he's hopeful that he he'll be back for the playoffs but that loss as it generally seem and I am I remember this is a pile alignment. Former Red Sox president. And I know Null. Not quite a distraught blight our guys went to the tuck it Ron that franchise that earlier Larry Lucchino always said. Whenever right on hold a length of time that a player's gonna be out Iowa's public. And you know you're probably closer to the truth when that happens has generally speaking it takes longer than you expected. Asked Avery Bradley. Who should know I've been out for a couple of games. And play and as you out for a little bit when he thanked. I'm comical to yes no Avery tonight tonight tonight take on the hawks David's on the cell. Needed I do and and a pretty good. One of doubt about hightower at bank Obama player and I'm a year and it. And I know I had Tom Brady being weaker won it two more years. End of agent alchemy. Affect all elaborate thirteen but compared to pick unit sixteen million. And I have a candidate. And I I've why would I go to another team or at 2.5 million. Why would you go to another team for more money. Easier so that's to me honey producers after that a question David about. A major figure like you think you'll like the patriots fan. And not like patriots players think I think that the patriots player. Who is. 08 you are happy to. Play too well but about up there. Andrew Bogut. Yet Bogut out. Uploaded an. Also the outlets and he's at the end of this and he was also let a number one overall pick. It in his image you hold. Each had a he's made a lot of money is in his career. But now I mean it. Is about the first look at it then. Adam. About I think about. It if he had a chance to most guys if you if you can make hall a lot of money in football. The football specially all of this thing about this career. Where there are no guarantee contracts. And your urges one play away from that career being over you try to make as much money you can't. And so it you know be a perfect story if he can make. A market size market value contract with the patriots if not. You can take the best deal is just business. I I don't I never begrudge a player especially in the NFL but any professional athlete I never begrudge them. For doing the best they can for business why would. What you take more money you can actually. Say why it's what you'd take one half million dollars more so to would have a dollar. Saw a project to put taxes and there you really only talk about one point three million dollars one point four. That's a file that's that much money. I don't quite yet I don't you know what it is we say the numbers so much they don't mean anything to us anymore. Newspapers and on and I'm just saying when we talk about athlete's salaries. We say 101000012 million all what's the difference what can you do one. Twelve million that you can't do 110 million we we lose the fight in that that the fact that it's cool million dollars. It's a lot of money but but the numbers because we save them so much. They just don't mean anything anymore. Dan it's in Cranston, Rhode Island me again I don't. Walk a little guys all thought that came up last silent about the Atlanta defense yeah yeah. Not just look in this report that the Atlanta's scoring drive by late 71 one minute that he reached that. I play in two we got one minute 422. Yard touchdown. Eight late eighties I got beat men and fourteen back. Think about that they've got all this point in the span of about that in ought. Of course the defense is going to be yet know when that it out I'll bet if you eat that's what they. Well at bat the wild if you think about it when it was 28 the whining when it beat you eat and eat it does that. It took replay of the eight but it it to get that's quite yet I'd love to get the rate about. So. When you break it down like that. I extremely well I still can't believe me you'd probably want it in its. It just the bubbles or they put all appointments yet and it's a game. That's why they couldn't get a plot that they let him diet that it'll all day. All about it. That's your point in your cigarette all the guys you said brain fart very politically for the perfectly fit you think about all those things that Atlanta did. And still. Three minutes to play. Patriots at their own nine yard line. Trailing by eight points. They got a 91 yards and get the two point after. They have to retirement. That you weren't forced to use. Strangely. It is weird isn't it didn't have to use them now. Are you score and you still pretty good shape. And and yet in the in the fourth quarter I'm I'm like dying thinking a little more. Earnhardt's dad let's go let's go only another like it out yeah they're they're like huddling there. Taken their time get and you know they know what they're doing and I'm just sit there in my living room watching that they can talk let's go let's get well here. Now they refined we got this. He would embrace it here hold my beer I'll be back in and it odd bruise and Providence take relayed on. I don't know journalists. So earlier about them as good guys talk about if the patriots. And had a good fortune in the number two role paste they would certainly you don't take a player. But you know it's very expensive as the in the conference there to pay these guys aren't as it was pre 2011 CPA but it. Still a lot of money at 24 million dollars for guidance that sickness and snapped. In NFL. And I I would be surprised about sort of trade out. Look at patty insect again. Yes some veterans. Expected to contribute. It to guys throughout my money and it's myself out sort of you know Mexico would be out. It all sounds good plays well at the Sloan sports conference really does sounds cute the masters. Was Von Miller the number two pick in the draft he was number two right. I he wasn't Cam Newton drivers catalyst Cam Newton line and Von Miller to I think Africa bureau. But it was second overall pick in the draft Bill Belichick today. Which you know. Take Von Miller. Or would you trade for savvy veterans in managing the captain. Blue blue blah blah blah blah blah blah what would you do it. Well if I was Bill Belichick I trust my convictions and it's Adnan so much so far articulate. You want it you know you get a mallet and yes you. Obama was mentioned he was there it he wasn't a surprise he was heating come out of hitting come out of nowhere stuff like oh man nobody ever thought it would be as good a throws yeah people thought it be that this guy that's why we've got to second overall. And other words let's say the browns do a Cleveland Browns kind of thing. And they pass on on miles Jarrett so that the New England Patriots is that you know the second pick in the draft. Miles Jared sit there looking at just staring at you. What would you do. But I I look forward to seeing what happened so great so can I get my. I do know that that. It seems as though the organizational philosophy. Is exactly what the caller said that. You know I I have more I can get more value with the 210 million dollar players in the 120 million dollar plan I don't spend. I don't think that's organizational. Philosophy I think that's their philosophy when they are. Generally picking. Anywhere from. Let's say fifteen to 32. But they cases where they've only had a few cases where they had. Talked index twice. No one would Richard Seymour said merits Nixon's very beginning of the of the I geared to a bit of Belichick administer administration and he takes effect. Then would Jerod Mayo. Had the seventh overall pick in the back to ten just back again three slots. Because you go back any further you know I got to get a guy like that so you'd you'd sit there and taken to Germany have two picks. What they'll do was use the first pick in trade sector one. So of act as if they had two and 32 of they had twelve and 32 my prediction would be the use of first on the trade cycle. Cheer up that high you know you're not going to be up there. For a long. Your bills your check with Tom Brady never gonna be now because if you're you're too good to be up there so you get that rare chance to go up that behind get a player especially if you can see that guy that you Europe love we have. Take some. If there's back and to answer his question yes he would take Yvonne Miller. It's not that complicated Bob Miller shot right it's going to pick did you have a chance to get Bob out of. If he gets chance 6177797937. Billows up in Maine hey bill I don't. Doing great. Sony and other GG hypothetical. Patient typically when they get to number twelve overall. What do you think your chances. Handily hiked our. Would franchise. And then raping somebody like a Rubin fox trot out there on the board or. I don't know Jibril Pepper's really it. Then the linebacker position. David EM OT I or one more year and he got a young. That can't be molded by about check where hightower per year. And then take over the Mike linebacker position. Hightower says he signed before year. And I'll Dolly Molly not only MI had not here for the long term now they expect that it could teach this young guy to take over for me. No I like our tower I think he will sign me I don't think he'll be tag. I think you'll sign a long term deal here. Here yet I was reading they act Chris Burke piece on SI dot com this afternoon when when it was suggested that. He's likely. Tell it to hit it bank specially now with a bunch of defensive players taken off the board with a franchise tags today he might be the best guy left. With with some of the guys that have gone and that you know he's gonna get a total package off for the it will top fifty million. When all is said and done. 50000050. Yeah yeah but you know what's what's guaranteed there I don't cap number I don't let's all look at it because fifty million dollars. He's the patriots signed him to a fifty million dollar maybe. And back Burke says he's the best fit for the patriots. But Bill Belichick has shown not only. A willingness but sometimes an urgency to wheel guys out before they hit the big contracts we've seen him do what I mean he he has wheeled two guys off this defense. We we never saw them coming Chandler Jones Jamie Collins not a sought. I especially Collins. It's no object distancing that one at all. A by the way according to Adam Chester. The out Pittsburgh Steelers and Antonio Brown have reached an agreement on a contract that will make brown the highest paid wide receiver in the NF. So there's some teams out there don't business. Well what is what is Mike Tomlin big in this remember after the after that Kansas City game. No Tom was started about some of these moves that that's why great players wind that blind above bounces around a little bit. And I hope that's not the case with Antonio Brown when I guess is that the Infiniti I did he output any language in his contract about FaceBook live and work how he's gonna approach you're going. But did the Steelers body language and that's the other question 6177797937. Is telephone number. Our final drive coming about twenty minutes from now or thereabouts. It's dale and Holley Sports Radio W media. Drive home with dale Polley and chief continues. Sports Radio WV via. And according to Ian Rapoport. The contract that was agreed to between the Steelers and wide receiver Antonio Brown. Will average fifteen million plus per year. Highest paid wide receiver in the game fifteen plus million per year for Antonio Brown. Mean to make an argument he's the best wide receiver in the game. He's an Aries and I conversation Julio Jones. AJ dream was banged up this year playing in the same division as Antonio Brown out. I don't know how you feel about O'Dell Beckham junior. Is in the conversation too. To Gerber good some good wide receivers he's a Julio Jones Julio Jones Julio who. Great catch it right catch caught fifteen males a lot of money at wide receiver and they'd franchise Levy on belted a two cell. Ends making a pretty hefty locking up their guy's. Gonna build around that big chunk of the often and so I've taken up a big chunk of the salary cap. I can understand I mean you know what what. What's account or move you can't make an argument you're Steelers fan. They genome for him we can't argue for moving on from Levy on bell or not signing Antonio Brown. Or not having been Roethlisberger as your quarterback so. Right it makes cents. Am curious is he with the paper today do they gonna do something intelligent big things are coming from the patriots next month. About this week same thing which and is able yeah that's true and checked my is that what mind does this week at the good point. 6177797. ID 37 bends on the cell phone event. You go on what's going to then let's. Put question why is nobody would connect rock low light the future of the French art. Because the best quarterback who ever lived is playing in front of them exactly pokey would have a couple of years let grade girl alone and just let him be that you took French I we Jimmy Rutland do that. You only got one more year where you can make the decision on grapple we're grapple low can't really say anything about it because he's got one year left on his contract then. He's got a lot he's gonna want some analyses and he's is I'd I'd have a hard time believing you wanna come back and just wait for Tom Brady had to finish his career. So you have control over him for one more year and then. He's a free agent. I got to make it goes into. They had to make a decision then. You got to make a decision between these guys right now if you think Jimmy drop loads of future. And he is the best quarterback for the job you got to pick him over Brady if not. You do what I think the patriots are gonna do and trade him and get as much you can form this off season. Yeah I've seen that happen but I think throughout close great. I thought I'd I think he's I think he's going to be a good quarterback I do I don't know about great. It might be but I can you concede that the talent the talent is obvious. All I know I'm announcing any of the robot pardoning that you'll probably be better robo detail that. Really in your base and a lot cowboy. Arrow is that it now and what is it better he's a better fit for somebody that Romo because he's younger as were almost 38 years old yeah but that Romo is the quarterback. And and I ansari I'd I'd I'd like Jimmy Iraq hello I wanna trade him as I think you can get a lot forum. I just don't know how a game and a half worth of of real time football not not garbage time stuff pre season stuff stopped at Mac. How a game and a half tells you you've seen an up to now nobody's going to be better than Tony Roma is projecting his just projecting like all these this is what these people doing it we we do that with all of our our. Players are prospects. And they've become twice as good and our minds is what they really are now he's. The professional evaluated do that that's what he's Agile and all we can Indianapolis it is projecting. American college tape which has not gonna do it the National Football League nothing. And and they are saying what this guy did this in college against great competition we think we're gonna make the leap that he can do the same thing. And the pros against great competition we'll take we'll take him number seven overall. And sometimes it works out to be Adrian Peterson and sometimes as Jonathan Cooper is projection. Francs in Connecticut hey frank can you don't. Hey I don't know what's right. They were did not you know. A lot of liability guys who just kind of went into with the Brady saying it rob oh. You know at one point you know Brady. You know obviously want to play a couple of more years it goes along quite well when do we start seriously thinking about. Who gonna replace him when do we start thinking about that that's right that's my question. Why do you think about it do you think about it you prepare for constantly and I think that's why they have continued to draft quarterbacks that's why they drafted. No Barack alone 2014. And in the draft Jacoby for percent in 2016. And why they will trade drop below this year and draft another quarterback. Maybe in the fourth or fifth round this year and just continue to have these quarterbacks. On the roster. It just getting ready for the day when. You don't have to operating. I I think when they drafted. Jimmy or upload that was kind of what they had the back of their mind up if you remember the bill the Bill Belichick press conference and said. You know we we fully understand the age of Tom Brady in the contract situation he was kind of hinting that. And and most people were surprised that they took a route below its ties they did there. Out by the way Mike may act says. The one of the top rated quarterback in the draft this year. Moments gnome a month Mitch. Drabinsky Robiskie thank all of you I CNET. I when he was asked today how he grated Robiskie he said the same grade as Jimmy drop below maybe a second round pick. So you know introduced eased generally thought to be. A first round selection for a team needing a quarterback this year India grapple news that a Hammond then probably ran down the developmental route. I think when they took Rob Lowe was the what was the idea that he's gonna follow Brady. Can we get the brim Brady got better to get the breaking news founder. Well. Breaking news sound or did you bring archer. Jail bill Arnold what did you bring out your announcer voice thread no. It. I don't even know what it is all right just. John good years you're announcer words of her. It for Bradley will start tonight well. But he playing limited. Or you drop of the amounts of where she had a go at every brother will start tonight. That's well you correctly predicted he was gonna make its return to lineup tonight. It is also said that every game. Beat us at 24 games or whatever it is. This. Is today. A fifth day. Avery Bradley has returned from a huge Avery Bradley and limited minutes probably twelve which here. Yeah there are other teams may stray they gave asset but the but the Celtics. It's like they've made it straight without giving up any danger. The return of Avery Brad. So on the same day we find that Kyle Lowry is out for the regular season. We here and Avery Bradley. Is returning with that Toronto Raptors allowed to have an Avery Bradley right now where anybody any guard. After losing loudly for the season. So to pay a 3-D and it Celtics got better. And ran out of course that. And the Celtics have three games ahead of them despite the loss and them on Friday. I like this Avery Bradley is always everybody's a throw in. You be if he was last week talking trade. They won't just throw and Avery Bradley and you know Avery Bradley in the Brooklyn pick Avery Bradley in markets Smart and that's and that. Really good player and I hope he. Open basket gave that you have on the hype about right now oh for an iron you know five turnovers can't cover anybody. But yeah he's good and this is. I holed a nice limited minutes he's not the Celtics leading rebounder nice pick up for the Celtics. Just like a trade deadline acquisition drive like you dale just like 6177797. ID 37 marks in Quincy Haymarket I don't. Hello mark. Now ready. Mark was gonna tell us that the brewers needed defense that they needed defenseman the best guy out there if you're looking for the best defenseman available. Would be Kevin chat and Kirk. Unfortunately. He's an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season. I he has indicated no willingness to sign a contract extension with any team. Either do you guys up. He's an East Coast guy he has art show. I ask you would you do something like this and I know I know I know I just need you to imagine with me for a second. Don't tell me he's got a no movement clauses that as unrealistic. Okay. Would you he had an opportunity. If Saint Louis says we we don't we don't know if he's gonna come back or not. He has he we've we've offered a contract in the just won't give us what he won't tell us what we need to hear. Would you move Chara for Shatner Kirk. Are you serious. Do you wouldn't do that. For for a rental. I did help I rent chat and Kirk for the rest of the year for Zdeno Chara two reasons. Number one he's a better place you really care how high you go this year probably got a rectal he's original he's a better player in the jar correct. Is better chart apple Jon Decker felt now overshadowed better check out at all right now all. Was he 28. To 28 year old defense so I'd better. I don't that they don't show wanna know he's got better than Zdeno Chara. My logic is you take him. And I don't know think that the contract numbers work anyway. But what's your what you're doing is you're gay you're creating salary cap space a year early if she hadn't heard of resides with you great if he doesn't. You've got cap space that you would have had because Chara has one year and. I don't gonna say why would Saint Louis to a tuba. To take all day because that's right they're trying to clear salary. The problem here that got one more year of of your Saturday night at plus charge it according to you Charles better players would get the better player our final drive it's coming up next Sports Radio WB.