WEEI>On Demand>>NFL SUNDAY -- Certain schemes and personnel give the Patriots issues? But do the Falcons have those aspects at their disposal? -- 2-5-17

NFL SUNDAY -- Certain schemes and personnel give the Patriots issues? But do the Falcons have those aspects at their disposal? -- 2-5-17

Feb 5, 2017|

The guys continue to break the Pats and Falcons in Super Bowl 51. The Texans gave the Pats fits, but the Falcons don't have those kind of players so how do they match up with the Pats offense?

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The simple message that's all other things. Businesses business that he didn't know if we'll put on by the moment I got a tough thing to run. Tom Brady got home. I definitely thought I hot dog. Burger I want us through the bulls there's nothing like what about my good solid game you have about a half. Cut the body remained a running back for the popular. This week did say. For a last for the future now rights right Chris that. They catch basins that they can subsidies it was comments yet that quote what the whole thing need to be kind of seen in context you it was if you take those two or three sentences. It looked dead but earlier in the press conference season and nothing but all the respect in the world for pre Ian. The patriots in so wasn't one of those appeasement at a moment's you know if you look at for bulletin board let me ask you crazies that created some reported this out there. I think that Michael would be inactive today I don't know you feel about what if he's not Tommy the Pentagon. Martellus Bennett's situation I still think is an interesting one because we don't know how to help he's put with a busted fought through. If Lloyd was active for this game would they use him in that second tight and type of hybrid role possibly. Bill no idle Detroit deputy U I think he has got a good level of flexibility. But I think the fact that he's only been here for what you know a couple of months I don't think he use completely comfortable we do. His soul level of responsibility at the wide receiver position he's he's done as well as could be expected he says please and thank you win. Cubicle with a glass SB's excused for its people have been good to be all. But he think. Where he is right now use having enough trouble getting canceled responsibilities. You know squared away I don't think he's going to be active at notre can revive Belichick bill secondary that lap to go obviously he's somebody that and I saw somebody couple days ago pulled that out there's and that's the they got me an economic from one of Brill. Has some kind of wrinkle up his sleeve that he would put Floyd in their news or more to tight end in a wide receiver. That he's got the body for yeah I think that at that it. I went yeah and that means he's got a heat he's a big body guy he's not a typical patriots wide receiver he's he's got the tool. But it does seem time I think if he'd been here for. Two years or three years for whatever out of a level of comfort we give the patriots passing I think that the possibility you know going forward though he could still be that guy that you go in the year two. But it think guys are released cities in would you take Malcolm Mitchell all day long I'll analogue. Michael. Capsule about saying he'd be active over you know one of those guys that involved some special teams guys bought the rock but I group I'd 99.9 percent sure be enacted which won't come up on the way to about 5 o'clock. Yeah I don't know if I've 5 o'clock arc exactly yet in the thing to remember here Q is right pinkie view that you. Leave one guy reenacted you know you have to start to consider the back end of that roster when you view me counter active inactive and anything. You immediately at a passing. I think there are probably better suited today. To have an extra quarterback as opposed to an extra workers. Were they would that's where I was and Cyrus Jones is gonna play. It. Was you know what though if he's got a grip and it did I thought I'd look at and I wrote this earlier in the week he's got a shot at doing so in general for the guys have ever done. In the history of the National Football League and that's go back to back within national championship one year in a Super Bowl the following because it last year. In his chance to get a super boring. It it's like it ballistic guys it's like Courtney Upshaw Tony Dorsey said William Floyd there with the three guys on the LSU team plea for the patriots in 2004. Removed today so it it's a short list in it was funny I talked to about that this week eroded the web site. Ian he's completely aware of of its annual visit WW debate that with him you understand it it's kind of this is really exclusive company but. He's also fully aware of what you went through this season in the fact he says look if about the in the field feel like ever to become witches. Are a lot of coastal got a ring as a healthy scratch and I think that's that's best case scenario I think every every patriots fan would be more than comfortable with saying yes not not Campbell coach is deep is Eric row it. Maybe you know at a safety but but leave leave him out of this. Logjam that said through the of phone banks is my body billboards that we've pact that take league for the big show. Phone lines are jammed here's a patent Connecticut up next you're NFL Sunday repeat shepherds are thorny Chris price they pat. I don't break expect it on what's happening. Ali not a problem would be ultra overnight hours. Likes me I didn't know what sort of our number I actually get back to my the issue you're supporting. Your arm. Shirt or poster child for a system and your your regular work week child Shannon sharp he a poster child. I. Just QQ I'll get backed it sit in the second or and it terms. The injury. I came in at them if the patriots had I don't know lipstick Martellus Bennett anybody had any chance that you impact player. Day bear drew respect they said go go up opposite of love of Mac let's go to what Andrew is right across my way you know. So bad that talent by you guys cover that really well. I want couldn't really focus in on you are looked at TP password. And I'm much much age and the password is. It doesn't effort system signatures more honest and Smart all sort. Sparked a ball players are in the gaps when you got wide open Shreveport times in the same game that Smart football quarter. And so system whatever. My main plate before you guys talked about that was where sister Whitney Houston game. A belt system. Lie and I sent it all the typewriter it's a great point where's the system because they had a couple you know in a merciless and cloudy were able to disrupt them not everybody can do that where we're system patted 2009. We also the documentary. You don't they'd be if you heard bella checks and I can't. Yet these guys to play it all those to shut down mossy shut down walkers like we care run the ball no one else can catch the ball. I mean that's that's that's the system. That password that race is so absurd and it's a slap in the face it everybody else on this team. If I guess yeah what you want. I'm for the life of me I I can not understand how this game can be a three point I I just. And they know what that they knew as of Mac being potentially. You know 8% whatever is that has got to be brought in right up big issues behind and he sold it. About all right pat babble first of all the biggest stuff it's all about balancing the books I heard. What had a handicap runner forget his name was real good on Friday we have laboring to coming up. The reason is because the bigger pets. Are coming on the falcons. But the overall. That's of people are betting on the patriots I think you see a lot of late money commander was that story out. Yesterday there was a guy about a million dollars on the falcons and that's that's why the line has removed all that must but the majority of people brave patriots but the bigger pets. Are coming in on the falcons but I think you'll see that line go up at least a half a point before kickoff up to three and barely had to guess what shall we are well at the edit does at the end though a lot of a lot of late money's gonna come in on the patriots that's my opinion but we'll. You guys you guys what you guys want you seem money. This week and he sought earlier publicity ago why nobody JG really Joseph Pesci movie it's sugar that is is the kerosene as classic by the way to break old boss with the over under. On the amount of mentions for Chris Hogan playing college Ross Wolf oh I would be mentioned it's like Tibet 300 to win a hundred that is just. But it is to exit out there we did Seagram the other one Little Rock little. The look Bryant how long the National Anthem will be at the over under on that now is two minutes ninths they do that every year there's also profit out there that somebody this is true of my making this up that somebody will catch on fire during the Lady Gaga performance I'm not kidding. That's prop bet. There's a crop went out there Clinton the same pirate technicians that that the Michael Jackson at camera I'm glad you're at a historic reference back to the volunteers appear to implement up next here on NFL Sunday with Pete and Chris and Jerry Peter. Eight exit at the right call them that's burning in you're on a radio again thank you. And I hope you get your own show. I just wanted to say hey I think I think Malcolm Mitchell to have a big game today. But there are going to be scouting are all the other. Receivers. Malcolm Mitchell and Julia and it. Now and that's the beauty of his. That's the beauty industry computers that no one expected in the if you chipped in that poll would be Hogan Hogan Hogan that mr. gold the because he was open that's the beauty. You don't know who's going to be the start of scale might pick Mitchell. And or entitlement or hole I think any of those guys can end up being the man today there's no doubt about it that's what makes this team. So hard to dissected analyzed at times and I can only a map for us we can imagine. For coaches there's nobody that would add to that AFC championship game ticket. Hold it would do as much damage as he did he ever back but no we did hear the damage that it did. Right and I got. Prediction 37 collapsed to its one courage or you have 37 war. Does grow with Diaz who is time we current have had several weeks. 3823. I I can't see a scenario in which Brady doesn't carve his defense hopefully get like a Turkey eight. It's it's so lousy with rookies we keep veritable before rookie starters but is also so many second your guys. And and what they did against. You know the Packers in and Seattle while impressive. Was against some very weak offensive lines. You know to the point where it it didn't the Packers put a defensive tackle in a guard. Because it was like it was like the end of the civil war in the confederate to put like third fourteen year old boys and beautiful as a parent and offer them. And I think it just seems right for Brady is in comp well leave that the sect. Should Chris thinks about a we brought a little bit Tommy brought it up I mean that the four rookie starters this is distraught account real strong safety DR Jones that linebackers Campbell linebacker. And Bryant pool. As the nickel back the second your guys sack leader victim Beasley. Junior. And then you gut you get Joan Collins. Accord HL com the quarterback and nose tackle mean O'Grady Jarrett so. Again they have series averaged forty points per game but these those six guys. As young as they are though Chris have played. Really well this year arm on the whole like it's I think it's Campbell this year was one of four NFL players with three picks a hundred tackles. Yeah its you'd you'd look at what we've been able to do on defense and again the numbers have improved over the second half of the season but. I'm kind of with. On this that this that this is a young team that I think it probably still a year to weigh. In their development as being a consistent Super Bowl contender that is if they can keep it together in the defense of side of the ball. My other point was that look we know we yet win. You look at the patriots confident the Patriots defense the falcons dolphins the real X-Factor in this thing is is the falcons defense today in. While they've shown improvement over the last. How for the season in into the playoffs. There are no where they need to be yet to be considered a true championship team and you know again I'm not saying that the Patriots defense is overwhelming. But the Petri its ability to plea really good complementary football of the office playoff the defense the specialty you'd be able to. Create long field for the defense for for opposing offenses that have to. You know busted seventy ED ninety yards of manipulative. Per drive. It makes things difficult in a dual think that the falcons are there yet when it comes their ability to plead quick complementary football they are a lot of really talented young pieces in place to talk about Beasley Beasley is a it is one of the better young pass rushers in the league I'd love. Deion Jones here under Neil I think those guys are going to be. Read you Likud players in the national football league for a really long time those guys are the kind of foundational elements you need to build a defense but in terms of being in the patriots neighborhood quite yet I don't think that there. Yeah I'm with you they if they aura stock I would buy them. But it would be like a 401K type of thing it would be for yeah on the road and they they will return dividends eventually. But not now we we hear people throw shade at the Patriots defense at a Little League and score they don't play anybody in this was the 25. Ranked defense. Playing the 24. Best offensive schedule like that they faced weak opponents overall and still couldn't get it done. And exit before we go to break currency of memorial and a John CP Regina Benjamin's you guys and devoted to your calls after the Brinker promised. This down on the patriots have not allowed a ninety yard rusher Chris 125 straight games. I don't know about that but it they haven't allowed a hundred yard rusher all season dollar in the Republican right yesterday yards in ninety yards and have battled out in ninety yard rusher in 25 straight games yet in part of that to regroup took an aura against a return that too when you look at stats and context the teacher deplete nickel lead so often. Over the course of last year plus 234 years would have accused him beat teams are going to be quick to being in the run to nick and have to throw it back teams I think that's part of it. But it the same time. Those numbers are great numbers in when you consider the patriots their ability to stop opposing running backs this year from the jump. I think that says a lot about where they are defense. All right phone lines are jammed in we have a lot more to talk about it's amazing how fast nearly four hours going by boat take a quick break. And a pal Sonny tilts you right here on sports reader WEEI.