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Boston Sports 101 - Patriots History in the Super Bowl

Feb 2, 2017|

Uncle Buck, George from S**t Pats Fans Say, and Jerry Thornton talk about the Patriots history in the Superbowl; the big wins, the bad losses, and what it will take for the Pats to win their 5th Super Bowl.

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I know that's means we're back here once again. At the WBA I studios that will be a podcast. Boston sports won a woman's uncle buck in Jordan kept. George is calling in because Whitney Houston right now majority there. Yet with the actors with so they're claiming it I'm not among my land dropped the new album. I'm new jobs announced demos. Yes I am sign of what. And it will go to predictors were really impressed with. My public receive about it I am now or in the there might be there recent. Victoria should pats and it. It's going along an eight and judge when you get down to use that on site that they kids stole your thumb thunder on the I missed every year my hero what's your hero. Question but I hope you have a back I love you George on median night as the hot Brazilian chick you looked great. And burger. But as those that do those have been listening to the series of patriots are planned series. It certainly recognize voices and an ex evens. Well Lou with with us again here from the many nick show. 37 on WA AF. Nick joined us for the division series and he's back now we planned this I imagine they get the super will give to others and of course Jerry torn Parcells sports back once again you know he joined us last week for the the two weeks ago for the championship series but I. Plug myself as old bar stool and out of of Boston sports one on 111. Daria so it's it's not a radical departure now what I found most impressive about what has happened over the past couple weeks. Not that. There was the potential free jinx of saying like oh enable all meet up together to do this Super Bowl podcast. Was the fact that. During the divisional round podcast. We spoke of fourteen games. And the webcast podcast was an hour and twenty minutes last week you guys on the you have fewer games to talk about. And you were able to do a podcast 25 o'clock. At the your guys that is I think that's awesome wait until we have woody himself. You know they think about it all the important games he goes from the wild card which Georgia south nobody wants to implement the wildcard. And then we could stick them in the division series Gerri commit for the championship and now we have them the foursome. The mighty. Fine what is it with the wider angle like aids awareness able to order a square greatness. Roberts to parallel program. The cover the they all the patriots Super Bowl appearances as we lead in to a this weekend's game in Houston so. Let's go ahead dive right in one thing I wanted to mention you guys would see how how good contest or trivia. On knowledge of patriots are both Super Bowl appearances nine Super Bowl the patriots will have appeared in. I mean is it time. And they have only played though and five stadiums can you name the five stadiums they played in their side. It's certainly can't without much effort all they have played in what is now called ever bank stadium in Jacksonville Florida. The superdome New Orleans now the team tends to go how many times. Please read anyway rice price ethnically they're thrice lost the first two times wrapped it up with the third. Twice in Houston it was Reliant Stadium named after my favorite spaceship from the portrait series. Now known as energy stadium coming and nine and it horse they have played. Twice. In Arizona university in Glendale once and I'll hold them happy house. And in the or. Right when we haven't been a member of maggots on her majesty's favorite super volleyball yes I got no matter how silly the idea of going out for us. Still we must be gracious I'm just that they avoid. Which Tillman was at that particular time the RCA dome but is it was a it'll it'll also have let us are okay wow I hated that super doubles so much. Actually blacked out and that was when I believe. The Super Bowl experience. Started to shift it went away from a Super Bowl weekend. In now. A full week coverage and others the whole two weeks between the first week is restored the practice to some of these tickets famines that. But the second week is borderline a full blown holiday I'd I've been down there for a couple days and going out against him. It's unbelievable the massive. Teams parades. Showcases party's red carpets and celebrities there. This is the closest thing we have to Mardi Gras outside of the body in the eyes it's really kicked off in Indianapolis. Okay am you know that the fact that they don't call it media day anymore it's wet like opening ninety dove Super Bowl week or whatever is with with that was. And it's. You know at the NFL they they're too clever by half there is nothing that they won't figure out how to monetize. To the point where that thing kicked off. And last night as we're talking you know Monday night this week where they get. This bizarrely. Perfect diverse group of people. All we are different jerseys from different teams like they just spontaneously. Came down there it looked they. There's jaguars had a wife son of god of that is an at Tennessee Titans guy and I love the niners. And it would eat the ethnic and gender make up all of a college brochures. And Alec. It. It's disingenuous it's only super alters right right the Rangers that year it was my hand were watching on T the race. Now it is patriot at that hands with those patriots buses taking up again it's idea that I were president and I was super happy that. I was sites for super ball 51 I was excited about the driver five. Until I went to the rally. And when I say do depressed does have that like I like it couldn't feel like my how times I've was borderline shock. After I watched Tom Brady and all the Hanson. Quarterbacking majesty's then that stage in his speech staying hydrated and following coach Belichick rules and the days ago that gave his signature. Screamed I play clean up and I'll pick this Edward. I can't I can't. Wait let's get let's go to the other right now mr. right so before we start and it did Ian he code of its own I got out so that they random to sell full picture. That looked like. A brochure and Adam can use the brochure for the second time to modeling shot a cult are. That we spent hours free and it's just Brady this ring and him she she did you know that the George keep him on the phone this now. Boston's sports 101 co host doesn't get dressed every day into the seas raise currency interest as. But the equivalent to that has cost it well you start up I think again office under armour pajamas. Palace where no longer book Brady was Randall. You were definitely aegs ya uncle. Of his vibrant ever tells folks so. Let's jump right into it first of all I wanna make quick mention not a lot of people we got to know this to realize this. The actually had a chance blamed personable. It got down the last game of the season 1966 when they played the jets in New York. Okay. They win the game they go to the playoffs as the number two seed and they get to play Kansas City when you think I'll Kansas City with the simple they probably blacks more than ha ha ha that's so quick. The Kansas City Chiefs had tied the patriots only a month earlier 2727. So the patriots would had a fighting chance going in that game and could have been fact band against the Green Bay Packers in the first ever Super Bowl instead they got waxed by don't name it. And the six and six or whatever they were yeah jets. You know they lost by 1034. I think 3020. Though the Lamar Hunt cheats and to a coach I think you always need him they'll angst I am and ask for help films with the suit Nat like. Super high really aren't any spare that like you know it's. If if if you it was any deeper would treat my fault line on the ground in his. Super Bowl for video Louis and I are both. It. That's the that's them that's an NFL coaching royalty right there it is yes and I am I just justice those two names on I'm I'm kind of glad the patriots didn't play. In the first super wal please they would then probably waxed by Maria and I had no no business had no business being there and also it would you know what it would be it would just be another brick in the wall of hatred that ever wanted to appoint you guys you know cheated all the way back from the beginning at delta. Of Al foundation of cheating. I would say this is odd because when you go through the listed in the history of the teams we play in the Super Bowl. Almost all have gone through the Packers at some point especially with the in the breed your organ to so you're just to could put a quick pin and that I'm. Super Bowl three the when everyone remembers the jets against the colts you know name if you know predicts that guarantees a win and. It'll probably the most famous pupil bull all time the jets and still can't shut up about it while Billy Sullivan was there. To hire a coach and he was gonna hire. 21 of two assistants one was on the colts highly recommended by everybody seem like to be real bright young guy. Com after the close closing just like can't hire that guy. Mobile home and Kilby for hire the guy who just had the biggest choke job of all time to a state hired his jets assistant who was only recommended by one guy who is Jill name. That ritual about Tony little the guys that they didn't hire. Was Chuck Noll who went on to pits American in as they. The guy they did hire was Cleve spelled Clive are pronounced Cleve Reich who went on to have a nervous breakdown coach in the patriots and literally. Ended up institutionalized. And completely lost his mind so even a simple bullet didn't evolve the patriots. Affect does that in a horrendous way of Jorge react and now it looks like. Thought I get a kick which necessarily points to the entire franchise reboot when mr. Kraft came in and bought them and yes I still call mr. Kraft I showed the due respect Deanna. Have a column anything else. I would then the what you just makes the entire turn around story like you know by the end of act two in the screenplay the patriots are just the whipping boy the entire town. And the way everything turns around his amazing I can't wait to find out how it happened why don't get into the Super Bowl. Though they outscored conservative patriots for Super Bowl appearance. They did not make Super Bowl one that they were there at three years later pursue both when he. We went through guys and do the math all by a wild card division the the the championship round. But the bears a gotten thereby add destroying. Two opponents. It was the they crash to Belichick and in part in Parcells on giants yeah putting about as zero spot on them with the defense and then destroying a rams were reported nothing. They they at that point they were basically that defense which I've maintained in my lifetime of all the football what was the best defense I've ever seen. They crushed teams the way. Like T 800 and a scale Russian human skull from the opening scenes of terminator movies they're just sheer weight rights and if you think about what was. Why did anybody think the patriots outages of course because of the catchy song in the bury the bears in the first ball that defense is made. Think that was made for tech mobile that was the only defense and to all that mattered they were the greatest defense didn't. Singletary. Think about all these hall of Famer you can build. Well they're. Now we were marshals. And you know why it was called the 46. As the day it was for. Bordeaux and a common misnomer you would assume that in a world of fort threes and 34 isn't that. The 46 was because of the safety and before six Doug plank. Own nobody remembers but it was a unique innovation that they brought him up on the line. And so you had eight bodies in the air and you know five to it and guard them you know basically eight guys defending eat. Gaps and if I'm Doug plank of going why could you call that the Doug plank of it does not play so I wouldn't be just as weird random footnote in history of why don't we just named the guy's Wii remote from it deepens. It's him that would now named after an average Nadal. And he have his planking had to be you do she term for fans waited boxes sit ups in there five years later and there is they get so he's. Seriously that deepens so does. Well the way any team played in the had one loss in the season that once it was all he gets the docket and among an area. The way that defense played every game. Basically was. In the opening of Saving Private Ryan when the first vote arrives on a hobby in just open probably in our feet and then. Everybody just gets shot like that's how that defense attack they had the fact that the patriots were able to put. The first point in the boarding up three nothing. Everybody should turn up their TV. High five each other and said don't worry I'll see it the globe tomorrow I'm golf holiday guy noble is the one nobody promised you the patriots create a lot of turnovers which state proceeded to do. And moved backwards but they didn't India is the reds it was probably only inside it and. So so here's the thing I'm nine years old and I'm at the game. This is so bizarre because if you do I'd like violence so yes in my father's tickets and we won the ticket arguing that to happen probably apt because it was probably 5000 ticket season ticket holders at a time it'd probably glad we got all the lottery just give you guys are thick it is like on a two dollar accidentally hit a so proud despite two more cards so we go. And this is located second play of the game Walter Payton fumbles on Tony Franklin bear for the kicker. You know kicks in the upright after all the way that land Dodgers got ally and Dawson a weird blows out an anti on the first throw up as that from Tony's and in its daily Morgan dropped one in his hands that would have given this a success of an up and lead. Soviets out of the Google we we get approval in and editor my father ago is a greats and you know fifteen out of nineteen previous Super Bowl winners scored first. And I went packet Watson on YouTube in almost all the super bulls actually can watch in their entirety on YouTube is chemical. On but I watched it and as I'm watching this Google go through. NBC puts up needed to berg nights and so we'll winners of scored first. And of course they did nothing that if you watch the game. The next played Jim McMahon hits. Somebody dad called helicopter down down the seam for like 45 yard bomb. And then it was like you know it appears even fumbled it had two turnovers in the game the patriots had six that it actually mauled Tony's goes over sixty pulled. Gap in and growing goes in there and into which then impairments that are now all Steve broad chance. Actually. Spoke today at its growth but it works and that we that we well of course and and Alice and asked the question that no one and that the symbol or they you know of all the patriot then government control pretty strong super. Textile and well Brady or so and he'd broken. I asked them. What was like what or. But cut down in the Super Bowl and Grogan says I was relieved. Because it was 46 to three had he you know I would expect them like bought me the record but I was relieved because we have. We had done absolutely nothing to do a double digits on that eat that's the big east. Blood thicker but does for second this team than a month earlier book classy and start. Release Letzing record release the Super Bowl shuffle. In which they basically say we're gonna destroy everybody and then not only do they do that but in the back it up with shut up performances Tony when nothing to the giants and tortilla for an up into the rams. Good teams back then. They worry red zone eternal war and a garbage time touchdown away from shutting all three teams in the post season with guys and they should have. Reserve to they absolutely did that was one of the probably the most dominant performance at the ravens absolutely. No annihilating the giants in Super Bowl 35. Which is forever we're not here to start trouble were just it is available to help you and I know can we just take a quick can we look at this now is the most obnoxious term it's sports broadcast now what are the optics on this. To just take it contemporary look back at that can you imagine now. In the age of bar stool in nit wits like Mimi can sports videos and jump on the radio and having podcasts and everything else can you imagine. In the excess of eight the age of excessive media what would happen if the team had. The nuts to make horrible so Alia yeah. Bulletin board material has not yet Belichick. All day long and yet they words that was part of them that was that. That's. I guess their deal people think is the new thing when a guy years popped off and yelling and you know a little back and junior would have early you know and is that they they made it happen they owned it. And yell and it was also by the way the golden age for me personally of rap music where every raps on began with the following. My name is Gerri you know I hear you say. That they'll the entire receivables shelf with nothing but death the beating was so bad on us they would have been like if Drago. Destroyed creed and they just ray and and credits and I was in Iraq for. Who excellence didn't allow that feeling that I'd light bill flight lasted three out ports speeches get a lot of back up. And a couple of brief decides once Tony easy image of Oprah's success in sacked three times enough and Portland what kind of didn't have the lower street currently in didn't have the lowest passer rating in Super Bowl history. That belongs solely Craig Morton who with we have been looking at that's not good could have or I or how about pay me I don't look at. I'd have to look it up and I'm going back to not even Craig Morton when used with Denver and 76 by. And earlier iteration of him with the colts worries that bad well. There is a a story that I thought might be apocryphal but I looked it up for my book and it's true that. John Hannah confirms he said to re bury the coaching goes if you use and Ethan back held there. I will not take the field. Because he does somebody would get within five yards of them and he would just turley good you're blocking to blocking your block to block it. And he just goes down and he goes it was it was what it was like they wanted to fight. With Grogan and get. Yeah you know my money so I went down that super with both my parents and my mother says she saw east in which is coming back up the elevator that morning. Come off the elevator he said he load is light as it goes he goes he looked scared to death. Real quick aside here I eat volume almost get a sack. Yet he crumbled to the ground in the elevator at the I say. The exhibit like Richard ads after all the crazy lines that we've seen especially like the one we saw a couple weeks ago against the Texans which the patriots the government. On the bears were only favored by ten in this game. Over under 37. Yet. I'm over under was 37 and half in how intimate like that does seem like the too easy is betting lines whoever you know. He's. No idiot or need to be sniffed scanned it with the almanac to have known that might be good a good events imagine nine year old uncle buck he comes comes back. He's he's distraught he has an iMac the school yet. And that we you know get back to the house and im kinda unpacking and the challenger explodes that happened to get it on speaker in two days at this moment. Jones and in even if you wanted to say you know went. That's a tough loss but it is that it could team that well positioned they ran into an all time great team all of which you could have said. Two days later and nothing happened the front page of the Boston Globe Ron Borges is exposes on though we have been cocaine use on the team. That tore them apart because. Yeah it's some names are named some weren't the players who weren't specifically named. What theories that they that implicated others wondered all who was the guy that was threatened LP teammates you know was it was a true report I mean everywhere it was stroke. This theory is that it was ray Berry. Re there just a straight arrow you know an old school guy who was appalled by what was going on so that. He is caveat to work so Borges was just give us felt after the season but I want this out there I wanted to expose any number of fully admitted it but didn't deny eighty. Then what was weird was Raymond Barry's wife stabbed in the kitchen knives. Ethnic rate it yet but I Irving fry there that night or the championship game. Said he cut himself cooking because you know use a big booty. Are hurting the reverend let them get food channel and instead it is. Yeah. The L any free Twitter Arab there was still people sit around in the restaurant. When his wife pulled a knife on him because she was seven months pregnant he told the there's no we emptied you know Miami it's just it didn't. So if she did what any likely go. Animal if a guy that got them at a candidates get a real light of it shouldn't. Those are the days and I'm sure at that he gave an interview recent east tournament for a nasty in the Arab highways now you know or is right now prison. And it. Up for re out Ponzi scheme. Now urging the out law or shakeup that was the only patriots that was the only cat pat patriot pair is preachers and ever make a suitable their only time they Wear their home reds as well let's fast forward now do Super Bowl 31 the patriots have. Managed to make it back eleven years later. New cast characters new order new coach. Bill Parcells new quarterback in new unions that's for sure. They are is January 26 1997 in the new superdome nor owns again where they've played some bolts when he. They are thirteen and five now going up against the 153. Green Bay Packers we're favored by fourteen with the over under. In the scheme of the eighth. Inning I adjusting. Thing about that too is the line opened at fourteen. It's his aide had fourteen. For the entire two weeks. At one point the patriots pulled to within six. Kick off. The Desmond Howard returns at the other way it they may two point conversion. To make it a fourteen point game and this was midway through the third quarter rumble might yet by memory and it didn't ya so Vegas nailed it. Eel like two weeks prior and it stayed that way for like eight quarters almost games where you. At square is your idea basically what the last two quarters. And me remember that that this time period the Packers like darling. But it finally passed the cowboys and 49ers debut like that. You know third third child in the NFC they had thirteen years of dominating Super Bowls I'll pack is back out and yet still this you know classic franchise Brett Favre. Kind of a media darling. They had been on the cover Sports Illustrated three consecutive weeks drove me nuts the daily that the Patriot Act is it's as a goal is Super Bowl in three consecutive weeks the Packers in the Super Bowl cover. You know George that Brett Favre wasn't a quarterback it was a football player in that he oh he would play the game for free. He's is that it is that Mississippi. Riverboat gambler just an old gunslinger to sell their plan just would play for nothing. At that I had static and you can't see. I. So the pats into this game though as we're kind of just thought there were lucky stiffs in the kind of word in the fact that the jaguars rarely passed them up as we talked about that the championship. Podcast. And then you know also the patriots in typical form go there. And as they're there they're in there have been leaking news now the Parcells heads to New York to do good during the jets' in this honeymoon here this love affair between Parcells Kraft that you thought you saw. In the eighty championship trophy presentation was that was actually. A big ruse. The patriots into this game where their road whites the flying Elvis over the shoulders probably the only time that a Super Bowl contender was mistaken for re an arena league. I'm. Also those of but Utley and it was at the blue ones where OK because again when you win you can make any you look good but the whites they've looked awful. And they had beaten me this Steelers in the fog in the jag or use YouTube to the Packers actually knocked off the 49ers. But Ron Amadon 3514 males have beat the expansion Carolina Panthers crush them thirtieth their team. They committed this game and if you remember. Via the Packers of them start off the game. You know it typical fashion that ten nothing but next thing you know the patriots go to the field twice on it and yet keep buyers. And another one of his. Screen a little Debbie time running as screenplays and and he scores a touchdown. And then Ben Coates kids went in the hands of in it if you remember back this is still the early days of fox actually having the NFL already right both patriot touchdowns. We're like films portly secret you really see what the hell was happening when you what's the game. It's I just I just remember thinking like at the time only god Natalie the patriots corporal were. Super bowl of the first quarter guide and wasn't there. I'd say go ahead joint. Portable picnic and most of what that we hear gain or let the career where he still is still no signs of brilliance. You know we all by by the you know it. It was everything you want you let that game that you know we're right now able. A whole boat in no sense of the pocket. I mean no ability to adjust than say you know what Reggie White. Is not doing anything but an in his ears back and coming out because we're behind and they know we got to throw but couldn't get rid of the ball. You know and it wasn't elite be tortured Max lane. In true he did put. Part of that was the quarterback not being able to to adjusted you don't you don't ask men explain to stop Reggie White one on one. You'd you'd just don't you get the ball out. That eight in what you talked about the fact added the line stayed fourteen and a score stayed fourteen. In the third quarter. It was because after Curtis Martin hadn't touched on run those tickets when he where one yarder he literally ran over. Who was it. The big guy edit the great day wasn't Reggie White the grave digger for or was he was that that. The offensive. Jargon in the middle huge guy anyway like that they have Cullen Jenkins was acknowledging that they called the grave digger Dave rhythm he went over well in essence idea. The defraud a fourteen yard scamper and score but the and Desmond Howard Kate. Of the one guy one guy a I would you know that you I don't want to say that you can't imagine a hard time discuss in this game that's violence silent for government diseases we went on to this game I just went back this memory now I think it's just check Miller. Let's go to driving in shotgun. Until it eases. And I'll marine biology. Derek you look like it up to the both the boy the birth control. I really. So it's too when he went on after occurs Martin's touchdown it was such a lopsided none of that is it's a wanna put a lot of balls and -- critically stack instead of colonial war because they were only down six or down six at that point out in my memory in and so they got the conversion. That the Packers do to make it that fourteen point game in there it's still but. The Desmond Howard touched down. At that point. It was pleased that one in India to one. My dad called me this like we're back in this game I was at my apartment wade downtown Manhattan. This law the law does Beers so grapples lived in and immediately there's a lot of people there. And he called me and counties that ball. Back in this game in his day kicking it to our attitude dole indicate that our. And we stayed on the phone each other and they connected Vinatieri kicked it to Desmond Howard. Think about it read that left sideline broke free. And not nervous afterward to each other we vote just like I have the same time and I remember just toss in the follow the size room and it was such. Chung punched have all of these where it hard to get football memories are so hard to get so close and you felt. The momentum was there all they had to do was not do that one single thing is is that it's the greatest kickers of all time. He should've known better if Parcells did have this and all the way in the arc in his body halfway there to. In May be is it would have been in the game on the sidelines until. I withdrew join in a rook rookie Adam Vinatieri the way and now and they. A guy that they had scratched didn't make the final roster spot. Oh was a special teams Ace Young guy by the name of Troy Brown. Did they dressed in his place but clearly didn't make the tackle it. And what not the only easy upload we're Parcells was kinda tuned out to insert a virus there was up a bomb early in the game from Favre to Andre horizon Andre right spot where he was uncovered by twenty. Picture of him. Right now my only four yarder with an open in his hands up and then another later if Ira call and I didn't researches again and go home by that wanted to say the other room was Freeman Antonio Freeman audio stream and I the other one rent the sidelines with Willie clay in pursuit just two sisters yeah and and as Ira call. That the Packers said afterwards. We knew all. When they showed us this look we have this plea that was going to work. And they showed us the look and Favre checked off the what David called and said I know exactly what to do with the ball. It was an ineffective blitz and I think that was the under a rise in touchdown and that it'll put the mob that was the first touchdown and patriots which hastened from from an. You know it's an amusement though you mean to Vinatieri. About this he has been except for them the game winner it's a bull five. Involved in all three of the most important Super Bowl kicks of all time. To both 3638. In the kickoff that led to that touched. And we got okay yeah backpack. And I so the actual whatever that came in he's been involved in 390s it is almost three of the mode the foremost important exits liberal history. Here's the Cota to the story of watching Super Bowl. So at that point throw the phone on the way down to the sofa. And start this game. Drunk that tree angry as they call me angry watching exports. Until whiskey gap that now how does Cameron Beers without discretion and miserable. And the game is now out of hand it's late in the fourth quarter. And I had this replica football. That was one of those white football on odd acquired I was ordered for some sports for Russia that some event of whatever nobody cares. And that is why autographed football and no one has autographed it. And now the game's over and I'm pissed off. And so I just decided in this long car barge. Loft apartment of mine just put. Didn't they dropped the ball on the ground like innate Abner I can televise it after an attack against the Eagles and I kick it. It goes through our entire living room it goes down this long -- caller we have this four bedroom loft apartment bounces skits into my roommate Kevin's. Bedroom. Fifty feet away your home. It's bankers shatters green glass all over an entire room of people that on the show up for the snacks in the commercials okay. The guys and all the girls here that see how drinker I am it's like. Okay thanks for evidence that's up twenty of the twenty people party left with a five minutes. And it. I now hate don't use anything you came to my movie premiere party two months later that same crap all the department and made out with a girl then that would two other guys over the course of. Reality is good taste that they had for lunch. The ultimate not to play ball in my house. I write my my personal memory of being angry and it is Andy one year old at home celebrated his birthday during the Jacksonville game. Where at a friend's house gotta go now. I'm in that state of mind we you'd just want to check out of life. And my lovely wife bless our card which he was really anatomy because she had like. Stub your call or something and or twist or angle and I wasn't in sympathetic and not that was like really matter might. Any idea like this you don't mind that a man I do it my team blow that Super Bowl. Through stupidity of and the coach is gone so this one is all like Ike could even form words. Yes and I'm sorry I'm a college of the time my. New girlfriend because my wife is sitting there and understanding while I've just left the party go watch it by myself in my room the second album because I can't stand around to be anybody. Around anybody it was before Green Bay went to University of Hartford so. There's a rooting against me so I just can't I can't be in there. It's hard for women understand that at that point you just wanna go to the bat cave. And look on the computer and try and just proved to be give and Joseph I'm really kinda don't actually eat eggs and eat till. You don't have. The affectionate to Rachel Dawes lawyer Larry you know barely a word Alfred you just want to be a dark superhero it's bounce under an acceptable principle. Here. Happier if they dirty says the worst in New Orleans superdome the completeness. This time it's February 3 of the year 2002. If we had no business being in according to the rest of the NFL had no business being in and based on the way to schedule was originally designed remembered this bizarre things that happened here. Com first of all this was the first ever February suitable for some reason. In itself felt like dale always had a habit in January which is why some years you'd have two weeks before visible some news to them one at that the and is thing was this was on the one week lead up because we all freaked out about Brady's ankle after it got rolled over in viewed in. Pittsburgh in the AFC championship but even though this is going to be remembered it was bounced back to number eleven. And it even though I'm going to push backs that we had to have imports of rules and still in one week affair. Which was very strange but if you look the second and so I think it had to do with the availability of the superdome until well I've got to do we go back there was something coming to town a circus and I don't shell could write no wrestling on whatever and practices it's as simple as this day everything in the NFL was pushed back quick because they cancel football for big right yeah that's why so everything in the and I thought happened one week later so this Super Bowl should have actually taken place at the end of January with a one week break. But it's early for a way which is when there happening now the two week. And the patriots there and I figured you'd Golan Hamlet you know Vieira I week that season. Was seventeen. At the Symbian that this was a three years sweet spot between them and in Houston Texans. And then adding the new terrible Cleveland Browns so that was an odd number of teams in the NFL worst time ever. Meaning that every week somebody had to be op which is. As that they that they did that and the patriots so someone was up week one the patriots are week seventeen that game they would have played. That was kickback for 9/11. Was against the Carolina Panthers who by the time it is the one in fourteen George Seifert was a Dead Man Walking. Yeah that basically turned into a second bye week for the. It's so funny is that you call them the new terrible Cleveland Browns because that actually it was their marketing. We're back and weeks and we suck the worst about we suck before it but it. Yeah it was incredible because they beat the dolphins game where not only did they have the that have a flock pastor Brady. But they also had the play in which state masterminded that sunlight coming in. Around like the forty yard line where they basically did the pooch kick off. Ended dolphin receipt you know he's only the second line turn yeah I was not expecting the ball to come there and he can't see it looked up the satellite pictures terminate it all sorts of things including Patrick passes greatest after the patriot. In that one dolphin game. The following week they have off the ball and they're gonna Carolina which was at 36 the six joke. The following day off but because the raiders have blogs reviews erode and the number two seed. CBS decides that we're gonna decide opponent game on Saturday night the night we talked about the division around and they get this great. Romantics snowstorm comes in when agree games in Boston what does it. He best game ever played in the stadium it's OS AM and the last game and perfect metaphor. Was while this team has gone from his downtrodden terrible franchise and a horrible stadium. They turn into this winner while their new stadium is it you built opal well like you can see the scaffolding. All of the old craps test that stadium dead dead six point seven dollar toilet seat in this opening what was almost called the MG field that's right. It's a Clinton independent right is it big with a lot of people. From the state yet he's already used Gillette products I never knew how to. I won and she MGM's goods and services what that I do I don't think exist anymore but. At the time I actually got the job. They were making some videos on the construction of CNG field this is meant for yep before I ever did it fits the video before ever had anything to do. The patriots new media or Boston sports comedy. Job posting some videos for the construction seems yard field. And my payment that year was like one check which was signed by mr. Kraft which I competency. And tickets tickets to all eight home games yours like get to see all the I was at the most game. Right after 9/11. And again artery was shortened sheered when every. Year after year. I was at that off your way and the colts were destroyed I want to say there's like two seminal moment that season with. Okay yeah there's that too amazing moments that said this team has played out that one. Weigh in Brian Cox absolutely. Destroyed Jerome patent owner over the middle of the field that cults in low. Oh different teams and guys different attitudes something different and then the the game they lost its ease into the rams 2417 all of us and united my dad came with that it was an amazing it was a great it was a great in the asses off an active Bruschi had the income. The interception and after that game mart said don't be surprised. We'll see them again to ray is guys in the suitable allies they would take Toomey RM's team was a way in and thought it was at it was seriously. Ambulatory hole before the game. Turns and Cameron egos. Tonight a dynasty is born baby Ricky moral Ricky Proehl like you and you go you're priority at the patriots in twos. Yet and we're gonna get them because he has a bizarre like odd history with and really in gaffe a very strange kind of the way in what's funny is my friends of his. His cousin. So you'll hear this on our ass football humbled record for her EST I read all that's a shoe companies circle bar is being Bragg NC anywhere for the rams or the Panthers. Making moderate because you know the patriots who witnessed Ricky Proehl is always talking about you know my cousin bill tackle block. So. Iso yet is it was the greatest show on turf the rams about introducing their offense Pat Summerall announces the patriots are going to be introduced as the team. But really nobody was given them a chance it was there were fourteen point underdogs the over under was 52 and a half on this one. You know until the Ty Law picked sixth that made it 73 in the second quarter. Still nobody any reservation this thing was going to be konduz we just could remember waking up that morning praying to god is saying keep it close I just run I was wrong and it's close. We were just back in the Super Bowl again and we are believing in this whole Brady wave that we were gonna ride for the longest time to come hopefully like we had hoped. We had the weirdest thing now we had two things. One thing we still always have which is Brady which is obviously an old. But to we have people rooting for us because the rams have now established themselves are a couple years as the team. People weren't entirely sick of them yet but they were definitely the top dog in the clubhouse leader for awhile so people. Could've used a page refresh. And patriots. Come from behind I don't know where Brady who's this kid likeable story underdogs and of course the whole thing. You know bond coach opening up his jacket after the America flag and we're all patriots so everything was going in their direction headed into the act remembered how. Halftime. Paul McCartney is was to divert the pregame musical forms they interviewed him at halftime he says. All wouldn't be great if a team called the patriots who wind will it would be. And it did in Vegas there are up fourteen to three. I halftime was so emotional to the streets as they have yeah in that names dropped in on the charts I think it was amazing that highlight interception. When Vrabel got up in curt Warner's face him and he picks that ball companies write down that sideline is right arm raised and getting all the good is and I get this out when I think of a couple things like brace and let's go. Malcolm butler's pick. But also like tolerant to the sidelines RA Bruschi. After picked up the past it's Jay Fiedler when he did Heidi enemies list on his knees in the original snow fireworks went off that's one of those goosebumps sparkled in Foxborough football fields he is orbiting laser eyes on used to have though was that it was the event that. And that. Hey our our product called art song are you are too intense and then rock are all part three was wary year hard drive it's open you've got a time of the week. I. Though that was our song before with the Bon Jovi Albania it's does that. It was Gary glitters rock and roll part two and that's with the snow confetti is Chris Berman called it. That's what went up to because it was on the beat that then demanded hanging in the past I was back games. 'cause commendable things about the pregame one. I wish I was on the Internet then because I remember I think in the week of would've be great if the patriots day instead of introduce that's. We wanna come out as a team I thought it I says that the people but you know it is like if the tree falls in the woods and no one hears that and they did it and after that. No team. Has ever allow themselves to be introduced individually and then you had Brady. Jumping up and down on Bledsoe like smacking him and how much. And it gave it up it's like a puppy. Like jumping up on the old dog ended templates are just cannot easily again I had yet to help his I would I as the main elicits so it was admitted he just was you know I'm along for the and it real chance to start that game that it would situation with Brady's and it goes out and and before we get further. The Vrabel Tom. You know pressure that caused the pick six. Was the first time the entire game he had his hand on the ground they had four alignment you know 32 point 34 then three lime in the entire time he just. I went from what he was doing. To him on the ground in completely. Flummoxed they are protection schemes in he went in unblocked he was unaccounted for. In that pick six past the be discussed in the big room when they talk a boat. Finalize hall of fame candidacy is coming up because that counts football as the ball moments not stats and that does a phenomenal moment. Gerri I have under and agree that what we're gonna rocked by you of course are pretty well what I did. If you you can not deny the greatness of Mike Vrabel big clutch situations that not only have a president which the you know it Cutley bit. You know there are only two patriot to have caught all but now bull. In the operate here. One of data given the others Mike Vrabel. I and now you're a buddy Christian Fauria does not want to be reminded of that video and audio line. Those that governor in favor of it I'm too happy about that now remember. Also Super Bowl 36 was about to get out of hand. When Willie McGinest. Just eight Kurt Warner the same way that Mike Tyson told. Lennox Lewis and and each of babies and like Italy with a willing to tell her on her children. The Willie McGinest and Kurt Warner. That led to the fumble recovery at the cover of wisdom and Smith yeah that was the covers exactly awesome god alone those of living is so great so good. Destroyed him gets the fumble and runs it back in worth thickened runway at this game is over and that's what brought it back seventeen to three was in Daytona for three. That 73 quickly on that fumble call. With the flag 17717. To come and then they just staged a comeback in that offense was gaining traction. And we all but this was fun you know exited Tebucky Jones scoop and score the came back to bug out notice my dance yet. And he that wasn't Tom McGinnis on here I gotta think who it because mcinnis got the penalty. Days ago I thought it was a McGinest don't know if you like firm it is mcinnis had absolutely grabbed. A martial block and wept into the ground because. And the dvd it's you know the NFL films thing it's there a plan. Hit Marshall fall when he has the ball. And hit him when he doesn't and now with it and it was you know we talk about. Although the stars of the team and Brady. You really then was the emergence of the genius defensive guru that was Belichick the guy. Whose game plan against the key guy and often to buffalo is in the hall and the fact that. He studied the film and decided to keep this game is not stopping though the league MVP in Kurt Warner. It's stopping Marshall Faulk everything ran through him. So it was like this military tactic like you know it instead of smashing against it offenses that do this and around we're gonna go against this. In it worked they told Marshall Faulk out of the game. Blossom because Marshall Faulk is the bitterest man alive I I. It is sweet sweet tears every dead possibly do so it's almost like Belichick. Study football at a military academy has been coached his whole life I annaly had an act crazy notion that as a imitate the lock through let's get rate they take the one. Inquire as some news room the so just a couple of quick side notes for the law. Can be used more as the bulls get your public the the and it nowhere played J. R. Redmond last drive. He gets a three passes and the one where he's able to get out of bounds and save them from that they no timeouts they were able save a clock stoppage by basically diving out of bounds. V had a huge before Shane Vereen had so many catches in the second half really the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 49. J. R. Redmond was kind of the original clutch chamber yeah I need to talk and recipient Brady's first touchdown to. The way candidate he was Oz it was a check downs and you know I'm Betty his play in the nobody immune chairman and me in pigs and the team the files here. Joseph do assailant out. Are they Kevin fox summit in Tibet go to them much Eric Redmond in the air in the final drive. Definitely you know that the would. Third down back with Ed fox. Watching marine world. Yeah a lot of thought Faulk was kind of in the role that we've seed Deon Lewis in now. He went the dedicated third down guy he can do catch passes out of the backfield but also run between the tackles if he needed to. Antowain Smith was in the league air plot role. Which put J. R. Redmond in the Algiers wiper previously achieve or general you know mile time favorite clip of that is when Vinatieri is kick goes through. In Antowain Smith goes one and out into the field that high stepped and. Like it needs are open about full ahead level look like that band leader in my dad at USC running and detergent and you know do you remember where you were with the Q in the when he took the reason there's a lot of time it went through the net there was still three seconds left that the fox people in the league we're both like to start the clock run out like that and Aaron that's seven seconds left. And now in the idea that a kid can go out some incentive well so a couple of things about that first the law again this is still fox is still early at duke in these games. And not only did they do really for coverage of of of the kicking the ball you know and they've got the ball goes through and buy three more seconds tick away after the ball on through. And particularly the field immediately gets like our third string wide receivers reaction be at topic ever thought I told you know we went. That was Charl that Charles Johnson that I felt the end to worry and want our area and we don't see any he had a celebration FL films got we can see that and that we see if it was like Max leaders will be rolling around. You know in so. They have this one line he cannot exactly what he was still in the bitterness little Angel beat at that he had done what they had missed it and he was like getting up. So fox is doing a terrible job and on top of that Pat Summerall and John Madden who is all of Mae and career. Overall as I accidentally. Completely losses point because he goes. I'm minutes area as I saw him a warm ups and they show. We were a candidate Terry. And some are all goes well he pulled that one of pregame. In the watch the video down because that Mo yeah ads like event and that after the kick grocery goes. Had a banner ad Terry. No time on the clock. And the patriots Diego. It's ridiculous that this. That's all I can Muster because don't forget your also at the you know and this legendary broadcasting do those courage on that moment on broadcast team or years. Pat Summerall god bless them. You know at that at some girls that take embers of the world were broadcasting icons right after cigarette Feldman then tackled while Baghdad up threes. He he was pretty close to the blitzes well play island after touchdown summerall I'm convinced that he fell asleep. Oval when the ball was Crosslin element in my day. There I was standing on not on a cell phone but actually on the back so so I was. You know good for three feet up in the year. Just like holding on to like three other guys because the fact that they were able to go to on the field like committed 27. With that amazing Troy Brown catch the ball soldier checked downs Jermaine Wiggins mom and we see that amazing divisional round game. And put themselves that place. And I think we all thought that it's there it was petty. But the fact that he hit it it would have been good from seventy at that ball but it's orders the way at that would have been good from 68. But I'm still wish got them for most you guys where I was still waiting for that moment that thing to happen I was going he. This is like this also progressing he'll put into the back of the senator. Gregg can I don't like kick back going into bear. It's deal I mean it it had been fifteen years of futility in this round so all that ended on on that moment but. Couple into trouble when I realized. That Brady was the messiah. Okay he put that final drive him mentally to J. R. Redmond just zigzag in his way through a crowd to get out of bounds like like. Pac man. Really can't avoid a ghost like just a lot left to right away that will read eight spikes the ball to stop the clock he's got the ball bounces up in he just sort of reaches him doubting casually. Just cradles it like. Look at I kitchen a balloon you know and then you look at the although at that point the greatest quarterback of all time Joseph Montana. Trying to mount 884. Quarter comeback. Against Cincinnati. Was hyperventilating. So bad he had to throw the ball out of bounds to stop the clock. And as Brady so you're in the league for years a starter in that preacher naturally calm as it is something not. Human about. The sky and thank god I was right he has what you would want in like a surgeon like it just like life itself there's he just doesn't get my dad got to put stands out because what. Yes you know yesterday that his arrest an inquiry is like 23 beats him righted himself like god that went the second that kick left we all knew it was good. And the jumping in the screaming. And that's why I still think that's a in my favorite moment in Boston sports history in B I think the most important because. An entire acknowledges that this epic run that we've been on with the fourteen out of fifteen years about the sports teams competed for a championship in nine championships in the year 2000. It changed the culture. That serve notice some from no longer will we be the whipping boys not just this is title town. But we're here to stay were rated a play and we belong in and out. Loser villainy more there aren't any of guys are gonna put in their contracts that they can't be treated to a Boston team we all laugh at them. It became a place where that pressure cooker that is being in a place with a fan base is so engaged. Just turned some guys in to iron in on that it did in so many guys came you know free triple click the start for the Steelers. You don't pick logos them on all of them already know what to do with them he came here in and that for issue became a legend but the other guys it in the people as an Angel Andrews incompetent. And you know the the the guys wearing only a blind Malloy in in and Bruschi. Like especially the quarterback who went from. A debate that raged audio line you line team drew Laurie nineteen Tom to. Like that that it is there was nobody left on Bledsoe violent at that point yet. I I watch the game 300 yards. From the studio when it was an Aetna street right down the street here bright. And we went so bananas in my royal department that. We went down of the Greenbrier were jumping the back of pickup trucks and once honking their horns it was going crazy. If you ever get over it 86 of the tournaments and threes and passed. But what are my favorite things about that you go back what sealed NFL films they had this great thing where they were showing seven seconds on the clock before Vinatieri kicked. And it was a white out. In the clock. OK so it's 0072. There's a light at the bottom was out so it's had 00 question mark it was really like this moment like I always thought well aren't you going. This is either going to be the moment where things start going right for us in Boston sports history or this is going to be the moment where once again. Is this going to be the thing we look back in it turned out obviously be great. And in Georgia mansion to the you'll see and those call. That I'm like how club's dog every Tammy here there is did they show and they hit it. I. I have my eight patriots online name. Well and beat its website prior to that point was Zeke Moet penis. And I just said it's time to stop celebrating the worst moment impeach its history and I changes to it's good it's good. And I and my father is as geno files and a with. Only yeah you. Chris I didn't know what to say it well or unicorn show on his where's the beef it was just Gil Santos. And the key is good and he was it's every bit as excited as we were they they were put. It was like oh easy we just on the story those guys had been through the worst years to gather a great broadcasting one of the great broadcast teams. We'll ever listen to. It was genuine in his. Capital Eddie who meet the first team you know and back in ninth and sixty thanked god that they were there for that moment in a phenomenal there. What what they'd be remiss if they have and co worker at. Big catches in partly because it's history. I yeah. I think that yeah our guys contributing dollars at all he became mr. patriot. That season has written. Brady was the guy who figured out that he was there gave them under catches a guy who would got cut like three times in his career and only hung on as he was a special team. One it's funny it you know he makes it even tougher against the the fund the next Super Bowl we go to let's let's fast forward two years later. This is now soupy we'll let our transition game. February 1 2004 ever Weinstein in Houston. It's the patriots were sixteen to this point up against the fourteen and five Carolina Panthers. Patriots are favorites for the first time in Super Bowl appearance history and therefore it's admirable. At seven point favorites the over under being thirty in this when the patriots are in their home blues spare Carolina Panthers in the road lights. Patriots as we talked about I gotten past the titans and the colts in the snow the Panthers and actually won a wild card game against Dallas. Divisional game against the rams in which he squeaked by 123. And they'd beaten the Eagles in a big NFC championship upset fourteen to three. Sending Jake Salome and his crew to. Two Super Bowl gets it gets are favored patriots. The pats are you know no longer this kind of happy to be their team that we had been in all the previous series it was the table a switch now. It was the Cinderella Carolina Panthers were going up against. It's funny we talk about this was this close to Super Bowl that were watching him thinking the patriots look so dominant they haven't lost since week four against Washington. They took care Peyton Manning not once but twice the number mcginnis beat them in doubt Indianapolis of that great many elderly. That widely. And in mcginnis that stopped the clock earlier and it's added downs with the fake injury and then as soon as they make a final play. He wants Britain not. Don't let up fashion mart are to rise although yeah Mya that was he was about his injured as Paul Pierce was in game one of the 2008 NBA finals. When it's a couple things noticeable minorities as reaction because. You know we go on with the. His stuff but. Think about this for second this was. Electricity over under was only went 38 points. And the Adams knows scoring in the first half. The patriots ended up putting up didn't go to the half like out there were up four and its intent Fiat and the running back for. Was it Stephen they have even been on Stephen Davis poverty cut from Washington moved on to. Carolina and they were and juggernaut and there are a lot there are wide receivers were emotional on the and see Steve Davis and Saddam and I had my basement yet and a young Steve Smith. I. Also think what does that mean if the patriots and in painters were tied 77 towards the end of the second. Period patriots hit the ball back with 59 seconds left in quickly moved on the field scored touched on David Givens 23 seconds left. Vetted Terry then does like a Squibb kick coach and in the papers hit the ball near midfield. And then they ended up doing what these. You know trap runs Stephen Davis when he went yard run. And John Kasay kicks of fifty yarder to look at fourteen to ten and if you don't think that's wild. Don't we have the Janet Jackson boob. Big halftime. Zimmerman that's right at the end which by the way I just got Tivo. I was the hero receivable are super hard because I got a Tebow and I was healed of relives that it at least by a dozen times before the start of the third quarter. What you know he says to a pool table the last thing I was in just in March and was the halftime show nobody. Look I learned well the next AM wake up but everyone's talking about what would happen if I adds I like not used to refill and it was it's a beer to drink in this year to a man. And like I Drew Bledsoe like Billick I can about this one again. 'cause I want to but in the eyes on the Alon and watch you know Michael Geist out rewind rewind re you know. I don't boo boo boo and it's a good thing about this though at the beginning and they're Gordon about the kick off. And a streaker concerning out in the field with a goal was the Golden Nugget Posey had a Golden Nugget on his about yet on his he kids guest speaker body. And he is doing like these he had the refereeing hat he's all right guys write I can't and then suddenly lost by Chesapeake yeah. Drilled by Matt Chatham it would make only one larger hit it to variant of that game he makes actually the last tackled the game to end it. A great call by Chatham he days as the body goes let would work Bill Belichick coached team we had watched film on that guys all par. So but yet the game hitting rod Smart Nikkei dot remember rod Smart was he ate meat from the my it is. That claimed the fable of rod Smart and the accept felt the only thing we get over it say about either one of them said that at this bizarre game in the second half. Where kidnapping capital of third quarter and it was this worries of scoring in the yeah in the fourth quarter that game is worse fantastic worst game. Ever worth Super Bowl game ever as far as square is go. Because. You know you there was there was no changeover. From the beginning of the game if Buick used and it noted 00 the first quarter and 200. The half time it ended with four for the patriots zero the Carolina. And then the third quarter ended with the exact same score. So if you let zero Carolina you won. Three threes. In the final score that it was 3120. There was that RD 3229. Which is such an odd score for game that went in at 1410. Now the idealism his conversion try and whatever now here's something. I'm not. Play in the part of guys that can't shake the negativity out of his Boston sports all here but. This suit trouble began something that's a little bit of a disturbing trend or should we say something that a bit Brady would love to shake or not own up to. Which is. Super Bowl turnovers. As well as red zone turnovers. Because that your member in the early early I think maybe midway through the fourth quarter in this game Brady threw a pick on. That that that that or that poster to the in cut. He threw a pick. In Super Bowl thirty in the middle of the fourth quarter and then again he had a fumble and Super Bowl 39. In the red zone against the Eagles. And then he threw a red zone interceptions Super Bowl 49 the chairman Elaine picked off. And he was quickly hit by Julian element and broke his wrist so badly that they had to perform surgery on him. In the stadium. That night and spread not right right right there just outside the huddle and I remember. And the patriots were good news or a starter and an. There in a position to ice that game and I think that's where we started the first elect okay Brady's really comfortable mrs. Brady. He's commas can be Super Bowl 36 Tom Brady but he also gets a little heat up at times and that pick was organized again yeah. You know let them back in and I think than they threw. I think DelHomme threw about an eighty yard bomb to machine mom definitely there. 85 yards and you might vivid memory and now when is. As he you know catches Wednesday because it wasn't like 85 yards to the arrow was a catch and run and Tedy Bruschi got absolutely. Tackled on the plate just picked up in I'll drive into the ground no call many death. Play the the paranoid patriots guy but I mean that was a one of those games that the rent freeze at some point to swallow that was. And again as the patriots actually had an opportunity get up early and Terry had missed two Google's. He missed a field goal of I think it was 31 yards region Shiancoe. And the second and a blocked all I know my father was hit by thousands of bull party and wind but it carries pick up Lackey threw does have a television and laughed. And he just went home ridiculous you like to padlock or even now if you don't watch it. But president of the Pip has had this to a two point emergence. Where they honestly give users two points later but the fact that they were leading 2221. In the fourth quarter. Was so just we womb like we'd living we're living a nightmare right now that we're Henderson in the back. In every. Every Brady very common good out goes down the field we get right back up. On them if we get to two point conversion we have one of those great it back then it was the Kevin Faulk was direct snap to Kevin Faulk at stake because the medal. I feel like the touchdown was one of those play action post in cuts that Deion Branch got over the middle. Has dia yes and it's one that's I think that's the same pass that he tried to throw again and went back to the well and that's what Carolina picked off yet there was a huge completion to Troy Brown on that team back. On an offensive pass interference on brown. And you thought oh my god this this is that thing this is that we you mentioned earlier the Buckner moment willing to and they just. Picked up it apparently still waiting for all those momentum. Carolina actually had the book that bucked the moment because John Kasay after they tied it at number 29 had kicked it out of bounds gave the patriots ball 45. They Brady Brady throws it egg completion to brown already made it spectacular catch and then he does and again in and that one gets called back. But then he has that was a seventeen yard past the two. Branch where it sets up to 41 yard field goal came in and I said little about he got it's got. Level of play it out yet able on. It out always say further all the crap that he took and you know a lot of it probably well deserved it is years following the patriots to an air. Charlie Weis called hell of the game because that front four of Carolina come and it's that game was. Fervor oceans peppers race. We have run error do. You out. Was that wicket front for Kevin Green and they parole they rolled Brady out and moved him around and made it very mobile pocket because Brady was still spry enough of course now he's now this price liable for the columns viable. He's the most mobile he's ever been. But the really moved around nicely calls a great play actions I think Brady ended up with a about 300 years. 354. And somewhat in this this is not memory and on a traditional off total yards on offense 400 in 81 yards. Carolina 387 basically. 25%. More yards than and the Panthers Padilla and. It shows you what I know I thought that Panthers team was here to stay it was John Fox right that this guy can coach. DelHomme is the next big thing. They never know receiving corps they didn't not only not get back the never had a sniff that team fell right. Often than merely the Super Bowl champions yeah I don't unbelievable April catches that the game time Super Bowl. Thank reception again my my friend whose cousin is freaking out I mean. You know what widgets that happened out there anyone moments leopard series rolls god I bet this is all Adam fields line. Is that ultimate like in die hard to. Same thing happened the same thing he's and that's exactly public it's a patriots escaped that one. Beating Carolina Panthers profiles were 32 to 29 that's right because of the managers feel old age and and it's and that is tired little sister didn't let that I went off. Nine seconds they do as they had to study kick and by the way is a pattern here that I think is going to continue into the into the next game I want to see. Is a failure if you flip the script to the to the 39 yes okay. Yes which is the next year and amazingly Cornell I'm Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis had not been offered head coaching jobs they stay with the patriots and now we have a chance to become only the second team. To go three out of four years. Matching with the cowboys have done in the ninety's let's fast forward our guys to Super Bowl 39 February 6 2005. This time where Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville Florida. It's your sixteen into New England Patriots in their road lights taking on the Philadelphia Eagles who were fifteen and three in their home greens. 80% of the people there were eagle fans because let's face it and bend to the Super Bowl since 1980. And that they had won championships since the sixties to check the generic error. To your. I was at its not there. We have Arum. Everybody I've always liked but everyone who was there will tell you the same story. That Eagles fans ran roughshod over the good decent god theory and humble red state people all of Jacksonville Florida that'd. Bill business owes them a Super Bowl that apparently they were earnest and kinda considered. And Eagles eons went spent the entire week is going to. Five girls impeded your. Like you yes Roland from restaurants and 288 that is the way they do yeah I guess it was like oh what's in your wallet commercial just our area. Is. Ran roughshod over everybody. Now I don't know I don't know about you guys been at this point and and the Brady wrapped up like. Almost got to connect Korea on that how involved for the fourth you are the greatness mortar. If you know in the years following Brady's kind of becoming all like god. He's become what degree is quarterback all of that right now I I feel like he's in 48 and vote you guys. I mean I was even thinking he was Troy Aikman Troy Aikman was still kind of a standard at that point but I think I was more just amazed by. I don't think when or is Brady and I think what I'm Jessie George I don't think where is that Brady enamored as we are now at the fact that it was still more the team we were. Amazed by how good the team was in that it was all about the team the team dynasty in Belichick's patriots. And Brady was becoming a break out and I'm not break at this one is a marquee star we've become so enamored with Brady I think post 2007 when he posted the audience at that point stance. But it wasn't so much about when lager Tom Brady real at a red jerseys have met them and right pajamas like. I think it was still team first approach and Brady took over later in the right. It was still an elite defense do you remember the year before they had a crazy streak of shot outs I'm I think it re shout outs at home they had one. Five game stretch where the city for a garbage time touchdown at the against Jacksonville. They would have gone five games without a touchdown surrendered at home right and then that carried over into 2004. The year we're now talking about. With the additional of Corey Dylan. Who had the greatest single season that a patriots running back has ever had that he's exceeding 300 yards. It just risk AT and so yeah out at a point we will bring he had never been asked that. Carry an offense that. You know his targets were Reche Caldwell and Daniel Graham and and Jabar Gaffney so he was. And it's uses a majority of I don't mean that belly but he was considered the caretaker quarterback the guy who didn't make mistakes and take you out of. I think it they were looked at more of lucky complete team in the fact that they did reliant defense the kind of win that tough games and beat those tough opponents but. You know we were certain to see more signs of Brady being becoming what he ultimately became. But me think about earlier in the post season they'd beaten. Peyton Manning and the colts twentieth three at home and nobody was saying that Brady was like the thing up it was all right the defense has been shut them out right from the most it will save a lot of people say that was the most complete patriots into. 2004. On that is as much pain yes absolutely out of the patriots there's a favor by seven the over under is. 47 point on this one pylon not playing in this conceived and injured earlier in the year so in fact they go and noticeable body and a 100% I mean. When you say that paralyzed and that's a big piece that you're missing. But they go in there and dad they're just here trying to become the second team to win three out of four. The Eagles had beaten the app falcons' 47 to ten. And then divvied defeated the and Steven rams they they also beat Minnesota he had. Yes but but the interesting thing about the Eagles I was trying to get there was that they had been to the NFC championship four years in a row in the previous three were home. And then I choked. Losing all four of those game. They were on a Buffalo Bills of in the Seattle in 1990s errors or run anywhere and neat we had we won this one without. There I will say their player at the time to Terrell Owens. As per was hurt and our whole buildup was easy gonna play is he going to be able to play his replacement for an axe. Ray and answer any red gel fill. It is big mouth act in his biggest play was a year before beaten the Packers and was the fourth and 26. And mounted an amazing catch in the end Ian this year he's in there saying as collateral who Rodney Harrison as and a 370 whatever just. Be sure a great favorite Rodney Harris. And didn't need odd metric but time all of. Incentive to find people and as a team that was favored throughout the entire season every game of a plea deal of fear in the syllable and he found ways to say. Do you believe in us well here's Freddie Mitchell estate here yeah now. Here is the gift I am delivering a error an Irish guy aren't that the Internet bulletin board do you need material. Thank you would thank you couldn't have paid Mitchell. Did do you view more than he gave. One victory senator earlier I mean the patriots were so good in so well around that time even they went down seven nothing early in this game. It wasn't like panic mode. It was just a matter we just got to get rid of and they did. And they and Rodney Harrison probably should have been the MVP years of the two picks in this game including Oakley now clincher the game Pletcher touch Sandi Gibbons. A touchdown to I think Corey Dylan ran one Brady threw two touchdowns and one fumble while Obama holds a Ramos are currently out yet. Into LO it is an amazing gaming with his bad angle raised Troy Brown Jason of all over the field is Trevor playing defense too at this point. And in the major thing we heard about was if you watch the NFL films. You know it was America's team. America's game. Retrospective I'll be suitable if you remember Belichick was saying to his assistants like. Might in my I'm missing something here. Because the Eagles were taking so long to get there on the field all right yeah Whitman had a ten point lead he asked Romeo he's asking Charlie. It in my is that he's here widely. You know it is there will go usually it's like Billy they'll run it down definitely. Three seconds before the snap it is if they were trying to milk goal lead they are trying to milk 88 deficit and you'll legend has it that Donovan McNabb. Was wrong one out in the and the violent each right you don't harping in the huddle Arnold does not yet and yet. This is where Andy Reid the legend of Andy Reid really began because his clock mismanagement. Like he showcase in the divisional round game in the 2015 Playhouse and the chiefs in the Foxboro. Was just epic sometimes you just get known for things like some guy you know some guys love to put their feet up on your cooperative or some guys always look to be the one. Ask if you can pick up the tab can they just you know alligator armed the belt and some guys. Drop in the huddle and they just shift the equity company that is at 8 o'clock Andy Reid it's bad and that's where we. Came to now and it's funny it's probably the best patriots team that's not their best Super Bowl performance. I would've thought it would I was a good Philadelphia team Eagles were definitely game and it was definitely a three quarters via Philly fans to one quarter patriots fans. And we don't pull your stadium in Jacksonville. But I think I've seen better Super Bowl performances but true literally told it was the climax it was really the joy of like. Holy she it they have won three out of four C rules will never see this again. And we had lethal it's the closest to the ever calm too. A laugh our. And it was not allowed for admitted it that touchdown by Harrison put away that. Literally every other suitable save it and the album that one back in the deal with the two bag and the bronze age are not talking about. The that the two day at all the ones in the Belichick era. Have calmed down to the last seconds just cool minding your soul into the past and this one actually iTunes lately game. Four wins by a grand total of three point an average of 3.2 five points per game 33. Three and four. And the other two losses by four in three. So it's always going to be basically a field goal game reason politically that went on sunburn yeah please give us any Africa and the now MVP it is worth the embrace people are kind of getting bored of Brady at least. Let's say eleven catches for a 143. Year. Right which was a record so let's try to give them since that since broken and wanna say bye while with with with his face in the Steelers good. And sent. I know earlier of the of the wanna cut the big game winner against Carol I'm in order against against the Arizona Cardinals out well at San Antonio Antonio internal GI. Oh. Okay Welker is what his title came the night I think that's what the event of palm branch because he had sent a racquet. It was pretty deserving planet yeah I had no donated to Obama talked noted. There and give it to TO because you've played so well after come happening all that's right yeah that it was the first axis of evil five the second biggest moment in Louisville sports of the 21 century with the first thing Rick Pitino thing and that waitress. Diners at this hour also I was fifteen seconds of this bill are. As the moment when darkness washed over the dude. We're gonna don't have to February 3 2008 Super Bowl 42 university Phoenix stadium in Glendale Arizona. It is story have to move and I don't loads of sake can't we just can't 4246. Just be like well what's funny is in preparation for this I actually went back memories of watched portions of this game I have not to since it actually aired. And it notre Gary you'll never watch this second time out jail. I recently saw the Tyreke at for the second time watching the Rodney Harrison a football. It and that I was I was out to a book signing on on Sunday and NFL network is just run and do all this group of bulls and and that was on and not of heard it would be really cathartic to re watches that you just my brother watched it a week later he says he got him through it just can't. So no the thing that stuck out to me in this element analysis it's so vital center is that the patriots are in their home blues are gonna get the giants in their way why it's the patriots are 212 and a half point favorites the over under being 54. Which by the let me ask and step outside of an absurd to say. She's just who made that spread. Did they not see week seventeen. It was 3035. Instead of giants could hang with us and the patriots barely beat Jacksonville in that divisional round Marquez talked about it earlier. Brady threw three picks against in high hurdle getting by C artist I'm getting by tickle a late Welker slip screen and touchdown pass with like four minutes left to be able to beat the chargers. Could you not just gauge the trend that's why I feel so good about in this holes I let the NN LY feel so good about the way things are heading towards the sun with super ball 51. Because the patriots are picking up momentum they're playing their best football right now. Whereas back then I was like guys that he had always like but we're. Well it also is also a ten and six giants team. Wasn't a lead in any particular. Aspect of the regular season road. They Dallas Tampa. Dallas and then as a decent Tampa team maybe it was a very good. I was will be very very good yep and then going into Green Bay and survive it freaking over I'll always still think like you. Brett Favre you screw the patriots only time screw them in 2008 when you're the quarterback of the jets a total capacity my. Alia that I really do come up in the post season the patriots of which is groomed as they. But it scored him. Even harder in what was technically the 2007 season but it postal January 2008. Because if he doesn't throw that that stupid little flip Favre as an overtime. And at that point. The Packers go on to win the patriots would have crushed them that Super Bowl. And then they would have gotten it they wanted to be on ninety you know and our outer bailed out you know I Zahara and what. Well we weren't paying attention to its the fact that the giants were able to put together reef front pickle that the NASCAR front it was essentially for defensive ends. And when you've got thwart defensive ends being blocked by five guys. You know you're there it's only one double team. In someone's gonna win that one on one matchup which they did repeatedly not to stray hand but I mean or is he human Nora and I mean it it just. I didn't see it I didn't hear common a but the patriots were going to just just roll up on them but you write in retrospect in who would have thought. And even still it took. Do you most improbable play in the history of sports. Law and also so think about this for a second and this is a side note. In which I think someone at some point will write a book about the last game with the 2000 in seven season which of peaches were going for sixteen and now. In new York and you had that epic game where Brady says the touchdown record with fifty hitting mosques setting the reception record with 23. The single. Biggest play in regular season in NFL history right he gets so much happened as a communal. Fifty touchdowns 23 I watched it from. It. Adam climax that's why that is on Saturday which is on your city I don't know it's like every network in America had a like it was on home shopping and you know it's the Comedy Central. The bad guys were going and that's also were overlooking quickly or not at least thing. Mentioned to the fact that that was the year that we went from the good guys to the bag it calmed the bad guys and it wasn't a role that we're. Get ready really to fully embrace now we'd love it now we relish. But back then it was. On no one way. But it's some brief look at Randy Moss user what you great guys who does deepens and everybody that. And the fact that everywhere I would go I was working for ESPN doing it traveling web series that season. And everywhere ago people that man. Three way and that here one better member MF and Patriot Act to the first game of the year was spy gate. You know we had to deal with that Aldrin season and they were crushing people in the early part of a hoping the jets and their energy and so when they rescued though nobody gives you wouldn't you feel insulted the way the patriots are treated you there rolling up during touchdowns in the fourth quarter. 52 to seven anything to beat the reds and there. I started at each arm bars the local bulletin board fodder. Every single week ahead three of four posts with L fail somebody on an opposing team said something and shot them all fluff. Predicted that that they would they would stop the perfect record. It could be Smith from Pittsburg guarantees a win greedy torches and goes up to a memo in the end zone and started skill gold grill. He threw it through and Anthony Smith twice and got tests at the flea flicker. Or rather the side lateral flickered. Yeah Brady right George it was like Brady over him loss Moscow is back across the field. And then Brady threw a 63 resident I'm again you want your separate judge remember though the late season game against the ravens. Where the patriots like a gold for a fourth down is that behind. Incomplete. And yes no it was a timeout. Called by Rex Ryan as defensive coordinator called time total pig it's got to know the shot added and converted. And they will livid that the officials all the time it yet I asked for. Like whatever. But yeah it eats as the season wore on. The margin of victories came lower. He became more of a grind I'm convinced that they carried around lake literally go a millstone on their back. Into Oakland where it. CE. Dot com. That it felt like that was actually. That was the pills down its wood right there at that time ahead so they. There if you I have a vivid memory of the game that I haven't been able to repressed and it was during evenly that you know film. The patriots looked like they were at a week. Like the weight of the world was on the. The giants were playing freely they all dressed in black on their team plane so there are gone to a funeral because they're gonna put eighteen and go to bed there ridicule the patriots. And yes the patriots were tight they looked nervous nothing about. The winner of that game was coming together seemed. Very patient like that and have the confidence in the swagger that in the ease the they had these big games. And I think it was the scrutiny I think it was the hatred I think it was all the attention I think it was the fatigue of having to try to live up to that. And play. In this really felt like the first year now the patriots play. Anywhere between sixteen in nineteen super bulls season casino del DIA and the way I am like and it was the patriots. Like early honored and in the middle of the season were given like a pillow with a Faberge egg on and they just had to walk from like hitting out of the car at. Up up the walkway into the house and they made it all the way to the doorstep and somehow as they got to the doorstep their attention it turned. And they tripped and fell and they dropped it and it shattered. And we were all crushed the next day I had the day off again to write about it from the bar stool. And I had my all at all laid out of my head until it went sideways and I took my the Irish rose. To a movie instead Woodside maddening. If they said if I go to a movie they won't into erupted with highlights of the game I don't have to watch that Quechua whatever and MM we saw cloverfield. Is I was kind of in the mood to what's New York get destroyed by I hideous alien monster that. And so by the time and up back on the stool every one who had written a blog was and then it with PS I think the point is dad yeah yeah so I wrote a thing like just look. Giants deserve that the better team wins that's decided the better team it's it's such to meet the purity is I'm not gonna discount there would. They went out they beat me please. Arm and a few days later was they are are the Mardi Gras party. And they had like all the models weren TT shirts in meal one of the parcel regular readers. Spent the whole might just you faced the faced just talked about how hard this is for us the deal with and I want borderline you really there are women want and around here. With no top on. And it means nothing to us we can't feel it a day and I'm emotionalism I'm just nominated in some ways of steel mallet gotten over it the worst loss. The history of Boston sports period because nothing else would have human history. And the ones on it will be locked in our nine but then whenever and the one thing that really stings. When you went back and watched recently this week to prepare for display as these silence and you'll. May your try to catch the Wallace on day eight hits came in. That hands. And that would facility would say it kinda go it's not they thought he had that one I'm just going it just because every game. That Eli plays. There's a game ending interception that's out there for him right like that he's like an like the next game when your kid right yeah flip over this one. Andy got to find a rooster and audio like it's there somewhere you just gotta find that uses that was different match and then like with. Jamie Farr and that it is and that's Brett Somers and Charlie Charlie how camera all red area I am. As I had remembered different game and it's my opinion you're not over that I'll tell all I can say is the only piece of movie quotable nonsense that tells me get through it is. On the average government's program. Yeah. It's an old America's game with the colts. From light and in 1970 they won the Super Bowl and their athlete that did this help you get over as it would have been 71 or 271. I'm sure. Did you does this help you get over the one against the the jets in the nope nope. Still still wants me to this day wind and rain after we didn't take that away in the worst part of it. Is that Manning was in the grass on that throat retirees should have been flat. I'm Warren had them Ty Warren had found. Was stopped dead 99. Times out of 100 they blow the whistle on that and they and they didn't but you know what. He he made the throw Tyree made that catch and never made. Another catch again is a little tired time like I said the same thing would happen right there's like you'll never win again just became a a homophobic. I hate monger replied you know it. Giants fans will never care about that tablets. Don't get too good about its biggest real quick. I I wrap the that he. Kinda. Out of it and they go oh the better team and went to a different player Cordell now what are they didn't mad props for the you know what we attempt that your regular you know we beat them all. And the second thing I remembered XP and being so pit stop is yet to get up at 3 AM the next morning. Think bill on the people aren't being the epic that. That's right I was doing I'd been hired by done beyond the I'd never I watched from my uncle's basement and aren't in the same house and staying at now is I'm. Presidentially transitional before I take up new residents here move in the family back up to Boston. And I went back to bring tree that night and it. It's like it's midnight and miserable. In laws that Kaman comes starting again on over. And I have to wake up in three hours in to rise to WBZ on Leo and Birmingham parkway. Think it on the TV at 6 o'clock and I've got to do it and I've got to try to do if it's a clown routine I'm gonna be as they try to be the harlequin Boston sports nonsense. And make people laugh at 605 in the morning like. I just want I just wanna like and myself from a crane in downtown Tehran this is audible when did you say. We did a bit on dealing with the seven states is seven stages of grief yeah. It was actually it was a decent little bit guess how happy I am that I did that bit I'm not an era. The gift topless models in painted on shirts aren't gonna chair guy out then how was going on. You know of 50000 megawatt station and haven't atop. Jerry I mean to what degree that earning between grief and nothing. But I'll take something I think. But I want last note and we can admit a gloss of this earlier. The final game of the year that year was. Broadcast of regionally on NFL network and the whole thing they return to do here's they were trying to get subscribers. For this new NFL network right. And they just through the patriots giants in their last game of the year period New York Boston. And but what happened was. Because it was a wonderful network locally ABC was going to be able to broadcast its it was on WCVB and and you are right locally. But but then suddenly. Politicians got involved loses huge ad campaign that allowed CBS. At NBC you would just picked up Saturday football to also carry so you had NBC CBS. ABC. NFL network broadcast in his game solicit these numbers for a second. It's fifteen point seven million viewers watch the game on CBS alone. Thirteen point two million watched and NBC. Four point five million watching on NFL network and one point four million watching on ABC locally to it was only ABC locally. And it was all a terrible Bryant Gumbel call. For the game moderate or whatever they're Friday Bryant Gumbel Michael was that. Are all of although the that quality of those and a film work my guess is that might mean brightness that's not great. Awful in the early days is there verdict they are great it was it was like watch and Neil footage of the high school Super Bowl for a you know at one camera up above and everything. That no anybody's numbers out rule. You know if you're disappointed in Super Bowl or showed one yeah out. And you loved the World War I in the and a lot of world or. Oh and of people that bright you know hammered out a tree we have Super Bowl 3046. Now. Sunday February 5 2012. Lucas Oil Stadium. In Indianapolis so we go into the places to get down his finals and a field every bit of a and that was a beat jaguars. Fielding advances. Manning's homes. Stadium a nears his brother boy and number eight defending them walls. Put on a field. It's is that it was patriots or feel committed 153. An amazing thing is that you basically rebuilt themselves from their previously rules of rebuilding project like other teams ago. Four and 125 a level navy Bill Belichick to stick to the Super Bowl with a sub standard greeting people at Trent. So patriots Reggie three point favorites in this because they're going up against the previously 97 at twelve and seven giants. Who were in their roadway it's. Over renders 53 and a half and the storyline may have been the fact that we now have a tight end view of a Gradkowski and Aaron Hernandez. And that we had gotten past that Tivo it survived a field goal miss from the ravens and the giants had kind of gone in this bizarre thing also beating. The Packers again and indeed the 49ers in overtime board. Niners when a guy trying not to appeal the punt. It's somehow day in the vicinity of the punt but like not. Run up into the third deck witness stand there and watch it take you funny but his leg in the giants recover it was the who's such he will shoot up their ass in there and just like it happened in 07. And but no but that did to I think the difference for past and why. This just sucks from Hanover annoys is that. You don't like the difference is at that. Super Bowl 42 the patriots to get out. They had a chance at it and we all know. That. Well they gotta play they've and they they they crap the bed when it was their turn history. But a lot of us would have had a lot of a lot of great satisfaction if they had just gotten revenge game flip the script and they got one back on the life serves huge shows you right even in a Yemeni. That was not that giants team was not nearly a as good as the giants he pursued and windows me and not even as good as this they had idiom in Europe but not as good. End Mathias Kiwanuka. Kiwanuka BC pride and they had Justin Tuck protests in talked to wasn't even as good as it. They had Chase Blackburn who'd gone back to being teacher and now return. To being a linebacker Georgia you are treadmill by the way. I now that I think every breed as lot of heavy reason I feel like a spot in kilos like I guess is pleased with the who's having sex like my 67 year old dad or your closet giants fan. Glad definitely Julie's not excited I'll pass it on bachelor clarity Bihar and I'm doing it. Yeah I'm here. Slave like we knew that patriots team was better than this giants team that shouldn't of lost this team. There's every reason in the world from the Welker was that a catch was that was it about there was that a drop I still syndrome right was it. The fact of the three different fumbles they cause three fumbles and I came and it didn't recover any of them. There's an in the Manningham pass was even as Iraq a better throw the tiring yeah that was a garbage thrown just happened to me in his vicinity glued to his helmet. Everything said the pastor got their revenge somehow they didn't get it and I think that's what sticks in my crop but that would not that it was not lost. More so that they should have won that during. Of the first Scooby Doo will roll moment was pre taken the it's the State's eighth yet connected to Africa Reuters first is session yet still questionable calls residents there. Arm of a feel on that and I do remember waking up in the morning and brighten up behind bars the old compared it to. Are at this is a Sri dangerous cat situation you know the physicist who said OK if you have like at at that and there was a theory that from Einstein meant. If you haven't you you don't know the results of an experiment until you have studied it sold therefore every possibility and you know exists simultaneously. Until you look at the results while she rating her said. OK so far I've got a cat and a box. Until I opened the box that cat is simultaneous evil dead and alive. I I is that I would wake up in the morning the patriots right now have both beat the giants and are 41 in the Super Bowl. Or they have lust of them which means the a three into an Eli Manning has two wins over Tom Brady. I know what to do in my life in the prisoner I don't know what's gonna happen going forward. If this and I still don't know is still law how to process that the fact that. That film headed slack jawed multi breathing goober has beaten the greatest of all time twice I I just have to suck up I just have to exist in this world. Hey the cool thing is that he texted Matt Ryan this week and gave. Matt Ryan advice on how to try to beat Tom Brady. Yet he didn't cancel yeah and then. I kept an and I filled up a BF five truck with Dicks and then later on fire and I sent to the automatics out. The giants this year had the third good month in nine years so and the first two. Costello super couple holes that fought constantly every waking stamp but two months in nine years with a it would go it. There actually ranked but the finger it. Kind of still hurts me about the whole thing with the patriots had their revenge game week nine at home against the giants. And they lost to a last minute Eli Manning drive in which it was so eerily similar Super Bowl. Forty do damage the game and I'm apps dying. He goes down I was anti second I was really be thereto is just a brutal to us and Jake what's is that she Patrick Chung was. The patch yet Jake Ballard called dirty. She ate Ballard made a couple of amazing plays got the touch sent got a big pass or at all against John. We did not have the Patrick Chung we have now we had Chung one point oh we're not nearly as good camera has shown to Arianna and mean nice nice angles I stagger us yeah yep gaming irony at different. I wanted nothing to do with them coming back and he's somebody and we're dreamed of them be ready to have a cup that touched on the minute 45 if the patriots win that game the giants don't like the plants. So that dragged down captivated source it was helmets it's. It's like a bad time. It's like a twilight tonight a seamless nine point seven right where we don't try classes may break. Team was nine and they re done and made the play seven. Oh no no no if you think that's worse than third circle hail this point let me explain you. My wife is very pregnant and we have a C section scheduled. For the following morning. Which means the guy who normally throws a simple party. During Super Bowl parties here when the page turns to ease couch watching it with his mother in law. Don't understand football and thinks that the complete idiot. For watching this when my wife's about to be used is that once he'd be like oh my god handle those that. There's and murder she wrote marathon so those reader I am having to watch this horror story. With you know my my view is that time she's lovely moment. Meant that I was very juicy lips and she hasn't made it through the first half. You're you're says it has has I told switch it yes. Goals is as such events in some fortunately the following day. I don't want ultimate team was able to need my mind off of this horrible patriot my daughter was born so from then on things have been. Sunshine and rainbows of resentment but let's get now he had. That to focus on because I had not a lot else going on and our member of that week just being one. Ill advised cigarette after. Long walk after. Like. This CDE and city like you have to act like he's seen meat is usually I have felt like obvious that make it on ms. what took me like four days to make a video to put up on YouTube. Because I was just. I could as it. How the hell how the F how that's why yeah why that was an actor's safe from. An outside your perspective I can only imagine hopping into the minus somebody else. There was no other gate nothing else brewed up during that time. Now we've got the trump who and whatever else Indian if 5149. Was spy gate 46 or nine was to placate forty to a spy gate there was no game. Nokia is live now and so. I definitely think that outline how it ever does break entry into the end zone and it. And oh well I think he'd give you it was really so why it was really aren't yet ultimately but the fact. That every time the patriots make the playoffs. InBev back in my mind I worry that the giants are gonna make it 200414. A god what are the giants who finished six intend somehow. Qualify for the playoffs the so weird quirk in the rules are a team forfeits what Emily it. There of a clown outside that window to steal a line from from make statements like I can't. I I can't hear their existence and Philip well I almost feel like I'm never gonna be whole again until the patriots. Police them and vanquish them you know enemy not always gonna be back. I'd probably never I was ever gonna be whole again. Life. It. I'd never celebrated at a good government a a field goal winning kick. It gave it really doesn't mean as much until they beat the giants open a couple years ago that Google never it's. Out by now says they've got us here yeah the 2015 season that game. I would say that court of Roland names in that sicker it c'mon. I answer and I'm tournament of the of the giants who who blows things. Jason. You're you're out nobody yet analogy to me out you can't feel me with what side glory bastards factory and I can. And if they could take him to win the solar a familiar great day effort to our podcasts about him revolves Keylon Nazis. I thought that kick against the giants in 2015 I still think is discount skis they escape today. Not civil related but I felt like. There was not a exorcise the demons are saying it was just mildly cathartic like it's the. And it is. I was severance and he was looking it Eminem so let's go ahead and wrap this sucker up with a final Super Bowl which the patriots have. Competed before we go into this this weekend and mail we've got one common threads to. All of these two bubbles and that's the the the score that we talked about it the very very beginning that. Field goal that Vinatieri field is not that deteriorated that Tony Franklin Google. Remains the only points the patriots have ever scored in the first quarter. Of the soup of our. It isn't in a most of these games it was 00. After one except for the you know we mentioned that the treaty seeks the in the and that. I. The giants in the ninth enough and it in a patriots might not score a point in the first quarter in a Super Bowl since. That Tony Franklin. I still maintain that all 46 Jerod Mayo knew that there are gonna run that quick slant. And he somehow just for some reason got duped and or just was a second behind because he saw cruise was getting the slant and his hand was like. Half an inch away from swatted that ball down and if he got the jump that a certain player got his Super Bowl 49 because he knew the play. That he would have broke access. We're off we're off supporters extra for an I will say those Super Bowl thirty when they scored fourteen for. On site. In 31 member therefore Alastair well qualified to drag god style -- actually live off five dollars Belichick and well take care of you on the need to watch the second and fourth quarters of all the patriots pastor. Right are we gonna Super Bowl 49. February 1 yeah fifteen. We air and we are back at the scene of the crime this time folks university Phoenix stadium yes. In Glendale Arizona. It's your fourteen year for a New England Patriots who were twelve were in the year of their road lights going up against the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks who are wearing their. But by color rush full had to tell blues. This this was a pickup. Over under 47 on the wrong. And I think it's a fair pick in two and two we all think two things at this point a the Seahawks. Have a defense that. Hell no man can score notes when he points on let alone a super wal when he scored beat. Merits. Fear. Because we saw how hard camp chancellor hit to Marius thomas' Super Bowl 48 we saw what a mockery they made of these then suppose the greatest offense. In the history of football. Down in the met in the meadowlands. And we know that Russell Wilson has some of the greatest eve made ability if you will to make a word for podcast sake so. The patriots as good as they weren't with Revis and everything else. And we know what what absolute reverse horseshoe that blank all of the stadium was to us we had everything working ANSYS seeing a lot. Let's just go ahead and take this salad full of dog (%expletive) and running lettuce and porous scandal all over. Yeah sure and in that head and you had. The CIA XP and the latest incarnation of the team. That was going to supplant the patriots as the dynasty of the that of this century though that it's on paper read write unit you know for a little while there are a inaudible Pittsburgh one duo since you last won one so go take animal. They'll gonna go back to back for the first time since the patriots lasted and it that was this the stage two of that time this was. Who is the new dynasty whose that the that the King of the Hill here and that to give mention of his legit they work. Top three yet every defensive category four like 83 year stretch. That's. That puts you among the all kind defense. And let's also think about the way that season went to like week three. Faced by the chiefs and Aaron let's let's raise the patriots they're not that good anymore we we we we for. Yeah for our ballots that they were too and they go and yeah one heading into it they related to a lot like one of my anyone we too. In a car buys scheme I think he has the raiders. Now with I was week three they beat the raiders via tonight or candidate intercept the ambient as in the inner preserve it and I I would area commencing 21 heading into four out. It's fallen back on the fact that both final four teams in the NFL that year the patriots were two until. Green Bay was still into the colts were to win two. Seattle is three and one but ended up in six and six so this whole thing to get off to a hot start of that that he lied to that those. Teams all playing better. At the end of the year and you know the patriots had played Green Bay late in the year in you know that was a hole. Our rivals like the ball over and added well joked that money those there is nothing that they pick that was apple lost yet. Ages picked up a level and they they. Head of steam. Heading into the playoffs they punt at weeks seventeen. How and why that's still counts Tom Brady home loss that is beyond me because they gave less than zero. Foxboro apps about that game. And then they played. Some great football and they were heading into Davis I think we all really felt like. When it's really mostly just as out there again. And now this streak in new eight it is. It's legit team. To. Win the super bulls they can win. She went Eagles careless of rules that you were gonna win we felt like where she went and let's face we gonna lose. I do agent of a complete team and I'm a big Russell Wilson guy we tiger but the defense but I mean. He alone I I I think it's is capable he's a guy that Smart to secure the ball. Can roll low team can beat from the pocket or otherwise right and then yet Marshawn Lynch who is one of those few remaining a leak backs in the. In the NFL you have like one of the last times we've had a single back offense. This is the where onto blank season because on the Cincinnati was the end of the two into game. And in the playoffs the patriots had. A battle tested game in the thirtieth 35 win at 3834 when I guess it was yeah over it ravens in the debate about fourteen amazing how awesome one of the best games in patriot playoff history. And then they had the coronation game in world renowned set sadly later I was late game in the at absolute ass whipping. Of the colts so you know we were feeling reasonably good like Jesse Evans got a great. We all still felt reasonably that it was just that damn cloud hanging over. You know we need to be permanent when and is happening. Was that you know Brady goes down the field. And throws up a kind of a bad pick on like his second drive. In all and think you'll get an aid in that happens you're going all god like yes. Because everything that happens the Super Bowl just gets so magnified that so it happens you're thinking oh my god. But fortunately on the next drive because Russell ultimate O for six in his first like four possess all the eggs dominated them yeah early on it and they were containing him he wasn't he couldn't throw an incompletion. They've sacked him a couple times. And Brady does a feels throws for touchdowns and or where seven and nothing. On they ended up tying it up at 77. And and we had a great plated rock right before half where we had a mismatch and him in the outside and so now we can't. Georgia over this with like thirty seconds to go what happens. Just say it was like she exited the record book and put. We were preparing in quote. In. What was ridiculous because you're going to be covered guys are. There are less Chris Matthews here's Mandy you expect your part. Who who did not only go on using it from nowhere. But he was about seven foot tall yeah I guess that's it. So there's there's still time o'clock on capitol commit the that the pat Garrett and make and keep Opel. But what they do they don't do that is they give the guy. Ryan it's Greg goes five yards into the end zone and why are these make this guy credible agent didn't Carol like. Panicked call time out. In it was a weird like wait what why they. Gold for it it's like did every opera and at 86 Larry in so they were and I just re watching immunity and eight seconds left it was like the. It was a the commentators where Al Michaels and it's called it calls where it's going. Eight seconds he probably is one that the three year. I am on the grounds. It can't overlook Philip K plus people I. Oh multi colored barrels dike and a bootleg Chad's. In it was a ball called like Carol because. But it was if it was early. Terrible. Of all because we. It would eat you got it you can't allow that that happened in a note at the clock. Apple would I let him at any shot whatsoever that's all I attempt to the guilt. Yet Kyle Arrington was playing such bad secondary in that game of moderately. America you know he was Arrington. I exactly like Arrington I feel like Chris Matthews scored on parents I don't think that was a Logan Ryan play. And in a later. Bo Derek and at that point for Ryan and they O'Brien for. Or Butler. They out may I yet maybe maybe your idea I think. That at everybody was just playing too far off and they played him with the same kind of distance like you know they've been going to this guy. They only obviously have time to run a quick slant for a Fay quick favored. And they've for some reason played so far in on patriot way. So far off the receiver like with the kind of distance even hope your kid maintains. When he's trying to go like the first time he's driving on a go cart track all by himself brought every other cars on the track like. It was just very. Catholic school dance like keep the holy ghost a two year old. And and yet you'd dance and Alia that the of the KJ Wright thing was you know. -- one of those pre snap and threw those in its core on going with it and Andy he hits on content of this oh my god is grown as ugly ya that lake. Okay now now we're tock in anew at some point Brady was on the sidelines and we have only stopped ourselves which is stroke. Seattle's defense is greed is we all say that they were and where correct and that. The patriots which shoot themselves in the foot not date they weren't being stopped and. They just we at least let Russell Wilson get back in the game due to a guy that nobody had overheard. And Chris Matthews was currently has said that that the old way odd thing eases these nobody from nowhere. And yet he was eviscerate them until they figure out what to do. And on and what that upstart and what was the main thing is that is that eight eager guys not hear that have. You know we're close to heal amazing game. I eat you don't realize that how great rock at the re watching it in that final drive. You'd in the state. It's in my couch where I am its actual ceremonies in a tumble any isn't hurt. Right to market up for re populate the 77. You know number seven era in touch eleven. App you know it would go with a huge game and that that. Stretch that and I knew that battle and people like you beat the MVP with the game I'll call the game. And on and art Powell the Big Apple. Where they with a torrent Lieberman element of course not only makes the touchdown catch but makes the third and fourteen over the middle catch in which I'll gladly posture. That he was can cut that was actually it was their opportunity at the 21 yards as a huge break almost more equity act some because as you know I was stuck or correct call but I I thought he picked a bubble third yup that plays those games nightmare. That's when when Brady completes and they're fourteen I was ready to start. Just like deer drinking because I watched that game away and you can't believe this happened. There. Murders in this rule and then that catch and then mine back in place in the occurs each. Makes me wonder you rethink religion. But my brother said. And it's not an act IPC. The same end of the same field as the Tyreke. It but happenings almost the same spot pour out of killed himself with the you know. Like it right away and we feel it a few things about Malcolm Butler who was inserted in the late in the game is as he mentioned. He made re ways prior to that he he batted a ball away from Kurth I'll go back to I'm earlier in the game where. The path to them like ten. It was a third downplay. Where there was a draw play and and he was he was knocked off the ball it's stayed with it stayed with the they would cut back on the ball. Defend the pass and I'm like on what was too but I got his arm and was occurs OK on the sidelines. And Butler whacked his arms and knocked the ball away all the lies that's first and goal inside the ten. And instead incomplete they punt the page it's come down and scored touchdowns on their final two drives setup. By this guy from west Alabama. Who was sit in his dorm room a couple of years earlier text and. Gee it would be great to face Julio Jones you know dry hump and get some completes happy. And yet we had no idea what kind compete level this guy had an after the Kurds cat. Who was the guy who had the we are at all to knock him out of bounds. Like we did you might yet be on meet you Ron Harman did not want to get flagged for unnecessary roughness certainly hit. So as the ball gets knocked away or at seemingly is not to weigh apartment. Doesn't it doesn't Edwin Moses over top of Jimmy in Paris. And and the ball alliances lap he makes the catch and oh my god almighty god know all like god. This is happening and then I just went flash completely died. I'm glad I I I stared ahead. Eyes stared at I looked like I was in alive version of Norman Bates his mother and it was as all the dead I was all the dead I was. Can go one more Cary nag on all. Day. That you like it wasn't prepared to face the world I was gonna have to come into the studio. In cardiac after I was shy yet Dick cosmic running kick rates have been ads. And eight in it that was there was no way out of it there was no. Forget what this is going to be that ball like the giants into those elements just to slip them school to have them score and say Saddam. That was open ports to I think he added. I thought you at the sport here well why it is wire. And it's funny is that actually a member abstained because I had people Imus have a simple party people are saying to me you know this is just like before you on the score and I. It was is weird thing might have ways of thinking that you can't take the pressure off the other teams they call the bizarre timeout. Where they just didn't have mission to get it right. They came on the field and they were like they were rushing in Russell Wilson was looking around as they never play caller and they play in the calling a timeout. So Belichick was able to Tennessee that this was they were rattled if they were able to figure out this situation that he'd obviously prepared for new concede that great. You know do your job special where their asking him about should we start contact Patricia say he. I negotiated pitchers them well on the I was only is kind of like can we can and and and people will say that Harold blue. Okay that that's fine you wanna go without like Europe for. You buy to let you know like give enough credit. To the guys on the other sideline who wouldn't who so glad you're putting it that way so glad it's not that they blew it it's that the patriots won yes the it to work at what. The situation was they weren't goal line earlier in the game. In a similar situation it was a third and short. The patriots went into the have their short yardage situation and stuff to Marshawn Lynch for a loss when I say it was it was high tower. Went and got into the backfield penetrated stopped them so now there and that same package at seem personnel. In Seoul. Seattle I think it just that the the moment and said you know what let's stole the ball because we've got to you know it will stop the clock if we don't get it whatever. And sold the patriots at the last second did the Malcolm gulf thing and now you've gone from you know. Your goal line situation to three corners because they had three wide receivers. I think that's why. Did it it was in Chiapas because Pete Carroll was dom isn't always the point he panic in the moment granted but it was just superior coach but watching. Do your job. And seeing that the patriots had prepared for just such a play that they continues C existed in their minds. And that they knew all this might count and that Brandon Browner recognizes the play and then. Butler recognizes the very guy who would blown it and practice and they had a coaching namely I Colorado on adult around those six corner on their roster. Rob let thrown to Josh Boyce side how about that side note Georgina eyes that would Josh Boyce at the patriots. Kick off party in August of 2014. And where book or. Like being a making fun of them because they serviced like amazing raw sushi and whatever else in boys would need it as he wanted. You and only just eats things that are rating coaching grilled in and count ketchup as he's seven and remember seeing them like thousands of voices big contributions in year but I remember his sort of having this moment things like. Is it like now when you look at it like. This is like enforce awakens like rate edges the light Saber and everything comes earns it certainly come to the realization like I have all this power. That when you watch that that's like Malcolm but was moment like he must've just had adequate touching the lights camera moment when grounder taps him on the garments as go around this way right must come like. Like I got that I can call that I can call this neighbor passed Kyle right eye image and I end. It happens any mix that play. And you guys so you were saying like you were just like. In this state this emotional state that was like art wrecked part sad part is infuriated I was fully and on the inside. I don't think I've ever gone. From last it to owners from six midnight from. Think learning to fly when he finally kids is the girl I popped right up it may do well. I've never. All we ought kids with all we see winds vote jobs in promotions in just have these moments of joy I don't think I've ever had. Such a section. Immediate moment. Of unexpected Julie yeah even though I like 1004 Red Sox was eight process yet to us in Atlanta Georgia Indiana and elegance and a three blow out yet again this is an immediate. Yes. Roller where where. What was gonna just beat rolled onto the what was a growing I'll. A huge cosmic not punches like the whole galaxy started turn and act the way the opposite direction. And you BD re team and an end of a moment you know we know what Malcolm was gonna be at that point. In what he's become since that. Like one top cornerbacks in the league that he didn't just go deep retiree. Eat and go and I don't say this with disrespect because he he even on a happy his moments in my life. Micah was the only. It was just don't want offering him like you know he is that that scene where he's walking off the field in slow motion. Georgia Laura tightly that his helmet off. Crying and there are all like all things. Fighting to put their hands on his shoulders Evelyn trying to give him the group hug oh whatever. And he used to lead this kid who came from off The Who was nothing until a boat. Two thirds of the way through that game. And then he just changed the sports he calls it right. On 21%. Of the patriots defensive snaps over the course of the year and we never noticed him he was an absolute. Not to say nobody because he's such a massive somebody in all of our lives. We had no idea about this kid you know he was gonna meet with him no he was gonna do an ice and I maintain that during that winter that just absolutely. Destroyed the northeast. Malcolm Butler saved lives. We have a great patriot. But it any Jerry or my prayer is with what Brady finally beat them for the first time. And it let it go. It was the biggest star sports go up to the guy who he's probably practice it. Probably outgrow it did in knowing that this guy that the biggest. You know that that number one trending word in in in the upper. Rate that that the two of them separated by like thirteen fourteen years. You know not not thinning common. You know the kind of guy that you know he'd probably couldn't tell you whitlock Corey was and and and was healthy scratch most of the year. And then have the wherewithal to get out of the end and we could have. Just fallen in a bit it would go to the twenty but nevertheless that's a credit to him that situation awareness. This could be a safe debit get out in did and then. It to their undying credit goes Seahawks Doocy got things which is lose their damn minds. And Brady. If your member of the marquis hill back in the day. But you know Belichick coaching him up to Scotland in a training camp practice going to. Right you're on the goal line right Mary you've got the Athens backed up they're gonna get you to jump off right. Because if they move. It's how what's what's the penalty he's gone I don't know because at the deserves a gold medal is about two inches. If you don't Buffett's five yards to any use that exact thing Brady quick counts them. Somebody jumped authority Kim Campbell who led the league I think in all stars that he gets a false start. They I'm false that the rugby beat beat the offside grow approach and whatever and gets this early period and also a five and then the Seahawks do what they did again this year. On victory formation they start fights that says they dealt and roots servants starts the fight in and just. And is that great moma web Brady's take in the need. Richard Herman who I despise is. Holding his hand out to shake his hand in pageant classy move by vice chairman Embry for awhile there just was really turn it is only. Any idea he's happy testimonies oblivious to it because a couple of years prior was the game in Seattle. We're a team on Wilson was beat down the middle for the flea for the play action bomb to a game for Seattle at and followed by yeah I was the map room and Brady just I think you just did normal doses like dual use evidence adds how all the story lines were supposed to go that's why it's still so infuriating the Super Bowl 46 to work that way because. That helped settle and manipulate the narrative with. Appropriately with the patriots and the Seahawks that's why it was kind of like big for them to win this past year as well because now they. Sitting at their fall over management that kept that rivalry alive. Now aren't so. We we cannot surmise. All eight Super Bowls we've been right let's wrap this up I want rescuers couple questions I think actually said that an hour ago. I have clocked a lot. Arguably this were cool does recording still go if it's always not a awhile ago. I didn't hit a solo locals are the three and a world of blogs talk radio things it would die time down you know like when you pose for a picture with a friend. And a like yeah like he was my take a picture of us. And they hold the camera there for a long time a day and they actually think that Iran in the all time that is currently epic victory itself honored. The mailing as those like a Matthew Brady thank you Andres I in areas civil war picture George and I do that the jury last week week. We finished up after about an hour and a half minutes and I forgot to hit record and get a look at his base. It was like about it with you clowns again this. But let me ask you is this in Georgia what are your thoughts on this to. When the patriots lost. The perfect season suitable. Super Bowl 42. My brain is always kind of gone back today 85 Celtics lakers mode of I would trade ex forum for that championship. So. Would you have me aberrant in my head would you traders to both 36 and all the amazing things just to have that perfect season Super Bowl goes through. So I'm not necessarily asking now but would a victory in super ball 51. B. Better than had we won the what would you trade debt would you rather get the victory over Goodell to placate all that stuff we can. And put Brady number five because let's face it that's the one thing that could possibly top. What would have been the cherry in the Sunday of that soup of that perfect. Season. George what you go to. Well not a quote Tom Brady with my favorite chip chip the next one so. Well we've been nice to meet burst into ever democratic you know yeah I know that our penalty but I haven't over. Or so out of Google. The championship ring number five and went over and Anatoly bit obviously. I'm from our from me if you're saying make right they win they they finished nineteen and oh. And what don't win another one after that just like our guys I get some. Didn't know it's much is as great as that would have been. At that we could weigh in and then what and when you try to be better duck and it sort of touched on earlier that that dark second chapter of the chill trilogy you know. You know low the yen built. Empire strikes back you know The Two Towers. Like the fact that. Okay you went through that really horrible dark time if Philly there's no hole but it's never gonna come back. And then you succeed anyway because ultimately you get to the point where. Five wins for the quarterback. I winced at the coach still going strong. Still have tons a cap room young defense you know I I've I wouldn't I if if they. In if they could win this one I would not trade that for the nineteen. It's just like to say a couple things number one I feel air balls for the trans averages podcast is going to be at knuckle Marine Corps commanders in the corner does he hear so much so much carpal tunnel. To. I think there are probably two point seven other NFL franchises that would love to have our quote dark time there was not a go through the football well. You guys didn't get it dated. Your. Overblown against the it was. Booker. There are portable and yeah. We don't all. Our branding last night yeah yeah I always root canal plus and I John immense Ellsbury. We have all the best first world football problems we do. They. Would write tweets that were on its try to catch the Joker some funds in the pop cultural. And then like I stopped for one game and I went back and re read some of the tweets like. I'd find me obnoxious I'm wrote this I if I was rated as and I followed fits the if I was Ephron and nick I would find it obnoxious so I stopped and I'm just in full on. Appreciation. At this point. And in terms. What I wanna have Super Bowl 42 NBA before in three verses five possibly five tours are. Or 72 were not into it has to amber is gonna live and play forever. The answer is no. With some hindsight because I don't wanna be those people. They can point back like eight testimonies of Moses that. Ninety you know because some teams like Jetsons hold on to that one Super Bowl and point out and they can always go back like. Yet we get that one in them that time we beat you guys. I don't wanna. Ever hold back. I don't wanna have to beat the people who look in the Rio on about the lead missiles and bolting in my review I love that would Tom Brady Bill Belichick and the way they're able to perpetually be so great. We can always enjoy than now but especially. Look forward to the next and that's what makes this team. The system and everything patriots now be so damn. All right so having said that we kind of got everyone's opinion here let me then ask the most are we need George. We are heading in this weekend to Super Bowl 51. What's your prediction what's gonna happen. In this game housing and ago. Being reduced when faced a climate. I'm really honored George couldn't be here with this. There yet. This is ugly yet few game. The patriots they have to wait for Jerry and actually. So short radio station. That is this video app this or are. Our predictions and it'll we both were very similar. I think pat went in 3817. I think it's I think it's not close I think we. What they're deeper they're we're human credit or there. We can we actually we actually match up pretty well the number eighty. Prove that he's the greatest of all time port that that debate has already. Been done already. So a lot about audits on grainy on the block to its it'll be so. Thirtieth that he bet. Aren't that it's Georgia Tech nick dot. Last time the Atlanta Falcons were in the Super Bowl. They played. Another AFC team. A team that actually will would have. In the defending Super Bowl champions that they were able to repeat as they couldn't because they started seventh round journalism major from northwestern quarterback pressure a nice job troll in your own team Elway. And they got oust they get whipped christianity was the quarterback. They were offensive powerhouse not much of a defense. And maybe aside from the scandal involving a safety. Seeking a little sex when he shouldn't have everybody thought that game would have been close. And it wasn't. And that kind of coordinated that Denver team is a damn good team quarterback played well but it was all about the running attack. And now we see the falcons into another game when they've got a high flying offense and how does this AFC team. It has a little bit of a dynasty going. Possibly gonna stop them how Taylor's. Want force Tra are right here nobody bigger nobody hits the air but if that no one's that the falcons that are the season. Falcons have some amazing once they've got a fast break offense. There there's something to be respected and admired that's a damn good team. This Patriots defense is coming together at the right time they're surging as a team on the whole the offensive is great that get an answer for everything. And they're gonna hit Atlanta hard like you talked about earlier Jerry during our seven of the podcast I. That when it was I relate to see that I was at this they would as the fellowship of the podcast performs the two podcast. And then it was the return of the podcasts you talked about earlier the game plan Super Bowl 36. There's X hit him hard and hit him again. The falcons are gonna hit hard often early and forever and I just don't think they're going to be able to operate the offense and offer this to. The falcons. In all three games this year where they were held to 65 yards or less ever this on pats pulpit earlier this week pro bowlers gave some insider howdy stop the falcons office. When there held the 65 yards or less rushing. Today to not win telecheck. Is reasonably well read is gonna re is gonna know that. Stop the offense make them one dimensional. Double up Julio Jones and then you say you know what. Jacob Tammy. Taylor gave real and Mohamed to new which is a greeting and several countries that I you know win the civil wars go ahead. Ayatollah doing your final score yes I got. 37703770. And Terry which. And bust ya hmmm. There is in this this movement throughout the whole season say the Patriots defense are frauds you know that there's a lot of guys in the media though like Sean Spicer. Well you don't they led the league in fewest points but it didn't mean anything in here's why they'd simply anybody. Everything you concede about the Patriots defense you can also say frankly all the falcons' offense. Did they. They play. Patriots ran a weak division I offensively OK look at the NFC self. The Tampa always middle of the pack the campus were bad. And the saints are what they always the world which is atrocious like the worst defense in the week. Does not on. On the wind that they are. He scored the most points flat out but they leased to the top ten defense. In the during the season Kansas City Seattle lost to humble. On the about Denver. They went to Denver and had a game that. The guy guys. I'm mound to circle back on appetite but that that fell for the cracked some water I will look at my right that the patriots. You know world what they were their offense is the leaked their defense. Led the league and everything they need to do they had a test against Pittsburgh and they. Crushed Pittsburgh eight good on offense it was battle tested quarterback. My way of saying and that I don't see how the the the patriots are going to get lit up. By Atlanta's offense I also think the patriots. Offense is going to run brought shot I I this is a week. Only in defense loaded with first and second your guys to just look at the corner and actually get you get. It Keon O'Neal there's rookie. He's still rising I can't it can't chancellor training camp and has got a degree yes is it is that they don't even have their best cover corner Marcus Trufant which means. There have to play zone all day. Which means. Tom Brady. And yet again our eyes fully operational YouTube gadget does and. We're gonna do our thing we're gonna do we always do in your right appoints them out and play zone another best number corporate you've got to. Rookie linebackers yeah divine Gary Campbell. And you get Dion Jones. If I was buying stock in this defense I would literati adorable 401K. It would be for down the road and Ernie you're really there actually help what evidently they are future yet the kind loaded with the kind of guy stayed reedy. War is on his hand case is organically. You know. These are it's completely it's it's it's gluten free spelt guy. Obnoxious ten dollar and gay guys in you know what I I think that blunt plays a factor but I think it's going to be more of that set up the play action the thing that's an emperor and those guys I don't think he's gonna have a 120 yard game I think he's going to get his carries. In order to exploit these guys and I like the page it's a minute ago. And to be concerned and say 382031. Well. And I also it went out about that Denver game what's interesting about that and I think that I believe the falcons surprised the won that game. How I look we have all day and I'm admit how Shanahan said. They the game plan that they copied. So you know this is how much admiration is paid from one friend says to the other because they get to mr. up down there and they wanna have. They wanna have patriots midsouth. They copied the patriots offensive game plan from the AFC championship. And they split Davone to Freeman and to Evan Coleman out wide. The whole game to try to neutralize the speed. Of the linebackers because they knew they couldn't penetrate the secondary. And that's where they had to attacks of the falcons are very Smart they know what their cal Shanahan. Whose dad is almost is oranges our current president that the Smart family they've got a while and there. I just don't think that this undersized speedy. Aggressive young defense is going to be able to handle. A the power and size of the patriots on the offensive front in beat. Brady's ability to line you up the issue set where he wants to change the play for she went to look he wants and then hit him and dole for seventeen. Cattlemen for nine and then Mitchell to on the sidelines for touchdown I just don't think they can do. Well we've got. Nick in Terry's prediction for me honestly I feel like. The way this thing breaks down. I ever feel that it's just did the falcons just you know with this they did a very young defense. Matt Ryan his first real big stage game now I mean listen he was it. Anderson Jamie your game at home okay this is a totally different ball game the atmosphere is different halftime is different. The wave of the game breaks down is different. I just am I'm sensing that this is the moment the patriots just unload. Right it's almost like that we talked about games haven't an intense three over the Yankees. You can't have a three point Super Bowl every time eventually is gonna be a blog and I don't see it happening from the falcons over the patriots. I feel like that that Belichick's and keep everything and firm defensively. They are too good. Is partisan game playing goes to allow that to happen so. I look at this is honestly guys about a 45 to seventeen patriot win and I honestly think some of those falcon point my coming in some garbage time. I think that Atlantis returned the ball over they're gonna have that the first suitable jitters Dan Quinn. You know he's these surfer dude coming in here with his attitude and everything else. I just think they're going to be overmatched ultimately with Belichick and patriots I mean they have so much. To get off their chest in off their shoulders that you buy official who radiant and you know it could hold and elsewhere and many outs in just the opportunity to become a five time champion. And like you said earlier Jerry you know they've got a lot more. Left in the tank to if they're available as well enough so that that's my thought on this and. Zero guys and the injury report there. And there and all admire whether on it and he's off bright and he's a rugby player analytic for a player and he knows what he's doing. The team is coming together at the right time. All the pieces are in place. You've got. Record haters you've got the best coach you've got the best quarterback in the history of the game. Who's so emotional. Who wants to do it for his dad has got his back they revealed earlier today that the family has been so concerned him preoccupied about the mom being sick for so long and now she's doing better. They've got that weight off their chest. And now he can finally clean the slate. And win in just remove not that there's any doubt he's got to prove he can do is now safe for once and for ball. Did it I got it. Where it and he can force Goodell into the most awkward moment in the history. Of sports presentation in India. You're George LB Bobby root level glorious and European of socially awkward moments which I him. You gotta people I don't care if I live in Fargo, North Dakota and don't have a dog in this fight. I want the awkwardness. You guys I give the MVP eats. You know Matt rank grade a big deal it's wait for the Oscars and pitchers and catchers report there's nothing to live for. That will be. A classic historic moment that we all one right now. Slice of the cookie plus you're eating it Carville ice cream cake. Shirtless and Scarlett Johansson rubbing your back. Or Brady goes. 3274. Touchdowns no picks and it's MVP now kargil side. And it's even even. Even in the black widow costume from iron into a where is she goes in the US Capitol Hill indicates everybody's spot and I ninety and Blake lively sits on your lap and spoon feeds you fresh. Eggs and hash. From bonds offered at claim that she'd better be serving that awful Brady's MVP true. Oh that does not wanna give my body will. Will that thrilled bring your body. It. I. Liked. Two days to solve the force the dark so. It's true. Sports one. The media about. Where miss on the might have liked to on the wrap up. To defeat that things were like and about it now think about that then. Come on Antonio Brown. Wow I. Know now. Guess what Atlanta will be ready for that. It. So we have a rapid appear bars to Aaron parcel Jerry's parcel WEEI. Dot com the radio podcast network. Boston sports wanna when Georgie can't thank you so much Biden MO I agree that in Houston. I. By nick Stephens WA AF superstar thank you for joining us my friend. Great to be your mental scope now so it's not the other amused and that's right and I'm so glad I'm here and Jerry Bryant instead of in Houston as a super don't know you know where none has ever he's known as our guest and yes it. He you'll be celebrating of those soon hopefully that you once again for joining us and we will see you next time go pats.