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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Crazy Eyes or Going Gaga 1-30-17

Jan 31, 2017|

The final hour of the show delves into more defensive break downs. We start looking at some potential prop bets. And of course, obligatory Lady Gaga discussion.

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These east late night with Christian art can Sports Radio tell. Would that tee winds down Christina art can winds up with the socks packs of decency stock let's get it goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market we're gonna get weird here. Lowery his portrayal WEEI. Gonzalez's 1 o'clock every night this week tomorrow when that every night we're on. I said Sunday Sunday night after the game I will be on. All bleed in the night folks 'til 6 in the morning. What to snoop dog sons. Chris Fulani will be with me for I'm not sure the whole show part of the show a beer for a lot of that so that should be a lot of fun as well Lonnie and I will have you post Super Bowl. All night long. And it will be a lot of fun winner luge but you know we don't be more fun I think. I'm we're talking about that a little bit last hour and the hours before we have any new pressing audio that we need to play we will play it for you I think we got the most of the important stuff there would Brady. Ballot check we also ahead Julian Edelman. In his. His and this is his style discussion of Michael Irvin. But there's one little piece of news that patio discredited that I was looking at a porter's second ago Kyle Shanahan. Who is the current offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons and he's gonna be the head coach of the niners' next year. Right is that official even as mutiny in the official culture and they do what. Kyle Shanahan game plan for the Super Bowl. Ended up slung over the shoulder of your reporter. In a mistaken swap of backpacks during Monday night's opening media sessions in Houston. The guy USA today's that Shanahan backpack was accidentally grabbed by. Spender left his backpack in the area were Shanahan was speaking with reporters. Upon realizing his baggage gone missing Shanahan remained. Behind for a half hour following the falcons media session Monday night as he frantically search for his loss bag that would have been bad Shanahan said and attacked ultimately spender was notified that he grabbed the wrong bag. And returned to Shanahan. And then when they looked through Spanish phone they're gonna find all these text from Bill Belichick saying go get that backpack make some photocopies bring in the me and thanks very much. It. Why are you walking around media day with all those people. With the whole game plan airing your backpack. Wouldn't you may be wanna drop down off at the hotel or murder you know in some way in the car and safer some thing. Is gonna walk around within and then put it down. On it and didn't. Really. Really Kyle. Seems like at losing what you thought they want all the winter. You know why would you want that with you when the first place. And then when you have eight. Why would you put it down somewhere. Like I understand I don't wanna leave it in my hotel room you know as someone might go in and look at editor. In other patriots may be bugged the place or what ever that old you know paranoid crap they're thinking. But if you're gonna carry around with the got a Peabody did put it Allen. You know you never know. Reporter might just grab it that's what happened. Pretty fun. 6177797937. As your phone number here 37937. Asian number on text. And your tweets as always at Christian are candidates air CA ND. By the way I'm seeing on Twitter that people are starting to call Chris Hogan crazy eyes. He does have crazy guys there are always wide open no doubt. But you can't just take commands nickname. Okay you can't just take commands nickname and give it to another man especially when their bowl wide receivers for the patriots if you don't want talking about yet. Google Reche Caldwell if for some review younger listeners out there who maybe don't remember 06 all that well maybe you're a little young in the you know it was sort of a I think before the patriots got Randy Moss. You know seven. They had a wide receiver on their team name O'Shea Caldwell. And Reche Caldwell had the freak he is looking eyeballs you've ever seen in your life he had some sort of like disorder I think I don't I think there was something going on there. So I feel a little bad for making parliament are really. He dropped a huge ball in the AFC championship game and those six so he deserves all the ridicule he gets you. Com bought. He will always and forever be crazy guys called while you can't just Jack someone's nickname. Our caller Chris Hogan craziest Chris opens eyes to react share fine or Shea Caldwell. A mind. He's the greatest of all time he's he's the goat of crazy on his nickname is 7-Eleven. So idea I doubt that will not stand here on this program. Com. One thing that. I think. One thing that I like tonight. Was before. It was after the falcons were Donna before the patriots started. Who is at Sao Powell. Bride Matt Ryan and Tom Brady out on stage together. And if he's sure to ask them both questions and they kind of bounced off each other. Some of the dumber questions I've ever heard. And I don't know itself I mean it's kind of a tough spot to be in but I I didn't and that in. Her wanted there's two questions there and I thought those of the two dumbest question ever in my life let's see if you can figure out which ones and talking about yourself down Brady and. Now it's on it's his first Super Bowl is your seventh. I know you guys text all the time one another so puts out a spot right now without the text what kind of advice would you give mad to get mentally prepared for this football game. Go ahead. Matt doesn't need need my advice he's doing just found out it's very said an incredible season. Not always kind of watch Matt. Obviously being at Boston College in and are not far from Gillette Stadium live and he's just had an incredible career to be the first pick overall and I covered all those expectations in the really fulfill them in the city Atlanta has been pretty cool so. He's a great players leaving great football team is in big big test for us. Are you serious. Southbound did you really just asked Tom Brady. Here it just as Tom Brady what kind of advice. He gave Matt Ryan. Well I told them that I am according likes the place shallow on third down and then if you wanna really you know if you really wanna beat is the and if you get chunk out on a double team or on the left side then you know you go down the middle like a seam route one of the tight ends at oracle. Why did you go to question number two right now we're gonna have a little bit of fun the most famous person in your cellphone right now is Kenny Chesney so delight. Yeah I like it yeah but she was scrapped. Donald Trump over here at death Elton John to ruin another good one that's a very I yeah I love Elton. I don't know Dallas field was trick on I'll try it that Donald Trump trying to. Robert. Most theaters here. Elton John. Zinger Cal-Maine now. Alger and probably to mark. The L Jones more famous Donald Trump right now topics of from the president. You know Elton John is are all that he's not more famous and don't throw it away. Noses that was an alternative fact there were a port or assuming that Robert Kraft as the contact information. President trump he does. You know he does of course elder. Write the letters. He writes a little letter without their contact information I mean I yet I don't know what's even said that's which he says and I'd just seen a thing and that would be phone was most famous person and she said. Well are on the subject of the patriots wide receivers. Origin or shake Falwell's and prison. Chicago wells in prison. And another's. Or how we got the prison. Our way now I'd have. Carl well arrived in prison the beginning of 2015 after an epic crime spree that was eerily similar to his NFL career short lived unfocused and full blunders. She. Does Dave Fleming from ESPN the magazine. May of last year and Emory and missing the I miss this. This ten month rader included through swat team raids for arrests. And a Maxwell House Coffee tin stuffed with cash. He also faced a litany of charges for running a multimillion dollar gambling house in west Tampa. And then after that operation got busted he attempted to import and distribute when he thought was more than five and a half pounds of pure and DNA. Oh. I'm almost positive that we talked about this too is as she UN I talked I think we did. Way back at the beginning of the show's run I think this was one of the first things that we had had on. Related drug kingpin. I mean it was a very good truck and pretty was it yeah it was a I think he knew. That the cops are outside and and he opened up in and I think he tried to surrender and things didn't go while and yet. Boston in the doors and taken everybody. She. CN crazy guys. You're crazy Rezko. Swat team. Twice in a repeat of artists want. That is that is something. Anyways as for the. Current patriots wide receiver. A talented group led of course by Julian Edelman. With bigtime playmaker in there Chris Hogan who is a monster against the Pittsburgh Steelers. When you have a when you have a situation where. Another team's journey game plan for you are thinking about this that act from the falcons. And I'm looking across the field over Tom Brady in the offense. We zero in on who you focus in on this is a question that gets asked all the time in regards to. In regards to the patriots in the in their match option and sort of all that. I think the falcons can't look at the game that way. If you try and look at the Patriots offense. And think you've been as a bunch of one on one matchups are howry gonna deal with. Julian element. What do we do about Michael Floyd what do we do about Martellus Bennett what do we do about any of these people that strategy is never really worked against the patriots. The only thing that ever really works against the patriots and it works not every time most of the time. Is pressure up the middle and Tom Brady did tick. That's been the thing that you can point to win you know stuff and receivers at the lion in. And really trying to make it tough on an island guys running their routes but really. It's been disrupting Tom Brady getting its armory. You know you go out there anything you'd play defense you know you go out and Tryon and covers. Who are reach and I mean there's there's not a lot of opportunities to double team people with this offense and I think that most teams have played the patriots know that. They know they can't just go out double team Julian cattlemen that'll leave way to much open for Brady it is it is very similar way. And they can't just sit in his own either he's an island up look like the Steelers. It's pretty he. I mean I don't wanna say it's obvious does not obvious but it. You know you units and you can say that the plan should be obvious but the execution of it is anything but. If I'm Dan Quinn if I'm that falcons defense I am. Devoting about 95% of my time. To designing ways to get to Tom Brady and the other 5% I'll throw into the secondary and say OK you guard him and you guarded and you Gergen. You know because otherwise I mean I just think we're on through I can't imagine that that's the way the falcons are looking at this game. Not a guy like Quinn. Not a guy who is many people are repeated ad nauseam here over the last couple of you know and we last week. Now there was he built the legion of boom he started that whole thing in Seattle it was a Seattle defense of corn and yes he watched. Any doesn't have Seattle's defense now he doesn't have the personality doesn't have the secondary doesn't have really any other. The only guy on the falcons who I think even play for the CR's probably Beasley your enemies or anybody else. Beasley would fit in there but I don't think anybody else even make that team. So you know own for all the all the talk about while AZ remember he's got that. Seattle pedigree know it doesn't really he had great players in Seattle. Great players. All playing together at the same time through the course of some great drafting some good you know free agent signings and a whole lot of HDH's be honest here that was what a lot of that. A lot of those guys were exuded out of their minds. I'm human growth hormone and they got in trouble for repeatedly in seven guys got busted for steroids and that the but that notwithstanding. What they do have what they were able due to the patriots in 2014 until the fourth quarter. Is they were very very physical with the receivers. They made things very tough. And they didn't necessarily come swarming in on Tom Brady but they made him look around an extra couple of seconds is guys are getting knocked off their Roche. And that happened is it good part of the first half and even in the third quarter. So I guess what I what I and sort of getting at here is is it fear the falcons. You can look at it is in you know if you're trying to think about how the falcons are gonna go about this game with the patriots at the dough I'd be very surprised. To see the falcons making a big deal out of who's on and which player and who's on cattlemen and who's on aim and goal it was on Floyd news and you know Mitchell on it I don't think that's the way it's gonna go. I think they're going to have their guys on each side. They're not gonna switch around. They're not gonna stay in one you know one place all day at the zones not work in the go to may have demands our they'll try things of that if it doesn't work out. But I don't believe that you're gonna it's the Atlanta scrambling to have certain matchups it like that I think what you're gonna see if anything. Is Atlanta early in the game. Doing whatever they can to try and throw Tom Brady often make things you know little uncomfortable form right from the get go right from the beginning. That is when everybody's the most jacked up that's when the nerves are really flowing that's when everyone's got the most sort of adrenaline happening. And I just I don't know I look at that and I think okay. This is this is it this is what the falcons are gonna sort of sellout for they're gonna do everything they can't. Two to disrupt Brady and out offensive line early in this game. And to hell with who's you know well what do you how do you guard Bennett an element in this and that and that and added that there they're not there it's not. Any team that as it wants avid chances of competing with the patriots can't look at it that way and I don't think it is going to. The Seattle then and they got that same guy 6177797937. As your phone number let's go to Jay in New Hampshire before the break hello Jay area. Christian was a jet. I'll give homered and phone in the game the job market shopped again what's that. I'll just wanted to let the workshop all by all means GA guide is Jay bird Allen. Yes what a body I don't. Actually actually slowed I don't care. Everybody surrendered trying to keep you to answer. Told to keep this place frozen oh yeah that's right you guys got a big hockey term coming up this week and yes that's right you on what kind of around very good advice looked pretty good you've got yourself a nice a basketball game ninety Bernard. Yeah it's Dunlop slow that I mean. You know I. Orchard. I get mad at him when he misses the old wide open big great ones no way to try to up here outside of the pocket part of our regular march. What everybody else just Donald could normal market not last year when everything that you please shark yelled at him before he even got there. In the Kia might it take you to. He. You won't matter to you never gonna shoot the night though he reads thirteen from the field. Put that first time in the last year the public. That would every night at every Tokyo flight. Sure out of the first time yes Smart Smart CE he's not a he's not a scorer I mean is that people expect them to be that he's not going to be it's just not in his game and maybe someday but not this year not today. He does other story on the court he's a great energy player and a good defender but he's not a he's not a scorer in the matter how much he tries. I think he I think he needs love grow into it not our our score score but I knew. Who figures I think you figured out who tools plot against some of those don't gunshots can. Wouldn't dozed hopeful I would just. Even we realize yeah he's not quite there now that. Would that much and as you know in and instilled Koreans and I think you you pull through it. All right well I hope so the Celtics right now thanks for the college Aybar and I appreciated. Keep things keep things in line up there are no late wanted to sock it. Isiah Thomas 41 points tonight finishes the month of January averaging 32 point nine point two predict. That is the third highest scoring month for a Celtics player in the history of the team. Pavel checked bird. Pierce. Ricky Davis Ricky Davis. The no Raja prominent Google yet. Who regularly outplayed the importance of equity did I don't think you'd be wrong about that one of the one too few white guys generically for the Celtic not a lot of those. Ally of the lobby Greg minor Sherman Douglas. On an equal and whoever. Isiah Thomas third. All time the group split the south if he did. Like right at the end of his career I knew I was make an ad out he had twenty teams in a Boston uniform immediately hit Aaron because it was right at the you know like dom. Like Dominique Wilkins was here for I don't remember any who's here for that seem kind of thing just that the star Donald weeklies here in the last year that the Boston Garden was open. Yes I was at the last game against Orlando they gotten beat by our land on the plateau is at stake game my movement that. And my mom happy birthday to my month. But yeah weird we re there and that was the last game and after the game everybody ran onto the court. Like well after after the players Rogge on everything people were still there they realize that you was the last game ever played at the garden. There's other stuff that happened after that that was last game and people came out on the court and the cops were pissed. They were really not happy about it this one guy stood like right on right on top lucky electric cars they're trying to push people ages ago while. If I saw him waiters is off the decides to wing. Watching this all in a sort of stand on the court but we did and then we all laughed and it was. There was a moment you know it was one of those moments stand and on the parquet floor in the old Boston Garden for the last time it was almost the tong Google yet I just spandex who really odd probably got apps I will not heavy disrespect to great grooves on this or. Teams here it's weird just settle in at his transaction history he was part of the trades that ended Gordon Hayward with the jazz and lactic. As well as getting. Roger Rondo the Boston Celtics to attract as well so. Cool Leona coup on the honor Webber's game. We thank you yes. We thanks very much in twenty games in Boston 61777979837. As your phone number 37937. That is your number on tech's quick break we'll grab bag after this year late night Sports Radio WEP. This is Christian art can. On Sports Radio WEEI. Six or 77797937. Majors on number 37937. At your number on tax. Take a look at the MVP odds are now. Brady is the leader plus one point Matt Ryan is Brookline in the plus 180. Then your next laws does Julia. Julia and Julio Jones at plus 750 Julian element applause when he 500. That's the same number for Dovonte Freeman and we hear blunt and Chris Hogan. So Hogan Andelman Freeman and blind. Are all sort of equal there in terms of their chances for a as far as the first the wise guys are concerned. Dion Lewis at plus 3300 the field this plus 3300. My homage to new plus 400. Easily 500. I'm sorry 5004000. Seem Bennett 5000. Malcolm ball we're plus 6600. Partly eaten. Part of me thinks the field might be the best bet there you'll get all these players. You know it's mostly your starters. And I think just about every offensive player on the the patriots is accounted for your looking around you got Louis she got settlement hole in the YE. Gosh cows scheme it troll. Do what they're missing somebody LG. LG is there. Yet all three running back. Got a Amendola. Mitchell. Narrow angle Michael Floyd's not in the I don't think Michael Floyd's gonna be the MVP of the Super Bowl by. Security is not on the it almost seems Lleyton. This this game got a strikes me is a game everyone says the odds that offenses are good it's gonna be at the big offensive shootout. But I kind of feel like whichever team's defense shows up is gonna be the team that wins and that's going to be sort of what people remember. If the Patriots defense goes out there and holds Ryan's falcons there. When he points from last. You can't give Tom Brady the MVP canyon. Even if he has a big game. If the Patriots defense goes out there and shuts down that falcons' offense. It's got to go to someone in the deep it doesn't. And you know that'll launch a whole bunch of conspiracy theories aren't wanna do with the Brady. But I don't know if you can't if you if if the Patriots defense. Steps up like I think they can't I think they can do it I think if they. If they're able the to limit Ryan and that offensive. Farm policy at the bar to 21 if they if they can hit when he wanted to latch. You've got to give the MVP awards somewhat it defense I think. Wouldn't you think. In order for them to do that I think they have the have a couple turnovers. And generally in the Super Bowl if there is is it big time turn over one player does you know who was the guy a Dexter Jackson I wanna say was the MVP the 02 Super Bowl. Buccaneers and the own and the raiders. That guy Jackson I think yet two interceptions in that game. When the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. Malcolm Jenkins was there was the MVP of that game. Jenkins I think went to the raiders and now I don't know even in the league anymore. Neither one of these two teams has a I guess he gets a Beasley would be the MVP of the visas falcons' defense and he's a he's a standout talent sure. Who's that guy and the Patriots defense as a high tower. Normally I would say yep probably. If you look down a depth chart you would point at him and say that's a guy got to watch out for by. Hightower. You know he's been banged up a little bit and also doesn't play that much. He's not a regular he's not an every down player. He's not even really in around 50% like he was he was only out there I think. Recorder the stance. Those are very it's not a not a common thing for defensive players to take Super Bowl MVP since 2000 only for defensive players have done really. Put it and that is for Von Miller dead last year mountains met for the CR Smith not Jenkins Malcolm Smith thank you I Dexter Jackson young and the soon to be. Coach Cory Lewis yes it has on Gregory with. Those are the only. Defensive players. In the last sixteen year OK so once every four years yourself roughly. Yoga wanted to. I don't know if we're due for one now. That would be something when that Tom Brady Matt Ryan Julio Jones. Elm and while these enough. Especially those two quarterbacks. You know you're all pro first team in Euro pro second team quarterback. They've brought Gartner server role every paid pretty than Eric Ronald browse round. That would be something. I have to think the error world that would be a pretty heavy rain there when it to or Harmon is always again it seems those gains ceiling. He should just hangs around he'll he'll get an interception performance. He's yeah he does have a knack for that doesn't. From. Me put it this way. If the patriots win Tom Brady's gonna be MVP. If the falcons win. Aaron is going to be MB. That's my Arctic. But I I hope you're expecting something deeper than that. I'm looking at the field the field is plus 3300 same as Dion Lewis semis is the analyst. When it comes to making it educated debt at a game like this. It's really hard and it's two teams haven't played each other but he hornets are teams that have played each other. In the patriots play the Jetsons when he task a week. It's really really are reduces asserted figure these things out they rarely end up going the way you think there well. That's one thing you can kind of be sure of is that. Most of the time these games late in the year late in the playoffs. I mean it's been a little different this year this year everything's gone about the way you thought but it. Usually it's it's very unusual usually it's unusual. There's a sentence for a for things to go away everyone's kind of expecting and to. I will not make my pick until Friday. I'll say this right now I am leaning very heavily towards new England's. And I am leaning towards on the cover that three points which I still can't believe is just three points. The over under on this game is 59 point five. And I think that's a pretty get over under separate there. But the three the three point spread. Surprising to me. One of these shows this week we're gonna go through all the prop match. All the funny ones anyway are gonna go through every single one because there's so many but we'll go through will go through substantial amount of them. A sour on the tax on earlier the predictions of Tom Marie Willis it's not rocket on national TV. Whichever he will what are the snot rocket guys I haven't seen odds yet but I just not the you know that's that's something that someone to put money down on because he did in the AFC championship game. It's going to be cold in past it shouldn't be true that's usually what brings that that's not the markets in the mucus or to English. I mean you let it rip. He had one then the other you know here's a here's what scarface with a naturally. A little push. And they were rockets. Tom Brady doesn't just throw rockets from his arm. Command of the sign a system. We'll do one of those later that's you know you know what I snot rockets to an activities are these are the profits later the it's not rocket related prop bets we'll do later in in the week. I wonder if Lady Gaga is gonna get political at halftime you think she is she's got a great yet have. He had I don't think it's going to be like. Groundbreaking. Yeah as far as though the level that other people and you know I don't think it's going to be. Julia Louis-Dreyfus at this at quarter Merrill's street but it's she it's it's her thing what is Julia Louis-Dreyfus the I she took a shot about the an airport and all that was a big topic and it John Lithgow said something about it I did not watch the second of those words Brian clients and you know channels. Lyndon Johnson and a message bird count from the exotic guy from strangers things the cop I saw him making some big speech but I didn't hear what he said. I don't know it was I saw him like I saw people tweeting it but I innate to listen to a I like that guy you know like that guy's a detector and I like them on that show. Dolly Parton was there Dolly Parton 71 years old I'm sure it's amazing. 71. You know everyone's responsible jokes. That's kind of thing she's been talking about her boob for four years now fifty years she's the target about her boobs for fifty years. Problems didn't it then. They put us on the opponent next day they kept missing my IDs. Yeah he's just double a days. President and no one wants to see those are now. In mark was speak for yourself seven years old. You any idea what that's got to look like. It yet eat a lot of paper clips in Bobble from all and stuff and I gotta say though. You know to go fifty years are in it she hasn't put a song out and 45 years rate. Fifty years she's been famous mostly because of people remember where boobs looked like fifty years ago. That's a pretty good career. Meant to stand famous here's what you look you know that this whole time. That is something. I think Lady Gaga there is no doubt she's gonna try and do some things right. She's Lady Gaga she used to Wear dresses with like made out of meat and stuff. Then again she's really toned down. She put out an album with like Tony Bennett in Malaga duets album where they're boasting a link. You know classic standards from enacting gold so again that week Argo either. She's great singer I don't minder although I I really can't name any of her hits I know ever heard in my column come on eight and have poker phase paparazzi poker face. I don't know paparazzi I'm sure heard it that's the thing you know paparazzi. At the ball that was an area. Applause. Applause I don't love that's our evidence yet that roaming bad romance of the guitar. I don't care of the fell apart early guy like Lady Gaga. She patio back their role resides. On the kids usually great body to does have a management. If she can act to eat out of yes our American or story hotel seasons now I didn't and asked to work a lot rear admiral wherever you are it's a net Netflix binge get on it. Great show great seizing she what she is tremendous and very very attractive Eric. There. So is she going to be. Is she gonna continue to be you know Tony Bennett duets. Hollywood actress lady got her she gonna go back to being shocking almighty god Duckett refused to Bentley yeah. Beyoncé got crap for you know people said that you do like a black Panthers oh yeah I hear girls dressed like it's yours or even if nothing had. Happens something will come I don't think Lady Gaga is gonna Dresser back up dancers like black Panthers that would be that would be a big step if you doubt be different that would be different. I think people would just sort of thing she was ripping off a stay a little bit and also. Obviously. Yeah. Announcing your question I think if you want I mean. If you're artists or if you're artists like Lady Gaga you're pops are if you're someone whose late you know career as these. Peaks and valleys. What more of an opportunity is there there when you know everybody's watching to do some trade to do some wilder did make some sort of grand statement. I think that's probably gonna happen I'd be surprised if it didn't. I don't know if I put any money on it. But if there was a you know prop bet about whether or not Lady Gaga it says the president's name during her performance I would take a good long and hard serious look at. And I would probably bet that it wouldn't discriminate sports I promise we'll get the sport once we're done talking about lady. 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian armor on tax. A quick break welcome back to wrap things up next you're only in it usually it's it's very unusual usually it's unusual. There's a sentence for a. Also don't. Sports you're talking with Christian art can. And plus Sports Radio W we. I mean is not a great sign it's a good son. I have heard this before I thought actually the only yes that's something catches your way. He had chorus of this Lady Gaga has put the hooks him recently. Player flailing again. You've heard the sirens heard it's not pretty noses and couple it. Texas lottery here before get out of here. Texas hasn't 41 I remember Caldwell quite well always study was on shrugs after he retired he was arrested for drug related incidents. And I was so proud to call that went you're not alone there young young texture. You're not alone. Another Texan says Robbie from Boston on the falcons if I'm the falcons defensive coordinator I would push right up the middle. We have a week's Saturn if you can get a good push up the middle you can blitzed. From different positions Tom doesn't like to move right away especially from the middle a wouldn't be surprised at the falcons come right up the middle so I think the text you saying. Is that they should gore on the sides now you're right that's that's the news. That's what the Texans tried to do and we're successful through much of the first half in imparted second after they got in there. The Steelers did not train do that for whatever reason they were very lackluster with their pastor of and the falcons. Their best pass threshers Beasley he's an edge rusher. But they'll make some update when they've lined him up over the over the center over the guard before. He's tried to bring pressure of the middle I think he's good enough will be able that probably do that but it. It's. It as much as that's what the falcons are gonna zero in on. That's who the patriots are gonna Tryon and avoid and make sure that they can't. You know candidate and sold there have been rock solid this year. I'm not worried about Brady's blind side sir the other side I'm not worried about what's coming right up Adam through the middle of the through the middle of the offense. You know injures. Sunni. To a lesser extent Mason. Those three guys have been good this year. But they have shown you know some cracks here and again. And that I believe is what the falcons will be zeroing in on just like the patriots will be zeroing in on trying to avoid that. And a lot of people calling in to defend the honor of Dolly Parton. Scene she's made music this whole time what was her last beat it that's all I was asking. He would do paparazzi I don't believe she did. Although Lady Gaga might put an amount her next Donald Tony Bennett. And as my time frank great job college X is Twitter followers I stay tuned for road to the Super Bowl it's going to be airing every night this week at 1 o'clock I'm back tomorrow ten. Doug did and tonight everybody. They're they. And as good spins. Usually it's it's very you. Usually it's a news. Usually it's it's very and you usually it's when you. There's a sentence were it.