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OMF - Browns tackle Joe Thomas says Roger Goodell "scurried off the stage like a rat," 2-9-17

Feb 9, 2017|

Cleveland Browns tackle, Joe Thomas, has not been a fan of Roger Goodell in the past, and he was elated to see Goodell have to give the Lombardi trophy to Robert Kraft and the Patriots.

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T Kirk many heads advice listen to. They show its board way camera Loney and forty plus Sports Radio. Texas wants out 797 that if successful talk loves football. Julian settlement. Always trees when the Sunday shows this is like the perfect shall offer for him. He's almost Kelly angry killer rip up this morning with the bush Kelly rip as a co sponsoring. Richard. John underwater there is not aid there's not a post rotating balding close rotating at Deutsche. So Mr. President was in the prince's proposal yeah the hell are pretty well pop culture of the page yup that should tell you rip. Yes actually it actually I heard this this clip from the show today. And it actually sounded like you. When we have Julian element. On the other we're talking about the great yeah just say that should tell you the same reaction. You give within a jewel your body controls. Hey there's no way and then they slow it down to a microcosm what was going through your head. What was a. Okay. How fun. Look by set inactive. And I just everything and it. The league in humans and next. I don't really on the move the ball not touch the ground was that. I and. Yeah he just how good Romans with. Lou for a ball Leone's us as a unit is missing. I don't think it was one of the shows her and say a single word yet. He's all of telecheck the other night on an island lighting in your uncle of a war. A Jimmy validate anything he did not think he's if he's so Alex talked Belichick talking just sat there and yeah. He's not saying it daylight what happened inside the locker what happened at halftime. Is dating preferences announcement newspaper division. Hannity and all the stuff we get on the war plays tough week my advice that an economic element let's talk with ya go all the embarrassing politically replace ability. Yeah I. UC. We have seen it yet we have seen it glorious. I. An agency. Of the world. Yeah no. Rule with an hour and he fit that demographic they got one election I guarantee loans. I'll yes I'll look here's the question once the beard come off it's time for the the beer to be shape is the country's Emmerich really light keynote GQ magazine photo she would. I would say who with with settlement. Don't you think if he takes it off right away there a lot of bandwagon jumpers who just. Jumped on it then what in the last few weeks they might recognize. And I I'm not sure as I'm that good things look now that Patricia when he sees it yes or no not at temperatures of Dolly's a Ellison are you an awards show I mean you could see adamant that the awards show queen's yes I would like to GQ. Yes yeah he's he's come a visually it looks different in on the identifies who would know he looks like now the TB twelve night. Our. A month ago. Apps. I was only. And I you. Well. Well in a car how well. Berrian they're large at least for slumped expert Jim EG. Number one Matt Cassel was topic in the second round it got a franchise Eric throughout much lower he never had to. Bark ordered as good news Junichi knew what he admitted that Jimmy that you Ricci. Number one and quietly. Allow cheap our coaches and GM last long and beat it back then. And any team looking clearer how quickly the agriculture. Quarterback of the court is positioned to make it scared to make biggest jump. Yeah that's also it's also the court is positioned screw up big time and force that that accelerated fighter who do you talk to a lot of. I agree with that spirit right now are looking for the next in this I come quote that there. I it. W do you you would have to admit that. Matt Cassel to get this they and they gave up they gave up Vrabel as well and at the moment. You're OK so they gave up Crable. Well it's career as well and also Ebert beat date did this or thought out there. If I believe that you it would look in the. A war they were they were because he was making too much money for what they want so yeah you're you're right about that but the top pick in the heat in the second round which had a whole season. To evaluate. And how many warts geez people America probably people around it that they should be made about a train. The supposed what he had a terrible turn it was in every year yet of that yeah you saw. You at all that you're now. And let's just. Well sixers. I would send it. Address yes I was really could have played his last liked we're five into his last 714 touchdowns two picks. But he had his moments where you looked and it yank I go visit the guy that ever played. In college he had to actually trophy winners so my point is. So this development was gonna be slowed. A little bit longer. I think that's why they gave him so much time they gave him the benefit of the doubt. During those three c.'s prisoners last year the the brilliant game hurt. I thought for sure he was cut. The experiment at one on too long and they kept them on the team you know what I would say this person that. Six quarters for most talented valuations is too short period of time. And eat eat you just can't. Figure out an awful lot you have it at that blood in the water mentality you know late. They just beat somebody you know sparks and shine a little bit and exceed though. One guy says he popped nicely you know they all like yeah did they know what he did well yeah you. Okay the most like leading the witness site but you know that you can't really evaluate. Or do with oral evaluation of a player on that short sample. You don't know what he's literally are college kid you don't know what's gonna didn't pry those same problem and probably go at least an outcome and it abruptly at castle as you pointed out a bigger problem even with with castle because the lack of of of college play but you don't. No but you don't think you know that some of these guys and they don't give too much credit. Because they screw up often but they can look at the film and say you know look at the full work in the pocket and pick the released a quick release. You know he actually got its first first targets secretary looked at third look you know it you don't think that. These guys in that league coaching staff at that level can look at a certain guys say annals in six quarters Belushi some pre season. Which is completely different I get it but we have seen it. Yeah any better than anybody else that's available Greg has only six quarters. Not saying they're not gonna make an evaluation short sample like that you know the coaches that would know a little bit more about Jimmy cheek or the teams to practice. With the the patriots during during camp or who was that I was in New Orleans. Philly Philly at Philly. Carroll was a Carolina. What about your fevered with pre season games the last three years Washington Washington. Wash yes or Washington new York and I Philly and and and New Orleans. Maybe now we can look it up don't what do you think they would have to still watching him every day you're watching ghosts of the routine there's seemed. Do you think you're seeing a little bit more than what you're seeing in six quarters of the game again when you add that why did you hear that again I think. Another reason why I've made cents. For candidacy to give them with he'll leave when he you know running that program is known in delight yet and I would say with everything that negative about castle. Since he walked in the locker room and on the field. And he was very caught in the company guy. Even though I doing was wrong when he was making the calls them are resilient and constantly during a two minute drill that he can make them wrong calls. You would know. So there's there's there's just a different vibe with Pam but it was with other backup quarterback that I need before that I played before you. More that some starters. So to me. There is its eagerness to learn eaters to win and if he never really got Everly shook him as far as his confidence goes I mean he was skilled it was never going to be Brady. But you knew that. A bigger ticket chance at least he's got the intangibles that you know he's gonna work you know is it but the timing and you it was gonna compete. So I can't say about all these guys they end up coming from college eagle while this actually part of that it wasn't I'll meet have to act what this this play and he was Smart. So he can handle all of that everything that was expected of basically it's the old company. You know it and we always struggled grapple people's point out to actually blown up as. Who would on Aaron Rodgers equitable Ron Amadon Aaron Rodgers that three years behind Brett Favre not sixth. Six. I mean that's a people arrest indistinct it's never gonna happ I wanna go out there and be a starting quarterback and make his money Steve young's the other one. You would the USFL. Right then be going over to Tampa Bay and failed to write about what three years ago about Tony what decision for you he wasn't a backup because he was a failed. First pick overall type of guy right in just a year ago they're back the guy out. And he big news tip what three years through. Maybe four was a fourth you're took over. Sports bureau believes that he he was a guy that went to a situation where like you know I'm not Ron Amadon right now I I've discredit my parents in this leak. I have not been good at all at Tampa Bay was he was a mess but he was not good so we went in the first year two was like and I got to try to make a name for myself. You rescued this kid to sit there for six years take less money not wanna start. Young players wanna start and I wanna make their cash about a chance in hell but the few. Callers were tad did that wanna hold on Jimmy drop lower doing it because their fans of the team and they look at his value with Tom Brady goes down next year and you have grapple. You might miss a beat but you're not gonna miss 2345. Feet and so they're looking edits and perfect for passes for its. You can't look at that way you got to look at it that Belichick knows it over the next three years Jimmy grapple is losing value on the market. He can get a significant player may be for him right now he's gonna deal and from Jimmy grappled just reset blow it wants to go play. It doesn't wanna sit there with a freaking clipboard on the sideline. And sit and back up Tom Brady because guess what he probably knows the Brady might play for. Four or five years. Bet that doesn't work that's not part of his agenda Stevens in Maine hasty. Hey guys great show. I think people are missing something in this grew up or being a creature what I think it is our people look at this as a 11 tie trait. Yeah I think I think Belichick should. Worked in game change school start in trade register now not a lot of stuff but not what they're so backed go to its rewards go to some balk at. They don't do that they hate to think they don't do that in the NFL I know they don't want to get on the Vrabel think as the caller pointed out was kind of you were trying to get rid of mum and pioli looked at it and needed a veteran player. To be around some of the units it was a perfect arrangement. But but it is my points has got to be somebody on the patriots. In the subway and a bit of the bears wanna get rid off it take to blow and somebody in the patriots possibly to catch another so two or three players basically. At industry. 22241. Is that what you're saying. Well not that somebody in the air and take a bears contract this. They just don't like watching it Belichick's she's evaluate that player and basic guitar player. It's out an NBA trade you're sounding like an MBH the problem is go look at the NFL you don't see three for two straight victories or portrait. No British or three retraced her waking possibilities are. But we know based. No you don't see that the NFL. Why I guess anything is possible regional seed and now now they must meet in nearly impossible to make or we would seem more. You know I I think what you're gonna end up your wins. I'm not saying that but there won't be eight aids contracted players sent in either direction but that the traffic is is that is the case. And the question as you're gonna try to get as high a value was you can for that draft pick and then Belichick will. I wouldn't be surprised if he saw a switching of fourth round draft picks are sick that's when you're at the end of the deal and he said I don't Kamal we need a little bit more out of we switch fourth round as you're drafted at the bottom of the fourth round where drafting of the top me switch pics like that right. That's at that stuff that happened. Yeah but I I still can see one of these teams like Cleveland San Fran or Chicago penetrating out Q million bunch of picks. In getting one that makes more sense is not the second overall but it abolish a barrel picks wouldn't. And it taken now you know he E*Trade down ranking gets them to Q you get sixteen plus a second or third a first next year and you treat sixteen for grapple and a good -- close second third to first next year. Illegal and that's is this what we're talking about so that's the most likely thing that's like in my time. We get done a great cut from a a player eight prominent player. Who apparently is taking a shot at Roger Goodell and the way he treated the New England Patriots coming up next. On air and online via FaceBook Twitter and he should grab more of or away we're loading in 48 right now. Sports Radio WEEI. New. Two and two years to sit around them. Well it's a great except they're on the podium with Kraft and Belichick. The commissioners to turn over the the important for the next morning. There are six. Being there for awhile. So you probably remember Brown's left tackle Joseph Thomas terrific plus minutes left the game in nice is that that's right he's perfect. Do you wanna game. Is set before the Super Bowl he was rooting for the patriots why because he just wanted to seize that moment we just get so much Lee out of the other night when Roger Goodell. Had to award them the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Two the franchise that that hates them the most so apparently he was not disappointed he was on this morning with our buddy Mike Florio. On the FT. Alive and as we said. I didn't do it myself quite early loud ought to mount a I I especially enjoy the power over the year Roger was the smile all the patriots and give him the big handshake with the attitude to give the trophy you scurried off that stage logo or that it was all those. Strictly up or are they going to be. It is it nature within a year I don't know exactly are now we know we had a great O Thomas Lauria. I don't really like chemo rat it's a direct that's exactly what it looked like at a got to question for Maloney investment we got. Okay Charlton at the deal is when you when you do this little vetting thing that you do I constantly hear because like I don't too much of it. Are people tell me that you always bet we jury yet you never that was your heart you know you have to be very careful especially if you like a certain team you don't stay with. While what I tell you the people that scored and made big money this past year and those who Wear New England Patriots fans who bet with their heart. Because New England this year was sixteen. And three. Against the spread that by the way. Is the best winning percentage against the spread of any NFL team in the history of the national football us. I consider that bedding with your head. As well. Understated fuel are not yet been number all of your fans leave it emphatically I don't know if you the critically the browns and continually take points because you you'd you'd batting with the Arctic each eluded the browns can win and cover every single African week that's open. Podium at the patriots. It's it's still a bit different because it's actually Smart say that they're big cover where where you what I hear on Fridays when Lou says there and they're against the New England Patriots. So he's ashamed that you would dump. They make in this elections and could bottle buffalo fumble that the company this is a motion to do when they lost on. How many times do you think that really pick against the patriots but if you pick at the patriots twice it's like. Indeed people remember I can't pay all I think we all picked against the patriots. Six cards from pure. Pat out at the first three little weeks we did a hell we're weeks. Bet they do is the first four weeks of that your body had a losing to Arizona. Losing one game out of the four at a Seattle was a dangerous one day Denver was another one other than that. There wasn't one we elect Barack. There's going to be tough foreign. This doesn't it doesn't meet tough game maybe they won't cover you know I mean really means sort of all of Laura said the Daytona especially this year that they did until lambs sorted Vegas. And they did did you have said Vegas under rate them as we saw some big numbers this past year. I think I wanna underestimate them. Nine in two of the favorites. Biggest in playoffs. So favor. All of we have always that we had we had a lot of bull. Yeah we have what we too close games in the postseason yeah I think it was just favorites renovated just like you know because it's a game to better and says the paper that act venturing. You know vector better takes home dogs and and and all the dogs and that's how you win a small to be out here Ochoa Ralph frosting credits for its opera. Hey guys you know who. I totally agree with Clinton a couple of things you know you Bill Belichick want to get height checks out the group. And he's gonna do we're always does which is made them glued to so these are ecstatic to the streak next. When the smoke clears a few years double I don't have to stop it shall see Stewart. The change took the boat will they cannot afford to sort select get big splash in at least if you're used to say eight. Chicago. Six frankly if they're bad for awhile they depicting. You don't think rob will be a splash for Chicago where he grew up there with the college. Yeah but what I'm saying is if you sent them via central put in there or looking instead of saying all the retreat after I got two more. It just not a position to what. As a whole lower rough on the lot and not understanding anything here Rafa what what are they didn't tell me what my stance was. I thought was saying that some of these cute let's take Chicago awful we would not go high kick might shake. You know what let me get restricting trade it in and get a couple tricks are addicted admit it to a remote access the would you they don't think. But I don't think that they were in the position to at least look at it they say income Apple's CP PP. All right well look we wouldn't get the quarterback that we can build on this guy rather than Walt and I expect show. If you listen I think you miss in the point of footwork move so what he's saying is if you of the number two pit. Why not trade that pick overall get a low first round may be a second and fourth or something like future first right or future first. And then you take that picked the 21 pick let's say. And traded to New England for grapple and traders weighed and number two bicker. All we did I outreach oddly okay I'll be shot Ralph Ralph I'll be shocked if they get a 12 and or street it's too much of a risk for the other teams that don't for one year and a contract. You may be terrific you may be the next Tom Brady but that would be foolish risk for something that we think they're gonna do growth. Look this team as a portal rules we got a thought they could do all all structural approach. Now political apple a lot also sector will pick. People went crazy enter ultra critical month for what what they don't pick our guys can hardly able please played a few games and. Why would you give up the first second or third round pick for. And so much that you know with the Maxwell street that I'm sure what the orchestra. This Atlanta it was. Big chill you know when you look at this game now into the great game intact the meat Brady completed passes to separate different receivers. An award rebels all kind of sketches including that it will be one of those guys questions what that was you know most. This team in Brooklyn we target but it was so all well we're well particles can assist structural pointed out today. The last minutes of the game the last couple drives Brady is by far peoples all Wyoming and BT I mean how anybody could shake down. Well you can you can make a case I think for James Short because he broke all sorts of those Super Bowl records but you give to the quarterback you always give it to the quarterback. You know Matt Ryan's numbers weren't words weren't overwhelming what you gonna give it. Who bought it and what Ryan and Matt Ryan threw the ball 39 more times a pretty sure he would at 466 yards yeah I think you. Camille 4666. Yards that that's a ticket on California scored ninety points he shot 62 time W for can better. I. I think Saturday's. Perfect fit for the NBA James likable very easily been all for those kids are gonna play well we'll talk about that do not give it to the quarter we get another we got another hour to go and then we get that's a great ride. All should be terrific. About.