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Late Night with Christian Arcand- Christian schools callers on what the C's Need- 2-17-17

Feb 18, 2017|

Police are busy bringing in NFL players this week and Arcand takes callers to school on what the C's need to win the Championship this year.

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These these late night with Christian I can Sports Radio talk. Would that he winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get a goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian Arctic but we're gonna get weird here. Evening and welcome. Late night Sports Radio WEEI. Alive and are brightens studio's high atop the Mass Turnpike nice to have you this here tonight thanks for staying up. Government DJ jazzy Jeff back there in the wheels is still taking your phone calls at 61777979837. Your text messages at 37937. And your tweets as always. At Christian art and got a lot to get through tonight we have a brand new addition of prison this week and social media which we will get through at 1130. It's all about Chris Long you want an impressive Twitter. Wasn't like a Twitter rant really it was more like. Twitter blog postings sort of thing I don't know we'll get through on a second it has everything to do with his decision not to go to the White House some of the critiques and criticisms he got about that in his responses to them are ranked Kamal are ranked all of his responses gave grades one to ten. So we'll get to that at 1130. In the meantime. Some pretty. Hilarious basketball on TV tonight if you happen to be out or going out inside the celebrity game. He's master. I never master he was like you almost may he was like almost mated in the Dili didn't. I would say keep. A neat little bow while. What's his son's name not little bow while a little Romeo. It looks like he ate little Romeo I think little Romeo played in the game their if you have an ad ESPN are on right now and see that there is a bowling on take a closer look. Because that smoky bets up there polling in the Chris Paul PDAs celebrity invitational tournament and marquis is nice with it. You put a bowling ball on that man's hands he's gonna make those pins fall down. He is nasty and I knew that he was like good at bowling but I never seen a duel before Q1 and up there and what's funny is that they match like that. Athletes you know the the celebrity's. With a professional bowler. And move he's basically a professional bowler anyway so it's really Conficker. And they're kicking everybody's as TO just got eliminated and that's really the the beginning and the end of all the sports stories here tonight at least felt locally but while the NBA and basketball sort of on everyone's mind. A wanted to take some time here to have an honest conversation. About the Boston Celtics. Not that Pete and Dora were having an honest conversation about it they absolutely work. Bite did you listen their show I've had a lot of ideas and theories and sort of thoughts on what the Celtics should do what they can do. What will make him competitors this year what will make them. A team they can get out of the first round of the playoffs. And there's a lot I mean there's a lot of there's a lot of moving parts here. Lot of things to keep in mind. But the main thing is and what's really sort of been getting to me when I when I think about this team is what happened to him in the playoffs last year. I read I think it was it was on dad's been but I don't remember exactly where I saw this it was a sort of full or on the Internet that a and it. Someone rotate in in the fourth scorer Isaiah Thomas is averaging like oh almost eleven point two game which is unheard. And he's been so good this year in the fourth quarter. And how that such a great thing because when you get to the playoffs. The whole game takes on the intensity of your average you know close fourth quarter in the India in the regular season. And Isiah has been the best fourth quarter player in the league. No question about it. But when. Every quarter is the fourth quarter. We saw Isiah Thomas dig a bit of a dip last year in the play. He was hitting under 40% of your shots. He was getting clobbered underneath. And the thing about that series. Is that Isiah Thomas was the best player on the court in that series. There is no one on the hawks why would consider to be you know head and shoulders better than Isaiah Don nobody. Not Millsap not a Horford who is in park last year and I'd finish Rooter not Jeff Teague none of those guys Isiah Thomas was the best player in that series. And the Celtics still got brought off the court. Which tells me a couple of different things number one it's not always the best player that advances in the play out. Usually in the regular season. The best player wins the regular season game. That doesn't always happen bite you can sort of you know appeared gambling person you can sort of assume are right that team. In the LeBron team's gonna wait to Rand Steve this Steve Russell Westbrook OK whatever whoever has the best player on the floor. But in the playoffs that's not really the case. The standalone czar what they are LeBron will always be you know the guy that everyone assumes is gonna lead his team and in a playoff series. In Golden State same thing. Coli Leonard in San Antonio and in Popovich and sort of what they've got going over there that's that's another one that's really only three. Other than that I'd say it's pretty much anyone's guess. James Harden. One of the best players in the league if not the best he's gonna be a MVP candidate. Probably finish first or second. I'm not sure he's enough to lead the Houston Rockets past. San Antonio even though I think you're better than anybody on the on the spurs. The goal is they worry. I think we'll have a hell of a time in a series with the spurs. And I think the Celtics when you look at some of these other teams other than Cleveland you know trouble with queen when you look at some of these other teams in the east for example. The Chicago Bulls which just brought them out there percent. If the NBA season. Ended today. The Celtics who went to Chicago Bulls in the first round of the black. How confident are you that they would win that series. Is right now on an about a 60%. I feel like that's a little on the generous side. The Celtics a better team on the bulls on paper and on in their record and everything yet Asher. But in a playoff series. A team with. Jimmy ball where one side Dwyane Wade on the other side. No real old you know impressive point guards to speak of was Rondo discovers that old playoff magic which I'm sort of ball sailed on him. But he got Butler over here yet Dewayne wade over there in the middle you got tied Gibson. Robin Lopez. And that seems not better than the Celtics. Put in the playoffs maybe they are. Does the Celtics don't have those things. The Celtics have Isiah Thomas. The Celtics will I assume at that point had Avery Bradley which I think will be a big help to them should he be healthy for the for the post season when that all comes around and who knows with the teams you've got to look like at that point. Although Brad Stevens did say Nancy is on tonight not to expect major changes. I don't know what he means by that exactly you can't really trust these people to give it give you straight dope on TV. But if that's the case of it's really OK this is this what we're doing we're gonna try and make a move but don't expect anything. And the Celtics continue. This season the way they are. More so than last year and certainly more so than the year before. I will consider that to be a major win a major whip on the part of Danny Ainge would grow but the whole organization. That whole front office if you can't help this team right now. That in my mind has some obvious flaws that shouldn't cost too much to fix. Then the what are we doing here. We we've been over this we've been over what this roster is. We've been over how unbalanced it is it just to remind you. Isiah Thomas Avery Bradley market Smart. Kerry rose here. And James Young throwing in their 20 and Gerald Green just for fun six guys six guards. No green completed 32 but just work with me here so it's five. In a report. Of Horford. Amir Johnson who we heard Pete spots on him. Tyler Zeller Kelly a Winnick. Jonas Jerebko whose minutes continue to dwindle. And I guess you know anyone to throw dead Jae Crowder and there is sort of moved three stretch for a okay. I look at that front court. And I don't see a whole lot of difference between this year's team in last year's team when it comes to a post season series. And I'm not really getting housed some people do. I hear a lot of people on this station in in everywhere really had out out and around saying now leave the team just outage. Look at how great they are look at this great chemistry there and you're right they do have good chemistry. I put that on Brad Stevens. And the fact you have a lot of good role players on this team who understand their roles and except the minute breaks them which is a great thing they have lot of teams don't have that. You have a superstar. Who's five foot nine church but averaging thirty points a game. And it. You have a supporting cast. That really I mean you liken your reform. Eat you you're on their side. But I just don't see that being enough I don't see this roster being enough right now. And up to get out of the first round maybe hopefully. But it can anyone calling tonight. And tell me for sure that if this team took acted season ended tonight in the playoffs started tomorrow. The there a 100% cop and competent to the Celtics gained team to beat the bulls. Because I don't see it. I think they should beat the bulls. But I don't necessarily think that they wanted. And this is a team that's greater home. Averaging you know a lot of points in and we know what would Isiah Thomas does in the fourth quarter. But when the post season begins. And Isaiah is not getting to align quite as often because that'd refs swallow their whistles which you know that happens and in the playoffs and every year. And not only that. But it seemed like the bulls the pistons are the pacers to a far wherever it is that they end up getting in the first round. Their entire game plan. I could coach the team stop Isiah. Get this straight double team when he get when he soon as he crosses half court. Every time he goes into the paint not come on his ass. Article all those vows you know they won't. Who else on this team. If an opposing defense focuses all their energy in a seven game series on stopping Isiah Thomas who wells on this team to pick up the slack. Avery Bradley would see him come back and be effective first. Markets Smart I like what he's done lately. Not sure armour edited turn that that job over to him. Al Horford not really his game. Jae Crowder. Doesn't create his own shot. Kelly oh make nice guy off the bench but I mean here's this is where we are now I mean this is what we're looking at. I like this Celtics team a lot. I enjoy watching them I think that there native fund dynamic team. Put that to me is right now all there. A fun dynamic could regular season team. And that's what last year's team was this year's teams better they're winning more games they're they're better okay. But I also think the Eastern Conference collectively is taking a bit of a step back this year if you haven't noticed that I don't know what the tally. Now the Miami he all these teams. Did did the bulls and the pistons of the seven in the eight seeds and they're both under 500 the pacers are one game over 500 to 678 there in the east. Karl looks like last year a little bit only slightly worse. Last year he had Cleveland and Toronto Cleveland was number one Toronto number 20 and then there were four teams all with the same record at three foreign five. 345 and six I should say. And then those crap teams at the bottom that ended up getting in and smoke but it is here I mean. Is there a is there a way that this team as currently constituted. Is there a match up in the playoffs that your comfortable with I'm not sure that there's one for me. Beat the pacers the bulls the pistons harks I don't know I just say. I'm having a hard time it. And the reason why am getting sorted. Testy about it and threatened to abort Bret Stephens and here's I see this at any ID either tonight or yesterday talking with us Kyle Draper. I think it was harder. I only saw little fondness and a tweet and actually can hear the exact quote but he said don't expect too drastic of a change. And that's fine I'm not expecting them to get Carmelo Anthony. Or Jimmy Butler Paul George or DeMarcus Cousins or any of these big name you know I just bagged they never do it. And I don't think they're gonna do it this timer. But I would also consider it to be a bit of a major change if they traded Terry rosier in one of these other picks and brought in you know would. Tyson Chandler. Heard Andrew Bogut for Ken for readers somebody like that I just I think that would be a big enough. Shift the big enough adjustment. That number one and it weighed it very effectively balance this team out. And number 20 would change the way that they play it would change their attitude would change their whole persona. If they had another guy guy and it is due gets you know 125. Even more than that minutes per game. Who can bang underneath get you 8910 rebounds block some shots and maybe out of knowledge while we're making a Christmas list out here maybe score some points in the post that. I don't know. I feel like that's not too much to ask. We that shouldn't be. Couple of things you gotta keep in mind. Number one. Teams are reluctant to wanna deal with Danny Ainge. So what you might consider to be a simple obvious trade bait Philadelphia you've got all these big man we got all these guards let's make a deal. Obvious right now not necessarily. In nineteen in the Atlantic Division wanna trade with the Celtics no. Not after the Soledad in the Brooklyn. And even a trade like that which makes sense for both teams. I heard your drive and angered the sixers are desperate for some good guard play. And they got enough big men that they can spare three or four or not even miss some. Division rivals. Always tough to make trades between those. And you know over in Philly they got a process. In their process. Probably doesn't involve helping out the Celtics. As leaped up is that process and if it's in it doesn't make a lot of sense. You know they have a process that why did they come into the season with three senators. All of whom are under 23 years old. And all of whom are signed in you can only put through on the floor once. He and they're process is ridiculous and it teams actually play well despite a wall that sixers are okay. I had to order anything this year we saw on the the scrappy team. They can use the balance on their roster just like the Celtics gonna makes all the sense in the world. And for a guy like Tyson Chandler wasting away in Phoenix and pro or just assumed trade I'm not gonna see him there are going anywhere. Denver Nuggets no one goes to Denver Nuggets game the Denver nugget. Have the lowest attendance in the NBA which blows my mind. I lived out there for several years and they never led the league that penetrating the people like the nuggets people care about. You know Carmelo got drafted and then a bright and Iverson they had this like rag tag weirdo team with you know Kenyon Martin and Andre Miller and you know Marcus Camby came in for a couple year all these Devin now no one watches the nugget nobody cares about him over there they could trade their old team it wouldn't even move the needle. Now it's all Broncos out there all the time they went headache trait they treat their whole team. The nuggets could at a dead end franchise. Love the Celtics do it to pry one of those guys away. Ten for reader even a joke it I don't think he's I don't think he's available. 22 year old senator's complaint out of his mind lately probably not him but there's plenty of teams out there they're going nowhere. That have pieces of the salvage the really huge. And I just hope that Danny Ainge is reputation isn't gonna per clue that from happening because this team really needs government did at the deadline this year. And it would be a real waste if they'd in if they didn't act on 61777979837. At your phone number 37937. That if you're number on tech's quick break we'll be right back after this year late items. Or radio WEEI. Beg your late night Sports Radio WEEI. Were the league surreal in the news page. That leads her faith in the new I don't know something like this. Sliced everywhere this and I your phone number 61777979837. Your text messages of 37937. Tweets at Christian our camera target Celtics here. We have this week in social media coming your way at 1130. It is all senator around Chris Long in the tweet storm he had earlier today involving his decision not to go to the White House organ that 1130. In the meantime. Busy day for the various local police department. If you have a football player. Lurking around in your neighborhood and be careful. 'cause is it jet get a Greg did digger phone ready you never know what's gonna happen. Look at this day. Michael Floyd starts is 24 day jail sentence today. Darrelle Revis turns himself in the police in Pittsburgh and Trent Richardson remember him. Misdemeanor domestic violence charge and Alabama got bailed himself out today at 3 o'clock. Yeah right. A lot of stuff right there. Take these one at a time Trent Richardson. Her own you know he did that he guilty this girl that was a failure it was a miserable failure in the NFL. And part of one of the dumbest trades of all time. My guy at the Indianapolis Colts I feel like they don't get enough they are taken of grief for that that was one of the all time bad trade. Trading for Trent Richardson and address high draft pick nonetheless. Ridiculous. So forget about an idiot. Darrelle Revis. Turning himself in and now we're finding out that the cell phone video which started this whole thing. Will be released by the police during the discovery in the trial. So we will be seeing hearing and experiencing. You get the live vicariously through these two guys who got their lights burned out by the rower at this. And his body. Yeah it's it's really fight Ed I got I was gonna do social meeting this week of social media and add a little bit this week because it's so funny the way that inner. Everybody's got. Not just. Detects their friends or call their friends or take pictures of their friends are giving out. Now I mean I'm watching this this celebrity basketball game seeing these guys are sitting courtside tape and everything. Everybody's everybody's her own reality show on. Everybody you me everybody with a phone. And you know it's some anytime minutes on their forgy plan. I know it's not now work commute. But everyone is so now world collectively as a nation. In a couple of days going to be able to experience what it's like could be. Assaulted by their cookies this when this video comes out lucky yes. So. That's going on he's been charged in his lawyers saying he was the victim. This is the same lawyer by the way I'm just reading on Twitter who. Help James Harrison. Dead. His domestic violence charges dropped. James Harrison had divested news got busted for some domestic violence thing in 2008. And the attorney for Darrell Revis whose name I don't actually know. It is the same guy who help them who helped that I Harrison get those charges dropped very effective. These these footballers and that's what I said yesterday as illicit. In a Revis may be looking at a Max of twenty years for all these felonies but he's not gonna be doing any of that. Even if there is. Video evidence the guys in Blaine Jones by the way the the attorney. In case you're you know if you look numbers are represented Asian tonight. Blade even you know you have 11 story against another story you have a video that. May tell more the story it may not. But it sort of seems like one of those situations where everybody was act like an a hole. I'm not saying these guys deserve and deserve to have their lights turned out like despite. Maybe a little bit. Not saying you should ever. React violently to such things specially when your professional athlete. At the end of his career but who just had an awful season and the team is discussing whether or not to just you know cut it. It may be then you should probably not you know throw hands in the street at 2:30 in the morning but I would align and finally Michael Floyd. Who began a twenty forge a jail sentence yesterday. After pleading guilty to one charge of extreme to you why. We all watched that video. The sentence includes a 120 days. Of incarceration. 24 of them will actually be in the jail out there in Arizona and he's gonna be 96 days on house arrest. I think they're gonna pull one of those things and his car and yet the blowing through in order to get it started it's gonna be on hold situation there. Floyd said he wanted to come back to the patriots. The NFL is not yet decided what they're gonna do here they'll probably suspend them for I don't know how long did some amount of time. I have a feeling Michael Floyd will not be back with the team I don't know if he's gonna be back with a anymore IE strikes me is maybe someone may be. Or you know around around the trade deadline around week eight next season some team decides the parent take a flyer and see if he can help a little bit Kalla the patriots that. The heat that charged down from the super extreme do you like just you extreme. Com. A second offense extreme view our. 'cause initially used charged with super extreme because Arizona has that law on the books where if you are over point 20. Blood alcohol the rate that's the super extreme right. Yet his got pled down to I think between 1519. Which is not as I remember was higher than that when they know the most you or your something via. Either way. That's a long time mean yen 44 days in Dallas nothing has done nothing. If you go to job for 24 days to me that's not an ID does he deserve the beater obviously I mean that was ridiculous what he did it. A thirty hours of community service and 5000 dollar fine fashion and higher and yeah probably. Probably a little higher than 5000 dollars not that I would have made a dent the Michael Floyd but let's that's why I think you should be. Yeah. Com. 6177797937. Your phone number let's go to who Lexington and talked to cost though it's a constant. I mean. I you're basically. By Clinton in the goddess that's not generally. You know or articulate what that would socket or George knew it would maybe it is. But it's also seeking to they have to it that would help the ultimate. Get act that first route where imagine they're getting swept the Chicago. Eight yet and I get an acutely Butler trio. Even the tape yet call for all sorts and out shoppers. Where you don't expect. Now. You called back to Q and not it went out here. Let them. I don't get into that. Well you know I. Oh of course you know it's it's. Their you'd automatically get sucked it right. While I felt like at that you know and Eric out out out just about what it is that the YE. People spare ticket to see an outlook that whole picture that I don't you know and. 90 you mean costs are you now just for clarification here you saying the Celtics are going trying package deal for. Butler and Gibson and George and Jefferson are just go for one a a George Jefferson and. Well well I did not not all I pull out her computer out to benefit the Chicago. And they get Butler they've kept new. More because well. To get there and he's not an expiring deal and that's why fidelity. You little more attractive to look at where you get back. You go out the hour right. Well I think that we talked about what your salary rate back. You don't act that kind of outlet all out effort that it a couple of years back with two years left on its deal where. Al Jefferson is not mean it was because the image doctor that thank you for the call I appreciate. Al Jefferson's 32 years all these every fourteen minutes a game in Indian. Now tied it eight net eight points a game for a rebound now I know Hamas and Al Jefferson. If they can swing a deal to get Paul George and they throw in Al Jefferson I'm not gonna complain but if the F that he had to give up anything else to get Jefferson I'm not into it. And yet Jefferson's also making ten million a year which isn't a lot I understand but offered fourteen minutes again I mean that's that's not much. I'm all set on Al Jefferson and Taj Gibson. The story. Like Taj Gibson was great last night. Good rebounder tough sort of hard nosed guy. Not really threw me you know worried about his own. Scoring numbers. As a job does his job. Is effective out there in Chicago. But. You know it is for the caller to say that you know if we can get Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson. They're not gonna trade Jimmy bought why would the bulls trade Jimmy bought. He's 26 usually get three years left on his the only is only making about seventeen million a year or Dora talking about this is absolutely right why would the bulls trade Jimmy bought. For what purpose. He's the guy you build around he's not a guy you trade in in trying. You know salvage what he can before you leave now he's here he's their for a few more years. He's a bargain. There's no reason to trade him now they wanna go in there and try and make a real run that at Taj Gibson and Greg. I beer with that I like Gibson. I can better than Al Jefferson aperture. There about the same age Gibson's vending in the league much and only seven years and that'd Jefferson's penalties and use one here at all. But. Yet and I mean these days numbered the employee away either. Gibson's not exactly a a game changer. Buddy plays he gets minutes he averages about 27 minutes a game. On down about seven rebounds per. He's not a huge raise not a natural senator he's another power forward and maybe can question the idea of the Celtics need another one of those for the go for true Sadr. I'm kind of OK with either one. I got to be true says no you just got to be better than Amir Johnson. And Kelly a link. In Tyler Zeller. And the rest of the big men on this team right now. Taj Gibson if you brought a man would be second best front court player they have behind Al Al Horford right away. He did say that about a lot of these guys were floating around at their Tyson Shanley could says about Andrew bold statement about ten Fareed you could say about. You know Andre Drummond you definitely say about. If bringing in anyone of those guys and at the gamut of guys. You know Tyson Chandler brought 36. Injured Bogut you know released by the invited. Warriors not really doing much over in Dallas straightened out trick. There's an hour devoted to. Keep fewer eggs a huge appointee gets treated every year. Yet Dallas Dallas Mavericks for Andrew Bogut. Another guy who's you know 32 years old he's not some he's not some young guy either he's not some. Project you have to work on or some guy with a high ceiling the OP gets better and better now uses either guy who is what he is and he's bounced around a little bit. And a box words mavericks. Have been OK with the mavericks. It's just a question of balancing their roster. Because this is an unbalanced roster right now and they've got away with a they've been able to get away with it because they say Thomas have been sold Soviet. And that's not necessarily an indictment on the rest of the team and they out they are what they are. There are some really really Smart players on this game. They got Smart. Unselfish players. Who understand their roles they understand you know had a set a good pick there understand that it. Making good outlet pass they got all these sort of things down there they're very. They're very tight they're very. They execute well they do all these things well. But they are so low so the game. At the two things you need in the black. Presence underneath. And secondary scoring they just don't have. And I feel like Isiah Thomas going into this going into the post season here which is always a way I understand and there's. You know plenty of time to she would would Danny ends up doing if he does anything. But this could very easily go down in India is a strike against Isiah Thomas which is totally unfair. The Celtics go into another playoff series. Have the same problems that they had last year and Thomas tries to do our own self and he can't quite do it because you're not going up day it's it's it's the playoffs more physical. You're playing against the other team's starters for basically the entire game it's not like now. You now how how deep the bench goes they go about who were three guys into the bench and that tick. And every corner is like the fourth quarter in the fourth scorer Isaiah Thomas is great. Best fourth quarter player in the league. But to expect him to be able to do that every night in a seven game series and without any help is is unfair it's unfair to him and it's not you know it's not a affect of waited to win a playoff years. As for what the Celtics would be willing to give up dances great question. I looked down I I look at it this way. I go bottom up. Look at the bottom of the roster and go up and see what kind of value you have. When I get down to the very bottom of the roster you know you're Jordan Mickey's and Demetrius Jackson's inserted Tyler's dollars and you know those guys don't really see much value there. James Young little bit of value not enough that I think anybody would want and as food anything more than a throwing. Jonas Jerebko I don't think as a whole lot of trade value. Throwing their tomb Gerald Green and other throwing. Kerry rose here. He's intriguing. I like what he's done this year like Kelly sort of emerging coming into his own and and establishing himself as it is a guy deserves to be out there and and is an NBA you know an NBA guard okay sometimes sometimes that's not readily apparent and wasn't readily apparent James Young. Wasn't readily apparent when RJ honor announced very apparent that he's not. So these amazing draft picks here the sort of looked then got un cracked we'll see what happens with that. Terry rosier I think is one of those guys whose stock is going up. And a team that's desperate for guards Michael might wanna take chance on him he's not gonna get anything done on his own but I would consider Terry rosier to be a piece they. You can start you know negotiating. Awful he's not just the throwing. Amir Johnson. I don't I mean you could try in and dangle him out there I don't think anybody's gonna wanna. Make a move for him. Jae Crowder. Kind of the same deal with him I think he's a good player here and then there's teams that would appreciate what he brings storm but I don't think that's going to be. He's gonna be enough to to bring in a player that you want. And that brings us to sort of the upper here. Okay Jalen brown not treating him as one years old now unless someone blows you away. Marcus mark. Trade value probably won't ever be higher. I could see deal centering around mark is Smart. Not for Carmelo Anthony you're Jimmy Butler any of those guys were for Tyson Chandler for a Nur owns Noel. Or danger Bogut for someone like that I can see Smart being a part of the deal like that. I don't know if I'd like it depends on who it is but I could see it. Or for not going anywhere Isiah is not going anywhere. Avery Bradley. A guy who I really wish hadn't gotten injured. Is Avery Bradley was put up the season that I think would have made him an ideal trade target. For a variety of different team. Avery Bradley is as category and I had talked about last night the best two way player on the Celtics are one of the best two way players. In the NBA when he's healthy. And the fact he's added his rebounding element to his game now. Leading the team in rebounds more than more than or for more than Amir Johnson more and everybody in yet even play in two months. Throw all that in there and I would've said that if Avery Bradley had been playing this way this whole time and he hadn't missed you know all all those weeks with with the injury. He would be the guy that I think would be. Most likely going to trade with the injury and Alan archer. Absence doesn't necessarily make the heart grow finder in the NBA absence makes people forget about you and I think other teams in the week. Who might have been interest in new Avery Bradley are probably not so much anymore because he doesn't comply. And that's not in odds you say it's unfair you want to within just the latest. And then there's Isaiah Thomas who I don't think it. I can't imagine that they traded at times so that's the whole roster. The only guys I could see anything being built around our perhaps Kerry rose year Marcus Smart may be Kelly Olympic. And that's about it. Bradley Smart a clinic. And rosier are 44 guys. That I think are legitimately on the trade block right now different levels of the trade bloc of course. But I think there are all kind of right there right now. In terms of peace is not just throwing anybody can be a throw anybody at the bottom the bench to be thrown but in terms of that I'd say it's those four guys that are most likely to get the most consideration here from some of these other teams and also Danny Ainge would be most likely to part with if the situation came. 6177797937. At your phone number 37937. That your number on text go to Jack and hand over eject. I you don't I was subject could I wonder and are the tools stashes that we gavel in Europe Britain may make the team has yet are they play are eligible. I don't think so. She Jake I don't think either Lamar. Okay out is anybody heard of and how they're doing over the year another was they got a chance to make the team next jurors has come to just beat two players that I cast talk to the wind again. All. One of those guys came back about two months ago it came up with one of his games he would like 34 points in 27 rebounds it's easy to. The direct one on one of those two guys can play a little bit so I'm just curious. There's no mention nobody that's how they don't want anything anything at all positive progress. So I didn't know exactly what was going on with well so. Jack I'll be honest with you haven't been following the Israeli league much these days or wherever the hell it is the Jews it's playing but I had mean I think it. They they have high hopes for him Yahoo! selling maybe not so much. But I really I couldn't tell yeah I haven't been following images he random sort of stories about him here and there over the course of the year but nothing makes me think any of them are going to be either one of them are gonna be close to join team. And permanent bases we got to take a break your way over 61777979837. Your phone number 37937. On tech's quick break back after the war. I. Just check the NBA calendar I guess the waiver deadline heard. Playoff eligibility. The Blair asked who have played on the team by a fire before march 1. That's what it says here in the inside hoops NBA calendar that march 1 to the playoff eligibility waiver deadline so. Unless you have a cell layers usually play for the Celtics between now and march 1 which I'd certainly don't think there will. I don't know appeals will play in the clamped in by the way a patio just walked in your. And Ty handed me a piece of paper that I did not realize an anti and his music. When he third overall pick by the Celtics in the draft if your plane and Turkey. One in the name of the team is planned for. It is the dar roots up but god oh yes. Of the Turkish League. Our Russo pocket Adobe's. Let it dump it at the. Here we go dollar is up by god though it is here we got man that's a mouthful and it's not just like tough to pronounce. There's a mile over the U. The two s.'s have like little tails which I didn't even not criminal that is there's some sort of thing over the G in Adobe's and the S and bogus has a little tail to. I see me a lot before. But I never seen an S with a tail looks like s.'s. Is like leaking oil or something like that it's likely seal why do you roadside in this tire tracks yet that is what that looks like. The dar were so far a bogus. You know that's a tough team and don't come playoff time you know one wants the go to dollar so far got to take on the dovish. No wonder. Specially Jesuits in the middle. 61777979837. At your phone number 379837. Your number on Tex would get through these calls here 1130 we'll have this week and social media coming your way let's start with Louis and Providence this segment with upload. Dickerson thanks or Michael and I got to. So I really. Saw it gain and it will live. The culprit mean address there rebounding I mean. They'll you know outclassed on the boards. They are rebounded 51 the 31 last night Louis when he inning when he rebounds to a team they get out that there are better rebounding team Chicago is to be sure. But not that much better they shouldn't be that much better. So and and you were vulnerable all the excitement and women coming over. In and recruit and lit. On the practice here in New York. Yeah you're Tyson Chandler Lewis averaged twelve rebounds a game. If somebody Ariba mobile missile. Share but he's the one doing it you know I mean when Isiah Thomas is shooting someone's got to get the rebounds for the Celtics ready to scatter out rebounded by 5131 by the balls you don't think Tyson Chandler went out that a little bit. They're they would have normally on the I know who's. During the last year all see it you're talking argued it didn't matter beyond all all or. We. This may be album. I doubt it they just traded they gesture rated Ibaka. They just traded for beyond ball in the offseason I mean this is first year there so yeah I don't think they're gonna I don't think they're gonna give up on him all they quickly I don't know what day I don't know what kind of money he's making. I can't imagine that's all that much he was impressive in the playoffs last year with Toronto I think he sort of in round that was that was a tough draw for him to be a good player on a playoff team and and go to you know basketball hell in Orlando and no one cares or knows what you're doing down there but yeah I'd like him on the Celtics that is dumping or windows dented you know give up on in less than a year into his tenure. There and then all of our question one more main. A little wings scored do you think any chance they could probably trying get the new logo on the art. Rule. I think they're probably could get them I don't think he's gonna help this team all that much in ID Gallinari is need to thanks for the call those Gallinari is sort of an interesting player. I don't think he really he's a good shooter and you know wing scorer I guess he did you get thrown in there I don't know what is numbers are like this year. But. He doesn't he doesn't strike me as someone that gonna help this team out all that much you know his skill set then. I look at this team and a look at what they need now don't I don't know Gallinari. Ever a good year. Seventeen and five. It's almost got Larry have a guy like that now or for. I'm also a gallon are not a bad player. Filled hours late twenties. But then you give up some for him I don't know I don't think I'd do that. I don't think I'd give up anything of any value to get a guy like him on the team. I don't think he's quite what you need let's go to John McCain page up. A good encryption now and even Joseph. Look for good conversation and it just at all. Coming up this review coming off a great Super Bowl championship whatnot I think it would just wants instant success and I'm wondering if the action really do anything weightlifting and how. They'll stay the course is still on the rebuilding situation. You know why not play without seeing what happened not supposed to be a championship game and I don't sound silly to say but. Wait it out see what they had gotten into their conference championship kind of a team and if so gonna have a great draft pick him you know why why. Why not wait in that deal from a strong point. Because here's why I think that's a bad idea Joseph. Because of the roster right now is woefully unbalanced and I think anyone would agree with that they got a great player and Isiah Thomas they have some good role players who can do certain things. They have no secondary scoring and they have no they have no presence on the defensive glass and you need both of those things in the in the playoffs you know that I mean if this team. If this team's rebuilding and improving what's that. We think it's possible on the draft this year the Lleyton could get get one of those people. Yeah maybe for next your part about this year right now this teams in second place right now the two and a half games back at Cleveland at the all star break right now I don't wanna wait till the draft. Yeah yeah I'd I told him yeah this you know that all the big games this place so far they haven't they haven't really overcome that except that piece of real big teams and he'd ask you this one of that sort of look at all. Or of the team that given an all right thanks for the call I don't think you wait I don't think it would cost them in they're not they're not gonna trade for Kevin Garnett NAFTA trade the whole roster. And I know in 2006 that roster was a mean c'mon Al Jefferson Ryan Gomes Sebastian Telfair. Allen ran in hours there's some there's some names metric it. But. You know that's not happening this year there are gonna trade everybody away for that Anthony Davis or. DeMarcus Cousins or anybody liked and I don't think that's realistic I don't think they had any intention of doing that. And I also don't think that those names are suddenly got a break free from whatever teams are on now. Because the Celtics offered up. Bowl winning Q and you know Bradley and Smart and all these guys plus a pair whatever I just don't think that would that would be it trade it would even get off the ground. Conversation like that. So don't worry about that don't worry about the mortgaging the future here this year if anything no mortgage the future of a guy like Kerry rose year. Who I like him good player. But not somebody that I think they absolutely need to hold onto and they will be you know very regretful of that ought to go. Same with Avery Bradley seemed to an extent the markets Maher I think there's guys here that can be it can be moved and moved on from. 61777979837. Quick break I get you trending now final are coming up.