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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Celtics talk continues; Antoine Walker, 120sports.com, Calls in 2-24-2017

Feb 24, 2017|

Hour 3 and the Celtics discussion continues with thoughts on what moves the Celtics could have made. Antoine Walker, 120sports.com and NBA Champion, calls in and shares his thoughts on the Celtics not making any moves at the trade deadline.

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With Christian arcade Sports Radio. When ninety winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stocks but it's getting goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. Happy Friday everybody. Sports Radio WEEI. And we are past the midnight hour here twelve how about twelve as well. A fifteen minutes away from Antoine Walker employee number eight joining us she is in Chicago on our behind us and we'll jump on at 1230. And we'll discuss the deadline with him guy who was part of a big deadline deal back in 05. He was at Celtics have brought him back famously verified his first game back was against the Utah January 88. He had a monster dunk where I remember it as him take not just inside the free throw line something he wasn't really known for. After his rookie year he hardly ever done yet this was a big surprise there but he was you could tell that he was just so. Overjoyed to be back in itself ends of the uniform and he was ultimately he was incredibly disappointed they'll tell you if you ask him he was. More disappointed the second time around because he believes what Danny brought him back that that was the any sort of acknowledging his mistake of letting Antoine go in the first place. And then ultimately wasn't the case and I think in farm going walked in their ship them out late Raef LaFrentz immediately Branson. What Tony Delk missed part of that snow Tony -- than any other known as Joseph Johnson trader at Gary wells was part of the deal. Took a second time in a week we talk about your loss in the program I know. So much had so much what I know that I'm though we storm armor we storm over the year years so it's what was ultimately even more disappointed that Danny Ainge who used to essentially as it was it was contract roulette at that point Danny tenure here. He was trying to get himself. Expiring contracts and ultimately free up the cap space to rebuild this thing and it's one was just a small. No piece of that ultimate. Yeah all right let's I get your phone calls here at 6177797937. People still reacting still reeling I would say. Over the and the inner activity. With another word for inactivity. I don't know that Edward there's no that's remained idle at the deadline yeah I'm I don't know idle this is there's rose another is the word I can't quite figure. I'm usually pretty good at this but I can't think of it today in activity they didn't do anything is the point there and that people are still annoyed about it some people are some people are happy some people just seemed that. One and be happy about this team no matter what into those people I salute you I just can't I can't. I take it with that. I just think that sometimes it's easy to it to sit here and judge it and beat. Reactionary but it's it's far from a finished product that I think that's the moral of the story here I don't think anybody is saying that this is a finished. Version of the Boston Celtics and as far as this year goes I don't think that this is the finished version for the next three months I break I still think there's change it to be made here. And they probably will be in the you know Bogut played I had a bitch about it but it will be something and it's better than nothing and that's the only thing is that there was nothing here and I understand that. Hesitant to wanted. Commit all those draft picks and everything else we didn't have to do that to make this team better okay. You didn't have to do that to improve this team today you could've done that I feel like with Al. Going crazy these other teams all did it without giving up anything Patrick I mean that's what really is sticking with me here. It's like formal you know you see you know these other teams make it all these strict not giving up squad giving up players that they're gonna turn around and cut. You know we have guys like that we could give you Tyler Zeller Amir Johnson or go to Jordan mic here any of these guys I mean like that's exactly the same kind of. I that we yet Andy get I don't want you to say it your expectation of bogus because it's that you'll Friday disappointed probably bogey at most likely it is to sitters from Bogut spoke at most likely. He'd get paid the most if he goes to Houston they've got the most money to give fair and the NBA tonight a bit of a Carla users have a very good but there's up a bit about a turn of events here as far as the the rules go in the NBA and and there's a technicality that is going to allow Andrew Bogut to be signed. With the Golden State Warriors at these coaches are OK so learn it and generally you would think that he can't do that because he played them last year but it's not the last team in which he played for them so he's allowed to go there. If they so want all right let's get to your phone calls here I'll start things out this hour with rad is this raiders issue is this supposed to say Brad now just ran ran on the cape with our brand. Doing fine red is that short for something. Are at Conrad cocaine should have thought of that what's up kind of read whatever. I guess I got I better but I'm driving through the airport they got my in laws from the have won all the dignity. Lucky you yeah and yet but a the end actor is that they got it wouldn't look that got its talented they're. Great guys they're talking about that well all the win and or got this link that would not negate you look back it would problem what they see it did. Wrote yeah and then our game high and there are and then there were probably not late ballads that that would last year that. Are there you are yeah belly or who left. Our gas it was a it was a bad mix when he was a bevy of snakes including some of the Brooklyn the episodes are crap yet. A lot of crap that they that that they're not using anyway that we need Rockwell big there's no way anyway. We've got unloaded records probe abroad when experts got that went like I did you. Yeah I got ID and gain by it but I either I was debating Geithner ought to all be Brooke would be that he was ready to unload them. All if you remember though if you ever correctly but just as quickly right he did he can't shoot he still can't shoot but they they can't that was being made at the time was that he won't he could be the next. Paul Pierce type of player and Danny was enamored with this guy. And wasn't all the Brooklyn Vick that he was four overall picks that year and may be water to future growth of excel back and every reds and the articles during the break here. And it was their pick of these Brooklyn picks it wasn't all of them at once but I think at one point it was up to 61 round draft picks for the Celtics just to move up. To go and get this guy would distilled rate astounding package he'll get an unproven player. Correct it would have been a lot again but there's no way in hell you had given up all that brought the big forgotten where and what they did you know. That would do just gotten enough. I hit a sorry Iran and her body but good luck with the in laws hope probably don't drive is not as we did is it for erupt. And take care Conrad there and the airport. I honestly when you said that. When you've said that thing about the win would trade. It clicked in my head I remembered something about that but I don't remember being all yes or I think it came out wrong I think it was a total of for. Future first routers including some of the republics that it wasn't all of the moment even though they also wanted to Kaminsky too inbred wanna Greg Kaminsky was it is a good player but. Again it looked. The any age gets himself wrapped up with these players and he wants them and in the when it's a guy that he wants he's willing to go and put it put its cards on the table and that's why it's a surprise today and again you have to take all these reports with a grain of salt. And I'm reading some of these tweets here from. An aide says today you know a lot of these rumors are true a lot of rumors are true. And until these guys come out and they sort of confirm or deny break exactly what was offered that's always got to go like Chris yep that's true let's. Go to Jeff in north Redding Najaf. Today I don't what's up. I was curious about the afternoon well pretty art. Suddenly spektr's entry could be heard that some Merida. The real possibility Jeff I think so I I would hope that the Celtics tried to get him if if the mavericks were able to get him referred Andrew Bogut net. You know vulnerable ice cream then that's been hit five billion dissolved probably should have enabled through at least. Make an offer there if the sixers really didn't want to help the Celtics. That's unfortunate you know why because as. Those are two teams that that are really helped each other at this deadline in a lot of different ways and they just you know for whatever reason couldn't get anything going and Jeff that's that you're guess is good as any as to why that that's the case is it made way too much sense for those two teams to do something. I think. Well I think kind of right between you guys quit I'm happy with the way today went but I'm not happy here. I understand that all of George Jimmy Butler when the but it over Cleveland Derek gently over some of the western U. But I would have been happier to get a beat out there knowing what dealt with he'd be in the 2000 that he picked. No and that it's darn happy so be it could be that that was more battered nation whether it would have been entered prominent or not well or somebody like. Drummond what it cost you alive today what are probably best for their program and it's a 136 million dollar contract to the term yes that's that's also another thing back in terms of just getting some I mean these guys were getting had for Hussein you wouldn't even had two of trade what are your first round picks these guys written had for second round picks in the future I mean this is. This is it this hurts Patrick it does hurt because it was talent available you guys brought on Noel though I've edited you're seeing that new well. Eight that the sixers waited until the deadline to move him I mean this thing's been talked about for months now. And beat the Celtics really wanted to him. I don't think they would've waited to the dirt until the dead lied to get him because that the price was only going to be sort of brought up today they usually get two or 3-D ready against the jedi didn't get that today at all. But in years past when you wait till the deadline it's to get a bidding war going. And the Celtics have had of rebounding issues for months the sixers have wanted to get rid of the well for months brightness deal's been there for three or four months all right Jeff anything else. Yeah just curious that Sony about anything about the guys that we are the first past the speed. And they're really look at that idiot ambient future pick and maybe that would let admission. I've heard reports that their high end JJ I don't know much about yep we Sally Patrick yeah yeah Bocelli complaint Yahoo!'s Ellie is a a heat. But he he's had a chubby so so you look at and you don't think that he's going to be great NBA player not unlike our guest is coming absolutely and had Pollack who could play when he was chubby in the yeah. Yeah yeah Bocelli is a young David West type of player any somebody that will have a nice NBA career. But as he security Jacob we wanna put out to think he's the guy with the biggest upside. He's a legitimate seven foot one he's big and beefy can run the floor with the best of them he's he's not blocked shots finish around the basket. But he's doing it he's done it now in two different leagues overseas so he upgraded Lee that he was in about two months ago. People worried that his production was gonna go down because the competition got better. His production went up the Celtics have said publicly. That both guys will be in Tampa next year. Without opportunity to make the roster if our betting man I would say that it's music that makes a roster and yet we said late either plays one more year overseas. Or he joins the main red claws but he's got a great nick. Nickname and it's the dancing bear. So I think he's a guy that we can all get behind. And it and now I'd Najaf and ignited blown up fans are worried about that but I just an update. Albeit walker I brought with them. You doubt it made and then all of your bought the. All right certainly well Jeff thanks for the call and thanks for checking in thanks for staying up with a 6177797937. If your phone number when we return. Employee number eight. Number eight your programs number one in your arch Antoine Walker joins us when we return don't go anywhere that's next you're only that she. Pulse of sports you're talking with Christian Arctic on Sports Radio WEEI. This. That's the boss decent hour co workers and those are my customer. And that's me. An employee number eight. Greg here as late night Sports Radio WEEI. Christian art in here with you Patrick fury in the house as well your phone calls at 6177797937. Texas 37937. Your tweets. For me at Christian art canned for Patrick you're right on hoops. Both of those work you if you get through either what absolute. And as promised. We will be talking very shortly with employee number ate himself one of my favorite dads and loved that it. I love the player yet. And I was and Antoine I was so back in the day when it was the debate was even at one guy or Paul Pierce guys. I was definitely you're in Tonga absolutely I didn't see that they guide I didn't wanted. You know like I like the ball went about. And they were a deer were just great together they seem like they're really enjoy each other I actually side you know it's funny and I used to work continue causes. I was working in a bar down there and I was like a dorm and you know. And meet my friend your intimidator we're exactly we're all working outside and need these kids came over it's only guide you gotta come over to the rack which is now they're harder cafe. Is he got a core of Iraq Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker there. Gary's he added they're they're the world gonna go in you know trying get a table next on and then training out there though okay growth so I got off work. I met up with everybody would get in there and Harris the biggest crowd of girls and one alternate you couldn't get within each. You couldn't get with a late sixty Yorker if there is just this wall of women there was no way you could let you get anywhere near and indeed we tried you know we track we we fought the brave fight we couldn't do it. And it hits one and Pollard given the choice to hang with you were the Walt Whitman Christian if you're a handsome man and an hour we are pretty cool you know early college sophomores and he came out of bounds area that. Much of the while we know people around you know we can get you anything you want to implement it also is an idol I don't know if I don't owe Paul Pierce pulled a young Paul Peterson needed. Antoine Walker at the time because that's one was the emotional. Leader of that basket culture and without ants one I don't know if you get the best the Paul Pierce the way that we got the best of ball the. My favorite Hansbrough are Ramon was in the playoffs I wanna say 02 or three they were down by like twenty points. And on the bench he saw walker just screaming I mean he was going to yell and Paul period these guys are bare Singh has come ons go out there I was at Yankee and that's game yet and that's yeah they came out and they may come back at home and they won the game was one of the great. Playoff performances of that error for the Celtics and it was I mean he was the he was the Sparky was Kris and why it happened he was on the bench screaming. Repeat his head off and people leave the that was the first time in the corner quote do building that that building resembled the yes buildings outlawed absolutely and without any further ado let's welcome in our guest and employee number eight. A three time NBA world champion a multiple time all star. And news and employee number eight news in the big hit in your programs number one in your cards is thing right now is 120 sports 120 sports dot com. Joining us here on late night. Antoine Walker Antoine it's great to have you thank you so much for taking some time with a tonight. Mercury car care pressure. And slide it we'd we'd certainly wanna get into some of your your career here in Boston in in and lots of questions that we have for you here but it. As you know of course the deadline came and went today. The Celtics stood pat. This probably brought up some memories for you back in 05 getting brought back to the salvage that the deadline what do the trade deadline mean to you vineyards in your days as a player what it what did this time of year sort of symbolize to you. A million dollar a couple of things you know policy. However believe that a clear want to get straight that's like. A clear it was nightmare. Secure traders are through midway through the season but our our experience there. I'm in my career once when I got straighter after that aren't. It was actually for the better for the good outlook in Atlanta we will. We were horrible. How are like 230. 37. What wasn't going anywhere out correction of our field where. I got the opportunity to go back a authored. Anyway it was it was great because sparkle. I don't typical bracket play will Pollard. Play to dark rooms and it was a different culture there when I when I get back. The other. Great group William how big guys announced since Tony Allen. That we can play compete so it happened real quickly and our commitment that we are of such a great market with more slow our thirteenth. Get back control of the movies and elected visitor in that would increase the speed currency play out. We wanna talk about playoffs made him the right way. You can feel it feel what. A great company it bought the veteran trader at the lenient straight Atlantic if always tropical caught that ball went out you go back them off the plate and I love it. You know opportunity to play with a felony good he knew it was great. Were you expecting it to to stay with the team at the end of that season were you expecting two to kind of be a part of that the future going forward there are you surprised anymore. Create Havoc for bronco that's ridiculous this summer and I don't know if you got a memo book. And get offered a lot of money not a Celtics are very little funny you're not getting yanked it off but I thought. We had little something there we wanted to visually and bogeyed. I'm that in and got against the opinion paper it was critical flashier you know are we know that there's seven games and floppies figured that we should warrant good depth below now. Gave seven my home floor which was going to be crumpled vehicle did move from our home floor and seven but we did. I'm but I went through some epic about a going to be the filtered for our tour player are. Are we look forward to great offer from Monaco oh culture are yet. You know gave situation Oaxaca really floors of office clear I really enjoyed that. You know Paula back together we have good young talent went out to have some unethical or on the album art to break. Ricky Davis we as we can give the employees would have felt you know whenever I read an article about it anyway. I don't know yet there right at the GMA. I was involved in the business straight because they're really the only NBA history who like thirteen clear and straight and bought and involved in naturally so. It was unfortunate comment on here would have loved to clamp off the court. Yet he had different if an active and you know that's why he's done he's done a terrific job you have to give a lot of credit. He's made some questionable move but you also won a title and he they would you know rejuvenate your career Gucci and get Ray Allen and it took a garden a terrible call period of Nazi. No winner Kyra so you got to do a lot of respect for that. As what your Chicago guy you're at Chicago now obviously the Chicago Bulls are a team that that you cover one point sports dot com. What went wrong in Chicago this year in your opinion is that a team that should build around Jimmy Butler or is that a team that eventually is gonna have to sell Jimmy off. Who but what went wrong and figure out different corporate there's not a radical right personnel you on your uncle as we that yup he respects. The veterans on the team of them are taught about UH and beat Rocco. And character go out Monica police they thought what they didn't cart quite I don't know what their expert or experts say to gloat or liquidate their particular. It didn't expect the unit Rondo had massively lead you know if you thought. And maybe there'll be one that cuts teams in the Eastern Conference by. Obviously so well you know in fact between men and people not respect the fact afraid of the coats with. And I don't buy local like there Pete Myers of this with the colts that people are very close it and it just caught up with your. When you're young culture articles that are the cut. The partner book in a way out all our attention. If he's aware of union Dowayne. Spoke out freely about the team in an effort not really. Note committed to win him but it is tough to do that cut their game and Julio alternate out there yet would be well. And some will wake you up forty points and there has got great game of the one. So what if they. You know the lack of leadership I don't. What apple won't eat your co operate their young coach you have the cardinals got what did you can't just. Not start and you gotta gotta be at all companies Utley. Disciplinarian coach has been Hartnell foundational Koppel. What comedian and what their team want the coaches have their own rules are in there. As well with soft about the you don't get a crop of young guy like that you don't. Made a lot of you have to make a country got to make of that split there. Antoine Walker joining us here on late night Sports Radio WEEI. And why you obviously only had is sort of a brief period of time here with Danny Ainge is the as the guy in charge in the years before that maybe some of your time in Miami or Dallas. When the trade deadline came around that you were at one point you know the franchise player here in Boston. A veteran in the in Miami and Dallas and some of the other stops you have along the course year career. Did you ever have anybody from the front office come up fewer on this deadline time and sort of get your input on on what the team mediator who you'd like to play with their need anything like that. No I think what what ends up happening is that they gave her parents get a GM may come out that you. It actually about a clear what you think about a guy. Never Kitchener input as far as well about the little pull the trigger or not what they want so you. I think you're UG Yemen now I'm not a bit not think it is great to have open dialogue with the third. Clearly your team if this one or two and we just want on your take a cut back that can make a huge difference. As far as. How little we can and whether we need to win. I'm not offer one very active and and that right now on the trade deadline but you thought they would have liked it right here on the epic you're a superstar await. I've done if you create you know we started to score the basketball. Program given quit in the real charge it. What do want to know where you're just to quit put together right now gate they cannot be. Cleveland's seven game series. It if you were on the Celtics right now it's one of Danny's team to you for your advice about Isiah Thomas. What how would you advise him long term as Isiah somebody that that you build this team around and NIC as words you know back the breaks up the truck up to India pay him. Max dollars at five foot nine knowing that the comparable player in my opinion it Allen Iverson once the wheels fell off that fellow pretty quickly. What when I got to figure out a per dollar under thomas' terrific talent never know if you're not going out that goes on about our Ali we'll. He was great spark political that they exploded off the art equipment to a great point guard at gunpoint ardently. Our personal they're like you couldn't really when he would jump the best player B of this week to talk. But my gains have certain situations would have been shut up or what the clinic doctor and oh lead before the green and no struggle wasn't sorry right what a great and they couldn't run a place rabbit and welcome them hand my point now. You know it's tough when your best player can be if it takes a lot of it is sellout yet tree. Yet you partly because it's a different way he has scored a basketball so. That is my personal Koreans who are back no a very cooperative I've been a back. You have to give them principles aren't there are no treatment don't start to let your cup and Euro what he went up. What you got another so I'm no it or. To pick Marty people who compliment should clear. Sometime in the euphoria at the right comic view of an accident with. A drug use and I would attribute your creator after on this they'll want filter you're trying to book. There you can never got to know that I hear a lot of voters in the public policy George. We heard Goldman's own around but they're not a guy. Nikki creative don't shut down their could have retired right now about them out of the main. An opera like you look so you know last year as far as we know I don't want to read it. Saw what the people went. With the idea of notre point deposition about it aground on a comeback what they've done a lot of pieces there right there. What. The club because from the current in the back and how the brilliant idea that they wanna win and wanna get back to check out Al oak. You make a play off of an effect occurred that you get an ethnic. Clayton got a couple more years of being about obsolete got a note that as a cook because people want to. So in your opinion at that point do you feel that this edition of the Celtics as more of a bridge team or do you think it's a team worthy of adding to in the offseason. But I believe I believe between the going to be good on me I don't there's this week not only ethnic watched her as well aren't. So while had a very good archery that when I'm at target market PJ Tucker. They're gonna do they're they're they're go to some stuff together with pyramid effect of plants a basketball. So it's going to be hard I mean your book the world typically is going to be Armitage gave this series what they're. They're currently partners as it is in the you know and Marc Kevin Love comebacks apparently Australian eco sparkly and the last hawks I don't know how. Religion there and give them count corporate coming girls. That was a gift right there the new widget count over so they have a lot of pieces of player and and they don't expect they get to superstar that you're done. All right and drama for let you go 120 sports I know a lot of people around here interest in what Europe through these days what is 120 sports and what's so what else you up to it. In your life now when did after basketball armed. I don't want what is what some have if you don't want what is what but I'm also a pusher there at the network and a currently on the equity network are to a college basketball with a brilliant joint. I'm also still what more could carry a child in the country to a non financial education and ultimately. College student athletes about the finances and make sure that the right thing they keep their back level army and also like to look at another cute with. I'm told in India probably got the familiar with that. Podcast radio yeah sure there could be duck every day collective took on one and come up with them as welcome in Libya where they're so. Austin that the cost of connected to the very bottom of the that is competent. The be able to follow the guys around you because they're really can't the small portion of the continent so we try to be because right now the apart if you see ya ya want it to cookies ilk are to the follow Obama monitor very closely and and who put him in now to critique him as well so our favorite good male majority and that's while the sit back enjoy and are up to recommend the when. Let one off. I know you I know you love the game very much of last time you and I spoke 1618 months ago. There was some talk about you potentially joining that the up and up and coming I champions league for some of the older retired players I don't think that ever happened but you know as well I do have got to ask you. Allen Iverson ice cube all these guys coming back and played in this area of everything we gonna see a little bit a lot of wiggle this summer a lot of fun. Armed updated about actually their outlook to you or just barely eat the part that very army will you explain the least premieres are actually now back on May not play half court. They don't play five guys on the team I mean you're not gonna duck 08 you'll have to you have to be at optimal basketball shape up later on everybody expected in the personal. And like if the breakdown occurred so it should be some good money if people decide to come out and watched on their farmers until we lead. What about your departments apart cue from that outlet or play economic. Starts right now it's been an app much right now what are the key to our report. But when I heard I heard that there might be a four point shot in this thing yeah there is and it's one you know you need to be put to work down upon them. But it effected a four point sharp they're better column date and a aren't evident that it might do to play like all right I hear a pretty good that got what he got to play a player right now in Yates. So it should be equality that ought me just target Kmart yet date he glories started trying to our beat you got back on the if they're they're up about you know I want to give her. So you write that you are dark right now you're not initiate. By the way it's blowing my minding your friends with Kenyon Martin now because I still remember you and him and Elaine talking all sorts of trashed him and tell again technical fouls like that Indian friends with a Joker in one again again Becky and deal with the. Opera Bloomberg I hope that you respect which I was out of work we talked about them will we yet that we collect those battles are back walks. I got to look at the fact that they got my got the upper hand to you do it there that you did it. And talk great thank you so much for staying up with us tonight it was great talking with you and hopefully reduce against some time. Are very permit program pleasure night Antoine Walker there an employee number eight joining us here on late night Sports Radio WEEI very cool talk -- them are gonna take a quick break we'll get back your phone calls it 6177797937. Is late night juries here we're talking self. This is Chris you know I can plug Sports Radio WE. That would oh that guy here got a book to plummet Paul George. We've heard those things the owner Ralph what they did not the guy that you create your own shotgun there'd been an apparent right now and I believe not a big thing. But I don't like you both teams in the last year as far as we do it once went three to create software but the people went with a device bill at that point guard position. About some good rounds and come back foot and there are a lot of people their right here let her upbeat confident very and the bad and how to bring you somebody else. If they wanna win wanna get back to check out oh. You make the play out of the fact that they're that he could hear about the Clinton got a couple more years being on top so you gotta be the your budget would be that the doctor. And that's me. Employee number eight. I say thanks again Antoine Walker for joining us now last segment if you missed any other we will have it up online very soon projected WEEI dot com audio page or the WEEI Twitter already Tweety you'll see it it's. It was cool it was cool talking and it's a good insight and. Widely yes and one was I don't get to work tonight it was over what's what sports and but he was. He knows his stuff and really come a long way if you followed at one's career the way that I have a few years ago when he was muted as analyst out. He came right out of sediment show that it didn't ESPN that he had to get better at doing his homework and of these teams inside and out it was clear tonight that the guy's done his homework and he's really improved this craft. Yeah he certainly has and if we had more time. I would love to have dove a little bit more into the dude Torre he's going around the country with the financial stuff I think that really interest thing. And I would love some of his insight just done on how all that when I'm sure he's probably. Sick of talking about it but I mean it is something he's doing so would have been. If we had more time maybe next time we have month we can get in some of that entity complain if I'm looking at one walk around again but look at want it it's got to be very humbling experience yet what he did right and to injure your mistakes. To go public with the it to tore the country tell young people about your mistakes and not to repeat them. To make the documentary that he made donated it by the way I encourage people to download that movie I went to the Boston it's one invited me about a year and a half ago. To the Boston premiere of it Democrats absolutely. Incredible moving touching new people in that theater that knew Antoine Walker. The Celtics organization of today as well as the one from yesteryear when he was here. They were people that you would never imagine crying literally in tears watching this thing it was it was a really touching movie and it lot of life lessons put it that way. How long they've been making programs are like old footage of wizards you know as it is useful life for was a disorder from it was the end of his career on the air during Israeli air aware how much that it's fan I would say it was 70% post career and got 30% that was his life is. Upbringing the difficulty that he had growing up in Chicago and not as a justification as to why he'd he'd really paid is his hangers on. And it is his friends awaited he did it only that he sort of treated them. But it really healthy review it and Paul Walker's world. In May you sort of understand. The pressures that these professional athletes they grow up with nothing feel when their friends that have more wit dead when they had nothing you know want a Rolex or ya wanna you know not pay a bar tab that happened to be under grants. Yeah no question about it that can be I'd I would Melvin I'd imagine it being. Typical cumbersome and it's one we'll tell you that the that the hardest part for him was he all we get to learn how to say no and he but it have you learned how to say no. You don't spend those money the F. You know body says no all the time I'm sure he does but I didn't think known as the night that was nice but and the Celtics now it. Start impart gonna talk part of their schedule that we talked about this last time I say. The the. Tonight obviously they start against Toronto they have Atlantic coming out Cleveland. LA clippers who were getting blown out by by the warriors who haven't missed the shot since I've every time I looked up at that debate and someone's bank in three from way downtown C got LA Golden State. Chicago. Cleveland Atlanta Toronto. That this street that they went on and won twelve out of thirteen games great and they played some great basketball on the beach and good team. But this to me seems like okay. Put up or shut up time and it starts immediately starts tonight they don't get that really ease their way into wreck happening here look. Which is good and away BK's you know Sally they have some new players that they have they get used to running the off I mean they're they know what they are and they know what they're doing in the going in into Toronto team with these two new players who. Maybe guys are growing and who knows I mean I'm just trying to what best case scenario. I'm really shocked that we haven't gotten a call tonight and maybe you got the call before I came on the show a view an hour into it. The Celtics fans saying look the Celtics got the best trade deadline pickup they're getting it ready back you know because I I. Fully expected to be the narrative. And I only bring that up because although Avery Bradley returned to practice today right word for practice was he's not a 100%. The ease a game time decision for tomorrow this is getting more more troubling if things go along here. The when you're talking about it injury of the chili's you gotta be a 100% certain that he's that he's okay. Because that they could pop in anytime an eagle from a 23 months sort of lay up period to. It's not career threatening right certainly a season threatening. And for fans that expected Avery Bradley to sort of be the guide the Celtics need here to make it through this difficult threat to the schedule. It's not looking promising that he regrets it's gonna build a jump right back in it and be the Avery Bradley that he was for the first thirty games of the season. And even if he does I mean are we all okay with Marcus mark going back to the minutes he was playing I mean is that obviously someone someone's minutes you're gonna have to suffer a little bit here either at the top or the bottom somewhat rosier I mean there's. There'll be ramifications from this that might you know ruin the precious chemistry we've seen over the last two putted there will be but I think what you'll start to see from mark is Smart as. Yeah David Bradley come back and is is able to play thirty minutes a night. I know these undersized to do this but defense of leak market Smart defends the three and you're gonna start to see a lot or the small ball we see the three the three guards out there on the floor together. Maybe at the finish games but for the bulk of the of the minutes in between the start and the finish these games you're gonna see Avery Bradley markets Smart and Isiah Thomas on the floor together. Or you know 20/20 five minute stretches 6177797937. In your phone number pay or stagger around 1 o'clock when it gets weird. Look at 1 o'clock it's weird that I'm 31 rights like go home now and of itself makes sense to me Eric categories thicken around but he final hour of late night which is coming your way next.