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With Boogie Cousins being traded, who is the next player Celtics fans will put on a pedestal

Feb 21, 2017|

With Boogie Cousins being traded, who is the next player Celtics fans will put on a pedestal ?

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The us east late night with Christian art can Sports Radio. Would that tee winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock it's getting goalies with. Let's talk a lot like Christian market the we're gonna get weird here. And he doomsday clock struck midnight. We're now much five hours removed. I went Isiah Thomas waited out the Google guys. It's like that tonight. He is light of that tonight. 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. In armor on text your tweets at Christian are cans. Mostly self which related here on the table tonight. Wanna talk about the cousins trade that's fine if you're mad at the Celtics were in on cousins let me hear it. If you have a particular player you'd like to see the Celtics target. Irk you want to solve messages to what they'd been doing and not make any trades. We wanna hear from you here tonight. As this is about his chances I can or armor trade deadline being. And it should be. People should be attached. There should be uncertainty there should be a lot of lot of very tight Beatles right now all around all around the NBA not just here in Boston not just here knowing all over the place people should be freaking a little bit. Is freaky. There's a lot at stake right now. The lot at stake for the Celtics. Whether they do a deal they don't. You also have to keep in mind that the wizards the raptors the pacers. Arts. All are trying to get better tip. And over in the Western Conference she you know there's teams trying to get better over their tail. Rockets and clippers Jay as the grizzlies the funder. All teams that are competing all teams that are looking to improve their their lot in life. And many have the Celtics. At the all star break three games back. Of the 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Which by the way I'd only get wrapped up here and all the things so we set the the only often don't take a step back in a knowledge something good that's amazing. At the Celtics went from what they were three years ago after after moving on for him Garnett and pierce everybody else. In the small amount of time the dame undertaken this rebuild. The progress that they've made any year to year basis is great it really edge. Isiah Thomas. Change the fortunes of this team. In a much bigger way than a feeling people wanna give him credit for. I don't quite know what it is part of me thinks it's still the size but I like to think that we're more sophisticated than that eared and in this town. Like this is the first small player that's ever been good here. You know I mean again it's it's it's silly to think about. Isiah thomas' superstar in the NBA it. You might I think you'll be a superstar for much longer and fine if that's what you're saying I don't know why I think debit. If that's we think that's fine and no one can deny these superstar right now. You have to acknowledge that that has to be part of the conversation otherwise we're not we're not even in the same inner when I'm on the same level. He can't acknowledge that there were not gonna see eye to eye on anything. Where are you getting knowledge the very real fact that Isiah thomas' superstar and a duty superstars to build around if you wanna be a championship team. Then. You know that that's one thing it really change the fortunes of this French. Without the Isiah Thomas trade they're not sniffing the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. And that whole thing happened kind of randomly. In 2014 that was a weird time for self experienced when he fourteenth when he fifteen. All the players who came through the team that year I mean it was. The amount of trades that Danny pulled off that season word incredible. Yet Marcus Thornton going for Thomas you had Rondo getting traded you had Jeff Greene getting traded. You had Jameer Nelson and Tayshaun Prince and all these people coming through in these random trades and I'm getting shipped around and another trade. Right after they got here playing like three games. You know it was a weird time. When all the dust settled. Here's the Celtics. With a new coach. Isiah Thomas. Jae Crowder who no one knew what either of those two guys were yet. Avery Bradley. Jared soldier. Kelly Owen achy you know I mean the edge. At through their work. No one expected that team to do or be anything. And the incredible rise of Isiah Thomas over these last two seasons. Has turned them from a middle of the road breed good Eastern Conference team. To challengers for the number one seed. But it's not just the Celtics. Challenging Cleveland right now the Washington Wizards are five games back. The raptors are seven games back raptors gave is gave the campuses. Very competitive season last year. The hawks are still very much alive. Yet down below that pacers bulls pistons teams are hovering around 500. We got five air fourteenth right there so these wizards raptors knocked oral still very much within striking distance of the cavaliers and all of striking distance of each other to. Those teams are all gonna trying to better themselves to. In those teams some of them have similar problems. To the Celtics. The Toronto Raptors try to take care of their front line issues. When they went out and and got Serge Ibaka. The wizards while old you know garnered a heavier not necessarily. The same level as the Celtics. You know they got they got Marcin gore tied in a couple of other guys who. To me anyway make up pay. Better front court to what the Celtics can give you. You know Gortat averaging eleven over eleven rebounds a game Otto Porter. Markieff Morris I mean you know those guys are great. But there are better rebounder and anybody UF. Washington has also won its last fifteen out of seventeen games yeah. Celtics have one that's about with the Celtics have done there were. So these were only twelve of their last fourteen around that yet. So I mean those are two red hot team. But he PS me right now which of those two teams are better suited for that run on the play out the wizards. It is. You know they got the offense they don't have quite the offensive firepower of the you do. But John Wall a playoff series with Bradley deal is is you know and secondary guy irate they're sometimes don't have that. So we have Isiah Thomas is secondary guy is whoever the hell happens to be Fiona that night. And sometimes that's not anyone. It's no one that's consistent. I'd love for Marcus mark to sort of take over that role and be that guy firm from here on out what he's not that Gary now. Avery Bradley hurt who knows what he's gonna be like when he comes back. Jae Crowder is not that guy our present again. And I'll take even a step further and I hate to do this it is. I'm a downer. The. CNN right now. The Celtics in the bulls. I'm not sure the Celtics when that's series a jury's. If the Celtics play the bulls and a seven game series right now how many games do you think they went. They might push it to seven but I don't think there when that year tight I think it's Ares I don't know. Is one of the big factors that led skewed the between Chicago had over the Celtics before going to rate. Was nobody would put a body and and Robin Lopez. Right Lopez is a bomb. You wanna Toxics eleven weight that is Robin Lopez. Aegis. Nobody decided the body mop I think that's an adjustment that Brad Stevens would make that I don't see them gains were about Taj Gibson. On this shirt wanna talk. Better rebounder anybody you add. If they played big game right now with the Celtics how they are in the bulls how they are and let's say and he let's even say Dwyane Wade comes back. You know Dwyane Wade and plan allies in. I'm not sure the Celtics when that series in fact I think they might not. Disagree I think big beat the pacers. I think they beat the pistons. I don't know figure beatable. As I skaters in Amir Johnson is watch what isn't I I absolutely yeah it's. As far as. Body goes to a oh elect those two run into each other to rock the rock. And how many minutes at this point in it and you're watching Amir Johnson this year he's a rock. You're Johnson's I mean. I really don't see much difference between what odds you're seeking beauty compared to Amir Johnson I don't ties Gibson's union seven rebounds a game. And wears a mere sex. That the premier Vladimir more like five. Only see. Amir Johnson four and a half. I mean this isn't there. You know Avery Bradley still leading the team in rebounds Brian this is a serious problem on this thing. He's leading in baseline teams play. He's still behind. Al Horford Amir Johnson because they played more I don't play and I understand seven rebounds a game no one's no one stepped up and overtaken that total is one ups and owns overtaken that average. That's a problem. Someone on this team should be averaging more than seven rebounds a game but how L Bret Stephens rotates this team wars of the first guys off the bat allele and and and who does not read out. Jonas Jerebko who hustled but he gets pushed around they don't have that guy. Direct the out. They don't as far as Dwyane Wade coming back how many minutes eating Dwayne Lee's plan play out any night. 27. Twenty minutes and and we're way out areas so probably play closer to lake 3035. 35 and he will not make finally Jimmy Butler well. Jimmy Butler and that front court. That's tough. And that's a tough draw I'm sorry it is the top drops below its book. To lose that team outside of you know getting a second chance point he acts Powell point nine seconds to go in that's how they lose the nature and it's Jimmie having an outstanding. Anderson I know Dwyane Wade I'm I'm not convinced Wayne waited that theme ID wise. 67 years ago in in the arguments problems in the play offs. I think they if they played in the seven game series. That would play more into the hands of the Chicago Bulls in the Boston Celtics based on and how much more important and how much more emphasis there isn't offensive rebounding and based also on the fact that it turns into a half court game in the salvage a very much great transition team. And they get sorted baskets in transition and Isaiah and they run great plays that way I mean that's a big part of what they don't. It just becomes less of a part of the game and in the post season not to mention the fact. Isiah Thomas gets a lot of his points going to the free throw line and we know that they don't get called for fouls as much than just that doesn't happen. And it didn't happen much against the landed Thomas got taken into taken out of the game he was shooting under 40%. And I'm not necessarily assuming that Thomas in the Celtics won't grow and learn from that and in come out with a new strategy this time around I think that's. Absolutely what's gonna happen united I'd be surprised if it wasn't these are good coaches good player she mark players. Unselfish players they should be able to handle an undertaking like that. But it. You know I'm I'm being honest here and I height I'm not trying to be controversial I think they would have a whale of a time trying to be. At a Pletcher but in seven games here's your team in the Chicago Bulls as grossly energy issue either one game under 500. After bringing in Dwyane Wade. Jimmy Butler emerging from most improved players in the last couple of seasons now hoping to get a guy with Russia on odd that they signed Michael Carter Willie did the runner runner thing. As not worked him other than Experian grant he's not been good either Washington I'll absolutely needed that I'd that's yours as it stands right now the Celtics belt way are in the Washington Wizards beltway they are. I think the wizard apps to the edge of the south at seven games years. I don't see that with Chicago Detroit right now scares me more as Chicago Bulls to the box scare me more into Chicago Bulls to. But those caring and couples are not averse I'll team in from all accounts yes the Celtics. Right near the southeast. You know the Celtics are versatile team either and by the way don't get mistaken here I'm not calling the bulls a great team. I'm saying they're tough matchup for the Celtics as different as a different there. I'm not saying they're great team their record is what it is they're your right in a lot of ways there are matched. But I think they would be a very very tough draw for the Celtics and it's all very tough time beating them. You know I think they do better against a lot of the teams just mentioned I think they'd do better against the pacers I think they do better against the pistons. Even Atlanta I think they do or OK but I think the bulls would give him a tough series the bulls have a legitimate superstar. They have a better front court those things matter in the playoffs you know the Celtics learned that the last two seasons. Bite you know again. All of this all of this could be rendered a very moot point. If they get back on if they get Jimmy Boller. If it would get Riviera really moot point if they had Jimmy Butler that's for. Usage at Chicago's run core right now is is better and the Celtics drew that either. I think Al Horford and Amir Johnson are battered and I've schemes and Robin Lopez I don't think of it eagle out they get that guy that can mold. Al Horford to his position at power forward. It's not yet it is if that happened harder. Amir Johnson should not be starting for this team. Ryan I said if the season ended tonight. A grand they would play to. They would play each other not if there's you know. They're playing each other at the end of the year in the Celtics make all these moves and get another big man and all that stuff I mean if they untie him out of it ended tomorrow leg of the playoffs started tomorrow. So we have a tough time Chicago. In fantasy world. The opera meaning your alternate reality of who it's Christian world threat. I was gonna be the name of the show by the way. Which Christian world and that you lease White House asked for an excellent. You know is like a big part of view he's played out like directing it now Rob Zombie. You know what one of his first jobs that almost makes too much that and Rob Zombie was that day I forget exactly what is the Eddie was he was like they had something to do with the the Ayers and he admirals it was more than that he was more than he had something to do with late this. I have to look it up Rob Zombie was very much involved in the creation of view. Play us and that's for sure speaking of of our Rob Zombie segment you know it's Brothers that I just found out yesterday you know that believes frank zombie. Our main 5000. Yeah. What is the world and their Brothers. We don't look at it you want it where successes those guys yeah Robb's army is very accomplished musician and songwriter performer to actor and and you have the army and fight that in space Eugene in. Rock music. Yes Rob Zombie it was a production assistant on set when he first moved though. Got to start with Jewish player. Two wild. The use very normal looking back and stereo power man 5000 what's what was their Sar. Worlds collide. Don't go there they're very. Early that need to eat out as I remember the name I can't Maria Assange. Rob Zombie brother. That he also go buy some things out there it for exactly. Joe's on the spider one spider one. Banker. Well does that of handling errors to weasel moon unit frank. With the. I remember whose sons I remember seeing nowadays there only very. And watered down static acts. Yeah like he. He wasn't bad. Chaos yeah its. Base EMI mental power metal stuff I had this news. This is its own things this year that. Yeah. I can't hear you. It was that occupancy rocking out with the with the we're gonna take a break 6177797937. As your phone number 379837. In number on tonight's quick break we'll grab bag after this. We return no more sports talk with Christian aren't dead on Sports Radio WEEI. All quiet on the western front here. It's portray a WE EIS's late night arcane here with you go until 2 in the morning. No notion that nothing to report. Quote still radio silenced. Hasn't waited for seven hours. Marc Stein. His last week was I think even further back than that and on and now wait a minute wedeman went. I'll miss the march nice as cute Mark Cuban tells ESPN Dallas is willing to take on contracts. In advance of the deadline if draft compensation is attached. Thank you had. That doesn't help these are moving a mile a minute aren't there yet things have slowed down to a crawl I would says. Thumb. And I don't know what's gonna happen next I mean this is about as uncertain as IA as I can remember there being a time in the NBA. And it's sort of seems like nobody safe. I feel like if if cousins can get traded and that's the return then. Either anybody can get traded or nobody can get treated. Because one of two things is gonna happen now. Teams a look at that and say OK and that's the market then let's get our ducks in a row here let's go get this guy let's she what happens. And the teams that are holding on the players. That are getting a lot of phone calls might look at what happened Sacramento look at bloody diva I can say I'm not no way. Compact and can end up locally act act that was actually one of the original deals in place for dozens. Right. There was. Just couldn't pass the physicals are recasts the format it's. There's. I read somewhere that. That the pelicans put together almost that exact same deal just without body healed. The train get to a local four. And the sixers said now. Six or so noted that Theo. And. The worst part about all of this. Is not that the Celtics missed out and the markets because. Because that. Bull for I mean you can't say that for sure right now. You can't say for sure that that's a bad thing. If it was DeMarcus Cousins and he was signed for four more years it reasonable money then yes you can say okay they'd blow it. You can Adam for that. Unless of course they believe that he was such a head case that that was going to be the issue there's still it's not all pros and has not all kinds. You have to look at this with some with a bit of an open mind I think. If you're huge DeMarcus Cousins fan you're gonna be you're gonna be disappointed no matter why. And if you hate the Marcus Cousin you're gonna think this was Smart to pass on him. No matter what do so if you sort of look at it was an open mind and I think that for the latter you can't deny it kind of player of the cousins there's no denying that. Someone on text said he's like a big Rajon Rondo no he isn't. He's not like a big or genre and maybe more temperament actual ability. He's won it ease the best. He's the best big man in the NBA. Or he's one and one a with Anthony Davis who's now is teammate. Which again. I feel like he's really a big part of this story that no one is mentioning. When in the history of basketball. Have the two best big man in the NBA bet on the same team at the same time in their prime. When does that ever happen before even for like a short time. Even for like half the season. I don't ever remember this happening. I mean this is Duncan and Robinson Sharia Robinson was not in his prime when that happened. Olajuwon and Sampson. Okay closer. Both young both really good bye. Sampson wasn't Anthony Davis or DeMarcus Cousins. And any time in his career was CNN's Sandra he's a good player it was a very good player. But he was never the best shatter one of the best centers in the eighties. Now Moses Malone and marine in. Dead I mean there's just there's other guys. These are the two best. Centers in the MBA. And another both under seventy probable whatever this is 2017 is what senators are now. All of that sort of the point is how many room. Scheme changing bigs aren't there in his league. I know it's it's crazy to think like while European Canadian and DeMarcus Cousins but outside that. How many other big guys you know that Brook Lopez stolen indicates what we're seeing this made me. In two years into his career shadow war I mean he's he's very good life outside. You know what what does the NBA out in the last closest iteration of Carly at the town's. Maybe. Mean I'd say the last true eateries in Q. Pretty good big man played together was when Dirk Nowitzki was I've cited up way Tyson Chandler yeah it sure. Yeah one or maybe if they'd been together a little or lawyer Earl longer maybe they have done more that combination and a bomb you know. Was really even more heated add to that championship team Jason Terry. Jason Terry was huge on that theme. Their win without him we are right in the league right now there's talents. As Marcus all. There's Drummond. In even use it right there markets markets on Zach Randolph. But it out of sixteen collectively put I'd. Basically it can get past this r.'s yeah for this river there's another one there's LaMarcus Aldridge right. Pretty easy easy game. I think eco Daschle on but again he really didn't get the opportunity to play on Q when he was in on. Even at 3738. Earl and on and still a good player but nine. Now or realized you wanna talk about what used Robertson now. Not definitely not there. McKellen perish I mean there is she may be them that. You know again those guys played the same error is all those people are just talking about. As Olajuwon is Moses shoes marine. There are other guys pairs one of them is also a great player sherbet. And and today inner. The big man in the NBA is taken out a lot of forms and shapes over the years. And it's still evolving now. Well put and cousins in Davis on the same team the other. It was while the Twin Towers in when any thing in in Houston that's true. There locks. They lost in the finals the Celtics. But this Bershard dead there once and championships. And team at the it was pretty good. Robinson and Duncan today when water to. Together and always at least one. There wasn't just because Duncan or Robinson but I mean you can't say that that was here. And any other ones they got there I mean that. Sands and relies on got there. They ran into the greatest one of those brief basketball teams of all time. The 86 Celtics they got there. Yeah I don't know. Any in New Orleans of all places the New Orleans pelicans. Now suddenly with an all time great front court. For the next year and a half well maybe year and who knows rather than. Who knows of cousins decides not to resign and then all of a sudden the pelicans. Got to try and move him at the next deadlines that they don't end up with a nothing than. Who's gonna trade forum for just a half the season I mean there's a lot of there's a lot of ways this could still go sideways for New Orleans right now you got to be excited you're pelicans and it. That's a great point too boring out and again if you want to bring it back to what is important to the Celtics. New Orleans and really leverage its future by. Trading for DeMarcus Cousins they still had anti Davis right the Celtics have a probably going to be the number one of the number one never to track it in the issue of active and probably a top pick next year. But again they gave up the seem kind of pieces. Would UT did this that would hurt the Celtics more if DeMarcus Cousins on every sign year. If you walked away this summer how much worse off art the pelicans compared to where they were before they got cousins. Well. De Los there you know high draft pick and then there'd next to draft picks this year. They're probably not many were shape though is right now the team is just Davison abortions and have been E'Twaun Moore and you know drawl and a bunch of scrubs. That's the whole team. Anthony David dated a very poor job of surrounding him and anybody. So yeah I guess in some on some levels you're right there they'll be bad by. It'll also. You know very much on their ability to try and in improved in the in the in term. And if you if you mortgage that away first season and half of the Marcus Cousin that he doesn't re signed. In out yet maybe you're not in any worse shape but it's gonna be a lot harder for you to get to where you wanna be. And also a lot less likely that anti davis' gonna wanna stick around his when it is time to go get paid which is another thing you know they keep in mind there for an award. You know they can come to say Anthony we tried we tried to get you cousins and Davis and say that's that's really great guys that's been fund CO later I'm out here. Bite in her. When when ala send out here. I think the pelicans news very you know and no one's talking really about down. Nor is falcons and you're one of the most in treating teams in the emir and imagine if they sneak in as an AT. And all the sudden. The Golden State Warriors. Have to try and mix it up underneath and a half court setting against the mark his cousins and Anthony Davis. And try and stop them in the post. I mean listen. Made this isn't the bulls have a better chance to beat the Celtics in a playoff series. Buy it I mean. That that would be a hell of a series when they will. The other side it is who's in Cheney's staff curry Klay Thompson chaired court that they've. Every. Not really world Jeanne Jeanne defensive perimeter defenders on that team as far as Harry Evans and but he healed goes but that's just three bodies that you can match up with announcing Kerry right now they don't happen anymore where you don't believe E'Twaun Moore and girder Starker. I enemies E'Twaun Moore as career stale it's one more reason just you know. Doesn't just go away. E'Twaun Moore per share your July Johnson hasn't been heard from about five years E'Twaun Moore managed to pop up notes in Orlando he should not I'd waited uses the ultimately dissent. As various. And he's done yet he's been around. That are on the block. One year of Boston and Orlando Chicago and around orange. Where. Suddenly his team just got a lot bigger up front and a lot better mean he's practically that are team yeah. He can and European lake Mary the heat guide. Oral you know they got LeBron in in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and all the sudden guys like Mario Chalmers relate good players. Just as there are on the floor at the same time as he's great start. Mario Chalmers. At the trail voice he would get screened at public every single and bright reporter. Then. Who is a guy in Cleveland's. Who the it was is it. Won't be a fifteen games yet booby Gibson. People about booby Gibson what he was actually good plate of good players play on the bra and Jamario Moon without. From Mario moved the how did not real he's Delonte. Is how is it. 37 years old Antawn Jamison. It's like one of their big Larry Hughes. The mole Mo Williams. The team was awful almighty god that it's such a bad job yet can you blame LeBron for wanting to get out of there now. No I know I do not being fair and was making the calls that team and easily counts at 20%. Shaquille O'Neal Shaq receivers each and become Cleveland needed to focus on on it yeah. The answer right Shaq who's there. They try to bunch of stuff. Any wonder you know they. Davis is such a traditional sort of big guy doesn't have. He doesn't have the outside game they cousin says he doesn't have handles the cousins says he's just you know appears scorer rebounder. In cousins is that QB scores in a lot of different ways it'd Davis is it you know around the basket score. Cousins all over the place. You wonders you know there's a possibility those guys won't be able to co exist. They both demand the ball like they both did not take the majority of the shots they're both the only. The only reason any fans of either one of their teams would show up to the arena. No wind in New Orleans was going to see E'Twaun Moore folks they were going to see Anthony Davis known in Sacramento. Was going to seed whoever and Al who else is even on that team at. Matt Barnes known go to see them they're going to see DeMarcus Cousins. They're the only draws on either team they were the only reason the only Jersey that was sold in the shop. Where those two guys now are on the same team together they're Kabila they're Kabila and get a rough patch between the two of them. I hope not I'd like to see him in LA to see him give the spurs and their rockets in the Clifford all the teams are deceiving gimbal goose that are specially Golden State. Oh man it would be a lot better I think for the league in general. Although news Erica. Why do mental change in all they had your uncle your problems. 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. And amber on tech's quick break we'll grab bag after the back more with Christian RK. On Sports Radio guy. 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. Are seeing here with you late nights were treated WEEI. To some post on dad's been. That if you try and do the DeMarcus Cousins straighten NBA two K seventeen they don't let you do it with me that the game doesn't let it happen. If the faith. Kings GM sends you a message saying DeMarcus Cousins is someone we consider untouchable the only way except to trade for him is if I'm blown away and this one doesn't do that. Which is what should've happened probably. You know if you don't let him go for that might as well keep them. But now. Now three and a half years and you know let people talk about well this is the best deal we thought we could've gotten right now think about what that means. Think about all the deals were probably offered for DeMarcus Cousins over the last three seasons. When he wasn't just the guy with a year and a half left on his deal but a guy with two and a half three and a half. Or and a half years left on his deal. Think about the offers they got back then for DeMarcus Cousins that they turned down go to Q2 days ago and now do you. Yeah what do you think he got offered two years ago. What do you think they were called Sacramento with two years ago. And really I mean is the trip with payments started like three years ago. Start acting like 2013 when he fourteen that's a deal started legitimately talking about. Cousins getting traded in his second year in the league I think he demanded a trade when he had that big follow Paul west ball. So I mean. In other cities their decry while we added we have built to order but the overall for two days ago. And what do you think what do you think Gary and offered two years ago three years ago last year. I have a feeling was better than body yields wasting Galloway Tyreke Evans and through crappy pitch. And I bet here. I'll go out on a limb here and say I bet you what they were getting offered two and three years ago is even better than whatever that nobody was talking about from two days ago. Just you know. Wild gas. But it via the Sacramento Kings if you're a fan of the Sacramento Kings almighty god. Patio caddie keep while Heidi keep in our. Eddie keeping interest in basketball. Why would you ever wanna continue watching the MBA when this is what your team does today. To put this trade into perspective as far as a magnitude of player that's getting moved. Let me I'm just gonna read you a couple names in the NC you know if any does resonate with you so at the New Jersey Nets. Six years ago treated Derrick Favors. Devin Harris. 20111 round draft pick which ended up being the number three in the trap and not here you know they got back. Aaron Williams Darrent Williams generally been so right there if you wanna compare. Superstar at the time Q superstar now. Those trees are even compare them and it's cantor who I mean it was a weak draft by. That's the number three pick in the draft as well as Derek Ayers which is number two season. And another term move him out for awhile is sort of a building block that they wanted to use her wits with eagle there. It just it their income. On compare the king is traded the best center in the NBA. Arguably behind his teammate now. And maybe the best Sacramento king of all time. Syria think about it. For better than Kirstie. Tyreke Evans Langston Galloway and body heals here's another one out through picks that don't matter is another good one really just to keep this. How in saint street ends up being Al farouq Aminu who was a lottery man Eric Gordon who is very good player at the time. Same with Chris Kaman who lost that game in eight point Alpert. And the Oscars there was that Chris Paul trade. From New Orleans La clippers. Another guy who was eight superstar at the time. Still it's now while counts. And the awards actually got back something enjoyable sport. I became called Carmelo Anthony deal no deal Gallinari and Wilson Chandler were two major pieces. I'd Denver right now were part of the odd pieces Beckham moved around noon. Yeah good job YE. Really good job as ours oh lackluster team that hasn't made the plants in years. Bravo. And taxi you've got nothing. For your franchise player and you go out in front of reporters in and we had better deals on the table there. Amazing. Amazing. King should have gotten. A great young player. And a high draft pick IQ at least for two markets because I can't believe it ask for you all. It your all is probably your second best player on team and he sucks too though I mean he's not graduated. July holiday was good what five years ago to six Jewish holiday got the sixers there is no answer take that for what it's war. Got in the number six in the. Links to always be a player on the ski. And prior that you are scheduled backups Tyreke Evans. Has not hung up with news agency. Can't meet here get in the buyout might contact me anywhere else. Are openly in China with Stephon Marbury Bieber dates. Get them. Listening. Texas is it your watch in the Davis play he has shooting range props at three player occasionally he's also one of the better ball handlers among big men. I have watched the anti Davis play. He's shooting range I was comparing to DeMarcus Cousins not to other big men in the week I was saying just based if he's gonna be on the floor at the same time as cousins. 'cause is gonna be a guy stretching the floor Davis is going to be the guy underneath. That's how I would do it I mean that seems to make the most sense to me. Davis occasionally will you know proper shot here and thereby. Invited that's that's cousins game I mean cousin. You shoot from all over the floor Al Horford had better deep shooter. Davis' eye of the twenty shots that Anthony Davis averages game one of knows. Is it three point shot because he knows what works for that's not at the gate and it's putting the ball on the floor and and to the basket as far as the markets cousins goes markets cousins is probably the hot cute about the remote talented post players in the league. The guy the guy has eight animals eat the line. Audi to figure out how to split. 25 and 25 it's fifty points a game you have split that up between these two guys. Yeah that's really agency reports on how well this team party just how well those two playoff of each other. And the interest of people are saying our king Chris Webber's the best Sacramento king of all time yeah I'd say that's probably the only other person in the conversation. That's the look really closely at their numbers to decide who was the better Sacramento king of all time. But I mean you know. Cousins and certainly it over over four years stretch. From like 2014 that now. When he's been averaging like at least in a 22 with 434447. And twelve. On an island in Webber's prime let's see his best for years. Probably from 2000 hole for. Let's see we had 24 in 102711. Forty form 1043 and then eighteen and eight. Analogy Jiri did he got injured so let's take Allen had nineteen and nineteen and nine. All right last warrior for cousins 4728. In eleven. 4711 and a half. When he foreign thirteen 22 on twelve I mean it's close is pretty close. So arguably the greatest Sacramento king of all time. Ice that give it to dockers have to. Doug Christie. I'll punch. Archive. Rate locks in an easy easy game against the lakers and I was amber fox. That's what might Ebert as part rivalry between the lakers years ago. That was one Ebert moment rate gain Kristi it's like you know. Racked air is how much do now. In Burke. Like he's more calm. And all right that they should act. Lights or fox at first. Fox like slap them Fox News. Hole I am my arms a pencil on new artists like slap them in the face. Slash watch the video again I'm what I'm looking better now days that Christie goes down he popped back up fox walks up to him and slaps him in the face. It was like a slack like. If I remember the biggest vice since I remember. Kristi. Stood over on his way. And Kristi game called I needed. In these. They had your uncle some amounts. But yet. Yeah our case and how much you Christie bounces up fox walked right up to a lab and then we'll Christie into it. Acting on not doing any is it if that's the younger and it's Agile he rises into but he still gets shot in the side and Doug Christie says. And yeah. Listen folks. I know if Europe right now it's 1 of the morning were right to go to break here Europe right now. Like me you're waiting for some news. I don't have any for you I'm Tryon and I'm scratching and Paula every time Ed and by the way Jae Crowder just waited a series of the most g.s. It was like they're doing it on park now now it's it's become a joke to them now. These gash Crowder gave you this sunglasses guy the wing with the tongue out and laughing with the eyes closed Mozy. Which means I don't know to me. I have to go through my aid South Park a mode you reader in our figure out exactly what's going on here let's take a call before the top of the hour Chris is in south the hookers. They'll be critical until they know that what you don't go out there I got bullet. But the about clearly more important in oh maybe we got this rodeo. Got sober about and it marketable. Got you to vote on cold creek psychologically they're giving me right now that. I got got it suggests adult with a plumber about and I we need you welcome you to eat your intro music and I equity Gloria Solomon page you were balky. The pump everybody up. They've been flatly that night not cold all these Celtics then we got pot most of the night. Crockett don't we got to Chicago on doubled our guys they olive oil portrait mode to crippled well. Go to sleep a little double opt out and you can. This is now I don't know if this is. Is the rocks holds on right. You smell the rockets took it is that what you're saying is the new music we need. To say we need new theme song because we're we're not putting a new theme song are you kidding me. I love our team so I love my open now man I'm not changed my open unless someone forces me there. My open is the issue of talk of Polaroid so give them. BA so we should change to some side that was an ad side of the rocks or. Yet we recognize that that's the last time I actually really watch wrestling was like the rock when he was Fuller our performance Dwayne the rock Johnson. You know he was just Iraq. When he was with the nation of domination and they were all about like black power armor that. For room in the rock with part like this militant you know than on actually an industry. Owen Hart was in the they are dominating. Remember that. It sort of released at like Iraq would come idea what a beret on you know only. We do is about to stand on stage Republican on the stop ultimate fighting each with a that was it that would bother at the last thing yet right had a godfathers. Knows and he's been around for the ho train our program. Val Venus. Val Venus in the godfather they were formidable opponent. You never really saw a lake. We got father come out with a Idaho's rate in Val Venus we dancer at the end really LA. In our list and howls off. He used. The AD is there one or valve Venus is doing right now. Probably. Hastens their pro was selling. Somewhere with. He's he had some miracle of the recommended that as the old hands to show our body we've got the living room over here. Look at the league now votes which is supposed to be a plan lords. They were basking ignorant pig elbows you know the yeah that was it that's my answer is stopped that's when I stopped caring about Russell is the peak of its popularity in the godfather. Prince Albert who did piercing armor McClintock at joke yet. Sounds sounds hilarious. Batman I don't remember that remember DX in lake it's only couldn. In all that but that was it adds that that was it for me after that he's toxic. And I announced god they're probably out they're gone. I'll now it's not every barrel. White guy and John Sina and Roman rains and jog that. We sat whatever his name his armor than some guy named Seth won the championship mugger really. That's raw Seth Rollins the WW I've champion of the guy named Seth. Really that's that's ordered the team that really weak in the last couple years. Rappers names and wrestlers names and vote used to be awesome and now it's a show on marks and standard now. You know. I'm going insane and when garments and Isiah Thomas past you'd be easily right now that's B and his. Ass army created you know. Probably adds that if I was ever pro athlete and a power use Kurdish group of people all the time people. By the way as it Thomas three to the eyeballs at 823 it is now 106. Which means we got to take your breaks six or 77797937. Got room foray on the phones here final are coming up.