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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Antoine Walker, 120sports.com, talks Celtics and NBA trade deadline 2-24-2017

Feb 24, 2017|

Hour 3 and the Celtics discussion continues with thoughts on what moves the Celtics could have made. Antoine Walker, 120sports.com and NBA Champion, calls in and shares his thoughts on the Celtics not making any moves at the trade deadline.

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Sports you're talking with Christian art can plug Sports Radio WEEI. I'm. This. That's the boss these our co workers and those are my customers. And that's me. An employee number eight. Brag here as late night Sports Radio WEEI. Christian are in here with you Patrick fury in the house as well your phone calls at 6177797937. Texas 37937. Your tweets. For me at Christian art canned for Patrick you're right on hoops. Both of those work you if you get through either what absolute. And as promised. We will be talking very shortly with employee number ate himself one of my favorite ads at love that it. All of the player there and I was and it's one guy I was there back in the day when you with the debate was he would have one guy or Paul Pierce guy. I was definitely you're anti got absolutely I didn't see that they guy died and wanted. You know like I like the ball went about and they were to do were just great together they seem like they're really enjoy each other I actually side you know it's funny and I used to work in any dollars and I was working in a bar down there and I was like a dorm and you know. And meet my friends your intimidator we're exactly we're all working outside and need these kids came over it's only guide you gotta come over to Iraq which is now they're harder cafe. If she got a caller of the Iraq Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker there. Gary's he added there they're the world gonna go in you know trying to it'd table next on and then training out there though pickles so I got off work. I met up with everybody we did and there and Harris the biggest crowd of girls at one alternate you couldn't get within each. You couldn't get with a late sixty ya urged them that there is just this wall of women there was no way you could cut you get anywhere near and indeed we tried you know we try we've we fought the brave fight we couldn't do it. Benefits one and Pollard given the choice to hang out what you were the Walt Whitman Christian in your handsome man and whoever we are pretty cool you know or like college sophomores and I came out of bounds area that. Much of the while we know people around you don't get you anything you want to implement it Hauser is an idol I don't know if I don't owe Paul Pierce pulled a young Paul Peterson needed. Antoine Walker at the time because that's one was the emotional. Leader of that basketball shirt and without ants one I don't know if you get the best the Paul Pierce the way that we got the best of ball the. My favorite answer all our Ramon was in the playoffs I wanna say 02 or three they were down by like twenty points. And on the bench you saw walker just screaming I mean he was going to yell and Paul Pierce these guys are bear seeing us come ons go out there I was at making the nets game yet and that's yeah they came out and they made a comeback at home and they won the game was one of the great. Playoff performances of that error for the Celtics and it was I mean he was the the was the Sparky was the reason why it happened he was on the bench screaming his head off and people believe that that was the first time. In the corner quote do building that that building resembled the yes buildings outlawed absolutely and without any further ado let's welcome in our guest and employee number eight. A three time NBA world champion a multiple time all star. And news and employee number eight the news in the big hit in your programs number one in your hearts is. Thing right now is 120 sports 120 sports dot com joining us here on late night. Antoine Walker Antoine it's great to have you thank you so much for taking some time with a tonight. Mercury car air pressure. And slide it we'd we'd certainly wanna get into some of your your career here in Boston in in and lots of questions we have for you here but it. As you know of course the deadline came and went today the Celtics stood pat. This probably brought up some memories for you back in 05 getting brought back to the salvage that the deadline what are the trade deadline mean to you in your in your days as a player what did what did this time of year sort of symbolize to you. Memento a couple of things you know obviously. No level believe that a clear want to get straight for earth like. A clear it was nightmare. Secure traders record midway through movies but our our experience there. I'm in my career once when I got traded their to their environment. It was actually put a better for the good outlook in Atlanta we looked we were horrible. How are like 230. 37. What wasn't going anywhere out correction of our field where. I got an opportunity to go back to authored. Anyway it was it was great because bottle or two games of a file larger still Olympics a being there. I don't typical bracket play will Pollard. Play to dark rooms and it was a different culture there when I when I get back. The other. Great group we you know how big guys are now Johnson called the Allen. Our Gary Payton was there. So we got a good group with Garrett. That we can play compete so it happened real quickly and our commitment that we are at such a great market with more twelve our thirteenth. Get back control of the movies and elected visitor in that would increase the speed currency play out. We wanna talk about the playoffs made him the right way. Who feel it feel what. A great company if the partner it's right here that believe it straight delighted if I was tropical caught that ball went out and go back them off the playground mother figure out opportunity to play would have quality good team knew it was great. Were you expecting it to to stay with the team at the end of that season are you expecting you to kind of be a part of that the future going. Were there were you surprised you weren't. Create Havoc reprisal of the free agent went to the firmer and I'll look you guys are memorable. Didn't get offers a lot of money not a Celtics are very little funny you're not getting yanked it off much our thought. We had little something there we wanted to visually and bogeyed. They're in and got against the opinion on a particular critical flashier you know are we know that there's seven games and a lot easier that we should warrant we would have blown out. Game seven on our home floor whistles from an incredible people who do it will allow full of game seven but we did. I'm but I went through some epic about going to be the Celtics arduous player are dark ruler with a great offer from Marco oh culture our yard. You know get you situation Oaxaca really flourish there are a clear and I really enjoy it there. Yeah Paula back together we have good young talent went out to have some of the portfolio and market break. Ricky Davis we put we are good if you're quite welcome you know whenever I read an article about it when it had not yet there right after GMA. I was involved in the business straight because they're big the only NBA history who like boats and clear and straight and bought and involved and actually so. It was unfortunate comment you know what about the two to clamp off the well. Yet he had different if without fear of him. You know that's why he's done he's done a terrific job you have to give a lot of credit he made some questionable but he also won a title at. He knew they would you know rejuvenate your career preachy and get reality of it at the garden with Google Paul Pierce a Nazi. No winner Kyra so you got to do a lot of respect for their. It's what your Chicago guy you're at Chicago now obviously the Chicago Bulls are a team that that you cover one point sports dot com. But what went wrong in Chicago this year in your opinion is that a team that should build the round Jimmy Butler or is that team that eventually is gonna have to sell Jimmy off. Who but what went wrong and figure out different corporate there's not a radical right personnel on. You that your uncle as we that yup he respects. The veterans on this team now are cut but he wait Jimmy Butler Rocco. And he carrot that they'll go out Monica police they thought but they didn't cart quite I don't know what their expert or experts say to gloat ought to put it looked there regular. If they expect the unit Rondo had massively lead you know if you thought that maybe they will be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference where. Policy so well you know in fact between men and people not respect the fact they're afraid of the coats with. And I don't buy local like there mark of this with the coach of the team who. I'm very close it and is a couple you know when you're young culture articles that are the cut the apparent murder you look at their way out all our situation. If he's aware of union to weigh in spoke out freely about the team in an effort not really. No commitment to win him but it is tough to do that their game and if you're legal alternate out there yet would be well. And suddenly go wake up forty point apparently it got great game of the or form. So what if they. You the lack of leadership battle. What apple won't eat your co operate and you know coach you have to Google got what did you can't just. Not start and you gotta gotta be at all about base Utley. Disciplinarian coach has been Hartnell foundational outlook. What comedians and what their team want the coaches have their own rules are in that he. As well off about the you don't get a crop of young guy like that you don't. Made a lot of you have to make about got a major player. Antoine Walker joining us here on late night Sports Radio WEEI. And why you obviously only had is sort of a brief period of time here with Danny Ainge is the as the guy in charge in the years before that maybe some of your time in Miami or Dallas. When the trade deadline came around that you were at one point you know the franchise player here in Boston a veteran in the in Miami and Dallas and some of the other stops you have along the course year career. Did you ever have anybody from the front office come up pure on this deadline time inserted get your input on on what the team need leader who you'd like to play with Ernie anything like that. No I think what whatever happened is that if you compressed get a GM may come out that you. It actually about a clear what you pick about a guy. Never Kitchener input as far as whether or not they'll pull the trigger about what they want shook me. I think you've UG Yemen numb I'm not a bit not think it is great to have open dialogue with the third. Clearly your team this wanna to out there it is want spot you could occur that that can make a huge difference. As far as. How little we can and what do you think they need to win. Cardinal off of one very active and and that right now on the trade deadline but you thought they would have likely been right here I mean Patrick you're a superstar away. I've done if you create enormous shouted to score the basketball. We're really given quit in the real charge by. What do want to know where you're used to Wear it put together right now gate they cannot be. Cleveland's seven game series. It if you were on the Celtics right now it's one of Danny's team to you for your advice about Isiah Thomas. What how would you advise him long term as Isiah somebody that they you build this team around and NIC as words you know back the breaks up the truck up to India pay him. Max dollars at five foot nine knowing that the comparable player in my opinion it Allen Iverson once the wheels fell off that fellow pretty quickly. What when I got to figure out appearing color are their promises terrific talent never know if you're not going out to go to school and about our Ali we'll. He was great spark plug off the expletive off the sort of got the to a great point guard at gunpoint ardently. Our personal film like you can really win which of the best player B of just that you took. But my gains have certain situations would have to get a shot off or what the lake effect of an all right before the green and not a struggle wasn't sorry right what a great and they couldn't run a play Clement and welcome them hand my point now. You know a couple back flip because if it takes a lot of it is shot off yet tree they. Yes you pump they could if a different way he has scored a basketball so. That is my personal Koreans who are back no but very cooperative I've been a back. You have to get another supposed Gardner on the treatment are starting let your account in the year oh what he went out. But to yet another so I'm not very or. To pick Marty people who compliment should clear. Sometime we have created at the right comic view of an accident with. A drug use and I would be nuclear reactor after armed them one filtered you're kind of book. They've even got a guy I don't know who that guy here got a book is a requirement. It was Paul George. We heard Goldman's own around but there's another guy there he created don't shut down their could have retired right now about them out of the main guy but I felt like he looked so you know last year as far as we know I don't want a three year. It's not what the people went with the idea of spill at that point guard position and now it aground on a comeback what they've done a lot of pieces there right there. What the club because from the page in the back and how the brilliant idea. If they wanna win and what did you marketshare to now now O. It makes the play off of an effect occurred. And they couldn't got a couple more years would be about obsolete to the looking at budget could be could be out there. So in your opinion that at one do you feel that this edition of the Celtics as more of a bridge team or do you think it's a team worthy of adding to in the offseason. But I believe probably between the going to be good on me I don't if this week not only ethnic watched her as well mark to model had a very good are straight their land and start to barker PJ Tucker. They're gonna do they're prepared go to some stuff together with primitive back Clinton a basketball. So it's going to be hard I mean your book the world typically is going to be harder to get this series what they're. They're currently partners as it is in the you know and Marc Kevin Love comes back we'll come though Australia a costar Corey and the last hawks I don't know how. Religion there and give account corporate company girls. Double the gift right there at a new widget count over so they have a lot of pieces of player and and they got they expect they get to sort of start that you're done. All right and drama for let you go 120 sports I know a lot of people around here interest in what Europe through these days what is 120 sports and what's so what else you up to it in your life now when did after basket arm. A don't want what is what some have MBA council wants what is was but I'm also a pusher there at the network and a currently American Food Network arm to a college basketball with a brilliant joint. I'm also still would Morgan Stanley child in the country to run out financial education ought to ultimately. College student athletes about their finances and make sure they write the great equipment level army and also like to look at another cute with. I'm told in India probably got the familiar with the podcast radio yeah sure there could be up every day collective took on one and come up with them as welcomes the EPA where they're so. A student at the world look at that the secretary mum that is competent. The be able to follow the guys around you because they're really game at the small portion of the code and so we try to beat because right now the apart if you see ya ya want particular ilk are to the follow Obama monitor very closely. And who put him in now to critique him as well also. Our favorite good male majority game that while this in but I enjoy. Up to recommend the let wanna. I know you I know you love the game very much of last time you and I spoke 1618 months ago. There was some talk about you potentially joining that the up and up and coming I champions league for some of the older retired players I don't think that ever happened but you know as well as I do have got to ask you. Allen Iverson ice cube all these guys coming back and played in this area and everything we gonna see a little bit a lot of wiggle this summer a lot of want. Armed populated about it I actually their outlook to you or just sit there they eat the part that they are meant will you explain the league's premier exactly now back on May not play half court. To go play five guys on the team I mean you're not gonna duck 08 you have to you have to be at optimal basketball shape the player on everybody expected in the personal. And like if the breakdown of our associate beat some good money if people decide to come out and watch on their farmers until Wheatley. What about your departments from my cue from that are quite are quite good out late starts right now tune into our China a key part of fort. But but I heard I heard that there might be a four point shot in this thing yeah there is and it's one you know you need to be put to work down at the camera. Affected effected a full point shot they're better cultivate that. Aren't they have been a better idea platelet all right I have a pretty good that got forty yards on a clay court player right now in Yates. Sort of the equality perhaps the botany department Kmart yesterday he go already started trying to Arctic you've got back on the benefits of about you know I want to give her. So you write a two yard dart right now you're not initiate. By the way it's blowing my minding your friends with Kenyon Martin now because I still remember you and him and Elaine talking all sorts of trashed him and tell again technical fouls like that Indian friends with the Joker Antawn I can't again veg can't deal with enough. For Bloomberg I hope that you respectfully drugs where it talked about them locally yet that we collect those battles are back well. I got to look at the fact that they got by got Beltran to look at how you do it there and he did it. And talk K thank you so much for staying up with us tonight it was great talking with you and hopefully reduce against some time. Art or permit program publisher -- Antoine Walker there an employee number eight joining us here on late night Sports Radio WEEI very cool talking with them are gonna take a quick break we'll get back your phone calls at 6177797937. Is late night glories here we're talking Celtics. When the biggest.