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OMF - Keyshawn Johnson clarifies and defends his statements on Patriots wide receivers, 2-1-17

Feb 1, 2017|

Former Jets, Bucs, and Cowboys wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, had some harsh words for Patriots wide receivers earlier in the week when he appeared on a Philadelphia radio station, calling them "robots" and saying some of them wouldn't make the 53 man roster of other teams in the NFL. He joined the show to defend his case.

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Beach Fort Wayne alimony and 48 when he was asked what your opinion about what's going on in the world and he answers what's going on in the world. That to me waves feigning ignorance which I thought was. I have to say expect congress I really like them so much a put those despicable with Glenn doing. Christians are you our guys like you and then it's not a bad I don't give Glenz ideology can give you Glenz that he would judge you want O who's gonna that's why normally aren't exactly you're exactly and. Nobody did for three years ago ya right now. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. But to plug in court that barricade that's it's pretty much take anybody auction of Philadelphia here cheesecake. Stored it and in June. Thank guy sorry haven't wanted to acquire would be open receivers are butchered the district of her heart triggered bill. I NS. Just plug and play anybody off the street can you do that again position. No no you cannot at least the good he's just gonna Oliver and he's gonna argue we're gonna debate with this stuff. And over or you do the work we're gonna ask for apology. It's like you're keeping it's that I ask for a biology there'd be this this courtroom. This form that anyone right now all the mergers aren't all the pressure's on you. You know that obviously you want part of that it has at least tour. You gotta blogger and got to defend it or don't deal with. She hears this topic this this blow top twelve point oh its eye holes that's why don't I always tickled me. I was at work. You oh shutout ball. No I don't he meets with that to me. People talked about receiving corps it's this ludicrous reached over and over again and it's sometimes at some point there are accurate. But let me say it is it's it's it's ridiculous that was due to. Do every being like a robot if they carry to go ten yards turn right. You gotta go get it turner right instead it eating right or twelve it right because. They don't have the ability to make that adjustment where the other guy to have the ability to make it just that but that doesn't work for the New England Patriots. That's. It that's just that's just not true it actually correct completely opposite I know what you are spies. I suspect this but it. But a sign that drew the short. You know the jokes are now allies are not now now I ask you love you Kurdish you're an analyst bill law. Bill whitlock. Buffett irons aren't new civilization. To meet back up some equipment which put guys commit to the system. Belichick has been criticized over the years. For drafting. Receivers. High second round in guys failing miserably if it was such an easy plug and play system. Why would media at a high rate of success which posted a bit. He's also brought in the Joey Galloway the coaches goes to a century guys as they can buy. I think I don't have that become a teammate to me that is not vote like it worked with the quarterback is that discipline. But this is what we will do everything is quick release debris. You article five yards 45 it's not six different is that in any event I'm gonna make this past its eagle six in February thing and it's gonna be completely if it's. It's communications discipline that's what makes you off at work out criticized for so many doesn't do the same thing. The Sony different read so there's so many receivers especially the slot receivers. All they run the option routes Troy Brown actually start with red coats. It started with bank coats into what so. Mental would run basically a Y option. Rod either you run from the right next the tackle and a slot position. With its goal at 812 yards you decide what or. It's not you go eat some down a distant and I'll just watch you. Okay that you just like based on leverage you need to go right. Are you know if you'll commit and really we all seem to think that. Like that's what our. That the that the idea that there's no you can't improvise. In this off with it's it's it's just not be close to be true. That's what these guys that they don't can't quite read the scene. Add that the receiver position they can go to winged it. Any sale would everybody go oh I don't doubt he's got a top receivers in the game well they could excel at the other teams because of the system. It is if they want on other teams right now they've I would be looked extremely roster yeah. Lot of times that we heard a Wes Welker Julian Edelman was out and get into it ever got to play happens or the course of the game. And yes get it that you find out that it was liking that shake or was a week herself in the replies. And play because of would result with the defense with the receipt of that. And he changed everything was. My point just this were true. You were on hand to battle here it is absolutely. Have to throw it makers like you are such a way about. I don't. Study's author Alec I don't know if you don't show a little wet miserable that you or your big night. Out. What is your body. Your identity that your Curtis and a the artists. Possibly they beat you and Edmund could make it now at this point I don't think you'd be serious this would drive Joseph yes I think he's definitely cheese steak they. But the thing that that more. He's he's all over exaggerated and probably the I'll note the word typically over a drive by comment yeah drug like I had my car body but it. The comment about you on about the receipt you might. If that's not true delicate tethered robot let's get dictate. Grateful we just played the one talks about the cheesecake day. So we complain to him. Will will get them. We'll get it going now where. Fighting. Nobody on full island ark line I got it. That's what hits. When I look you know it was an all out up at Johns. I don't be rated make you that you hear the pain at that point I thought it would mean as a whole our recent car. It's so crowded and commit a desperate because it didn't resonate properly it was like shaky. Does that mean not an insider. Inside warming up I pick him through yeah. You want wealth walker last. Right so his first year member Rocco 73 receptions 770. Yard. I mean apparently now it's party. Worked pretty well but is it too much differences debris is for sites. So desperate she beat fourteen yards to fifteen. The economic. Activity at the west the West Coast off though they would be honored if you look at. The plane with a disciplined but at the white that alpha dog which do everywhere like she does for you. Page court success against right. It. Don't breaks your career receptions one we don't think makers want to whatever he one of the guys you know they threw the book in the rules. And the routes that they all agree to do know. Little sensitive you know extra items. That were sensitive. Much is this part of it. That. There. Yet doctor Taylor you guys. You know what's up man. Or so ago all rely on Iran I. It. Go courtesy to say it's old are you a note that we do you historically the slap. That's a major of the year other detail its. Six. Dots here it. It was she remembered right away got a little more like you and they say 000. Circulated cities embryos your money's. I would. Talking about this talking economics last week. About the plug and play receivers get it made a lot of attention in new England and we of course but look at was it was a over the law and that's why I felt I figure you're overreacting oust the U. I did Joseph Ferraro resigned her. Let's he said I don't it was worry about what they say well look I know what that meant I want to the first cut was I think you can get an adult topic that they set out. The stakes in Atlanta it was sold the comets are made about the whole plot your plea deal up to which you were joking right at me there's you're not like. Completely disrespect these the steel I don't know exactly qualities that it was the fact it by saying that he could play and you look at. The laws I think I. The UN. This is the dolls receivers. Wide open. It's not skills that it is turning out one guy. Exit or army element ansari element. The other guys. It's the Brady it's the play calling it's just. The Bill Belichick obviously. You feel like I. My thoughts. IC as I mean myself as an expert panel that have. It's very high level. Knowing. And understanding these guys look this is the way it is not excel at that level the field so. They obviously they run it and make it a horse. 88 or what is now. For me what I see I don't believe. It's just me I don't believe that those guys when you speak. And they'll. In Kabul he can't make eight feet premium roster quality scroll while she beat that element. I think it that you were and adept at that particular spot that he's. Slot just. Yeah if if you lies right. That's the vehemently off its assist in this system but what you grabbed. Receivers from around the you can put it in it Smart enough and it. Operate Chad's not fit in they tried to plug and play. But he did work out I think we all know a lot more Ted Johnson likes Hadley exiles they and that's why say it's more. It's more of being Smart and understand what that department together often well because it's this ticked off its unique should be able to be. Precise. Okay those guys lost in you can't have when you take a very athletic gifted receiver. Eight in Saba post of the day that pulled the EC freeway as wide open is that being precise doing exactly. It happens all the time with gift art scene. All sports if a guy like that element or a guy like a whole hour. Or the other guys is there haven't polo or will it's a boatload damage there is gone longer Welker. They've outlived. How much different to prevent it from me for treatment for example. So if you get a gifted receiver that you're tell me that gifted receiver is not disciplined enough to do what he's supposed to do is not gonna blow up on treatment as well. Peyton Manning's receivers that he have been gifted leaders promised that not a precise seat to Mary's promised frontal lobe okay great many would say fine but also. Payton and also it helped trying to become what is. If you think I see here is there's always so there is there's the alpha dog apple wonder that you were right okay all right you're you're the number one did not every team has won. That measure skills. But. The top receivers both have a wide receivers. And the like do things the wrong way. OK so that's my lights. But that doesn't mean that if you gave element or Abdullah the the free rate as we all like to do whatever we want to Cecil B that is that there are trying to open regardless of what the system. And if you Max of the offer to telling what to do could exceed and yet you guys running into each other. So I felt like guys. That had a lot of success like Joey Galloway like gay Chad Ochocinco were able to relax and do what they wanted to do. You still have that ability but you know you can't just do whatever if you like but they're not it's true. But they not gone. Abdullah is out running mate defensive back in the national well you know it's not a whole optional shortly that it would not gonna that's blown off I went. Maybe maybe not number one not not against the number 118. Hole he had a play and a dole has been making machine holding up behind. Safety. Hogan got behind the safety on the flea flicker guess why because the polls to. Clinton wants it I that you're you're you may have these guys out I didn't corporate tell you. I'm telling you about. We guys that can play that it's. You don't need to trickle in. It used to be out of just a little. Our guys but I don't images or image Dolan and an adamant that your inside guys like yeah yeah. Hold on screen name or the same as it might argue that the ever meant. Fellow. Is C a nice. Route runner. Inside them yet when you line them up on the outside of the numbers average mini comebacks that means he's not sorted. Other teams in the National Football League like the Dallas Cowboys. They put their receivers. To do everything outside the numbers that tie me. In Lleyton does it is and that's when you start looking you say what they won't be at the plate since typically all the. Good run they couldn't rumbles route they can't run but I spent some vague they don't have it has brought don't have an AT green. They had a Randy Moss beat try to get Chad who wrote the plays and usually goes deep outs in the gates he's run an electronic met he probably needs to be the 808 so it didn't work what did you say or let it add that guy so Malcolm Mitchell the guy that. They're trying to tournament do that big outside guy if he's big he's physical. Let's just jump right. So it's all easy stuff it's not slant that it's a quick how it's opposite route it to us a split screen couple like that has. Picture this is the world with the you. See. If you can take the guy. These. From that. Yeah. That system. Five the what you look if you. And we didn't implement. Greek don't you want like lights wobbled just went there for a hundred. Review ran. OK fortunately an element I'm helping you and I would miss a beat. The old model move. Randall Cobb. Which. Oh that he's not at this. Settlement do. You like there's a similar. I think. I think. Carpet. Outside because ordered out east it's come back out. Ski poles and selects. He acts and but it's it's all. Outside. Right prided. Like it's it is now that you know I proudly out rhetoric already is that they've given. They've been in Washington he admitted that the other. Because of its height. It. In session Geithner ethnic zionist. You're saying you're you're seeing it as a compliment even though were taking yet. Always taken off a tool in the right market radio now Barry I don't you can answer we wanted to they have. Well every dollar it about how well how. We don't you or anybody like the so world but let me ask you this as the receivers the outlook so I'd love them. Apart. Let me ask you. If you'll put him in Green Bay. You take a guy you would mean we both. Old within. Well when I want to do well look at what. Arnold had not gone as much of the Atlantic what I had to. That let you after you you're and I think he would have the run. Air rod bought but he'll be aired. Each. As a matter. Of you often do that we all Ellie we all went to that request that you get receivers. Coach John. He understands what it is hard to music. Mike McCarthy you know you think there's not. When things that the West Coast when you don't you don't. You go red dot Wesco screen SE every now on the unilateral blown throw. Get over it when I asked him though. But if you. Look at. But here's the thing you're not getting it right at quarterback you can do more with him what to do more with the course and that's just that's just one when asked. Later this outlook that actually. Okay kicked and I do Ravi moss DO. I take the top off the deep cuts is debates like. Welcome rain down and dirty scheme the third nineteen it was the twenty or deed note you hit your host okay. Oh. As we target letter earlier he should talk to Asia Johnson. We talked about this earlier. Times after games. We asked the players about a specific and they say we did that a flaw. It was a week wake it was this so you keep on talking about this what about the deepest it's a lot of guys that the vision that receivers out of this but that's that's the structure that's that's so for it yes there is best effort to stereotype Arctic. So so overrated okay well but mentally a lazy at it. Old silly the way out great so played a week. Rape like the great receiver okay do you think he would have trouble operating in this conference yeah. In particular of the yeah. Do you know how high level high seas of that's not a personal brought into. We'll just have a Bassett prime. Deeply while you are ready to play Reggie White cake just they go out out. What are talking about guys that you considered high level draft right the draft when they're sick and ethnic or Ebert in like forever. Right it is that's got it it took high was like the guy Johnson Aaron Dobson has got against the golf legend ya right they'd just. Which state precise yes. You can proceed your discipline out of all these other guys. Because what happens with us we have so much athletic ability I'll. Each. Week we. It didn't. Look back. And I note that ultimately it would hurt but yeah that's a year ago but what do you know. Upload element and it knows every shot I think he would love this song I would audit at. And Charlie. It's off. The record now. Right Obey the confidence of the things the ultimate ultimate statement. About this obviously while. I don't repeat that typical one understand. Too there's a bunch of routes and you have the route the matter what offered your international flat route about what officer at what makes it are what makes a typical because communicate they played him. If Brady is up back east at five in its both times on the five step drop outs that. He's got a huge hole because you go deep. All argue the shallow not rate that old he gets sacked holed out on yes it off won it back that's what makes it frustrating if where you are guys that you guys have now they say rented it rib but stoppage around round rib but it's not. They don't do it at all to seek out. Eagle keep reading these will run out and about the problem though the and that's why they can't play I don't its list of technical move to another. And that's what it. Investment. Let me know it's a silly idea yet doing year old thing right that you say EU sees them and you change it up. What do the quarterbacks on its way right. Well wasn't that is in the can use it. You do what I think we need to get rid of the ball a cold somewhere announcement in the past why should ask Bob Brady preferred the guys at school. But what is what you're doing Weis and I. The quarterback does wonder what you don't know it's it's not right is just what happens with athletes that they get away with. February it did you ever since its name mentioned doing this present in the court of access. After a few after screaming matches how to figure out am I get back to where and how to put it out. Sometimes it also work. What that would force that route. It and scored text in whole deal Nikkei 20. Boy it goes. I don't use or death though we do whatever it. Would whatever that does. And all of that because what's on the ballot levels sport was worked out to be one book before religion good as your votes had high words of praise for Bill Belichick at one point. We're OID. Several times that discussions prior to me means the flick gets. Money money. Ain't gonna happen. And I think I had a quote back yeah. I said I'm not if it is not actually know about it now yeah hope that it was actually that it is which. We know. Chicago coach for free. Okay. You want you'll get enough time you add that what you're left with this in a lot and routes. And you're gonna. What's the outlook situation the seat at the EU's ever. With that guy that they mean in your right index and that was that guide at one angle it. Keep that aspect is the site. I've done enough to look at mark reroute chasing Marines about chasing them in it some people. Believe. That it over a complete it actually. Alpha. I've caught I've BP out of them went to Robles won the championship lately so I'm not like in my nine years there. What's the next to look at what boundaries art gallery. Which has been brilliant on that meant you know rightly balk were Mecca. We will as well and you list is a new list as far as guys you would love to plea warmly article I just want a quarter with him and mark you know quarterbacks that. What. I'm just say it. Lot of doubts that he really wanna include or. But at least they often do you guys but I'd argue you have given the political my my my rookie year. I started off with until now. Alex's last guy or is it went back and actually I was in Pittsburgh. It native ineptitude chips I got him in New York ourselves today. Got rid of the glee of Foley struggle for Donald to follow. From Fo eat. To. Com. Com. What are you frequently but from Compton but we admire greatly. To shine to me. It Zaire to Brad Johnson. Didn't beat before an edit long. Vinny Testaverde which we would have Robles made a nice with my best quarterback ever art thief went ahead. Yeah I got it back a few thousand Dallas at that time right 58. And I. Did he added I've played with Chris sweet Caroline looked they alone. I do think Bassett hit like northwestern. Why is that ice cap so I would take. Once serious Tom Brady mark reflecting. Just one ball away put quarterbacks that we that it does is it in the offenses the different Wright's opinion because of that here about the office is different whatever it just two years what he's winning that game and he's got a gold now on the all time. Top five whatever the case that sick it ought to jemaah can afford would you rather be. Seven in five or seven floor which you read for all so all about it. Policies if you beat your seven vs. People you you are have that org register with the first thing that our state and other side is. Division legal Eagle 8 gains by the fall. But the fought at home they go in all the time. So where do. You plot that we lost our market now I don't I don't remember what that. I don't really I I I these guys that are now I'd picked up Woodson Hitchcock so you know bomb them something that Jimmy Hitchcock. And he thought that one leg that. That nobody saw it honesty in our eyes those guys. Those guys. I'm anybody it is huge. Amounts they played I agree I told the it. Naked too would you do it of the systems I believe in the works it's it's this site Arturo. Technical. Technicals in August. And fired to use be back coaching. And it comes to meet dropped it certainly says the lights. Out part of the year almost got fired US. And look at it snapped. It so all works out yeah. Current all right enjoyed advantages like you very much can each officer on guys you guys that's right right oh. What the make up back at your money back its audience. I will get back to your focus more gifts to what Agassi as well radio row that were were doing OMF right here from needs to.