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Pete Sheppard takes some callers who express their displeasure with the Bruins

Jan 21, 2017|

Pete's rant generated a lot of calls from Bruins fans who felt the same way Pete does, fed up with the chaos within the Bruins organization and the disappointing product on the ice.

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Back here so levered GOP Shepperd with deal until Chad Sports Radio WEEI. United three point seven ephedra Boston across the WEEI. Sports Radio network which. Dedicated to for the Bruins but that's okay case you missed my a first hour. Rant about the Boston Bruins are sure patio open gonna last would be up there soon in some tweets about it. About the first hour and then that wanna call and comment about it that's flying by they'll be up on the subject cool. 6177797937. Again it's a big weekend into. Ports obviously one of the best weekends of the year with the NFL koppers chapter case but I has set off last hour about. The Bruins and what's going on before the Blackhawk airmen how dysfunctional front office of the Bruins is. Right now. It's it's awful load my sources tell me is Huckabee around much longer could be as early as tomorrow. Are coming back on the team plane they Backus and others. Talked about how quiet the plane was in. Everybody felt terrible to miss prevent this practice are they didn't have practiced a couple of times this week it was canceled. The dysfunction between Jeremy Jacobs came nearly dot sweetie clos and whoever else is they want to coach at some point whether Cassidy are sacked open golf Arnold. I don't know. What are gonna do sources tell me that Don Sweeney to you know promised. Cassidy the job back in August if that's the case he should be fired immediately. If you don't do that you don't do that lets you know the coach is retiring at the end of the season. You don't do that it'll make that announcement where you even ought even privately just don't do that. And I think most of us suspected that was the case back during birth pre season during training camp. But it really is it's rode a cluster bleep over there talking about that and obviously on the scene and she championships as well with your 617779. 7937. But I just I am so sick and tired of it. And the way they have been manipulated the media over there the way the F threatens her media people my buddy Jamie Murphy being one. You kick on the Mike a militia what English what the stuff about me. That kinda crap goes odd. It really does and a lot of fans up there at the commute a bunch of whiny bitches and a lot of times we are believed be about stuff. But there's other stuff that goes on behind the scenes that some of you have no idea about. But I am not gonna let them get away within anymore it's been going on far too long too many good people not allowed to say what they like and it was happen to any organization. I can't imagine if the Red Sox ever told Dan Shaughnessy got right some controversy but the team. Ditto for rod Portis in the patriots and others can't imagine. If that would never happen. Ought to do this your locker get a credential PG that you Huckabee loud on this radio station that television station. Howard you know. How are you. To do that. Anybody unless some greatest crime was committed. A law on the way but because somebody's not ready good stuff about the. When you need to goats that you know that's we interpret just because you know why. Know what's right and let people already a lot of good stuff but to team. Because of under achieved the last three years and you have fed the fans want big crop up open. What this nonsense. It's stories for you stories about what Doug Hamilton does a lot of people in the locker room Johnny boy chuck. That's about Johnny boy chuck. It Doug Hamilton and the back and abroad the French right now off my job. And the other party Gary tear was that David Craig you today real match the first hour. My other sources are telling me as well that jet ready. God addition to call probably of coaches last game here. That they were crate she maybe part of a gigantic trade that's about to go down as well. Which I wouldn't. Surprise me either. I would actually welcome much as I elected to crater but you see what the lack of production what he has done since he signed that contract. Is bin. It's been doctorate is big injury prone doubt question is what that is who they gonna get back for because their idea of getting people back that are good and our idea. Of getting back somebody eager for his talent are two different things the left Kuwait City. 77797937. Sullivan the Bruins stop on the table proper stop on the table on all night lawful get into the patriots. And the Pittsburgh Steelers as well along with the Atlanta Falcons host the Green Bay Packers should be 20 wonderful games coming up let's get back the phones and a check in with Jolson George up next here on W I would treat jolt. The don't you do that how he. And authority and to help all the the brute. That's it I can give you some really good advice for those your listeners are that are legal matters communal place of the Malaysian navy. Top 5500 wherever they're gonna bet this weekend they wanna know what team there on the sense they don't know would affect. I'm telling you right now that is not true jolt is going to be the patriot against you let the bout in in the super low I can't beat pat that to none has been a reasonable predictions of whom later. But I can't tell you that those two will come out of the you know AFC championship and NFC championship. Well I I'm I'm pick in the top restored a shoot out 3835. But and what will be over the top I mean. Dot haven't Jordy Nelson and more than likely. Not gonna have Dovonte Adams I mean or very limited Dovonte atoms that. There's only he can't take too big time weapons like that away from the quarterback I think it's going to be a major factor I still that that's going to be a close game what joy do. But I think. I think the falcons defense at least what I've seen in the playoffs has been if it all so far one game but. Underestimated I think the Packers defense against the giants was very much underestimated the of despite the drop but I agree with you I like the falcons in a shoot out. Over the green bay Packers and are going to be an epic game. Yeah I agree I think the puck into the net amenities to Georgia reference I think he thought that are going to treat me it Packers like it looked deliverance if you. Mike McCarthy's going to be Ned Beatty the deliverance I think you know I think. I've only Denmark and aquatic toxicologist kinda does its shot just about all the. I got a broker at the end it very very deserved it going to be very disturbing analogy you've got a pretty mouth squeal like a pig and some others that that would be still as eerie to me six or 777 night. 7937. Back the phones we go here's Greg. In a blouse on next here on WR Greg. Yesterday I look at our Greg you're gonna you know our our suicide that brought Israel or shame. And it is let every minute away. While that you write to supplement that that that had to be done and there's a lot of beat it out the problem is. This is what happens you know our friends across the street and I know some of our friends or work at NASA and can't go on the air and say this stop because they'll lose their credential they'll be threatened with job losses it's just the way it's just the way it's it's an unfortunate. It's like what's inside presence but. That's what's nice about I want our. The question what I listen there are right and not want this still owns a problem that I mentioned that in the last game. Go out in a lot of good six point up on the port. It's it's it's it's it's a fair statistic their red zone offense it is is is terrible. And at this all this whole thing when people start bringing up. Like the last three AFC championship games or whatever like laughed at you can't bring up the Denver game from last year and even remotely think that that could happen again this year. Because it is an offensive line you have a superior running game. The same reason why a follow up that this past year they would win because that help the operative line and added damn good running game in break up didn't have a great game but he had the pitching game. Last week obvious I'm beat I tell you this he is up and nominates say he's gonna have one of his best playoff games ever. The may not be what wasn't Jackson on 2007 when he was in saying whatever was 2224. But he is so you can just tell hall focused and pissed he has crept up on Wednesday. I I think is gonna have a field day with that secondary and Pittsburgh defense is not. The Houston Texans defense the Texans were able to do some things with cloudy and others. That the Steelers are not going to be able to duke it don't have the personnel to do. Or it to affect a coma Brent 61777979376177797937. I mean look. You have to respect the hell out of what James Harrison did last week at thirty years old despite the fact. Pulling himself from the locker room afterwards you know the boy cannot roll machine and I'm about that nonsense. But what he's going. But if you think. That the Steelers and Mike Tomlin. And was to DC and Keith Butler of our come up with some kind of scheme that's gonna move James Harrison around like that like cloud was able to. That's not happened. Are if it does I'll be surprised if it happens. I don't they don't have the personnel that defense that played better yes the last five or six weeks we all we all know that. All right but you can you can it's easier said than done that that their old cliche let's get ready pressure up well. Oh it's just easier said than done and Romeo and out to his credit with that number one ranked Houston defense was able. Did to get the Brady last week at times. All right but you and still lost by three touchdowns. It was a it was a fantastic game in this way because it was. A lot of quotable moments there the team didn't play particularly well because the standards around here are so high. But you're all the national sports talk shows a streak most of them and they say hate. You know who would be thrilled to an eighteen point win in the playoffs but the patriots are not because they are at a different level. And I'm glad we're a different level. And that's why I think they are come out firing against the Steelers on Sunday I really don't Lamotte say is that I shot a moderate it's going to be a big blow up. But I think it's going to be 3423. Patriots are really believe that. Brady owns this team he owns a Steelers all set secondary owns it. At a numbers are off the charts in plain and home against a Steelers it's it's absolutely ridiculous numbers are up the chart. Now. If they are lowest got to turn the ball over twice against this team as opposed to last week against Houston. That's what too worried about. If they have this game is going to be a close game in the end it's going to be because the Steelers are going to have to force turnovers. And the patriots drew turned the ball over on special teams they are the worst team or second worst team in the NFL. So yes that is one part of their game that I absolutely worry about. In this scenario. Not so much elements returning punts. And all of that's okay Emma dole made this week I don't know. As well but that part of the game. Special teams. Is something that yeah you want you're you're a little concerned about because they've had fumble like this all year long. Returning kicks and returning punts. Our restaurant company. So we'll say. 6177797937. Doctor phones we go get a whole bunch of stuff to get into with the patriots and as well and again I'm keeping the Bruins. Front office on the block goal. Open as well you guys can certainly a call and discuss that I'd be happy to hear your rants about what has become in my opinion an embarrassment. In embarrassment for the city was going on a causeway street with his hockey team. I Jozy Quincy up next. Or W yeah did you. Peter Eudora I'm doing great value. Are right or you know are tight and so I wouldn't you want my. Radio app are sort of our power so go and everything you're saying about the brands is right on in my opinion tools and eight. From the top down Jacobs CME. Came nearly I agree with you are something that's changed in his mentor. Audit their big time so you've noticed that your jar right I mean yelled at Celek you have to be in the press box every day but you can just hear tell by his quotes and his demeanor. It's something it's not something has switched off with him or he's become an ego maniac which I think that's the bigger problem. Well you know some Bernama I'm agreeing with you tonight and that if they don't call our martial green with you right I don't I would not strike that. I'm a taser record are a lot of friends was the leader have a rabbit monster and I have to go man. Sometime ago. That the disappointing product. In and he said you know what the what the plays they traded away. A quality players in all the gaps that they Puerto pit in the fresh. I'd I'd never bought it. And I. Aren't you might. I love the sport OK I lumpy and live the life and I've touched Tutu and to try to tune into the Bruins abused. Are important out there on the gas and it went out there I agree with you on a percent I appreciate you putting this so the arc arc for people who listen to tonight because it's got to stop and the support matched to the support and grown a mole on the charm and Barbie your. In an all day is a hole and this is gonna stop. Well it it it does and you sit there you go watch them play the way they did against the islanders on Monday. And then that horrible. Give up through three Gail goal leads on the road against Detroit. All of that all that stuff and in an outlook the players share some responsibility yes it's clos to share some responsibility a little. I don't think it's a lot I think he has been set up to fail but it's in that front office for the last several years. And Pete. People just want to watch it on each of the people you know when I hear some comments from Neil Lee and its soul are going to be Joseph. It's like we're. We don't have a year to sort out their homework it is. Not are we. You play the sport human astronaut just how many years. A court. Right I mean what's going on with these guys I mean no I mean additional spoiled some America and around the not pencil to William and an appropriate to play and yet this crap day in day out. Got to bitumen that's McCall took too many times this year we've heard float up to c'mon say. We reflect the start the game were flat to start the game how many times has this franchise this organization. This year the pro it's been down 213 nothing. It though and comeback to win once. Nah it's it's been unbelievable and equality. Our teams that they have lost two particularly at a hauled over the last several years I know that a woman on what buffalo sweep okay. But you look at that bad losses they have pack against their what I thought with a dregs of the NHL. Over the past couple of seasons to what happened years the Calgary to Edmonton the islanders buffalo. The list goes on and on and not had they been able to edit the latest. You go back and look at the shirt to show up and not charge which I hope people realize is people get over what about the shoot out you know what's going on. I wonder why supporters taking shots and upper drug. Oakland boy upstairs. Cameo. Dot Sweeney. Probably more than bribery. Its deal is dictating what's going what. Does he wants the young guys. The best attain what passport is all over inflated any golf. Period. Six point seven sevenths. But I'd 7037. Anthony and others you guys like a quick break beat jeopardy or tocchet Sports Radio WEEI. Back here Schwarz Ritter WEEI that it three point seven a fab across the WEEI AS Sports Radio network reach everywhere view waited till 10 o'clock tonight 617779. 7937. Talk about the broad early on the show Andy despite optional. Boston Bruins what is going on over there and you know up I'll go back over again at some point in case you missed it. But there is a big rip going on between who the hell is in charge and as an Alexander Haig. But it's that kind of scenario. Apparently you know Cam Neely Jeremy Jacobs. John Sweeney. Nobody's on the same page. With what the hell's going on over there and my sources that tell me quote is going to be gone sooner rather than later could be as early as tomorrow. It will be typical Bruins. But also be typical of them here this rant and not to wick to try to make Beagle like an idiot. Which I can do very well might help to not fire from out just because I'm going on the threat today I wouldn't put it past them. I wouldn't put it past and it's not because I think. A bigger than anyone meet a person or Steve or anything like that but that is the mentality over there a causeway street. So we'll see one another Kim nearly John Sweeney Jeremy Jacobs got have a lot to answer for. Very very shortly here and he said upload Julien the pale. And they are up and did that the Euro eleven dollar and fifty cent Beers at seven dollar and fifty cent hot dogs. For a team that can improve his 500 at hall. Jeremy Jacobs leopard all the way to the back 6177797037. Ebenezer Dartmouth up next here on WEEI Anthony. Leadership we're going to take my call I'm just as fired up would you like. And not like to quote might be an all went hop. Enough is enough it's time for a change and it doesn't stop the colonias are not cock just like I said he. It's not the dingle berries as well like the call it a quick return to upon not a little long. Which can't nearly the Jacobs family. They did to clean house and go they're good they're really do idiot starts firm from top to bottom they need to clean house. 100% and you know it's not unusual but it did on that they are ready edgy yet you're not making this so what you do is bigger guys you. Eagle and Murdoch said he can't got solid they would do so let oh WT guy. In the altogether else again. And look there's a lot of people oh they know I feel I'm a huge broad sky. Always have been since I was a little kid and in the in the sevens and and it's it's just frustrating to me what is going on here frustrated to be what is going on here. It's what 777979376177797. Under through seven if you think I'm sitting here happy as some people. No dirt off on stop likeness. Like it they get happy when the team. The local team goes awry I'm not happy. I'm not doing this to get my rocks off here. I'm the Monica's up test and ever but a lot of people. To tell you exactly what has gone up for fear that might lose their job or the B radio or television. Or that Kim geely and the media people over the able righteous some nasty note saying don't come to my practice anymore don't write anything about me I wanna see your work before you submit it all that stopped. That's gone out locally and nationally over there it's gonna stop it's ridiculous. It's just hockey. You know and I'm I'm telling you if the attitude on causeway street with the Boston Bruins. If that or it's. My god. If the Red Sox are printed the Celtics and got word that they acting like the way it and he brought other out and two seconds. And what really sucks is the fact I even have to talk about the brought to this capacity instead of one where they are winning games and looking like a contender. But tiger. And at the playoffs again for the third straight year this might be that this the worst one yet. All the teams got a bit of games and and that's have a chance here. I don't. It is horribly dysfunctional. It's disingenuous. What they're doing what they're trying to pull the wool over all the fans eyes which. Unfortunately. Because of the loyal fan base because everybody loves hockey around here so much. The continue to support this team. Happy to do much longer if things keep going the way they are. Because what they have done and what they're about to do to quote Julian has set him up. How much and he's appropriate coach Wright that everybody has their flaws we do I get all that but this now has been going on for a cup too when happier if not more. And I don't know what happened Cam Neely of the last several years since they won the cup. But. It his ego has a loan out of Contra all. It simply has. And I just I don't understand it I mean he is lucky. I mean lucky to be in the situation that he's that president right now the Boston Bruins. You're such a great play with I mean he's everything. As a player the Boston Bruins. Are all about. My favorite players of all time how can not be this has nothing to do with that. This is not. Arsenal this as professional about how the running of the hockey team is I guess that personal in some ways because there's no doubt in my body Jimmy Murtha just told you. There have been times where he has told certain radio or TV stations to not let this guy you and or not right about this guy or perfect. Somebody from may be getting a job. Because the road a little nasty nasty about the Boston Bruins. I can't but the good news for you. Probably listen in now. It was he would talk about your team. It's unfortunate that have to be hit a list given you some pub. You know what they say. Any published club. But I mean this is embarrassing I don't know what you think you're trying to fool I don't know anybody that organization think to try to pool. It apple and anybody. You have another sold out crowd that against the Blackhawks. Who will burn more than likely going to see Boston Bruins played their last game under head coach Claude Julian for what my sources tell me. Did it happen tomorrow. Or very very soon. But they were like a set it's typical. Grow and simply happens tomorrow because it's right before the AFC championship game. And it's kind of people like act in how well we expected Claude beyond any way no one thought he'd make it through this season Gotti Gotti got a but it's the way the whole thing has gone down. Pretty pathetic. It really really years. Estimates it was 59 years ago today will you'll read debuted. Vs Montreal for the Boston bruins' first African American player to river played in the NHL. It's what 777970376177797937. Patriots and and the Pittsburg Steelers will have that it actual let's exporting catch that camera here on sports rated W guys grow the NFC championship game. Between Atlanta hosting of the Green Bay Packers is going to be one hell of a weekend I've already said I like the pit the patriots 34 point three. By giving out there as you why I got in early Geiger at it's it's the way the Steelers. It's the personnel that they have. I think we all know the stars of the team the killer bees we all know they are we all know what has to be done. And I've heard too much this week. Nationally anyway. Of people talking about what the patriots need to do to stop the Steelers and not so much people talking about what the Steelers have to do I have not been able to do. To stop Tom Brady and patriots. L. So. I'm wondering when when people break that down nationally. On ESPN NFL network. Yeah. All the talk about Libyan bell Antonio brown and and Brad Roethlisberger. What you don't hear. There's enough about Garrett block. And the Steelers run defense. And how vulnerable the going to be. I like your blog running right through them. And I know the injury report is out an old pitcher Jeff three wide receivers on the on the west questionable. But when you have Julian Obama out there. And Danny Amendola. And hope we Chris Hogan and Ed Mitchell. A very very solid running game. At a guy like Dion Lewis. You tell me the paycheck right now have the best defense left in the playoffs Alex in a close. It's not even close you could talk about all you want about the the teams they played a lack of quarterbacks and I'd and I understand that. But there's an attitude with that defense style you can see it could absolutely see. They have an attitude they have an identity they are off. I'd Ben Roethlisberger as usual on the whole against the patriots. Is going to be in for a long afternoon particularly. At Gillette it's what 77797937. Marks and say what's up next here on WEEI remark. Hey Pete. Great to hear your rant. And Chicago originally but I daughter took thirty years. And a big hockey guy but I notoriously open. To the locker corporation. You saw. And so solution that. He's got no protection so look it up from God's work right. It's hard all the time yes he does and he doesn't to decide that contract. What you have to playoff goals are three playoff goals are he has absolutely under achieved. In this organization I can talk about maybe some of the players that report around them. As a factor but he has under achieved here the last couple years without a doubt he's supposed to be one of the big stars. I'm virtue where I polo Washington. Period at number to know they get rid of guy to tell that you could spread our Ed Miller and yeah placement. Although trades. Nearly don't know how little Arafat's office. He's got school and that it would hockey player up any peer what's so important person alluring than any future legal hot. I tell you why he was put a deposition. Because they knew that they thought putting your Jeremy Jacobs thought putting Cam Neely and his people would remember him as a player. And just think automatically. That he was gonna be a good president. Automatically and it backed by its backfired on a big time. Well and also the I just keep the tickets go there and completely cool book Ahmed and players stop. I'm so glad they're paid out to our Internet operations. Players that they've missed the play a desperate call mark they've missed the playoffs for a third year in a row. Which I think is going to happen they'll will say will will will see what happens and then to put up a press release last was up early this week. Playoff tickets on sale. So what happens on the tell you how this works OK so the people won't season tickets. They get for a shot at the playoffs right so they pay their whatever as couple thousand dollars now for the playoffs it got to play yup there's film every series point seven. And whatever it is silly play here thousand dollars on average whatever it is. Don't get that money what it was this that and they'll give you money back. When you don't make the playoffs what they do we say quote what credit you as a season ticket holder towards your next year's purchase. I would aggravate being. Because what if that is that you or. What if what it would appear on Emery know. That's how it's done. That's how it's done a talented. 6177797937. Quick break beat shepherd here until 10 o'clock we're talking patriots who talk in broad that this optional Boston Bruins what is going on on causeway street it's an absolute. Pathetic mess patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers Packers and Atlanta Falcons all that on the table radio Sports Radio WEEI.