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Does Danny Ainge have anything up his sleeve?

Feb 18, 2017|

Pete and Keefe are talking about the Celtics and what Danny Ainge may do at the trade deadline, or if he will wait and see how the lottery plays out with the Brooklyn Nets pick and free agency.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. He. And I'm very happy Friday here at the ship within what began or what at night and it felt right day February 17. Sports Radio that we EI ignited reports seven of them. And airports across WEEI. Fortunately there were out there reported Q what do I rich keep still hanging out on a Friday they would vehicles severed his favorite part of the day get. The power hour that he power our authority Noah. Greta I'm glad you have a look at the celebrity roster yet from the video I don't adapter collapse upon that just a little bit. Big show lined up for tonight after keep depart at 7 o'clock Patrick Roy will join me. He's our new us on the insider your WI Indian side or he's very very good to go if we until 10 o'clock tonight going to be I'm Tony right now it's going to be a very. Heavy NBA team show tonight summits the show tonight but Patrick is very personal. In all sports noble will get into Wimbledon to a lot of NBA so put pat is well versed on. And everything else also it when guys get stereotyped in the what if your area you know wanted to divert social brought it out there. Our David wedge form in Boston Herald. Writer for vice Esquire dot com co author of Boston's strong book with Tracy Sherman of course a debt to the patriots day with mark while work. And that day to join us at 825 talk about this Tom Brady movie which she's involved and as well the book and the movie. Coming out so but that become affordable Friday that it wouldn't have that. Of course the IT media hotline is well we beat column 161777. Night 7037617779. 793 similar minor body at the top of the hour this first dollar is brought you by AT&T mobilizing your world place an awesome. You guys it's a good MBA yeah yeah Hezbollah discussion today and all along with a -- did little ultimately Ortiz there's others like tickle me Elmo fest when I was minus three reporters pretty. The odd Alvin was all weeklong that the NBA talk has been good with. You know trade deadline less than a week away Celtics playing while that they get kind of screw or they kind of they do get screwed last night would that. Terrible call but. There have been there and spot right now you know what they'll aggravated its its the one thing I'm sure you guys brought it up a list of the most ashore today by a there's the NBA officiating is so ridiculously pour into its system that's the most frustrating thing when you slowed it down liquids on ESPN and NBA to be this morning. What is slow it down. And I'll know what Padres while the when you see the official or forget his name. Absolutely. Just looking to see a football when it or not clearly before reporters stand up and called follow. It wasn't so what's Jimmy Butler yelling on the straightaway. Go follow file that's now what did it. It was briefed the fact there ball pinnacle when the basket how many times keep do we see this in the NBA. What the official weights. To see the ball three quarters of the way up maybe a go way up terrible outlook looks off while right that's what aggravates me the most that either are followers not not you know all the makes it and it's not so that was really frustrating young wonder. The combination was maybe because there's the it was Chicago or maybe it's because of mr. Butler whatever whatever was. He the rap was not gonna blow the whistle until. You saw that the ball wasn't going into the house frustrating to lose it that way just just come out I think other factors when it's where you kick it out rebounded 5131. Minute it's got Chicago ahead what's when he. For second chance points last night. I mean that's you know after winning the countered we can bitch and Motorola won about that last call and rightly so. But there are a lot of other factors and now offered this is like the fifth sixth time to shoot outs are two. I can't haven't had a cabinet to have two rebounds for the game this guy didn't like this this kid got the lead plotted to keep come playoff time because we saw last year so functional won that series that's your licks opera are platelet -- due to write a big chunk of it he did you can't have two rebounds and seven point two games like this out of saarc Vietnam I'm what you EE is these frustrating you know I think going in you know no relation expected to when he intent that's not who we is that really never who know men and you know he's got a ten rebounds he's in the zone a bunch on Michael. 88 wouldn't they would Julia and is he special without Avery Bradley that lighting of that labor Bradley they've won a lot of games without Bradley. But especially without I think the real goal when you aren't I'm a little surprised that considering it. I'll Soundview defense I think smarts regret stepped up on on bowl that spot Horford now more than ever needs to be. That's second score Hamas it's again not when he points but he's got to be more consistent. That is you know Isiah has given you thirty despite every single I was the most consistent got the last couple weeks Elvis say elect us. It doesn't that's a bit good I could tell that in a good way but yes I've noticed you offered step up a little bit you know smarter to off an apology good games it's a last night offensively you're doing and he barely even shot the ball but you write a Winnick has been more effective it seems like. Crowder and Horford both. It's kind of Ayers again they they have 1718 points or that seven a rate that there's that there is their average is ruled in this league that Flickr don't always hit their average which is a guessing for corporate right around fifteen or so fourteen. He's been. Kind of frustration at the contracts a part of it even if you wanna block that out just look at the the player on the court it's so hard to do that. Because this hour here's a Max player he has to be one of the three best players on your team this year in the next three. And you see nights like last night and height it's understated on the proper time and it don't always seems to be against games where. Not mean the majors told big game last night and all the balls but struggled a bit I'd get it. But national TV you wanted to once they also are brick and a high note here. And it should never come down you know and I'll bitch and moan and let about the ref recall ago will and rightly so. But it should never have come down and you can't get out rebounded by one. You can get that iPad that number you send a private lot whites and try to be more revenue by one Indian got to twenties though that it should not been a second chance points horrible substantive 22 chance points and you know you're I really but my fear factor no matter who you're playing the first round Keith is that if I say it doesn't have. Not a good game but great games every single time that they're going to lose yeah anatomy IE it well. Maybe the first action of the it's in today they face first round but it's Isaiah the there's an a lot of pressure on him. They have other guys capable of that but nobody that you can really rely on. And let's see if they're healthy alas it not to be excuses but laughter there miss a lot of guys in that did not help or posited no shooters yeah editors play well in Atlanta I that it they that a series was there for them to take they should've won that series last year that kind of I especially liked it's I Dick offered at a particularly good series but it is way too many threes are no rebounding. But if no team does he need to. Al Horford needs to. Refine his game of the will be here yes to understand what his role is I'd I'd really don't like seeing him out shoot threes or did you get any faith at all last night was gonna make that shot and one dollar and zero no rate to zero air balled and I expected minute down at those things where these big guys around the league there are all shooting more threes and sometimes it's it's great because again I went on the Celtics are really role that it Isiah Thomas as the boss and he's lineup down the court and Al Horford on the three point line stretched the floor allowing ads they'd get into the paint and score or kick it out he's knocking down threes it's great. Then on the flip side of that is when there'd be more opportunities for second chance points wouldn't wouldn't there would be. Some kind of scoring down wall which. You really don't have any count Florida and that's to me were Bret Stephens had to commit and go to what our buckle to after coaching in the NBA. The rich don't you think Bret Stephens. Go to the playoffs here without offered has got to make an immediate just when you're depending on what happens at the trade that line David the roster looks like you've got to think that they need to do a better job just. Rebounding and Horford pass the B. One of the guys right there at that the top of the list but the same time Stevens. Loves the team shoot and all these threes I mean every night it seems that they're set a new team record for most threes attempted to most threes made it was just. That's that's the team like that I've gay I don't I don't let up but doesn't that scare you come playoff time because of the not hitting. About 33 to 35% and go to low out. And then I just hates relies. On on on all of that's an un and make it freeze to win NBA games ecology UConn again you know right. But in in the NBA where. I know to three point shooter in league now believe me I did I write stated by. If you look at it as the best teams currently unable to launch a ton of threes and so they say while all right maybe that's. Now might be high I you have to beat them and far they've had a lot of success doing it more than once while the last fourteen games are all absolutely there be some good teams on the way to get out thousand. That was really encouraging was they were able to pick up some wins over instantly you talk. You know I don't Portland's a playoff team on their roster and don't you were on all such angrily when in Portland on the road is always agree on how to what the wreck right that is in one of toughest Arenas and all toughest places from the Rose Garden displays always been yeah well the toughest places I did a good player certainly and they play well so that that was good to see you know the first month or so this these first couple months. Even when the record was decent you're looking for your look at that signature win but it really have for awhile a diet to look at they they got a handful of problems. Was cuter thoughts on would be guys and the guys talked on this close to some additional but Charles Oakley has a new position did you students I did not see the news tonight as leaders of Charles Oakley has been hired as a player coached in the victory. The league objected to break through all of the other by elderly basketball league oh player coach. I should declare how to hit it right yes Waller Oakley still got. And put aside your dad he's been hired as a player coach or here's Allen Iverson yup Clyde. Yet by the glide Drexler. Gary Payton eyes iceman George curveball while Rick Perry. Dad or just coach I've read more. No and there you have more than there was Welsh him hoarded Oakley cabins are Allen Iverson Chauncey Billups Jermaine O'Neal. That'll stimulus of the Kennedy Marten remember him now Mike Bibby Rashard Lewis Jason Williams. Stephen Jackson Bonzi Wells. Of course our daddy Al Harrington Ricky Davis talk about a group of guys that just don't wanna stop client that's like you're all. Late ninety's all star team right there Charles eye opener Europe's player coach should be made to regulate Bill Russell. That he could digital had to say maybe Mary takes this opportunity early you know Iran's for the but collateral broken wood and your coach so the other thing awarded the team would or get through it with a brick and come back with a celebrity all star game roster it's pathetic it's a star carrots but. Are you were to mark his cousins earlier today I'm sure at some point to two guys that are here to Saudi yet admitted to swearing and ESPN. And basically. It all we all those aggregated to what he's gonna do you want to stay Sacramento for 290 million. I don't it is Bob Watson Tuesday and a patio would've played at some point you're gonna show. But the base we've mom said Dick to bleed together and eat out she said it on the air today and it leaked it out nice so I think we've momma momma cousins once settled because mr. gul. Our elsewhere because he's got to get. It's got to get its 200 plus million and I know that we're talking about you know could be a difference of like 25 or thirty million if we leave Sacramento by. All right. I don't let's a lot of money but how much is enough and if you admit you gotta make 200 plus million. If you're him don't wanna go to a place. We might have a chance to win a championship orders waiting not really does not really care about yet know that that's where you'll see doubt there's a difference you know if he gets traded kind of out of his hands and maybe in recent but that's even make all the money or he just leaves in free agency you'll you'll see how important winning is to on. I assume what's important demo I wouldn't say it every single player we've seen examples of it you know all the sports for maybe maybe it is the most important thing but. They didn't make atomic plus he's only winning team all of a sudden your your more marketable you can you know get into all the different endorsed or more endorsements got a high eighties or or are I would have more caller that doubts or on announces scared to come and play in a market like Boston. Or a place where he's going to be that guy wanna be guys in this environment where it's much different media. And much different it'll tradition and that's sacramental freaking king despite the fact. Have a nice new building in May be there they're there a couple of players away from. You know being OK if in the west are being OK in the western dramas I question I don't start to question. Public what do you championship is important to this guy. Almost AME right now ten out of his hand so he's he's in Sacramento also he's gonna fail wanna stay in Sacramento that's the only thing you do Wednesday. It is a lot worse than I gotta get out here the possible. Yeah you're right I your stuff you found out CU so we asked at least say that if all the things that he may have done wrong. I think at least just. You know acknowledging a I wanna be here at orders but you have to ask what does do best as he signed a 219 plus million dollar contract with the kings. All of a sudden things don't go his way halfway through next season or maybe the arises. This sucks I hate guess remains in meltdown that happened could be there. And at home win at that worked out for the south with I don't know are quick break 61777979376177797937. Until seven Patrick killer will join me from seven to ten tonight David wedge. Will join us at 845 talked about the new Brady book and movie coming out as well when we come back. I did this just absolute pathetic celebrity roster that's being. It'll throw your face tonight. Including the coaches Donna and loans for this NBA all star weekend. Are right here sports rated and we yet. What about 57 what a night just over your head around as well for another half hours Shelvin looks dark snow begin to. Debauchery making sure the city safe for women and children that's right she's an adventure on the side it's only just absolutely. What did back then turn 6177797937. Amir told tennis they said a B Patrick award joining me from seven to ten tonight. That Dave whittled join as well it's 45 he's part of the new Tom Brady book and movie we'll get his thoughts as well. Should be a lot of fun and and tell you own a fight and sometimes it's just say it it it it goes through the godfather after Michael gets hit in the face by via McCloskey the cop. Death as jaws wired shut the F two key politically except it was left not so tough to tell the difference assessing the picture. Left nostril little brittle leakage and that's that's an idea of fine otherwise Erica in the rooms that almost storm. The book because of them talking about the markets dozens it was on ESPN earlier today. A rich keep talking about a variety of issues and everyone knew you know we've said is he's said from. Three or four months ago mr. as say in Sacramento kind of reiterated that this morning on ESPN. And here's what the markets cousins had to say that it. The exact amount from there. Due to chance to sign a long term extension there this summer Q do you feel like that's what he wanted to. It'll happen was that. Sore wounded. Woman and they see that in the Sacramento. Moments losing in the left as a sort of in my room because of certain certain you know what it could not known act you know. Don't go Lou. I don't know them so I'm only kidding you know. Don't care to me and said. Hello this poem. Did you think there is a way that you that you will be an uncertain future. Well. It's not about. This isn't realistic we're gonna. Because in the time. So more than they care about is reluctant to do this as an intern or Assad that it doesn't matter the losses of over. A longer exist anymore. If seventeen Texan as a constant topic for you what are you doing it did to get both sex. With some. Tom some. Teething so that his reputation. To. It is known. Not Norv Turner whose citizens throughout the power has grown to love also grown among women. Notre automate the change in the how to interact with it throughout the game with the rules. But on you know sometimes you little in the lead going. Through Jesus leaves so what's the one. Thing that you can't use it and just like facial expression. Is it that particular word to achieve okay. Consume. Any time malls and even if I'm happy Americans who. More of the vulnerable. Who do you listen to him and have a gives you the best advice. Two months or. My biggest losers in the moments of Luke from what you say. There don't when. He couldn't let that doctor and the boats who is with. A medium to do. That and what that response through anything in particular it. Exists just everything else going on cash and of course you've gotten to suspension. She stood in the moment it was done. No matter how much money America. Or wherever it is going to be since the moment or. Are there areas of markets cousins with their more children earlier this morning on various creative thought Q thought I imagine. A thousand mama. I causes wants him to get the hell out and go try to win a title I edit I think that's what he was saying it directly yet she wants and they get is stuff figured out and yeah he's. He's the kind of interviews that he does are in fact is longer and heavier than they normally does cut short answers he he just knows that. Or at least he thinks everybody guy hates a living is a bad attitude there's nothing I can do to change it. Does not entirely true but that's out that's how he wants to handle that I'd like I said before they're talking about. Wanting to stay in Sacramento but he is Jersey you know in the rafters in Sacramento and you know I haven't legacy be Sacramento. That's all he really tense day like I did what I think if he started saying I got to go to a winner I got to do this. Then also do you really sort appointed to him miserable why why is that a winner earlier thug you and everything that's I think he's saying the right things. Parts it hard to read too much into it though because if an opportunity came to go to wait a contending team where you still get paid a lot of money. Well I'd be shocked if he would say no thanks I'm I'm gonna make it work here in Sacramento. Well it's his name is still be in Florida has been for the last what three and a half year Italian. Like Lisa last three years you've seen his name up there and on Jezebel that touched on some of the other up possibilities as well I mean. Because we're at Davis earlier and I don't Michael bar popular liquor stores that with a ruler Kim output. Now would be a gastric if they ever so I'll pull that off but yeah seven point 111 boards I mean I had seen ads ever dispute I just don't I don't. I don't see anything like that even remotely chemicals that may be the best case scenario is a guy Richard Butler. And. You know Paul George and I think yeah Michael you were both talking about I don't yet know why they got to get brought out just because you think maybe there's a chance Chicago. Is trying to attract veteran of the playoffs obviously this year by bringing in Dwyane Wade and Raj on Rondo right now they're top eight team but it it's not going very well there Paul George to opt out after next year. So if you that are contract it would make no sense there'd be no reason to upgrade Paul George body if they don't think that he's gonna re sign there there's a story today. If he's obviously a part of all star weekend and they're asking him and he. Really wants to play. For a winner and he wants that should be. Then that's that's his biggest goals to play for a winner and don't get a taste of that earlier in his career that's very wants to get back to. So he could potentially may be be treated event cousins just because the kings are such a dysfunctional organization you think maybe get dealt if they Davis brought up by a caller we entered we entertained now by the Saudi shocking narrative that the it's on the floor tad betrayed if he ever got moved. Equity stared me for the first time on a wild. Actually might watch the NBA all star game for some of the drama I want us to Bret seems approach or not that it's a difficult court to hear what we know we know that Yemen twice in Isaiah plots. My a curiosity. Yes. Am I will. Will work. The hour on state courts would agree now. But will Russell Westbrook and Kevin direct make out admitted court. Before tip off and kiss and make up now. Both be on the same team obviously era in north somewhere of one or. The antithesis of that will there be some with a look for the bath water out of a thug that's the thing that you don't Westbrook to rant and it in the nude and then you throw a lot of stuff Korean. So the three of them before the same time. I think that could be ball a little bit of drama that's what I wanted the depth question is and I effort to ask Michael thoughts on this but is. Where is it. Steve Kerr will he play all four of his wars and wars I broke Klay Thompson address hungry in America with Westbrook which you have a lock it up of the the four guys on your team. And Westbrook. Which IE I don't know if Westbrook would probably not be thriller eagle on the floor. But he hates all those guys of the passion it's great to factor in how hysterical no doubt that would be deployed I don't think what are yes don't you pass to cut backs. Path as well the only weapon at around the for the for the about there but. Yeah don't. It's not to have some rivalries right India rails loves each other sort of is nice that Westbrook absolutely hates them and I hope it stays that way it could be some drama in the all star game in the way they had depression set up today new loans at the conference room. They had a two rant on one side. And they had Westbrook pole I was like 6 and 12 o'clock in a budget they couldn't have I can't I talked at each other because of the throngs of media. That we're beard but I thought that was kind of urgency that's about it important experts are that would Obama. Immigrants. By six what 777 night 70376. What's Evans of its overnight seven under through several get the all star rosters of these celebrity pathetic all star rosters tonight in the court to step habit. Odd days and made up next your doubled yeah I repeat shepherded rich keep a date. A key guy ought to devalue. It's actually that on the radio earlier action. Unmatched in the very much appreciate it. While thank you very much for the kind words it's much appreciated by it by me hearing from you thank you what's on your mind. The Celtics. Since that time is now but I also think we need to be realistic. The market hasn't been at any event here on out. Now that's our government that's Hispanic in me and I never thought the markets cousins have a chance to commit to be honest ripping into davis' dot that's just. To assist me crazy playing make believe mr. Rogers may believe. I mean I'd love apple argued realistically he's got to get my company gets something an errant. I think what the Celtics really needed a legitimate younger. Date time Wayne corps and a legitimate young returned he tried to burn it shot blocking rebounding center and the two guys that are available. That we have the access to get our dearly Boller. In all go well if you pared those who. With Isiah Thomas Al Horford market spot elect a little attention. But the next report you're the only people to check out in the get to a final so. Well Escude embargo well first disguise and brought him a couple yards today you don't nodded and the like Milan I like don't but I don't like the local or failure of the well I don't know. He's a guy we're I would wanna give up a ton for him and it. After an what do you think what are you doing wrong. What. They need it darts here you know after you know you have to be at least Terry wrote here in May be the Cleveland clinic or maybe York. 2008. I'll expect but they. I think ball below the restricted creator and you don't get that contract. Or. I think MD you know I've got a built around Eric. And it and we don't know all about economics and a long yeah just rebounds and blocked shots out ten points and border a couple of blocks. Argument that the game and that's what what would the boy if you got to give up you know young harder to leave you alone era young. Intimate level first round yeah I did. Right and that Jimmy Butler. The summit some. I think about the art. Bradley eight prouder at one of those pork Olympics which like a lot does. But that's what it would say it would take at least that revealed that everybody watched. Yeah odd hour god yeah bigamy to match the money for sure you find ways to do it I don't know I don't I wouldn't do all I wouldn't give up all of that Jimmy Butler. While we give a two thirds of aperture revolver to tell you that and I wanted to do that would be yeah season I don't listen to the income. That's five love I get under Jimmy Butler Jalen brown. Al Horford. And goal and go well with markets aren't Kelly Olympic coming off the bench pair up those seven died at the clock seven Cleveland. And I played all seven of the better we might not beaten on the talk. But dale brown now a major Jill Brown's two or three years I'm with you but I he's not ready right now. W ready you're ready to contribute now on the air and offered broad Ed Thomas tell law might be your best player. In my text that called Davis and in and LeBron I wore bought reporters agreements and those are not late minor issues to me. And maybe you know I was gonna be known hopefully be back it's Friday replayed that Ronald by night. What we agree keep that out I would I would want. I want a guy who can rebound and play better and play defense as opposed the score to tackle this team. Yes sorely need spending is amazing how many games they get out rebounded installment is to win. Sometimes by double digit astounding to me right. Yeah I want to I want the rebound or housing and that's more attainable but I think you are to do you know article not state to get a rebounder words if you're looking for a legitimate. Second scored a twenty point for team score. You're gonna have to give up a lot more. 61777. Nights haven't got a 376177797037. Patio and the outside the glass feature rich keep circles seven. That Patrick Gilroy joins me from a seventh at ten tonight we're talking to NBA right now but certainly feel free to call about the patriots Red Sox. Pearl and so whatever you whatever you guys want but when we come back I promise we'll get into the NBA so liberty 2017. Rosters. And a one official colonel light on this it is the there is it that it's just that not just nauseating to see these these people. Of fairways a reverence and I got a death obligated to that that next radio sports rated and Riyadh.