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K&C- Chuck Modiano calls out Chris Long, Long responds; Kirk and Gerry want to do play-by-play 2-10-17

Feb 10, 2017|

Hour 3. Chuck Modiano, from the Daily News, called out Chris Long and Long responded. Kirk and Gerry want to do play-by-play during spring training.

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Skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plus sports real WEEI. Like chicken. It's called. The chiefs. Basically it's a pizza but the crust. Is a fried chicken breast so it's like KFC fried chicken but they got a pizza on top of it. And there's a picture of it here now there's nothing could be less up my Alley. But this what I saw this I thought to myself this is something you might be excited about if that was set down in the courthouse at the table like any good I back to be destroyed. Oh yeah I'm I'm all in on the belief make you very clearly there swagger Jack Taco Bell on this one could Taco Bell started at taco that's got a fried chicken shell. With it before all this action right now so what a great time might twice seventeens over time to be alive. OK get the goal is the football players we fat guys dated besides your Greenberg's arise occasionally doesn't with the that's the goal and at the that's fun night dinner is possible. She's very nice to whose daughter it is also appears office that it for him a ticket corona is important here for he was not Lima. Should the urge my gonna list of guys that what might he busted there. Prostitution. We meet the top nobody makes 69 years and that frustrates me. It should. Yeah it is it is and were sailors it's neck in Akron at the Bradman last week movement that is bird Dicey matter Ozzie makes six million years. Golf the rich and yet when people look at Mike he's hosting and you won't introduce some more picture in the well he's not it's going to be great spore you think the mid days zero. Point 60 Paul announces a mean mention owned six at all. 07 like it's an addiction in my in my hands and said absolutely lose them. Right and it's and it's now back to this exert show yeah yeah I don't know what it is Greenberg and all this this well and will be edgy. Very it's no question we won't they want to talk sports so don't pop culture and stuff nobody else who. Quote directly from point five years ago. Rubble nobody. Nobody's stick in the sports if you are your who's who left the sticking to sports. What who is sticking sports nobody you can. The intersection of overmatched terrorist acts victims sports hash tag you know my Brothers who are in this together and not ours is a sister station across hash tag freaking coward. I'm fair to. I don't after the Egyptian hash tag number that for a couple months ago was to talent out there yes. I know upload. Has and Jessica hidden passion and operation removed you know. Arafat. Hash tag a hole so this from the New York Daily News well I don't know I don't think I've ever writes this. A call scheduled to join us now to thirty words rabbits or difficult it seems right now but he says Natalee or some hours at the airport I went there Chris Long need to join your teammates stepped trumpet shark muddy I know. Dear Chris wanna hear I yeah I do you give a problem this device had never in the thing is the letters open letter sometimes it works is that it's carried to push. I've done it but I would especially this. As my copy of let me professional going to teasing you for a three hours. While mine. You just read to your personal. It was in September it was time if you speak up and you did and I was happy to stand up and you should. You are receiving us open letter with the hope that you publicly refused to visit common terms White House and show so solidarity. With your teammates and I'm according high tower all of whom will sit and visit you're receiving it. Because any pathetic senior NFL white silence this year. Or one of the only white NFL athletes who publicly seem to quote get it after Colin can't predict what is National Anthem Stan goes through. All of his use the unity we have used paean. And I wish her respect and empathy for captain can separate his own personal stance and rather than impose a cap or nick. Also identify impressionist. An individual desire to improve you and if I hypocrisy between perceived some balls some of them are dead number five this one. You acknowledge your white privilege pieces to Chris. Is whiter causes fathers. Question earnings that goes well the grown up. It's a good question who's so they go through the whole thing. He says that he needs to refuse to visit Donald Trump why because he's dangerous. While you were celebrating the Super Bowl X kkk grand wizard David duke tweeted can white people celebrate the greatest football player in NFL history white. And opened trump supporter cash tax Super Bowl strong hash tag the patriots are quite popular white supremacist he goes on to write neo Nazi Richard Spencer the main point the more. Respectable term all right tweeted Brady and Belichick are but to a big lead for trump all right in white America. They'd. Way. Agassi card starts fault he did vote for game I don't mean and already has Israel finally do we blame. Barack Obama. Was our core sports I'll show you that you normally universe this would be extreme fringe pockets of public policy metropolis on full not see. In hiring Steve band history is just stretch it's full and it's been implementing white nationalist. Policies ever cents what does this morons names team that's what I am much more via chuck Cambodia this when nevermind your quarterback Tom Brady coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert credible expressed support for trump from your past comments you know damn well they are wrong. Not only wrong but dangerous. I'll just see I'm BC what do you do when staff yes dad teach math for you. Not only were all nuts but dangerous it doesn't know history maybe understand his treatment because no Nazi. Just. Heard he read in the nation and the food imports are Nazis like Hitler could tell right right those payments that's right now it's currently. And L. That's he's a guy that puts the buildings the Earl I'm chimes in department Austin. And kills and he's been great horse and Barton is the leader of ice and would you say cancel it and oh yeah the guys if we would note of that era cavalierly now Troy Vincent I think he's dabbled in the party actually say I hate and then. Can teach us hate trump he has to be lower. He has to be. The worst person in the history of people. The worst person of Obama's. Top three top yet so you'd think because Steve and and believes enforcing the border that's. The Nixon and C straw in the New York Daily News and the the biggest problem and they're doing. And they don't care at no limits that try to top each other daily news writers about it more when I get is the okay. So David duke supports from code lights from people would trump understand. But that is Humphries fault how makes them dangerous the patriots fall how. Well you know again. That nut jobs who supported Barack Obama we blame him. Hillary Clinton's mentor. Was a grand wizard of the Ku Ku klux Bieber but Bieber yes. You still vote for. A get on the Klansman. Right Deb again I don't know I don't pay all the dues and sort of slipped off lately. But the traffic. What did your own emailing days here definitely but I felt that I was the golf tournament. It's tough road fatalities movie it is not a trump course they want to travel across the opposite way about and we found out it was a which of course we if we do we have the sword like. Like Chris honestly thinks I get between the ages of hippie but his tweet is perfect all the aired this guy chuck Malia records and news media thinks he. Forced the issue was begging an athlete to do what you like as by the with the athlete the Indy would be important to get a coach Shockey to each person. Play about skipping and that don't need an open letter explained my own words not joining any one might call it. That's great system so like greatly in those guys mr. Isaac and rightly news W football player he's an end Chris something I'm Smart New York. For Saturday until post any of that openly write this letter to professional athletes because you're so anger about what happened you're hoping that they agree with you open it they take the stance. That you did this and I buy and hold the club yet that via ludicrous on just because he's white and let me what was the patriots are quite popular white supremacists. Peep hole. Because Richard Spencer. In David duke. Tweet about the patriots the patriots are quite popular with white supremacist what is he saying there. The tickets are gracious and basically there yes there's the clans the patriots are quite popular supremacists and promoting something. Right I think that's tonight this Sunday passing out you know the first 15100 in getting even if you you know. Bobble at all mean they burn crosses at halftime I didn't like this is a Nazi senate now the digital thing I did all right that yes that was surprise is there a surprises at issue is class are talking about this thing potentially Matt Light girl's best and again at. The a it's just months ridiculous ticket via arm band on the side I thousands. The singles on a mustache looks terrific I saw it at Pebble Beach and good luck to bring it back and chipped in with a mustache and he should get a chance that it. The coach and his sons gives you missed it Thomas of the press conferences Brian it'll I didn't realize that Bill Belichick got the coaching at either of its athletes from mine. He tried to put an editor's note. After the column runs at this the company. After publication of the call and Chris Long confirmed. He's not going to participate in the White House is like this at a boy is they'll convince them. So what happens today future whatever money well you say. Open letter that Neitzel older open letter. Any Amendola Amendola Chris Paul and Jimmy drop below two gentlemen meet every year as you know regular guy treating me right now. Look at 1930s Nazis in the start of Wednesday's storm Jewish hands trumps Muslim. Some people think that way and their people think that they did they wouldn't choose in the country. In 193 penalty call that no. I don't recoil. It's not a Muslim and that's okay did you did you obviously we'll get to the calls the second 61777. 790% of either one of you guys have an issue with David duke on the float parade I didn't like it nice and I thought I study showed up at the front that was my issue I thought alike hog the Mike Shula David Duke's case goes to a ticket for protection domestic I was offended buys drinking may or Walsh had no drinking at the parade and to be appointed to drinking up there by David do you really bothered you brought up Gradkowski. It's appeared Jack McDaniel I think you'd speak out and do the right thing it is. This is an upside down world where a guy like brie or wrong career appears even past hasn't he that you kick the anger. Avid this situation it's hundreds of letters alerting police that it races don't go to. White House is used to take children Chile's that they courage to not go to the White House and explained so I personally wrote a letter. My problem Tim Thomas is he wouldn't first and one explains on our show along the natural. I want to. So it took FaceBook instead sarge but he barely did that me and get mass of people asked him to explain himself. You want to Pakistan Pakistan. OK don't leave us and I wish there blunt said Ortiz. On the rich guys show. And I don't like Howard did the opposite he said not too long ago as you think and I see people tweeting about and write about and talking about it. But he single teammate on the patriots could be wrong but nobody's spoken about it. Whether it's recording your opponent whomever has that problem of Brady's fronts and try. Wear them don't edit. We put this way there's no proof that suggests otherwise it was a freaking game after the election and it lips to radiate an enemy down play three maybe they're mad yet I got together and rallied and came back I could tell on the sound effects so let's those might after trump. What's right and I president lettered on box that. Here's this point we've reached in this crazy world is crazy world is EX cars now I believe it takes courage. To go to the White House and shake the presence that takes cuts take no guts at all I cardinal let's go to stay home used to be the opposite in fact it is right. Now now to stay the gold there and there checked the presidency in check the by its presence and have a few laughs and and you know get on the bus and go home tax cuts radius so careful this image I wonder if we'll go to the White House because it will take it will take courage and guts of the usually has not shown publicly I hope he does but it wouldn't be surprised if he does and says you know a plan and the EU you know air and nurture my does that you've got a reprieve because you know your claim is oil comes from Loyola Brady Brady does that is week. But he did it in with the Obama and it is steady and say it was a family comes a friend he's been loyal to him at times you play what if he doesn't go with the team for the funnel the fund that there are playing golf for a hangout known and tomorrow which into the White House. Because he doesn't want to. He plea deal with my guess is that he plays golf and don't trample fund which is asked of he would even commit then when he gonna be brought you last time you know the scheduling thing they told us last minute he would not even sniffed that when he also had requests obviously in this and I think a lot of time in the moment he needs far aways we'll have that. And that excuse would be legitimate mum but with doctor Greg diamond Greg what's going on. I have ago has its electric McCall. Yes a more romantic comedy and I don't know you know may have already mentioned it consistent and in this morning and work. About how backward little darker than I remember during the usually. Which which Schilling made the comment about comparing. Places that the Nazis the liberals went crazy and ending with not so much so that they were defending crisis. And now they wanna call our president and Nazi and they want to call anybody who supports him and not eat it doesn't make any sense. Well like Michael Savage says it's it's the mental disorder and it is then. I think that trumped arrangements syndrome is is this rampant throughout the lands like forgotten the plane right now and it's gonna get worse is gonna get worse hasn't been done their people that are not that I donate to Dana Farber this year I am really throw go back to our neck and reading of our friend parish Huntsman has to be careful of that name or content. Hershey's it's. If you're upset at trump boycott legal Batman this week I'll look at the second answer. It's part of the tropic ministry. A unit that you're gonna boycott yes very much like trump and opulent Harry are you in keep going you go to all these it's a kids movie and it's carried in hand I don't care in elf in the produced at its two hours he Perry quiet I'm going to see tank we're going. I. Yeah why cage's lieutenant way to come again. And I guess I could do that that's trees you he's gonna take institution its. Well Larry followed. Us. The penguins one at the state the Merriam before and after the movie it's right abroad that the diamonds from the house you want to see you see these or whether it's you know he hasn't happened. But it was good question if you missed it we spoke to we. And I don't ruin our night Howard Collins knows them off. Howard's off of Lex from Lexington who he's no longer going to do the Jimmy Fund walk in support on the Jimmy Fund of the fiber. Because they are gonna hold a fund raiser at him Merrill but it helps to support the Susan B komen fund which also helps families hundreds of lawyers questioned you know a year ago a year ago at this event Merrill ago James template that's right we have played this year James Taylor known Nazi. Well obviously pitchers he's witty but not played passionately enough to OJ trial no change house summit morsels for advice on some fraud musicians who weigh in on this I ain't so guys that the apple write letters of apology after hostility another Arnold mattered and that's not. Yet sort of is it's. Even them running is a great embarrassment for if you turn America into a. Zaria Africa that you. Fossil almost it wasn't for Springsteen Eric church abuse gas station. With all the stuff. Hanging we had our news as it made me and he loved. Embarrass them embarrassed that you're an American stay in Australia fraud lead Bruce isn't. Just 930 good as it was a tremendous. That's not a tremendous he wants me that I asked for it was taken a lot of jump on second person why you asked I give you how. Countless books over the last four years out and ask for one Morsi giving a good book from my trip and would as you action does bring its forgets the complete. So I got to born rob but he didn't it just happens to be in your car and meter says sucked into the top priority and running around to give this those permission future book. Yes why. Yes Kasagic book yourself. That's what he means go to books but they don't exist and go to Amazon. Now I don't want want you to give me a library like interpret libraries like that's asking a lot of love for you. I asked I do OK I hate you could reorder it now wherever books sold to copy criticized the. The make book. Some have more important for the Vietnam and not. Like for envy beat in his book act outfits that argued that I was listening to our. Thought I get a sense on that. I'm sure exactly what line there let's go to what John and Charles down hey John what's happened. They and a guy coli if not one they like gaga I collar and I'm my coat that don't take a leadership role beat the trump and destructive views and helped him. Helped him under. Question truck that's great joy and I'm sure by the way I figured somebody would probably a weapon if that meeting happened and he didn't Jim Brown did was it somebody. I think that's a good point good point John John I think you could say. As Kraft and Belichick prayed he would but he didn't Demi happen could we just have ten minutes of his time right. And well Aaron grievances can Republican or blow with the rich Eisen again do you think this guy wants to arrows grievances or do you think he just wants. To again. Line I wanna be going to the White House that it will not know how will match. You want expound on that and owner of. It's just some major summit summit playing some good things that others don't feel welcome. Into that house home to see that that. I stroke so you are. Saying why why not what size is fault that we have a chat now we can get it. No pressure on oblivion jet that's not cities AMR I vertical wow that. Big critical I understand it's not easy jumpers did you get up early again that the wishes I in in this ED in the guardian who says Bennett and according have courage. And Brady lacks courage. Which is indeed sir I mean I like an appellate according terrific players seem like ms. guys. Where's the coverage not occur until the current office camera aren't recovered 617779797. Your calls and more eight trump. Patriots Friday Kirk got a couple things I want it to one is Irish open kind of show related. One must do with orchard town Florida oneness and do something happens after the show its Christian frustrating you just mentioned that. In its type apartment and the only counts of rules you rated to fall those little hole I'm ready but. Do you have a book for me as what have you. Can implement book I have a book readers I just said you do countered by the greatest American author and we can live if I take this has got involved with your in my trip that sucks I'm gonna throw and I was status in fairness I would say pages 143. To 26 stick together. We know more about that here's the deal on the ticket and if it sucks a minute thrown in the trash while he barged to the autographs I don't carry around. I'm not a draft out yes you do know nobody talk. You would take autographed copy. Are proud books since I've heard. I have and I'm gonna give it to the cherry on the find the right cherry fact will probably be about to go one. I have an autograph patriots. Whose autograph. Aaron that is now Adolf Hitler close now who Roger good. Hunch 0000. My god more we get back. When this most listened to mornings ago Kirk. Sports Radio WEEI. That may be the best name since D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Mark previous bingo would wanna carry the ball there gunning for a few years ago. All sorts of things that one now. They may be wondering if you. Driving the work is where a lot of folks are large club cancellations and delays why we are playing the sound of the voice of the Boston it's recycled and can never. Dancers it's my understanding is in mocking them through this pictures well. They are broadcast to all spring training games on our sister station 850 ESP some will be action 937 but yes you most of the facts revealed. Thirty gave us preempting the look at thirty got there will be reapply minutes are gonna say collateral no hill. And guys now. Our director Joseph. Are twice as long as you guys look terrible I'd like to talk all off. NN as I knew this would happen because you know it's an idea to outside the box and kind of Beijing could potentially be fun. It was struck down we are told by management that the Red Sox. Turned down this proposal might guesses. Internally emotion that Jerry Rice US I'm gonna guess internally which I want to sell off. While my theory why the owners who use the word of the day there was some resistance yes yes there was a resistance movement is the fact that. There's no courage or not fashion wouldn't solve much better than he never Jokester you know why would bogeys and a month. You'd think you'd be sit behind your legacy could be warning that is good night ugliest hole that is Rosner has altered from the fumble. Joan condemn taco return we spoke optimal we schori. It's something what I would be so shallow. Shop. Function. A mutt she's Jewish sitting home in and jumps right now it's it's noontime the spring training game demos coaching them the kitchen table while Turkey do you think you'd be listener wants I'll wait. I don't know which side of the bag easy if you did that it's safe. Lately I've heard over the line. Two with a is that like Jolo since a couple of those batteries or fast personally you'll be wondering if he threw a cutter 'cause we didn't utter no I think you would guys would fumble to the broadcast behind you once saying. How. I Jim I don't have what Jerry I really games in my life you're right 651 today Christine take phone calls to get to play by play the game or politically guide your traditional but I always it is absolutely delighted that you. On the other. Well people yeah. I trust account can handle them and you should never anybody could do any any body good I I hope this happens to guy jungle and how are coming out our become the first kind of city you play by play for all five teams nobody's gonna know I don't want to tag and that have been done a lot of what do you think would go wrong. I don't feel any different highly entertaining to have you guys do it you could do it. Yes I think Lou what I would do wise I've been abroad they asked you last year to go down do you wanna do they did not ask if the action is a factor freightcar all of baseball they brought up in a meeting and then never ever followed up might wanna wash you wanted to return. Sure we should be allowed to do it and I don't believe that our friend. Samuel Kennedy. Blocked this from happening we'll talk to a couple of weeks as he came off we do we're gonna be down -- we would be in there for the northeast and one of those games on almost the only girl there whatever cause that's tough games and yet so all those people at home wouldn't know that when some some solid thriller if it's it's pinch hitting in the sense that's getting is I think there was resistance from never gets to go you know because we would somehow but the theme the broadcast it looks like feels qualifier flies out with somebody in this building it was not seen this time disable a choppers are worm killers second base you know and Kennedy and hundreds. I think a lot called lefthander port side. Its goal over there but it's a place. I maybe a little. You'll political moment than. We'll hates us we know again if wasn't for us you know Mason street good with Lou to convert the seven rating yet I think about house and the most common privately. It's not that yes and I thank him for that and there's a good job. Who does a good job congress X games and that's a good guy like amendment much after two equipment in the no question. They never is better than alone the job admiral he's very. But that doesn't anybody go to politely you really that's about this cause them to never beat me for a job I mean besides that it that that that the point being is I don't like the fact that people in this building and I think I know there's certain people sales who don't want to do you think we know who they are. For some reason they don't want us do it and it could be fun entertaining and by the way when beach who read that. Maybe if justice works well and interestingly train wreck maybe we're so good that people would demand we do every game not. That is the chances that a question of if you guys have a conversation during the peaceful amok it's true I owe it yes. Let's go around an American League and now we're not there right there pumps one's. West we got the league leaders are not Karstens Catholic. Oklahoma Spain and here as a sophomore his wife at that second team all pac ten and track and field that wouldn't mind seeing there trying to act passed on again. Yeah they ran an exercise science rain and I'm very north and hotel today and he's such a nice man and Russia coat and combines it have seen alive. Handled that let's go to bill in Newton is the golden sombrero yeah. First they had our hands golden like now from gotten hotels and real well with something stuck to cylinder what language they speak out there will go ahead. I guess defend you guys that they got to be fine on the broadcast you guys who do a good job of on the flip side I think jacket that we are never would do that job well. I mean how hard it would be coming your part about suburb master for hours. I would say. I'm valued notes that mean let's. Oh let's let's go for your right we should have him in joke coming and to show one day turn to date the government do most of the Red Sox game at night I'll bet that's creative site and your. I don't like regards Sergio first and only line they'll help if you're criticizing me why don't have jumped on okay. Yes. You'd need more in your head and a it dealt with the patriots and at. Oh. Terrible Michael I do remind. I you're I'm your guy if I afternoons I'd be Felder and in the week. Leaves. The lot or. Grow ops and Michael a Michael Douglas bitch. Like yeah bills ahead of analysts' call back outlook on Jesus we assume they're trying to tell nothing was going on the news or lose credibility. Address of the coast would completely club it's a question. He's so Rosie I want this to happen now this is now. And again in the host of the number one show in England. I'm carrying station if I did play by play I'd be better and for game never should we don't you be able writer Mike Gorman in 32 ensco. No mountains. No no Bob Costas known not known. And by the way market watch the Winter Olympics in South Korea. I. Supposed to do and I was there. Good luck for the women entrances and received soccer result from good luck. 61777979%. So that's gonna happen and you games I think now it would simply and it would call us and Kennedy right now it's fair wouldn't. Witness. And all the same. You could be the best of that leaking in the city it's that fast. If you laughing right under the Soviet prisoners are. They never what makes it a good job rested this rooms and exit meeting. And why. As we've talked during the game like to hear what it sounds like let's look I am predicting how IP trailers sit our assess the guy just because Jerry took a full quality 51 okay how the biggest players in a different calls Yeltsin is and there's been a lot of moving part of the problem actually take calls during the game when you. So much again as LB I do and I said but entertaining trade records or was he bad. It weighs about a way of progress is on what was duchess our cum audience not just habit of whirls every other broadcast from 1942. You know they tell you to stop by local township of your multi after the game that oval I get I get the station management or any of the games that looping right after the third voice in the front and he's he's he's a traditional is very good that these. Nothing out of the ordinary so no need to panic we have the mechanic Curtis let's play with guys like that. Their ability that you guys can't do the question is I hey. Watching our candidate hell would you be the best broadcast over a make it happen is number one radio guy town. It's easy thing you can we talk policy and good shot what if you I believe they're lying to you what the Red Sox hall Kennedy yes they are what what do you think. I agree that it Issaquah and this ticket is we don't pre season spring training game I'd surely like you guys had a game 74 degrees at first pitch I think at a panel at a text that they want to wait 269%. Their ankles just wanted us to do but we had at the traditional. Joke I think. Wanted like someone they'll do your mutt like me are much the last thing we want. Would do the politically different you just don't want he's just choke him. Like I play the pre season game spring training last entry now. Spring he. Airs at the plate let him. Mean you meet base that's what happens when you're forty conversations. Divers teens at 6% at 77 jungle. 790%. Of pronounced him with a mystery greasy Tunisian a couple of extra clients self we see him. Never this week along the as the morning. That Marshall is good for the president to talk to form because of that. I'm. Erica there's no way could you are 6177797937. Kirk can count him. Fast for schools. There. Sports re WEEI. I asked what I am. I am I better than you. Event for the job. Better than Jerry added that the burden of about the guys beat this you guys. A better than anybody like Mike about Mike Bennett AJ but about the Christian or let me think yes I think so but that will get better watch support way. Yes but it wouldn't be the go the route and it doesn't I. That doesn't. It effects. I stand by everywhere that. You believe stronger than ever validated and vindicated here the last few months of their people there don't want to I would absolute peak of my greatness right. Kobe got get a better possible so now that I am you know. The star of the station the star of the show juries are no privately and publicly. It's time now to set some rules and here is rule number one assist to work. Who shot can shut up you here's a gift shop okay go take notes you show tied at six collapse of Brooklyn great athlete and he don't in Europe rob talk about that the extra inning base runners in baseball. Are used is the rule will take place or the World Baseball Classic at Rodriguez you spend a lot of time Robson just curious having rules they did correct. If it's in our on our early this segment audience anyway. So hot oh she hears the rule after the show I don't want any guests to come walking by if not part of the show stay. Go away he sees this ass goes directly to view eat. Of I guess if someone showing up at our Allan Europe becomes and he is the most god damn annoying person is not the world. He's not cars throughout the coming demand after the show he's a little Miller and what's going to handle rounds and how orders to us as the most annoying thing of I don't want him there it's my house I don't want guys opt to go and name. How about the latest element of the news of the day is what you think that I haven't but the veteran. Leave me alone I've never acknowledge you and what I. You wouldn't knowing you must know by now that I don't want guns in my office stay away XY office so it's not I'd wanna sit there after fourteen terrible hours. Might be out maybe fart and wait for Joey comatose for number one again in and week. That's it. That's all I wanna do that hired yet have a dog and show I don't want something different fifteen minutes of talk about nothing annoys me. You know that he wasn't talking after the talks unmasking you can ask for much I don't. Now if you'll just thinking you just say BB just say this Bibi go away. Never come back again. Kirk hates that nobody else billboard tactic on text about the blame me yes everything else might fall yes I'm happy to add this on that list. Christian Dotel right now as well Berkman hand does I had a talent like what you see. It our. Among his dumb book well I see I. I don't recall your best friend rob Bradford stop in the office on occasion. And how do you make and I know I just I mean I'm about him I'm happy to make that concession I haven't got a broad cut the other outlets saw rob their did not go well that's true by the attacker could twist my god Jerry Brown what Robin yup just no. We go this Topps says hello please Christians hello. It's a little short little articles to sort of standing by doesn't talk to you or you he only talks to me I put my feet up on done in the day that's. Or did the same complaint about me that is true the other day in order to yes I like what's the point you want either person can later. They're to produce opposing this week. Your feeling producer you're kind of knowing he's an active member of the season or regular weekend. More now they do we go Susan I'm sort of like as soon as you find in like four he became a rarity a call for aid. And I don't I do not condone on the air and good luck chip on. Its. And there I think jets safeties three feet tall I don't think he's gonna attack him now and spry. It what. Stay child Lucia mountains I don't think he's important point being and care which point being I need these people to come into the it's annoying enough. If you're in there and curses and there would prefer it be itself. But for VP whatever Allison is the my book you'll never read it and now it's. So I mean enough. Yeah I look at I got my new markets experts have a lot of different Saturday market and they don't tie it again in order and so they're saying. If I'd gone right now I would bull all you're boring you can order it now wherever books sold. I mean just threw just tube curtains I need a book from my trip you could give me settle for more you or are pretty thick of ultimately. I'm combining pick it it's a joke right. Hand gays dot com he's gonna bail out your game span but span. 00. I got shot but you don't bookstores to you finished Megyn Kelly LE I have written run through. You know what we just reading that book. Does the court when it's a Canadian anyway. Saturday freedom Booker quiet while much of the the cover light in she's she said it's because we make all past its time to it's that these. Children. And it's easy once a couple of you know great. Between that lightweight front via boxed wine. My Iran though and Iran as I understand a little he gets and of course as I say you know I don't score you a little quirky but is that is a little strong as it was for everybody you. You're out of there white though that's not the points put up the office chief shows in our democracy shallow which I was I was shut the door that's all. And you think I geez you're going and Jolie's Obama comes in public Joey gets past the coming no joy comes in as nothing I agree he sits there tell you wolf. And grammys do and say. Because number one for the last week. On. Like when you're down spring training you're gonna have seen Alou on all weaker U wanna have roach conflict always Armando one of the biggest snakes and history. I mean just leave us alone Joseph if you could possibly think he's more than we do right. That's it. It says next season for hockey guessed that fabric. And ricks good. I think experience Richard it's good you know brick again is way talking football Chris price and 720 in the money Chris will gonna get to that we come back on the difference between being fat to be quick. How much static display on the X the runner on second base and extra innings eight minutes now that we don't the board now we getting that much time to spend Wednesday night scoring 94 in the in the as an hour is the callers were so stupid about today and all are the caller tell me that the kids talented he's real scored 92 price we tried we tried to piggyback on that do that yesterday with a couple callers is that when you moment Bradford and he flipped that article on me and him on the guy I think Jerry please that'd rupture is to be me robbery tries to be Kirk sometimes he put the article is the call I was out of power the rail costs yet. He's somebody as a Red Sox let problem is adequately implemented if they insist on Bradford being with us in the Booth. What it. Three nothing but just due to. Guess he should bloody. Evidence to make any sense will you be meeting you supported talent shows is that we always this to a major market radio stations who have rights to games like you have rights to all four teams try to push dual four games should do Bruins came for sure MM no go she but I am happy to show. Right I wanna do what's the fifteen you've done five teams that report the revolution a revolution Adam's definitely into the room and on the campus finally sort of offset a little person is saying there was Pakistan. The multiple games you know yeah what are our four coming up so so you're you're good to ban a trump I am banning all employees. Everybody. An eternity why not just somebody must like a mother on thing we're banning everybody from coming near BBs like yes I damaged a copy of my book and look at them like her idea of not advertise aggressively wrote a book not the right now and I impressed I mean knowing impressed. I'm impressed with the present that was written. At six were place. It's that's right you acted out went and we certainly Kirk screen course typically didn't that are typical Panasik they were never we just talk about her talent different we we never followed through six or seven sevenths 1501 joints in the Booth earning. That carried out is another because racy and Smart as both stupid and my crazy yes. Nailed it nailed it for the final hour of the fifth and final day coming up 61777979. Secretary said it's a patriot but if you're. How fast or I give it thought. That I have to and a dead seers at this I need your feedback good yours or goodness it's not serpent but it is a football fun. I told you about it is some different Chris Liwienski. All of you yes yes yes good good good man can he do that we get back moment. Yeah I have a dilemma and that's the dilemma not relate struggle with a too much I would illuminated. Little weird Chris Liwienski know him at Harvard wrestler now a Tiki researcher he wants my brain. Oh here's the question should Gerry Callahan donate his ball went through that more now for someone gave you.