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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, joins the NFL SUNDAY crew to break down Super Bowl 51 -- 2-5-17

Feb 5, 2017|

Tom calls the guys from Houston to give his take on Super Bowl 51. He discusses Alex Mack's injury, the key matchups, how the Pats will try to attack the Falcons and why he sees the Patriots coming out on top by a couple TD's.

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That's how it before already fly by NFL Sunday folks if you have a Sports Radio WEEI without further do. It's championship for Jerry Ford here in Boston and obviously Chris price distilled down in Houston. Joining us. Right now from on the AT&T hotline no is CS NN these are very on top IndyCar and at Tommy. What's the good morning where you are good afternoon guys here. I must tell you very impressed. Which I would expect from you when your your entire crew down here all week long the particularly everywhere I watch the show this morning. In a very not hostile vibe of the very difficult environment view and fell Guillen and deck open at Troy Brown Tom. That was a tremendous show and I'm being serious here with a with. Very difficult audience in the background you guys it's tremendous job of getting OP formation now. And that would are one hour pregame. Actually not pre game but patriot. Preview of the game yet and it was we really doing it was great it was very light grew. It's who was the other local. It was. Because there oh I don't know if to. Order the I. Slowly well let let's get right into with and I was always a little nugget that comes out during during game day it seems weathered somebody getting stuck in another country. Or do you why of this study a figure the so much a different level but Alex Mack. A fracture in his left flag gonna take a shot Don Sheppard saying that this injury occurred and as to his leopard really be out. Six to eight weeks this was a regular season. Your thoughts on the on the on the whole situation and this did this come as a surprise you that he wasn't on the injury report released on Friday. I mean he's gonna go I mean by the by the political life of the early in your reports at the impact it'll have on the game which is more commandments couldn't. You know whatever kind of work to cater to become the anchor report when they're running that stretch run. Trying to get through your center is really really important and that's because he he doesn't get his block. If you which is down toward some of the defense of tackles. And feel them they're gonna have. An area that is avoid a window and Jerry in here into the x.s heroes. That stretch I have to look at it. Speed to the outside. Utility for the running back please put my ground and covered up field. You know about 80% of their runs. Our stretch run a lot of the passing game comes up that without Matt. He's challenged in the middle Jerry special but really get with the unit could not running that's a big issue for them. And huge it. Huge emphasis on Alan Branch what he means to this this defense threat I mean don't they put him. Head up on Mac and enforcement act to deal with that. Yeah it will do I also think that when it's third down. Go ahead and put strict I was over receive he's quick feet you can move to speed. That will be necessary so they don't so much of that this year and adjusting because of the entered catching ability. Of those poker player so Mac as a key guy. Chris Chester next tumors in less than inspiring right guard. Goes through should be big factor to their mark and can be very current tax by. They may be a little less time for Ryan to root out field in the patriot mall lot likely dropping. You know six and seven. And Berkman around your knob creek and seven time. You can see going indicated it would Matt Wright and all bought process could go up to go to. Chris Dodd dog that was that was a notebook recruiters have been without all the study was taken to let. No I I've just admit I'm curious and curious to get your opinion Tom on. If statistically weighted defense has the personnel to be able to come up with. 345. Stops at the absolute most important out of the game because I think when you start to consider before personal group and you look at the patriots off that features the defense. Falcons offense I think those three we pretty much know what we're dip from those three I think the biggest question for me going into this what. And the falcons defense execute at a high enough level to be able to keep this keep it. Guess they can. Because they have the physical ability to do. No they can't because they may not have the mental experience and adrenaline in regards to do it. If you look at who would have most key players defensively. Can a meal with safety here on Jones insider middle linebacker. They're both were considered outstanding strictly corporate. And propel him to 213 pound linebacker. Both got up to a lot of running outlook to a lot of process. I would expect the patriots at some point our local food at the outset what at some point they are. Make it look like with the crabs. Would have been a wonder. And he would pick a process. Here as. We go up tempo. We eagle formation. We go emotion and look at in the middle field are going to be who want out process bank and they can't get personnel in and out in the casket being communicated. And the adrenaline takes over. It's just gonna pick one mistakes were about to happen and that's why bill cleared the little field Contra movement defense. What according to the back and that chunk of the back in the high power in the little. That's a big advantage for New England defensively is the experience because rocker. Are not. With the exceptional quarter perhaps it Ryan as a technician and not you we player. But their ability to play together understand where everyone's going to be having everything what they look at cart that the cup record going to be in a position where they're gonna get articles. Tom I I concede this might be sort of an unfair question because while you're down there yet not. Yeah on the practice field and out of the huddle with these teams but from dealing with them at do you get a sense that. You know Atlanta is. It's you know it doesn't have that and is at a disadvantage because so few of these guys have been there in and so many of the patriots have do dissents like that it could be. Too big for them in a way that it is and for the patriots. The potential it certainly there because even if you look at the 2001. Patriots. Who Brady has pointed out what experience as a matter had not won we won in 2001. But more appeared and a lot beard. And other players around that team. He would ever experienced her Johnson reputed Weytman bank execs who already had to carry over my head coach could be near. Previously a couple of times pre cut and our country go to America anchor so. I think it can be. A disadvantage for America. I do think that include a little bit underrated. In terms of after. And the Super Bowl 03 times in the past four years as a coach he Google felt going on. In late last year the first year after I think he's a little bit underrated. In terms of how good coaching years in that direction that this came don't. It's always good and speaking of frank is we brought it up earlier part of a growing with the with Jerry and Chris. So how much do you read into from three years ago when he's the DC and Seattle in the way Brady was able to shred them for Serbia 4% of his passing a particularly in the in the fourth quarter of dom when he was. Is there. Can the patriots look at that the way against what the federal defense of players I'd obviously with the Seattle Seahawks as any that carry over to this game in your opinion. You and Quinn gonna look at patents it orchid to wanna get. Carved up recovered Korea again. With his lawyers running three all over the place and I don't have a two term and Earl Thomas. And in Tampa to deal with regard to our are trying to do something differently and that's something that Atlanta has done. And it grass this year they re a little bit more man. It would match up a little bit on the outside. Crap would be. Smart decision they it would be an operation of their regular except that the patriots have succeeded and talk to two times against in the past. But it did play it of one man on the outside and try to press. Settlement Hoch in Mitchell disrupt the timing of the line of scrimmage. With the patriots used mostly to upset that but it is fake get those GM on and disrupt the timing. And Brady up all the all of this is no longer. And that can open things up to pick between the other out structures. What we want to do a color that used to take advantage of the back out of the backfield. Would seem rodeo the games where what Martellus Bennett and that's where those two players. Can put he had O'Neal in the blender. And be until the wonder because. As much as you until my bureau seems like who's going to be in seem covering Bennett if you had that way it's. It's going to be our anchor America are anchored the patriot could occur to start or would they don't. Have the right mix of OK this is what they would become an outgoing and net hit right away. And understand Oka to what they're doing it could cricket series or two record because you're. Tom this is a question we had a little bit earlier in the show we kind of went around to be borrowed opinions and if you're the patriots in you we in the coin toss would you do. Take the ball immediately. Sprint downfield and score you wanna get ahead I think experts stressed by Bill Belichick this week Tom Brady's talked about it they haven't scored suitable. Early on we've been hired actually to 2011. I can remember 2014 exactly source gore by 2011 it would out I'm not think and didn't have the ball throw a long stretch. Which impact of the rest that tired game. Pick the ball go go go go go go go go. And and and to that and it how I look at the falcons had a Bruce you've brought this up but Tommy on the on the I would del Ali key club on Friday I believe. Falcons. 81% of their offensive snaps after Thanksgiving they had at least a fourteen point lead. I've which to me is an unbelievable number so if I agree retreat you can get to them and put 710. They're fourteen points on the board early. You know does this team the falcons mentally of the Capel a comment from behind and they in an environment like mr. bubble. I think that she and him to agree can vote matter. You know there against regular router but the patriots and diverse enough. That it peculiarly big men all Wear. Singles for no huddle hurry up. Maybe. Handbook on Wear him down Wear down to you always such a big factor in these gains MLB editor in and watch as well. Is that he does have a fractured. And does get sharp before the game in thirty minutes past. So will that shot. It normally takes you through beginning where raw. These huge story errors and the time in temple ordered currents. That game is really important to watch as well we've got respondents as the game we're up. Especially the temple that will be. Tom Belichick's annual shocking personnel move obviously was the Jamie Collins trade. Analysts say earlier when a policy that if they lose what's the negativity going to be a might. Calls it's gonna be Belichick's arrogance he took his bass player off the defense. It did they have. Though the personnel took the Culver the backs out of the backfield can Hanoi Ian and Roberts Dewey a credible job in pass defense. Not really stepped their big old terrier record and Roberts is very ill suited. To change direction run very on the Fletcher basically. Being in Norton good player. Smart he's gonna continue to improve I would American mixture will be a big factor. But I still think that he's thinking a little bit of of what he's gonna do. But those frozen not economic. And I'm sure the city you're going to be in support as well. The most important thing it's. What they've done all year. Has been one of the biggest defense strength is. Back seven back. Tackling. Who got nick are or aren't they get twelve to let him get point two. And that can be critical sort of back and guy. And that's who you don't gonna impact things as well because he's blocker he talked excellent down field blocking in the and the secondary track when you use a massive. Part of that scheme here. Tom Jimmy a couple of names off the top your head of the guys who are not necessarily. You'll marquee players were relatively under the radar guys on both sides of the ball who who we have a chance of talking about tomorrow it's and what can you believe that so and so. Had such an impact in this statement are you brought up here and Neil above a defeated his DR Jones those at the guys but. One guy for the falcons in one dead for the patriots who we might not necessarily be thinking about right now. But someone who could have a sizable impact on the game but it. Taylor Gabriel and Eric Weems for Atlanta Eric Weems is gonna he's a better and return back he remained it are returned our. He's 23 yards yard kickoff returns which is good espionage and also an eleventh. Yards per turn in the post season and actually the regular season our punt return oh the good numbers. What are also. Would Gabriel. Quick water but corporate fever might feeling years from people I've spoken to. That you would. Probably see Malcolm Butler racing Gabriel. On most place to be double on Jones sooner when Ryan and then Butler and Gabriel. Who that you are all court player if people look at why would expand and Mont Gabriel. This that is so good. That it deeper he's not your normal kind of number three very valuable player in the reimbursements we actually this year. We need to stop that clear to other teams have two good ones that promote kind of crap in that side very good weapons but not a tight end you'll. But it is as high irritant in opposition over. It's not only ask you file a question for me and the boys can finish overview of vote. It ought to reverent and it happened this week you can pick whatever one you wobble was the most compelling. Story for you personally writing about talking about it can be anything from good dealt to the minutia today hatred of the page it's all that stuff put what TU. Was the most compelling story of the week down in Houston. You know it's it's probably greedy and the emotion of what he's gone through this year under the radar and could step response when he was out by Trent do for kids who hero world. When you sit my dad he choked up so that we could not finish the patent. That was a moving. Moments are great you know our country. And for someone who we've identified with for sixteen years now and has been a poor. Center of so many important. Events. They feel like he's. You know to a degree heart feel he Uga can't rig gatherings who have Christmas Thanksgiving. And you've been talking about poverty for nearly twelve years. So you feel differently when you see symbol like that I think everybody's got a cared. Or at the debt. Feel the emotion of that I think the Tom Brady's a motion this week who's been significant. I thought it was gonna say Pete shepherd was his with his hero surprised by a damn well you know you're here. I'm not. Tom let me ask you some this is right to be around your area of expertise in my opinion. Lady guy got issue come up to poker face or it's a born this way. But. Does god is coming out to bad romance. And I'm gonna just conjure up says the hefty it's from the video when that comes out you guys although that hectic it. Well that's yeah I do I don't think there's a prop bet on that by the way. And number of public. Lights go out and it's going to be got ago low it's separately German gold colored Lady Gaga. But whether that I guess also too in people we're seeing in this this morning it it's going to be Tony Bennett who's gonna introduce. Them. That that the excitement typically been yes exactly yes if Tom let's data here this. Tub with its editor in this steamy prediction what's gonna happen once the. Tinkered with 37 point three couple. Bad mistakes by Ryan a couple of turnovers and missed opportunities and that reading through. The patriots are patent here there was Bryant Allen been very quiet night at under. The patriots. Play like a team who's been here seven times since 2001. And that may have come up with fields planned they never stopped us we stopped ourselves. All right Sami great working with you isn't as usual this entire football season I'm sure who will speak again. You know next weekend at some point and enjoy the cable for two rating you know you're stopping watching on television that CSN and they so enjoyed great avenue out is always next. Make sure that our pregame to. We start at 3 o'clock local carbonneau who get to Westwood One stuff folks who grew. Don't feel like quicken the radio you don't colonel coloration numbered them. If it sounds good undergoing Ruben. Our record our thanks a lot that topic aren't on the AT&T hotline joining us some really good perspective particular part break. See you guys lined up mobile come back in the recap what Tom said and go over some more interesting odd numbers and as a couple Lady Gaga. References I have for you guys to your particular one prop that was targeted to I want to go back it's it's what 77797037. Pete Shepperd Chris reprise Jerry thorn review what NFL Sunday still to come Christian Fauria. From the ormat first of 1 o'clock and gave her rent she was from handicapping expertise at 130 don't wanna miss that. All part of NFL Sunday until 2 PM right here on Sports Radio WEEI.