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Revitalized Bruins still need to add something at NHL trade deadline

Feb 22, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss the Bruins and their great run under new coach Bruce Cassidy, but that the good play doesn't mean they shouldn't add something to the team at the deadline.

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I will say this is just it it it may be complete crap. For all we know but I will say this if Danny pulled that off this week yes that's a blockbuster that's big time if somehow he pulled that off and Paul George is coming here and I asked these guys this question during the break when we were first written and rich was reading us this I said would you give up both Brooklyn picks for Paul George muse said no no lately ballclub now. And you sort of been. I think yes I think ultimately I think you'd you'd have to do that. An and that's there or I would you know give of one of the picks and Jalen brown so essentially you're giving up two of the three picks right that he got from and that's that you told me a few years ago that he traded an agent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. For Paul George in his prime and let's say Jalen brown or one of the picks for the next two years but that's an unbelievable straight sought out out food. 61 cent and by the way that the previous caller was saying as the Celtics fan. Didn't want any of making deals like this I think he likes watching this team he liked seeing the guys develop an act that I'm not knocking his opinion by when I say that. It brought me the question have we were talking about this earlier today. The difference right now between Celtics fan and Bruins fans. Trade deadline in the NBA is this week and Celtics fans I think desperately the last caller notwithstanding desperately wanted me to make a deal they want something. In my yeah write something men and the majority of some yes that's like yes absolutely rebounded though right Michael I don't think there are all desperately like Paul or or Butler but you're saying added I anything they want ID yeah OK I'll add about that our brand and the question is. 'cause Bruins fans leading up to of the recent four game winning streak. I'd I'd been hearing from more and more just be sellers just sent just south. I mean this season's lost year you're in the toilet just don't I don't Latin at least stem the acting John-Michael Lyles a deadline. Just sell get rid of stuff. I got a four game winning streak now you suddenly just four points behind Montreal in the Atlantic Division are Bruins fan suddenly gone and I don't know Don. We got to do something by the deadline next Tuesday got a gets done here. I really hope they don't spill even with a four year winning streak that's great maybe they still have enough to get a playoff based as is by. Last year was a mistake we can all made it what they did at the trade deadline so this year. You basically have the same roster and your yes the young guys that you're trying to develop and you'll see me on got started with a team yet but you have in your organization. You need to hang on to those guys did you need to hang on your draft picks I feel like if I mean if you make a trade for a player who was under contract that's different pay rental type players makes zero sense to me for the bronze. Yeah and that the desperation. To make a deal for the Celtics. I don't I don't know if I can see. You know some days somebody issues on the team. Where you would want a rebounder. Is that when Avery Bradley cheerleading rebuild that area I can top actually let Tagamet a flat out that manic desperation they do whatever it takes mover first round pick do this to get a a guy on the team right now I don't doubt for a team that's. That's well on his way to fifty plus victories. They pay at they continue their pace. You're talking about a team that's you know when a handful of the best teams in in the NBA as far as the Bruins are concerned as talking. Wanted to guys here at downstairs and thing for no. Britcaster Vieira. And I'm pretty good about the thing that I am done di who had not and deal Edward the brewers. On. Therefore don't it doesn't matter how I've done it without. It's not what they're doing right now he's done with the organization so I think he's going above yeah Bruce Cassidy and mocking at Sweeney. And looking at cam and it always comes back to. Eventually is gonna get back here I'm surprised that hasn't. Is that this has been Turner's your day on me. How many times do your Bruins fans over the years thing. Jacobs Jacobs Jake right right right then whip so to win a championship. And Jacobs Jacobs lessons. Then they start to struggle whether Jacobs Jacobs Jacobs it was surely you know well Bruins prayers are looking yet either sweetie and or K right. So Jeremy Jacobs is take a. The body. You often talk now maybe people are I don't know the answer hi there is an advantage and I was gonna say dude do fans of the respective teams. Have greater faith in Danny Ainge to make a deal that helps the team that they do when Don Sweeney to make a deal that helps the team yet of course yet so that's got to be part of it is while witnessing on I don't I don't want to make a trade. Of the trades he made haven't done much forming here now in Indian race case is L wild. But he's had some some big trades meaning prodding Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and you know he built a a championship team out of those traits. The Bruins made some big deals but Don Sweeney wasn't the GM when they made them back it when they were building their right. And that's evidently that with the Celtics you don't really have that dynamic. It's. If you like its rate. The the Celtics have made it Danny's credit and economic trade it gave me the blame the Bruins it's very confusing. As you don't know if you really wanna blame going back was that you really irk him. Now is that can work its way. Three near camp you don't really know so I can have I don't know I have to have confidence in the sweet. Accommodate a matter how good guy to have confidence in the tandem Sinatra and not be looking at it that way now so. Yeah I think just by default Danny Ainge went that that compares. Yes 6177797937. Johnson Boston hey John. You're going great job up. Schooling because it wanted to. Talk about bill was almost under a little and it went in Lancaster badgers are probably. Boston's towards him. I don't like Italy it is. But when you achieve you'll make fun of the guard like he's slated he borrowers or are. A little bothersome to me and the guys from the lash out as well. You guys are going to they're owned an apple California. In a that you had enough common sense I hear people would help them. Would urge. I'm like Michael Jordan's arrogant which is why yet executed. In his basketball decisions. And not just don't think it's right on the Internet and then this year. However rubs off or some of the listeners. From the National Guard called him. Can do you have astronomy can build LaMont got so completion magic snapped and that's it hasn't really ignorant. You know you gotta give a guy cheer. That is when you were to go to the back. Why they give the response to it we can't wait for America's first moved to let Eric no doubt Vijay wildly successful businessmen. You can even argue that the numbers are higher the evidence is there. But that doesn't mean you know how to build a basketball no not at all on anything he's done basketball wise post playing your wanna Yeltsin great players. But whether it's as a head coach as a TV analysts. Where every wanna say. It's it is you ten economists behind it's it's fun to make fun of it he'd like this on the comments and yet he's got a lot of you don't yogi is instilled he's really just say that like it's he's one of the worst TV Ellison multi doesn't mean you won't be a good president maybe he put the right people in place. But just based off of some of the comments that he is made. About the NBA over the last five or six years. If I had to choose sides that we do that's the beauty is portrayed here you can't just wait further to play out you have to take a stance and I think he will be. Terrible about it I think it's great news for Celtics fans if you like you the rivalry going on the lakers pretty bad for awhile. Now I don't think out of it to be terrible added I think. I I would say in what one of the people he's gonna have a board is according to sources according sources. Hlinka no wonder if he's an agent and he's gonna have to a transition from being an agent. Two to being an executive but I think that that kind of tells you. Where magic is leaning. So why would he hire an agent. To be a part of his team well. Jeanie buss says she wants stars. In LA. So you'd get an agent. Who is a connected to stars and who knows how to play that game and you get one of those people and your team and then you also get. A basketball guy who is adept at the cap. And and evaluating talent it's all part of it you think about think about it it's LA. Yep Magic Johnson. Debate about recruiting we should say is about doc is docked up the Celtics recruit because of his personality yes. Doctoral the clippers recruit was it because of his personality yes. Is magic Johnson and helped the lakers. Will we help them get an audience with some of these games. Absolutely with its I would I don't know but it. You're you're more inclined to pay attention LA because of Magic Johnson Michael Jordan helped the hornets. Well. So it's no need well no well the Laker crowds aren't this bad players have been the lakers with the round. He said as Michael Jordan helped the hornets. As us. Magic Johnson helping the lakers. It's LA I magic and the lakers vs Jordan whose huge Michael Jordan who you listen to him talk about shows direct. Charlotte. Charlotte vs LA got out because in my parents. I thought my appointment the LA what an LA they're not gonna find stars. What other habit that's a reported her point is that they've missed out you know Dwight Howard was there that you. And they had Moya has a whole. Lot I don't know what it was that they could have been because of the White House. Soft but how fast it magic have to do with the all Red Sox Dodgers deal. I mean we were led to believe he had a big part to do it if you look at it from the dodgers' perspective it was a fairly dumb baseball deal was meant. No up from the doctors respect of the eighty kept them achieve peace and she got ahead and and they invest in what we're a quarter of a billion dollars a lot of money. I have to say players I have to say dale they want that they lost. I believe they lost the division assurance that the doctors. They went like four straight. NL west titles. I mean they show. If if you're the Dodgers and you pick out Josh Beckett had been their for Copley they want and how much he's acted to Adrian Gonzales was it was a great acquisition I'll answer it this way. But I what did you have to spend 250 million dollar opening it properly want to take on the money. And they bring back of a guy like Adrian Gonzales Adrian Gonzales is the only player of consequence either team hats from that deal. The prospects they got were terrible. Well if you look at at at the Dodgers. And you know. They've got high salary in baseball right most people don't think that that their very well run from a from an investment point of view from a a eight cap management assets point of view the Dodgers are not very well run I don't know how much he had to do with it there. To Dulles and him we have a lot to do with it but I'm pars at three. So the Dodgers won the NL west this year 2006 and how many straight division titles and he's trade and all of our titles have a one sport event is a four straight forestry no trips the World Series before straight trips in the post season. Pick up and a guy like Adrian absolves who's not a good fit here understand if Yvonne in California. I want Adrian Gonzales in my team and the northeast know things. I don't know four division titles and and you don't even get to the World Series and sound like doubts as a success to having the highest you know payroll I think but there are high payroll team with or without Adrian Gonzales and the fact is. They they actually have a major leaguer still performing from that trade and other Red Sox wanted to restart the risks have anybody. From that deal. They rip it wanted out from under the post editor of the players I can understand wanting out from what another contract but you wanna get somebody you know ruby de La rose said he thought it was going to be a pretty good guy the next Pedro that you got they got talent Gerald Jerry stands at the other guy where he'll Alan Webster Alan Webster or you know gave you nothing. And then DJ James Loney. Who who terrace was productive and in Tampa but not here. 6177797937. This telephone number text as if it like at 37937. Stale on Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. By the way quick check of the numbers. While during the break I just want a look at how the LA Dodgers diddley the major leagues last year in payroll. They're total payroll. 279107794. Dollars that is 72 million more than the second place yankees. It is some 64. Million more than the third place Red Sox. Op and and by the way since the big deal in which the Yankees took on 250 million of the Red Sox salary thank you very much the Dodgers by the Dodgers the Red Sox have won a World Series and they happen. So for all that money base and ran what they've got his division titles to show for it they don't even have national league championship to show for. Forget about World Series so yes I would say it's been a complete failure for the Dodgers. I wouldn't you know if they they have won a World Series and income for the Red Sox. That was huge clearing that payroll allowed them to go out and make some of those deals that. They were they were really excited about love love the McLeod get Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino I think everybody's contract was right around the same number three years party I don't know in or something like that. They got the World Series and followed up with a follow that up with two straight last place finishes. And then. You know they get to the playoffs last year where's the Dodgers. Did turn themselves into a had a division contender. Not a World Series champion. But he got Adrian Gonzales back and he's an excellent players like. If you're here LA you're gonna spend that money anyway you want superstars and you got an a superstar first baseman advocates it really worked out for both sides. And by the way we were we were equating the fact that the NBA trade deadline is Thursday the NHL trade deadline is next Tuesday. And you've got the two teams here I think Celtics fans want the Celtics to make a deal on some kind not necessarily the superstar deal. There are a lot of folks who don't want them to trade the Brooklyn picks and I understand that Brad don't that's fine. I think that Bruins fans are mixed about it now I will say that the recent four game streak that they put themselves on. And they go to Anaheim and LA tomorrow night Thursday night but the recent streak has made me change my mind a little bit. I don't think they should be sellers next we are thought before they should I saw her I thought it was probably you know. On that on that edge of okay it may be time to sell some things off fear. Now I don't want him to go out and trade away. Brendon de Carlo and Charlie Mack a void for gab real Landis got I don't wanna see them do that. I you know you've got to be real careful here about what you trade what you don't trade. Yeah I think the Bruins should make a move next week I think should acquire its I'd I'm disagreeing with rich I think they should get something here I thought you were. Willing to trade Carl before couple weeks ago have you changed your mind at Harlem guy and I don't know I'm saying. Carlo maybe yes. Maybe but I'm not sure GAAP real land the Scott gets it done for me I guess the right to point here from a bruins' perspective as. Odd Dwight think they trade makes you a Stanley Cup contender probably know. Just like we don't think that trade for the Celtics makes them NBA championship contenders or even Eastern Conference championship contenders we don't think. So yeah I don't think it deal that they make turns that into a Stanley Cup contender. But hey you've got to get into the playoffs and and they've been out of the last for three years and you don't wanna be back there again. I do think that that they are not as far out of the mix here is as it appears so what happened I was it was a it was a code issue. Is that it you know I I don't I I would have bet probably Derek certainly has been a philosophical change for the Bruins that. Bruce Cassidy is put into place and you can see it on the ice it's clear. You know a lot more work down from the goal line deep. Not as much let's load up the point did you shoot from there which was a big quote thing and it wasn't working. Then they were the courts he darlings of the National Hockey League if they had better puck possession numbers than anybody in the league and Clinton scored damn thing good course and in the four games since Bruce Cassidy is taken over. They have they have cut bait they don't get as many shots. They give up more shots. And they score more goals. Okay I'm that a lot of limits are scoring more goals is more important to all those other bands have so so he has changed things now the power play which has been red hot. Had started that with quote here. But Bruce Cassidy was in charge of it too and also the power plays better. The other scoring better and oh by the way they're goals against has gone down as well because the best goaltender in the National Hockey League Michael Tuukka Rask. If I'm playing like he did it. That's our load said quote that it's priced at call us conference outright saying I said it doesn't go crazy citizens are actually volunteered away. Like you know it it it makes for wondered you know close that is the best coach that the Bruins have had. If I don't think he's about that their history he's in the top two I think he's the best that are so he's a great coach. When your players today. And wooten all he's he's not the problem. We want him to come back watches which is what happened over the last couple years and quote rumors were pop up on these guys would. Run too rushed to his defense. You have to wonder in the professional athletes and just like in your job. This is where there is some some parallels between. Their world and their outrageous money and in your dated a world and our data they world with the money is not outrageous as this. Sometimes you defend the guy that you have. Because you think he's great because you know when it got to come animate your doctor and you don't know who the new guys have been and always going to be you don't always gonna say what it what it means for you so. They were defending cloak maybe they should have. It's it's a nice thing to say but. Are you depending cloak because you think he makes you better or you're protecting your own self interest. I think the terrorists they're clearly some guys from the Bruins who don't mind that close gone. Oh is that right all well and raped they inaudible. And I adding David Crane note I think Evan Craig T is perfectly happy by the way. Having float on I think Ryan Spooner now for sure tackler and having clothes gone Colin Miller. I don't know about Miller I can't tell about him not look I got a branding Carlo. Julian I get a chance to play as a nineteen year old kid the National Hockey League blacked. Also played for Bruce Cassidy last year in Providence of the American Hockey League at the end of the year and has said nice things about Bruce Cassidy. The look because they're legit you think they're legit right now I that I know and as I lay out our college yes I think they are legitimate playoff team. And I'd like to see them add to what they have. So Cam Neely was so far yet to say can nearly wine. The peanut gallery. I'm right here in their peanut gallery zero could he said in his interview to be Philly is if they're not only Wednesday. We're not a playoff team. There were points out of first place in the division with the same number of games played as the team that in first place. Four points. And oh by the way that team just tired you're old college and gave him five years and 45 million dollars so yes I'd like to see the Bruins make a deal. I think Celtics fans want to see the Celtics make a deal. And let's be honest with light trades anyway yes we like deals we'd like. Wheeling and dealing we like this stuff so I think that's what both teams need to do I think the Bruins beat at not subtract. And probably disagree with that 6177797937. Is telephone number of Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.