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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Falcons Preparing For a Healthy Diet of Blount/Lewis

Feb 3, 2017|

The Super Bowl is close. So very close. We continue to analyze the game for just a little longer!

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These these late night with Christian arcade Sports Radio. Would that tee winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get it going with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get weird here. Larry Sports Radio WP IS's late night RJ in here. Gone so one and then after that if he wrote to the Super Bowl courtesy of what NBC news that are zone I think. Westwood One Westwood One was one road to the suitable. Which I didn't know about. Good news though very pleased to announce. After the Super Bowl immediately after the Super Bowl. Myself Fred's moralists and a mystery third personal I don't think he's been confirmed yet so an Owens is named. But it's a him in the big clue there. Will be doing real post game. And I am very excited about that very cool to be on after issue global. I thought I was gonna be doing the overnight and it I was gonna do two to six. But that is I guess no longer the case as of as of tonight I'm sure that. The way things go around here they can probably change an hour but right now the as far as I know I will be doing the real post game show with pretty scurrilous and a third person whose name I can idea reveals up. There we go a little programming note for you there another programming though in case you missed the today. Ugly parent company of this radio station intercom. The corporation that owns this station WA AF WRKO. New pot 97. As purchase CBS radio. And we're all going to be it's all gonna be enter comments it's being absorbed I guess is that is the term. And it. We don't know exactly what this means there's some things we do know and that is then. A company like tanner commerce CBS or whoever it is. You only have five FM stations and anyone market. But. In the event that both sports stations are kept which I'd I don't know I happen think's going to be. That's what reporters are saying it's gonna be status quo and I think it will be I mean there's there's no shortage of of desire for this. No shortage of listeners that's for sure. 01 thing I kind of like about it is that. If we're all gonna order for the same company. It's it's obvious to anyone who spends any amount of time here. They unless you're in a place that only gets one station to the other. Everybody listens to both stations we all know that. And it's kind of it's always been kind of saddened work you're an ally of oil worker few years and I'm going head to show for about seven months. Like you know it ask anybody. They'll tell you it's kind of weird days you know for the most by I don't Kirk talks about a sometimes are really no one ever talks about what's gonna immigrants trio thought about us and then we will not be talking about tomorrow I felt good path. You know so. It's. I don't wanna see it tone deaf because it's not I understand how the business works and we understand that you don't want ever give. You know the competitions. Reason they're the listener reason to switch over but the thinking is everywhere are already does it. Or the Internet kind of squash that whole mentality at all beyond talk about it and then how would anybody nowadays that's right where they spot the Internet YouTube any kind of streaming service it's not. 1975. Anymore. People can be found direct you want fine. And I'm not saying we should be darn near talking about other stations and what they're saying but it's you know. It's asserted treated as though. The the other one doesn't exist in a really. I don't outside of people who only live in an area word yet one signal not the other one. I don't know anybody you only was this the one station and on the other much respect them at a breakdown. And that's just the truth I feel like if I didn't if I didn't say that I would be I would be lying sued the yachting. We all sort of know it's one of those things we all know we just on our. That's that he can't turn on any of these sporting television networks in this city without seen. Someone from Saturday doing a segment with some from side B yams all the every night. Literally every night and cius and someone from here it's from theirs on TV talk about every night. That's all contest and that's the ball stations. And because we're competitors working for competing companies it's banned short this. Unspoken gag order but now maybe that won't be the case anymore I don't know we'll see I have no idea what's gonna happen but. I just think it's kind of funny how that's been the case here for what eight years nine years. And now we're all working together. If possible before he opens track. Since the it's just funny this is a funny business. But to all the people freaking out as I told you before it's added I mentioned this before in the ninety's. WEEI was owned by a company called American radio system. As the which the company in 99 I wanna say got bought by age CBS. And CBS. Station. For very brief period of time and enter somebody EI and AF and all the stations used to be part of a RS. And so this isn't that uncommon CBS had been mean to do this. If you know we read about it in the news a new meaning to sort of divest from the radio and I don't know exactly how they're planning on doing it but this sort of came as a surprise I guess. And the other being absorbed and it's all gonna be under intercom and I for one I'm pretty excited legislate when things happen like this I like shakeups. I don't know what's gonna. Happen immediately and what what it's gonna mean but I do like when there are like when things get shaken up a little bit I think it's intersect where family. Break one big happy dysfunctional them. 6177797937. Major phone number 37937. Asian armor attached to socks are welcome. One thing we mentioned. Earlier in the show and talked about a little bit was the Julio Jones factor here. And had to pay tree actor dealing with this in practice we didn't get much. But bill did sort of acknowledged that there making special plans for Jones. And that there having two wide receivers act as Julio Jones on the practice field. And those two wide receivers are Matthew Slater number wind. And Michael Floyd number two. And you know the Slater's gonna play on special teams invited. Something tells me that it had Slater and Floyd might play the same amount of snaps a wide receiver on Sunday. I don't see I don't see Floyd being a huge part of the game plan. I think we're really gonna see on Sunday. Is a steady. Head V. Down your throat goat. Of Garret blunt India most. James White not so much. But I think they're going to. Really mix it up out there. And rely heavily on their running backs in trying keep the ball away for Matt Ryan. There's not a lot of things have worked against Matt Ryan this year. He's been about a steady and consistent as any player. In in the league this year rather than armory. Only difference is that he played sixteen games or Brady played well. The falcons defense. Is going to have to I think decide. Whether they're gonna who'd really focus in nine on stopping the run and trying to force three and outs that way. Or they want is. Set there their course on the pass rushing get in the armory. Because I think that Tom Brady's best asset in avoiding the pass rush is gonna be handing off. If they make it the priority if the wind makes it a priority to go after. It's a stacked the box and and really try and shut down the running attack. That means. That means Brady's gonna have to throw a lot. And that's why I think the patriots are gonna win because I think that no matter. Which way the falcons go with it and I think they'll go stream in one direction or the other. Part of me thinks they're gonna just try and do what would any other team to beat the patriots over the years has ever done and that's. Sellout and go after Brady moved easily around Dwight Freeney and listen Dwight Freeney stuff. He's still out there make a place. You know he's certainly not what he once was but he is. You still don't think. And any sex video this year. I know I know Beasley at fifteen. But I think. Where if the Rihanna he had three I think he was third. After Beasley got Adrian Claiborne with four and a half. And Dwight Freeney had three sacks this year. And you know. More and Donta hightower had to effort and it is a total tackles this year TO. Ten total tackles. Respect. Easily the guys that. You know everyone cern is is well he's really good but it. Patriots are good at taking guys like that away they weren't gonna take it away Von Miller last year. And DeMarcus Ware and I know that those guys were coming on both sides in the Beasley sort of a one man show on that passer if but he's sort of been blown off the whole falcons team he was blown off. Now whatever is Dick Beasley who cares if fifteen and a half sacks this year. That's more than twice as many as the most sex any patriot have flowers at seven. Now is the most. Interestingly enough. The patriots head. The patriots and the falcons had the exact same amount of sex this year. 34 in the regular season I'm talking of course. Yeah. X factors in this game. Are heard. To me I think the obvious ones. For the patriots Dion Lewis all say in India around. Settlement and Hogan in the in the passing game. On defense I think you gotta go around look to the normal guys flowers branch. According. Guys who have been steady for you all year. Spectacular note steady absolutely. Nothing spectacular about this defense. In fact I'd say. I don't know about all Lou all the defense is but it. Vaulted Super Bowl team. One defense and bottom three in fact this team. This whole team. Where were you ranked them. The seven Super Bowl team at a seven. As I have only. Fifth is that there may be the seventh they're actually down their back in terms of their told what the sum of all their part if you look at the numbers I can get behind that but when you look at the circumstances that led to this defense and how it was formed yet acted Bill Belichick just cavalierly traded away one of his top play makers. And is managed to put together a linebacker corps that's consist of Kyle van noise and she McClelland and making plays and and only in the Harvard Italy and in Roberts considering the maritime that Donta hightower miss right it's. It's taught that Adam how they've made it. As bars they act of yeah where you look at a guy like. Logan Ryan who gets benched and then pot heads monster game yet yet again cheered adventure through shared they didn't even. Fleischer at the server Cisco. On the stay home and you died he was gonna be next yeah go like elevating Gehrig Jimmie Collins then why wouldn't media destructive last year. Cheers ended up having a pretty good year. The F I mean you'd. You know and it was. It was one of those years where after Collins got traded a lot of people started comparing its own mind and saying no this doesn't look good. They like Jamie crowns in the locker and now it. There's a lot of that in a lot of analysts were waiting for the patriots infants to crack so they can go on playing a seed Lindsay Bill Belichick is not as good as a result as the guy are you kidding me people were frothing. At the mouth and it never happened and it never happens they never got to get that take out they could navy rallying out cabernet caddell wandered Courter in value announces. They didn't beat the dolphins is big is our water and there what every night even though they did the late. So. They couldn't they could have beaten or ravens by more you know yeah I guess but I hope this will be of. Our ads that are Cyrus Jonas mopping. Two punts. They held the ravens victory points they held yeah Broncos. On the road to three point yes I mean date to tell just literally for general added that three toughest opponents they have to deal with this year they lost of this Seahawks but they shut down. Joseph Flacco and they shut down deep great terror Sammy and. Yep and an Arabian sarcastic Palestinian. Better than Manning was last year much better shark. What I say after that purpose. Bryant. You said Dodd Rangel so Hanson tonight how do you manage to do I said that off the year what I said on the year was his team can when mr. rule that I not. I I even in the games leading up to and I said the patriots when these next two games are important Super Bowl. I said I'd call the before even happened. And then it happened. I reasserted my position. Like the dominant male yeah like the alpha male in the room. And also the only male older you're in another room. Via and I said that right then after that Denver game six on 777979837. As your phone number let's go to Paula province April. Acres in identified mr. McCall I was going. They got much I so want a little bit Asia with the run game and I do believe that if if you establish a run in terms of its own scheme all of our. I do do you call five light is not seen. That we took the ball around. Off you know it's the tone for the falcons are I don't think it even could cheek when the patriots have a patent. Yet for you know what that point established then you don't have one you can't wait but you're actually write these eight you know meanwhile amnesty for. It will break it back but the main thing please keep Matt Ryan all feel. Yeah keep him off the field and get after Matt Ryan I got sacked 37 times this year and it is supposed to Tom Brady gets sacked fifteen times by compares to. And you know and add in for inflation the four games it would probably closer to like ninth 120 still Ryan's it's almost twice as many. You get to merit. You know you can get his face you can throw mopped he doesn't throw a lot of pitch. At seven interceptions this year. But he got sacked a lot. And it that's in around in another part of this and patriots pass rush did not look. Particularly impressive against Roethlisberger and the Steelers. But if things get to marry Brian if they can sort of set the tone early in confusion in the in and around. Put him in the dirt. Now go a long way. Yet that is establishing that early in the first quarter 61777979837. Your phone number quick break we're back after this you're only nine. Patriots and Bruins Red Sox Celtics get more which you can better Cristian knocked. What Sports Radio WEEI. Who do. 61777979837. Your phone number here as late night Sports Radio WEEI. Going to one. Couple attacks ornery and 508 says pat shut out Miller and where chief in Freeney is all the nicked up yet she is I agree and yes you're right this offensive line has been so good this year so good. That it's been kind of easy to write off a guy like big Beasley what's he gonna go no one's done anything against this alignment stroke except except. Houston showed you something. You're staying with their personnel that I aside from Beasley the falcons do not have a mean I don't possess anybody that. They can get after the way merciless inquiry did but it. They they did it NA through those those guys off. And by those guys I mean Joseph Tony and Dave managers who by the way played the most snaps on the Patriots offense this year. The two of them played I think every single cent this year. If not every single one like 99 point 78%. However that's even possible. Pressure of the middle. That's been the only nick in that offensive lines armor at all and it's been a real small one. 01 you have to think Dan Quinn and that defense is gonna look to exploit. And they know what to do would be easily. Easily up the middle and I'd say Freeney on the on the edge. And I don't freeze all. But he had a decent year you know what whatever. In 38. He's old. But man was she good news today. 36. Incur. 36 is all this isn't a Christian yet is not 38 but it's the patio. 6177797937. Asian phone number. Go to Stephen Miami hasty. Question hour on Steve you. Budget that first light yet thank. What or made it travel agent. So it is nice. As you. That's or I'll let you have a great shot of thank you make that ride home I watched that. Steve I'm happy to I'm happy to serve anyway I can thank you for the kind words what's on your mind tonight. OK I was gut about a lot OP. I think they should talk about other side shortstop Julio joke but I get the excitement at. It peacefully as they've got a pass to JJ block. Had other I guess you're right. I. Exploited. These. They don't they got a lot but. That really this year has been a great year that had we talk about. He talked about Bob Miller gosh. But you actually last year got the supply and what are a lot of talk can't everybody want to give troop we've talked. How it played at. I think he's the patriots will improve. Yes and Bryant store Kinect game was given way to snap count bobbing his head to which was the main problem and he's no longer uses of around so that's you know I was a big part of it to. But but also soldier was injured and gone. Bobo was injured and got. And so. Just did not have the consistency. As the patriots had a picture of us not forget. Dot K was not great. You know I don't know what magic she does negativity that. It's kind of a reward. She but they went to architecture. He has just brought them. I can't bring them together they may help you think maybe they always bring top. Brady's. Armor. There are other outlets. Whatever it is it's worked out the other thing I wanted to get which. All time quarterback back there. Historic post them. Drop below a possible. Ideas for a trade to Houston that they either quarterback. True and are getting back in number one pick and walked. My picture. On the if you would use something like getting. Sought player if he's healthy right like that and. JJ watt and they're number one pick for urgent anger outlaw. I don't know who I don't know who said that Steve but I would like them to share whatever they're smoking does that would be that would be insane at the Houston Texas that. The Texans traded away their first pick and JJ watt for gym across all c'mon c'mon. 61777979837. As a phone number let's go to Jason in the car a Jason. In the you know you gotta do is what's up. I think at this special. In a little under statement each yet I eat it eat but it to greet each. And you know they're gonna cook went on each other opinions. You know eight bit. A week at that I. And I've read about it they're average not mean that there are a lot eat that yeah. But it is there a lot under their lot. I think bit and returned by a terrible I think I'm I'm harbored unit I think about the struggle and. But it I'm not going to be allowed scoring and eat you know may not Arctic and I think that significant picture now. And pictures yet. Yeah and that's a part of this to people haven't really mentioned Jason and I thank you for bring in and out Matt Bryant had a better year than Stephen newscast keep. He was he was better in the extra points he was more accurate on his field goals. His longest field goal this year was a 59 yarder meaning he was he was nails this year and as her you know the return game. There their return game wasn't super impressive they have you know a couple of guys who had decent numbers but. Compared to the absolute you know bleak show that was Cyrus Jones who returned more kicks than any other player this year. And it is third most punt returns it was him Amendola and and cattlemen are turning points. But yet you know that's that's nineteen. Kick and punt returns combined there for sire Jones and you know. M and dole I think and settlement will be just fine and I'm not really concerned about him they. You know you look back it at the special teams this year that was one whether the patriots really only only soft spots and it's only in. You know returns an inning taking a little bit I thought they're coverage was terrific end. That was reflected in the fact both Matthew Slater and made Abner were named all pros this year their coverage was great. And really it's just on the returns and in the you know fluctuation which ended up you know popping back up of Stephen newscast. I mean they're. I implement it at the even you know is it really add. He worried he did it. And he struggled early eat yeah it settled down shirt one I'd really at stake here. I PG AF I think ultimately the part about this one really expected it would it be. She's really game. Yet I mean what it is when it occurred and it Munich in eight more years and be. But it the damages are to have they had they aren't. What I thought that are on the carpet and airy. It is what went out of there even when. And I thought oh well I was gonna happen Arctic. Yeah what are Belichick. Got. Yep he absolutely is Jason thanks for the call. Even even this year when he wasn't. There was an automatic dude to say the least and at times he was out on our I never I never came to the point of calling him a liability you know other people then. Other people at this station and the other station which is now also are stationed there. Still not sure how to say it probably shouldn't just say anything at the F talked about this enough that are probably. Now for one week. But I never I never quite considered him a liability just a little shaky that's all. I don't even know if I mean I like this house I don't even know if he's the best kicker plane today. Just a talker is yes statistically talkers dredges him and he definitely edged in this season than. Yes it's true. I haven't looked at the kicking stats and all kickers in league but you know. Discussed in a down year means we'll get that one ought yo get to that 1 o'clock carry you hear Hillary your road to the suitable. It just guess the only kick the 84%. Matt Bryant. 91 I think. In ninety almost 92%. And out Bryant 56 out of 57 extra points food desk ask you 46 out of 49. Not terrible but you know he missed three Bryan was one in every year. And he was more accurate in his field goals and his longest field goals longer than discuss the longest which again isn't necessarily discuss these fall but it should the fact. Not an alternative back 617779. And not a martial fall back either that was pretty hard to say without swift kick it. A Marshall Faulk back is that a save it three times and don't say the F word I dare you on a global scale that this. The big break 6177797937. Major phone number 37937. Engine armor on tax a quick break baguette to the. The dangerous. I am. He's he's Christian I can on Sports Radio WEEI. Track revenues up your Sports Radio WEEI. It's Super Bowl weeks are gonna ditch in the late night low light unless something really crazy happens but nothing has today so. We'll go back to and actually. Sean Salisbury a guess on curtain Callahan said yesterday about the JJ wide Houston draft pick trade. I missed that I I didn't catch that area. But I will repeat what I said I would love whatever he smoking because that's it's pretty creative. If he Houston Texans trade JJ wide and their first round pick to the patriots for Jim Edgar outlaw. I will wary Sean Salisbury Jersey. And I have my I have might might pick I can go to C Cox the colts vikings Oilers. The Houston Oilers. For you youngsters out there it was a team back in the nineties. The San Diego Chargers or if you wanna get crazy the Winnipeg blue bombers replay for me beating ninth if I was me I'd give up every bit of what you gave Sam Bradford and then ends and that's I would offer up a number one and JJ a lot for him grow up real pitchers do. He said he would do it okay he didn't say they were gonna do. He would do it. Candlelight that everybody solo Richard Lugar apple. You know I kind of liked it their all these other teams seemed to be sold hot former right now. The bears the niners the browns jets. If I'm Jimmy or outlaw I don't wanna go to any of those teams up. May be may be Chicago maybe. But not even now you definitely don't want to go to Sarah Jessica. The jets police. Were quarterbacks go to die. And what's the over Cleveland yes Cleveland they had to go to Cleveland. But it to beat her up a lot that's three wanna go you taste the you know get a taste of being a champion and all this excellence here in new England and you know the chance when when Brady if you ever tires to take over the preference as our you know you go join your buddy Jamie Collins include him. Even opened so much about how well that you apple managed. Is this stretch he put together all armory which are usually more about herbal progressively as far as having quarterbacks yeah. I don't. It's pretty it's pretty sad just the idea that anybody. You know whether they're an analyst or not it flowed out JJ watt a first round pick for Jimmy rock won't get laughed off the podium or stage really tells you how. Parable. So good though I'd say the majority of quarterbacks playing today wells curry Kurt didn't take it. That whole thing particularly seriously I'm pretty assurances the patriots absolutely delighted that it Turkmen and guarantee an empty into the bank. In terms like bad quarterback. In IP or such so many bad quarterbacks in the NFL. And aren't that bad quarterback late. I'll rephrase that I don't think it's so much that there's this large amount of bad quarterbacks acting there's a very dwindling amount of middle ground between. The top guys in the bottom guys are really isn't it in between. Average quarterback who you know if you're playing better than this guy year good for playing. Worse than this guy in your below GM mean if you think about OK you have Tom Brady Rodgers. Larger breeds maybe even Ben Roethlisberger Russell Wilson. And and where do you go from there and that's. Huge drop Salo a second let's let's just do this year just for fun you said Brady Brees Brian Rogers. Brought Lawson Russell Wilson. Would you throw Philip Rivers in there now. Matthew Stafford now okay B you consider them. Well above average court directorate. Serviceable and it is the word. Philip Rivers serviceable now he has is that 2006 anymore what is Philip Rivers Don in this league other than. Played like a mediocre quarterback. And c.'s been better than mediocre. He was you know fourth fifth and added some fifth Little League in yards this year. Stafford I mean staffer ready to disdain of the playoffs. Andrew Luck I mean these are guys maybe didn't have great seasons but I still think they're good quarterback. Carson Palmer though dozens of them. Out of their car. Roethlisberger. Press Scott you know new and Mary go to Matt Ryan was in that year the team is Winston. I mean did even NFL I thought was pretty good this year when he played and I got hurt but. On another 32 team dredge say about it. Eighteen of the 32 court wreck. Are good enough the you can at least go to the playoffs won a playoff game with. Great isn't that sort of you know that the baseline in the standard there. In this league yet I would say so but look at a guy like. And you couldn't get his team to the playoffs this year not every couldn't get out of the first round now. But it Newton took on the Super Bowl last year and Stafford I don't know I mean yeah I did you can get the first round that your. But he did get there. And I do think that divisions probably going to be you know. I wanna save up for grabs with with Green Bay Rodgers good. There's potential there. I think it's far strand maintain parity in the league acting they really locked out having guys like. Deck press god emerging markets Mary noticed any good quarterback as Sony franchise this is absolutely whipped. On quarterbacks in Wayne Garrett still has a position in the act now because there's only bad quarterbacks yeah. Blake portals he took a major step back. I think Alex Smith sucks in Kansas City I think he sucks. Got its he'd I mean. You know talk about an underwhelming. You know of bare minimum type of quarterback meanwhile I think Teddy Bridgewater could be pretty good maybe in and stayed on the field I think that that you know. Again he's one of these quarterbacks that will look to run first thing he's got to learn don't go the same route that Robert Griffin the third grade other. Great example of a guide it. Any any Washington tried to give up so much to get him in they couldn't get rid of them fast enough right you really even need to block. By the grace of god injury walking is still healthy and able to play quarterback even though you know it's offense while Scott killed yeah. It's there there's a massive drop outs. What get a pretty good season. 31 touchdowns thirteen pick. I don't know when Brady retires I think that the next sordid. Next group there is a drop off your right and there is sort of a generational drop off to I think by the time and all said and done here. They'll they'll be okay there still be some. Big potential there that's my time I'm out here are back tomorrow Ryan great job talked Eli have a great night everybody good night.