WEEI>On Demand>>Christian Fauria, from WEEI's OMF, joins NFL SUNDAY to give his thoughts on S.B. 51 -- 2-5-17

Christian Fauria, from WEEI's OMF, joins NFL SUNDAY to give his thoughts on S.B. 51 -- 2-5-17

Feb 5, 2017|

Fauria is still down in Houston and calls live from NRG Stadium to give his take on what will go down later on in Super Bowl 51. He likes the Pats and gives his reasons why, but also gets into the scene in Houston all week, famous people he met and why he is tired out from a wild week.

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Our number five of NFL Sundays at 3 o'clock credit reports rated WEEI that a three point seven FF but the Greater Boston area rust WEEI. Sports Radio network got beat Shepperd Chris reprise that Jerry Horton which you were told to go Westwood One picture all. All the way all the coverage viewership wolf 51 regular sports reader WEEI time now though. That back out to the AT&T hotline check you with Christian for eight or what goes into the game segment brought you live morning M lumber although Christian what's going on. Hey hey he is doing Howard and you'll hear a UK invited to argue coyotes hockey Jamaica for yesterday's show how Jamaican. It's under government. With the bulls like I'm done with it period. It was a lie and not just a bit if you should really be one big chart it's. It. Started talking like yesterday about you. Whatever party went to you we can see the stage and you were thirty rows back in the news and a if you like 50000 dollars to bribe the. I'm tired of being in the you're a victim. I'm tired of being lead them tired of the lines and tired you'd be O. Tired of paying a hundred bucks were mistakes I don't out of a fight you've got a chance. Ripple. I want to print it out on a candlelight Beijing. Auto I don't I don't want any of that stuff. Well Chris Christie thought thoughts and prayers trees and I am. Outer yeah there are people I get paid and highways that just they're gonna try and real tears. I'll go out of dotted used and I have the likable football go to parties are against either stage. I know it's I mean it's. Welcome Christian Crist in all seriousness manner I've been down here all week to India will say this that the hospitality has enemies. It really has been of people down here. I mean it's it's not you know away I think Indy was really good in the world and really good they're probably still the top of the list maybe not that order. But but they've done a really good job done this. What does that mean when they say lecture harder now picketed solar cell like the talk. They're literally seriously and their times down here Christian. That the people are so nice that they think they're goofing on me in me they are but I don't I'm not Smart enough but the difference. Are you don't occur I think it would be ignited inside joke at all or what about in this. Ought bracket it without the exit to tell what the spirit of it but that's about it either of you I'd be nervous but it. If you let your your week. It's there like it that's happening in Aruba or Hawaii court you're here for weeks and it used to with the crowd outline the security interests. You know everything else you say Hawaii UK a robot. Actively you know a lot of people like god it reduces what a terrible job I don't think they are for real simple bowl protects the way it is it's just. Giving a city that could handle that such a great says New Orleans or Miami Miami early goal. They know our purchase you have the deal with the crowds. The buy into the experience. And talk about that but that's what I've beside me today I am going to suck it up and Huckabee of people. Book a book Christian yep you're right about that weird southern hospitality but imagine growing up around here. Lay out of what it's like 495 my whole life would I go to someplace like that of people opinion that nice. It doesn't look absolutely what you wanna look at what you want from Asia and America must haven't won. Like the world comes to visit Boston in their first impression is and troopers green and Adam took to keep moving. They want the Olympics here you imagine that just loved it yet. World war or read out. Lap. So we started last Sunday. And right up that they had people on the quarters were the big red carpet ask what that every single quarter there's at least three or people every quarter. To terrible. You can abort anybody and why don't like trying to run away from their corporate like. We question. But no. Matter what no more potent. I don't have a question. I'm not a goal of the game they're not he had been out of the bar wanted. Not on our map must get the figure now got early I didn't network WBB. Tarmac and an RB. It's not like that media parking lot just getting ready to. I don't know you know I don't know what the hell gonna duke articulate what should you. Like you can't come back yet but once you if you try to. Personal like you know area and ordered. But. The word that they collected like five passes for specific here. A letter. Are you are you going to the Super Bowl you're stain in the simple. Yeah yeah yeah you'd like to admit and then make shots. It's like yeah I got to about about a acknowledged. It might you know return repeated charge murdered. And I. All right so we. What is one specific matchup you're going to be looking at today keying on battled his mega but what what's the one in your mind that you're going to be keying on. Water into one of mine actually conspirators from Herman Edwards sticker on genes Friday. I doubt. Analyze this game forever and book if there you go over network that you go out on Tuesday's. I like about for a lot of analysis and so our organization and it's sharper Cris Carter good. I like Herbert a beat the Decatur irate and your partner you lose but each corner workers at. And I really has been mentioned he is much in the back you know what it Red Cross between mark. A week would assume all of you mentioned Coleman he mentioned cremated and their ability. To really at a press the deeper I think and we're gonna stretch of stressed that he put out the rest linebacker. They attributed back you know their ability to run its you know east and west. Their ability to you know it mismatch is a sort of way. Crappy year you know alignment you know and they have been actually no comment or decide okra app it myself with no help. Or high power what are my you know that's what we're gonna try to exploit it all the comforts are irked that he played. The linebacker sort of much different formation much emotions. People recognize. Out of pitcher and are just too so what they did they whisper to you like ago that we know refute excellent the formation motion we're gonna keep. How bad go out of Iowa with reader with Colbert. I bet we recognize that that we were going to. And that's been that's an editor Bob Beckel are called are now about our power to call a timeout and like published late desert side are bigger political think down. But they ultimately. Be looked at least start back. To start. But I really think the difference maker for the falcons is gonna have to be you know. That second or third option which usually is what every you are or back. In news the deep reveals those and those those kind of guys that you're you're gonna have to euthanize out throughout the day. Chris Bradley when he yelled at me treat me two years ago. Right. Every elected ethnic vote would not be threatened by idol nation doesn't box lunch that you write the box like it was good yeah these Russell. There and Kirk Matt you are that was the one who you know what you're looking ever going back and looking back. Without Chris about the. With Christmas and keeps the public will liberal Christian give up. And a conservative if you're approaches what you said and I and I grew the I think that that's logical that these in the backs after the patriots linebackers. Can win doing that. Wildly but he eventually the biggest place I still think. Are gonna come from their best players like the cooler Jones currently there are reports all open yet they cratered. I mean you know the group that if the linebackers keep them in front of them they did. If they're given up those chunks of yards you know the better underneath stuff and in limit in the yards after catch can they can they help gun. Tom Brady throwing to a settlement and Hogan and and the running game. No I think it's more they had depth are felt because Jerry there it is what I think it's I think. It's they did dark take with a QQOP. Over our overly aggressive. Wait for your opportunity to it is going to come and what could does. Dynamic place I'd been there all week and a quick look battle talk about who's going to be here it was critical. Was going to be together drop a pass like. You know cynical bid for the dealers me bet that the debt or to be accurate that pat. And they're going to be open and guys are going to be big guy's gonna have easily covered got murdered people there and Corretja pro football rugby cup match. You know what you could keep the hell out of a teacher Q could you mellow about it eventually there could be a situation where. We're greedy cheer it on you know anchors or. Or big easily won a wobble market and it bat good bet to come out with a win. Coming up okay great scheme is great in the end become the matchup to come down that individual individual effort. Spectacular plays which could make. In India and I think that were out there. Okay Christian who's who is your guy then who who was the guy who. We're gonna be talking about tomorrow morning who will have made the plays that ultimately decides the Super Bowl from a negative perspective princess. Source yet but have since added that are currently who's going to be ago who's been go so. Funny the pats go and and I think ultimately. Think people could be met Bryant. Credits that would sort of doubt it but they don't win you screwed up. Greeting that's what that's according to go going to be there's going to be cooler joke of everything that you're going to be asked to do I think it's going to be lights. Spectacular. Like thirty dropped the ball and his direction that are trying to you know. He's there to achieve your try and wrote that inside flat play that. That you get it inside release in in and run shell across a there are a lot of they wanna do a match up all linebackers and or at least make linebackers tackle after exit the ball. You know so ultimately great Matt Bryant. How uncomfortable was that close to the princess to say I said before times maybe a shuttle whatever. And then in oh both of them Hammond and big go getting all do we like. Gazing into each other's eyes like it's I saw one little part of it. You and Lou we're just looking at them did you ever at one point think they might make out because I did. There it was wasn't really uncomfortable for a while I outs of the all spirits company. Yelled oh that'll be you know it opened the mics picked up or somebody you know get a room. I. I think let's take them back to your role might assume that as you you guys both together. Yeah I got what back to erode. Billick there's a walk in the door but with the health. I thought OK I'll Mike you know that I have these special pillows or Krista what a crazy what's the craziest thing but we all the series has got enough but what's the craziest thing you've seen god they're all week you should not afraid to let loose. You're not much yacht with your recovered pre K currently located at our at. Different sides. Well McPhee will ya operator. I recognize that there's a separate units or out here. Albers the white men in the league SharePoint which genes Mo person. Capture or at a definite that in the cell phone attached to the cellphone attached to. Bill so all the yeah. Or apartment where we did peppered it. You know and an announcement ladies you know he can definitely tell who's ready you know legal and just really. Kind of did no wait a summit to look at it it's people. Out. My wife or Ivan last night we are actually just sit back watching. Everybody wonders people lot yeah. We gotta we go right we write about. That and it. Hierarchy and that it like little cliques and packs that they and you could tell you know which acted out the door. Let my favorite thing to do one of vacations some people like the shop golf I love to mock people bought some and that is a target rich environment at at at the super ball around Houston was the Phoenix it was. You you just couldn't keep up with the demand now know what your best celebrity encounter. Are. You really know that they didn't really run into anybody such outlets. Bellicose sprinkles of our Seidenberg is ex wife that was cut interest rates really loosens its. What are you promoting hope that. I'm currently does that was like I was more concerned where a duty to bed like it and all right we're dots. I want like the spirit of state. What you decide delete select I was done every night like around 1030 letter what it -- two hours. To do it to where you're going picture close. Did you know this city exporting but it did what you didn't pitcher an all out drive their. It is just tops it workers like you know there's people stop you everywhere it's just it's but it's not do. The only complaint I have no idea what they did this I'd no like yeah Google I looked really the only totally Christian was a trip. You know it's just a lot of people do it's like bishop supported. Like oh yeah jobs to our. Current and enters the regular big name. A little bit bigger than any murder Burt these acts aren't you both. Before I let you go give us your prediction and why. Our guys 3034. And I think ultimately it's the last two especially game Brady gets the ball goes does on the deal and he via VP. All right sounds good Christa event at an haven't murdered like come in afterward that. You guys are you back here tomorrow. Now where we're seeing here or Mercer wrote down here we are right so aren't we you know. Okay look forward to that person enjoy the game are all right take care Christa for a from the old Evers joining us here on NFL Sunday before we get the we go to break real quick wanna go to what John Paul revert to he's been hanging on for ninety minutes hello John thanks for hanging out. I salute. Inserting. This game's. Charlie cover in the last hour so a lot of my children but I wanted to add one other little ring collection it sure I agree with him bella check. Because she has been emphasizing to the team. That they have not. Scored. In the first quarter. In any of the Super Bowls that they've been playing recently. He's going to wit if it's the patriots were in the clink they will take the ball. Put the ball in the Brady's chance to eviscerate. This this Atlanta defense early and often and and because Brady is so driven utility. Put it to what led led woody on the other un on the national once he gets behind the wheel of this Katie. I think what's going to happen. In this game I would not be surprised if date. Set he record for a number of points scored in the first quarter of a Super Bowl if there is. And that's another thing that they are going to I think they're gonna blow her top off. I think it's ago I think it's it's it's an it job backs them up against him here I think it's the burger don't call my buddy gave a wrench human SP two. Just a little bit as a great handicap her kinda disagrees maybe he changes my but I discuss or report that a source says the lord biggest source Floyd Mayweather. Just met five and a half million on the patriots money line for the first half which is patriots minus one at several offshore books. So Floyd Mayweather by the patriots at minus when the wind is still three but patriots why us why the habit five and a half million that several offshore blocks to. Apple gets all of that adds to prop at the board gay rights is gonna join us next Stephen. Hey I don't try to get you as well as preach shepherd Jerry Thornton. And Chris Pryce who is in Houston at a post on here until two right here on Sports Radio WEEI.