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NFL SUNDAY -- The Alex Mack injury could be a game changer -- 2-5-17

Feb 5, 2017|

The boys get into the injury to Alex Mack, reportedly a fracture in his fibula, and how it can really be a problem for the Falcons offense. They also talk about Mack not being on the injury report on Friday. Price attempts to reason why that would be the case.

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Best thing Alex Mack does in their run game is get up on the second level they even have players ready bullet. When he's running the outside zone play and this is a zone blocking team if he can't do that they've got a change up the blocking scheme that got away a lot with the tight ends. They've got to win block with the fullback they've got to help them with a double team that stays right on the nose tackle. The good thing about that as they've done they've known what this victory is all week. I'm sure they prepared alternative blocking schemes in the run game. Put the wrong game as the foundation of their big play passing game if they don't have that as Lucent. If they try to get out there and go right away three wives. They did that take comfort zone. Controversy a little while ago on. Yes he had. When NFL so they do very window Adams after Jimerson. Does tell you mention injury report there you go for the patriots would have been about Alex Mack who by the way it's going to received Alley pain killing shot to help him get through the game. Who was not on the injury report and Chris you're down they just herders say what do you think about his comments. Yeah it Mac is aptly titled what they wanted to offensively especially come to run blocking he's he's one of the guys who BBB night. Who will stabilize that offensive line this year and you know leaping authorities hear the voice of the about it treatment that you actually was on the injury report this all I know it was not a earlier in the week but he was not Friday's. Yeah he was not fried got that NATO was about idealistic yet he's he's listed as a blow a limited participant over the over the course the weakness as a good thing about it as they've got they've known what this area's all week. Yes that's. He is he is a guy who. It is one of the better says recently he was one of the really the more under rated. Additions to this Atlanta Falcons team mr. Gregg the dark green peace. A little bit earlier in the season about Mac's influence on it team and its impact on net profits of blind and I do I draw some analogies to be in its different and it did it's a little bit of an apple orders competitors and but. I drew draw some comparisons to what Rob Gronkowski with through. Before Super Bowl 46 and in effect to any plea in deeply how would we leave the colts could be yours the injury. Poem because Mac is a big part of what they wanna do we if Matt cannot go. That could've. Be really interesting not only to see how is as polling says they're. Not only to see how love him you know it always less literacy and my granddad god but don't always put. But it's just it just to see how not only how Italy and adjust but. How the patriots might decide to tweak their team we've seen Dorothy Height or last year's you know work Getty gap when it comes to you know after the quarterback I wonder if they have to go to their Balco. If were gonna see high tower due to work with what we're gonna see you Toshiba Cleland was of a little bit more athletic debate we give them credit for. Work more as a blitzer it's going to be fast and see what happens as a result of human maybe not being. For those levels surprise a Peter King has been the pool reporter all week long correct on the holes from I was reading his stuff from the pool report sick of Kamal. And I don't have to want for patriots and the falcons right so I forget which one would ever read whatever chip Peter Peter King working for if you're asking is is working for Puerto for the falcons engineered belt yup while meticulously it was Peter King. It. In all had rave reviews the last three pool report I heard. About Alex backe also said Ben Garland wasn't near the back of senator and and look pretty good. But it wasn't like this overwhelming. Report from Peter that I can remember the in this two days ago the last when I read that you know there is any good to be had that Mac made you know. Would be this severely injured and yet that this was the quote from from Quinn on Thursday to Peter King ever read it here. The quote is quote Quinn said he was quote not panic but I'm concerned about Mac status for Sunday. But he said Friday he watched it from Thursday's practice and it had a different feeling what it's and we seeded that we had to. So it's a bit of a shell game when it comes to stuff like this to try to keep the other side guessing it's through. Just how we impact full view entries going to be you know the patriots have done is dwellers to assist. This is. Your old business as usual. For a team of this magnitude when you're talking about is the guy can play how serious is the injury what is it gonna look like look we all assumed. He's going to address he's gonna give it ago during pregame warm up but it's going to be one of those types of situations where. As we saw with rob in which seemed with a probable that the course of his career. We're gonna have a lot of but ocular it is going to be a lot of eyes on Alex McEntee goes through his regime workout to see where used physically go in our. Think what they considered other major it's him Chris of you know at it they say as little as they have to do. And that's why you'll get those lower body and you know two medicinal lamb or is Asia. You know the wind got knocked out of his blade up exactly what is it that they've never gone to the point that I that I'm aware of. Where they flatow didn't put pizza though merely injured guy on the list on a Friday. Yeah I know I I do agree that Terry but it the same time we've seen in look I'm not complaining but interesting though that did there have been instances. Where guys. With the best trees and there are no coincidences around Gillette Stadium with a guy is a bear. On the practice field. He gets to be listed in a certain way where it's if if he wasn't out there on the practice field or she's practicing in front of us for fifteen minutes. During that very brief workout window. Bill those that we will write that in a defensive coordinator and other city your profits of greater coach or whatever another city. He's going to see that also would sort practicing so. Look like as it it it's it's a bit of a shell game that goes on between teams between coaches. To kind of try to keep as many people as you know guessing as much as possible but I do agree with you I agree with your point that you we've never seen this. From the patriots. I think some call 6177797937. Pete shepherd Jerry thorn because the price review on NFL Sunday Joes and reveres the way to while backstroke I don't. I lately and I started to always a pleasure thank you my friend than second in recent job thank you great job and I let urgently on Sunday facts are. My question is. I'm I honestly think that Beijing to go to when they got to pick up but now everything. But. The thing that I mean I'm really. Skid out is that they use our immediate gonna react. So the patriots. Are bigger and well I'd you know call on that stated that there is soft and stuff like that in. In all the joy goes both died there you're depends if the god forbid their loot depends on what happens when what do for. What if one of those two fumbles kickoffs in the end zone recover for touchdowns as opposed aren't as opposed to pick sixes or I gave up eighty bombs in the game dollar you know Monaco. I an hour ago I would bet that our leaders to Jerious go live on big immediate need not mean I'm here that's. Chris iPad in North America but I feel like I've studied the anti patriots medio like. Diane Aussie stadium guerrillas and about riled up here. Are don't want Amare credit clearly articulated it well let's let's target when word first beat up. What they'll do is their favorite thing to go after. Is bill Belichick's arrogance and in this case you'll be that he led Jean meet college golf or not think any walk if I'm Sheila Jones this is athletic. And he. And that game as I've got to both struggled he has a column written already gone into Nokia is killing built. Yeah two to six on 985. And will he irritates our sister station. Question what question up I felt strongly that I like I didn't make. The guided through I think it's a ridiculous to be and that. Now I do to grow thanks Joseph enjoyed a drug can appreciate let's go to our Rick and brought to the next here on WEEI NFL Sunday Rick. They we don't generate a Rick how are you deliberate. Yeah it's Milan two weeks was slated to. National media slogan of an unsolicited. Neitzel. Inaugural ball Washington would you know talks but anyway my point is. I believed to vet waited to trend. At granite block fences to keep my Treo and I don't those two weight training is still a situation no. You know player on the defense what we know from the old days it is. Jack in him on the line it's neat that his weak point when you just punch him tomorrow. So. I do believe that at the patriots say. Double bill opulent snaps to that Atlanta's Asia where in the game you know I might consider it blow well I think. In the great he had made a great point about. The defense being done fundamentally sound dull thank you are now this was into the show. They're great as far as training goes immunities. About so much worry about him these two peas down there on the depth chart for them anyway I mean he's dealt with the best spin moves of all time. But the pitcher Ted had their moments against him as Welch who they were they've neutralized him but I think you got to worry more about Brooks reed Tyson Jackson. Jarrett yeah area upper ranks slightly these adopt a bottle Miley. Yeah he's yeah rich that situation yeah I'll be here. See how many times state they slide them over to the same side as it easily and give the patriots act and a match of glory but. You know at the same time he's going to be coming around and with a walk with tennis balls on the bottom I mean it's it's. He's trying to you know he's ready for the dog track Wheldon if we have Dario tracks here Obama and yet it get a update that reference but you know what what. This is another matchup I think that favors the patriots because Italy does pass rush. Tends to be from the outside which is the pats strength. It is here guys Chris I think had five sacks all season long. Yet that they're not agreed pass rushing team along future you bring up related point that the strength is. The U Beasley who almost lines up in one of those wide nine technique he's just he's so for a parent two in the that you're the matchup that you when you talk about individual. One on one showdowns in this one. The matchup that is due probably in my top five to look for today is if they play it straight up in Beasley stays on that edge. He's gonna be Beasley gets Marcus came in Markus Kuhn has not given up the sack at least according pro football focus. Since week one of the regular season that is going to be one of those areas where. If Canon is left alone out there with Vick be easily in can neutralize him. That's going to give Brady all the time in the world because you look across the board at the rest of their pass rush eatery Claiborne has five sacks creature has three. Freeney has created really drops off after Beasley you know like this that before. Beasley reminds me a lot of tailor Jones that his sacks to become and budgets you a lot of production in any kind of dropped off the radar a little bit so look. I think it laid it has some options in terms of moving some guys around in kind of following a little bit. What Houston did in that divisional playoff game Deion Jones really good young linebacker can offer would put pressure. Up the middle he's not a great sack guy but in terms of disrupting things. You know up the gut he might be one of those guys. This deceit do you know you'll. Again not a not a great pass rusher but how has the ability to come down in the box and be your beautiful disruptive presence. The you know that there's not a lot of star power on the defensive side of the ball for at least that we mentioned in this in this segment before. About how young they are. Into the bin good or for the second half of the season. It's unnamed out to be able to continue to executed that seem high level debate and executing the post he's going to do this and why I just don't know. If they're going to be able to keep up weakness patriots dolphins because we have so many what shall we opted to become which awaited opening. I know joining us ago comeback player of the year do you think Marcus cannon got any consideration at all by these knucklehead to vote for this stuff. Who absolutely in my opinion fall to respect the jury. Marcus cannon. Absolutely sure got comeback player of the I don't know how anybody off of Lima don't get a lot of credit because he starred in over the the star players there. The flash players are the ones that do report to me. You know sorry joy get good comeback here Marcus Cannes was much better in my opinion. Markus Kuhn has been the most improved patriot from 2015. If you don't think that crow and O'Donnell live here. By saying that I don't know if you can consider him a comeback player of the year candidate because what he was able to do with the ultimate commitment injury. But he lost thirty. He got back with politics he improved his footwork has improved its technique he was playing it more natural position at right tackle as opposed to where he was at the end of the year last year. When it comes to left tackle he is a guy who is very very easy to root for we get to talk to a a little bit like I was able to do over the course the seasons so. I think that he is a great comeback story in this is where we are oil always come back to this this is where we are now with markets can and twelve or twelve months back if you look back at last year's the FC title he has to look I ripped him we all ripped him. Win the Pro Bowl announcement mouth a little bit earlier this year. And he did get a global announcement is that well you lastly you know OK who which one of the teachers do you think. Missed on the show several bullets that well you know you can make America but there plugin. In Julia over the people instantly jumped on me it's about markets can market camera you know been mirrored about him has changed so dramatically. In the speed of twelve what's in good on him you know because he could very easily tell all of us to go to flying leap. But what we wrote it what we set about him or for the last couple years but you've been able to turn it around he had a healthy. How many times this year and he says all all they've they've got those key pass rusher they've got this a lead guy the gonna have to face this year. And time and time again. Canon has thrown an invisibility cloak over that guy I don't know what you even you deviant cloudy you don't hear anything from them until they put him in the inside. And one Miller did nothing earlier in the season JJ watt. You know then that famous like long quarterback sneak by by Jacoby percent. Was right behind Camden and block was nowhere to be seen on 888 Aaron Donald time and again he's just me Geist disappear. And so I I have all the confidence in the world. A one on one matchup him against Vick easily I will take that all day long and I are like you said twelve months ago I never could've imagined in my wildest dreams that sentence coming out of my mouth. I can take another quick break here or his fly along your NFL Sunday's talk enough patriots in Atlanta falcons' Super Bowl trip you want to believe you're right here a Sports Radio W re guys. With Kevin Harlan Boomer Esiason Tony miceli. James Lawson in the have a call for your will have coverage from Westwood One beginning at 2 o'clock right after this show this is a place to be don't need to change your station. At all. Throughout the day speech shepherd it's Jerry Ford Chris reprise here with you Tommy card at noon chuck Christian Fauria at one. They've RNC from sports reach TV and FA NTS why dot com at 130 all part of NFL Sunday write your sports writer W Riyadh.