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NFL SUNDAY -- Pete, Thornton and Price break down the keys to S.B. 51 -- 2-5-17

Feb 5, 2017|

The guys start to break down the matchups and the keys to the huge Super Bowl coming up in a few hours. They take some calls as well and discuss the injuries, refs, offensive lines and more.

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As of sourdough bread driven a side day and still feel good shepherd Christopher price. Gerry Ford which you coming up next hour Tommy aren't Christian Fauria at one differentiate 130. But over six point 777 guys seven got 37 picks get a lot of people called today. Then we're not doing a stupid predictions for four hours on of that stuff just pure theory so far it's really good golf and get back with Paul the second. Jim Russ and Peter as you guys all lined up at room for two more people like. The wanna throw the red zone numbers out you guys are obviously let's start you know from defensive standpoint compared to one of the best in the red zone then the falcons are. Prophetic 72%. Are they Gore's an 82% of forget Chris put it's very very high but they will argue those who argued that. The reason why the red zone numbers get skewed a little bit for the falcons how bad they are defensively is because of the leads. That they've had I think it's fair to what extent butts every 2%. Given up score in the red zone his doctorate. Yes I agree with you and ending gentlemen good to appoint the fuel that is due to be put some sort of context and we reference that the Russian defense numbers that related put up. This year. As being a little high but that's only because they're playing with leads a lot of the time. The but if you'll anyway you slice it both those aren't good numbers of it and when you consider the patriots and their ability in the red zone particularly when it comes to Wi gear what. That's good to be an area worth exploiting if they're able to get down there inside the five and we talked about. This a little bit earlier in the show of about. You know not settling for field goals in in in court for seven as opposed to going for three and I think that's going to be. One of those things in this scheme it's gonna have a sizable impact a little bit earlier this year he could do have some trouble. When it came to finish off drives in it didn't impact that when he came to the final score book with a margin for error. Grew smaller and smaller the first girl walked into debt it's something it has to be taken into account you can't settle for field goals a game like this especially when you're going up. Against a team like Italy ended this so people putting up points in bunches so. Red zone offense is always a point of emphasis for this team it could be even bigger going to do this when the. And I was desperate of just kind of a weird. Metric here and although I like your own oil and we're veterans especially eleven or 1110 and Sunday two doubles and I mean it would field football adage about you know when you can. On the ball when they know you have to run it or you can throw the ball when they know they you have to throw it are on first down against the run. It and it was 31 in the NFL. And on second and third downs against the pass they were 28. L but the patriots have that. You know transformers. Offense that they can line you up and whatever and in cape you went to a particular defense and then go opposite that they can. Think the bigs and then what was that that was it Jordan was that priest collar couple weeks ago judge yet learned about Devlin and blood go outside the numbers 500 pounds of beef. Outside of that that you know spread wide by the that's sidelines while. You don't have to do that against Atlanta. You can come out of first out in front against them successfully and that on passing downs pass against them successfully I don't know how it into overcomes that. Jerry yeah you know the important one of the things to really look for today going back and re watching. Those two playoff games in a lot of against review the beauty didn't really go traditional though hoddle but when he did try to push the temple little bit. It was after it was a run play after a pass play in so they would harm they were free of the line. After a you know 1015 yard completion what are the luckiest baby. With the you know it did the defense not having time to meet those adjustments still having nickel and dime packages on the field. In handing the ball off to a guy like Theo Louis for fuel for a sizable gain to that's something to keep an especially in the early going today. Reference that a little bit earlier in the show the ability to try to push the pace. That's one of the things that they could try to do. Windy yet definitely at a team with a typically defense specifically back on the heels. Me ask you guys this about Dan Quinn who was defensive coordinator for the Seahawks a couple of years ago they could not stop the patriots are most especially the second half particularly in the fourth quarter. Brady shredded and a 74% that top fifty the she aux defense at the bird's next up was hell of a lot better. Then this falcon defense can we read anything into that Chris and Jerry. What it is they don't. I think you can read a little bit into it on a couple of different levels one of the things that I'm looking for today. It's a big day in the passing game for the running backs I don't think it's completely coincidental that back in Super Bowl 49. She arena how eleven catches and a Super Bowl record for most receptions in that game. By a running back I think Beijing's way that's at a very good job this season in at the same time. DO Lewis is going to be debated today not just from pass catching perspective his ability to beat guys miss in space. But also his ability to work as a change of guys between the tackles. The falcons have had troubles this year slowing those types of backs in when you look at Deo Lewis and you look at the skills that the brings the fuel. As a weapon not only in the passing game but his ability to pick up consisting darted between the tackles he's a guy who's gonna have a peek beat Davis afternoon. I'm gonna be fascinated to see whether they eat. Put it on paraded to try to win this game or if they just pound them with what Garrett won because. You know you used sort of Billick anytime you're not have a Brady in the shotgun you do when the opposition a favorite but. This is a small. Undersized. You know but quick defense and and I I would appreciate Hank coming guy when he was coming out of college a lot of Adam knows aria yeah I thought to be a nice fit with the patriots be one of the board what to work it in an early second round I won this thing so it's kind of wasn't. You know didn't fault the pats but it all I. He's not styled you know the they can be exploited up the middle and end. It all the pats have shown that they they love Rodham behind James Devlin so it. How they decide to to game plan this would make the NL's first fifteen plays are going to be is compete got kicked off now police. I thought oh I'm so happy to be talking to guys because I was at home it would just be tick. Tick. I don't I would I would ought to be on a hot dog vendor and a five month and I swear got a powers' home today didn't have to work out probably would have gone in my local movie theater. And probably gone like to move Reese. Abroad seriously go to Garnett and dispute about it though because I couldn't stand. This is being around shades of great people dodge but we're gonna see Star Wars again for the third time and then probably would have seen I still haven't seen. Mark Roberts movie about the boss at the patriots I have a hard arts and north America's my wife for nine nearly. Walked down the street to. Where the time we're tree to Wear shoes we're gonna master of time the triage and it was on this or. We were on the way down there and turned around because it excludes too crowded we apart dollars on the side effect Myers analysis that's the last time was the Stanford game by the way. Are his idea too soon via lahood is this the rabbi and I think I don't go to India now erotic art but it's a lot of light itself does the kink when you've got to feel better I think I got to believe the majority of people while their listening to Michelle was citizens are going if they're not you're gonna binge watch something or probably yesterday it was a big big watching dating for a lot of people. Just to get away from it because is only so much you can dissect and analyze this is like therapy for almost solely a pack of pop culture that we'll get through a lot more. But Jerry is saying to the British were just kind of scratching the surfaces so what to get into Gilani at the thoughts from the yeah fans out there as well six point 77797037. Gyms and met but up next here on WEEI repeat Jerry Chris say Jim. They I don't gonna. Mentioned. After the the falcons' linebackers played excellent assay proof but look bad. Funny fact I comment about those are also seeing them funny effect. As did every YouTube you you think about those teams that everybody loves. You know bill whether or treasure burger Tony Syracuse in every what are those dynasties. They have those Democrats think that you of the debris and were dynasty you know what I mean you know they have the colorful big guys that area where able radical. Yeah and peak you like the probably from seventies I do I always. Our backs are back with great let's it was Sutherland in college and yet cowboys. A terrible either my second favorite team after the patriots it's just I love Tom Landry I love Roger Staubach are literally go that I love Tony hill. Our love Billy Joseph to create a drew Pearson I love too tall Jones I love I just I loved cowboy swagger back that and I hated the Steelers and that's probably another reason why but. OK anyway. Is to get wrapped up about the linebackers and eight. I'd after the bad against the run a bit against the pass sort. They both they just too small to handle a lot. It's six of one half the and other it really is a bit they're not a great team when it comes to. Defending the run they're not great when it comes to defending the pass the guy to look for today the guy who I firmly believe that the linebacker spot it is going to be you know a bit but I expect we do with XP at least capable of one of the brilliant pass rushes in the league but you you look at a guy like yeah Jones who is. Really really impressive you know he's he probably specifically Jones is probably better encouraging could be matched up today. But civil like a Mark Ellis editor you know another one that. The media back out of the backfield. You how's three interceptions on the season or 400 tackles again. This year. He's he's a he's one of those X factors win. You your team play your Josh McDaniels who think about how to kind of maybe stay away from him keep him out of the game. But you're from across the board they're they're not overwhelming. When it comes to either you know court against the pastor go against the run. You saw what. Reidy stated through a DN Quinn defense when it was Lowe got through I may have talent and a Michael Bennet was arguably the best player into possible 49 on an either team. Embree was able to throw four touchdown with a four different guys rule. At least one egregious act I mean it never let that footage of him on the bench and yet they haven't sop as we stopped ourselves. Have that talent the you know you mentioned Brian pool or earlier crest. Who's that guy who keep up as the season progressed like nine yards per target. For target not a reception against them. He's they're nickel back who basically has been as bad as nickel back and that I must say that lightly. Now at the other thing too. Before about the calls for his Gerri I mean victory Rosie Beasley is Gunner at all. Fifteen and apps actually you that's great and everything else. These guys do better than zeroes across the border Moline one pass defended against the against right I mean I know it was a bucket by the falcons got a big step. A big lead in and and crews there but. He can't put up zeroes and then want past defendant in this game right. I mean don't you better he has to be he has to be you know Jerry Jerry talked about Michael Bennet being the best player on both sides of reasonable forty Vick Beasley I doubt. In this first holiest figure out a way. To be markets candidate the if as we said before the duke played street if he comes off yet. Yet find a way to consistently beat market and he has to find a way to yet greedy down on the ground multiple parties and if if the falcons are gonna. Wanna win this game look the bottom line is on both sides the ball the falcons have to play a perfect game and I don't know if if they are capable at least at this stage of their development. Of playing a perfectly on this stage against a team this magnitude but it Padilla did you ritual when it is for it will take and it did you sleep. Easley has to be dominant today. If the falcons wanted to have widgets are back and thought there's our roster Walpole up next here on doubled Riyadh impeach shepherd jury ordered Christopher price say Russ. I played Noah gray yeah dude can I don't know if you guys have discussed that yeah small yeah I apologize. Are appreciating in this game yet though as part of might be a part of the weapons club we have not that we are good sure going up because I think it's it's a major factor here. If you look at the book Walt playoff game especially in the last clip in its. The rest generally and why dots to the editor of the patriots especially defensively that article it it would appear it. Can't do what they did against the rent yet they can. If they would comply if Russell let them why they care drop off it is mind tactic in chip on. It's like it did in 2000. They can in the same thing. Also. Are offensively. Awkward but like your thought on this because I rate but quick bite I think you know I'm talking about. We've talked about that we want a fast start might. Well let's find out about it bunkers are spot on he wants them to spread them out recently. Brought him in front. Without these your game when you're spread about like it you know and go fast. Yeah I I agree media I think that I do you think there is some value in your idea did pitcher before we wanna kind of slide and it federal brought pressure monitors currently from what we needed to slow down the kind of keep that offense off the field. But at the same time. I think beat Cuba in this team in Cuba in the way that they. Go about their business on both sides the ball if you can get him to elderly if you can put in points on over the first quarter fourteen points over the first quarter. In just really seek control right out of date it and put a couple of scores on the board. You can you can really start to distance yourself you can put this thing you know region early going because if you're able to then respond with. A couple of three notes on the defensive side of the ball you can really Sorrell you do not want it give Italy an eighty sort hole. In the first half that this thing is going to be game if they think that the best way to do that BP that's that would spread about but would go with an approach that for whatever reason. The falcons he Beasley off the fuel. It in in some situations when it comes to using two backs as opposed to one back in you know that there's there's some period of personal packages but yet. Go out there. Him for you to four wide or five wide in just beat the fight right to vote while the rest is other point about the refereeing that I ever heard that there were off the public but I drilled us the background on the expert incorporated is is pretty liberal about. The boy's will be boy it's excellent and let him play correct Chris. Yeah microchip culture yes the is that he's in his seventeenth season is officially worked in playoff games. This is going to be as first team is first to win that game this year as last. Doing that he was the season opener 2015. Against the Steelers. In July it stable say this too in the last ten games he's worked dating back to 2070 analyst at patriots game. He's were dating back to 2078. To seventy. In those schemes into so not to say he's pretty he treats friendly official but you know you'd rather see him in this situation as opposed to some. And just so people know I know the reps we we ripped a lot a lot of at a poll shows do. And rightly so at times but I will say this if you go back this week can you watch inside the NFL and FX or sound effects. It's been on showtime despondent fell network if you're if you're able to do it. Go back to watch at this week and and forget the rest day boot to the Green Bay Atlanta game but I'm sure you saw Chris maybe did this week mr. busy by. He went up to Matt Ryan this is stern almost on a it in order for late the first quarterly second quarter with a game already seem well on him. What ought to Matt and said. No way you guys beat you go to your very close to getting false are apparently should be to set better. Know you you real close I mean by itself that kindest and you if you don't expect to hear that. It happens all the time which don't we just don't see it's a bit of specials will do that yeah. I had no entitlement a couple of guys know what your Mike up in a couple areas of these ARCO Arena is that and I felt that the official probably got a little bit coached by the sidelines like a write it. I I don't take that approach all the time he went that settlements that that was close will push up and settlements like arguing his case I'm just help just one. I you're gonna come down you know what yeah I quite therapy is that if this gets mad Abby was there is but. Always an across the board in any sport give me an under officiating game. Opel and over officiated game no one wants the here at hockey league goal pure and tape. In each article and as diatribe their travels Shaw Brandon you know it's unbelievable what he's exploits off. I got to a quick break once again Peter PJ pat Kelly its you guys all went up provost will get to yet. Pete Shepperd Chris reprise and jury thought we view again top the hour at noontime Tommy car will join us from using Christian Fauria. From the on efforts will join us from Houston gave a wrenching will join us. For its handicapping expertise at the end of the show what 130 chris' downing Houston Jerry Dyer Boston. Matt Loper doing an outstanding job buddy of us are the glass multiple calls aqsa more analysis. As we dissected analyzed soil but all 51 between the pop at the patriots regular NFL Sunday until through Sports Radio WE yeah. Okay it's. Kids hate it mean in Boston does that the Williams family. Well because. It's this thing off me. I think I. Now. To get wide open. It's not here. God think I love Tom Brady NN nobody breaks for the table the reason I love Tom Brady and what he brings to the table because this seems like Tom Brady goes for the the markets they give me him he. It all out the win that game. He'll get it out you can take that to move. Guys you can pick bill does. Give me. Oh yeah will be open in a moment really key role. You've got a keyboard an older daughter through Hogan's Heroes just like a cat yeah. Kelly the Love Boat why and why it's okay. European white glove slapped in the face lift dual pistols look at places remarks spiky Shawn Johnson. And plant. Deion Sanders. Absolutely. Idiotic. Talking about the system what they slapped. In the fray here no yeah that's that everybody always pick up 2000 that. 2009 at W assessment that the so he's just plug in anybody you knuckle heads. Now what Jesus Mary Joseph we'll go out what he learned for. From spending. Almost a full season working with. If I thought it would go way to save space race that we weren't you more with less bodies were traveling but I can't hurt I spent a good part divers like these. I hope it kinda goes away and it didn't it resurface right away on first take. What knuckle ride and Stephen A Smith why respectively since the coupon defended himself and called Lowe's is other coworkers are obvious print were cowards. Some of them but I think this speaks I listen that was audio Bucky Brooks made this point in you to look. The players on both teams and haven't wrapped. If you took the top twenty draft picks out of these two teams that. His theories the falcons are probably yet thirteen. Yeah draft picks we'd we'd beaten falcons and patriots may be seven you agree with like I don't idea is that it's prepared I think it's. Probably better to say if you had a com nine. Who would have the better scouting reports because the stop watch and how high they could jump in how many time how they can do that the recall and shuttle whatever. Blake at them make them football players I mean you actually entitlements not gonna necessarily you know blow anybody's socks off but he's. Incredibly productive and impossible to guide just. You know you just hear these guys and I both the educational brunt of agility oh America this week you don't look at the flea flicker okay well one of the first touchdown when he was wide open okay nobody ever mentions that was it a dispatch defense or great read as well by by Hogan to get that wide open. But the other thing Chris this just happened shepherd. And now they have thoughts about pursues a Colbert physical resolve with or go back command Rex Ryan and it's just awful but before that was Alan shepherd whose. I've Shepperd we said a few minutes ago that this injury to Alex Mack the fracture in his left Tribune look and you'll receive pain killing shot to help them get through the game. He said. That if this happened during the regular season that Mac would be desert I'm IR could be out six to eight weeks since we. Heard an awful lot all week long about Alex Mack the falcons pull bulls center and is injured Sid heal as it turns out. He's got a fracture in that didn't like he's going to be late today make no mistake about it. Question is how effective they'll be and how long he'll be able to last eagle Jacob being joined injection before the game the falcons could wind up. Testing of that angle down leg. I'm told the court. Regular season Alex Mack would be six to eight. Weeks to build a hole in the sixth time medical executive here when he heard about the injury this morning the driver of the stadium called at eight dramatic injury that could dramatically. Effective falcons' run game today their entire offense is predicated off the play action pass. These stretch play the bullet that could be compromise date no question now Mac. Will be able to pass block but can it get downfield to get to the second level those are the questions that could impact the turnout in Super Bowl fifty. Great stuff battle over get an editor leisure had to cut and by the way Matt. Match still on assault by himself to the normally a day like this for at least three producers in your a couple of inserts Matt is doing in the game adult only is the best on talent you have work a lot of producers are doing these shows and they're all been very good but this guy's going solo. But what he's doing what I I think you are most important days of the year reserved for Obama also has so hats off to your. Always got and wolf pack what do you guys that pick of you know that's stable right here from out of chapter and again it just goes to how does the stock shall open Friday's injury. If what shippers and it's true and he's usually is plugged in as anybody then it's a scandal. That that his name as an appearance in your report. And again. I'll Friday it appeared arrogant paranoid doesn't mean people are not out to get you if the way the patriots and they just call Mitt a guy a crucial guy. Who's this injured from above the injury report the Friday before the Super Bowl they'd be congressional hearings going on right now. What I can tell in in I'm just gonna stick to beyond field stuff from from this perspective and in how we could ultimately that the impacting new scheme when you. And we referenced this a little bit earlier in the show Mac is is a tremendous and he's he's a golf pro obviously yeah I mean you know he's he's a he's a four time all pro. He was. Absolutely vital to what the falcons did this year on offense and if he is not at a 100% in the have to go to the back of to game changer here it really really is an inner wonder not only. How it later adjusts going into this one. But how the patriots decide to BB tweak their team played if they know that Mac. Is nodded a 100% earth Mac has to commend it cubic general reference that great piece from earlier in the seasonal meted out. In a little bit from from Greg Bedard about the importance of Alex Mack in what he was able to do in helping turner beget turnaround but helping. Beat that Italy and offensively championship off at the point is here they lose him. At some point today earth he has not at a 100%. Look mrs. That is solidly locked will be dodging to a lot of stuff the Ben Garland walked will be on him from Peter king's report that are this week. Lately that you lose knew he looked good but he also said Mack who occurred so I ask I don't know doubt. Looking at and we look you know honestly to it to seem to have more seat you're talking about this. Into which you get into these Super Bowl. You adrenaline is flowing in your able to get to a different spot in BB. What you thought you could get to local Bakken reference to bull thirty Edward Terrell Owens who died in the middle and you read my mind my friend your dad and I got broken leg broken ankle we get the QB to tackle clear all Akita about. And Noble's wield the yield of the U coasted to victory in particular phenomenal out indefinitely over our yards. It's yeah it's so you were sitting here talking about the impact. Of an injury to a guy like me acted with it and you know play out over the course do you think stranger things have app public he says he's going to shout out he's gonna. You know you rated play is what was he and so that is going to be really in my mind right now that's going to be one of the leading X factors. In this team with a released in early going to right 6177797. Under through seven backer for Rodrigo. Appeared at the white patient or car wrecks your NFL Sunday repeat Jerry and Chris hello Peter. The PI you're doing a great. They say we don't have been what can watch movies and read you real date so that for that's that's very doesn't thank you with that in mind. But hey it could tell that comment that he had a lot of equity to get every day. Yes this is that this that this is a guy that allowed three roll up and out three franchise as the movement the batter here. Without work with any of the communities is it just greed. Corset is absolutely not and by it and say. That yet Ernie take yours equitable heart that he or opinion pieces about these and they don't care. No need to and I don't doesn't appear that that's why it no credibility and a pure patriots. We've widget with that any. Any doubt in your mind. With officiating. That this could go the other way it would with a key call but I'll I'll. Amateur Aaron I've I've knocked on the conspiracy theory with for the referees know Willoughby back causes game on both sides probably. Hopefully we got talking about the refs at the end of this game matures there'd be good game yeah this plenty enough opportunity for a legitimate paranoia. Then you know Wecker will open when he tipped them. Make up like conspiracy theories and into the league is out to get them I'm not gonna say that that is. Spills down to the officials it's focused more on the media haters in the you know and end of the way ESP Yang continues you know. Pompous fake narrative about the patriots and just let the officials call a game. It was interesting guys in you know I was counting in in me have to go back and double check the transcript. The only city integrity four times in his press conference Wednesday. At I was a little bit surprised at that I was doing something online where it's like they went every says integrity you have to drink to drink and definitely I went back and rejected have to go back double checked again but. You'll Lee said integrity four times which was you know I I took the over in order to beat was that like six and now took the over so I was at a few. I'm gonna suggest that you'd you'd. Have some kind of little Al you know lol alcohol content if it's transparency. These youths out Arnold why not as much as the integrity but those that kind of his tools not as badly as you show with with the old map for his idea a high 74 times in at least 74 times in me. Some other phrase used with the bars narcissistic career about our 1745. In the sprint at twelve and half minutes it was. Unbelievable. Made state popular clicked and temperature and I say that with all of. Getting you know with target jewel with long ago you always could fit in in anything column. In his question. Cute the commissioner brought up a really good point this is something that we discussed on the shall before. The level of public trust in the level of fee you that the commissioner. I I don't think I've ever seen it at such a low point in I'm not just viewing figures for. It looked through going to improve prison meter which when you consider his his approval rating when you consider his favorability rating across the week. As a football theme and you want to light the sport you want to feel good about rooting for football it and I think less and less of the activists say it as a complete blanket statement across the board but I think people are less that less comfortable. With the idea of supporting to put of a quart fingers exit supporting the National Football League while he's in church. Secrets to a new with you that there and I I only caught the parts of this press conference we referenced the patriots they tuned out all of the less relevant stuff. That they have those clean up question yes the idea right after the baby girl the little girl right after the Mora to be that again more so equal or do large and I agree not a playing football's all day event then left the got I'm from jolly Odinga. How can you explain how popular sport is in the country and really what it's quiet guy like. They haven't thought that it would are not see through. Yeah it is a bit like us I got nothing I felt bad for so Steve that the kid reporter who is there are being used as human shield it against. A barrage of questions. Yet he got it pretty good from from a lot of people you know in not just from doing the perspective but the asked questions about. You of the moving scene Diego win it and you'll be your idea of movie's team the Las Vegas not anymore in that and yet she's the exhibit but there were a lot of really good question but at this thing out of there are a lot of those you know the the plea sixth that it. The plea questions where words were either an elbow media. Day when they started it off with this group of people. The most diverse collection of old. Football fans have never seen this guy that Jacksonville Jersey hey what about what we're the Arizona Cardinals gear and the like. With the cultural and and gender diversity that you only see in a college brochure and we're supposed to think that our people and and I thought well I'd stop. We are smarter than you give us credit went on those people the world reload that we're we're OK I Wear it with yet that you'd not smarter than we are even though you're a young guy had to 25 billion dollars and mrs. I gonna get. All right though a quick break Kelly pat Dan Matt Peter a full lives as you guys are we'll get your cause I promise it's a peach secretary toward Chris price repeal. NFL Sunday told PM today not one. But yet today that we had it off the west once coverage. The suitable for Q1 of course we have to call the game right here on WEEI beginning at 630 with the Kevin Harlan Boomer Esiason told episode James Lofton. But Westwood One takes old rust right at 2 o'clock but it's a huge day about a bell and a pulse on the continues on sports reader W yeah. I have no idea what things up. Because I'm looking at the team that given week like running it forty times and it with either back brought it to. So yes they have their own diversity programs spread it out it's so yes he's got you know that's the hard thing. You gonna have a couple games planes to you who beat him where they can do and they'll change with the excerpts below with the game or or one week that. So note of giving wall there and they're pretty darn good. But if you look at the film as I. Thank you lockout which is stupid thing to say. Played so few days ago. If you could somehow block out the fact that it's it's great you Belichick. Just go. That's code you look at the film. Atlanta appears to be better if you just go build an actual what Sunday had overcome the pedigree of doing patriots that's the challenge. Well besides the last. Part where Cooper refuted just stupid names and stuff what book the promise they thought that the rhetoric so I completely disagree on so are you might say they're evenly matched by. The say the problems of Arabic is is ridiculous however. If there was a very lucid well thought out analysis. That we talk about all the time without using that stupid phrase the system that he doles summed it up real summed up right there. To a tape which would I've been sampled for the last five weeks and in this special last couple weeks it changes from the from. From series to series. There's no set system there isn't. And then never will be with the patriots and it's a slap in the face for anybody that day you're just plug people in off the street and going to be successful. So I was very happy to hear Brian Billick state that I mean or referenced earlier this week. Inhabit they're they're guys that that you can't. Plugging it in you can sign in you can add your roster who. Org good fits but it's it's about identifying who knows if I'm not even gonna say the word of just gonna call it the S word for now on he's a little bit better off the but it's about identifying guys who feed your program who do the best job of feeding your program in putting them in the best possible situations. To succeed in the patriots are able to do that where other teams fail. As I said last week Chris when you're with us I said it to Pete just before he went on as you cal Berkeley like a riot of all about the use of the F word that. If that was the case then why don't the jets just use the system. You can look at the film it's it's available that. That the 2004. Offensive playbook has been leaked online free a decade now. Why not just use the system it's it's guys that are Smart that know what they're supposed to do. That can grasp the concepts that better complicated. But it's not magic. You know it's not just anybody can just go do this if they would every ball. You bet it is and assistance and just like everybody would copy yours since the principally would you can't. Because they don't have the personnel like a market and no. A merciless and and and clown yeah I mean those two guys make a difference other teams don't have that. It did the other thing to do that Bennett brought up this week normal public those kind of on Martellus Bennett duty or an offer for the better part of 340s and one of the things that he. Discussed with. You come here and you'll understand the Belichick has been leaking for like forty years what he says. Is probably going to happen. In you did that in that you also have the guy who drives they're the guy who drives the bus in Brady. Who completely falls in line. He's an NFL superstar one of the best if not the best ever plea to keep it he buys it in you give boost to element working. If you're a player who walks into New England. You're gonna follow in you you're gonna see those championships to see those rings and they. Those guys know what their deal with the quarterback knows what he's still with the coach knows what he's doing our bit of buying it in so it's not necessarily the case. In 31 other cities but if you go to the wing look jury able to make it work because a quarterback because the level of feet from the coach as well. Or six what 777 I 7037. Back to oppose skeleton Amherst up next expert doctor earlier that Jerry and a post on a repeat Jerry and Chris Kelly. And what's going on that they you are littered ago rock group four hours of predictions. And unlike saturated the market shall yet they don't do about it but still Ali for Howard of the doubt and people are they asking. All they refute that much equipment lock not. Literally it's that are taken out so what can you break down a packed her cute and is that it now. And that is an addiction talked about matchup well you know you can't really matchup like that anymore to people around so much like I really don't think it watchable but. I don't talk about it and I do a show that article is bit. And what he's talking about Jeanne white is gonna go crazy in my saints are the American over actually it might. Follow us let's be fair now because I was would want that's dollar to great prop bet because it has. James White at over thirty and a half total yards rushing and receiving that's what he's saying. And he's right that is one of the best prop bets southeast I'd say he's connect. And it's also great prop bets about him as an MVP which I think is a 2200. A hundred dollar bet I mean that's not bad. I'm talking about its docket are probably happened but I think the the total yardage from James why did over three and a half I think is a real good prop bet that's all right say the. Just keep it up there if register of the guys got big key weed you'd take a look at. The breakdown here in you look at the patriots ability to use their running backs as pass catchers out of the backfield to consider some of the struggles that the falcons have had when it comes to liberty. Running backs in the passing game. That really matches up from me in so you know what do you what James White as what a really good numbers this year. Deal Lewis is the guy for me tonight to operate that are sick and one more before the top of the hour as Democrats stood up next here on W guide. Want to say the Patriots defense is. Overrated go ahead and you know thank you make a big bite quick tags. And you know on track within the clock. That. Credit I I. No offense Jerry and people want us somewhat unbiased opinion on this so credits. That we are all in the PG completely quarterback's right. You know the whole outlook balcony during the season you get through reed James went in and Kampman twice. Derek capital ribbons and rod Russell Wilson out an awful lot while. If you put down on the peak Putin radio and yet how many points per game and figuring out point. That the Patriots defense know it goes up it does I I I acres completely in at a global. What wolf what one of the great things that the patriots have been able to do though is deepening of the plea really good complementary football in that if the need to score. They were able to oats or other key for almost outscored the other typical scene in the Seattle vehemently that was a really good example that. People flee to hear appointment in in I think that the Patriots defense I think you know what the points per game is the bottom line in in. We've seen that across the board from this team you know you can use whatever metric you when he I think the really good I don't think they're great I think the really good at it doctor gruden go off to win this game today because of the patriots have been replete with conflict football. The ability to you'll to. Fundamentally outscored the other team and the biggest advantage he got. The kid you don't you have not seen that and I'm not disagree with you and I mean don't that because I mean I can look at that I've talked about this or Chris before. We all know the whole thing about. Every race has been great quarterbacks are grew quarterbacks is the proper sap. But I think that the people dismiss the fact. That they held the thought they held Denver three points in Denver. That the way they played the they way they play the ravens were four or Rodham liquor board for a five and attacked and this this other. Factors here and if you can't see the difference of when the defense of when they played Seattle until now. There is a different state filed themselves they develop an attitude now maybe you could be right there may be a totally gets exposed. Today but you know what. I'll take my chances the odds are sort of out and be at odds are the falcons defense we'll get exposed before the preach it's well that I can drop shoot. I guess my point I love I do like the eight feet to win but I think that they're the narrative tomorrow will be that they want and on the arm of Tom Brady. Not a defense shutting down well prop up. I I don't know what I mean I think I think there is something to that to that idea I I do they think depicts heat today he really is gonna come down to their ability to make three or four big stops. At big times they think they have that in them. While Heatley and deepest as all right have a quick break pat David Peter Johnston you guys like W atomic power as well coming up after the U trending at the top of the hour. Six what 777970373. Hours doubt already broken two more action packed hours ago it's NFL Sunday and told to preempt. So a trip to what patriots falcons Sports Radio WEEI.