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NFL SUNDAY...the final segment of the year -- 2-5-17

Feb 5, 2017|

Pete, Thornton and Price give their final thoughts and predictions for the Super Bowl.

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Oh yeah. For closes it. Continually. Didn't think we. About starting continues for a few more minutes of Westwood One coverage takes over for you don't forget we have the game for you tonight a government review guys patriots falcons to provoke 51. Kevin Harlan Boomer Esiason. Tony bizarrely thin lofted really good radio group for rip. We'll have the game right here. And coverage starts at at 2 o'clock. What gets a couple calls those guys before we wrap up with the show guys were waiting online for a while here's Steve on the kicker up next here on NFL Sunday would be Chris. And Jerry what's up Steve. Guys Zelaya raise Carol thank you Steve it's a certain. Am I know listening to enact yeah I never thought you know you have Biscayne situation. As Super Bowl forty true. I mean they're corporate Nike golf and I'm just couldn't weighty legacy at each step different today they're gonna shut these seniors are or ever no longer being there is quarterback all. I won't Steven Waldman they can win ten super balls and rolled the ones that you're talking about that'll continue to hate. It will it will never matter but we we don't care about them right though we dismiss their haters haters gonna hate so. Decade area we all know he's the greatest quarterback Trent. Ever played his game he's made history probably no real server has tried to reach hundreds. Our media there appreciate your open up a point that I think Steve kind of touched on his. It's still history here this isn't your garden variety our guy going for a Super Bowl loses you know a everyone wants to put the legacy talk off the see how the game goes by I mean it this puts you in a class by yourself. In a way that the Super Bowl let shall not be named also would have been. If the if the end of when in this thing and greedy wins. You know the fifth rating in you know I'll bottom line guys in book and know that that means you know crypto for about a quarterback and in no way understand all that but. If you can arrive the conversation. With five Super Bowl rings and you know I don't know how you can not. Named him the best quarterback called them and exits and body working you consider it in the goes into it and frightening to use the greatest all time and I think that while there are some still some question out there in the minds of some people. It about the legitimacy of the whole thing but look if you win five I think dental arguments with completely different. Turned over roster exactly exactly. Secure one more reporter wrap things up get our final predictions is Peter Jamaica Plain Europe lasted an NFL Sunday what's up there. Your issue are in the year closes out a path they had a. The ability as far as I Greer or forty years during a man. It up on March so I don't want you to sort of are horrible one and it. Utah who wrote the words but this sympathetic I haven't below talk about it but this seems like. Alas for prime came to patriot. Pat Schroeder is getting better and better. Don't discriminate couple you taught me if you think they could impact the game and I mean Rudnick currency better. Chris Warren seemed to be better shares or such sure you have enough. Branch has been terrorists are yup them this push I don't branch and hightower. So do you think there be a factor in the game. Or because then I tires and Valentine nicknamed O Leavitt got an athletic but yet at their ability to edit it Chris is a CD you like. Patricia it has added. Page is the playbook is who have gone along now yet you see them run and tricks and twists and stunts up front in ways that they weren't early in the season when it was just sort of an Allah. Yeah my guy match out of says that that those guys are going to be the guys that we're gonna end up talking about tomorrow in in a positive sense the tree flowers that. Chris Long Rob Ninkovich as those are going to be the guys who you know nationally are gonna be known tomorrow. For their performance in the super why I think that it's a lot of it is team defense the ability to backed into dictated covering to a good job. But they've done a better job get after the quarterback oval second year in and impose these. Interest thing again the ten highest scoring teams in NFL history fare in the playoffs so brought them treated by a real quick. The to cut 2013 Broncos. Six on its exports Los mr. ball accorsi awesome patriots second the 589 points lost you know what 2011 Packers 560 loss in the divisional playoff 2012 patriots 557. Loss in the AFC title game. 1998 vikings at 556 lost that Steve the burger when a top team in the NFC championship 2011 states. 547. Points lost the divisional playoffs in 1983 Redskins 541. They lost the Super Bowl to the raiders there was a Marcus Allen crazy runner a 369 whenever I remember correctly. 2016 falcons that this team with 540 points we don't know yet. 2000 rams 540 points but lost the wildcard. And the 1999 rams are the only team that's that's been that at 526 point actually. Won the Super Bowl so I put so ugly that nineteen you guys are awesome final predictions guys Chris. I think he could end up winning this thing 3020 it has been a lot of fun doing the show all your guys take care very crisply drug over reading your stuff on WEEI dot com. After the game Jerry. He's way up on the on 3823. A kid that extra feel all that it's almost identical bullet time the parents. I'll stick with my 44 to 27. That's my final prediction I wanna thank Matt Loper. Throughout the season you are been terrific absolutely. One of the best burgers ever worked with outstanding. Unbelievable job we're eager to bail by himself put them together by Jerry it's been great avenue obviously worked with Chris Christian and Tommy current. It has been fantastic I think I'll be on police regularly on from nine to one on Sundays for a while on Friday night. But forget that they enjoy the game and I I'm pleading with all our listeners out there. What are lose. Don't fall into the trap of tweeting idiotic stuff out after the game no matter what what the haters say enjoy yourself I don't have to say be careful if you drink and drive and all that nonsense. Be careful enjoy the game embrace it don't pass out before kickoff play at pace yourselves they have ever great Super Bowl everybody westward. What covered up next right here sports rated double we guy. You know that's. Put all that crap. Critically need.