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K&C-Albert vs. Kirk and Gerry on Tom Brady; Headlines with Kirk; Tim Hasselbeck joins the show 1-23-17

Jan 23, 2017|

Hour 2. Albert challenges Kirk and Gerry. Headlines with Kirk covers the Women's March.

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Skirt and Callahan. Will be looking good he really for asked. The end comes very quickly. He is going to fall off of cliffs. We have a 39 year old quarterback Kraft and Belichick or heaven that lets have one OK so. I'm confuse a sharp turn it back with Gerry Callahan. Yes I have thought. And also lots about blowing up the white. House com. First when he said today America first in the head clarion back graduate pat. There's like this new lower case kkk movement that started. Ahead. Kirk minute Hemmer say a 28 to head patriots. Lego 3113. Team what team Steelers and Lamar Hunt drove me the American football conference champions we have that. I'm almost as soon we'll mention it got to be happy now on Sports Radio WEEI. I am going toward Atlanta I at this point I really I definitely am. Who are going to poor toward Atlanta meaning physically. I loved that first game not only because I picked it can because. My friend Jeremy to Perot was moist heat who loves Matt Ryan right but you're absolutely right needs some bowl matchup so much sexier. Knowing that this offense without an unstoppable. And I can understand what is it says before yours are waiting for Kyle Shanahan got because that offense is something to be holed it in the tremendous mean average was 3334. Points a game in the regular season. And yes that they mean they didn't even. Have to score many points magic they had to they had if they wanted to really run an up. They think a good sixties or fifties easily name. And if if you think ESPN hates the patriots and I agreed they by and large do with talked about a lot. Yet be terrible sides you know you can't have any as paean employee. Kissing Robert Kraft on the on the cheek and hand it trophy over one of the scenes you know. If Bruce keep you know maybe you shouldn't maybe I would Wear a wrap on stage. And you get well I think who back hats and they shouldn't is siege. Hugging is fine what do you think what you're doing as a nation would be if you know if whatever some with some others analyst moment like when Ray Lewis did pull in with the goals polian did not cause ethical knots. Right I see is that you're Teddy has say you know why I appreciate that it was a picture for a long time. I guess at this from insurers like kiss on the cheek he has. Never pretend to be anything but and patriots supporter. And proud patriot it's sort of dawned credibility hit though no question that is never. Tend to be right L Ximian. Unlike all these other ESP and guys that absolutely hate the patriots on the great expense of Richard your defense is that you're nobody home if the steals in one wouldn't it have been you know Troy Polamalu or via or Ryan Clark I'm sure there's somebody there rotten giving. Two to Tomlin or Roethlisberger there are Rooney whoever was. And that was really Kraft wanted to chanting to start in Canada workforce that happens comment on the left that last word is so little awkward it was a little but I agree but I respect. Bob Kraft cause he's a friend don't Thompson in the admits. It's laser talking. Why then. Maybe will arrive we'll talk to him in Houston and elevated because he was at the inauguration he was staying I'm told in the trump hotel. Which is spewing out post office I could here's senior called in the of the deck and really hear you but he said I told my phone's socked in the actions talked and you still wanted to I was an umbrella to umbrella of this that. Meant adhesives. Criticisms upset about an umbrella I didn't care one bit about the umbrella not one bit. Edited. He did seem like well I don't I'm not proud of him not him not looking housing crowd of five million people twenty million PS people on top of people. It ever seem to lead people into my wife whistled past the program relevant care at all gets you an umbrella and umbrellas like Ireland gain you know which it says right on the ticket that they are all L Carl yes she was pissed about that I care that's Trump's America can and number it says in certain sections that it was a rough in the troubled -- numbers and other sections they weren't made because you know we were close and they could turn into rifle soprano. By you would allow number one but. And we get to that but I knew you Spicer should assess the pictures but profit. It's not really worth fighting over so petty it's so minor league. But it is normalcy in his defense the New York Times started it that was holed out today and yes I've started this rate it's easier times lines more than Spicer Boston. But there's is that picture that they keep using government keep choosing of the mall and others not that many people there's times that they looked dark. When told to retirement so what does that matter I mean there are times how important will they weren't as many people as there were years ago and they are so why what's likes. I'm just saying it. He should've said what I said. Trump people it was workday they're at work. Barack Obama's people they'll showed up in Maine they ought to go to work can't what you think here. You want to the president and you had a huge crowd toward what TV rating because they do no hitter like is they know the New York Times line did the right I'm with you but I'm with you but if you know. You know the paper of record the the voice of the resistance is notre supporter who cares what your country X ray and did you think my response would have been perfect yourself hey it was a work day. Our people were work. And and he Barack Obama was historic site. Would you say the first president ever with huge years. I would say the first president who was ever basically Yuri during the next president's inauguration speech which we'll get to get a and it also spoke to get them off. Let's get back to go into practical yet you wanna give back the call and ask it this way we mentioned coal powered my program called two things first of all number one job. One thing about the game. Did you think that a it was a fumble and be it should have been yes and understand and you drop the bully should aspirin. A semi Nantz and Simms are so confused us it is. Well because Nance bodies were Saffo right but the refs said it was a clear recovery that was almost angle and so I was with like everybody else you thought it was gonna be reversed but. There was no clear recovery. All out they show that that report later on it seemed like there was a pretty I mean I guess the guy comes out of the pile with the ball right. That doesn't mean console before clear how thrilling Tomlin on Twitter over. And it was worth it for me that's workhorse out potential but well I thought it was gonna be reversed I was surprised it wasn't should be surprised the patriots. Get all the calls can we agree moment. Generally when think of all because there you know smarter they're more disciplined. In August peak here they get cheap generally get cheap goals and it was there when I got to calls it jumped out. No but they would they were grabbing. I think Logan mine has a lot of grabbing whatever it does a lot of grab a replay right what other games they call defensive holding. One when the grabbing guys armory a short break all the time. And somehow I think the patriots get a waiver that more and and it's may be just as the smarter the better I'll say this also bet secondary two years ago Revis was great. McCord was really good brown had a good year this one's better spot well Logan Ryan Ryan is better than uprising Patrick Chung is terrific anti in this in this McCord he's better than us or order a couple years he's become he's like heart and soul. Of the defense I think we've watched record this year at times it was a really good player he's been a great player and he's he's happy he's Smart I mean I don't know he's the fastest he's not the bed but later dollars from him but butler's tremendously better because I think this is some common knowing I see a lot of what you saw yesterday and and and is there right I mean. Antonio Brown. Was that not a factor to commands the best receiver in the hands of according the best receiver in NFL is coming up in two weeks. And you know it's remarkable. I only Brady would trade him you know for. Element for for Julio Jones problem would not about the way he's not a way to soften its end and that tells you want about how it works for the patriots. That means to do you know of Hogan has good hands. You don't don't either but I don't think he does he has nine catches 480 yards two touchdowns because he just goes we're supposed to go ends up we're supposed and open pre. Finds him pockets. And one of the questions one the question before we get to the calls. Explain to me. How passer rating works how Brady's passer rating was only a say only one point seven yesterday's. Thirty to 42 for 3843. Touchdowns and the optics it's I thought it was going to be 1150. Cent Alec 150s act yards per attempt is not great. But that's a pretty good rating I know that when you admitted he said to be capacity before the game thirty to 43 before. Three touchdowns I was so tired yes question over under 140 eagle over the past but it's it's one of those things on the blunders and right we want to but passer and you generally believed in coach you as well for I mean less you know. You can do a thing Eric Roethlisberger had to attach them. So kind of holding meaningless touchdowns and stuff like that but yeah he was Ryan's pastor though. Could question me led the NFL. Brady was second us yes I mean. Obviously passer rating means summoned before we give them a break as he passes by the a's past rate when the ball was in the air from 1000 me and it was actually perfect rating. Rivals want 39 point four I Brady's 153 yesterday I love it a great quarterback play it's I'm a fan of great quarterback play time and you're more vote. Who left guard like a 22 game. Yeah yeah couple Simpson writes I know we retreat note your fastening the matchup. The lines you know offensive line numbers and I don't want to do what I love then this is a great quarterback matchup. I completely MVP. As ever won the Super Bowl some like that all kinds of fact that's still true. Was the MVP in the MVP runner up never played a dead in the circle that's a good question league about the MVP of the night before Super Bowl right yes I'm gonna guess distraction Matty Ryan will be busy preparing so he won't be there but probably on May be -- and except central before him yes let's before we get the calls calling power and oh yeah and he he's going to be he's. On the list now on the among patriot fans among as one of the leading in a patriot haters. He. Wouldn't say said that to them. Brady was playing first job was said and he said because you played poorly. In the two playoff games before that the Denver game which even that really that bad numbers was pro a year ago and against one of the great defense of all time. In Houston game pits in third straight pour pulled he's that he had that Belichick may opt for Jimmy drop below. We 39 year old quarterback coming off back to back bad playoff games Pittsburgh wins this game and Brady's average. You're darn right Kraft and Belichick or heaven that let's have lunch and in talk. So thankfully for Tom Brady we should congratulate him on saving his job was playing for his job yesterday. I think he won the job I think Rob Lowe will be traded and I think. Albert will take a beating to hear from here. But I did read tweet him and then he tweeted back commutes could see in Houston and he said the beer in the huddle mode you within a year that. Should we tweet that anyone have a beer with me debt do wanna come wad let me ask you go with colon Kristy Lee you know grab. Catch up that's it's sounds. Sounds like a planned this marks in Connecticut hey Marc how are you. But AM Goodman because there and you know Colin Cowherd hot cake yesterday. I don't know guys saw the pregame show there are talks but. He said not just once. That Aaron Rodgers he's never seen a team. Where quarterback has been able to carry them with so many news injuries and guys filling in and this and that. I'm thinking have you never seen the patriots their column. Because all they do is plug in guys when when people. Fall down. This feeling that it'll you know mark with even talk that you have mentioned gronkowski. Oh it did seem few and he's just another issue but I mean we never he's gone and that's where the page its operations the best tight end in history we all agree. We saw the numbers. When Brady didn't happen before this year when Broncos got hurt we all said well it's an issue it's it will we saw it was armor which are exactly the time that gets the gets miserable but they can win this too bright Gradkowski nobody feels that this morning. We're at one point like got done you know I've learned over our congress and their could could board she looked great. I big pay cut to commercial. They come back and they're talking to peanut who actually had the most intelligent things to say of the whole thing. And then they come back to Colin and he goes yeah I I just never. Never seen any quarterback period team are that didn't have all their players like Aaron Rodgers can do while it and he's in my. You just said that like after dark element to. You know what Aaron Rodgers had a nice run went less than a week. The greatest quarterback ever Elizabeth Olsen as best he could he's the best that this was his bodily best yesterday physically is just so. So good so look so great so talented but god was he. Oh played idea. Many idols. Yes today was not pretty. I will say this though Troy Aikman spent a lot of them among Packers injuries can they had nothing else talk about it and now he's never seen a team. So for so many injuries throughout the Mike McCarthy area and he said they have to. Reexamine the way they do things summit. So he's kind of blaming. I guess McCarthy maybe the training staff strength and conditioning coach and have that. Find a way to keep guys healthy and their im such TJ Lang was carted off. Two Eddie Nelson to see them win sing. In pain and god knows they go from running backs is is is. And the Angel Bucs had Dorsey levens was there assuming they need him but don't suit him up because the Packers go so much I don't think that means. Know Brady's not graded overcoming. Injuries and intentionally and gaga now that that's spices and the Packers suffer more than anyone of the that's empirical in the orbit Iowa City Brady's head gronkowski for. Seven years and rock for her alone time in Seattle and by the way the other Tynan is in jail you want to see a good sign I mean obviously we've seen a hundred times already but. Bennett is hurt we all agree everybody's eyebrows yesterday. And Rappaport wrote what the ankles a problem as insurgent Nazis yes. And when a guy is dancing with the cheerleaders. I don't think he's in that much pain that's a good sign yet if you think about Bennett look for the next two weeks. Mean there's guys getting treatment there are guys who gonna be in pain in the going to be trying to play Pruitt. Bennett if I was in a lot of pain and I wouldn't be doing that dance. Choose might it take it was. Is if you put a gun in my head Anemia is more likely to bring please and nine Super Bowls or sevens who bulls this caressing nine the gulf is never. This morning seem greater in the AFC ever. The second best team we've seen you saw them yesterday I guess the patriots destroyed embarrass them wells Kansas City and Boston Pittsburgh and home and you Houston. Miami. And you were the favorite AB obviously our next year's injury you're going to be able to get home field obviously. Because you divisions still stinks right and once you get home field it's hard to imagine any team like that Oakland was like a rusty may have seen picture Oakland Oakland with artists yes they are doing them when next you're no no no I'm what else. And we should kids seem to drop lower to Houston would they be able to do that that's a stretch I mean obviously they're coming in and went out it upgrade at quarterback but no would proceed anyway it's him the same act by campus in Baltimore it's brought us birdies and the year old version forty pounds heavier and and they play. They beat each other up right angles I am Miami Miami had their issues and I take answers no I can't believe violent as the favorite to psych test and you're talking a whole season Tom Brady not twelve games a set to obese. Veterans who have had great careers lose to appease the moment Wilfork. Mean it was rob expert. They shall Roethlisberger at the end of the sideline his like nine chickens right I think that begin thing that. Is working so well for Brady I don't think he's tried and while we were purposely where's it hurt us in jeans and whatever passes out it on the couch. On the couch one night the young snapped genes of the rally hang outs appeared to figure. A flight with a cigarette out for a big bucket in a package of chicken just the bones in ways. These three on alternating highs close to 308 innings and the the good things he doesn't show in the face gone which is odds are slim but this is this is body fat. Comp is probably like 35%. 17%. It's up to you guys amok to make the call your policy impala I want Houston wanna talk to Albert from well I decided to Rouse themselves culture today. Perfect Brady pass rate with the balls in the areas where balks. In Katy and extra and he doesn't have a big window because I believe it's he's in the in the asylum right. They can phone privileges. Like till 7730. Monday yes and then to Monday's big day on Sunday and Monday is a really get down to breakfast when this calls over. But it was talked to our. Our friend where is that stupid. Thing air it is. Albert how are you Albert. Many into our personal question well you're you're back out yes. You're okay because I I figured that would sit at the E Street secondary in 2014. Didn't compute. I don't know I know I did say that I sit at the bell there are great secondary I think there's a chance given the McCourt is better and grinds Brandon Browner. Chunks played really well in butler's better and he was a couple of years ago leads you agree that right now SharePoint. Oh. Actually. Draining it incorrectly that signature and no I agree with Berkman hand. I disagree with Albert what I'll tell you gonna call love is in the secondary the secondaries like you so boring. He would appoint. Yesterday products with the Pittsburgh steel was rocked the Gillette yesterday was completely and totally represented. What you've seen all these the world that that's that. Ingle console. I let her just we just discussed the cardinal Brady now you major vote does Brody you rip Brady said he stayed. I've O I Brady play yesterday. In the Super Bowl argue why in the Super Bowl in two weeks it's crop. Of course back all eighteen feet beyond itself in at. And I'd say no outs and puts it close as I understand what I think it's a fair question I've been I I would say maybe. Okay what Kirk you'd think that quite a brothel that plays well as Brady yesterday you. Why are you a question. Expert who can make our. Report. Or treat into what. It. Hit him a couple times they sat them a couple times they hit them 56 times the pastries did not touch Roethlisberger. Very literal and not. Just ask what did they do to make gradient comfortable. But all of you who you really are a patriot you cracked like it or race the oh yeah you can patent but don't rush. Though you're not at all what coaching. To what repeat it wouldn't what often don't feel for Mike Tomlin the big. Don't expect that your record in what everyone knows he pitched yet we got everyone no personality and that's why. So it plays to get re not what it's got even competition. If if praise or Albert what would you call it two weeks from today with say Brady as a 140 passer rating in the patriots. Beat the the falcons. What do you say. I quit while. I don't. I don't know what it was like this is my. I was here I spoke out. Albums on the year. And if. And you know something the matter is that once you know what she likes. It there. Oh absolutely yeah of course god sorry we. Are rightly come. Passed in the signal that would probably an event according to took nothing. But. That might put forth in the acute keeping that support spectacle. They have each support ink. I realize. Definitely yes. Thank you rob thank you Robert thank you. You know from botched I hope I called to quicken up you're and it's insane asylum aware of the Colin. And nervous hospital. We're gonna make so Cumberland and injuries I mean I think is depressing wouldn't call it nervous hospital with a call. Rehabilitation it's an institution mental rehabilitation. And and you wake up and Albert you've had voice. He's in the game belittled the medication and Dixie cup yet that you men's faces group therapy in the in the is going to be the yoga. Could they went to concerts they're doing their concert Wednesday on the the got hit by that are capella group comes in from the local police don't know what they're doing it to show themselves it's again did you really good job and an indecent and go on he's gonna start talking them a football you know please and you know you want to jump but the winnable to have those barges can't get here in oh right and you look in the draw you wanna find a knife to slash around the throat yet and yet nothing that is hell on earth. You've got what's the married we got married ever. Married mean they called right. It's as the occurrences buyers as the song goes and had engine and he's lovers that you never let you down the you won't take another call Al tickled for things like. One two and in Dartmouth and how are you. Our guys in the morning had what I brag how it. I looked up. At. An. All. White people. Some prep schools our whole school. Breakfast at its. A lot of guys all got pregnant again. And particularly. That's not true as Julius inaccurate he's like mush when he moved to head. Patriots that's right apologize what was it was it was 3128. Pittsburgh and you were all in man and you were convinced the steel is gonna win this kind of zipper head looking you artisan bread. 3113. Team a team Steelers plan and that he can play little games on one everyone knows that I nailed it. Again. Mama role not only did predict. Could be issues in the steelers' locker room and so far we don't believe though that was in the knowledge elected Thomas good after the game I thought he and Allen did you think there would be some that they can blame us for himself by airline now they got smokes a bag can do that through Patrick he be assassinated through Friday I was wrong about that. It's what you learned you're gonna be good role and I happen so everyone wants everyone and when is gonna beg you. We can land it in an article let them down are you know about that yet have a Mike own watch before the show solution. I'm reading picking it. Towards the I thought watch some film. After digging in after you read we ever picks this week. I don't help anchor the storm coverage back here and that's got a big announcement. And at times for the shall Mario's favorite restaurant Lexington having. Have a special dinner fortieth anniversary dinner week from Tuesday. I've been asked to host the movie's so I had miss the Super Bowl are only talk the order some great design your jokes to communal areas you can write jokes for me so. I'm anchor the coverage from here its own while Harris you yes I'm Libby hang with Colin coward anyway. That's true it's a wild week Curtis getting folks a UN Curtis I am. Which has our flight 4 o'clock on Sunday rate the report Duca and I'll see. Because both of file suits your middle do you have mills I'm the middle I think oh my god that's a lesson on a vice and me sorrow behind you guys good these six point 7779. Picture he sat there and I thought this isn't a couple episodes of the office right on his iPad. Episodes he's seen a dozen times. His guns at this minor league eagle room I probably won't happen and I promised the politics and fly right over Little Rock he's always wanted to see what I love that take a look at. Write headlines is next. Kirk and Callahan asks headlines it seems like you left abruptly. Don't yes yes nothing lasts forever well I'll say yes Kirk and I. Word never best friends. However it has nothing to do with it. But let's get this straw that broke the camel's back up here today gone tomorrow and how did things to Paterno wouldn't. However things took a turn and you're left with only the fond memories Gerry Callahan. Good columnist. You should write more Kirk minuteman. Complicated here's today's complicated headlines. That Sean Spicer. Is well we'll leave Florida important and helpful direct message by him. God seeking access to a sluggish Arab her idea hash tags Sox. Hash tag that's hash tag WTV. Side. Solicit tuba. Maybe it helped this weekend. The headlines always brought to buy you airline sector. Doctor Roberts wondered at 1800. Gets hit he careless expert doctor Robert Leonard at 1800. I am here to give gimme 92 review of the whole thing. It was. Historic it works. Wild. Who's. Something I've never seen before the inauguration was one thing but the night before we Rome to see the so in our guests so protests. Crazy people everywhere. I love DC when stuff does happen you feel like here in the center of the universe sure there's energy. I'm like he's not gonna play anywhere else and that scene on the capitol steps and granted you know my guy won. There they're girl lost that that that made it sweeter but that whole scene where we want them on you know on the capitol steps. Is just rip it. I waiting like that before I'm glad I did that they'll probably never do again because it is a lot of work a lot of walk a lot of standing. But. The the I I'm much. And I'm proud to say that went on Friday. And and stayed that no way out that seemed like in nightmare all elements march it was more. A crowd they could even march or move it move is crazy here to luckily as crazy all over the place. I millions of women and guys. All across the country and marching. Nothing more pathetic than guys where in the pink badge that's those are not real man I'm sorry is it worth the filthy do little you know it could well the trade off worth it. No one looked more pathetic to me than Ira our guys Fast Eddie Markey crewmembers was junior senator I was saying there is pink scarf but you know pretend to be some kind that champion womb women. She had that have some dignity that marquee take the day off. If you do we have set in the of our verifying young senator and market junior senator are. In the need to stands there are Chicago. And tries to open obviously she's in radical nut I'll tell you what they'll mention these people did she's got a crowd she has a crisis and if she weren't in Massachusetts she couldn't get elected to you coming on the national figure Olson and good and I hope so curious anomaly more a pair of in the Alaska. Who it destroys say Democrats are heard or somebody Hillary's leash is some opinion leashes and got shall say things there are the same. Well I don't agree with what what she says he says it it it it was just wild fires just impassioned I have to say that trumped people with Tompkins are the most well behaved. This picture this the trump crowd I was around them more like ninety I was around and that's not true they're they're not generally from around here it takes guts. To be at Trump's supportive Buick you know Ernie Boch her friends swirls around here and support trump could you know. You'll lose business you're gonna lose friends down there it's the opposite obviously. Mean people we met were from Tennessee and Alabama Texas and you know the Florida and they were well behaved here's what they elect guys wearing their. They're caught dockers there will be some of the crowd doctors and their the other hush puppies and their you know their little overweight and it took the that the day off from the auto parts store that they that they run in the and they come to DC and they were well behaved and cleaned up after themselves and they. And they said you know excuse me when they bumped into you. Exact opposite. When year. Looked at the the opposition these be the protesters the the rioters real people not know I thought it was some protest famous Saturday protesters which was. Peaceful. Shot a crowd awhile what rights what rights what I finally able this -- this filters they notice the way ask the question that protest was impressive there's legitimate Supreme Court concern for right they're concerned right way to turn to but the final Planned Parenthood the which has about stuff like that. So why its release on what I mean what happens because they're funded. He does that mean you know I'm right now but that's what they're constructed your rights and protect their rights are about change. They're concerned about pro life judges be appointed the Supreme Court it's true was a woman's marched they did not want it excluded any pro life forever that's Aureus the surprise surprise you. Of course not of course not immediate and urgent but I'll say this. As opposed to you know last couple months roosters fight the passion from the other side. Meg are you can hold back crowds you know or 40% of the boat right that's the problem in the world literally like two million people. Cross the current house Wilde who marched down there were 63 million people joining noted for Donald Trump what's your from Ashley Judd personal an old favorite of mine back. ST as a man who looks like he gains in G I just I. And not as nasty. As a swastika painted on a pride flag. And I didn't know devils could be resurrected but I feel. That there. In these streets unless that's traded or a two day Nazis. Renamed. The cabinet. Unlike stroke conversion therapy new asked if she reigning big day out. I'm married that's hurting rainbows. Into suicide. Notes. This your people are looking if she's review all you with her. And Pomona where the word they were people saying you know spoke homophobia. Is our first president elect the president was her argument will Millard fill moralists thanks for the Second Amendment just. Nuts these people have lost their minds at. Why I'm all the vice president last week I voted for trump my commission voted formed what did you make a real case the vice president is hopeful obviously knows he can't help but that's okay Porsche K. I tried by golly if if if it's amazing if you don't want like. And Carson Chris these are kids cub scout leader that leisure hole pulling in almost Eagles lead the legislation he passed the that's. Member and could be. Ideology be beat you hear from the material girl as hot as ever but he's like just like she did 1984. Detractors. That insists that this martz will never add up to anything. You. New. It is the beginning. Of much needed change change that will require sacrifice people change that well require many of us to make different choices in our lives but this is the hallmark. Of revolution. Should a month ago what what is she talking about and that's the other part wish that he's gonna blow the White House Rihanna blow up the way to play that. Yes I'm angry. Yeah S I am outraged. Yes I have thought an off lots. About blowing up the White House but I know that this won't change anything we cannot all into despair as the poet WH auden once throw them. He's a world wars and Harry Reid or not when another Hitler died. A that's your side I'm proud to stand against that that. That she's not an awesome blowing up the White House bill can I got. Good and one of them finished with this. This is the height on it this way I wanna do is raise them. It would do and months ago do what I I'm a time once to twice I couldn't believe what I was watching it I would not put an anti McCain level. I would I would hole and I slightly not quite they absolutely Imus says somebody tweeted this his North Korea stuff it's it's this is. If hero worship minister this is what you expect like a birthday party for like if you drug. Use in girls about singing bad feeling about it in the ending. Picture view. There that can cry. She sees the chorus she's an actress by its headlines brought to you by AT&T. Tim Hasselbeck two outs but you might do. We love AT&T it's not its front you buy the perilous expert doctor Robert under 100 injured the hairless expert doctor Robert Leonard a 1800. Get here Tim Hasselbeck will join us that noticeable Baltimore. Jerry is on Twitter tree. Mora Kirk and Callahan. Sports Radio but we. Our conversation with Tim Hasselbeck is brought to fight over fat loss stand by my. Tim is always joins us on the TT how long what's going on. Worse than what do you give the aged two and quarterback in the Super Bowl. I'll pretty easily erupt a conservator aired an amazing in the post season but there's a player that. We are better spot or provincial. Play correlation to mean that you know Brady automatically play as Welker he's been there before but come. Electric heat pack I'd much rather be. You know Brady situation right. What you would get you would say Atlanta has a better offense wouldn't you. Oh yeah I do like Internet com. News in terms of the I guess just physical ability of god on their offer and it looked look at our our blogger you know most the preacher or teacher or go back. Well you know good news. During warm action and you know I think either Coleman or Freeman would get significant playing time in going under and be very tough. You know outside. Legal settlement to being a com you know all vapid between original lenders. Physically and kind of a class of throughout the entire well well look duke at their peril. I'm. What sort of limited team they're good players very. I don't look at them the keys that completely out matched by. We have a bit better offer to render in the shuttle to call. We surprise of both these games are non competitive. I'm a little bit of priorities. I guess. Column on competitive that it wore red regular center here at the opener and being in touch. Well one gamer can point being I'm actually records seen that in Uga game. But the fact that they were daughters earlier in the war. You know me in Green Bay never seemed to watch support out of that look like they never close. Problem in kind of a similar situation where if you know in terms of how the first half went for Pittsburg. Yes but Arnold fifteen strong you are right back into it which are unable. Tilson says it and god knows he can use a great analyst makes great points but he said Steelers play zone. That's what they do and Brady eats at zones. Our defense is a lot. So cool what why were we expecting anything but today in patriots rout and why can't. The steals and coast. Just because we're here like it. And them corrected they've played real well but they're a team felt. Plavix also what is wrong and what happened last night wasn't exclusively result. So you know there combatant general statement. Well you know they they can be true it was there are others albeit Pletcher or. It sort of first opened touched down there. That was not. So yeah that their effort there can be catered there also play man beards you know I would also say that there. It would play your number. There with a first down call. Battling egos and emotions that are at a personal group in the order or shall call. They've been shipped and it's been an audible by great shift and well. The reason at all or lose their. They were seeing a strong safety blue inaudible to. An empty formation and individual call our goals well. When that happened. Pittsburgh is hard to check out of the blue that they have. Is part title academy emblem or result direct call. They have the drink OK if you check he saw something eager to attack we're gonna check where the future we checks chelation. Their new warplanes a part of and Victor Cruz of the annual operating in terms of the design and execution. OK got to look you have. Their response to that were not meant to zone and I you have changed here. Potentially pass we're disrupting a lot in the receiver which could choke on the playgrounds are trucker that stroke. You know elected not all of these view and work on when they'll will. We are saying oh last segment there about maybe one before that. It seems that you know the gulf now between the patriots and the rest of the NC is bigger than it's been in years it's all given how long braid Belichick have been together but. If the pick a team that should win the AFC you pick the page it's his second best in the raiders with car. Kansas have you seen this before Pittsburgh routine as before or use it doesn't have a quarterback Miami's not real challenge I mean it's it's I'm Brit is going to be I think it's more likely. Brady plays an eight or 92 balls and doesn't. I agree I I think pretty. Would clearly be the favorite American collector the key is going to be just mail order entering in. You know I think you probably have a better so. You know I can't deal with. You know gronkowski and and what the situation you know maybe years and are you adjust accordingly. As well. And credible than there are low streak you guys current or. It's about there being elaborate expensive but I wouldn't Dion Lewis come back opener Cilic it was at least. After roughly a third season right I mean just like you are so many cheap pieces ball. You or read it read. You know the feeling that they're probably mixed with the launch social great. Think that the cover big but the kind of defeat and the external and in the situation so you know if you look at. You know projecting forward to next year break October. 1 organ in the PLO or become. A major injury Manila standard but you have to deal where actors. Oh in the tactic rock could be you know he's come up surgery but I think you have to change your expectations of what you're get at a command. I am I gonna ask one more falcons question for let's go because I don't quite get that they went eight and eight last year Matt Ryan played all sixteen games. I'm Dan Quinn was the coach Kyle Shanahan was offensive coordinator Julio Jones had a 136. Catches the Monte Freeman had a thousand yards. Why are they the best offense by far this year when they were perfectly average last year. Larger cube structure here through your warmly doctor last year earned it not play well armed you know and here water and access start. My comment to news in a legitimate pasture them you know he's a very good complementary receiver Patrick shall about the Al. Production you know among the wide receiver. You know a year ago in training camp at all men was richer starter. At the running back position in the treatment of that coming off a little bit. And they realized that the cupboard needs to play both guard and use a little bit differently. So there have been significant changes in terms of our growth should develop. Terms of what they've done you know ultimately the other aspect of it is. Because other minute the game the couple country and so if you look at Atlanta you trapped. Which was not very good last year. And really the reason that included eventually became their coach their extra are all. There are legitimate now they've got a legitimately good defense because of some player. Young players that they drafted. You know be who can rush the passer beyond journal. This order. Toward I figured that part of it as well as they've done better on our side of the ball which are certainly. You know help. They played better couple matches football. I here's a Michael question the weakened as much ago I it's it's early but we pick in this game. Are ignored them. Are you are but there are looking at I think it's good of competitors. Are entitled to get by. What sealed runners at fifteen after I think it's right to go over under was it was a 105950. Not done yet. You know what com or what was your over on this Packers to succeed. And is there a yeah. To really get offensive or I do think they both showed up it. I have I would pick you over guesses or what's up. I'm never big on your way our guys you don't seeking answered rusty Kurt. I did took a drug orders from above that he is paean to talk about the fire alarm being pulled all day today because I assume. In his. ESP and they want to talk as much as possible the fire alarm at the Steelers hotel right cause. I heard I heard nothing. Complete won't be here but talking about. Check your email. Is treason cheating again like this car. I think everybody clearly understand what goes. From there are now. Control brokerages or something. The promise and processed US gave that no credence you know they shot it down. So won't restore public. And it bullets and this should be historic record. Post I'm well it. You know most creative you know catch up ever. Where they have never you know to me elected people dumped out or. Now I don't think that that's a story about common pattern in the duking it out but I remember real well. They going to Houston are you going to be in Connecticut. All B I'll remember that there's been short term during the big gun used to mean jury actually glue there. Oh we got to know who will be the radio row and 5 in the morning. Because. There are out what you got an artist turns. The whole okay and our path is if she asks yes. I'll predicted that going to be difficult for you guys. Old tires and right well it yet hold and we want us aren't war I wanna Wear shorts can we Schwartz gets beat eighty degrees in Houston. These are all I remember the last seven. Of all the traffic verbal so culturally got a close. Talk to next week. It triggered thanks them. Tim Hasselbeck brought she was always by doing fat loss and by mine. Pillows 6177797937. Hombre who join us and it is an 830 you gotta go join us at 830.