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OMF - Brandon Marshall defends the Falcons approach, 2-8-17

Feb 8, 2017|

Glenn, Lou and Christian kicked off the show with some highlights from yesterdays parade involving Gronk, Belichick and other Patriots players. Then they got into discussing James White's phenomenal performance. Lastly, we played some sound of Brandon Marshall (on Showtime) defending the Falcons decision to keep throwing the ball despite being up 25 points.

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Are you ready. Beats Fort Wayne harmonious and forty. And it's. Not okay. It's not over. Yeah you can't do it. Thought. And with Glenn and Lou in Christian. The plan on partying at all. And I brought what they wanted. I apartment when my child bears broke. I had to now on Sports Radio WEEI. I think it was the best thing about them. Julian adamant about waiting because we have finally has done over. Was he was just following the lead of his guy Tomlinson Tom Brady says the world they still have to review it at that point. He goes in that caution mode that they came out of it until Bill Belichick finally compare with a big smile on his face and hugged him a little sense of. Yeah you're allowed the party out of it out I'd like here's their coach Ron. That he's in what what he's healthy when he gets healthy I would just take a big right turn and forget about football. He's probably more money Russell he can be he should he's next rock. These next Dwayne Johnson be out every other week I heard. It should be a I mean it just. The fact that the beginning of the parade start off rule were Hampshire was really weird for him. You know because he didn't play didn't have an impact on the game of the recession on the sideline as sweatshirt you know and you could tell I was like you know I'm just gonna. Take it light and low key low keyed I don't wanna be I don't I don't wanna be expressed in the corner haven't learned to throw some high screen tease out but not to get the Providence it was over. I was that probably British don't know him off you know he lit up advisedly as we all asked us for sure of all the guys and they split up and we'll have. Well you've been urged by people he said that he came to the parade. He was gonna location of the people and let the people demand. What the fans were asking for it and I brought what they want to fly apartment or my jug ears for all I had to order hero. You're only got exactly what they want to do. It's. Going. It will definitely get to you Boston. Albums I thought it really uphill. Israel's. I think I saw a different according to quickly yelling oh my god ready space when you like doing your viewers like after he spoke it was like Atlanta's Rosie speech early and gas are you had her. It's of Monica's. By the time they got the yen and there'll let's say they hope they were all polluted. All of them not one guy aren't couple guys you know just got fearful you know do don't want during go to eastern Iraq it is they've. There's no place that you manufacture runs and two putted it is Jesus says that Jesus said that brought up whatever they start with water and any strutted into the red one person you know it yet you don't breaks like write the morning on the boats and drink in the at City Hall or you've been through that. Oh yeah now imagine jumping on a bus and driving another hour to problems with these were on the bus. Can you imagine spending another three hours to anatomy got to drive the Providence theater yet different of the hour. See where I went east. My land that I took to my daughter the first time I'd she was like two or three she was kind of in the second time I took my son. So was I wasn't really see you don't do that commuters awful loss so you never took a female member of the media. Which you now know did this and yeah I've I've let that happen. And it happened yesterday not yesterday yeah but it was funny like by the time they got to the end. They're all interests grew it or hammer or do you and then the whole bill do in the hold chant thing that was we are trying to start the chance. It was this it was it was uncomfortable little uncomfortable. And there were no debt pays off. I. Okay. And it's. Okay. It's certainly not now. And now and days all of. Okay. Okay. The big hit it worth it I don't have always up to a thousand dollars in it wasn't over would never work at all. According to the show I zillions and that it coveted with more people in the you know beyond they were and it doesn't want all the people that had days off to go see it. There's like my son told me there's 20227. Kids that did go to class yesterday at his school kids and their coaches and teachers are all Warren. Day go to bread. Did detention. Real fix is down to that status Amman on around him you'll see it be if you holds onto it but yeah isn't it a life learning experience to like I was you know from won't learn it note because of the toilet. It's pro life Allah what it would it would it they have learned by going to the Super Bowl. He learned and all streaky throwing up a list of needs. He he always gave out he wanted to go home so he was a little embarrassed with your performance are gonna give you that has it altered it was it is operation until outed him out of the Amanda yeah I know let's go to our work on our spam. Let me just what you say hey it's part of life this is part of life you know. I don't think it's a big deal and I yeah I hopefully all the teachers and principals. Cut the kids a little bit of slack. Can really you know it only happens with the we don't want them a lifetime opportunity right now. I don't know we have to have the politicians. Would chorus of players that someone get the heat of the city who got the key ally. And I hit it he had both Corey thinks he's thinking that's a look loyalists he was seems and seeing. They're not. There's always once I got his music controllers say a guy we've got what we thought there I was we could find that was good alive it paid off my. Of how am I thought this morning attorney if you viewing him as he was like it's gravy interface that was good. Don't you don't think human leg at a at a rate concert trying to hook him. I. I. Okay. I was just that you're you're you're on. I will say that you don't know I told I was not that was so don't worry you and thoughts are. With you play them again and you'll I would assume you are you can tell if I can. I yeah. Yeah Knesset video camera and as long. Chugging. Again huge spot of I saw her they bargained Beers one thing. Chugging a bottle of vodka Sunday if it's doing. I study could mold and smoke that's like Leaving Las Vegas at the site that is not a political party regulars are our that is that Italy. Now so the probe wrong Kabeer. And he just basically took it with as he grabbed it you know who's who ripped it wrote to top off. Bet you grip the top off with his teeth sip responsibly. Drank about two thirds of and he gave that import the rest of it down eight against her I put it back but our focus on and then it and then eat our players might think he's this year there's going to. Okay as Steve berg got in the act of getting out there is ready and tactical angle balls are going to be talking be about the past. All right. I didn't know what the other bats you know throw the vest as that that you know Brady once Steve Burton to throw on the football he's on a movie is on the moving that. And Burton does the TV thing where he's ready to do you expect it says in my own camera for. On the Clinton yeah. TV eventually get the on camera and I'm not throw it without actually affect you. Like I did Levy you know looking back Eddie Seles of the shots of Tom Brady and his little duck boat and teacher in front of Roger that. Yeah you know that was right that write us. That the fifth ring was on the right hand he happened being in the middle finger that on the on the what does that what does the coincidence would you say look just once and maybe yardage to try cited that. That it looked better than having a slump having an asylum in the first minute just literally hold you end up with a middle finger could you brought that that would have been the best thing they couldn't I couldn't. Russia so it's all this the further inside the last eighteen months you know we are always discusses the guy you know I'll be talking about it is it affected them they pissed off about not just Brady but everybody else. Obviously. And everybody is pissed off about quicktime aperture show where and a shirt and knows what you know pound nose. And dole help. Instead. Brought yet then you get drunk and Providence what do you think Roger Goodell he's got booed him. There are some tweets going on there reduced classic era and there are so many Roger Goodell sizes one with a big. Wrong. That was so you can even Alexander okay. And felt like you'll leave for the princess bride. We got it guys they they played it perfectly well they they played it ever how many times did we asked question one of the players don't Corsica. What do you guys thought about his death I literally can't I don't know I don't know editors litigated and we don't talk about it. And obviously they played they were gonna take the high road. Public for now right publicly and behind closed doors they were saying something totally different it was motivation for them. And now they're releasing. Yeah every time. No history no business. I. No disrespect to your task and urged him. But I thought they would while this is the wildly every day with a more emotional. This was written for a lot of reasons one all they Goodell stuff all the deflate keystone of. Bought out of that you'd like 25. How well they they know the more raids you have. The more the leniency. You can you know you have plays and you know I listened to implement more and more are. The more you more you do it. You know you figure it was OK because when Aaron the first Brit with the second one. You guys are drinking and buy it it was like it was like Heidi amid all the hype you know there was a marked a bit ahead like a champagne. It was like you know. Like I don't lakers championship sprayed all over. I guess is that it gives these kind of approach I guess yeah after the first one you did the first parade. On that boat whatever you sadistic man. I should have done this on next time I'm in I'll have this don't go pro or whatever right our show wore this ahead that. So after awhile you start to figure out. Two years ago I wish I'd done this I'm gonna do at this time she's got perfecting it. The lawyers say they are they try to end of that hole the only guy round for the first. You know these players Brady usually one with a wrap on the first parade and city star the perfect we're talking about Sydney at the AT&T store yesterday. Other big guy. Flatbed trucking guy in to put barriers on the had boils mystery cleaned out the ball 45 minutes. That's a street that those that don't that's been their war right and they got it figured out now under the right Erica grow at a gulp break broke they get them up the Catholic it's like Mont negro actor on after Fat Tuesday after the close down the strictly closed amber mystery to bring about they'd bring all these horses and they just run everybody up the street so. Already next leader is done one gigantic vacuum cleaner that girls all got out of all I ought to discuss the right so that exists. So we've all had the opportunity now to look at the at the game a couple of times and kind of gone over as she got a tool with a game like that got to go back settlement ought. If we go all the legal Bakken and and look at this thing and it took things that jumped out at me to be adjusted to get your. Guys take on on all of this one I didn't realize watching it and person. The james' wife is so freaking good through the entire game. Could've easily been in the eye could see was that good when they couldn't get anything going. He was a guy that was actually making positive place I know what he did a fourth quarter and we know he was the euros that was the first thing that struck. Second what thing that struck because and the patriots have been known as the team to. Forget I love that when it's of the arrogant warden know this for okay they dot every I they cross every T any if you go back and watch this game. And watch how they strategize. For every thing they had to do it is more evident. How they are not only organized but they are creatures. Of of dealing with specifics. In every play. But he was and Ricky this game. In the way that the coaching staff coached a game was Atlanta if you look at it they suddenly said to themselves. What can pay attention to score we got a lead this. We're not gonna did beef borrow it and figure out what we have to do what each played horrible as this scheme out instead punishable what do we do. And the one that struck me and I I said the other day. It struck me in watching a game in person but even more so when you go back and look at each individual polite. Was that series in which they had first content after a phenomenal catch. By Julio Jones on that sideline phenomenal catch keep both feet back. First attempt at the 22. Yeah four minutes and forty seconds remaining in the football game you'll all game. You've got a field goal you've got the best kickers in game three points is there it's a chip shot. You will have a two score lead. You run the clock down to about two and a half minutes New England is used up all three of their timeouts or you'll all back game itself instead. Of an. Running a the football and playing the strategy and on the sideline Kyle Shanahan again Quincy eagle okay. This is what we need to do step one step two step three to close up the game at that Lombardi trophy. Both hits the Oregon luggage said you know we don't we passed the greatest sit she'll want it on alternative is what we don't we're gonna throw the Bob met back at it. We're gonna make it even harper. Going to have Matt Ryan Hewitt seven step drop. And leave the space white. Why feel better why would you do that. Why would you do that when the only thing they can burn you now. Is to get caught outside of field goal range and you have your quarterback. Go deeper back so that somebody got off to get somebody and about the middle of blitzed and at that attack had taken down and now you're screwed. It was arrogance at it's worst. I'm watching masculinity. What you must open its the NFL and Brenda marsh and we talk about deep as we we we had this debate last week. We keep Shawn Johnson of the divas and he's at. And that's odd for a greater very much for lesser players got a English system you know you're superstar you're diva you know which he does get as Buffett. Now are gonna follow all that stuff that's like you don't win. And Brandon Marshall did the same thing last night. That's supposed to joke stick to what brought you there so. Award for the and we won. Week five weeks six weeks and in the opening round of the playoffs what what went into our. Program to program in. Line. On the ball three times. Don't whatever it is a problem for all that is that is stupid. That'd that'd that'd if dumb do you want is a lot of different at 440 left in the Super Bowl would you haven't won touchdown late. It's and that's in the hot if you run the ball the clock vigil for it right kick up about forty point level of forty when you're through oh yeah tell me about it later. I'm good at best and the best kickers in all of football in the history of football mr. chip shot at the beginning beginning. So we're talking a forty point 00. And tips that you see them. You very emotional to me if you asked anybody ended in new pointed out before me. By the original idea Brent marsh has only one thinks of me as a really had been in the situation to where every once in awhile yeah the play the situation. Yet you can't just always. The two balls on the table you know it's not just their contest all the time. And we talk but yes I praise them that drive the very first played 37 yard pass to Freeman. Beautiful. There was play action. You know everybody in the patriots but they're gonna run the football for exactly that reason right run the clock and and I gave it a most cash in hand on a credit. Four run that play makers have got linebackers running into each other later Roberts follow all the the place right that completed a drop back and passed. And Eagles to 37 yards and that's brilliant. But once is a difference between. Doing that and running it when they're expecting to if you begin we'll begin doing it for a three times and punt. They'll run it three times in kick a field goal the mush that guarantees right Jimmy Carter missed a forty yard field ball. But you would have done it with you know less time on the clock. Burned all their timeouts on page a trillion Bernadie in a truck didn't really need to one but still it was the right thing to do. You have to at some point make the adjustment. Pretty much doesn't know that he's never won anything yet in these guys try to played all this what we do some point you gotta put that like a bit of an advantage Arnaz I don't know what is so. Opposing that I told her that they also know your opponent. OK bet some some other team what their bet that doesn't have a legendary quarterback that has a history. Of break into teams Harvard's. And you know I can feel we're gonna go we Duca is bull bull will rely on our defense. But you know who you're playing against you know who's pacing the sidelines. Opposite you who just waiting to get one more chance to bring their team his team. Back into this game you know once again markets that you allow him to take high you know run high risk play that's that's low probability. And excited is going with the sure thing. I mean I guide to colleges grew at Marshall. For budget reasons but doing what you do is great. Okay but that being stubborn and being peek at it and not realizing the situation you're in and the opponent you have that matches BA that's back. Listen I love the game plan for for Kyle Shanahan they were moving Jones around. They were confusing patriots a little bit I love what they did defensively to open a two game with Dan Quinn is you do points and man. Something probably no New England didn't see an awful lot of looking back the at the film during the course of the year. But in the fourth quarter. When the game is on the line Bill Belichick speaks to his greatness. There's nobody better in situational stuff he has every play mapped out like a chess player. Displayed next and we got to do this to get into this and then missed because all of these things will end up putting us in the position to win and watching that again. You know I've watched it twice now cents. It to me it's even more improbable. Dem winning that game when you go back and watch it again because you sit there enjoy watching you know the outcome and he is saying to yourself. Why then is going to look at the situation in Atlanta still playing. Well. It wasn't like Atlanta suddenly had fallen apart now Atlanta. Did not convert third down third downs actually killed and an answer when Hillary right. But they were actually older than third down situations. The ball a little smile off is the fact it. One bit of not only were they up 21 to theory you know when they were up 283. The Vontae Freeman Coleman combined for four Russians. Army you're you're midway through the equal that a third quarter it did for more drives. Whom it may be five become that last for which you want to run it right but still support drive you're up twenty to three. And and you run it four times but I NL in and it wasn't like in the air bubbles going nowhere so if you ran that you just doing nothing to chew up the clock. Freeman was doing his thing I mean that they couldn't stop Freeman and and I know they didn't. It's certainly did did a better job you held it in at second half but still. They get stopped the one yard run you run on the get a guy I was getting six yards a chunk you don't stop once finds he be stopped twice they ran the ball four times of 28 at three. If I told you with a patriots are 283 will would you say it's maternal blood game. Right this is what they do a 28 at three napalm blunt and they just picked up ripped the hearts out of the team that I want to tackle the big Fella. And they -- the clock at the same time. When he got three units at four runs the rest of the game and didn't it scare you every time we saw Freeman Coleman running to the outside a few times that they did they had no problem you know the look into our local back to Washington game Olympic notices that. That at first play that dump pass to Freeman for 35 yards they're seven yards and a Linda Roberts fell down. Got it he spelled out right he's not a cover probably part was gonna catch him but he got back up he made a tackle. Nickel back and look at that. Let I think according was the only guy back in he's been blocked by a wide receiver. There was a good chance of premature taken at the higher freak in a way if Roberts and get back into play I mean everybody is on the other side. You know the whole side was wide open what he broke one tackle he was gone. And only does anybody behind it and see all forty deuce and its appeal twenty twos but it looked like and replayed it. He taken that all the way is robbers didn't get shopping go back to tackle. Yeah hightower got into Robert's face I believe on that play he was not because obviously that was his assignment but you write it gets back in that position. He's got let's get to the phone calls and we'll talk to you you know your your reaction after the prix yesterday. The emotion of at all if you've had the opportunity to see it again. A tonight they will play in a film that we're all played in its entirety with guys might doubt bulls hightower and Immelman. Our that you guys that are might depth for the patriots posted got all the boom mikes along the sidelines who won't Siegel think it's too with a little bit of last night. With the inside the NFL but parade the game itself and the fact that would you go back and should again. It's even more probable that New England ended up winning that football game. The greatest game ever I just it's a vocal 6177797937. The total amount of talk and you've just got. Experienced the land. 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Short away. Now back to more toward weight room Lumia Fauria talk Sports Radio WEEI. The new. England plays are sitting here there was talk about how great the New England Patriots are and what they do they never lit up. Period so now we have the Atlanta Falcons and they end up blowing about 45 point lead and the way they believe what you guys are saying is because they didn't run a ball and that's. Opposite of their probes that they're pros they got and here's I don't underscore that. Don't know what is it seeded Brenda Marshall has no clue you know New England would not done that. New England would look at the score look at the situation count the number of plays that they can get in before the clock expires and they would have it all figured out. Atlanta coaching staff did not have. They they get stubborn they get Eric said we gonna do what we do and said even worse by by having Matt wrangle back another seven steps it was. It was don't put Hillary on the social. He's got a is that a continued talk about the fortieth or goals that get. Although Matt Bryant a very good kicker because it did you say OK well they're an aggressive team of the first and goal from the five should be tried thrown in three times. Who you run an antic chip shot soliloquy and yes so it's eight of course you have to adapt. You have to look at it I mean really mention any of somebody edit I would back totality admitted he blew. So that Coleman member breeder or a Peter King. Four minutes to go in the super boom and on the twenty yard line. Brown is that suddenly hero Todd motif that didn't run the football maybe they should have been you know what if Brady goes that that's interception of these lenient element that it would say the same damn thing here too. Yes we would be Sunni section into but the thing is it it wasn't necessarily a forty yard field goal if you run the football three times. Maybe get a first down now New England in a bigger. This everyone's. New at minus one OK so now you're second the last official made it again to maybe get to the fifteen yards on. Together the fifty yard line and we it's that shot it's a chip shot I let's go to nick diction no layman's hey nick. Yeah yeah I do and there was a bit here. To get exactly sub 1050. Games sound like that. It yet. And in the last thousand to keep us gains in the NFL. Only four times out of that thousands if you would ever was as a team ever come back from a 25 point. Deficit at showed how bad their coaching list and so I get the same as and by the way which is guess you'd eat you right glad you guys right. It was just seven seconds left I don't think they had a clue and in my without it would go to Q ignite an ideas about this you guys yesterday including the guy who decided to run the ball out of the end zone. What I'm getting. Pounds don't. Osgood kicked out it was a good kick in a choice. Yes I get very little respect to quit very little respect machining and we're not taken it all upon themselves even peek out the debt incidences beside me I do you Quinn's say that I'm not really against unions say that. Dick going nowhere by the way that's being. Beijing what's the guy's brilliant scheme dyslexia has what does that say it got to youth I think you know you're right that was present. At a high head to south. Well no they hired Steve so our keys and who's at Alabama was able to head coach of you receive a while one game oh yeah he's does that make you doubt what's displeased Lane Kiffin he went to Florida Atlantic. I don't I don't see the deep and I don't see them going anywhere being. All the youth that's on the defense all the talent that they have. I mean Matt Ryan is not going anywhere for another what 510 years are you kidding me like they have. Half the battle is fighting a court that you have a cornerbacks and they should Julio Jones hasn't gone anywhere. They should be the next there's no question about it except that teams to lose. In the Super Bowl for some reason tipped to win. Seem to have a better chance approach of being pretty good the next year that teams that lose I don't know why we don't want that was even non Ehrlich captain. You. In the 2000 on Super Bowl. The teachers would they do not make a simple my first year. The winner and O three and ever the first time we came back as a team to this to a facility to start working out in the bullet late winner early spring. There is a big. You know plaque are big sign on the wall as you could you got to walk a straight you turn right to go locker rooms there's a big sign on the wall that list of all the Super Bowl championship. All possible chambers are like last five years to your point and what their record was after they won the Super Bowl actually won it not going to suitable. People teams who would want those who won it. And it was like 978 knee to seven and 997. And ended with the patrons that what is it there are nine and seven you're 106. No Super Bowl not even did make the playoffs for about going back to the subordinated make a. Yeah tough to explain a neither neither team made the playoffs that was in the Super Bowl last year Carolina a dismal and that's the thing that people get that it's a job at this Atlanta teams different their young made big going to be there again I mean I don't. You never looked at a team that lost a suitable and said they're screwed next year that would I won't ask our lineup they're learning gear news come into his own data Kelvin Benjamin coming back for a great young wide receiver meaning. You're constantly look at Enceladus teams that are in Seattle loses some of voice ought to come right back at team is loaded things happen. If he can't really explain it there isn't a team that loses this a bully look at say they're screwed next to you always believe every single year when a suitable any championship is over. You believe that the same two teams are gonna come back the next year. I because they just that's the last thing you saw the two best teams in the league whether it's a World Series. Cubs indians' next year it's gonna happen I mean that's that's when you look at these two teams to set up for the future. It just doesn't happen down. Well Carolina lost weekly and of course day in the offseason free agency lost a Pro Bowl quarterback but what does that say about your process. And their offense was as they're off on it now that was a canal zone more Cam Newton thing anything. When you really look at it after talking after meeting all the people down there especially guys who cover the Carolina Panthers. And that they're Mike Reese's of the world there Tommy kerns down there and that in Charlotte when they just when they talk about Cam Newton does for such disdain for him. As far as his worth his work ethic. And they and they're comparing it to Brady obviously they've realized. There's no reason why Cam Newton should not be one of the greatest of all time to be you know why all the tools the skills he has a why he should not he should never now. Pianist so maybe that's why the record so bad the next year for teams to lose in the Super Bowl. Cam Newton might be booed booed then you know the poster child for it. Is that he was traumatized by. And it affected in the next year to the point where everybody's out to get the Buick officials are looking at the answer is highly motivated. You at all that way you lost that you wanna start connecting separates the football when you're pissed no run of the highly motivational. You know assailant who are steamed through we are at the nose and justify and the fact that he got school wrote it's his fault it's everybody else to screw up Steve's at Michigan here. On EEI what's up Steve. Pesos in morning. Any job. It was a play in the game it's let you went back and watched it by you end up watching that second half a couple of more times. It was a play in the third quarter that really no one's talking about it that was about what a half minutes left in the third quarter. And the pats had the lead. At Atlanta yup Atlanta 35 yard line it. Third may third and eight was a third and eight play. Big plus. And if you don't make that that's source now in the past after ticket you'll all agree that. They have to couple wayward punched out I mean I thought that was. If you are we talked about it on Monday it was a fifty yard run. Like Tom Brady on third and eight and things will start to break down at that point OK that was huge Paula migrate huge plus but he's gotten close. He doesn't. And it and that's is it it's it's so frustrating as a defender. When you you really don't even pay him any mind that you really know he's got it right and even if he does not ours again. I know Ahmet linebacker and are more promise Rossi on nickel back. Or about just a linebackers never gonna have a spy situation with with the breakers if you run you're so we could probably gravel to catch up to one. And in it its third at ten. Sure gritty gives up big in a cushion because all slow he has. When it's four Russian they had seven back in coverage everybody was covered he had nowhere to go. And they pick it started to get to a pretty quickly. He got out of the pocket and then the offensive line five guys held up before so now he's got some time and I wouldn't you can if you not a wide open field that was is an idiot front your down 23. Yeah. At that point and yeah that's the same drive to meet dug in so many of those plays him in a charge trouble Lu at that point. Because you don't get that first down he got to fourth and get two opportunities to get that first Dahlia the church trouble at those huge and the guys is just Copperfield I don't think they don't want it to three. I mean earlier in that drive we forget through the fourth and three him and don't write. His fourth and three. You don't 28 to three politics is one little slip you go to drive the ball try to run before you catch it. And now they have the ball in your forty I believe and in this thing is over I mean there's so many of those plays we could say this thing was all of were worth twenty plus probably as you watch and that thing again is it legal. There was no way they win you saw you watched the game again and it sure everybody that walks is those same way. Even in the fourth quarter I think it was thirteen twelve minutes ago and there are still down only 29 European here. This kid in this game. What you when you were depressed after the missed extra point to he sea sickness and oh yeah my guide them looked the man this is going to make it even worse because now they're going to need. 22 on two touchdown I got it yet. And you do look at it and it's amazing we talk about how improbable was the greatest comeback in in Super Bowl history. But as you watch it again so many things had to work but the Hogan sideline pass out lately he he doesn't get that ball game over it. All pass of Brady earlier I mean it wasn't like it was the they pointed out Tammy who was all over talk about the beautiful the past ones. He threw it to his right and he just drop it over a defender it's if it's shorter one you are one foot probably pick six the other way. And it was beautiful. Only an A how many of those B Matt Wright had some good throws. But the vessel was his throw in the fourth quarter two Hulu Jones but other than that. And it wasn't spectacular I guess it'd be understood why am about point is immediate you can have the opportunity to those two job there and there's your body was gonna. Actually I don't soak in the what does he would you know while Matt Ryan has made a but when he got the ball back in the fourth quarter. He had no timeouts yet under a minute early and based on how far back they weren't really what did you expect them to do. And you know it in the after the third then end up putting. And the fact that the patriots still had another shot to win it to pull the whole ball Bruschi. Credit act like they're gonna take you need an apple over respect for Dion Lewis got hurt. I kind of looked at her body blows me out yeah a lot of tweaking his answering it is fine. And that but now that Alan everybody now the torque. You know continue yet the boys over there you have Ninkovich and Malcolm Butler not about Malcolm Mitchell hole again. A high powered down and Bristol yet M doce Amendola. On the Kimmel to get them don't have to do we come back don't play yet there we come back I think he may be the star in a late night circuits for. Actually Mosul was quiet down that I think I have a goal has been intimidated by that lifelong comedian Bill Belichick sit next to. Belichick at the lines he was good yes funny and chelios and don't come along way he almost. Almost felt like he was contaminated with with with pills that he's got it don't play until now I can't among his does that get belt object will be right back.