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Mut on the two ways the Pittsburgh Steelers could win

Jan 20, 2017|

Mut is talking about the two potential ways the Pittsburgh Steelers could upset the Patriots in the AFC Championship game.

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I'll I'm thrilled the program of the Tommy Karen music. On this Thursday night Sports Radio WEEI patio on the board as always. He's a lot of answers your phone's 61777979837. The phone every can text in any time. At 3793. Civil get your tweets all hour long and mutt and UT. WE EIN headline on the big lead is once again. Speculated that this might be it for Tom Brady this week Campbell get to that in this segment with your phone calls we start though it again this data and hammer on trying to make you Smart Alec. I'm like Mike Lombardi this podcast make you smarter. I'm trying to make you smarter as a patriots him because by now. You've heard at all. Brady ballot check patriots Tomlin rumpus burger Steelers. At the end of the week we've gone up and down this game. You need something else you need something to have tomorrow work. Or on your group G chat or on your group text or on your. Now what's that dom. It's not sparked there's some other chat. Application you can have. At the mosque double baseball writers are on you want something new for tomorrow before talking about the game. Your buddies say why do you like the pats why you bet the pats why do you feel good here's what I'm hanging by a panel get why you guys are confident here is well. At 61777979837. Home road split yeah I get it it's it's a baseball thing month. Home road split their for baseball to baseball reference think take back crap the hot stove show go to our Red Sox review. Oh yeah with Tim never on the Red Sox pregame show on the explain you why. Home road splits are important for this game that is Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. He is excellent at home and he is mediocre. Away from Heinz Field the last three years I did it import numbers here folks. Home away completion percentage 68 to 64. Yards 736700. Touchdowns 6224. Interceptions twenty to third 20/20 three that's three more on the road. Quarterback rating at home 109 point five on the road 85 point three. More pronounced this year just this season. Home completion percentage Roethlisberger 70%. Outrageously good. On the road 59%. Touchdowns twenty at home and I'm on the road interceptions five at home eight on the road sacks seven hometown of the road. And by the way he played two fewer home game that is wrong last night he's played to your home games this year. So we had many more opportunities quite frankly on the road get sacked him more time at three more times for fewer touchdowns or more picks. The big finale the big finish. Quarterback rating this year profits Berger called 116 point seven on the road at 78 point four his worst games on the road this year. Superman and Heinz Field Clark Kent on the road and that to me is the numero uno stat and hang in my hat on as the patriots fan. A lot of patriots win this game. Because to beat the patriots at Gillette Stadium you need one of two things happen. Got to commit a part of a big number offensively and when he shootout. Or get all Brady throws a clunker. To steal college cowards don't work for another night. He told the Brady is. Human. I was more picks than touchdowns and you find a way to with both turn over score and win those games. I don't think either one of those is likely on Sunday night. Given Roethlisberger is history. And the patriots ability take away what you wanna do and to meet honestly beyond bell. Roethlisberger on the road does not lead you to a big. Thirty plus point game here Cilic stadium the numbers say he would not put up those type of vol offensive numbers here on the road on Sunday night. And Brady gets the Steelers has been lights freaking out. Whether it has been Dick LeBeau whether it is bin. Keith Butler that you defensive coordinator. Mike Tomlin as head coach Big Ben is the quarterback. Brady has lit that team up and you guys now are the stats are Brady to Latin. Five and one against Mike Tomlin sixteen touchdowns no picks against Keith Butler six touchdowns no picks. He's that defense reporter now in not Pittsburg. So the numbers and the trends in this one point to. Not only not one of those things happening help on that either one of those things. Brady playing poorly at home against Pittsburg. Or Roethlisberger playing well against the patriots. On the road. I completely understand. If you wanna point to the patriots schedule and say they didn't play anybody you're right. Ben Roethlisberger is the eleventh ranked quarterback when it comes to quarterback rating. In the NFL he will be the highest ranked quarterback they played this year. Cell offensively. Not been challenged by big name quarterbacks but the bad ones they face the via slightly above average is the good quarterbacks they played they have made look average or worse. They have made. The crappy rams quarterbacks looked like the crappy rams quarterbacks. Payroll to beat QBs and guys like Joseph Flacco. Who want to throw the ball deep take that away and make them checked down over and over and over again. So you go to a million these stats here this weekend. Thought about bella check Brady the offense the defense to me I'm hanging my had. On Ben Roethlisberger home road split that he'll be the one who blinks first. Two comes into a shoot out Brady vs rob this burger I don't trust big band our respect Big Ben. On the field and off the field as much in bars and restaurants in Georgia but on the field. He's a hall of fame quarterback he's won two super balls he will be in Cannes Sunday. He's not had a year to single on the road and beat the patriots at Gillette on Sunday night. Go back to week ago last Sunday Kansas City reds on opportunities could not get it done cal the 12345. A big old ice cold six pack a field goals. Eighteen points that's what they put up in Kansas. Extra day or sort of prepare. Road splits for Ben Roethlisberger. And to me it's patriots in the thirties Steelers in the twenties you're on a Houston. So that's what I'm most confident about this game. Roethlisberger not playing well. Finally your most competent and a flip side what may be is. Your your least confident take. Or factor in this game Sunday night. At 6177797937. The phone number text any time at 37937. Your tweets all hourlong here. It till ten and mutt and UTW. We ya. If you think comments by Ed who ship on star wide receiver Antonio Brown. They gonna wanna hear will play those for you to second but to your phone calls for is bills and mauled and bills next up here on WEEI I dealt. Hey what's up what's up buddy. I mean I loved to bella checks press conference in the when that guy has sequenced in any guy and he hesitates for a little and then he says the goal asked Alice in Kansas City a bought a home field advantage. You know I mean that stroke. That's why I think this team is as good as it is because he gets compressed period then it got. Waiting for that the crowd to carry mobile the threshold right. I don't think it's crowd letting them Belichick said that so this players I'll read. He gets one his players to read that think the boarding up a home field advantage if he wants to remind them that the home team just lost last weekend absolutely. Big difference since I haven't do you look on this team this year during this run. Absolutely huge I mean obviously it's knocked down a little by Glock not being in there but I mean. If this kid we thought he was gonna drag after the Super Bowl last year. He went down. And I was it was great last year absolute crap that's one of those games last year bill thanks your calls one of the reasons why I'm on hammering the though the home road split hearing this why I go back to last year and I. Watching Soledad patriots Broncos game. I get the Broncos defense all the credit in the world there were other world the year ago. Von Miller was as good in one year's ever saw one defensive player in my lifetime in the NFL fighting get a chance to see Laurence Taylor in his prime. I can only imagine Lawrence Taylor had years like Bob Miller had a year ago so this is not to take anything away from a the Denver Broncos who won the Super Bowl last year on the noodle arm. Of up Peyton Manning. If backing him a year ago word to let stadium the patriots head at taking care of business. In the final couple weeks of the year. Philadelphia Miami win games you're supposed to win stop with the pooch kick don't run the ball seventeen times in the first half against Miami right. If they take care business a year ago and the AFC title games at Gillette Stadium they beat the Denver Broncos. Von Miller's not able to read the snap count Peyton Manning's I want to get comfortable patriots what do on the super ball. That was the difference last year. This year mission accomplished fourteen and two at home bad Rota quarterback coming in specially this year. Boy that that that is the icing on the cake to me. And I'm not gonna forget we do this sometimes where we need to forget just was right in front of us a year ago they are home they beat Denver. And ready better defense than Pittsburgh does. He offense not as good. Quarterback now is of the weapons with. Opt Sanders and the various Thomas and others the damn good offensive play. Play group there in Denver. You're going home they win this year their home they went. 3524. Somewhere in there op PGA joins us PGA your WEEI. PJ. Oh you're on your body. Analysts are comments what's up L wonder what you say Tom Brady and wandered one attitude game and get it get shot. If you lose the first game and play ops you'd expect them one by the end. With you you lose the first TVs out. Well all angered so I. Yeah they lost to the giants who blew up right there would you feel like it lack will flee gate thing. You really think you are a lot these playoffs. Scenario. Like that not me and ended the beer does go ahead the agents are not the spectacularly. Every black number he might have a bit in my normal order that year you get the extra motivation. By which really looking on on what he takes it. And then get it all the weight gate thing are worried about that or do you like us you know I really need to get. Not I mean my. Ally and Vijay thanks for the call I mean date in the in the year the flaky that you're there on the suitable. He was able to block that out and route to beating Seattle and his fourth quarters fourteen to seventeen for two touchdowns against the best defense of this area at Seattle defense was as close to. Beat 2000 ravens we've seen. In our lifetime recently. You can't build great defense is any more in the NFL he just can't. But that was a great defense that Seattle defense that Brady at three completions there and that their third and fourth quarter. Lit them up. Talk I don't play in this year in year out thing but I I know that it's not it's not going to bother him. The fact that they lost the year ago is not an Alley. At this point did the motivation should be we are one win away from goal back for the Super Bowl and I took those press conference the other day between Belichick and Brady. As two guys at oral locked in right now and it Brady selling to launder whether. Quite frankly we also seemed annoyed to be their Belichick was and alternate Della check mode. Now was a sign that they were pissed from a week ago in the way they played against Houston where yes they won again and in play great. And the reality of what's coming up here. With the opportunity we win we beat Pittsburgh in our building the goal was number one seed the goals whole field now beat eighteen we already beat this year. We're all Mac says the suitable. Is that tied to losing last year in Denver I wouldn't say that I'd say. These guys usually sees the opportunity when it comes to the coaching quarterback. Let's go to planet branded as their Brennan you're here on WEEI. Hey I don't not what's up Brenda not much both of with the last caller for. I mean I think rate because so and he's so competitive that he wants to win no matter what I mean I I don't think of flaky plays into it I think it's it's it. Drive to win every single year and recent game and think why it could beat you at an app on its. In the team's performance and and I mean ET it's it's gotten inside that makes one when I don't think that. Any extra I think he's just referring. Yeah. I would agree that the get to this point you need to be motivated. The week the AFC title game I just don't buy into that part of it now we we are beyond. Motivation. If you can't get up for this game get a new job. If you can't get up this game as a fan of roof Bernard team. There's been eleven of these six straight so it seems like old hat. But this one sure would be sweep this one. I know that the Seattle Super Bowl sweet. Because of what happened that year but if they were to win it this year. The year the NFL suspended Brady for four games. This should be the ultimate F feud to league. Double birds take acted Dell take that merit take that owners take out opposing teams take that. Rest of the NFL. Even more snow. Then beating Seattle because there was no punishment there this they suspended Brady four games a ridiculous suspension complete overreaction. We speeding ticket. So all you want quality ultimate revenge this is the one right here this is the one. Ed O'Shea evershed join us in the option to the Pittsburgh post gazette earlier. And the topic of Antonio Brown came up. Very interesting answer. From a guy who's this guy and it's you know national disguise in Pittsburgh covers Antonio Brown all year we asked the question. Regarding Antonio brown and his FaceBook live performance son and I after the win their candidacy. He's gone I mean and I I almost say that in and affectionately because. He's so cool well but he he loves the clown around. And he's oblivious. To a lot of the I don't even know he knew his coach was talking seriously. It's all amazed because until late. Innings on. Whether it's radio shows if he does a radio show here Pittsburgh. And that they spoke beater from Arnold 68. You might show up at 73. He he's just he was supposed to speak to a championship our school banquet football banquet here couple years ago he never showed up. He was their featured speaker as high school football banquet he never showed up. Such insight into the guy who did seem like Q is. I just want key in that video like what why would you do that and a guy's been covering and he didn't say it maliciously or not. Always a plane that to say see the people of Pittsburgh don't like Antonio Brown. Which is to give you some insight on a guy's a really good player. He's one of the two guys yet the stop in that skill skill sec group get the focus in on a lease and lay beyond bell. Antonio Brown but even the guys who cover on a little bit of a clown he's aloof. And your Tom went on to sort of say what stands out like wrong can kill. You realize crime never misses anything and has all these charity things here locally. I gets a lot of credit from mile bull organization for things that he's gone on the record and a behind the scenes. On that nobody knows about. So may be aloof and goofy like wrong but I don't think he's been. Charles of late too often. The big part in his own commitments these were part of 61777979837. Is the phone are we can always text and at 379837. Available 24/7. On Twitter at mutt and UT WEEI. Pot we'll have a new president as of tomorrow water around 1245 or so inaugurations arts at noon partly supported by minute turn our. Op president elect trouble become president Donald Trump and tonight he is speaking and tonight. He is once again it referenced saying your patriots. Belichick. Brady and craft. You'll hear Donald Trump talking about the patriots tonight next here on WE yeah. More or Susan p.s and the link in six. Not with the guys until ten here on WEEI. Christian art can't coming your way at 10 o'clock AIG until two so. Nobody stays up later with Boston's sports fans in WEEI.