WEEI>On Demand>>Gabe Morency, Sports Rage TV and FNTSY Sports Net, joins NFL SUNDAY to go over the various props for Super Bowl 51 -- 2-5-17

Gabe Morency, Sports Rage TV and FNTSY Sports Net, joins NFL SUNDAY to go over the various props for Super Bowl 51 -- 2-5-17

Feb 5, 2017|

Gabe calls the boys to handicap one of the biggest gambling days of the year - Super Bowl 51! Gabe has all the point spread info down and gets to all of the major prop bets that interest him.

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He'll be as. I turn this time we're pigskin picks from Gabriel Allred seemed. RNC head on Sports Radio WEEI. And and both fairness is the biggest. Dreading it and for entertainment purposes all wrong for most of the people of the United States but gave itself Canada. In Vegas. Denver Reggie joining us the AT&T. Hotline is Christmas Day for everybody here shoot holes Sunday. Gave of course was portrayed to be an effigy as wide dot com was on the shore this weekend. Had a blast and gave. What a day it is for you right. I got ready to rock come ready Iraq went on like most people who are they don't coping barbecue right now getting the pregame spread ready. I'm sweating out big cannot college basketball game or Iraq Internet game trying to prod you account love for the Super Bowl. It. All right just but just we just came out much of a thing called a depleted at me. Called a Vegas gambling stream it says that pre game underscore steam excuse Christine it's as alert. Biggest source Floyd Mayweather just that five and a half million on the patriots Moneyline in the first half. Patriots minus one at several offshore books. While I would say that it is number wide net number two. I think it's great news Karen I lived in Vegas employed that's a lot. What I would I would assume that it's like 500000. Dollars and those of five point one belt not that he doesn't have the money. Blocked. I've never heard of him really putting a backed this big normally it's a couple of hundred today. You know maybe this Super Bowl he'll have two million. Audio a lot of times. DC. You know of these types of stories Georgia sports sports try to get attention right. Yeah let me -- new developed artifacts out there Apollo and all that he has stated I don't know the first top Conner talks upload to me I'm not a big fan a lot of people and ask me what I figure the first stop lying. Matters as far as the pocket to the pictures of it first happened I don't know I don't I don't have a strong field for that but I was deployed to battle locket and the patriots. Arlen let me ask you this a big story really and it's brought up on this reader station and others. Is hobbled line has not moved all week which I'm sure he will confirm is very rare I believe it's still a three right now the Mike attention does this. And I don't like I'd been a million dollars in the falcons the other day and understand them by my understanding is that there's been a lot of big bets on the falcons gave. But if you look at the overall betting slips. More patriot batters but the bigger money on the falcons and that's why the line hasn't moved is that accurate. Yeah you're exactly right and they are tripping call that sitting on a number that are very comfortable with right now. People are pretty split as far as this -- ball is concerned that I think it's funny you mentioned Floyd Mayweather and it's a classic example the patriots are ordinary web parts and people don't like Floyd Mayweather and people don't like a great church until they try to talk themselves into reasons why they believe he can lose at least a mile falcons were great game but this year. Blog I think a lot of people are batting what their hearts. And out there. They are far too sharply guys are concerned. They're playing these big numbers on the falcons. I think there are looking at a regular season numbers and I'm sure you guys have heard there's not an argument you're probably just tired of by your about it as you are deflate gay. About a patriot didn't play anybody. You know I crawl into that trap I'd try and should I don't wondering okay how good. Actually is this team and I I don't know you know we are in all honesty they cover the point spread today. They gonna tied a record for the best point spread in NFL history was sixteen covers. Shell on it about team Albert no but I remember what Lou Holtz stated when they won a national championship by the tourism like 89 would pony rides. We should you know people say welcome back in the country I could read about him the country's aren't the best team every Saturday. And I think that that's you know blog about team on the field every Saturday and that's the case of the picture urged. You know that kind of a no name defense that people don't really all I got into a fight against Austria and all patriots defender but I am getting into arguments with people. The meter defense is mediocre. Good old Barry didn't play anybody that got National League schedule all right that's all it implies to elect people and strength of schedule before now reduce their costs. I guess they've you know they've played eighteen games and given up fifteen point to gain. You know the matter at all points per game doesn't matter you know I get it you know we get into baseball wins losses archer litigation rocker preacher earliest. Put the pocket the procedure to pound away you know two weeks what do you know the greatest coach in NFL history. To prepare and you know this game reminds me so much and I don't Robin Robinson and his or bother about two months now. That the Atlanta Falcons remind me of the St. Louis Rams keep the plastic shell want her. You know there's a lot of different components or explosive offense Matt Ryan curt Warner kind of similar the way right play. Right now brochure and all that John Holmes and should do it Gabriel and Freeman has fought there's a lot of dynamic there out of racquet imported seventy. Have a don't forget to Geico gave that that team also had the number one defense truth of their of the rams that your they were in the one defense also. You know such a bit. Remember about this type of game got also all the Buffalo Bills they don't go back to what Belichick was leader than the coach of the giant absolutely but the belief. Be it did affect a quarter of a giant giant reported a nineteen game. It can only the only suitable ever be shot by one point of course big bills fan I would go back. To. I would remember that. Barbara I think you know I look at this David same way that I do look at those tough football game jitters similar way that I look fairway and I would appreciate church would be repulsed by running the ball number twelve and also. Reported widely as well with you know the strength of schedule Berisha and the falcons offense bad in this numbers that is about it says Super Bowl are right we all know the number one offense played and avoid deeper corned beef redshirt Tribe's offense. Has lost dot -- those are games according last year I would with the Carolina Panthers. Blog I don't draw the numbers out I think you're so I don't I don't think you'll out of pocket going to be putting up certain art which today like they have in their playoff games by out which. What won't have to go to particularly. Enticing prop that. Yeah I'm not. A god like eighteen of them slept all of the law apply here. And I wanted to modernize the grid like Egypt I got no call people up plays are there. What if you are playing apart people take lucky to win MVP that legged dog. Got three legs man. I mean like they're keeping up and to get on the field I think they're gonna give me MVP likely due to wipe. Out. I don't know I can you I got out put little security I like the past two winter games. 3220 shabby and I very close as far as the total insured. I'm on the popular talk more so than the actual shot here borders are the talks are concerned and I know he disagrees with me on this one double start our club first quarter under thirteen points. But we've all about the pictures not sort of touchdowns in the super ball the first quarter I know that they're about to put up points in your what the governor straight games up on the first try to fight. Put up a touchdown put up a field goal I eat two touchdowns to lose respect. Right in the first quarter idol baker scored two touchdowns in the first quarter all really eat. As one keen to get stall I'd give games I know they're bill reject Brady you're talking about what I gonna attract Iditarod. I really do like of all gonna try to establish the run early as well I'm gonna go under thirteen each more points scored in the first or second we optical the second. I think if you're gonna start off a little slower in the six super ball operated as more point scored in for a bump. There's been one loss in one push. As far as first dust jacket up. A total points scored in the football game guys in between 51 and sixty. Plus 240 place Gupta at 830 to 24 I've got a birdie one point he shot and I'd open it we're gonna get an addition extreme east. May need to get this sixty you know we don't actually export this nice little play I have to finish exactly between 51 and sixty plus 240. Armored called bystander quarterback completion cropped over what he should try out for Tom Brady. All over 25 and we're not done Ryan. All these teams are extremely poor defending the running back reception. And Adobe a lot of introduction. In this ball on game Julian cattlemen over seven and out was shot just Super Bowl record is thirteen. You know I don't know he breaks the record but I think he's covered call savage element about double digit receptions tonight. Over under seven he's got a job create jobs per game and a playoff sixteen in total go over seven and Julio Jones over sick about perception lot of talk about shutting them down wow you know blog talk about shot at chopped up until about work out. Louis Louis OGO. All reserves amount to little Joseph Jones as solid figures for Obama state that don't follow a quick out to a lot of sort of water birdied two. They are the pictures are really hard to run the football ought. I think there's going to be a lot of drinking dunking a toxic that it Marcia new goes all over four outside as well right now we did us some of my better ones don't put bigger money on this one Austrian looper. Under 24 I receiving yards are right. He's only call more easily at 45 receiving yards Fort Collins all season long he's not a big part of the prosecute Iraq. I don't expect him to get out a big impact on this football game. Reception wise maybe make a player you. Maybe he runs a reverse was topic number 124 and out. This is one of my best backs there's one right here. The blog basically meant. Under fourteen and I are rushing attached. A comfortable on Dave Freeman get exactly fourteen rushing attempts against the Packers yet exactly fourteen rushing it has yet to see our common denominator guys. Why is that a double digit legion post football days I don't you know the patriots aren't going to score. I'm not I can report took all the clubs all they want the luxury brand in the folk all after the bought decree rich. Fifteen yards I loved it brought under fourteen and up and it plots 100. As well. Will not ride to open more passing yards and Tom Brady dashed minus 125. And a couple of more on the way out you're tall Brady over under rushing yards three and you let Zambrano over the number here America. You know pretty appreciation real estate gonna take it isn't so well. Similar situation when Matt Ryan all under five and a half rushing yards. Rushed for 23 yards against Green Bay Packers. Ron your athletic dude that will locate the real estate as well we're gonna go a long field goal all over the 45 and and highly. Where to go either team scored three times in a row no cluster of 25. And quit do bonus ones right here. Total rushing attempts by Atlanta Falcons player first. All under three and a half. So why introduce golf blog we are freemen we got all made what is your reverse or walk out ourselves from neighbor Russia nuke it I'd got stripped out rushing a cashier to Parker director which replaces a new endeavor we're going over pretty and finally in closing the big enchilada. In England patriots to win. Why exactly in between one mutation exploits. I'd like 350 golf like Super Bowl package. All right that gave that's awesome Mike to prop bets I believe the line has gone up for quite some of the tweets I'm getting Adelaide money's gonna commit the Richards I've no doubt about it. But Mike to prop bets that level through. I love Tom Brady did to rush for the first touchdown which is plus 2200. And James light over thirty and a half total yards rushing and receiving that's also what it 200 I love those two gave. You walk and. I like James like to score a touchdown as well plus 300. But are gave you the man enjoy the game good luck to all of your prop bets that you've been terrific with us and we will depth we talk again if not next week. Oh pluggable topics Rick at some point maybe a little recap what. We'll have we'll have got to get you've been terrific all year long thank you so much. That I really enjoy myself enjoy the game sick guy to the other available 365 I bet on everything. A perfect day. Let's like if your gonna did an egg in there with a big Ted actions that Robert Gibbs Reggie joining this year. On the NFL Sunday from sports race to be an effort here's why guy come great handicap perform yourself are no quick break a welcome back. Try to get the calls and gore wrap up NFL Sunday before heading off to west would want to 2 o'clock right here on Sports Radio WEEI.