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The Laird Report- X's and O's on the quest for #onemore, 1-29-17

Jan 30, 2017|

Ken gets very Sporty McKenzie and with the help of producer Jet, breaks down some of the biggest potential matchups for Superbowl 51

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Wake gave it away from the cheating scandal that's for sure when you're talking patriots and that's going to be the case all week one of our callers another first hour that I was on here brought up. Noise gate the falcons cheating scandal and asked the question why has it got Nydia attention. Into the college point I see Dan Shaughnessy is just posted a new piece at the Boston Globe comparing the two. Noise gate is scandal that went away quickly and quietly. Where the falcons and he marketing executive. Artificially pumping up crowd noise in the Georgia Dome the NFL whacked Atlanta for 350000. Box and a fifth round pick. Their team president Rich McKay was suspended from the league's competition committee for three months and the falcons. Cooperated fully. With Roger. That of course was not the case with the patriots who fought back on this or at least in Tom Brady's case didn't co operate. And that's the key phrase I think of that Shaughnessy east peace here. No retreat no surrender ever Brady's fingerprints were problematic it was easy for the falcons to fess up to Italy's deep because they're transgressions did not involve their star quarterback or any of their players or coaches. Different for the patriots. And deflate gate impugn the integrity of the face of the franchise therefore. Nobody in Foxborough was going to roll over on that one. So he talks about that no comparison to wide. It's a bigger deal with a flaky that it was always hate to appoint him in there there are a lot of reasons why it's bigger one is of course once the patriots once. The falcons but to shot a cease point. There was also late history here which the patriots could not easily just sweep this under the rug its first time although of course they would argue. The merits of of every. Infraction they've been charged with along the way tiger about a lot of things tonight such is the of the scandals the story lines this week what's at stake we started without. Biggest. Being at stake if they win or they lose discussing five into vs 43. Of late we've been talking about my skepticism of the Patriots defense. And a lot of people don't like to hear that they have played anybody yet so they don't get any credit what do you do you can only play the schedule that is given TO. But that's that's just I did to me how I feel if they played capita Fitzpatrick got Flacco Ximian more. Oss Weiler yes they played Roethlisberger I didn't think it was a particularly. Great version of the Steelers with proper spurt of the they obviously played pretty well. And the but a lot of folks wanting to weigh in sept 6177 tonight 7937. Ralph is in New Hampshire starts up the salary or Sports Radio I Ralph. There were sort of W. Agreed. Where is O. Of course the note Logan right they're gonna have a good game but I think what's gonna set this defense that this game. They're gonna get to. The quarterback are out there in early and often is Chris Long. Flowers. Branch and I I think they're gonna get too loud that right. Up then in early. Why do you think that Ralph wanted me out which showed up my. They haven't shown them much to this point correct. Are correct they haven't but I think the owes those guys are gonna epic game of their lives comes Sunday. Can't turn off than you they're gonna they're gonna get to a morally. Gut feeling from Ralph that the you know we anticipate. If the falcons. Not to wallow fire there units able both teams had 34 sacks this year. I guess in the playoffs they've had some contributions from a couple of their guys do the disorder known name or at least. Young players that you don't know about that much Jonathan Babineaux has been around for awhile but it's a pagan and shot Hagan in. Yeah hi is like a urgently try to picnic though I think he was second round big nose tackle tank. Tyson Jackson Brooks reed according upshot he split the ravens they're so they they've got to got to rotation that they play Freeney like training. The ageless one. So who knows if you look let's ask this question. You gotta throw out there if this happens the patriots will win if this happens the patriots will lose. What would it be. For instance. If Brady gets acts. Three times they lose. Is that the overriding dominating status suitable. I think. I think that it's certainly if you're an Atlanta fan or you're an Atlantic coach. The way you think you beat the patriots is by getting to Brady and you know put it right on the. Turf as one of the textures as I suggested. This team doesn't have a human your are one of the great pass rushers like the giants had those Super Bowl losses. Rube I mean you Vick Beasley is you know is one of the better pass pressure is only one of the better defensive players in the league at this point. I mean he certainly has the ability. To be able to get the Brady but the patriots have also shown. A mastery of being able to take players out either on offense or defense and keying in on a specific player and it's stopping them for the game they'd done it multiple times with JJ watt in the past. On and I think that James Harrison meeting here in my I think that's. Probably what you'll see come Super Bowl Sunday is keying in on Vick be easily. Not so much for fawn Miller now last year but you know the wind is supposed to be better lawyers Greg Bedard wrote about this with Dick b.'s. This I think is going to be one of those T go to axes and know things people like about this week. Beasley is your best pass rusher right Bedard. The patriots will take it away if you deploy given his usual role as is jet was saying. They have to figure out a way to move around like the Texans did which he gave clown. May be used as a decoy. But the best way to pressure Brady is to attack the young interior linemen Sunni Andrews and Mason with twists stunts and pressure from the inside linebackers and gate Beasley. Boost in the middle. So I'm sure that will be something that the falcons try to do. They're not dummies they know the patriots now they operate these seemed giants in the Super Bowls they saw Houston has success that a couple weeks ago so. I would think that is you know the key if you're gonna say there's there's one overriding stat that's gonna dominate this game that would be mine. How often is Brady's plain it's simple Josh remains annex I just. They can veto yet. I won't burn itself. I mean. And admitted putrid defense skeptics. Are going to the game Howell. In recent years you know the beat high powered offenses haven't really translated super world Super Bowl. Yeah like last year course with the with Cam Newton. Us you're saying you think that the Ryan will will crumble. Course I mean both offenses are high powered in this game so it's not the kind of split against. Well yes to idol that aren't necessarily gonna crumble but I mean if they put up 48. Do you consider that crumble in. The fight is who puts Tony in Atlanta if yeah political supported it added disappointment. Yeah I think they need to score the thirties to win yes I think they'd be disappointed that they've put up 28 or more I think every six weeks editors and have been on an unbelievable string of scoring into the thirties. Yeah I know I agree if they don't score thirty they're gonna lose com. What do you think the peak it's necessarily have to show what big or do you think that the combination of inexperienced and and the lack of a decent to lean on could end up being their count. All I I think the Patriots offense tests show up big thanks for the call it Johnson knows what people. The the experience factor I don't know you can pick that apart there are a lot of first year players and super rules that have been awesome and amazing in the David Tyree in on threw down the line so. I don't think the experience factor concern is he much I believe Brian will have a good game my only question is whether he's gonna have a ball enough because I think the patriots could. Have some methodical drives and keep it away from a menial C right out there much. I think the caller does make a good point in that you have seen some of these very potent offenses get the Super Bowl and release spotter. A couple of years ago the Broncos had a. Best statistical office of all time and were completely shut down by the Seahawks. Go back to you know patriots. And 07 their team. In put on as many points on the board is that offenses indicating even the greatest show on turf Randall one yet. These teams you know it's. You got to assume. In the Super Bowl you're playing defense it's at least competent. And you can game plan you have the QB extra week to game plan and sometimes that's. Enough Stabile slowdown duties really potent offenses at least at the scene in more recent history. Kyle in the cars next heroes were treated to be yanked out. A lot of programs. Really exist a lot of light under I thought I was gonna say is that that's gonna come down to today on this final possession earlier that to light powered offenses years. I just think there it's gonna come down there where is all the more options that control is to order. Do you think Brady will be the extent both think caucus that would I I wonder if this is one of those games they'd all do that they just in its steady hand you know all they try to catch defense is off guard from time to time. Yeah. All in all is the owner Gary Bennett Roland and so it could see him try it more action on an almost court ought to all of you have three good quarterbacks of the actual. Schindler whose little extra patient out. Thanks to the collier Dion Lewis people keep bringing up that static but to techsters weighing in a nobody speak DR Lewis. You know the patriots when they add him that is true. IC another story coming out this is from mom one of the Houston papers against but the speed of the game is shutting down the Atlanta running game which you don't think about much. I'd that really hasn't been a big talking point is it's all Matt Ryan Julio Jones in Al. Ridiculous connections that they've had this season Julio Jones is on that historic pace in terms of. Averaging a hundred yards. Game for four seasons in a row now which has never been done four times load. In a row. But that you're running backs they have an Atlanta now are both very capable of doing a lot of damage to you guys here if you're patriots and yet. In your region first two Perez's story from the speedy running back tandem of Atlanta's the Monte Freeman and Ted Coleman. Heading into the Super Bowl. They've been limited to less than eighty rushing yards only four times this year but they lost three of those four games. And the patriots are eight and oh in the hold opponents below eighty yards rushing. And they're also 26 sell back the 2012 what offenses haven't rushed for over eighty yards against them. They haven't given up a ninety yard performance to an individual running back in the last 25 games so this is making the case that yet that's a huge key. It's hard to picture that you brought up Julio Jones I saw somebody else commenting that. The big games that Jones had. Weren't really the best games for the falcons they had better games as an offense when he had two or three catches that he's not that big of the key to their success. That they needed to go off for ten or twelve grabs so. In case you gotta be encouraged by the pats the against the run of late Alan Branch has been big Valentine answers Golan stands against the Steelers. So they've shown up there. I wonder though if you don't Freeman and Coleman might be a bigger danger against. The linebackers out of the backfield trying to get guys covered a space. You haven't seen the patriots haven't seen too much of the screen game especially in the playoffs. As will would Levy and held. Going down early in nineteen really you're really able to deploy him he's a great. Pass catching back put the falcons certainly both of those guys are Coleman and Freeman as you mentioned can catch the ball. Even as a wide receivers they can line up and catch the ball so it's a little bit of a different look for the Patriots defense that ever really seen too much of the season. Yet they get a good senator Dick and get out move Alex Max good in the in the screen game as well. Shell large been hanging on for awhile hi Michelle. Arm I know not topic but about I won't wait a minute but he had a thought about any other important Charles yeah. And down and Emma a long train with their I love all the shows include the wind show and I incorrectly greatly provocative. I crashed and it. Went image flashed. Kirk. Yet for bill lean over. And I and that. We weren't sold and we we had big meetings about the shell and Jerry's very humble as you know in Karrie says I don't care whose day was first. It was it was sold as. It's not about the named its first he just flows better that way when the shorter name goes first in the longer named a second. Morelli at bat and you believe that. I think war. I am I thought maybe pitching edge and a better way but that's OK what about that you can believe that he lamented stolen the okay big lap I. Spectacle that was seriously debating was well we talked about having like a goofy name for the show like the morning dry every innocent of these Sony's. These lane at a course that was shot down out right. And then did you have a suggestion for goofy name now I know suggest. We were basically told buyers appears it was going to be curtain tally. That's it except that suck it up so nobody asked me for my opinion. And occurred in at about them but again that's possible. I Jerry says he doesn't care I got to believe that it bothers stallion a little but deep down. We'd all be easier to Disney first and pulled out from under Stephen Norwood is on the line next heroes portrait it was dusty. OK let's say the patriots went next Sunday. And Belichick and very vocal optimistic and I collect patrol producer and the equipment man. What strip Steve McNally. Just risky. A look at it sent him outlets that it. Most of the belt was that they don't bet they'd pay me I'm a patriot and know that they did at the I have no idea what they would do that would be bizarre and the awesome it's an idea Steve. That's that's I thought they said that solid but control and the a couple of games away in the million dollar fine. Why should they go up shake he had a big guy what a big dissent describes it yet but somebody like that amount volatility go at that. Well you know Steve Tom Brady he's just he's too nice of a guy he's just a girl I can't see him doing anything to to make it a look bad on maybe a rocket. I would would be quite the story. Thanks buddy thank you. Nice gesture to the equipment guys you know let them get first did that the trophy. We're note there of course they're not an employment team anymore when it'll take right there and then on on the squad. I don't that's called trolling is two years ago it would be Major League troll. Big league trolling or a truck comeuppance and take the trophy I don't know. Struck and it was a cool and it's that's a greats. Big questions never happen no sitting president has ever attended the Super Bowl will Donald. And it would Brady like with Gisele would they have to watch the way he has all the talk politics Gisele people in the in the direction. Those are all out. Subplots I would say for the week. Coming up it's got to be an array has got to be a betting lines somewhere on it trampled show up. Here are some other betting it's funny mentioned it yet we were talking about before it is true the last five Super Bowl favorites. Have lost. Last five years the Super Bowl favorite is 015 not only straight up but also against the spread. The patriots this year. Have approved though two nine you know over the last nine games straight up eight and one against the spread. And they have won them. We'll see in their in their last five Super Bowl appearances there only one in four against the spread in those games. So they they actually have not been a great debt. From that point of view on Atlanta's side. Atlanta in the last six games is 60 against the spread. And they're averaging at 39 points per game over that stretch cell. Both these teams have been pot lately in the betting lines but. Not great news for the patriots to be favored. Of course they never won on Super Bowl here by more than four points and it always been tight and at three point line has got to make you a little nervous you'd you're gonna give those three. He did beat the Seahawks by four. The lasts. Four Super Bowl matchups the total has gone over in three of them and it's been. All kinds of over in Atlanta's last eight games it'll be falcons are eight and no. In net going over the last eight games Ken if your kid is so warns during the Super Bowl yet is that he be allowed to be on in the birthing room. That's a great question have you disgusting and you will. We've not discussed it I would say. It's gonna have to be well after the birth. I don't wanna be sneak in it. I could live LB again annually Grammy phone on you and looking at that score I don't know what it is my first shouts biting him to put the phone away until. The daughters born and and well afterwards and there's got to be like at least like six hour offer their self. Are you come across your fingers that's not during the symbol and a source I'm just gonna column would reduce this week well like Thursday or Friday to make sure we get Natalie for the game I was that's. That seems like good life I was as a civil if the kid is born on the Super Bowl it's say that it pops out like right is breeze through as the game went into. And I had a happening McCain after Brady right or whoever catches a touchdown. Their daughter Brady is there any chance of a patriots named for your child. I would say I have little to say in the in the name category so I would say no when we're got a couple pick down league we've got to a plea she could choose from. And not I was not clear that big factor to be his partner Jerry any suggestion get Kirk's gonna be the godfather so we're gonna ask Kirkwood. Jordan is in now marrying next here a Sports Radio Jordan. As you noted scholar at. Well obviously I have commented on one minute match and Kurt Carroll and the morning show yup. I looked Chilean all of its first loss and but in the morning terms of tens of silica. He's not suited to a political debate. At the time you know no one. Like the way what cal and talks you would think that trounced her go up and get the trophy but you know the patriots went. I'd out yet we a lot of it and I would expect more of the even the tomorrow Jordan even though they're on radio row blood so much trump dominating here this weekend when you. Yeah I don't know I completely agree and now that's somebody you know choosing sides I thought they are both bad candidates but it just. You know you try to care about Egypt the Super Bowl many still don't slack from you know trumped all that. It's tough to get away from at this time and I'll say this to thanks the call Jordan. We deadly week we've had a few. Patriots segments this last week on Kirk Cali and the one that got the most debates. Was the experience factor for some reason I Kirk chair were at odds over this Jerry thinks it's a big deal. And Matt Ryan never been to one and the falcons franchise don't have much experience Kirk thinks it's it's not much of a factor at all. Eight is sort of an easy thing to grad and I grabbed. Acts and gravitate to so I would sort of diminish that as well but. Jerry feel strongly that that's gonna happen and it's a solar callers suggested good offenses. Had in history crumbled. When they are expected to score a lot of points so I don't expected but. Some people do more of your thoughts on that. The patriots game. Big story lines this week the trump factor. It may be a little more to what previous caller brought up to Tom Brady senior popping off the create aide and made a distraction that the patriots as a franchise and Tom. Junior here individually is gonna be upset about but the protocols line up 617 cents and 97937. And fun so far camp they're filling and we're with you till 730 tonight. And the up to the coverage of the Pro Bowl hero Sports Radio W yet. Mean all walks Tom Brady got she'd send zoo. I bought it she didn't end quite. My thoughts exactly you're the rest or Chinese New Year. Already senior spent the weekend popping off about Roger Goodell. Thomas Edward Brady spent the weekend. Wishing everybody happy Chinese New Year. What do you what do you think of his Cantonese Jackson good as good identically and not the best. Got to give opinion on that many Mandarin I'm not sure I can't tell the difference. Yeah I don't know we gonna get expert on the line it could be either one or texture. What do you know. That Brady senior interview formerly I guess it was TV station as if Disco correct not a radio station KR ON channel four in San Francisco where Brady. I'm a senior. Rip Goodell again I mean you remember last September he called a kangaroo court in the cold Goodell flaming liar and eat at some really good sound bites. And then. This aired Friday and it says aired Friday and I wonder if it was. It's possible I guess that this lose. Kate's a while ago and how long do when I don't know that shorts abound can assume that at this was last Friday that it happened. But while Tom Brady. Quarterback has been so careful to not be distraction in any way shape perform Brady senior just cannot. Help himself he just can't help itself. I and so pop. Pop up again it we all think that a jet how long is worth final thing. Our target is this is I guess what aired Friday on innocent discuss. Yeah and a local hero Tom Brady obviously play in the game his dad hasn't fiery comments mark carpenters here with that story mark. That's right Brady senior not holding back when it comes to talking about Roger Goodell. And deflate gates you remain we may remember that was the investigation in which the leak accuse the patriots have. Improperly deflating football's it ultimately resulted in fines loss of draft picks and Brady serving a suspension. Today I asked Brady senior how difficult it was to watch his son endured such a controversy. I think any parent can understand that that they'd rather take the slings and arrows and hard to have their kids take it. And for sure for what to leave it to him. What Roger Goodell constantly lied about his stuff is. Is beyond reprehensible as far as I'm concerned. It's already senior is just getting started the deflate Kate saga has been wrapped up for months but for the older Brady bill wounds are deep. And he feels detail unfairly singled out his son and the patriots organization. He went on a witch hunt. Thank god in way over his head and had a lie his way out numerous ways. And and then the reality is Tommy never got. Suspended for deflating footballs he got suspended because the court said. That he could Roger Goodell can do anything that he wanted to do to take her to any player. For any reason whatsoever. That's what happened. The NFL admitted they had no evidence. If the patriots go on to win Super Bowl 51 of many have wondered if Goodell would feel uncomfortable handing the Vince Lombardi Trophy to Brady. Earlier this week the commissioner called Brady sure fire hall of Famer and it would be an honor to present him with another title. Brady senior echo those sentiments. But it should be an honor because somebody. That has so Roger good sales ethics doesn't belong on any stage to Tom Brady is on. All Brady senior feels that way he told me he knows his son doesn't carry the same resentment. And he's just focused on winning another championship. Although that last part we know that I mean. White is we don't know that that's so any said that would that have closed today as the when it aired on Friday so that was just late last week we don't know that Brady holds no resentment. He dozens express that publicly he says. I'm basically a I wanna be a distraction which his father I guess could be so my question to you is. What do you think of Tom Brady senior popping off like this doesn't do a disservice to Brady and the patriots. Does it matter. Is Brady himself upset about this he's gone to such great lengths to keep his mouth shut. For his father to pop off right before Super Bowl week happens I can't imagine that thrill with that but then again. It's hard to picture this is gonna actually matter what game kicks on our. It's the first time in his dad's popped up and beat L yeah but that was September this is this is it's that extra slack I mean. Can you blame them you're about to be a father you can't blame him with Roger Goodell because each year surrounded the child. OK but debt how about waiting until after the game when we win it or. Maybe a couple of months ago this would have been OK but not right before we fly to Houston and I got to answer questions about a four hour or tomorrow at 730 euros which rated RBI when he saw with Kirk and Jerry. You could certainly critique that the timing is and it's this terrible time but yes I shot it is get dad blinders on. I know that night Soledad and I know a lot of people will love him for all he's saying things that he is sun can't say he's. Getting the opportunity to say a lot of patriots fans want to say it just on on a bigger stage as east Tom Brady's dad please echoing a lot of the same things that. People here in New England think is a distraction or not. I would say for for Brady it's going to be a mild minor distraction pile it on the patriots don't get distracted by stuff like it's just big to me at all out. Mean. They've they've had let's say big they are makes such. Efforts to not be distracted it's obviously all important to them to not have these things pop up they don't like to be in the news although they just signed Michael Floyd but whenever I mean. That was after he was and it is so they they kept it a mystery never. He's not it's Alec Tom Brady seniors in the locker room everyday Ian has the answer to you know Pallet Jack he's a private citizen news Jesus the son just happens to be the quarterback of the patriots it's. It was nothing to do with the team. Mean maybe Tom Brady's. Yes and that evil that they think he doesn't get a second product that. So nobody if they lose is gonna bring to not blame Tom Brady senior. That's all I wanna know thinks if they lose who gets more blame the trade of Jamie Collins were Tom Brady senior popping up. Org Adele for fixing games. Be dealt fixed object of good over six in the game tied it we're college Trace the area earlier as it is when we suggested to Dell. Has moved. The patriots Seahawks Super Bowl from NFL network. Or vindictive reasons now now this this is like ESP and moving stealing from the World Series coverage when they ever after they fired and they didn't they they took out Schilling's. Blake sock quitter something in the in the retrospective. That doesn't surprise that really happened yeah. It was those pieces of very dark conspiracy and Delis controller via our airing schedule NFL network. Back the phones we get a tailored and with jet the producer alongside the sports rated at EI here till 730 in the Pro Bowl coverage marks up next here on the. Yup and mark. And I don't merit. I got a couple things person. Borrower. Alaska you guys talk about. Let's. We're thrown comprehend all I know I think you know on the initial news. Castro condemned and continue to deal with disciplinary behavior issues in the year. Outgoing call motor control. Well Tom Brady it's like. In an actual department Wheaton measures came literature all ocean query because I get a bad rap you know. And it's that and now it doesn't deserve that in Paris couldn't hurt its importance. I would day. You know. As she put her bones on his team won't swing going the distance and commonly empty handed. I don't think so particularly and then people get credit for really quick. And let it it's it could turn out to be. This. Aerial war winners the last team with a bullet scores words were like the Carolina Super Bowl right and that may be any others. That these little. I do I can that what you're gonna see news. Oh. So that might come down with like I give you more Catholic Church. You know. The patriots. They Gerke there's an experience. They're great and your. In the end. You know that should be or not. To overcome this you know this is an inexperienced. Natalie Merchant going somewhere where they all our leader on the caller starts. And. Popular very deadly mark as one people think that could be the difference. Wanting it hasn't brought up the much lately is Stephen discounts he's been the money of late but they've had solely three point Super Bowls. If indeed he's got the kick you know down one or two with a chance to win it. I wonder how. Worrisome that will be for a 88 pats banners that all. I'd gone at this point. Maybe it will mean much markets an extra point two in the thing that Agassi said a couple of those but. That seems to be less of an issue but yeah I can see it being a last team to have the ball for sure win and that was I guess. In the Seattle seep super bull that was sort of the case although last seemed to have the ball that that the choked it away in a tip. In a particular case somebody was asking on the text line because we get thrown out the stat about so the last five Super Bowl favorites. Lost the game. And they asked that we know how is that possible the patriots were. Favored to beat Seattle and it's true it's I should specify it's against the spread a last fight against the spread have lost the patriots were one point favorite. So their four dating cover. It's yet he downed Seattle that that game. Some. Wolves of finals oversee it if four point wind's Noe. No I guess that's so so. That's not true to what back of that is last year was get the statistician. Irrigate it could sensational like a slasher Carolina was so favored by Ford have they lost -- Los street up. But the the patch that would get this for it's I guess that's that is not correct and inciting adults your for the constant of course it was bus before it one. You're before that. Seattle Denver Denver was the favorite. Seattle was the against the spread winner of course the winner of the game. Baltimore was the underdog and they won over San Francisco so EA so would be a quick for last bought my apologies. Erroneous release actively. Marks up next heroes we're tree. I'm mark. Hey Hager on X Liu. Good thank you. You guys have any concern about bouts he in this game over air as we got. That's what we were mentioning that I don't at this point he's been in good enough for several weeks what about you do you have concerns about a absolutely I mean it's easy that they'll ask you excerpt points that he made our best. India. You know court sense that he's. So little sketchy. We kicked a 47 yarder. In the way of the Steelers radio 31 yarder. It was a field on McCain dating and it can at 26 yarder late. It was classic report or in response in his eye and he missed the one write your each kick was getting progressively little bit worse and then missing the point. Okay. It as far as my list of worries markets not that high up there but. I guess she got thrown into the you have thrown into the kennel. The golf. Why would still be. That's the first and foremost. We can talk about his Mort Mort next segment but I'm curious and a year year. Patriots phenom believer but and a caller asked you about Steelers Dini said he thought they are better do you think Atlanta is the is bad and Patriots defense. I can't Sam watched Atlanta's defense statistically not there like 32 in the red zone or something somebody was pointing out com. It'll worst passer rating against. On paper the Atlanta. 27 in points. On twelfth and passed the seventeenth in run. And the patriots the week and Howell I would say theater utterances. Even. I would say Atlanta's offense to better. Not not a ton but without pre cal ski I'd give Atlanta the edge. Close. It sounds a club earlier a surprised that your giving Atlanta's defense even a little bit of credit. Is statistically statistically they're much force you right they're terrible. If you compare them straight up statistically and assess until the whole story. By. I think they tell her paint a pretty good picture of that this is the team that is really easy to pass the ball. Yes I mean. There are already easily number resell. Right and I and I think it will be a game in the thirties is just a question of you know again can Matt Ryan. Have the ball laster be able to shreds of the New England defense did to keep up with Brady going forward so. Adding all speaks to a shoot out a close game unlike a lot of them are Super Bowls of play which had been defense dominated. What the patriots have to do on defense. What's that. The most important thing they have to view in the. Well in dosage he read an article about shutting down running backs I would say if stake in Donnelly shut those guys down in the run game but it. The linebackers in coverage are much better than I give him credit for. And they get a tree flour sack or two when I'm. An unexpected sack from the acting goal always swinging the game of those guys show up for a for a weekend. Heard much from Ninkovich coached in cheered this year in big big doses but yeah all those guys could swing game. I just haven't seen enough that they have a ton of faith in and it's this year is to be quarterback OC three it would have to do so while what you think that the majors the masters. Must do in this game cause I'm that's where I'm skeptical the front seven for sure. I think I mentioned this earlier takeaways screened in as best you can you can the and the screen game. That will be really hamper way Atlantic residue and our fans like you said earlier. The Julio Jones stuff lately he has the big games it's a little barely up Atlanta's best games. And the patriots typically do a really good job of taking out a team's number one wide receiver. I though we've heard from Mikey ardea. Comcast sports net saying they aircrew might cover and I don't know how well that old work. Yes that could change quickly fees didn't scrawled in the first quarter they might switch those game plans rule quick. I mean Julio Jones is certainly. Good enough to be. The factor for Atlanta and that game but I think taking away the run game taking way to screen game especially the Patriots defense will be there. Biggest focus in this game. I'm more to come those those calls to get to a checking in Houston with our crew on the scene if funny landing time to Laird and the 730 pro ball coverage coming up the Sports Radio W yet.