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2-10-17 Late Night with Christian Arcand Segment 2

Feb 11, 2017|

In the 2nd hour Christian is joined by the new host of WEEI's Celtics Podcast Patrick Gilroy. The two give their thoughts on possible upgrades the Celts should make and how bad the Knicks look after booting Oakley.

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Eleven hotel here's what's trending now on WEEI and WEEI dot com according to a report from CBS sports is Jason lock on four NFL executives are seeding at the patriots for their actions after winning Super Bowl 51 specifically. Police ticked off kitty shirt Matt Patricia was seen sporting when he deep plane at Logan Airport depicting Roger Goodell the clown nose we also didn't like the Robert Kraft called the championship the sweetest up on the podium. The report also states that Kraft wants lead counsel Jeff ash. Removed from his position with an ownership source telling lock on for a the only way there'll ever be a full reconnect between the patriots and Goodell. Is it passion gets fired in other NFL news former Texas a and M defensive end miles Garrett who is projected by many. Beating number one overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft says he will not be attending the event. You're told the Houston Chronicle he wants to experience the moment of being drafted around his family and friends and Arlington Texas. In other news the Oakland raiders of locked up head coach Jack Del Rio with the new four year deal replacing the original four year contract he signed when he took the job back into when he fifteen. So that the Bruins both opt tonight they're back in action tomorrow Celtics won eight of their last nine. There in Utah to visit the jazz to Bob is at 10 PM tomorrow night and the Bruins at home tomorrow hosting the Vancouver can knocks. Puck drops at 1 PM it TD garden your weather tonight it's cold out still about fifteen degrees out there gonna get some more snow late tonight into tomorrow morning. Couple inches though nothing too heavy Amkor generic in and that's returning them. These east late night with Christian art can Sports Radio. I would ninety winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get a goalie with. Talk a lot like Christian market the we're gonna get we're here. Well our sports is WE and late night are you can hear go until twelve midnight your phone calls it 61777979237. We have to open phone lines here go ahead and grab one there while we still have them available in joining me live in studio. My good friend of Patrick Gilroy mr. gore good to see a nice hat up beautiful hat you Wear in the same hat what are the odds of that I don't know. It's not a mainstream had either it is and this is not TV by now can't walk into state Dick's Sporting Goods and I know you can't. It's a the Fenway Citgo had redundancies to kosice Fenway trucker hats style your your Britain's little marker of the mine it is got a the break mine in a little bit more but you know what great minds. Where great hats we do as holding hands with Internet that the I'm not there yet anyway tragic good to see a man glad to have you in here I know you've been bopping around. Here in there and he filled in for me a few times when I when I couldn't answer the bell the few of these times or over the past couple weeks. And now we're finding out it is official I think it's about to be official anyway. You are well on Alan you say well I guess I'm I'm joining the team here so to speak yet. I'll be taking over the Celtics podcast on WEEI dot com W weekly sort of adventure. 04045. Minutes once a week Morgan a feature a sort of not a mainstream guest every week and by that I mean look there's a lot of Celtics coverage on the Internet and we hear from the same people. Over and over and over again what is up a little bit different so for example will launch next weekend so all star weekend will be joined by and Horford no candidates she's great if you don't follow her on Twitter to patty just left as bad as we get an hour for on the show some time out that's a good move by U she's awesome ID act -- -- I just Twitter message shattered tweet after all of my part as Geithner and he's great very bluntly that I do just great on Twitter I do have to say this smaller item and seeing an event charity event from my kids' school and she donated all kinds assigned Al Horford the year she really she can cry about it nicely just you don't cross her uncomfortably in the you do nice change rapidly yeah she she's disease he's no shrinking violet so working on her we've got her working on Gerald green's barber coming up and a couple of week what I wanted to. Talk about some difference appear because there's plenty of guys that do the exit knows right display guys that'll talk about the CPA and look we can do that but there's a lot of other stories that don't get ties to we're gonna touch him. Yeah Gerald green's barber can you put in a request they do like request united teammates where to start about Mason used the right leg messages and iron stuff like that door to really get a message out. Let's late night must emulate late night with our can shape and insiders had some point the last to write your name on my head. Now now on his on his head was that the guy is going to be and he's really ran you don't punt on the radio. I that this starts line. Next weekend next weekend and post the first one or you'll record the first the first ones being recorded this Thursday I'll post next week that's off and then every subsequent weekend for the remainder of the season. Very cool comes out. And you got a pretty good team to work with here you got a lot of a lot of interest in moving parts a team that's won eight of their last nine games and who is competing. Very closely with the Cleveland Cavaliers here now on the in the Eastern Conference there only a couple of games back there and it. I gotta say I mean just for for a regular season perspective pay you when I've got a lot of conversations over the years about this team and about this rebuild. In now in terms of what the first year was like well last year was like and now with these years turning into how can he not be thrilled with what this rebuild his become shall. Or well the rebuild never really took place lead the Celtics were bad for one year and in forty wins 48 wins this year should be fifty plus barring injury break but the key Christian we talked about this as well as. This team's got to get out of the first round they've got to make some noise in the second round they've got to have playoff success this year for this quote unquote rebuilt or really that makes some sense it and be rebuild that's worthwhile because a lot of teams get stuck in this rut right. In the Celtics don't need to be there to the question really becomes now what they did take that next to leap. What do they do to take that is because. I'll tell you white and I can't believe that I've come around this especially in light of all their recent success. But Patrick I would not be upset if this team trade for Carmelo Anthony I really wouldn't. If they got Anthony here on this team and he sort of opened his eyes and realize hey I have a chance to actually compete for did. Pop the Eastern Conference I have a chance to give back the NBA finals here this all goes well and I'm 32 years old and I've never even sniff the finals before. Could that work. Oh there's a couple things I think it could but I think for the Celtics this could be a great pilot situation to yep because you see all the that the proposed trade rumors for Paul George for Jimmy Butler. You're giving up good roster players as well as. Probably both Brooklyn picks to get those guys here. You can probably get away with Carmelo for much much less and hold on to some you're better roster players and hold onto those great assets. And get a guy that gets to give you 22 point two game and by the way I was on the air taking calls bands don't remember this they were confused when the Celtics traded for Ray Allen. And they were not. Happy about the Celtics treating Al Jefferson and Ryan Gomes for Kevin Garnett some people were a lot of people war. I was doing a Celtics post game show 3890 in Boston and people were not sold on that deal when it first happened because fans around here. Had completely fallen in love without Jefferson and they wanted no part of a guy at thirty years old that it never competed. It really had real playoff success. With the exception of one year with. Up on Marbury vice usher I don't remember that while I do I remember Kevin Garnett I remember people whipping out when caverns I think there was some flipping out but there were Anemia that commercial with the date ten guys in the cabin that song ended but I Italian Christian that's how I remember the Garnett. Drama remember people being upset about a but I wasn't on the air bag I got into a screaming match it is a video somewhere and YouTube would Greg Dickerson on Comcast sports tonight about it because I was all about it he said note the sell its ten nitrate no kidding Ryan Gomes it was about Ryan Gomes but that's not I like Rangel Providence right now haven't get a little -- But Kevin Garnett there haggard has a little better. Exact I'd say but yet that's that's interesting and I and I didn't remember that way but that being said. If it's not if it's not Anthony if it's night you know one of those big names of its not somebody. That's gonna be a wing scorer which I think allotted you know bands sort of look at and think that's what they need another superstar on the wing here to make this a complete team seeking to be weekly wondered San Antonio earning these other teams in the west if its not a guy like that. I tend to think it is biggest void on this teams in the middle it is in our. There there's plenty of options out there guys that are older short term type the guys so you don't go get a game changing type of player. You can still get yourself a bogey at a Tyson Chandler who's playing tonight who's having a great yards and twelve rebounds a game 34 years old and having a real Renaissance here and he's available the suns are no good you've got a connection that would McDonna. In the front office and there are guys available so I think at a minimum they'll be a sort of BC level trade to be had here to improve the Celtics in the short term. To give them their best chance at playoff success this season but I think that is clearly plan B plan a still has to be treating some of these these draft picks Christian. If for no other reason then you see a guy like Jalen brown he's getting minutes now but how do you expect Brad Stevens to grew another young talent. And still find minutes for Jalen brown and for Terry rosier from market Smart and the rest of these young guys how many teams in the NBA. Find playoff success while playing guys under 22 years old extended minutes there's not a lot of teams that can do that that makes Brad job that much more difficult. Yeah I'm I would say that that would and you also Fred Donny and forget you got these two guys stashed overseas through the up his leg you know may be part of the team at some point yeah Bocelli in as you you couldn't hear entered their dominating oversee they are and what it's worth I mean they're dominating overseas they're playing very well and both guys have said that their intention is to be here in the NBA next year. So again that's two additional young guys you've got on the roster that need minutes here so again. I don't. I don't NB Brad Stevens if the Celtics do what they did last year and really bring up the draft board would more young kid that's just not gonna help this team moving forward. I agree and I think that the come within the disconnect going to be between Brad Stevens and making his job more difficult and any change in the way that he tends to do business when it comes to these trades when it comes to moving on from a draft pick when it comes to. Getting a return that he feels like uses is a positive one for the Celtics. Pat we know this. Danny Ainge doesn't completed deal was he thinks he's went and at the vile lot. But right I mean is that it when's the last time he completed a trade that you didn't look back on and then while Ainge really fleece that guy. Probably the jet creature that's probably the one and only trade and the Celtics got back the better basketball player Danielle. But it wasn't about the best fit for the team. But don't think that because Danny is done so well with his last three portrait I mean think about the Crowder deal think about the Internet Thomas deal. Does any sort of have to overpay this time doesn't have to be willing it to give up a little bit more than usual this time. Because of the notion around the NBA that Danny out to fleece people. Yep yeah I mean that's that's absolutely it and they haven't had ended. The big trade season with a couple years back in Alan made trading green and rhyming there at the roster that year Patrick. It was I mean Tayshaun Prince was on the team Jameer Nelson was on the deal late date all these guys came and went and when the dust all settled on who was traded and who wasn't you had sort of this. Rag tag group of guys led by Isiah Thomas and he's got a all the sudden here we are talking about you know talking about them being in the second best team in the east. It's pretty incredible what this team has done but again if you look at Isiah Thomas he's truly a top five MVP candidate. I think he's somebody that going into the season not everybody was sold the extent this guy long term is he somebody that you build around I think he's established himself. As that guy but I think there's no question here come playoff time the Celtics still need themselves a legitimate. Wing scorer when these games get tight in the fourth quarter six minutes ago when they're throwing double and triple teams that I teeth and one of the Celtics duty trust Jae Crowder in Jalen brown to be the guys that take a game over. In the fourth quarter it's it it's a top ask for those guys. So when you've got potentially appalled George on the market Jimmy Butler on the market I am of the mind where the look at because you both Brooklyn picks so why. You really gonna get a guy that gives you more than Paul George or Jimmy Butler who are still relatively young players why are those guys on the block. Those two laughed in. They are kind of to play up to edit their teetering around the bottom of the Eastern Conference and again when you look at the polls are the pacers are their findings or violent they're up and down and they've been playing better lately but. They're a team where they have to make a decision that they wanna be meddling team afford a seven seed Jiri and year route ordered Larry Bird wanna strip that thing down and build it back up again I think he he's had a nice run there Larry Bird along with Paul George and at some point Paul George asked to decide to extend himself he's got I think a year left on as the electorate this year. He's big he hasn't committed yet nor has Larry tried to extend him yet. So he's a guy that's been sort of on the block kind of for the last year and we know what's going on in Chicago yeah with Jimmy but capture my fear with Paul George is that he's not that good anymore. You think so he's not expected this year and he's not the guy that he was you've got out of these top twenty player that you think it's because of the injury because of the injured act on it then I'm terrified if it's the injury that he's playing for a middling team and he's having a bad year that's one thing. But we saw what. In injury did to Rajon Rondo is correct he never came back the same player again and he he very well could be out of the legal proceedings here 24 months from now. I'd say there's a S 6070%. Shot that Rondo doesn't have an NBA job. I didn't think Rondo is gonna get a job after after Dallas. Am I thought he was I thought that was going to be yet because. Each day they picked him up one Sacramento after that yet anyway because he had a good year he led the Genesis last year I just I don't know eight he's just one of those guys that that keep given a chance to be as they hope maybe can. Recapture some of that you know some of that old row on the magic but even the old Rondo magic just doesn't even it seems like it was so long ago doesn't that mean and it was but it was almost ten years ago and. Think about that I think are best the best situation for Rondo it would be. The bulls release them or they trade him but he finds a way to get. To Cleveland or get to the clippers this year I think the clippers have a definite need right now for Gallic Rondo Chris Paul out. And if he gets to Cleveland. He might just be the play making guy that that king James is looking for so to speak and allows Rondo to do it Rondo does best and not have to worry about putting the ball in the basket because that's when things get beat her. I wasn't dead when Dallas was supposed to be though he went to a Dallas team that was good in that added primary score couple primary scorers guys that fill all their world Rondo is just supposed to be the guy who ran the offense and fed everybody and he couldn't do today. Why it worked here in Boston that's the thing I can't wrap my head around because Dallas again did get established veterans Rick Carlisle an established head coach. The cell ever Rick Carlisle opening hole. Kinda Enron goes in a hole so I don't do it all I don't argue Doc Rivers was able to get through Rondo and in certain ways and also Kevin Garnett is a little bit different than. Berkowitz yeah I think when it comes the you know leadership and influence and all that stuff you know for obvious reasons so we are you on this Celtics team right now. Expectations come playoff time you will be disappointed if they do watch. If they get to the playoffs again and get bounced in the first round everybody you'll be disappointed not just me it's an obvious ones. If they stand pat at the deadline I think I'll be disappointed too because right now in. Here in February 10. They're two and a half games back from Cleveland. The Toronto's falling back behind the wizards are good but the Celtics have managed. Sort of stay right there this whole time in the top three and now they're breathing down Cleveland's back. And if they need to sort of look that gift horse in the mouth. And decided you know it's great that we're here let's just keep on going and keep door we're doing and keep making every single draft pick we have and in own stash a more weird put them in Maine or whatever you gotta do that would be disappointing because this. To me the Celtics are in a championship team and they may not even be one piece away from being championship team but I think there are one piece away from competing. And that's really what we've been looking for here I think in order for them to be a a competitive team in the playoffs this season they need to have that that extra piece just to get out. You know just to get out into that conversation of the conference finals forget about you know the championship let's get around one in round 21 and I think based only to peace to do this. I mean the other guy that's available now is Serge Ibaka and does not want to give dean and seven out of search about to get you excited now it again there's a there's just it's larger rockets Sox. He's not does suck he's not a game anti aging player but he's a guy the Celtics could use that would be it definite role for Serge Ibaka here and I think that surge would hit it fitted very well. In Toronto and they're gonna go after him the pretty aggressively and if they if they get surged now to Jerry sellinger error hasn't quite worked out the way they know is headed to the league and now is that amazing and the a lot of cheeseburgers on the cost of equipment yet but no question about it six point 7779793. Set manager phone number. 37937. As your number on tax Patrick Gilroy in here with me on late night and while I get to your cause cheerleading things up this hour is John. In North Hampton hello John. I declined to talk to Mo LeBron James and all this crying about it minutes. LeBron James has played scoreless game. In parallel who have been actually a lot of minutes and James Hardy put toward the 150 Mormon it's not macroeconomic and one more step. Will Chamberlain scored 28000. Points in 231. Let's gains in the two will broad gains. So I just figure LeBron James movie that just happened to start your neck and will be written 231. Left gains well legendary west. All right thanks for the call John I appreciated. It was LeBron complaining about his minister Singh is playing too many that he too many Africa but anybody that wants to call the program that this is your show but anybody who wants it called program. And answer to take a dump on LeBron I'm OK with the umpire with a that's sort of my thing. I don't hate LeBron anymore I use the really it will run but for some reason now I kind of just I like watching him play like watching a cavs play. I know he's going to be there at the end so I sir it's like this foregone conclusion to me is gonna be Cleveland Golden State every year I think we all sort of agree with that. It was not Golden State will be San Antonio but the bronze going to be there we know he is a sort of accepted that amid peace with a and I don't find him quite as insufferable as I used to either. So I gotta tell you I started to turn a corner on LeBron in the finals last year about what he did was absolutely incredible even the year before when his counts he was Ali yeah it. But that being said that corner got rapidly turned in the other direction this year this year yeah when he started complaining about not having enough talent on this time around like really. Your team just went out and got Kyle Korver the rich getting richer. And in your gonna complain about not having enough talent around you as just a bad look for LeBron an and. And in. In some ways I sort of get a league you're competing against Golden State you know you're competing in San Antonio you're competing against the best of the best here as. This league right now is sort chalk full power I mean just look around look at the all star rosters for oh okay. Russell Westbrook and Isiah Thomas are starting in that game and I know it's because of the fan voter whatever was just by stats they would be but the fact that that was even up for debate. Considering the Russell whispered to averaging a triple bubble when he's not a starting in the all star and that's how cramped with talent that this league is right now. And on those grounds. I don't think LeBron should set this but I try to get what he's thinking like you just don't say out loud Manny got the best team with the rial stars on and at least that night just added another guy in. That's not enough get a get a hold yourself. But you're sort of make my point for me directly Brett wants more talent find good go to ownership go to your GM aunt and complete BO plead your case for more talent Christian. But it beat the league for as long as this guy's been in the league and he knows he's very much aware of the things that fans don't like about him. And for him to go while they're not have enough self control to. To sort of keep that behind closed doors. It it just reminded me of the LeBron that wanted to bring in now Larry Hughes Shaquille O'Neal to come I thought we Euro Mo Williams are out we're over that stage of the bronze career. Jamison. And far as going to prison you know boy booby Gibson got a I'm brown play it was from real stiff over the years he did I mean he really did those early Cleveland teams were hit Szczerbiak just the blood. As a drone missile gossip is he has his number is retired because they attacked it's amazing that Cleveland is surrounded teams that they surround LeBron with early in his career just terrible. We got to take a break six point 777979837. Major phone number got a couple open phone line to get back to your calls when we return nearly that. Excuse Christian art on Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. Your phone number here late night Sports Radio WEEI go until twelve midnight here on this Friday Patrick cure it in here with me and if you miss the announcement. Patrick will be doing a brand spanking new Celtics podcast that will air for the first time this weekend you can find that on the WEEI dot com in the app to Holmstrom and absolutely awesome. Now and they're your first guest is an hour for. I can't wait to hear what it would and is got a sack on Santa's nonsense on so everyone. I will tell you this of a tease it a little bit we went back and forth a bunch on email about what we're gonna talk about. If she was in the room when Al made the decision and welcome. Look. For people that don't know and it's bother played in the NBA actually had a cup of coffee with the Celtics in eighty S out TO. And her brother she's another brother now it's in the they're the same guys for of from what the way that she's making its aka again. Yes well as enter the united selling his her father and not us say go ahead go around as he's gonna of the brother plays in the and she sort of told me that the next phone call. They came in was from Kevin Durant agent. And that this whole Celtics thing that we heard about two months ago the news broke to how close was she claims per minute. They thought that they are going to be teammates and Boston's interest and yes there's lot of good stuff coming up about. Yeah for sure I read peace and ESPN the magazine actually saying it Oklahoma City. Head sat down with the ransom listen we're bringing in Al Horford so you're gonna wanna stay here you west Bergen Horford yeah in during its okay and never happened and they than they'd get or for. That's SNL went and that's the other thing is that the Celtics sign corporate than I said they were about to sign Horford these are well and I just got that song and dance or from Oklahoma City didn't element. But it came out later that that was part of the reason that affected Golden State. With 31 lead we'll read they decided to go there Vienna had that interest thing I'm really looking forward to this were for thanked his panel or for Austin on Twitter. Yet you don't follow her now you need to go finder on Twitter she's amazing she as she was going back and forth with the hawks fans of the night there were just. Given Al a hard time and she doesn't take it as she is going to defend her brother an. Look a lot of people out of celebrities on social media try to stay somewhat reserved if only two to sort of save face for their family shirt she doesn't. Does not via its awesome I I'm in you know lag I relate to that a lot. Is everyone always tells me don't respond detectors don't respond are respond all the text. App is among college help he acknowledged not but I do it did Jeff OpenId I mean I mean year. Every commercial break someone's someone's getting on my case of crisis from the because a lot of people up I'm like part publicly just sit here and expect every single one of them so I know what I know what in his. What with that mindset is like I understand the need to respond even when it's not. Necessarily the best it's that it's headed and wealth of art in general I don't know promising young career as much as I would love to tickle your time slider your friend and I thought I thought nugget to do that iMac and it's weed out as the comparing and you know things the 9/11 although it. I'll that we have to worry about that. I would get to your phone calls here 61777979837. We're talking salvaged will blow the door wide open here it's Friday it's the last half hour. Patriots Bruins Celtics whatever you want let's start things off here is Stephen Miami Ellis the. I don't what's up and welcome Patrick to thank you. I have a couple things. Can I get into outlook although Steve it's your dime and a look at. Question. Why didn't machine. That knowing in this schedule maker coach put knowing and going to spend one point. And two is Marshall complete acts I mean saying that walked martial law. Not how Brandon. Marshall Brandon Marshall OK guys all because of what he said about Brady and Brady is not the best player. Shame outlawed is the low. I mean. Well he said that no quarterback to be the best player is cornerback can only play cornerback Kenny was saying JJ want to play tight end their linebackers safety or whatever which he can't by the way they. My I straight yellow Marshal Hussein night. You know I think it was more sailor who's the better athlete. Well that's not how we put our tires systems and better player great and yeah Craig he's going to bring you were championship what is. Great defensive player. But is you know he need so much more wrong to me he's not going to make it team. Win a super ball I take that back because yes bought Miller did that last year. These are then I'll yet but you know all we're all. Definitely Tom Brady's going to do it much more than what it just seemed like it very. And and it's funny because about a month ago didn't you pick well I can shoot myself going to the teachers I mean not in. I'm sure he says Steve I'm juries don't want to go to the patriots that is not there wouldn't have wanted to go to the patriots he doesn't believe that a quarterback to be the best player in the NBA easy Brandon Marshall he's got his ideas say you know I don't cares. Repairs but let's say NBA NFL the NFL but the YY budget chief because catcher was all right so what's called. What are your everything is bad habit but her and why did you let it Sheen. Normally when you it and yeah votes actually music change. Always traveled to. Guarantee they don't. Always traveled to Denver that's not true they played Denver in the regular season this year. They played him in Denver in the regular season last year and the year before that. In its when he fourteen in November the Broncos played at new England and there was three games in the way when in a row from 2012 to 2013. In January October and then November. 201220 prominence when he thirteen one of those in the playoff game I think but Steve's point rate is is that it seems like it gutters aren't that way because they always lose one went at this of the its source Dixon are now not this year idea in general though it hasn't gone well as it. Now generally. As an and then that's the only team in the AFC anyway Steve thanks for the calls the only team of the patriots don't dominate and that. There's one team they don't dominate in the AFC it's the it's the Broncos and now they've actually managed to even that one up so I think they're exactly even now while a tenant an all time against farmers on the via. So in the Belichick air anyway Alice go to Andrew and a payroll they enter. And of course I can report mark and I and the Bruins are quick before it that we targeted buses blocked by not bargains you bucket big. For college a lot to buck Allen in Fort Collins now listening in a lot and I think you lock on it. Now when I might re delighted to grade I but the thing that you greatest ever using opera agreed to extract ever in Panama I don't think that debate at. Panama I think is one of the one of the best I'd say it's probably the best and then next closest to me was the either no gasoline or King of the Hill by ice cube those are my those are my top three. All about that's why not what it ether by nice is a great 12. Is super ugly by jays he's a good one and they're not super of the one the moment the door sample. And now what's wrong with someone calls the don't be the next contestant on the summer James Greenwood song was a to take over that's when it was the take over agreed district. And you know another and other not to put on fox felt that he. Before he died he wore he had specific albums and single and everything released to coordinate on how he died because he knew he was gonna die young. And yet different albums everything like that released out he was how he died how he went albums released. I think that is. Worry that you know. Well the market rally album was supposed to come out before he guy I mean eight Carty had that all done you know he was gonna die before that elm game I mean. Dig you had a song called these first album was called ready to die in an Al map that was called life after death so as that any different. You know what they all are since I answer you wanna you wanna test the end on the hip hop will go on nightmare for at a. As they have public I experiment they get I thought that for a variety blanket of viciousness of it wraps and like some meaningful meaningful. Like a white so meaningful without that you know all of his. Opens on coming out her albums and what. It is kind of nice addition of 106 and park what do you see events were all a month and I got the white brought to mark you know I I let you know he didn't they that you that you're not. You know he wouldn't say bring the greatest ever Joseph Montana says that he sees my tennis and that could see that he ticket allotment act I can't compare players. I'm back and do today and I think it comes up so like. I think eke out a template it usually comes. Second ever pre whenever. Brady talked about much and he talks about him and you know such high regard the greatest ever mark and it has never it will it will go to that link whatever he talks about bringing in an Natalie spot in the about him. Ad doesn't bother me at all injure what everybody's got to sit down and just Brady's rings all the time. He won't call Tom Brady the greatest volatile all my heart from Seoul wounded by Ayers. Karen Joseph Montana's as the guys that policy consultant to his face and call them a little bit you're some like I really got you know he's the mall called the greatest of all time really we care about that. Do we. When I come here to do late night we view or to fill in for you to add the new show prep regarding Blake who's better the year two dot. I'm not that up on my rapper I ordinance oh citizens whose pocket. It's not too far it is to it's big discussion clearly this was not a part of my show prep but next time I will be ready bunker. I mean it's a good thing you know that guy like the column we argue about all sorts of different rap topics at a you know the before I did before I'd like in college I'd passionate and in college I did as Brad I did in a pop trio made college radio station. I was in the hallways and a whole host of in a march and I find the sidelines where they actually can be a suspect that there's clips there's clips of an online I wasn't able to a pro at a but you know let our station my college radio station that I did this work we were major interior axes CM jays college music journal. And are heard our departure was basically mirror image to the one that opposed the month. And you I've put it together for about five years I did and this is when like independent if I was a lot bigger deal and is now do so I mean that and it had its heyday and it's certainly over now. But yes I die I will entertain those conversations all night here only I was a top forty DJ overnight tonight in New Hampshire in Ellis patent deal that was an aunt and as in. 01 go to. Awesome every week it was. That's really funny it's amazing the the steps we take to get them to get to the top and I'm under center right now let's go to Amber's doctor Kelly take out. Analysts are but I I really like the popular with the Celtics have extra rope broke. I like Cadillac army was pretty cool I don't like oh for some reason that they both sides he's the only concessions for pets rapper ever in your break that's so lane. I didn't say it best ever you say who is better one of the others deciding big he's better in the on either arm of the best ever. Are you need to know that means that kind of what you are saying and that's abnormal saying you know what I mean like an assurance that it's literally worked at a complete like. I get it approved the sale or you know at least in the open but. But not yet just took power under the boat thing meant. I was I was inside Melo definitely out anti like getting mellow a double to give up and think in the coming out mark smarter in the papers about. But he talked about gas and yet in my thought. And that let a little crazy eyes are great but my artist who somehow wiggle like Melo Ehrlich. Market Smart election eagle rock below we do that like even put a public it's just a band or like just play basketball and only cherub like. I think that would really take care. You know I am of a couple of problems so. Yeah and that's the weirdest thing ever heard telling. As far as trade it's late night. Wants to carry Jimmy drop below market Smart for Carmelo Anthony drop logos of the Jetsons. I tell you we don't have time for the discussion tonight but I will say this if you ask me a month ago or two months ago I would have been all about shipping market Smart out. But now with the celtics' recent run of success when Avery Bradley on the shelf I'll much much more likely to be willing to ship Avery. You have IE I kind of would do not just because I like one player more on the other one but you know you've seen Smart play now and you know games played is an important statistic obviously but also you know he's really contributed a lot in that game last night he won that game formally did but it got that was all but even bigger picture stuff the end of next season. You have three guys that need to get paid and Isiah Thomas Marcus Marty for Bradley. He can only paid to them realistically you know could pale three C right got to pick duke you know IT is most likely -- seem got to pick between those two and oral feared making that draft pick and it's probably going to be a guard maybe only pay one of you if you had read it out on another point guard in here that's point guards LT can't do it. And can't do it probably top four guys drop point guards Justin is in Palmer I just the. Hey how they go on this has ago. Pretty aren't as they want real quick to I was actually all it archery gravity. And I useless yeah I agree with current player markets Smart and Jalen brown stepping up I think he's expendable. By. In regards to who I wanna go after he trades I think. I thought something that really caught my and it what is going for really caught our from the king knew it in an app like broad near epic. Might beat jets were picking me if it's not colleagues aren't psychic young athletic big. Who can make it 8910. Rebounds a game blacks and should and I talking which yes that's the thing. I would love if they hourly Palestine a did you see that dunk he had an Amir Johnson the other night. Everybody's dumped at a mere this year a golden boy that's true but did call you Stein a man parenting job I don't think Amir is gonna get up for that extra step a that is come meld into the floor like the terminator you know it's because he's usually end up either very talented player but it is he got the puts you over the top again nobody is a good investment he's young he's only what two years in in he's. Stock find DeMarcus Cousins over there in Sacramento in the united. I don't know if. If they go long term with the markets like they're saying they're going to he's probably gonna become available so he's he's a guy the Celtics could target. They've got to do something right they've got to do something with some of these traffic the amount of picks and encourage people to Google look it up online him out of pics of this team has got between now and 20/20 first and second round. It's obscene and if they make all these picks. You're gonna be fielding not only your own team the like them you like and like him is he guided thinking target yes and her cage on that team is well yes. These reasonable these are reasonable targets these are guys that can contribute right away and guys that won't cost you multiple nets pick what would you give up for Warner both of those got yet to pick one or both I'm gonna go with Fareed I think Fareed is it just with this team needs is an energy guy who doesn't care about scoring he's gonna block some shots. Do a lot of the rebounding dirty work he he's a dirt dog that the player just with the team needs. You gonna the match salaries he gets complicated but most likely it's going to be either in Amir Johnson or the eight million dollars a year that Tyler Zeller makes along with a guy lake terrace here and may be a clippers pick or the Dallas picked. A lower first round pick that's coming up into 118 when he nineteen I think get a deal like that where he talked about Tyson Chandler how about. And Maryland's no well. He's a guy that I think the Celtics could get on the cheap but it. Unfortunately. Eighth Philadelphia's winning NB they seem to be going back and forth between who they wanna trade rights are now under wells in the line up right laying it look. Do I want him here I wouldn't go up there and and I don't covet the guy but if he's available shore whine about John Henson in the Milwaukee no interest at all not at all not at all. I think that he's had a few good moments his values high right now but I don't think he's somebody that the Celtics will have a long term future aren't mature a little higher than Greg Monroe. Yes why not he's a guy that stuck it he stuck in Milwaukee it's not working out forum his numbers are way down it's probably good buy low situation. Aren't that wraps up the -- lightning round of big players that I think the patriot pages and gives us a place that I can pick up here and that's what happens when Marie when we blow it open in progress at all for a team that's a we're gonna take a quick break when we come back the late night lol I Patrick Gilroy is here is late night Sports Radio WEEI. And now. Time for the okay. The night. Moonlight. What was. I don't know sports really WEEI. Anyone who disagrees is wrong and that's right. Tried time now for the late night low light. Mrs. art in your Patrick or in the house in case you missed the earlier your with a big announcement he will be taking over the Celtics podcast steered WEEI in the first one will be our recorded this next Thursday correct and then coming Thursday coming Thursday and it will be available next weekend. And the guest is an Al Horford sister of Al Horford should be a lot of fun if you follow her on Twitter you are now. How entertaining she is I'm very much looking forward to this Patrick in thanks for coming on the night the talk about it and appreciative our late night low light tonight comes to us from the Michael Kay show. In New York City on yes network in the ESPN New York. He had James Dolan on and if not familiar James Dolan right at the center of another big knicks controversy involving Charles Oakley fan favorite. Former enforcer for them in the bulls and several other teams and everybody remembers him as a Knick. And you is. Forcefully removed. From the game the other night and arrested. After getting physical with some of these security guards there is a he said she's well no she either but he said he said. About what how it started he said he was sitting there minding his business Dolan and pretty much everybody damaged he said the day he was being abusive from the second you walked into the timing was taken out. What happened today is Charles Oakley has been banned indefinitely from Madison Square Garden but they also fired the head of security there and damaged trees so. Kind of a mixed message in that regard but nothing really new would Dolan and knicks here they have been a absolute disaster for about I don't know. Since they gave Allan Houston had six year hundred in the dollar contract back in 2001 they've sucked ever since then. And adult lamb Michael Kay show today to try and explain what happened and Dallas take a listen here Jeff. He can't want to have the things that path that happened to him particularly since he retired as a player they aren't good. Then that the you know he's had many physical altercations right he's been arrested he's had a lot of trouble. The arm and it all seems to stem from his anger. And so that the you know that he would be you know that keep you some you said he intended to have happen. And maybe he doesn't remember but I think you know I take someone in denial. Okay this is off to a great starter and get James Dolan but I learned as Sigmund Freud had you know trying to get in the Charles oak is mind talking about letting go of the anger only keys of Bergen psychiatrist over here is implying that the guys an alcoholic drug addict that's so irresponsibly can't do that announced. And he dozed a little further in the implications here as Q was there. You know I I can't explain why he's you know he's I mean we have videotape we have you know. Dozens of statements etc. I'm quite sure that everything that we've given. You know in the prices that are in this is very very accurate that the and you know. So. I don't know how to explain it maybe doesn't remember Rick I the I mean they're to me. You know I think that. I mean Charles has got a problem I've said this before we said it before we say it one time that. You know he's his own worst problem he has a problem people need them you know sort understand that the you know he is. He has a problem with anger. He's both physically and verbally abusive. The he may have a problem with alcohol and I know the upright but thought but those behaviors being physically and verbally abusive. Are no the goes a personality problems merit that's that's enough. James Collison as someone who knows about abusing substances and personality Brahms Jim donor you mean this guy takes one and oh yes no kidding give the knicks ever recover from this I mean is there any way to come back from this their fan base hates them their. Old players were popular getting you know alienated now even though I do is sort of feel like. If if it's to be shifted to be believed Oakley was out of control I mean he was so happened its security garlic what else for the supposed to do with that point but it's a public perception problem ourselves apparently extends the night before the gamer chanting a free Oakley and yet knows allowed -- Janet MSG all year that look admirable the EC wideout Reggie Miller had the same there's a lot a lot of truth to right now there's certainly is we got to go Patrick or great stuff thanks for coming in check out is podcast next weekend Jeff great job collars Texas Twitter followers has been late night I'm back on Sunday of pork Todd did and tonight everybody.