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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Atlanta Pill Scandal; Super Bowl 51 Breakdown 1-31-2017

Feb 1, 2017|

Christian talks on the latest scandal with the Atlanta Falcon's medical staff forcing players to abuse prescription pain killers. Mike Petraglia calls in.

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You know our game on Sports Radio. When ninety winds down Christine. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. Good evening welcome this late night Sports Radio WEEI am your host Christian are against. Nice to have you this year tonight dig you up until 1 in the morning here on the program. On what is van de well uninteresting day here in the in new England and Boston as we. Get information about Tom Brady and what he's been going through lately and some other things that have been I don't know him. In the news here today there's one thing that I have not heard mentioned. Yet today and we will get in all the stuff with Brady we will get into was some thoughts that I have on this matchup here with Matt Ryan and the falcons some numbers that I've. Crunched a little bit earlier tonight. And they'll do all of that prefer someone opened the show with this. As when we discussed the falcons. And to some of there I don't know. Less than on level actions that they've taken everybody immediately thinks of the out crowd noise pumping in the crowd noise which they got punished or. But I was reading dead spin that I've. And they have this story which comes from the Associated Press. Where emails were published showing that members of the falcons' front office. Were worried about the team's excessive use of painkillers. When treating injured players. Emails which percent in 2010. Word started by Marty Lozano is the team's head athletic trainer at the time and is currently the organization's director of sports medicine so keep that in mind I stole works for the game. In May have 2010 shortly after it was higher lows on sending email to GM Tom to meet dropped. And strength coach Jeff fish in which he detailed findings overview conducted by a firm called sport farm. Which the NFL contracted to examine how teams were purchasing dispensing in tracking medications. The email read quote. Within the first few days on the job I was informed that we barely missed the DEA investigation. Because of improper billing issues right away. The red flag right there sport farm on continuing arena from the email informed us after the visit of their major concerns with the falcons in the house pharmacy. Number one. High inventory of medication on site which can lead a high return of unused medication port control excessive dispensation. And unnecessary increase in budget. Number two. Tied suspension of narcotics in regular medication compared to other clubs this creates a culture of dependency and goes against healthy lifestyles and Eric. Even for an NFL player. Concern also with these players at the end of their careers going through medical issues and also with the ease of access to media outlets that can provide them the opportunity to say they abused. Are now addicted to a number of these medications. Number three. After the director of player benefits that the league office reviewed our issues the sport farm her recommendations were to start clean on all levels. Including a new team physician a new head trainer and new pharmacy account number. Number four. Overspending in regards to medication. We are informed on average in NFL team spends about 30000 dollars per year on player prescriptions. The falcons in 2009. Spent 81000. Dollars. Between through pharmacies. For you math majors out there and it's almost three times as much as the average steam. In comparing our new medication process to 2009 we spent 700 dollars on player prescriptions in April. Compared to 8700 in 09 while improving our quality of care. After receiving emailed to me truck forwarded forwarded it to team owner Arthur Blank. Blank responded and suggested the team president Rich McKay be looped in on the discussion. After being looped in McCain reached out to lead concussion quack Elliott almond and expressed concern over Fleming's recommendation that the falcons were placed their team doctors. McKay is email read. Here is an exchange I'm not happy about this is Jeff fish trying to get after Scott G. My question is Marianne Fleming recommending the replacement of our doctors I need to know. Is this really true word issue realize the on site trainer is really in control let's keep this confidential yet good luck with that. Emails were entered into a court record last week as part of a proposed class action lawsuit. Brought by 18100 former NFL players who claim they were encouraged to abused painkillers by team doctors. A similar suit was filed by eight former players in 2014 but that case was dismissed. According to DA PD emails sent by it was on and to me trough or a small sample of the thousands of pages of evidence that the players' attorneys have gathered in discovery. And you can read all the emails at AP dot com. Which if you wanna do that god bless you but I'd did not feel like that so good use of my time. The voyage. The Atlanta Falcons. Not exactly these you know. Up and coming innocent sort of guy is the just happy to be there and and looking forward to playing in their first super ball the falcons have a little bit of history here. Is it comparable to the patriots. Don't you tell me. Now you tell me if pumping crowd noise and loading up your players with three times more painkillers in the average team. It's something that we should take more seriously less seriously as seriously. As. Taping signs from the wrong part of the stadium and or may be letting some air out of some football you tell me. Which one of those things seems like a little more important. Which one of those things seems like something that may be down the road beleaguered the tear anybody might you know. Might end up having to answer for a little bit more than say various. Cameras. Problems or. Maybe letting air out of a ball. And you know it really kills me about this. What really drives me up the wall. Here's the Atlanta Falcons and there are the only team going this ensure plenty of other teams were tipped. They got all these emails here between the AP all these guys in the Atlanta Falcons. Getting overprescribed. On addictive painkillers. That the team doctor basically said. These players at the end of their careers are gonna go through medical issues and because they can so easily talk to the media they can provide them an opportunity to say they abused. Earn out addicted to a number of medications. One of those bills. That part really stuck to me right there. Here's this doctor right. Talking about hey wait a minute guys. It's so easy for these players now to say that they abuse drugs or that they're addicted to drugs. Now we should maybe watch out for the maybe you shouldn't blow them up with so many drugs jackass. How about the fact that they're. Given them all of these addictive narcotics. And yet these players don't get in trouble for smoking pot. That not just drive you up a wall. Quite getting. Wanna pay all these drug what's the what's the one the day. That they Saddam. Clay Matthews was getting when they had that big probe our report all wanna say. As one of the like most intense ones there is. All these players taking all these drugs and none of them can smoke a joint and it's like you know what are we talking about anymore with this. It's so ridiculous. And I've always been of the belief that if these players are allowed to take prescription drugs they should be allowed to smoke pot. Or at least you know they don't wanna smoke indeed add doubles or something you know like I mean really. Nope can't have that. That is a violation of the integrity of the game in the rules and the laws and that in Canada. But I only have we want if we want to load up our players with three times more painkillers and we're supposed to. No problem won't have to hear about it for at least eight years his bag don't I'm I don't know what they've been doing lately. Put it back in 2009. They spent 81000. Dollars on painkillers for their for their players. 81 freaking thousand dollars. And they were worried that these players might go to the press. And tell the truth. That's the worst when when he's when you see an email between people were important and they say how we got to watch out his. They might go to the press with this. Yet they might. Now the press has it now it's out now your emails are out. And though we'll see what comes from this. I kind of think nothing really. This isn't that hot of a story you know it's not one of those stories that you look at and people immediately. Across the nation all freaked out. Number one is just the falcons and who cares number 20. You know painkillers to deal with the that's not exactly a competitive advantage I guess some could maybe argue that it is. Well if they don't feel the pain and they can go out there and go out K GAAP fine I guess if you wanna go that way but. I'm not really of the belief that this counts for eight performance enhancing type of deal. I don't think the falcons were getting a our on field competitive edge from this. Which to me makes it a lot worse. I don't understand it if they were younger players on the make them better. You know if they're given their players. HT nature you know something that made him bigger stronger and faster and throw the ball further and block for longer whatever it is. That's not what's happening here. In order to keep their players you know somewhat on the somewhat competent and able the to go out and get on the field. These teams we know these teams do everything they can't. It is the players in the amount of stuff they get shot up with before they go out there on the field is ridiculous. Fauria talk about it here on these airwaves it's insane. The cocktails. That these guys have to put together an input into their bodies in order to go out there and play this game. It's already I think the way over the line. But then you read something like this. Eighteen under former players claiming they were encouraged to abused painkillers by team doctors. Representatives of these teams. Representatives of the NFL. Encouraging their players to abuse drugs. Where the patriots involved in this maybe and probably. I'd imagine every team point. But the falcons were spending. Almost three times more money on these on these pills than most teams. And that's not a story are gonna read much about here this week. I doubt Roger Goodell is gonna feel any questions about a tomorrow. I doubt anyone's gonna ask Arthur Blank about it read out anyone's gonna say a word. Because. You know we got much more important things to talk about late. Tom Brady's legacy and you know to the patriots even really deserve to be here in. You know what what's this got to mean firm from this point forward in house Tom Brady feeling whatever else. But something like this. Just kind of floats under the you know I mean if floats right under the radar. Of all the crappy things the NFL guys in this awful ways they drank cover it up. In the way they justified to themselves. Almighty god does that ever make me mad bill will make its genius. It out it's not it's not enough that they that they screw up everything when it comes to these public relations fiasco is that they've had. Of sense Goodell got there really even before that the developed spend so much more magnified it seems like. Anyone been talking about CT he had these ex players lately. Anyone to talk about any of that stuff and we're talking about domestic violence and any of these other big problems that the league is has gone through now and are really. And now here we have another one involving not just the safety of players but their long term wellbeing after they're done with the game. Teams and and doctors. Actual doctors employed by these teams. Encouraging the players to abuse. Drugs and not just any drug drugs that kill people people died from prescription drug addictions and overdoses. And you expect these players. Once they're done with their careers. And their hobble an up and down the stairs in their dealing with you know brain damage and concussions and their you know knees are all shot in their backs are all screwed up. And you expect them not to keep on taking these pills are you kidding me. Of course they are that's the only way in their twenties for the most part these guys were able to do their jobs. There's a big gobbled down every single painkiller under the sun. That's the only way that was there retain. And when you put something like that indoor routine for someone. Who's making a lot of money. And maybe not for very long time most NFL careers only go a couple of years here five you know years on average less than that maybe three. And then all of a sudden the money's not coming anymore. They're not famous anymore they're not get whatever they want anymore. And yet you're still dealing with all of this pain all of these concussions and the brain damage. To shift Roy wade body parts I mean all of this. In the NFL goes oh geez I'd I'd. Hate to think that they go to the press and you know talk about how we got him all hooked on painkillers yeah you should not want that to happen. You should not want that to come out we should never ever. Ever. On that far in the first place. And that's what kills me about the NFL. Is that there's no checks there's no balances there's nothing. They can and do whatever they want. And no one really seems to. Give it that much thought. You know as of late in in New England in particular our biggest problem with the league and with the NFL and and Roger to don't everything else. Was the fact it. He suspended Tom Brady for really long time for way longer than he should have prohibition even suspend him at all. And that's the big problem we've had with the week here for a couple years now. There's a number one. Meanwhile. Two I need to even go down the list of all the things that Roger Goodell is screw up you know in the meantime since then and before that everything else. I don't think I do and they were all pretty well aware. Now here we have another lawsuit coming through. From these ex players who were obviously still hooked on these painkillers. And other getting the details of it and how a team like the falcons. Not only. Spent three times more money than than most teams on acquiring these pills but also word basically force feeding them to their players. To get him out there on the field. Did. You know and I'd look for someone as Roger about that tomorrow. But I doubt anyone will and if someone does I doubt we'll even get into it that's it is ongoing court case secured comment on abuse. I don't know if the court you know exact. You know exactly what he's innocent. And then there's going to be those planted questions. About go and beautiful go on a laundry in the know are going to Mexico a TO it's aware in the now Morocco ordered. Do we do we have our first game in Syria or whatever the hell's going on there. And we'll stand internal smile and only answer those questions and I'll probably get a couple of deflate gave quite all right do you feel you spend the Brady another beckon the Super Bowl and older all the armory. And it will just be a bunch of stupid grab ass. Well everybody kind of ignores defected the NFL's a really bad organization. And I don't mean bad as in they don't make money they obviously do their successful organization. But I don't think they're particularly ethical organization. And I think there's a lot of bad people working for. I really believe that. You know how many people headed. Authorize. Spending 80000 dollars on painkillers. In the fact just just on the funded falcons de. How many people how many doctors how many in our trainers coaches whatever. Looked at each other sat in a room and said you know what. Most teams spend 30000 dollar going to make it 81000. Otherwise you know what are what are we gonna do. Have our players not all get addicted to painkillers what what sense does that make. In this is one of those stories I mean they you know you you look at you think cut interest thing. I forget about it. A big deal. There's a game on Sunday who cared. The man. The fact that that was allowed and is still allowed you know to a certain extent today I don't know if there's any checks and balances for the now is there anything stopping any of these teams. Promote their players up like this I don't think there is that's the lawsuits all about. And yet anyone of them down have a Trace at TH C in their system and oh boy have four games. Four game suspension that's not how we do it in the NFL in the NFL you go to your team doctor and he'll give you get out three times more painkillers and any other thing. It's. And great. Stuff like that drives me up a wall. And I'm not sure if this was again like say they say the falcons replaying the Steelers this week. Or you know the tax and you're the raiders or some other team not the patriots. Thing has to be a bigger story to the adult. I honestly don't. Many people would see it go off that NFL world where we're watching the game on Sunday. And when you're going to end with the patriots. Clearly no one cares. Auto wants to talk about the patriots and Brady and the plate gate and down Tom Brady senior dollar estimates. But really that's that's pretty bad that's a pretty bad. Dump of information right there going into this. Coming from the Associated Press. And I figured I would be remiss if I didn't at least bring it up. A 61777979237. As your phone number 379837. If you're number on taxes are gonna take a quick break when we come back. There are some statistics that I was looking at today involving the falcons' Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. And I think that they hold the key. And how to beat this team on Sunday I'll tell you about it next don't go anywhere this is late night on Sports Radio WEEI. Christian art can. Oh on Sports Radio WEEI. Coach talks about mental toughness I think that's probably the best trait for any team or any athlete who is now putting whatever is going on. And on the outside put it away and folks on you know what your task if not they are coach has a great job of keeping us focused every day. Because every day's an important day in his mind he says to us in blocks and edgy mean arm everything goes our guys is a big day. And he means and it it just doesn't say it near the Wednesday's Super Bowl he says it you know Wednesday April. And he understands that it's all part of the building process to get to this point and we're fortunate to be here because only two teams that get a chance of playing this game where one of them and we don't take it for granite. Tom Brady they're talking with reporters saying all the right things like he always does as late night Sports Radio WEEI anger restrict American like he almost always does. Since I'm yesterday head and laugh but it then a little bit. Other Bruins won by the way and they take down the Tampa Bay Lightning on most of the Tampa Bay Rays the Tampa Bay Lightning four to three. And I believe. That that puts them now into a tie in second place in the Atlantic's in the Atlantic standings. With the Ottawa Senators in both 58 points. They both trail Montreal by about nine points but that was a big win for the bronze one that they needed and one that hopefully will. While we'll see what happens next. I don't know what to make of the Bruins anymore I don't know what that I don't know what the Sayer what did he thing with this team I need admiral in here with me to talk brought. Not that I don't followed team I do I just have no idea what to make of this really don't. They've won three in a row. Detroit Pittsburgh Tampa they got Washington tomorrow in Washington. If they win that game in four game win streak with a win over Pittsburgh Washington all the sudden we got to start talking about the Bruins like they're good again. And I'm not sure I'm ready to do it. It has even been two weeks since Pete shepherd sat in his chair and freaked out about glowed Julian getting record. So I don't owe it to an I ounce yeah I'm at a loss but the Bruins did win tonight. And or open up your phone calls here not on that necessarily but I whatever the patriots the falcons this story about the painkillers and everything else we open up your phone calls for that. 6177797937. Before the break. Those shows crushing some number. Just look at the falcons the team that I didn't watch a lot of their games or watch some of them nationally televised I think there was two nationally televised game for the falcons this year. And I caught a Cottam. As I had to go on after a but I took a look at some loose Matt Ryan's game logs and his stats on the year. Matt Ryan as you know had a tremendous year. He's gonna be MVP of the league. It's his ninth season here is playing in the super ball when he had the highest QB rating of all time 117. With just tremendous 38 touchdowns. Forget many interceptions he threw with not many. 738. Touchdowns seven picks ridiculous. Matt Ryan's completion percentage on the season. In the regular season anyway it was 69 point 9%. Which I'm sure Rob Gronkowski would be very excited about very enthusiastic about their completion percentage. If you look at Matt Ryan's game log. Falcon 211 and five this year. In all five of their losses. Ryan's completion percentage in those games. Was under 70%. In some cases just under in some cases well under. They didn't lose every game in which Ryan passed completed under 70% of his passes. They went three and five there were eight games where he'd added completion percentage under seventy. And they went three and five in those games. In the games in which he had a completion percentage of seventy or higher. The falcons were ten and oh. That's not one of those stats that means everything. But it means something. It means that when Ryan's in a rhythm. And when he's able sort of find his guys and get ignoring them early in the game in incomplete is passes in and do what he wants to do. It's very hard to keep up with that team. It's damn near impossible. Many teams tried this year and most of them failed especially down the stretch. And certainly in the playoffs. In his two playoff games Ryan's completion percentage was seventy point 371 point one. Against Seattle and Green Bay respectively. So that's the magic number for rank. Matt Ryan. And this is no small task. If you can keep Matt Ryan completing less than 70% of his passes you have a good chance of winning this game. I then decided to take a look over Julio Jones. And see in those five losses that they had this year with his numbers were like. Because one thing I've heard a lot this week is that if you take Coolio Jones added a game the falcons got nothing else. He's the central focus of our offense he's the guy that makes it all go and if he's not out there contributing in the falcons have no chance. Oh contrary Ramon career. Indy five losses. Julio Jones average of seven and a half catches. A 125 and a half yards. In those five losses you scored two of his six touchdowns on the season didn't get in the end zone a lot Jones then. But in the game is that they lost. He was very good. Against the chiefs he caught seven balls for a 113 yards against the Eagles ten balls for a 135. Against the chargers nine for 174 against the Seahawks seven for 139. And in their first loss in the first game of the year against Tampa Bay got four balls for 66 yards and a touchdown. So what does that what does that tell you. Tells me a couple of things number one. Matt Ryan's offense. Is. Changing I believe. On his ability it is complete a lot of passes. And not necessarily just going for those long bombs that everyone kind of associated with the falcons offense value let him get deep in L. They'll hurt you though get those quick strikes not necessarily. Ryan doesn't throw tons of passes. In fact. The most intense she's had any game this year was 42 against the Seahawks. Other than that you're usually right around you know 3031320. I'd say is average I don't know exactly what it is. Probably right around the mid thirties maybe a little higher. He's not one of those guys not Drew Brees a guy. Courier Rogers. And part of that is because they have an effective running game. With Freeman. Or really when you talk about the falcons you talk about their passing game their passing attack what they're able to do and how they're able to do it. In a lot of that is Matt Ryan getting into a rhythm. And it's not so much the effect of Julio Jones Julio Jones is important. Probably the most important player on that offense not named Matt Bryant. What we've learned this year is that a Julio Jones. In in games that the falcons have lost. He's got his catches he's gotten as yards. And he's even gotten some thoughts down. Now that's not to say that when Jones goes out there and has a big game they're down. Falcons might be an in a bad spot obviously not there won eleven games this year and Jones was a monster all season long. Put it out they also won some games where he didn't do anything. They beat Carolina Jones got four balls for sixty yards they beat Arizona four balls 35 yard. They beat the Packers three catches 29 yards. Against the Broncos two catches 29 yards. And I know he was the only turf to all out of the year and that probably explains some of that. This is really meant as a critique of Julio Jones. It's more comment on that falcons' offense and what they're capable of whether or not Jones has a big gamer he doesn't. And I think they're kind of flies in the face of a lot of analysts out there was saying things I well got to put two guys on Jones got to take him completely out of the game we got to make sure you can't do anything in once she got Matt Ryan out there struggling to get the ball to Jones that offense is gonna implode on itself no long. No it won't. Taking Julio Jones out of the game that's a great step. But the falcons have beaten good teams were Jones didn't play well. And they've lost games in which he went off. It is not a requirement. To remove Julio Jones from the equation. Obviously you want do you wanna try to. But that's not some sure fire way. Of being the Atlanta Falcons. 61777979837. Is the phone number. One welcome in our good friend from WEEI dot com Mike betrayal of who joins me live from Houston with contract. First two days are important and good two days. Four I think there are and does it feel to accuse. And that is the first time the patriots will practice and Saturday is RA drag. Note pretty current under it did and you're on Google currently. An increase in the field trip I'll ask him. I'm Richard Lugar from a record between 200%. It's probably closer to 70000%. A pyramid game and call. Opera Houston but it won't be around her current rule the other obligation. Super Bowl recruiting I think we can get collecting cryptic comment. Reaction to implement long piece on how reacting movement and track after her ignorant than than. And I think. It. It to and from some kind of an indication of an erratic on the panel that Britain. Sure but that's nothing new drags every we knew known was gonna say anything about that and it seems like the NFL I don't know if you if you caught this or not but in the transcripts of all the stuff for media day. The NFL erased any mention of the Dell Dimension to trump all those questions got stricken from the record like it was in court. I'll. Don't tighten back up Trenton. I'll get back to Ireland and they'll start picking up. You know most of it took umbrage at the site that surprised I mean. And beat Japan. A true term and years ago and mapped a route. Com or you can't archer could tell you can warmed through my church normal convention. Perhaps or my. And promote recruit him threatening him. And partial transcript stroke but not surprised and easier to open. To minimize. Any controversy. You're considered to Kyra. One camera to order to recruit. More. And news from Japan. A dork. Here and talking about people marketing graphic. I am wrong goes. He's gotten some good news and talking about it and you know. Contracting and recruit and if you could go at her and realm you know an uptrend on. You know. Roger Goodell right there are keen as it be on the concrete here. Character and pitcher then you can read it line. Irritable and going on in terms of the pole apparently apparently the network. Anchor and Bristol are different from here or not the goal. Triggered become more important. We're. Expecting some good if you're down the current current world record corrupt. Yeah and because of that I I ask you then drags what should we be talking about you're clearly the trump thing in the Goodell stuff they're not gonna talk about that no one no one really expected him to anyway a lot of reporters wanted to sort of get there you know get their stories in about that were sort of left. Left the alerts there what should everyone be talking about what's number one the U what's number one might betrayal yeah on the list of topics to be discussed here in regards to the Super Bowl on Sunday. Total for connecting to beat aren't scoring. Super Bowl in history you impart. You're talking to could cook over forty points on Sunday on track. And I also think that you could be the biggest or the military because I'm pretty good properties. And the including. Kerry and want him calorie. Dual screen. 1990 and it's not working time. Element in crucial on her wrecked in now. Certainly there's people who are recoup all of these things. And cruel and beat your beat her and learn and who can run. Back in 2000. Two count normal restrictions are very important group Marshal all. All around Barack. But mr. swarmed her. I have to put them Christian parent I'm doing and have some and disagree console market. When there are sleeping right. You could keep improving from an arm and then much more typical. The Pulitzer continues. Reassign. You know. Shipment. Coming out of our. Track what's your take on Dan Quinn he's a guy who way I you know I've I've we've learned drips and drabs about here over the last week or so and he seems to be a guy who had learned a lot from Pete Carroll just in terms of the way he kind of deals with the team and deals with the media and everything else what are what are you what sort of your take on him from what you've observed here over these last couple of this. Colonel on the no nonsense kind. Really knows. What it accomplished. And isn't pyrrhic or being planned correct or coach. I think it retreat to carry them. Here on a year ago my anger on little concrete company group carried on. The third round smaller in Puerto. Ole time pitcher to open the trouble moving the ball in hand I'm. Permanent feature in concurrent to Rick dutrow kind of picked up more comfort in and true you bought and sold their auction. Remembers coworker earlier and you know Super Bowl mean time. And are expected. In to get together and coaching staff and on or something similar. In terms of different. I'm around. Drags that story today Tommy turn writing about Tom Brady inserted his family situation and what's going on there. In his mother's going to be attending the game on Sunday this all sort of coming out now may be shining a little bit alight into the way the Brady kind of backed off from deflate it all together and sort of his. Demeanor may be a little bit lately certainly last night when he got choked up answering those questions about his. About his family do you believe that this will have an impact on the field for hammers this is sort of something that will. Kind of you know be writing about here for the next couple of days but once Sunday gets here everything's blocked out where which way to easy that's sort of dark. I think we're hungry here every count and hungry. Anything he earned a number is Napster. Compartmentalize. Or any record. I am not aren't when he served and rightly so and during the open. More him. And Israel. When it comes time is focuses. Certain nobody could ever expect and agreement. I'm currently ranked among the name computers or our own scripts only distraction on appeal because obviously you. Know. Pursuant to corporate partner around their character to do something as an eight pound mark practice and he knew. He's been able to compartmentalize and more gain you know around nobody would term anchored more than a practice. The product on your my comfort on hungry. And I also like to say you know give props to you and Chris price and all the other reporters there. Who have been able to our remain focused despite the antics of one Christian Fauria the last 48 hours I'd imagine that would be very distracting. But I you guys have been able to was sort of compartmentalize all of that and go on doing your job despite our hurricane Fauria blowing through media. It's. Well you know I all the time. Or occur on YouTube or through her inquiry. In your irons to some clunkers and climbing. I can't remember last couple months are recovered putting a note compartment. Welcoming me and you have to let me. That's not tenacious two or three inches we we deal with this all the time dregs you know that will be fine Mike Cottrell did WEEI dot com reporting live from Houston thanks so much. Aren't that is drags Mike to try a contentious stuff the WEEI dot com checking in with me here late night from Houston. Given us the given us the lowdown on what's going on over their 61777979237. That is your phone number Jason and Foxboro on the line hold on I'll get to your right when we come back here on late night. The pulse of new. Sports you're talking with Christian art can on Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. That your phone number here of late night Sports Radio WEEI our game here with him. Good choices on their two desserts only drags that is jaw wired shut her could affect a lot of people on the text record. Saying that. But our good info from him good stuff all around switched phones little better but putting an end up. It's your phone calls right now here it's 61777979237. We'll kick things off with Jason down in Foxboro it's up Jason. I don't it was days. I had a couple days that aren't you guys are talking about. The patriots are receiving kick up earlier on their. I was argument that Bianca. Armada and the other guys on the air but they are like I didn't think it would a big deal kicker receive about how to disagree. We cannot like the patriots are probably the best in the edit out at. You think that's the nature of it at the Bob lap in the arts scoring and getting it back in with people. But I scored again when people act yeah. And I thought well I'm ticket benefit the picture and operated you to spend the arts or game and being 39 at all. I've heard people bring that up Jason and I think that's sort of an interesting point I don't I don't know Tom Brady doesn't seem to me like a guy who is gonna. You know fall apart at the end of the season because he's so you know he's so worn down owner or whatever and it's not like playing in twelve game uses. I don't know I'm I don't play football obviously and not an NFL player but doesn't seem like twelve games in in sixteen gale gives that much differently obviously it is. Bite to assume that Brady was in town benefiting from the fact that he got the first four games of the season off I think is a little. I don't know I don't know from willing to go there may be helped marginally but I I can't imagine too much more than that that that was all time where he couldn't practice with his teammates that was all time when you know. He was basically on an island by himself the united to stay in his house you couldn't have as friends or condone anything so I mean. I don't know I think there there's an argument to be made there maybe. But I am not willing to make and I don't think. And one other thing on. Don't worry about it but it anyone else they're concerned about that particular boat we did. On the patriots pretty much. Crap the bed on offense and put up like seventeen point in the super block are averaging. 3841. Point gain during the regular seat and at all on putting out. Amid seventeen point in the super ball. Yeah I. I don't think that that's I don't think that's something to it's overlooked at all and even in the in the games that they won it's not like they had these crazy amount of a point in their output. They beat the rams twenty to seventeen. They scored 32 points against Carolina but against the Eagles that team in in 2004 was one of the best. Football different patriots are one of the best football teams ever seen. And they only scored 24 points against the Eagles and even when they beat Seattle I was 28 points there they never they only cracked 31 so yeah I'm not. A lot of leg tracks are just talking about how this could be the highest scoring game. In Super Bowl history. But I just don't I just don't see Jason thanks for the call. And it's not because I don't think these two teams ever good offenses clearly I think they don't I think they're great offensive ballclub. But I'm just. I can't I can't quite envision. A Super Bowl. Would no defense. I just can't I can't see it. No defense on either side like bets that. When's the last time we really saw it. You know they scored 67 total points and point thirteen with the ravens in the niners but I consider both of those teams they're pretty good defense. They did. Now recent history does not look at it does not really good point today. Usually if there's a blowout. It's one team didn't show up. But it's rare that you see two teams where the offense is so overwhelmingly good that the defense is just can't even you know can't do when he thing. And it's just boom boom boom touchdown tied to back and forth up and down the field. In the modern Super Bowl air I feel like you just don't see that very often if at all. Even the saints and the colts. You know the saints defense showed up in a game. In 2010 heard conine whatever what. No saints won that game by two scores but they held Peyton Manning to seventeen points. And this is after Manning parity won a Super Bowl so it's not like he was sold stock in that. You know on that rock worry couldn't win the big game Bedard won the big game. Couple years before that he gets back to the super ball and he can't do anything against that saints defense. I can't envision. Both the falcons and the Patriots defense is being so ineffective that this game goes to you know 45 to 44 or something along those lines. I think a forward looking on the high side maybe like 33 to thirty years you know something like that the over under sixty I'd probably take the over. But I mean people targeting contracts that it might be the highest of all time. Is this ever Cisco San Diego that was combined Y 83 points. In 95 niners beat the chargers 4026. Arms are not even neck and I was 75. What's the game with the 82 which which team they have I think it was the same two teams. The camera when you're washed. But any rate. You know that's that's tough. As that's a tough one to go over some of the other ones that went way over like that I don't know. The niners in the Broncos 55 to ten. He cowboys and be Buffalo's fifteen through seventeen I mean there's games that have been high scoring games. Even the box in the raiders they scored 69 total points and a game 48 point one as a went down at all these and all these numbers here. Niners in the charger that was 75. 49 point six in 9575. Point gap I don't think the patriots in the falcons are gonna. Clips seventy well on 75. I just don't. Lessen the blow up. Unless one team just has it in has a bad day and takes the other team out of the game runs up the score. I don't see this being in that in that ballpark at the highest all time scoring two rules just don't. Not in this area. It's just too rare 6177797937. At your phone number 37937. That if you're number on tech's quick break we'll be right back after this year another Carolina coming your way.