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OMF - Skiing this time of year reminds me of Disneyland, Long lines and parents yelling at their kids. 02-17-17

Feb 17, 2017|

Lou and Christian open the show talking about how Christian doesn't want to go skiing and sit on the chairlifts in the cold. They also talk about gifts Lou can bring down to spring training to help smooth over his relationship with Farrell

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All of you ready. Or away. Ceremony and Fauria from him right now on Sports Radio WEEI. All right now. One more day here the M efforts to or euphoria or lay off all weekend Christian Fauria at the overloading. My ass would be affordable enough to let you know that both Dick you know not to think of monitoring 95 degrees and it. Yeah I always on you know the big guy big school break coming up the next week my keys and have confidence away for all the kids around around the city around state. So yes so I was going on right modesty thing but it really. Please advocates whatever it doubles team table of whom mounting of the two regional team whatever it get away for applause I've realized. I hate African smelled so much like the last thing I wanna do is sit on a chair lift. And freeze my butt off. For two straight days if you can steal one appealing to those aged sixty degrees and sunny it and so blogs ski. Seventy degrees skiing a duel battle the likes what shirt you're good at just. It you know skiing this time a year reminds me of when Disneyland this time of year long lines lots of parents yelling at their kids. It's green the crime because he can't get the ski boots on recant under the glove lost their had our and it bitching and complaining of his two called can't get her to oppose them read that's on talk about slow. I thought last night I would come here this morning and they give you a little bit dot urinating. As you say you're gonna go see it shades darker I did like Isaiah told me out like our our goal that out what an idiot I didn't know not to go it was stupid movie sucks. It doesn't mean you're gonna get an hours of sat there is due to wait to see you. Well I know we didn't go about its readers as I gestured I don't know maybe should just. Didn't wanna go all out of your made bad reviews I don't know may be where we're thinking of gold was maybe too far. I don't know it just turned into debt thing. They don't have to go see the movie to actually go back to pretend like we saw the movie right who is a goal and recreate the C bookmarks basin to bed and then you watch the mood right now. Yeah. Money so it goes through the movie and as slow did what back Coleman. And they go to people do all right so Friday the week before president stays on Monday. Always on his way back so orderly stuff on podcasts I listen to it a little bit of it today well thank lives like acting like I hear that every day. I hear them regularly and I do looking back here it. On the conference call I hear it in the office I hear during the breaks of our show and you're doing ourselves a bit I know you started sports talk radio. Actually. There were moments are remember that July. Oil well. View and but it didn't work there one. Or August before we finish number one of the spring book only and I finished noble right we came from the dead people forget it. We were the first afternoon drive show when the station via fan. For one and again he's TrailBlazer. He's not frontiers of it in you know he might merit a listen to podcast about Aussie did not inform yeah I've never played on FM did not. Filming and and I like Monica all podcasts I'm looking forward to next week ending next week should have been the only podcast. Is that I don't know maybe if you care about twenty years ago now of Sports Radio star in this town and everything else and you ridge and hiring and firing an old way the program director again selected but the history of radio not why do you wanna hear what the hell's going on right. Now we there's a big fan right now it only listen big grew up on Glenn normally sure fortunately those articles are only guys that those people they don't know podcasts are. They're not a downloading it certainly had no clothes liquor on a podcast what's a podcast I used to love order I don't. What does this would like all those would have admired what yeah I'd still listen use your marveled at the still lose because they call love anyway and Diego I did argued that would UConn is still get it or wait and listen boarded the 88 they have flip battle missile if flip phones they don't have Smartphones they don't know it act is that never heard of a podcast. Those people they care what happened two years ago I don't know how to put there. I Susan next week is the juicy stuff. Yes next week is this is why I hate Lou this is why hate or eight this one I wanna hear all the analytic and hit the infinite. Okay why have why he feels that always data in the back bingo yeah a lot inside that's going to be did you see that this kind of like you're. In your. Mostly pre season football what you're your first half of the season and go to holy blind sided when they fired. Us. Lot of cursing going on there I'm done. Yeah that was there that that's something starting with did you realize though it. I don't wanna I don't look what's your start podcasts from the beginning not like Kurt slightly interrelated does talking about the show. Liked. The podcast starts and right away or way. He tries interrupts he'd probably try to do is try to take it over I'd if you think he's he's every lifts. The urge to just move the conversation if you want control he's so used to having control he didn't even when he's the tests. He somehow wants to change they thought podcast they want to get fired they know or it was part of a winner is rambling on about something so. So next week next was going to be. Next week will be good exit to be good but you can be off next Friday when play the hell out of this depth and down Florida and a listen to a Thursday when it comes out. And listen to at all been played all on Friday. But an app. The middle combat with Monday when you're not after the I don't I had to call and I feel uncomfortable I'll be stuck inside a mountain obviously you know. Listening to the only stuck on some mountain chair let's take forever yeah okay drive the backs and take forever that's can be a pain in the ass so I I will tune off. Oh yeah there are all on the beat out of Florida. Dodging bullets and and ball was and arrows and everything else that thing's gonna be shot now I mean dog does when they regularly down there when you had them yeah I mean realistically thought it is it. Is it awkward for you yet you. Nervous when you walk I don't know how works downtown Owhali. They're not worsened at select I don't know where where are where some awkward moments could happen worker bought into somebody. You know there's some I don't we went ice it when I leave here on Wednesday. I do the show to meet its all access show was still act. So I leave early we at least not like district but I leave early as possible. And as soon as I get there sometimes the patriots and the coaches are coming off the field and kind of walking to their locker rooms. And running Ol we talked about that day on Monday or Tuesday I'm a little apprehensive about. Crossing the streams. Right yeah when item Erica oh here comes bill are comes articles Dave Ball are here comes you know love Matt to chart here comes. Whoever we tracks at date for whatever reason yes. Is that no other listeners who don't with a cell. Data for modern. Got to pick picture how it works as he walked down there content does this farewell that is there option if you guys to come up. The media in the middle somehow yet but we lock eyes will be an area where I dealt with in the conversation to be let him walk into the locker room for the first time. When Rajon a move that's it yeah I've been asking for me it's great chocolate it's there it's a it's uncomfortable it's not nerves usually death is not it's not nerves because some on. I'm not friends with anybody. You know I mean I'd like people. John Farrell you know but I am not friends with anyone and you know editing is I'm not I'm not nervous about anything but is it a comfortable yet this. You know what I had to deal with like Lackey to a three years ago gap after trashing them and then. It almost it into a fight with him at a bar or at a at an amber to text retirement party were to be broken up by salty. You know screaming at each other F bombs everything screaming. So I had a goal and deal with that the offseason medical view that spring training and we talked it was a comfortable as uncomfortable. Well we had a talk about it and it's spotted saying they initially I think you should and he should bring gifts and adding that the good job let's chocolates. Obama is too. I mean about the uncle of bear was an immigrant day yeah commodity credit on the every little president maybe some in a movie passes season some golf all the guys like golf down and maybe Netflix you know six months free pass block some free movie store like that limited event now I know bridge to Florida so you're part of removed. So user who is playing late there's nobody played the Red Sox. That Dave was Alaska that you played yet so David the last David's Alaska so there's so there's never really. Because I was subbing the issue with me years ago was like man like I didn't feel like elves far enough removed for the first two or three years of might react are retired to really. You know camera the patriots if I need to know because I too many friends on that team was like I wanna be critical of want them to win out and out to the real terror lasts. You know but I mean really what do you be critical of the patriots like to keep winning so I guess that's to be so in their coaches greats. The other corvettes were the best of all time as the threats as aggressive and Red Sox Oscar. Coach is great manners are manager there's different I don't disrespect to my calling in vote. It coach. Why do you manager and manager hey guys people here head coaches I don't know what it is managed to get mayor's youth coaching as any. Well they called the manager to manage a game eleven days game apparently is that important this and I felt just will deal with that are so. Will get we'll get to some of the things that happened on spring training but we gotta get that his game last night. Wasn't many games out there and it does Washington actually beat Indiana which moved one game at a loss column behind you. But you lose the Chicago Bulls right will did to Jimmy Butler situation. The call at the end of the game. You can't make that call bottom line. So. We're gonna. Okay. That's Dave right now we get what he did you get the get go but down right elbow after. First children are the ones and get through walls right remains you don't need by the back. A little bit couldn't get a look at. Could it's a bad calls two thirds of bad calls with terrible call the SO ESPN that the slow modes a mode still couldn't tell they did the freeze frame right and I would say. The the finger tip. It via the actual you get a fingerprint. Idiotic that. Might have or late disgraced his elbow. I gave all that you don't have ought. All your finger the whole length of your finger has to be an indelible in my mind to it that all late in the game like that that is they called you can't make late. Did he touch him he might have I don't I don't I. I don't know if you did or not our separate Mac Maxwell on talking about that played live. And he all he can talk at all yet recalled great call. But you. Kind of Bennett's point were you looking at this did you have we like sitting courtside at right I to be Boller as he shot the ball. Beats me. That would be what I would consider. This company's first all it should have been a good no call yes that's a good no call okay here but a look at that I don't know why we got a call that he's complaining everyone's always complain grass. But they never cynical into the game my issue was that. The shot hit the ball already hit the region. So if there's contact. On it he's touching them at all that whistle needs to be blown right away contact whistle. It's not contact pause. Whistle agreed you don't think about it lately he touches. Always thought it was late may delay in the end in a whistle to me it's like whoa whoa woody waiting for. It didn't did you did you base line reptile as a base their exact our. So he use his head. Look to the right. Drew Butler shoots the ball he looks the right it's the rim red light goes on blows the whistle now is that because. He missed the shot. And he said I'd be if you may sit out athletic gulp now the good no call or. Is just bad a bad rap. I thought it was I thought it was complete and utter bogeys. Bogus that he had tried to call them. Playing called that follow. On the filer Scott burba OK I sorry it's it's if we're gonna call Zach. It is going to the whistles are gonna lol all day long. KD's if if if you gonna call that play I just don't believe you make their call on the final play of the game. It needs to be more contact calling follow on the final play of the game in order for that to happen now we can get into the hole Celtics didn't do themselves any favors. But I they can bitch all they want about that that last shot and how that wasn't a file but you had the ball three. You know with whatever amid a two goal whatever was you couldn't get a rebound they completely out of the rebound I think is a serious serious issue. That we all those long time hurt it's all forget about three possessions. Off of two missed shots Isaiah took a bad three then got pinned by Jimmy Butler ticker today I hope. You had more opportunities in the come down of that but it did and I just think you get screwed and I didn't I hate to. And I think that there is there's going to be people nice SE on Twitter saw last night. Multi touch him right grades don't fall role he touched them all right he caddick Grey's. Racing is touching. You know Ed barely took will barely touching him so there's those people who will say. It doesn't matter he touched that he touched him with a I hate that it wasn't a rough balloting hard Alec but he touched him on the fine. I think they're ago there's this article and then there's the letter of the law the letter of the law is okay no contact content out. IPod the spirit of law is what I consider a good no call money that's locally comment this is the games that I don't think it ever file its. I don't it was file either but the letter of law says no contact you can't touch him. He's he he he graced on the slightly touched him on leash on his shooting hand and that of his elbow gates well. Technically. It's a bow to eat it like big game Super Bowl championship game whatever and it's it's like a fade route. Two wide receiver and there's a quarterback and they're both physically fighting for the ball. It should be pass interference but other circumstances. They're both fighting for the football because of that's my appointed defenders got antsy about what exactly do what I don't I heard he's the sorrow they should date but Lou is a contact. Other bedeviled out of it on the dog was there didn't touch him eat great but it. Too doesn't it it immigration right now protection as an Apollo. Technically. The answer for me is no yes target of but contact is contact raising is great so do you think arrests indicate. Mark down or like you wanna do there will post game like report rating system for the rest of an apple has it all these all these different. All the sports happy with the rest is he gonna get a minus minus for that call. Was. I don't know I don't know how the great system more tools to one I don't like I would say. I would say on the record live and said hey here's a rule book is I don't care at the beginning of the game at the end of the game about the ballot touch the touch I called it. Wrong I mean he's he technically that rat is not wrong. Personally I feel that they bogus. You know cowardly call at the end of the game figures to be barely barely. Allegedly I don't know about the last. Two minutes of the game it in in any sport music game should be called different. Football sits in football it in and in basketball. As far as contact goes. I mean these do you believe in setting the tone early in games. The let people understand what the tone of the game is gonna be at and you allow things to happen. But to me even if they called that the first quarter out of sector says that's a horrible call. That's not a file in my mind even in the first quarter but first to be followed the last play of the game and be a deciding play. I. You can't call I mean you can't you ought to call the first quarter up bitch about it but late in the game you can't call. My issues that less personal guide yeah he was he was slow with his whistle. He if there's can't figure if you believe so he decided once the ball hit the rip all my bad guys who called it. That's at the ball goes and he's not gonna call bound. I think now he got it then outbreak reportedly I mean it looked like he was waiting to see if or when any wasn't a collar and sonic the front rim and blew the whistle McCain only if there's it's it to me to meet you mark it down market Smart dumb after the game yup she wasn't happy about it. Jimmy shot a par curtains for him. I know found some disease that it was a bloop bloop and a song races ever just he could please somewhere Vista business week. Actually have a very you have heard this from our ability to move our feet there's been very in my hands definitions of the vehicles. Ball that's that's that's that's who blows me pour me under some real tough physical somebody's got is he's great defender and here's the thing if Jimmy Butler. If the Celtics win this game. We're going to be talking about the couple possessions early when he just stole the ball from. He just did a market market for felony injury defensively I don't butler's got the ball and next to you know markets Bart is he's got the ball in his hands he's on the court. And he steals the ball but any electors freaking guy. Is unbelievable. A market Smart he's unbelievable but Leighton gave me say Arabic Arabic on the cobra. I don't know what what and other clients so I think it now looks at his watch what he was digital shields is well let's look at Chavez laid eyes she marked smartly we have been talking about the defense. You know they did it steal the ball from Butler instead we're talking about the follow and a lot of people weren't happy Isiah Thomas. Boy you have an athletic game to lead or leave the court. Four car. We couldn't duplicate this. It's. Yeah. They're called process again. This is a day. That's cool that you realize when it happened right away from city here was going to first. Though when I read a quote my own personal record when. She memories and because affair I know the blues show. When it cost you games you sure. That's that's a bad car. Yeah I I agree I think it was a bad call I think under the circumstances. You pay you don't call it elicits. Egregious. It's there's got to be a little bit more than just him grazing. Didn't affect his shot at all didn't push marked the spot. It did in it's change the other angle of the shot nothing he would leave his feet not the did nobody. Movement whatsoever. Terrible call terrible terrible thing earlier while all love our credit is a repeat coward I loved. Much pissed them off. And I love how much it pissed off Celtics fair because it's. That means you care that that means you look at me Cigna and I got one gamely in the loss column Washington. And and you know Cleveland edged you lost the game to its cleaver in the loss column and Andy eat is starting to care about the team. And I think that that's a good thing for self experience. The other thing I think out of the game and screwed and we talked about yesterday I don't know about you know. I want to be Baltimore. I would I I wanted that game talking about Jimmy Butler and I said you know what I think he's a guy a lot of people don't believe he is a watch that game. I nose may be little more re volume tight shooting game but it is very similar here Isiah Thomas who who everybody is great right. Accused nine for twenty as they rosy and nineteen whatever was eight for eighteen. People say are you don't want him to his feet in. He needs has the boy needs to have the ball in his hands who watched the game there's a reason. He's the only one. That's it he plays point this day looked like an unselfish player tuck all passing you could have twenty assistant frequently based he greater shocked. This guy took it to the basket kicked it out to everybody got everybody involved unselfish. And what a fourth quarter came rounds that I've got Isiah Thomas. And it up and down one whatever law there is a ticket to the laying down baseline and he pinned him up against the glass defensively. I don't know if you don't want Jimmy Butler after watching that I got we just disagree. Ball not I think it's on and we see you call on what did you guys about his caucus there by it's kind of pissed off about it but relative as watching meg game. And spending three hours talking about it yesterday three hours most of it. Directed squarely at Jimmy ball there was some bold cousins and their renowned that in some Paul George's of the world Whiteside his name came up but it is really Jimmy Butler. They let him go. They are you not letting him go it's like he's the best player on the team. He's under control for the next bull including this year up four years. Why would they not build around him till the bulls. Had a one of the best players in the NBA NBA would trade him away. For draft picks and it is to be include a couple of players to get some young guys that were are they now know big build around Jimmy Butler they don't Trajan Butler. Anywhere just got stock got a soul got a nice shot to get nice air. You're probably right there you're probably right you know but not happening but it was it was the discussion. That. You know to sort of led to a taught you know Twitter was just. It's absolute sets pool two where you know it's not that much of an upgrade over Avery Bradley. Her ball at a lot com. It shouldn't give up a first round and Avery because he's not that much better it was just the whole thing Laura wanted to throw open my mouth she and he. And and how we use that's a lot and scaring me David talked about last minute telecast. And I think Mikhail said he wouldn't do. And in my view it on a ghost did note guess the caveat I guess pulled a Kevin can't. We're gonna Kevin Mckelvin GM. That Kevin account as the biggest lead counsel that's it got big gave you Garnett Hamid Kevin Dick Kevin McHale. I love the death. I mean but I don't that they don't just. Yeah don't just use your eyes it's a huge rise and look at the team. I think what what they're trying to do in Chicago so you're telling me in and how to they get better so here's here's a good idea hey let's get to our best player. Who we happen and I understand it they were again just on a much named Jake router on the throne Terry rosy year. You demarcus mark. Aren't there other better weighed on their team Ronald on the team waits not playing much longer so there's no way to Chicago Bulls get better. Period if they give up our trade Jimmy Butler. And here's the thing into it was like this this huge this cancer this jerk. Alex guy that shot there's a sack of the cattle like these don't like each other anymore that's not the case. He loves it there they love him there he's this he's a spokesperson he's the leader that the police are you wonder whether I like about it. And maybe there was an issue there with him but another thing to what I know there was only a second left and hit the shot was the shot. But if you had a guy like Jimmy Butler may be the end of the game you would someone else to go to other than Isiah Thomas. You go to Al Horford yeah before they showed he said you want Al Horford taken that shot. Let I'd like to a game thirty for a million dollars elect a picnic and given that shot seven points on three for ten shooting. I don't know I mean did you did you just. Would have to pay I can now offered for about a way. 88 in this game you saw daddy had until I saw that I was that's what how much he was supposed to make you go I think you saw you saw what the playoffs. Can look like with the Celtics like how they will be exposed. In the playoffs. Last second shots alas possession Turkey on timely timeouts all that stuff all the gamesmanship that goes into an NBA game. Who takes the last shot. 'cause OK Isiah Thomas going to the rim constantly eventually. Some of the got to figure out his method that was gonna figure out his course the way he count how he deals with and how we like to go to the road block and his crowd left and right. Firstly at the end would it matter route they took this late like you know. A rushed shot off the dribble which looks sweet. Which really look nice as far as his execution of it he's been finished with a shot. Welcome to the NBA will you give up Max thirty million dollar contracts two nice players. Nice player. And nice player. Then he's not he's not the answer he's an 88 charities each he's a great quarter up here and now he has and he he is not the guy. You want taking the last shot I hit Thomas would be the only guy yet so we got the call will be delegate called Jerry Ritter we'll get all your way Murr Loney. Fauria order weighs on vacation you've got the MF for 61777979837. In the man from red army John prowess he's gonna join us 1105 united to load this agreement. Last night on Twitter will get into all that and it's coming up next. Put.