WEEI>On Demand>>If the Patriots success is in the system, why haven't more teams been able to replicate it?

If the Patriots success is in the system, why haven't more teams been able to replicate it?

Jan 28, 2017|

Pete Sheppard is taking more calls and reaction to the question of the Patriots success being related to the system

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Back your thought before for the final hour. W dialing nine to be with you until midnight right doesn't go through a prize richest man died yes indeed. Opera to a record produced in this whole thing. Awesome the somebody tweeted that me I guess the they treated at Sean Salisbury. I know he was working at that I guess at that station. Down 97 point five so they treated at me. Said. That there that its. By artist. Received pray for dale that's the that's the Twitter and pray for dale. I tweeted too much on a filter which is. Could you please tell. Shots Ellsbury former USC you know for quarterback and and has the shortest B nation and most of ESPN radio 97 point 50 Houston sorry. Responded. I don't need to tell him. Two weeks to deceive Brady made the system the system did it make. Brady. What is main. Again what does that mean Brady did Brady made this the says. What I held does that mean. Seriously. What I think it he. I don't know I try to figure it out. And Aaron Rodgers make this system to. Where was that system last week against the falcons. Pretty good couple weeks previous to the giants the cowboys. The judge system been forever since 1969. System. System that's the point drops we tell me. Hit. A hole. What 77737. C and the Manchester mixture that we Rea hello Sam. And the guys that a long time listener present colored wanted to kind of rehash a couple things what is an earlier callers that abetted an hour ago sent out. The system is a group of urged kind of working together per common goal. And the reason I like the words system is because for me anyway with respect to pat they and it's. Kicks as the degree of anonymity to it I mean it's. You know when you are part of a system in Europe cog in the machine the patient needs superstars in the way that other teams have then to make big plays. It's not about Brady you know men are radian Hogan. It's about. Quarterback and receiver and I think that's why I like the trees that. About how come it's never applied to any other team but the patriots would you you don't hear other national media hosts. Say. Labored some local ones who can who don't use the word system when talking about any other team with the NFL I'm fascinated by it. Look at that on and there's the change certain plugin lady element that the pats have what they're what their playbook coming if you know we go back to do your job that. You know everybody has the job to do it whether you're you know our first round draft pick guard picked round draft pick. You can still be part of the system. Yeah I mean that. If it's it's the French that bothers me it's about doing your job again just run a play this. The plays she you know Brady calls them or away ever column it though defense got they hightower announced that the green dot I believe so. So because all the placed door and if you don't ports not working. You changeup you formations. You don't ought to do that hobbled some other teams to open the patriots do they do a bird while she was pretty successful so does not work in the tri jet. I'm a lot of systems I mean among the most deadly 26 different systems review pulled that one for every letter of the alphabet. Just. It's it's just it's just a simple type of a phrase that is only a prop applied to win the and I don't understand it. And somebody is yet to explain to me and national media. You know what exactly is this system. Or they simply too cowardly to call out bad coaches. Matt quarterbacks. Back off offensive coordinators bad defensive coordinators and to simply say because that's all that's. Then just two to complete the circuit. But what that says don't expect coaching. The system. If Belichick said here to the Cleveland Browns hippie you Jackson. My system. Cleveland Browns will be able to. Beat out implicate. And in and duplicate that system. Null of course not. Of course not. It's much more than term the system. Six was 77797937. Not alienate me well why did it in school would call while. What what culture that. There are no war. All go out route that. What. Where. Our. Oh all where people are only out what you. Were. What are. All. They were brought by brought out quite. A while that a lot. But they don't ask where they are are are not what the what were. Watch here is. What all all. I'll personally will play out. Like that we look at the other like adult men and I liked I shot quick ground under the spray drop. You at all. A lot West Coast thought that built wall. Governor approach but that I instantly seeing rob the first touchdown was the flea flicker and Hogan was wide open I mean it was a simple. That was what rob I hope really like Rob Gronkowski type route. And registered Jason guy I'm amazed. It. I I understand and I agree what what I hear no question but. We grit in old war. A part that. Especially in upper and all of our rubber but yeah. But that's the biggest mail that you just nailed it but that has nothing to do with the system to figure out. Right original suit then everybody run during white out there or how or. Exactly are you a little bit. It goes back up well short time. Now though I'll check that. Guy that. That makes a lot of sense Robert de effects would call a just you know. It is just. The game I promise you. Our most people on shore locally regionally nationally. Probably didn't think Chris Hoch was gonna come up the same type of numbers he did now that does not mean. The same thing is gonna happen against the Atlanta Falcons say worst defense in the Pittsburgh to a court maybe it's better. Maybe it's a mother got David Thibodeau thought that they don't cooperate goggles off for a hundred plus yards. Or maybe I just can't stop anybody maybe they can't stop all at the receivers but I don't think. The Steelers went into that game with a back in the mine pick and Chris Hogan has been a part assault game which she did on the whole. It really did. But that's just the beauty of the patriots in what they do owe it to be any one person that any time. Maybe it's the almost next I've been able to care plug on the Super Bowl just runs right through and continue you know people over the ball. But that's the beauty of watching this team and the way Brady over his career. Has spread it out you just never know who's gonna be the guy you just have to be ready to be the guy. I guess and that's that's got a system that's just being a pro with this football team and not salting like Antonio probably don't get the ball. Built in Malta next here on WEEI hello bill. In the senate they got to stop calling it it's not system would torture system. I'm at I don't remember but he had a discussion with Robert Kraft one who has not been the threat of coached and how he wanted. Two I don't. A seat. You know correct me the most they might go with him in the entrant. But he eventually went back to that end and keep it archer what would sit speak to reunion rocks. And that that statute system and and he's not a city at the chuck Lamar and I am a mask that. But what is this what is the term the system have to do with organizing a football team. You know what's called it's just intelligence to meet our torture yeah but it's it is that it's the but to talk about it that phrase the system it's at now to the Red Sox got a Red Sox have a system that the Pittsburgh I mean did any successful. Sports I mean especially the at a palace theories or systems or is it just Smart coaching it's Smart play by the players. Yeah I mean we know what we've seen it's I wanted to just comment about what Patrick. Chung says sure he would want the key not just the other day and check out some time spent to mark close to let the idiots talk. And that's what I'm dawn and I am enjoying every minute out western tip them it's not ironic and come out each state in the process. It is having ESPN FS one and NFL network guys it's it's it's it's one big chuckle fast I agree it's frustrating at times but. Now I'm I'm I'm just like. As they dealt dealt called appear ready so that the stupidity Olympics or whatever it is about and it is unbelievable. Hall on prepared. How they don't want to offend coaches or other players they played with or their friends. It's just they throw out the charm the system and they think that's an answer to everything is at the joke. I'm Bob knows he's he's probably one of their best analysts and he is dubbed them even know yet. So as to what we would this great party and back on boycott still mostly give them talk already in the box a little bit but yeah. I have Rodney Harrison's terrific Willie mcinnis at the called a little William mcginnis is is really is really good they're not afraid to tell like it is. They're also not afraid to criticize the players you get gas lycra met woods out there. And go in and Steve Mariucci and they built a preface it was to make him pixel whatever they start saying I can't dole gets my friend actually sink as stop. So that everything you tried to analyze. If your your pregame shows. Is toppled when go to me sick with power last week apart Scott you've got both picked the Steelers. So why should I listen to anything they have to say when it doesn't matter that can be played on Mars or Venus and he's still going to pick. The Steelers. And you know and they sit there and everything they say everything they say is wrong. It is unbelievable. Year after year after year on the whole. Their analysis the Pittsburgh people trying to allies the patriots. Or ex ravens are eight is amazing. How they try so hard. It's just landlocked I try to figure out ways or other teams to lose and I just don't see it I've seen enough mr. with the stimulus I just don't see it other gonna stop the patriots. Let you know that Sunday in Blacksburg. But they can't do it they can't do what they can't be honest with themselves about the game because they're bloody might be offended. It's what 77797037. Johnson one medal appear W Riyadh hello John. Aliens or W. Well thank you so much on I believe. I hate the word temple by the system gained an act of war. Tug of war every person is pulling on the same row so I agree with it's not a system it's that you. And when every single person I understand that they're buying into one objective. And that we win and everybody says I fired. An arcade next Sunday a ring. And it's a brother. Ever in the history of the world had a band of Brothers. And understand one thing. We're all in this together. And exit we will win and we win together. And there are into outs in the Brady about people that. Do better than others prepare. Successes effective because everybody is to hurt. Yeah and ever he's doing their job and they're smarter or doing it and a lot of these other teams in the NFL we know the coaching staffers there. The preparation luck and this is not a knock against Billy O'Brien. A Romeo quit now or Vrabel or anybody else they have all tried to Drupal clay court quote the patriot system. But at the but they can't. They they they they can't they can't do it because it's just I mean just to throw the word that the term system out there it's not like bills that says they could signal a bright you know what. Here's what's wrong. As my playbook just run it be okay it goes way deeper than that oil prices mark not. It's about adjusting on the fly it all three phases of the game at about especially if something's not working early you don't wait a quarter. Real change to stuff up after a particular series if he doesn't like what he sees. And these other coaches are stubborn and ignorant arrogant or won't do so that brought works like it's the system because though the patriots win the way to do. That's correct and just remember that. It by way we took enormity. We learned a boat circled back we start with our early July he once training camp didn't you understand one thing. You don't know one of 53 separate your number one or two or whatever your big. Earlier. It. Repeat three men that are going to stormed it needs to get there. And at the end. We have a great particular sector forget about it you're not ever going to be a standout and you will be obviously by. We're all doing and because we all. Get the same reward. The judge I'm I'm pumped up doubted responsive it's there. Greg Stewart stuff pat Joseph Eric Christmas to guys lined up of one open line right now the jam goal might have been awesome. Well try to figure out. How lazy the national media is some local to what extent. That's fraud that word or phrase the system regarding the patriots. But somehow the other 31 teams in the NFL doesn't apply to try to try to predict this whole all all out what systems are. But and we're getting there where were close would get there. Batty Paul calls up next 6177797037. If he handed the trophy to Brady wouldn't there be a little discomfort may be because all the talk in the narrative in the media and people sick old Rodgers uncomfortable of that the commit. Would you be slightly uncomfortable for even a moment. But not not toward a second. This is more of a great opportunities we have to dominate teams spineless Super Bowl. The patriots have spoken to both earned the opportunity be there they deserve it. And whoever wins that championship is gonna after and it's because these are great teams and so I'm going to be thrilled. It Tom Brady is one of the all time greats. He has been for several years he's on the precipice of at least potentially winning is just Super Bowl ring. He's an extraordinary player great performer and a sure fire hall of famers so be an honor. Him. The words are ready Mercury from Beverly Hills cup and I ERS. This market isn't there you naughty boy you. Now I think that's up in the overrated I agrees bars of the handing of the trophy over for small won't predict mr. Hannity it directly to Brady it's that number don't like that reportable if if if they win. It's going to be a buffer between but in how long ago even sticks around on stage of it is good. I know it's going to be very long I think that drama other people looking for is going to be highly overrated. I hope I'm wrong I hope it's very OP looks like he's opened its pants would be fantastic. 61777. I 7937 but I again Colin coward and though. No follow up it was it was sickening this week all the shows on today I watched them all because I knew it would have been Albuquerque Callahan on Thursday. So out of my way to watch some of these shows that I never watched. Though it would show I watch to a football stuff I watch on television. As at the as before pseudonym. Is that you know I have air curtain Callahan on in the morning every morning and at 7 o'clock to nine on TV at the same time I have my Porsche wanted it to you does a really good. Show. And ABC sports network. And forget the kid's name it's with the button that users that something brings burger it's it's their it's just a good show don't it's not a lot of minutia you have. He has guess lately Tommy cartilage Joey on that I know other people around to win when it's a really real records show and stay away. For the most part from all this other minutia. But then you hear you know you hear lever to argue here coward initiated chuck. And the good guys they skip Bayless who goes on this twenty admitted diatribe the other day about. You know the patriots in it and he was really going after the falcons because Julio Jones doesn't say a lot of critical things are. He wants flashy colorful players. Is that it's got is that really what's come down to I know the NFL likes. Electoral Martellus Bennett tiger times has a lot of kooky things in it it's we we love him for that. It's not that we don't like it but these people these these national people latch on to teams. Based on the colorful character of the player. To be scored the touchdown a certain way or celebrates at a certain way notes as crazy outrageous things then it becomes their team. I I don't I don't know where this type of journalism has its more that's been going on probably for the last decade. And I'd I'd just. I just don't look at it professional team or any team for that matter and say. Like them or dislike them because they have colorful characters on the don't. Now sometimes it's like the 85 bears are right at the big all that stuff. Are right there were they were more colorful outgoing team. While most people are seen before. Especially around you know the triple shop all have suffered their birds gotta get that. But that doesn't mean. Don't do it toward the right not like every city that I ice to go by how a team plays nice to be a band of other teams that still lamp by how they play not Polly celebrates. You know what the back in the days San Diego Chargers were exciting single lost not because what they said but because of their Korea all because a damp out of the Charlie joiner. Because Chandler. Chuck Muncie we wasn't stored cope. There are exciting single watch the dolls Cobb having all these teams. 70s80s not doesn't matter. But the national people on television and radio. They've latched onto these teams because of how colorful they are and how controversial they are. And they look past everything else that skip Ellis is admitting this the other day. And it's just I just don't understand it. I I agree I really don't. Stick a look at them really break it down the game look at that these like in I have a hard time for them they don't say anything. Really how how the plight of respect the falcons and profits what they accomplished this year at the patriots. And other teams what the accomplished. Now I don't need Dez Bryant are secure LE a deck press got to say kooky funny things to respect the type of seasons that they've had but apparently skip Bayless and others do. But I'm glad most people around here don't you just yap yap respected may have some hatred for some teams like get that. I don't think that a lot of people around here that hate the Atlanta Falcons by any stretch of imagination. But people around here are probably wanna see Matty Ryan do well to have the patriots when I'm kind of in that category I wanna see him you know get torched. But there's this this premise that's these teams have for you no matter what sport now appeared they're colorful enough. They'll say outrageous things that you don't latch onto it is not. Patrick Connecticut up next. W young do you attack that and yeah I don't see how are you so glad that you back worried. Presser share the station then humans really appreciate what's going. Well I call. But it different tension there but let's put it is that I'm OK with that beat but I agree with everything. No I would my whole premise that I was about the system I'm still trying to figure out Ryder System is only applied to the patriots and nobody else. Year ago I got I got the record Tallet. TJ LT but. They count up to any system. Rely much ability that people performing that system. To. Complete the assignment. Sure who it. The system does are so they're gonna sit stone. Blatche did the last two weeks if if anyone had any inclination to big for the patriots had a sit. But they watched the last two weeks and play us. Excuse they. Brick that you definitely are directly quite go according to it as a pinch hit it only like all like I. And it. But you don't want to work Eli took Ricky. You know that only option. Yes you right against that particular team in that particular dates the same thing with brilliant Ryan's system okay they had to debut in cloudy they have more merciless. That's why the Steelers weren't able to do that I soccer's Houston had a better system. It's because they've had that particular team had the talent to disrupt the patriots on that particular day. And and it still is that people simply don't has nothing to do with quote unquote eight says stock based up on. That that's now the game. This is let me say what they think because that. And I'm not trying to disrespect. Any. Now can say. And I'm not trying to disrespect the leak but. The Super Bowl I'm sorry he'd. I just don't. See this game is being. Because that very factor. I hope this early I want it. I don't I want this I'd rather I'd let I want us I you can I've I've done my time I'm going to be fifty years all them I've done my time with competitive games I've done my time with the heartbreak I want 65 to nothing. But I'll settle for my score four reported when he said that's my prediction. OPEC. At a private pat you probably get in I don't think you're going to be far off Fred it's not disrespecting about the falcons and surely they're capable a couple of the points against the patriots but I think this team is way too disciplined. There will be able figure out a way to slow down a pop it's just like. For whatever reason the falcons found some way mentally once it was the Packers won down themselves or. One of falcons' defense all the sides stepping it up because they didn't step up all year. No on the whole. Especially in the secondary Europe upon appoints at army yardage Brett. Somehow someway somebody's system broke down. So it's just broke down last week if the Packers offensive system Mike McCarthy couldn't adjust to this system ought to falcons defensive system just you know. Absolutely played theory it will heads. Not about systems in the system. God chosen some products here on WEEI repeated joke saying yeah I mean are. Just one guy but thanks to call attention to what's going on the. I appreciate it on yeah I went to. My two cents or I think guys you know it's comfortable on that because you know honestly in my. In my opinion I think that's hurtful word you know system. You know it doesn't have you know any particular meaning or yeah. Particular value I mean it's really. More relaxed just out. You know just weighed that you know particular coach Serbs structure and system and the players about the discipline in the talent management. It's not really a lot more now it doesn't dictate you know every play every second of every game it's just you know the way a particular coach you know. Has the players you know working. Played a place how you do then particular. And how are you just during the game if something isn't going correctly find a way to go to make adjustments. Absolutely and it's something that you know you can say every single team every single you had with them. You know that's that's certainly not the case every coach you know. Asks something in particular every player has some sort of game plan. For each each scene that they play you know week to week that the net debt dried that word so close to home and comfortable go check. It because telecheck is such a unique in you know. Interesting and successful coach that there they attribute network system so closely with bill go check it because she does. You know seemingly buried interest being different things other coaches may or may not do and you know it it given and so much success in the past that kind of the fact that. You know someone like ideology politics. Delete the team in the east don't make it to the Super Bowl it's the way they can kind of plug and play. You know different receivers here in the air and the fact that a lot of receivers whether or not they have you know Internet talent that we see in the past Eric. And in New England but some wrecking this just can't hack it they don't understand know how to. How'd no change to game plan to reload you know. Throughout the play you know it played. So some some receivers. You know can do it some can't. Bill Belichick asks you know a certain certain amount of discipline and under management from all of this players and that's what works and so. If it's it's odd when you see so many great players had they not only come to New England or just kind of lead which he happened to that he would like chain called did but that's what Bill Belichick asks for his players and that's kind of his system I guess. Narrator text adventure it was a kind of up against Maryland it was because that camera. It's excellent despite bigger overall point is the term the system. It's just not applied to any other team. It's it's just like the patriots went because of a system. I've got to strive for you rob he's national idiots mean by the system. Instead of logically talk about just professional doing your job be available just scheme wise and both all three phases of the game. But I can't get a straight answer from. From the national media what they mean by the system you know I nobody ever challenges anybody else are Christians preach out of Nixon WEEI with Peter Criss. There are don't know you're so the national media here at. That system. As a blanket. Statement. Because you'll never hear the words come out of their model. Over coached or overplayed. Don't go check all over coach and talk Brady will over play any defense at any given thought. Well another thing they won't they won't criticize other coaches or players there's a ropes on me in other brotherhood and all that I mean it's all fake. And I like I said it perfectly W Herm Edwards every week that it wouldn't criticize coaches cower you know we can produce steel is it doesn't matter patent could be. It it doesn't matter if the Steelers were were all fifty he still picked up he's opened the Steelers beat the page it's a matter where they play. But there are systems from you all the way to professional. Everything and the system everything around it said the system. And for them to say it's they'll go check system. It's just a week away votes politely saying. That yet they dominate the league we don't know what they do we haven't figured well I'll probably do it and it's just that should the coach. And they'll be another coached a couple of long after the Nobel checked that the same thing. Why not view of the patriots like oh we don't know but that's just. It OpenId. National media and just people purely aiding auto it would. I mean it's a big price it's it's laziness like as soon before would break Erica Mike and others as you guys alive operative I don't get to handle like his Christian architecture calls coming up. After 10 o'clock going to be until midnight I don't agree I late night at 617779. 7937. Let's take a quick break or two back well back up more these fall calls up exports rated double Libya.