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How much longer will we have Bill Belichick, and the Jimmy Garoppolo trade rumors are swirling

Feb 3, 2017|

Mut kicks the night off talking about Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and when he will decide to retire. He also talks about backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo and the potential bidding war the team could have on their hands

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Offer handing out superlatives for Super Bowl week. The funniest thing I've heard so far as the trade proposal that Sean Salisbury give the guys the morning yesterday JJ watt a first round pick. For Jimmy go rob blow. I get as signs gets the hottest woman I've seen so far radio row. Not a huge surprise. And these salty is most bitter guy. But I've heard or seen or read in these four days of coverage you've had a WEEI down there and used in a radio rope with a Super Bowl answerable 51 this Sunday is Marshall Faulk who still believes the patriots taped the rams' walk through prior to the Super Bowl. I will save that 47 o'clock hour you just heard that with the guys that you were dry it was and drive home. With dale and Holley so we'll do that 7 o'clock tonight spent some time of that top of the hour Seve if you miss the sound. It is must listen sound from a very angry bitter salty not over clearly yet a laugh the we've so. Our Marshall Faulk lessen Al now play that for you right here on W we DI. And the questions came from was that it's Joey right Joes are Bonham mica I know it's jail. Where were the big show. I wanna get get Lewis and Dick clan a good job at a Jolie black. Where's the net patient stick around legal battle. Marshall Faulk for a little bit do some work while you're there Cedric and are intended to every day do something. Good job Joey earlier from Marshall Faulk an hour from now here on W eat ya your calls a lot of got more patriots stats that make me feel very good at. A body culpable patriots win on Sunday. Will do that we'll get some of the picks got to Vegas stuff here is well on your calls all lighted 617. 7797937. Text messages 37. 937. Open for business 24 hours a day seven days a week it mutt and UTW. Week yacht that would go to Houston. A couple of times tonight Erica and our DB. Who is the female CE old bar stool sports you'll join us at 730 tonight next hour. On the bar still take over the ban of Bob Barr stole from media day for radio row. And about the Comedy Central show that has been not a huge hit with viewers locally and nationally. So we'll talk to via CEO Bartel sports next hour an atomic horrible join us up from our broadcast location there. In Houston from radio row for an hour from most call 8 to 9 o'clock or thereabouts Thomas pressed for time so. Hang out for an hour Thomas than an excellent job keep all the stuff. Pretty heavily these last couple days. I think it's to make a pretty fair argument that the MVP again operating out superlatives. Who's on the best job reporting I would say would do better job in Tommy cart. In these last 244872. And almost 96 hours of coverage there for Brady to bella checked to. What he's written what he's done on TV well give us than on the radio. I hope a good hour radio Tommy current you'll join us from 8 until 9 o'clock I want to start though tonight we have. What appears to be one guy who is going to stay with the patriots in one lot and one guiding his on his way out. And will play its last game and suit up for the final time and he pats uniform on Sunday. We'll start the got a staying in that is apparently Bill Belichick. Robert Kraft on the Washington Post today marked mask he we have a pact. We don't talk about that well with that. All of the fact that quote I know and he knows. But he won't be done this year Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick of talk. About when he is going to retire there is an end date on it. BB being the coach of the an EP. It's not a variable apparently it is a quote from Bob crap we have a pact that we don't talk about that he knows and I know. But he won't be done this year which raises the question. What's the expiration date on this thing if your patriots fan. I'll we are Bill Belichick a couple of years ago. This was bill part of one of the three games for glory part of the read the patriots ended the into respective as of are all things patriot. Comparing himself to former bills' coach Marv Levy. They definitely miss a lot learn from losses and you know family stuff. Holidays and kids the ordinary young. Their games and world passive yeah I heard time picture and not efficient football. At this point now and I don't live Marley encryption and myself and isn't a story about. Fortunately that's still years off. And in the guys I enjoy doing what I'm doing it's gonna last forever. It's horrible. That was up Bill Belichick is the couple years ago Marv Levy is now 91 years old. He retired in 1997. So he was essentially 72. Marv Levy coach Lee was 72. Bill said he's not going to be Marv Levy so we 62 right now. So is not going to be ten years you bleed bella check and I guess you could chew your opinion can change on these things. But if you believe the coach it's not gonna be ten years so where is it. And I think it is now lol. I think or at these deep to me it's after this year. If I had the gas or get your thoughts in this of wealth 6177797937. It might not be a direct year. I think it'll be the year after. Tom Brady ends up leaving his team. Because I think the Bill Belichick wants to black help whatever this transition is going to be. For the patriots and he knows that following. A quarterback like Tom Brady whether it's Peyton Manning Erin Rogers. O'Donnell list of these a leak top level once in a generation. I quarterbacks. When those guys lead there's a transition period. And I believe the Bill Belichick looks that it is I'm gonna help this team transition for a year and that's going to be it. So I think Brady's got three years left that on the before your mark for Bill Belichick. Ronnie four year. I guess outlook for your coach of the patriots. And I also think that. Maybe other people now. Josh McDaniels decided not to go pursuing a coaching opportunity. Is that because he knows. What the end data's on this thing. He knows when that are a reasonable time frame that I could take over as the coach of this team not that he's handpicked successor. As an ex patriot head coach but that it's a possibility that bill has let Bob Kraft and on this the bill and Bob talked about it. An AB Josh McDaniels. And Bill Belichick talked about it. And there's a will host Donald Trump set about the owner of the team Bob Kraft yesterday with Roger Goodell it is a wake. Little bit of a wake of OK here's the date here's the plan. Opportunity for you to do. Take over the Steve I don't think that's crazy. Because. With the date in mind what is pick an age you know I don't think you pick an age because quote over the TV news. Bill's gonna decide okay this is the year I'm gonna retire let's say located quarterback it's hurt that year bunch of injuries that 0511. -- walking out of 511. To me it's simpler than that. One year post Brady transition a hand of a top potential to Josh McDaniels not albeit. But the fact that you know what the date is make me feel it is more closer certainly to four years and that is why are my guests on this. That it would be say eight years that would get him to 7062. Right now. So I think it's much closer to four then eight in talking about the head coach. He was asked about it today right patio this is court gonna come up mark basket as this quote that in Washington Post. Bill Belichick Tom Brady spoke to the media and retirement came up as part of the Bill Belichick conversation. Robert Kraft mentioned to the Washington Post recently that fit to review that had conversations about when you might retire and I'm wondering. If it's at all difficult for you given how long you've been in this business. A difficult to might be to a vision like. That rhythm of the NFL calendar year. There I really thought of both the house of its. And right now you know all folks on this game so. Related I was about next year I was there about last year thing about Sunday night. Between now and on what I ended over team's so so it works. So bill was not gonna touch it today good job by Rees to go with that question could obviously the story. In the post today and I and I got my numbers confused I apologize I said. Levy was 72 and retired in misspoken so Belichick 62 he 64. So six more years would get him to 78. More years actually gets him into BB territory. Which he said a couple of years ago it all the worry about me I'm not that he Marv Levy coach in my seventies. So if you look at these next three years to Brady one year post Brady and that will be it. He has a chance to join. A company of just build I'll check with a Super Bowl this weekend. And I don't think that's that'll affect it like I get my fifth and I beat chuck Knoll on not on that's gonna passport. To me he's part of a transition he's talked to craft about it here's how it's gonna work post Brady one more year for me and that's going to be it. So certainly get your thoughts on that having read that story today and having had rob Bob Kraft that she go up there and say yeah we talked about it we know the date. 6177797937. Of onerous Lee's going to be year bill's going to be here next year. I convinced more than ever that Jimmy drop below is not going to be your next year. And I felt that way for awhile. We had Mary Kay Cabot earlier this week. Right in her story to Cleveland plain dealer just yesterday brown to make a big push for Jimmy drop low reading from her story. Sources say Brown's interest in Rob Lowe is real. And that they'll try to trade for an depending on other trap the valuations go the next few weeks. If they decide mr. bin ski or to Shawn Watson in the first round at the be less likely to pursue the patriots backup but would not rule it out. They'll have competition for rumpled old double the price Mary Kay writes. Falcons offense acquitted or Kyle Shanahan liked him coming out of the draft he's gore of the 49ers. The 49ers have been number two pick in the draft and also looking for a quarterback but the browns are intrigued sources say. The strongly consider the cost to be the number twelve overall pick and more. So. That's one team involved. There are more than one team in dough ball and I'm. Surprising to hear more about this today to see the Jason locker for a story today. Headline security front runners to land drop below brawl ball in the NFL quarterback shuffle. It is mostly about drop below. The Chicago bears'. Jason writes. Or make a strong concerted effort to acquire quarterback Jimmy drop low from the patriots according to a source of knowledge of the situation. The Illinois native east far and away. Their top. Offseason. Priority. Many teams he writes he grew up all as the best option of all potential freeagent portrayed targets and the bears while competition. Teams like the browns jets in forty niners could provide opposition but the bears intent and willingness to completed trade could not be more serious he writes. Quarterback is an acute need. The bears are going off for Jay Cutler and jobs on the line after 24 seasons. They've abundant draft picks they could trade including picks in the top three of each round. While rival executives do not leave the patriots went a first round pick via trade. It package including multiple high second round pick is quite possible. Furthermore trading grapple oddity of C would appeal the patriots who expect him. To prosper elsewhere that is some inside stuff from lock in for a we have not read before. Eagles on bears an extensive work on drop lower comparable with them he shot in the pre season. He played eastern Illinois. Other products they're Mike Shanahan and Sean Payton. The bears prepared to engage in trade talks and rumpled the com by later this month or sooner if needed. You've also writes the jets have strong a valuation but realize how bill fine I can trade him there. The 49ers could decide because Shanahan likes him beat Texans. Our big believer in rumpled bill O'Brien but he stuck Brock offs while. And so it's supposed to be about grapple Owen and Romo. The whole thing's about Jimmy G. And base away Brady played this year and based way Brady is look this we're what did on this the other night but the emotions. So we had to go what to do the story that the Tom talked about N able Tom Kurt broke the story that at Tom Brady's dealing with the the help of his mom this year. And the emotion you show but before that. That's how young Brady looks at this thing like. It's unbelievable. That he be between 39 years old. He looks won in ninety told me the waste speaking of these press conferences the way he is built right now the way he's played each city's 29 years old. I would believe you. He does not play like a 39 year old. He is not anywhere near heat he said today. Or yesterday. Feels like he's in the middle of his career this guy's going to play and he's going to play and he's going to play at least three more years. And then when he gets to 42 and elmo's. He's playing three more years you got drop of one more year is rookie contract and any got to make a decision. Brady's still playing a high level it makes no sense to keep problem and I you read this today about this competition. This is tremendous news of your patriots fan. Because you kept hearing about the different quarterbacks out there and Shawn Watson and roll ball and Kirk cousins and you know what that might do and and you read this thing today. There's niners checks. They all walker drop low you read this story it's like a love letter from the bears to Jimmy G. The bears have the number three pick. Number three pick overall the first round. They of the number four pick. In the second round. They have a number three pick in the third round lead they are loaded with picks in the top Japanese drafts. You may not get their first round pick for Jimmy G. If they offer some combination that was. 36 overall the F 36 and 67. For Rob Lowe second and third. Or second this year and a second next year I will drive grow up well to the airport. And it's more about the way Brady is looked at my feet and drop below but. You just don't know. This is a right now feels like a seller's market when it comes quarterbacks. And the bears are desperate is locked in for a rights. And the way Brady's playing in the trade market for quarterbacks what else is out there to me. One guy staying that's Bill Belichick the other guys gone. Capital G gone. Jimmy drop blow especially if the team like the payers. Are that interest in the guy and have top three or four picks in every round of the draft. So will start their tonight. Telecheck and has timetable and what do you do if you patron did you big problem. I just told you live if the bears topic a second a third. A thicker second and third round picks for Jimmy G and I'll move on I may be commits to a second and a four. Or two seconds. I am making that deal. 6177797. ID 37 the phone every can text in as well 37937. 24/7 on Twitter add mutt and UT WE ya Tom Brady was asked of our time and you hear that and your phone calls but at night. Thursday's super bully that's got to go to Sports Radio WE EU. Talk about what it's meant you have villages coach all these years if you had to guess. Who's gonna retire first cure him. That's a good question. I went on to pivot away from that question and talk about bail in the relationship but. Taken aback by that. Which stern who's gonna retire first you got the shock on a good question from Tom Brady who knows. My guess is bella check the season after. Tom Brady hangs him opera's onto the starting quarterback here in New England that's my guess after it came out today Robert Kraft knows how much longer Bill Belichick wants to coach. But he's not saying we start there and with the trade possibilities for Jimmy grapple in light of the big story today the barest. Are very very interest at 61777979837. Your phone every two texted as well 37. 937. Always on Twitter at mutt and UT. WEEI maps and a car on the patriots back you're first up on WEEI. I don't got married human. Good any of this sound we're talking earlier they aren't their initial before you up they'll talk about oh martial law and that and I was. Earlier yeah you hear the Marshall Faulk sound 7 o'clock he's out of line. How long you know what it bit the similarities between the 2001 task in the 2007 yard or so similar because. We played them close to the end of the year in 2001. Belichick you know it would beat them I'd drop couple guys back into the secondary. In like Kurt Warner you Ramallah content world could you to read and quarterbacks. And he is horrible and I care. And that tinkering with the giants really start as early on in the eastern and many cricket note that you know what can we can actually beat each guy and they came pretty close to beat us earlier on this season on the clay the next year anyway. We added the best strength against the patriots week as they are able to. Be physical up front with their front four they got pragmatic or they got pressured with. They earlier pressure Matt without having to blitz me that was the big key for that giants team and thanks for your call. I'm sure ball teams are mentally tough they're both good defense we'll debate it was a little bit different right the giants. One that Super Bowl part and parcel because they go up pressure on Brady was Strahan and company. Without habitable it's. That was the big thing can you pressure Brady without sending the house exposing yourself in the secondary. He never won a exposures. And there were able to do that. For the patriots in 2001. I think it was just their raw. Brutal musicality. Whether it was the Bryan Cox hit early. Lawyer Malloy sit there on the sideline and Willie McGinest throughout the game muggy Marshall Faulk in knocking moderate them. They hit everything that moved in that game. That finance offense of the rams was built on their timing is the caller said him once a packed their get a rhythm when the patriots. Got physical enough to knock these guys off their kill third they've responded till late they got that late Ricky Proehl touchdown and by then it. Brady what went down in and the rest is history as they say. So I'm sure both teams are mentally tough all these are very good defensively giants and patriots but. Giants won that Super Bowl because the pats offense took awhile to get going in that game. And oh by the way the giants got pressure up with a anybody. The patriots won because they just out tough the rams. Out tough them. From beginning again and Mike Martz is not overridden them and Marshall Faulk is is not over it panic Cranston on Bill Belichick idea. Hey don't forget. I don't think the question how much does that state that. You know on science. So if they win Sunday and repeat next year I could totally see him walking away. Why why do why you see that day and what would because the Super Bowl numbers. Yes I think I mean what else he gets approved I mean it is that the now. Wait say that now obligated you walk he walks away and what you say about it theoretically they lose two loss Sunday. He retires on Monday he still goes down as the best coach in the modern era. I don't but it blew him a Brady fall but everything's been written for them did it doubting that legacy at this point and I yelled to admit but. One other guy just lets you buy taken himself out of consideration. I am national missile and that is what we do it too vehicle weight but is going to be something to that. It you know I mean each. He wants to go to the right situation right situations where he's already yet so it's if if if Kraft knows when he's gonna go. Maybe. Maybe with the announcements to. I I I did and I agree with you I think there's there have to be because reportedly he liked the niners job. The report was it Ian Rapoport who had that a week before he decided take his name out of the running you like the niners Joba niners like him. That number two pick in the draft they could do whatever they want to a quarterback. Eight took his name out of there because of family considerations now this'll sound like a very dumb conversation. Our last two delete off the website a year from now indicates a job next year. If I'm at Josh McDaniels. I get to coach Tom Brady. Until the end of his career. And maybe have an insurance that on the got to take over your New England. That's a pretty damn good reason to stick around and be the offense reported a year here if you need not take a job. Reportedly he was interest today. So I don't doubt I would agree with you. I think there's something there especially given that we now. We somebody in that organization bill Kraft job than whomever they dole when that Andy is it's not a reach to say that Josh McDaniels. Might know when that Andy it is as well. Mattson a car on Jimmy GMAC Iran WEEI. They mutt they turn me on cigarette volume in the marriage thanks bud. Stay but you're are about the other reporter but there's been it's there's obviously from the rumors about the brown be etched in her purse sometime. The thing is it seemed like on top of the second around. Probably going to be the the one to get them but I think with the browns the fact that they have the number I think at the number one and well you blind twelve year that. Yeah and they have more at the top of the second round if they don't want to. Risk losing it. Somebody who might need him a little ahead of them I think what they try to do is trade. That 12100. A little that back in the first round to get the value to that called able to hide her for yet you that you don't agree yeah a couple of so I think bacon by trade back and still sneak in ahead of everybody else to ought to get on an up about the book. There 112. And 33. Excellent point so they can. Yeah I mean if the patriots say looks or between fifteen to 33 get us there we were with twelve and 33 get us there with that pick and that's the deal. They hold the upper hand by far I I just bring up the bears because I've not read until today. Dan I've not read this love letter upheld that the bears had that he is there this is the quote from. Jimmy grosses the quote from Jason lock in for two hours ago. The Illinois native is far and away their top. Offseason. Priority and so worst case scenario here mad you you got the bidding war and this is why there's a bidding war between these two. Maybe do get a late first round pick in any got to trade the guy right. Exactly and end just before I get up here you where do you think and guys like Romo football anti in terms of the page slot and head Jimmy do you work fourteen to walk or if there are. I think. Being Cutler is chronically behind. I'm not sure Jay Cutler's a starting quarterback in this league anymore. So Cutler is not a conversation. Kirk cousins gonna be sought after. Romo is that's a very good question. How many years you have with a Roma though. Would drop below if he if he plays the way he played here and await Lynn. Any sign on to long term deal he might be your franchise quarterback outing instead at a ball Roma. Rubble feels more like he fit three team like the jets the jets are mentioned your great team like the Texans. That beat up a plug and play quarterback right away and you know are looking to be a playoff team next year. The team requires a drop below is probably not saying boy we have to make the playoffs did the first series here in fact the fan base is not thinking that. The fan base knows the deal we have the guy we are building with going forward this is our potential franchise quarterback if you're getting roll boy you get a stop gap. So you say it rank those two. It's tough because they are they represent two different things Rob Lowe is win later rob always win now. I write rights I may be a wind. I don't what you went in Cleveland even which illegal problem I had no idea I don't know what they have there on hue Jackson is desperate he's the one's enemy charge or pick and a quarterback. David think the Shaw wants that the guy at number twelve I don't know. But to me garrote blows a better fit for team like the Bayer's. Vet just tap the show improvement and it that the show their fan base they've got the guy going forward rubble do for the players. It's a different version of Jay Cutler essentially makes no sense. Either gold big time franchise guy Kirk cousins or best in the younger quarterback Jimmy problem. So factoring that in a horrible behind you BG. My being a homer and is that wishful thinking maybe. But Romo pits for team trying to win the next year. Gras always the peace to build on next year yes show improvement your team if you're the bears if you the browns. But it's not a win at all cost to move in General Motors and that they could trade. Bigotry Romani Houston. Get about a Dallas in the other conference and dual assault by keeping them in it's what the state he's in right now. Which are not surprise me if you are Jerry Jones given Jerry Jones parallels with Alex on. Dave on the cape on trading Jimmy Jihad Dave. They would summit what are you mentioned role Jimmy cheek yeah well look at you in the years. He kept out of luck and a dog park in its smog from the door he tapped out that game. After a two buffalo game yes or not. Doubt he could play it would break you play decade a lie I I've no idea. More Brady would have played Jack came. The what we had a short but Dave when he got to shoulder separated. Yes. That was two weeks laid a member it was borderline. So it had stopped. So you think that was the big Ellis him tapping out. I don't maybe it was I don't know I equity listen we are radio hosts a town who think they were trying to send a grapple message listen I have no idea. I'm the appointment grapple applaud it was a Smart move follow. It was marble but think about is delegates at this guy is never going to be hiring now so they got to get rhythm on where look at Brady news. He's probably got a look and I'm picking four years old but I decide who's who's going to be the next quarterbacks seriously. Soul. McGinley inherent in for a couple years now and decide who's going to be next guy behind so big that thing about Michael Clayton lightened and you've got to. It's a beautiful thing gave a bidding war can never. You know if you ever sold that house or Condo. Or any sort of property. You hear your realtors say bidding war it in news six to midnight automatically. Oh we got okay. Let's pit him against each other. If you were dumb enough like me to buy a Condo in 2007. It didn't matter that it's a pretty report put out the advocate out part of that. Well I eventually sold that. But you hear that in the realtor and get that text. Bidding more big smiley face. In my OG. She Chang. I got the bears desperate I got the browns desperate they bolt that top picks. The Cleveland Browns have. The skull work a work forward here are backwards there one. Twelve and 33. The bears have three and 36. Important book with global who. Put in a second round pick stuck around here. And then get a late first forum and again I always second to me is the same as late for so I'm not gonna. Nitpick event to get into a second or third in the second and third ball the top. Check of the top 45 picks of and of each round. So hell he had gave bidding. War. He realtors wet dream and yours you're selling house account. Six on 777979837. The phone number text 37937. Are always on Twitter at mutt and UT. WEEI full phones on the coach and the back up quarterback will get through them just after 7 o'clock you'll hear a very angry salty Marshall Faulk. From radio row in Houston not with the guys until ten era W we he never wanna exposures.