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NFL SUNDAY -- Pete, Thornton and Price get into some interesting stats and the Julio Jones matchup -- 2-5-17

Feb 5, 2017|

The guys get into some interesting stats that could come into play today and discuss key matchups. Of course, the biggest one on everyone's minds, how do the Pats try to cover the elusive Julio Jones?

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Our numbers through NFL Sunday sport raider WEEI got a three point seven event in Boston across the W guys. Sports Radio network it is like for receivers last Christmas Day last night was like Christmas Eve unsure of tough to get to bed Iraq. I woke up about forty times you know and each to dislike and I woke up I checked we're receiving a rope wouldn't just to get ups get upset that but. Lot scored odd today Pete Jeffords Terry Thornton Chris price review. Ott Tommy card will join us at noontime. After trending a Christian Fauria. From the ormat first joins us for what Pierre for his weekly hit. As well both of those guys that doubt in Houston. Gave her rent you'll join us well for sports rates to be dot com and FA NTS white dot com. At 130 a fascinating take from him I'm sure about how the slide Howard has not moved at all from three. The entire week and I'm sure you as a a lot of theories as to why below its all that at the last part of the show at 130 guys report a break. I was asking about the something might not get into living on Friday which I think is interesting. If the patriots should win the coin toss do you believe they will take the ball or defer it took against Pittsburgh is something they don't usually do but. You know that Brady is set all week long Belichick has drilled that into their heads. He is tired of not scoring in the first quarter in the Super Bowl where they haven't scored and any of these during a pitcher Belichick errors in the first quarter of Super Bowl but. I haven't made scored I believe eight straight games a touchdown drive if I'm not mistaken and the falcons right there to what they put seven so I do expect a high score first quarter but just W Chris Dowd yours did. What would you do a pure bill bell checked and and the patriots if you would decline toss do you take the ball first take ago. Who you're playing but he it's who you wore this is a patriots team that hasn't trailed the team since the 27 that the number 27. Against the jets that the span of 421 minutes and 56 seconds of game action it is. Absolutely vital to what they wanted these today offensively to get off to a fast start. Complete from ahead not necessarily play up tempo no huddle with to be able to me needs the game maybe the Olympic team in the temple with a game. It did after early going so I would take the ball at what point did I see is that last night through that said since Tom Brady has returned that they are scored in 5254. Quarters some Shia particulates not to let that one right animals now that's what what he's altered to the other thing is well Brian brought this up. They've scored 31 street quarters dating back to that November 27 game against the jets again. This is a patriots team beat visa that you best. First quarter team's week the falcons have the most first quarter points in the league the PP intersected. The patriots again to a great job controlling the tempo controlling the piece the game out of it Buick and not the certainly significant ago no huddle. But there are going to push the peace in the early going they wanna be able to try to take the fight the falcons early it is to set a tone for the. Jerry your thoughts appear out of your record your approach the patriot what do you do when you win the toss and not to ball first take and I'm the one contrary and to our Chris big one because. It although the benefit of the idea that you may be get the ball to end the half and then. You know get it again to start the second half but. But also because I think this is what the patriots do I think for a sense of normalcy you going to need two year old thing. Also yeah add to it that. To immediately and its board I think they're opening possession and eight straight games yet with all the pressure. It happens yup you know but it'll at least 2000 or whatever. I love the idea of your defense make him stop take the wind out of your sails if even if they get to midfield but the punter comes on the field. You you get in Atlantis had a little bit like okay this isn't. Green Day went not going to be able to shred them like we did all this you know tomato cans in the. NFC east coach Shaughnessy on a retired and I are kids that but I will tell you this I'll do my Lee Corso to you Jerry not so fast and that's another reason why. And I think Tedy Bruschi Brooke these stats. Yup either yesterday. What days at Sunday obviously Friday that they would what the norm with dale and and holly and keep. There was some of them. And that's why I want the pitcher to get the ball for some go to the film score. 81%. Of the falcons offensive snaps after Thanksgiving 81% they've had at least a fourteen point lead. Think about that number. This team doesn't play from behind 481%. According to their diversity of the offense of snaps from a falcons after Thanksgiving have come with at least a fourteen point lead. That is unbelievable. I think it is the indeed this is a team that is is just puts up. It's just eat it it's the closest team offensively that I can coal. Comparing to the 2001 ramps I think that there's there's there are a lot of comparisons Erica on the office is that a book falls apart on defense and it noted that's not a good person. Across the board but. They have so many dominant offensive opportunity we always talk about those secondary. Receivers go to those those guys the Quincy you know with the Tyler Lockett those aren't the guys. They have those guys in Mohamed to new in innkeeper and you know they can come that you had a number of different ways and I think the challenge for the patriots is to be able to try and beat them. A little one dimensional in the second now look it's a heck of a dimension I'm not denying that there. But it being picked it makes it easier for Horry defense in you know that the other team has to throw the ball to at least stay in the game. Not just you know they're they're they're gonna have pretty much pain in the run. But if if you can get up on the burly if you could set the tone in the early going you can put fourteen points and points up in the first quarter. In Atlanta has to throw to steam agreement to work and give it a little bit more to the way to passing game. You know how which we were jones' just. And ice cream attic for opposing defense of Courtney Brittany just specific to this scheme. It's absolutely vital for the people who threw look about vestibule put points on the board early to be able set the tone because this Atlantic team if we get rolling. They are an awful lot to Trent though. Yeah Belichick has talked a lot this week and you've been at those press conferences. A boat. They are outside still runs and and how he did it almost gives the impression that he thinks it all runs through the or your member. Against the rams in 2001. When it once said it's a you gotta stop current water they were that help from the NFL films. Hit Marshall Faulk when he has the bat very spirited him when he does and I think you know yeah fair fair point if the pats can get up by a couple of scores. Now the outside don't think is quite a concern you did they become a little bit more predictable that this is a team. With great run pass fusion if I can just nerd out for a prison he's. Gary pointer really really is that the big question that I have and it brought this economic team it's a note to view yet dot com. In the falcons' run against anything other there in new wing and sub defense that is to say if the patriots have beat the box. And they are prepared to stop the run. What are the falcons can do because the falcons have been really good at picking and choosing their mormons. This year as to win to run because obviously the focus is on stopping Jones stopping stopping their passing game. In they've come up against a lot of nickel and dime defense it is Atlanta going to be obligated to a situation where they're going to be able to get quote consistent yardage. Ian you know between the tackles because of the mile of the the patriots are at a sub defense so. It that there's a lot of chess match kind of stuff here because a lot of what the falcons to an offense. Is you know you can draw a line between net and what might Cheney didn't Denver there are a lot of those similarities so. It's a little bit like you know the old site felt like that went to magician to me it's like you know everyone kind of knows the tricks here. It it's just a matter of of of figuring out who's going to be a one up the other guy I think in this instance. I think Belichick clearly has an advantage but it will be fascinated to see how Kyle Shanahan immediately now that please. And you know who wins the turnover battle is such an over and we we'd get it out of the numbers anyway but I wanna get toward a bigger point they give you were the numbers. The stats that I believe have not been discussed. An off this week because there Brewster focused on the patriots that this is the star players on both sides. All right so the turnover numbers page 23713. In the regular season when that would have a turnover battle. When they don't when the turnover battle in the regular season at 3441. When they're even. It's thirty and seventy and so we all know all of a port Torre got the up. These the stats to me that are going to be gigantic in this game. I don't think enough has been said this week Chris and Jerry about not nationally not locally it definitely has you guys brought it up but this is a very. Bordering great fundamentally sound tackling team which I think it's just that it despite a national media. They very few people bring it out of the gold brought it up this week you might have been the only one here's where the game is going to be won or loss and I really believe disguised. Page allowing only four point 05 yard yaks. That is gigantic. Now the picture also number one in the NFL on offense with the actors six point report the falcons are second right behind them at six point 18 but I believe. That this is gonna come down to. The team that has the best yaks in this game. There's a team that's going away and I do think that's where a lot of pressure comes on both teams linebackers are the guys feel about that. Yeah I agree we observed during the go collectors. No I I think that when you compare the tackling abilities of both teams and you could during this point because it's a negative thinking. Knowing what the going to pass catchers are among the best in the week when it comes to compiling your typical of the third this year's team. What better worked both in the week's top twenty the falcons allowed a league average 432. Point nine yards per game after the catch. Which is an odd stat for team with so which team speed but then you flip it around a new look the New England secondary they're really good when it comes to limiting yards after the catch. This is going to be especially key when you're talking about falcons perspective. We talk about the patriots tried to stop Julio Jones to new. Speak to allow whole run bolt that it. Those are going to be huge momentum swings in the patriots secondary has been really good when it comes to limiting big plays. If you have a stat line after this game of Julio Jones. Eight catches. 75 yards and a touch so that's a win for the I I want a big step further Colombia a 1101520. Yards and I'd say it's a win. Yep which is don't limit dole have him. Hit multiple home run and you know not to not to cross sport streams here but he you know if he's able to. The bust out a couple of 75 yard touchdown catches that's bat what you wanna do with you can limited you can give him the stuff underneath in this chemical expect to Josie before if you develop that lead. You can allow some of that underneath in the second half if you have a fourteen point lead you'll trade. Yards for podium in media the week days and in anything that's one of the big things stupid yet viewed the initial point he is very well taken. This is it team in the patriots the secondary specifically. The to a really good job Logan right it probably one of the best league that seen this in limiting yards after catch. That's going to be huge factor when you're talking not only Jones butts in new Freeman all of those offensive option in the past that's the reapply but what you wanted to do. Chris for those reasons you you mentioned I think this is not a good match differently at that I'm not denying that they're the best offense in the league it. Seven teams in history of scored more points than them for four reason. Boy for those for the fact that. So much of their offense is predicated on yards after catch and that's the patriots are uniquely good at stop and that. The how weird is this that their top three tacklers and for the top five are all secondary players. When I was a kid. Tim fox spoke those strong safety led the patriots in tackling them we call that defense the Red Sea defense. You because they pirated and any Israel like sandals could walk right across. I'm an idiot and Jerry Jerry you know what's interesting though in the context that conversation not just. A group of guys in the second period it's really good when it comes to tackles when it comes to compiling tackled. But you're also talking but it defense that the the third best and we when it comes to stopping the run. So it's that those two numbers counted don't quite fit. But they'd make it work they've been cubic it all comes together for. The other things the patriots do well. Are there are that that we answer is strengths so I I think that the patriots are the best front of the end zone defense in football. They force you to go to the postal those fades they used the sidelines in the back of the end zone as likened another defender. And it again I think that we and it's a team that wants to catch the ball and to meet again in Indians want the guy. Debt if it is Gabriel to me is going to be a key factor asking for the patriots used that third guy a fourth option we're talking about. Now the pictures don't give up. Gigantic plays what you've got to be where Gabriel he's got a six receiving touchdowns this series averaged almost 43 yards. Of about six touchdowns in the regular season also has a 37 yard reception in the playoffs as well. So he's one guy you know you LB that's going to be a really really interesting match up to me and the other one guys before we go to break you get back in the cost away. This than the former two starters on defense deal Jones Campbell pool have all been fairly productive I think Campbell was what one of only four players are here with a hundred tackles and three picks of I'm not mistaken to the cable Jones I forget which one pretty good job and then you've got to 32 year players you get obviously victories in the sect's leader. Who did nothing last week. Though a little bit disruption with Rodgers but had zeroes across the board except one pass defended. And then and then Joan Collins and and and Grady Jarrett so between that that's a pretty young. But defense right here is is it's is it being over hyped. These youth disputes of the Atlanta falcon defense Chris price. And a little bit and I think is being over critical of that but I will say this that they are numbers. Improved over the course the second half of the season and you got to put a little bit on that because they are playing with the lead most that have been brought up a little bit earlier Pete. But did the numbers are getting better the one thing I wanna see today one of the that would be looking for from visibly relieved in blitz at all. Over the course the regular season but the really big double up on that the last two postseason games in so it would be ripped the front really good success that. Look the stories the same when it comes to get pressure on Brady you're gonna have to be able to find a way to get the minimum amount of ruptures after him. In October and get office spot I'm gonna see and to be interest to see if you awaited defense decides to preach from Houston in move some guys around. Bring Neil into the box trying to see if he's gonna you'll. The work as a rusher you know the deal on Jones beat easily. Easily reminds me a little bit at least from a production team point. Of Chandler Jones in the haystack seem to come in bunches yet fifteen and half sacks this season. But lake yet go to three and one team to win another and then he went hole stretches. Where he appeared to disappear from from the radar screen so. Look at that there are a lot of really good young players on net team in I wonder how they're going to respond. To being in the spotlight today especially the back in the neck quarterback after it wouldn't be surprised to see greedy. That is zero in on one or two of those younger more unheralded quarterbacks the third now but they're up and down all right Joseph Rick Jimmy Garcia. I've sent up a promise not to break we'll get back to the phone calls a lot more to discuss obviously tons. Of our breakdowns. In this game stats all that all that stuff that some of you know really sick about it a try to bring up the most interesting. Ones out there besides turnover battle in and the stuff that maybe you've heard all year so. We'll keep doing that and take a poll calls again tonic. 130. Joseph Thornton with you until 2 o'clock in the post and it continues on sports rated and we yeah.