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Positivity in the fan excitement around the Celtics and the trade deadline

Feb 22, 2017|

Villani and Tomase are talking about the big topic of the week, will the Celtics make any big moves before the NBA trade deadline? They take some calls from fans who want the Celts to make a move or two and try to land a difference-making player to make a championship push.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio you. EI. But at night sons my first line would have felt 10 o'clock in joined now by Johnson my C who is backing these ten. Is in Boston. A lot of cricket a deal but nonetheless agreement yourself. I was open wheel auto body maybe. But I couldn't get him through TSA kind of missed the crickets. Florida crickets they carry disease they were there were very very serene now did you relax he was hard to sleep with that the right outside our as amazing as I was great yet. I'm a big white noise person so. Yeah the first after I moved Lee the first time moved from the suburbs growing up into the city. I couldn't at first couldn't handle all the noise but then once you get used to it you can't sleep without. Having some sort of noise whether it's crickets car Warren's. Petty crimes are taking place outside of your windows something needs to be going on for meted to really get a nice relaxing sleep my brother lived in Astoria queens from like. Fifteen years right next to the elevated train tracks yes and then made by here's life but a house in Burlington Vermont. And their and their first since their first night there they sat there staring at each other guys. Why is it's so quiet this is awful. And then his quote was and then an ambulance drove by and it made me happy basically. Somewhere somebody is having a medical emergency and I could not be happier about it now been moved to Burlington you do it right on church street of the Nat. Is that going to be teams are industries to trendy to try to turn to for him or for you ever heard anybody Fiat that's like bay you know that's the that's. The Vermont way for the Republican lie to you why you why he'd much rather hang out like on Bernie Sanders street in easily run down ramps on the two miles from church street not that far from it but it is pretty pretty close by. And you have that taken over in addition to hear your duties covering the Red Sox is the sort of the residents Celtics columnist for WEEI dot com have big Celtics guy I mean that's. You know outlay and I'm at I wanna be careful highlights Davis because I'm not comparing myself to disperse at all about legend but. When Bob Ryan was covering down he Celtics for years there was like we'll secret you know baseball's really his thing he's always been a baseball fan site. We'll know he's Bob Ryan he Celtics he can only do Celtics. That's coming on I'm not Bob Bryan I'm not trying to say that listeners techsters in not saying now but. I am I've always been a basketball and that's my point I love love the NBA love this I'd love the Celtics as a kid and I still watch them all the time now. They're the one team that. You know since I don't really cover them you can still you can still watch him as a fan does it bandits are otherwise any team you've covered it's harder to watch as a fan afterwards so you know Red Sox pats whatever but. Celtics I can still watch him love Isiah Thomas of watch and so trade deadlines and great just wondering what's gonna happen and your bombed out the DeMarcus Cousins isn't. It I am definitely not I have been consistent on this point for the last how many how many years that we've been hearing about him at least two right guy I think three but yeah OK so three years however long we've been hearing about him my answer has been no. DeMarcus Cousins his one and done year Kentucky. 135 games 35 in theory. In the NBA he has yet to reach that win total in what 67 he's in his seventh season not exactly a lot of round I don't care if you are. A top ten player we throw these things around I was listening to you guys driving them like. He's on his game he's the top five players really like OK I'm gonna name coli Leonard LeBron carried Durant like who which one of these guys he not made up his leg it's like a one nice thing for that date but let's talk about one leg he could be a top. I've played minister but. So if these top ten times at the top ten talent out of it that's unfair okay. And and fine he has let's just say that. If you're that good. You haven't even won forty Amin and Fred forget about getting to 500 you've got to forty when you have even reached 35 wins. Back to me says something about what kind of play you are sorry and I understand. It doesn't have anything around him in the west is loaded like these things are true. But I look at the team that he just got traded to New Orleans you know that never struck me as a tremendous team and yet they. On the backs of their big man. Anthony Davis they go to the playoffs they get crushed by the warriors whatever they sneak in a couple of years ago as the number eight seed and there are at least on the assent. What what has Sacramento dominant and then when you we are going to Sacramento like basically cheering his departure of the broadcaster. Had Britain's battle. Thing well it and end it comes down to. Not against all pelicans that tangent here but they were a quarter awaits you from making that a little bit more with series or redeem throughout the current monarch there are taught at a parent I the only reason I remember that game really wells I was watching at a bar in New Orleans surrounded by pelicans fans we're thrilled they couldn't have left faster ones curry hit that three wood who's on following an area he had a near corner after it just missed right unbelievable. Shop like art. So there's no we don't push back to gene give and DeMarcus Cousins based on the past. There there just isn't there's nothing you can look at I look at column date exactly you Rhode appear they'll hear the guy ran Celtics policy definitely wrote it yet about DeMarcus Cousins. Can somebody change can somebody have that epiphany. Does getting traded in losing in this case 'cause he's cost himself thirty million box. By not being able to sort of back in a position yet to be a super Max kinda guy. Cost himself some money and you mentioned it guided changed. You mentioned Dennis Johnson who was not. The eight coach killer as he was dubbed early in his career based upon what he was able to do when he came into a better system and if anybody can do it. Can it be or couldn't have been. It's it's done now but couldn't it have been. Brad Stevens a guy that day we all have come to think of over the last four years. As a good coach the players like the plate work that is put a good system in place to get guys to buy. An attack there's so many things to say in response in this first evolve DJ ware had already been a finals MVP. When he was a quote unquote that's playing on better teams but what had been a finals and OK and he would end he had made the finals the year before and lost so. His pedigree was very different yet winning pedigree at least you can't say bad about the markets cousins for whatever 35 when the Connecticut they're exactly until a pretty penny and the Kentucky yes. The second thing is. Can somebody change. Okay I'll turn that around and another question do you wanna be the team to take that chance because if you're the Celtics. You have your two picks from this miracle trade that you pulled out you still toothpicks laughed. One of them could be number one it's gonna be no worse than number four it's probably mathematically it's going to be somewhere in the top three out so. You have a potential top three pick your gonna have to give up at least that. And 8000. Yeah I think so why. They thought bloody tee box game away for a debate but the Celtics don't have body heal this everyone keeps glossing over this you had an owner who is irrationally. Tied to the idea that but he healed us the next step curry the Celtics don't have that so it's not like you can just take out but he healed and he liked. Well here's Marcus mark he doesn't shoot quite as well. But you know he's got to be somebody else guard there's got to be somebody else he watched the NCAA tournament the ultimate rational of four ranked flattened Jalen brown and I were one and done and he scored like four points that are having on hand every year to wit I feel like. Right around the day the when it comes time to actually have the draft you start talking about players. People and it's during the tournament to people of watch college basketball all season long Selig one guy go off for four straight games in the tournament you know. You should take this project is like a late second round pick he can at five yeah. Yeah how hot because you saw on the year remember his name and that's kind of what it feels like you're in Sacramento yet and anybody yelled at an awesome senior wasn't like it was just the term I thought it was death he was great all season but I understand where you're saying so. You wanna be the team to take the chance if you're the Celtics because here's the thing you can swing for the fences and that's fine. When you get one swing you don't get to come around and bad again so if you put all your eggs and DeMarcus Cousins basket. I would not feel good about that I would not feel good about. All right we gotta hope that it doesn't become view what was it six coaches in six years in Sacramento I mean it's absurd. And lead the league in tax every year and just in just being miserable to black out dark cloud over the broadcaster. However he described it. If you want to turn your franchise over to that when you are building something. And he doesn't fit what you're building at all other than the town this is one of the things that drives me crazy. We go through this and baseball especially because it's such a numbers driven sport where. If the numbers say something. That's what the player is and nothing else matters how he interacts and his teammates what he's like to be around. How he plays on the court his style plays he selfish is the easy unselfish whatever. All that it's thrown up and over the numbers the markets cousins numbers are unassailable you're not gonna look at those numbers 27 and ten whatever is out. And his skill set is a perfect fit for what the Celtics need which is why even becomes the discussion its Whiting becomes. Any. Sort of a conversation because he is exactly if you could just play it. Some sort of be reasonable citizen. Inside that body. And and wit that kind of talent he is exactly. What the Celtics need this. A sound weird I don't know if he's exactly all right I know exactly so much better three point shooter now. They needed him shoot them at all when he came in the league and now he serviceable they are but the way the Celtics play it's still your your big man look at even Amir Johnson is out of the three point line now. They're not really. This is laugh laugh at but I got clogged the middle or anything like that he still can you can still spaced the floor and a similar way with DeMarcus Cousins on the floor but it's not the same way you play it's I mean not the way you play and I cannot stick and DeMarcus Cousins were Kelly a clinic and now or did you add any superstar player into the mix it's gonna change your -- someone beat your cap to an area of your game more to the app that's not he's really excited and a point like I I'm I'm not gonna sit here and try to see the markets cousins is not a tremendous talent. But it's the idea that we can't even consider the off court stuff. The way it impacts the coach the way it impacts the coach's ability to lead the team the fact that he has been a malcontent everywhere he's been. When Danny Ainge doesn't even engage on a player who's that talented. Doesn't that tell you something and you and I don't remember where rented it might have been. There's probably Pope had in The Herald I think you don't open that I'm gonna go out hope that in the Harold although Adam animals are from the globe's on some goods as well. But I think it was OPEC talked about how. He's gonna go six coaches fired or whatever and the Celtics have spoken to them after they've left their jobs so they've done their due diligence on this guy and granted. Maybe they're not the most subjective. Evaluated is 'cause they've lost their jobs because of this guy. But it's still interesting to mean that Danny Ainge knowing how much he needs transcendent talent he uses that word all the time. We won a transcendent player wouldn't even consider DeMarcus Cousins and and that tells you really need to. The unfortunate part from the Celtics perspective it least in terms of getting that transcendent player and a lot including you look at it as a win the cousins is going anywhere but Austin. But putting that aside for a moment. It doesn't seem like turret that transcendent player or. Really anything resembling an impact all star kind of players coming to Boston at this trade dead line. It doesn't look like based on all the reporting I've seen at least the Celtics are willing to part with that Brooklyn pick for Jimmy Butler nation and and parting with the Brooklyn pick. Plus some would probably be that they could get Butler they want and put it that I really think that they want Jimmy Butler. They could land Jimmy Butler and it doesn't seem like the paces are trading Paul George which puts you back in a hoping to hit on that pick may be spinning the pick if you close the draft but very likely making that picked. Hoping to hit on that pick in then you're back into that sort of Danny Ainge team building mode of who can you sign how much do you have sort of a win now mentality with a good roster how much you thinking about Jalen brown and back pick whoever ends up being being good three or four years down the line when Al Horford is collecting a pension yet know who rebuilding around essentially over these. The years yes so to me your bill and I wrote about this today for W he had done and I can't keep up with you and that's a catchy just my thing is keep the picks I'm not treating the picks or any pol George is the one guy who would give me pots because Paul George it's easy to forget before that. Awful broken leg for team USA. Which I still have not watched that video I saw the start of that it was like you know I don't need to see this arena and watch this guy really thought I seen worse was the was it from Louisville. Well let me it was like it was just like not there he again I understand what I was looking yeah I didn't watch that money there and I the I was tired. I was scarred by Joseph thighs and as a kid while that's Joseph thighs men I think I was like twelve or something announced Monday Night Football game and they they showed that over and over again. And the LT just snapping his leg and half cited I don't need to see any of those but the point is. You know you forget like Paul George led the pacers to back to back Eastern Conference finals. And they lost a LeBron and and he both times seven games six games. The set six game series George was a monster had a 124 game he'll play in the running game one. And so you and he was only like two points or 23 so you've got a guy who was looking like in impact superstar. He's not quite back at that level. Since he's returned but he still an all star is still a great player that's of one guy if if that guy were available for this pick I would I would think long and hard about it but he's young when Jimmy Butler. I would trade that pick for Paul George I would team started to think and and then get the conversation started a what else is gonna take. But that it would be on the table for Paul George but didn't seem like the pacers if George move someplace else. And then you look back at it and say. Boy the Celtics could have had him for that Brooklyn pick a comparable package that doesn't upset the the actual team that they have now that I think you look back attic you frustrated would do any Angel with a two gun shy one and make the move it doesn't seem like he's gonna move. George and go anywhere the pacers wanna keep on the what are you to do. And what they're willing department that picker not and doesn't seem like you're gonna do for Jimmy Butler is the result is. Probably what's he you know which he wrote on WEEI dot com he keep the deck you make the pick and then you figure out who's a party here who. Are definitely an out of the party lecture they are and how much cause vast volume Vioxx is here I'm not a huge cause gaga because Syracuse lose to Georgia Tech yet I Tyler I've been already available. So so I've actually watched just a little bit and certainly wants a lot of highlights just because Fultz involve those that's ten names you keep hearing and let's say. That ball let Alonso ball from UCLA let's just say that he is. The guys from. I'm going thundered Russell was arsenal let's say he's a Russell Westbrook type. Okay mark health faults let's say he's a carrier serving type player. You'll not be sad that you held under the pay until one of those two guys in the in the here and now we want instant gratification. But three years now if you have a player like either those guys. You will be like and we thought about trading respect for Paul George. We thought about trading this pick for Jimmy Butler you kidding me thank god Danny Ainge is running the Celtics instead of us. All that says to me though is you can still build around the fringes of the roster you can still make this a stronger roster you can get. A rebound or you can get. A shooter you can get something that still help seconds still be useful piece. And you're probably not beaten Cleveland anyway but maybe you can get there meeting make the Eastern Conference finals that's a good season. Yeah and and the blueprint for doing this is really Golden State until they sign Kevin Durant. Hitting in the draft. They also had a good fortune even though they are drafting seventh of having the Minnesota Timberwolves drafting twice before them yeah that's that always helps to take Johnny played in Ricky Rubio didn't leave staff curry just sitting there waiting to be picked that was a huge. Huge help. But yet that and that's scenes the route you're going I do understand and will jump the phone calls to the lines are loaded here a moment. I do understand though the the sense from Celtics fans was probably the biggest difference between a fee and an edgy and other than maybe some zeroes and a paycheck. They'd say it's not even so much here now kind of thing waiting for a few years it's been a few years of building building building building building. And if they take a good step forward this year this is the Eastern Conference finals team. I think you feel pretty good about where you lark if this is another team that with a group they have. Can't get it done any post season series. Then you're really reevaluating because again you're thinking about the quart that you haven't we want as a part of it going forward and one thing that outside Al Horford. All of these guys are is largely without post season success or untested in the post seasons I do understand the Celtics fans will say. If they have an early exit this this post season. Boy if you read we keep hearing that we're building building building it still feels like four years away. Yeah and none on with them with young Matt but to me into you don't even need to make the conference finals just get out of first round. If you get out of luck this outright derision get out of the first round of this team and then see what happens from there. That's probably good season depending on how it shakes out. Speaking in Jonny Flynn by the way and it pulls up his Wikipedia I'd I think it's theology and Dylan for Syracuse from like what is he doing that after hearing his name. And Jonathan William Flynn is a former American progress on the armed robbery where who last played for the oil land Dina bass deck of that league at best at Sandia. In. Italy Turkey and Italy. So good that Johnny Johnny Johnny the sixth pick overall the take two is so we are rubio went first to take two guards. Don't go out pretty good before he got hurt in the take rabbit you have you have to opportunities you draft these three guards. And they going order. Ricky Rubio Jonny Flynn stepped curry you have two out of those three at least 67%. Chance of landing a guy who would be. He won a one day depending on the season best player in the freaking NBA. And you're the timberwolves and nothing more needs to get that thing is it's not like Johnny Flynn if he were 67 or something Lawrence mode if he were some. Physical specimen you could say wells curry is skinny legs and when six feet tall. And I get often a stance that yes it is it's by Johnny plasma talked about this much by the way since he's playing at it Niagara. I Niagara falls high school Paul Harris back in the day. Let's go to phone calls Johnny went down things come to the Celtics John in the car those joining us right now on WEEI John. John Derek yeah. And it's this Saturday basically a hypothetical or the back court for next year. I see it or Bradley as the guys are gonna be the odd man out there I don't think a lot of people talk about how much you gonna cost. What's your opinion in terms of what you think all our contract going to be from your outlook start. I have no idea anymore because salaries are so out of whack but you can I think it's safe to say. Federal BA lot more than the Celtics are willing to pay especially because. Markets Smart has now stepped up legitimately. As that defensive stopper in the Bradley moles and even though you'd love to have both of them. If you only keep one I think we can agree it's going to be Smart. Deny. I would think in that. Bradley RBI they are out like point two million dollars Europe or. Just start. I don't think that's crazy I mean he could probably be looking at similar deals to it Evan Turner are now that an entire end Portland's. Today that's seventy million years back the I mean you could argue that he iMac Mac person that. They're just beat up in every Bradley and Max contract but the depth on the back or market market. That acquired. Just because the other football dispatch but anyway. Obviously Bradley the guy out you know I would say it be great if we could trade. Now maybe maybe Adrian. Enemy Eric Berger for comment. You know I'm about might be a little crazy. My my hypothetical would be you know you have obviously are on the bench I'm gonna ship right over the darkness and out on the ball. It's draft either in the top two spots are on the public out. You know what the book sick the southern and out Gilbert public garbage regard to other. It it so I I see all point guard. And that that they've caught on all of. I loved ones of all I don't know how much you see in him Ireland like. Martell Fultz they don't win Baghdad on this is I'm gonna do the same thing I did with cousins of the Washington's not winning and off you're the best player in the country in college basketball. You should win every once in awhile Alonso Boller is awesome great passers shots kind of weird look and buy it. Great passer great for vision and aggressive he really doesn't mean west Ricky EE EEE attacks the rim like the tailback. And you think of the great the other guys are gonna be on high and the draft a great college players even the ones on bad teams at least at those teams that tournament. Elise got to adding Kevin Durant one of the better examples of this I think it was not a good Texas team that he was on he just pulled that team into the tournament you're not seeing that. With with that this kid faults now I'm not a means examined like dissent in LSU and Benson in the guys say the same kind of guy does not. Able to to sort of pull these teams into the terminal along with them it just quickly backed his point on salaries. I was excited to keep before you hop on an in im being covered baseball. Over the past fifteen years and it happened sort of quickly. You really had to readjusting your mind what a twenty million dollar player is 125. We can do the same thing now in the NBA with the new CBA with all the new money pouring into the game with what Max contract is now. Just be ready for it already started Evan Turner is an example that you mention. Be ready for some sticker shock or the next couple it's either the would Kaiser poll again because. It's just the natural progression and evolution of the game the same thing happen in baseball and the same things that happen now on the Indiana and and that's just the of the way it's gonna be so whatever. Whatever Avery Bradley ends up getting. I agree humble point I don't consulted a pet and a Celtics fans are gonna be shocked. Initially at what it is David in the car on DeMarcus Cousins he David. I believe me I think you'd taken the call are. Presently annual well I'll be at the market's confidence. I'm not making the case and opinion have not thought about it became all but yeah it felt they would need he's an aggressive player. I think part of that these and he had it's in this they had forty when you've got to have a plate around you if you don't have a play at neurology at stake. Jordan was Jordan would ever around and occurred at around quotas LeBron ever. All these great players that we talk about they'll have other really good even borderline great players that make him look even great. So caught. What would meet somebody like him because they need somebody who stay aggressive. Put his attitude changed my comfortable walk then it's been a culture that. That's the coach's job to do that is quite Bulger had done nobody is the main player. So we question what they came on bull it's not just the play the culture play a big part of it. In the culture. And then in Beijing to play. All plays the multiple OK you can change your. Because that they don't. Then at some point you know they're going to be outside looking at Boston needs a built on aggressive play. That's the only way they're gonna compete with the warm up against guys like LeBron James if you don't have. Unfortunately human food and second round course obviously. I mean he had Isiah Thomas and Rudy Gay and one of those teams all three of them average over twenty game I'm I'm not saying that's a complete roster that's three pretty good players right there and you still won thirty you know thirty games well ever. And as soon as our encounter the other side of the street but he mentioned LeBron. Who was the other great player LeBron had a on that hat on that final steam that then lost to disperse. Well executed at Larry Hughes they'd injured Mo Williams who they lose your great player he. That no one it was just I mean he carried on a final that he bears out one game re scored thirty points in a row against the pistons they think. As like one of the first great LeBron games but he didn't in but he didn't agree with them is one that LeBron. Yeah I mean the MBA I'm sorry it's a league there's only ten guys on the corner once you have five guys have one of them is one of the ten best players in the league. That should that should account for late I don't know 25 wins on its own. And we do think the marks 'cause when it's actually write the players should be a star ranking player once LeBron to staff curry is very Durant I noticed by the Washington Post list had leaked Paul Millsap. Fourteen or something that's probably just going on like wind shares or somebody that I don't know what it was gone out of listening to ratchet down the guys talking about this afternoon at that list was it was very odd to say at least. I'd 6177797. And 937. Were targets of Celtics won't get your phone calls more of a next. And in taxes well 37937. Chris Lonnie Johnson mossy with you on a Tuesday night Sports Radio WEEI. A lot of spots in Sports Radio WEEI. Tuesday night hanging out for on my finances get the other that the day options in the invitational earlier today. By the way can that be Texas brings up that 37937. Are you following all the emote geez are you looking at who's liking who won aims to grandma who's been tweeting who the winners like. This is where I'm an old cranky person now as some have I can't make myself do it like I saw last night. You know I Isiah Thomas who reads the eyeballs in and out OK and then Matt Light became a thing. Oh that is a flurry of phone calls to his agent. And a new you know this obviously see we. We're both report but sort of in different worlds like a lot of people I talked to were paid by taxpayers and therefore have to talk to me sometimes whether they like it or not yet in sports name. Now I don't feel like doing a let's that the league mandated unveils now sorry I'm good thanks and it's over now to answer your questions. So when you're reaching out to those kinds of guys you sort of burning your bullets. You know on stories. And and possible stories is Isiah Thomas to weeded. An eyeball bugging out a mode cheese something that will then make he was a reporter the couple phone call at their pick of foreign colony. Yes in my exam and it'll probably wouldn't be an agent in that case because we don't know Olympics Isiah Thomas getting treated sowed more could be. Right just as they had reached out to soma the teams Alex Aaron that teams like assistant GM. As we get exact title he treated you know. Basically as the world we live and somebody treats eyeballs 120 calls from reporters asked him if we've made a trade. And you're totally right about burning bullets because I remember. When Theo is the GM of the Red Sox something would happen that we didn't have. Tweeted eyeballs I don't know what the equivalent would be but it we have that we get eyeballs back in my back in my day ten years ago five years ago but. Whatever the equivalent of that would have been at the time you would have to think long and hard like Ali you know what it would be a block like a blog would reports on me. In the united. OK do I waste a text to be out on this. And then the next and then have them be like what are you moron and then the next time you're less likely get an answer right or do you ignore it and then it turns out to be something sigh I am sympathetic and understands you have to chase these things but. You're. Eric Tanner reminded me of along those same lines but different sport. Reporter Rob Lowe. Reported that Peyton Manning was not gonna play football anymore yeah and this is the kind of scam and I'm talking Archie Manning must gotten thirty phone calls that all started with an apology that today. Leg chapter on the other line I'm sorry RG and cyber Rob Lowe. Yes yes the guy from the west wing yet he tweed heir to the guy from that videotape and they riot at a Chris Farley movie right Tommy Boy that guy he tweeted they'd. And it's any kind of go from that there was that they are back kind of that kind of thing that's that now. I do think that. You know if you were edited stayed in you have changed jobs obviously Rick Harrell mired WEI. One of the first things you do is change your Twitter profile this is different than the the Isiah Thomas with the eyeballs just bugging out. By if I look at. A guy who follows. A new and I've done this before two words a job that Sam applying for interest and I'll follow that Twitter account just kind of see what they're about maybe before an interview. I think who they follow. Changing backgrounds changing bio is on Twitter that can be at least worth keeping an eye on actors somebody whose work you know locked into all these things DP and I. Dad's a much Thomas with the eyes but well. He followed him for mass slide to a tremendous job in the celtics' one of the best. Young Celtics writers around all those mass lives. Guys and gals are great I now I know they work press trust of let. So he had he noted that the last time gig god bless him for even knowing minutes but he said the last time when he had screen shot. The last time Isiah Thomas treated eyeballs it was the day they signed Al Horford. Well so I mean obviously flaky has his Rosetta Stone and you know as a all of these things mean. I guess I guess and it and also. That it's almost like when night Kevin Love came to Boston went to Fenway and my high five Rondo and I was pretty much contractually binding like now he's a Boston Celtics though right there that and I am so mad about it you know about it there's. Mistake out that luxury box of course and hang out back there get some comments. But it feels like it's going to be along those lines again for the Celtics where there's a lot of doled out this time names or talked about in the end nothing. Yeah I I think my gas is. They will finally be able to part with a single solitary draft pick which had really been unable to do not overtly obvious not a Brooklyn pick but their own first round pick. They will be able to par with that and actually I knew I need to make sure this is something that. We should try to figure out because they have the right to swap picks with the nets and I don't know if that means they have to keep their own panic. To be able to swap it or commit swap someone else's first round pick with the Mets is an interest in question that I did not answer I don't know. Yes I know is blew my mind outside enough so if they so. Assuming. I mean how about where you can't trade the predicament had nothing to swap and then swap gas I bet yeah so OK so whatever but the fact of matter is they still have lots of picks they have extra first Olympics the following year. I think they have like one emphasis on the Memphis panic they have other via the point my point is they're not gonna draft eleven guys again life is here. So they have guys that they stashed overseas who they could presumably trade and they epics I gotta think. That they are gonna trade some combination of those things to help about the margins of error roster you know get that week. We hear about PJ talker somebody like that from Phoenix like rugged rebounder who has some three point shooting range okay guy like that improves your marginally and that may be. Keeps you at a Washington who by the way. The one not to send him down fifteen or eighteen and it's going on so that for all the talk about the Celtics being the second best team needs is saying I don't think they would be. I wanna call on the bullets I don't think they would be the bullets and hit a seven game series right now. I think played right now be held Sears and I don't know that feel 100% confident about them winning it seven game series and blown up by am last Emmitt played not that means by the way this day. Probably side non non trade deadline news Magic Johnson is now running battle operation he's wasting no time. From the vertical later Edwards announced either rockets trading Corey Brewer and a first round pick of the lakers from Lou Williams now interest cell Magic Johnson. Gets the job and hits the ground running I just hope for the lakers say he's better as an executive that he was as an analyst. As television or coach terrible right that is coach now. He's one of the worst scandals ever heard. It is you and bring at times it's sit on TV and read the box score. LeBron James had 32 points yet he did yes he did magic thank somebody to Chirac's GD buses power play as obese or see you an estimate which. The only game of their hands because Laker was her brother and I'm lose track which buses disparities are brother Wright Brett ousted. So it's like you she settled all family business exactly brings in magic cell. There's a trade it's not a big I does that impact in the Celtics now one's gonna shake up buying landscapes anywhere. The other name to that popped up was in her boulder. And I know that the contacts of that this is a Dallas report it to the Celtics be interest in bogey if he were sort of the complementary piece to another big deal. I think if you're not giving up a lot all get on its own on his own so to speak makes some sense. Eaton DV 25 and it's gaining key corporate away from playing the five a little bit more. If there's no other moved to be me certainly can be first on my list of you looking for that kind of a player but if you want to make a move to help out. In terms of the interior. Not at Al Horford plays center as much and not give up a lot he's sort of one of those options I think that that would make a lot of sense. Yeah I mean he has experience playing in a high octane offensive system you know they don't get any higher octane in Golden State and he. You know he wasn't on the floor crunch time necessarily for them by. He would give you it was after a year either now though I mean a prominent is so he's played I think 36 games this year. He's had a knee injuries that hamstring injuries he got hurt in the finals I he's been hurt a lot. So you're getting a guy you say 25 minutes a game that sounds a little optimistic to me he might be more like ten to fifteen when he three minutes against targets there are you putting the over under the Patriot Act. 22 and a half minute I'm taking me under Mac. Yes I mean you know that's fine that would. He does and I don't know how well he fits your system again because we talked about all their senators have three point range to some extent even Amir Johnson this year. He's not back act which is not to say. He can't have a role as you certainly need some interior defense need rebounding I worry about any guy who would come in here. And BA big body stuck under the basket where Isaiah Thomas is trying to go to work if if all their big men are away from the hoop and that opens up space for Isaiah very simple level and if you have a guy who's just in seven footers standing in there. That limits I say it's creativity. I know he's got a big ma'am you're on the brink Carmelo Anthony and I love they're relevant partly at her like the media just beat you selfish like. Story are now our sets which should be I said he's a guy that stands around well Ernie Els watches him go to work out and out he really fits in with what the south heard a guy who touches the ball so much his assist totals are appalling. Like they are following there is no other. No other ads of any describing that the rebounder used to be he's been a better rebounder and he is now yeah he's OK but he is a score I mean that's the one thing I understand he's not the player he used to be. And I'm not trade Brooklyn spectrum that goes announced that about another guy to that since college is not really had a winning pedigree. Against now layoff is that you I loved the other Denver got rid of him and started winning went out out is like little. Yes I'm always so now he's averaging two point nine assists a game this year he averages three assists. A game for his career on 436. Touches envisions a guy who's Blake has evolved is in that all times. I just. I'm all good with maulana love we did at Syracuse thank you appreciate the national title much obliged. That said I hate watching him play basketball I heat. Twenty seconds and I sell and then a four shot I think that would have that's not the way to Celtics play so I'd I don't think back could have. I don't know than I don't know how he fits I don't know what he turns into in other words. What version of Melo are you getting these suddenly distributing the basketball as he's actually running a gun Arianna I'm still resting Don Mello will change but the markets cousins will not oh actually I do believe. I'm 100% believe that I and there are different stages of their career. I think they both are what they are displayed much different ways Carmelo is a much better cities and I don't prom with him in a locker room purse that's what gives me hope that he could adjust his game. Ed being a better person. And art as it is better not that that's setting the borrow that I'm talking about Smart discussed our way late for break 61777979837. A lot in Tomas he'll jump back to your phone calls and text. Next album of the patriots news as well will give you after the break Sports Radio WE yet.