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Hot Stove Show Hour 1 - Reacts to the 2017 Hall of Fame elections

Jan 19, 2017|

Mut, Bradford, and Tomase are in after it was announced that Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines, and Ivan 'Pudge' Rodriguez will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. They also talk about some notable candidates who weren't elected this year like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds.

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Our Eric Wedge this he's not hot still feel slug Sports Radio W. Coverage up so quick. Red Sox offseason job earlier manager for 2007 team featuring WEEI dot com mastermind rob Bradford wrapped. Coach. That's my hope WEEI dot com columnist John Tomas check. All right Red Sox studio host Mike might Netscape. Yeah I hot still be struck by 24 fly. In my heritage plumbing and heating cooling electorate worst thing I've talked to the business day old tennis. It's time for the hot. On the side. Sports Radio. Ottawa they go Wednesday night. Hall of fame votes or were they perfect night for the hot stove showed ID 37 WEEI. Grabbed a copy your favorite fell warm beverage is down by the fire listen to rob Bradford just mossy. The lesser car explain away like you do you cartoons they the BB WA and their voting here in 2000. In seventeen yeah John exploit you miss keep an eye bitch about it we talked about it for now as a whole Lotta bitching but Raines Bagwell and pudge Keating and John Tomas your voted you both for all three guys do good in this time around I hero now only pudge. Leno back on the outside Bagwell one putt greens chase snows and deliberate and whatever went on the mini owners and up and just missed. I mean opening cost him he's getting in next year. Oh. Rob your reaction to what we saw here tonight we'll talk lull famed your thoughts as well 617779. 7937. I have my big take away I'll hear workers should you guys thought when the outs became than an hour ago. I'll what are the things that we. We're tracking this isn't went on thanks to miss not mister Toews on Twitter at does a great job and in. We saw that Clemens and bonds at one point not so pretty recently weren't around 70% but we did the narrative was accurate. Where this was going to drop because the people who wore giving their ballots on Twitter or word probably going to be younger voters and sure enough. Clemens and bonds ends up that 44 point one in 53 point eight a far cry from where it was even a couple weeks ago. So this old bat held true I mean the this is very much to me a younger over voter vs older voters thing. And I heard you and rich talk about this I agree they're gonna get in because the younger voters will ultimately. Went out when us younger voters are allowed to vote. They will win out. Yeah I'm on this or that because I think the big. Urged in the voting rolls came. Guy in the last couple years where they changed again covered the game and X number of years in Los your vote. At the same time they finally let in all the people from LB dot com which brought in a lot of younger voters so I'm curious. How the voting rolls are supposed to get that much younger moving forward to some people die and his example or look and act as it is not going to be yes this like another so clarify this there's knock going to be there's no other way to gets no other wholesale changes coming like they are just who is the other way is another front I'm sorry nine. I don't ever sent to skull I love love let's go now because he gave meal like like what do you guys and I gave you look at you Kolb the BW it fraudulent Claude it's another fraudulent things in this whole thing you guys talk with your right they're frauds in the BBW I go to there are anywhere else and I I not say this I'm broads and they know bought I'm gonna happen the baseball writers here tests are not a popular thing to do but dared the voting body here at least you know they -- NFL we have no idea who's even voting. Based right on the guys and obviously kind of knowing Ron I want to give your name. You just named to announce that you can name anymore I I think Ron board struggles a strong word but these frustrated that they are frustrating aspects. Of the voting process Richard came out throughout the prize whether it's John payment argument at Thanksgiving dinner. Or the guy in Cleveland not turning in a blank ballot. It just it is frustrating to me. That these people make no effort like the guy in Canada who had only had Larry Walker and Vlad Guerrero as he don't like this I think we focus too much on the outline so like I heard you guys drive and and railing on Jason Varitek getting votes in Wakefield getting votes and that's like OK fine I mean they shouldn't get ten votes John to get these guys in every year and guys aren't ball up blowing votes on guys you're friend's worth. Like like you're out there and you're out don't you know he's jumped to assumption uh oh guys who signed jerseys for your guys who did this maybe they're people out there Tuesday. You know what I wanna recognize Tim Wakefield long career you know I wanna recognize but I don't I don't sort of like a hall of just saying is it's not you can make yours saying oh it's because your buddies. I think that's a little to convene what is probably true well a rhythm thing is is say that you say. I wonder recognizable when there is this many qualified guys on the ballot and you have ten you can both a maximum of ten guys. And then your putting Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek and Edgar Renteria and Magglio Ordonez. When there's legitimate. Not even an argument dies. That you can vote for as legitimate hall of famers and that's wrong you know out of this might be my libertarian streak and now it's gonna come as a shock to you and maybe some of the guys in the morning but. I'm like you can vote for who ever you want and frankly you know even have to defend yourself vote for whoever you want for whatever reason you heard. Come in and is always the knee jerk thing is if you vote for Varitek or you don't follow the Ken Griffey you've got your vote taken away and it's like is that democracies work like it's. No that's not a product comes back strap it comes back to effort and why you're in that position and I'm proud to say in his leg we joke about. Mean not having a vote. But there are people who we we'll we'll keep this I don't believe I agree I hope I'm way we will we ripped a long time we went a long time ten years to get this vote. You have to at the whole idea of waiting ten years is that you have to earn that right to get the vote and then the people who get the vote. Make it is is is making a mockery of it because this is about is the same thing with cy young and MVP. It's about effort and putting the time in and voting legitimately. And when you have ten guys and if there are other classes where there's maybe three guys who were worthy and you wanna vote somebody whatever. But when there at the gently ten guys and you're voting for some the names that we put out there. That is just not doing your job and when you don't do your job much like bill testing with Tampa when he puts in his what is Cy Young vote a week before that does not doing your job that is not what you aren't there for and that's. My problem with the so like I only voted for eight people think one of them was Gary Sheffield you have a problem for Sheffield nobody else seems banked off but he only got thirty yards out and if you're not on a loaded for a 59 Q do you major argument I'm sure that I might not agree you compared to whip up pretty strongly that Vladimir Guerrero we talked about this couple weeks ago and you and you look at the numbers and you can make. Some semblance of argument. They Gary Sheffield was as good hitters Vladimir Guerrero flats getting all the Slava the first ballot lives getting in Sheffield at this point is not for whatever reason okay. You can't make that same argue or John up I asked you okay. Tim Wakefield hall of fame. Yeah I am I cannot say listen I'm not gotten it out it's a what you're defending those people aren't having been in their right I am defending their right to make Padres because I think there's always a rip them them you know that you can absolutely rip I'm not saying we can do anything to knee jerk thing you're driving and of course at the thing. I tell then what else are reporting it is to say you gave votes a guy could you liked him maybe year recognizing a long career the 200 wins I don't know I mean I can't make that case but maybe somebody can. And the risk we run with a halt use if you don't vote for Ken Griffey on the first ballot you should lose your vote like c'mon Mike may be. They have their misguided thing about no first bout as maybe they think Griffey was on steroids like maybe they have a legitimate reason and to say take the vote away what you end up with. In this is where headed is the homogenized ballots every Internet ample room to ballot the Tim Raines ballot where he goes from like 10% of the votes and 90% of the vote. In ten years and you can't tell me a lot of that isn't because of the Joan it carries of the world. And the people who made him their cause so do you want homogenized ballots or do you want by those who think. It accuracy yes it is it's a different argument I agree with the sub what you're saying but. What you're saying how it doesn't have anything to do with the Ordonez and renteria in the Wakefield in the Varitek and you say is their right to vote no. This is to me this is a job you have her in the right to have this job. The job don't we work for like well I don't work for the off I go to the weird thing to begin right it's short by the fact would you agree that. You have to earn this right. It takes a while there's a reason once again they put in it in place where you have to be in for ten years. Before you get this quote you have to earn that right in to me and maybe I'm wrong. But to me it's you're earning the right to have this job. Of being qualified enough to vote for the hall of fame and when you do what we're talking about and give one vote. For a guy that your friends with the one goat vote for guy you Meyer who clearly isn't a hall of Famer. You're not doing your job if if that is that simple this is and I guess we can argue would say well this is it should be more like. Eight presidential or I government. Election. Instead of a job but I look at it as you earn the right to do this job same thing as a Cy Young same thing at the MVP. And when a guy like bill testing does what he did with the Cy Young. And part of his ballot a week before the season and that is not doing what the job entails. That you academy for us. I'm not I'm I'm I'm counting of the votes now because and I know you hate that I keep using can wait pillows example like upstate new or foreign for did you vote on the dummy this Porter 42 ballots. There's close to there's going to be. 12500 votes total my count all these notes up yet so one person one vote of 22500. Went to Tim Wakefield China doesn't offend me so that does not offend me that that if I went only five not that they're not paying attention or they they don't look at all thing in the same way. A majority of baseball voters in baseball fans John would look at all fame and I I think they had the right to vote you're right. Either right to question where that vote gave and I didn't say anything about that you wanna rip that vote have and it. I just think. You have the right to me stupid votes are still votes are allowed to make stupid and I've not seen this yet in this that this is gonna come and a play this year and it's gets into an argument you know I had last night that I know was gonna spill over tonight. Next year if you vote for Tim Wakefield. You're name is out there and it's your name is linked to the ballot beginning next year. All the bells become public I love this job because I will know the minute the ballots are published. Who I can at least. Ask for a explanation on Tim Wakefield and a guy votes to Wakefield is not hidden behind anonymity. He's got to have his vote out there tied to wit and may not make an explanation that's fine. At least we know the name of the voter who had a 2500 votes thought Tim Wakefield the hall of Famer I need that. In my life it was I mean it was it was not you'll. We are not an insider and other the other Irish or the other records out of it was me as they think. Of the name of with Michael it's it was. It's been about it would be it would all know I would not I would stand by my principles. I've got a ways to report aside about all the balls I give out Bradford Pletcher attend ballads and helping him do anything like you set out is only three you know legit candidates he wanted to throw bow loan no you shouldn't like Matty darn I don't I don't like it but I've I'm using this as as sort of the tipping point for me which is this is. Unbelievably ridiculous because the other people would say in other years if they'll what's the big deal that's not enough qualified candidates and can vote for them. But. If this year if there's it's not even close I I've always been of this mind where if someone vote when Randy was on the ballot I'd vote for Jerry Remy. It it's. Is it to me and hey listen democracy you have your right to disagree. But to me this is about earning the right to do earning the right to be a qualified voter and having this as a job that we are paid for. I don't think we paper but it analysts be paid for big voter. Only by yours okay. Well upright at the rights and that the benefits of being part of the BBW league get to go to his. Great baseball there tomorrow Boston hub dumb with ball. You're tuxedos in your top pats in the details can skip the makah angles Evan drilling it is written about the offseason always stated it's Fort Myers this year yes it is far can you believe it's it's like guys we gap but tomorrow it's sort of any stoplights so benefit other so. I look at it as the it's not. It's not something that you would gliding your way to really wanna. I want a battle maybe ago votes are Wakefield Ameritech Wren to re order is as one about I need to know that guy's job. Why why shouldn't all these names. Beyond these ballots here so we know who voted for guys who. Nine B eight and a half percent of -- the baseball writers thought. We're not hall of famers because you should be allowed to make your vote with out like does that fear of ridicule or any of that stuff you have your reasons. It's like any other vote theory it's like any other vote out there I should be able to vote for president without telling you who I voted for for per. And it was Hillary about. That you won here but and it was honored before. And Clinton before it is here or not but anyway here's the problem with that though is that because you of the age of smokes who do what they're doing now. Whether talking about the rare attacks in the Ordonez and things like that who are showing no effort in net noting that mean Heyman. Where you have you know the what he did on his ballot or the guy in Cleveland. You have people who are doing things that are are. It is really really tough to justify what they're doing what's wrong with sending in a blank ballot and have all the. I've from Cleveland we made fun of last night sent in a blank ballot. Signed his name I understand did I know that's a Zidane no that counted so that they were couple blank ballots that actually wet because you signed your name to it. I'm that's not abstaining what you sign that your ballot voting for nobody's that affected it Trevor Hoffman which are often fell five votes short. Really would have been for most when he got an anyway but enough playing pal the people placard. Guys don't get I don't know I still damn man. I understand but if you wanna make that statement. What is wrong Bryant by here's your hurting a guy is the subtle like everyone's just don't think about that like if you're doing that then take the two seconds understand how to do it right. And and this is my props so. Yeah this comes back to should everybody be named in terms of who they're voting for Elliott I'd say I agree with but because as long as people are doing stupid things then we are we as an organization in the yes. I've part of this organization. Stewart should be held accountable because too many stupid things are being done. That's yet but again we're focusing on the one and two were not enough well liars out of all of which are right now but there's too many of them John. There's two I don't feel like there is an bill that let me do this a percentage on a normal action this count them I'll still show me all the stuff the hot stove show going where we we could pick about two or three of these ones were surfaced every week. And say how do you explain this so late select a guy who voted for Wakefield say has ballot were Bagwell rains hopman. You know Rodriguez Vlad. Edgar bonds Clemens and Varitek. You have a problem while you're at like eight other guys work. Quote unquote find. He didn't think there any other hall of famers on the list but he's like you know what I wanna recognize I I have eyes got a hall I have a problem with you with anybody voting for someone who isn't. Isn't a hall of Famer. Who it and who is simply no idea I know what I know it's it's somewhat subjective right we get to. Thank OK even if you wanna go Fred McGriff for Larry Walker these guys. This is not subjective that Tim Wakefield is I like I like him just like you like them. I thought he had a he had a great career he had a lot of memories here the Red Sox but he is. I would ask anybody to support the Tim Wakefield hall of fame candidacy so yeah I mean I'll just I'll throw this name out there Dwight Evans. Dwight Evans when he retired no one thought was off. And he didn't come close to get 10% of low one year he was usually like human you know handful of votes or ten to one votes. If you are up for hall of fame election now he wouldn't get in but his candidacy would be a lot stronger. There's people like you guys though yet because well because our understanding of the game has evolved and we recognized the skills that he had on base percentage and all that kind of stuff. Actually matter the reason Raines got Jon Busch for Andre at 45 votes. Well he was as low as 3% a zealot but I don't think so three is so 3% is seventeen votes it's Torre posada this year okay and so there's dollar I mean I don't know how many votes it actually was amusing him and his example only to say. That in 1999. When he fell off the ballot hall. Of Famer. And now when we look at legacy he gets a team that that's that's but that's not true though I mean because I think that. I think Kirk might actually written this column like why you write why Evans is is. A better candidate than writes you couldn't make the argument you make that argument now this is my point no doubt no doubt this was this was last year that Evans with on the ballot I was 99 Kirk was in diapers that was no he was coach -- arc. You try to letting them fantasy you know without your fantasy and all applicable pure well for the Gloucester tar. Allows yes we've moved it's applied well when Dwight Evans retire notions and in nine but by the league you could still make that case in. I mean not enough people made that case it was ridiculous that not enough people made that his putt short time we would say the same thing how would vote we were not we know we would not be having that same conversation the guy who had more home runs than anybody in the eighties. Then we would with Tim Wakefield getting one vote. Because they're on to win because he'd probably have more wins and anybody in a window you can probably find a wind there is there is never good or OK Tim Wakefield Jason Varitek Edgar Renteria. That Dick. Dwight Evans I don't think is a good example because why people were missing the boat economy and it's entrusted to look back in 99 which was the heart of the we love chicks dig the long ball in the home runs and everything and going getting swept up in that instead of the Dwight evans' world. That. It was a different time but nobody's ever going to say it and we are picking Jason Varitek and directory in these guys this they beat series for half got a vote I think one year there is never going to be that legitimate conversation like there is would Dwight Evans. With some of these guys were talking I Gary ship the great example. When you made an impassioned plea for and you had a significant amount of people. Out of the four and 42 ballots he was on over 10% of the ballots almost 50% of the ballots so if there's a case they're for guy you voted for John did not get. Not much of opened the bottom of this ballot and you're right maybe I am jumping to a conclusion. But I'm trying to think of why some would vote for Tim Wakefield and I'm taking the baby easy way out your mind but I effort made I've I'm just giving the person credit to an extent. Right I would think if you're voting you should know enough to look at his career and say great career. Even better person right. But not a whole thing so why assume OK that voted Peppers who voted for Wakefield because they liked Zimmer knew him. Yeah why I brought to me that's fine for a baseball standpoint I can't make the case most and I'm not I'm not gonna sit here and try to argue that Tim Wakefield should be him off I don't think pepper second but. If someone wants to vote for him to me that is their right and if you wanna rip them that's fine and if rob wants to say it's disgraceful that's fine but we get into this talk of his ballots should be taken away that's right have a problem. Well we are burying the lead here tonight and it rob had this so right off the top and that is that I thank the big story is the beside the guys who get in Bagwell rains and pudge Rodriguez. On Clemens and bonds are getting in and Manny Ramirez is. Wish shockingly. Not out of consideration yet we'll talk about those guys will certainly talk about Curt Schilling. Get your thoughts as well on these the results here tonight the ballots being public going forward in your thoughts on the hall of fame at 617. 77979837. The phone number can always text in it at 379837. Hot stove show with heavy hall of Famer. I talked cured tonight Bagwell rains Rodriguez in a your thoughts coming up your WB yeah. I can't say that you'll have a Coke of like the first I would say six years because. You know they really. The votes to actually been considered taken that the next year. We did in. Actually. The last two years has been. The telling time you know. You know each year. As a boats go off you kind of wonder. If they're from an acute enough. Tim Raines he gets into the hall of fame he gets it with flying colors 86%. Of the vote that matches up favorably. Historically with guys like Sandy Koufax also getting 86% of the vote back in 1972 is the hot stove show the focus early on at. On the hall of fame in tonight pudge Rodriguez Tim Raines. They both get in here tonight as does Jeff Bagwell your phone call 617. 77979372. Texan as well 37937. On the two takeaways from this that I had knowledge of three guys getting in and in some of our thoughts we had about the voting process. The steroid guys are trending now to give him Arnold what's going to be next year specifically but. There's an off an increased now on nine and 10% respectively for. A ball Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens there are now both above 50% Clemens at 54 point one Barry Bonds of 53 point maybe even more so than. On the top three guys Kenny in Hawpe and falling just couple votes short your guys. My big take it be that. Maybe Bud Selig getting in was the impetus for this may be people or softened their stance on steroids but are from this ballot itself. Clemens and bonds will be represented to Cooperstown in the next three or four years. I'm not willing to go there I'm not well on ago there at all like they've got to gain another hundred votes eminently more than a hundred votes and we talked about earlier. How the voters and they you know the voting roles have changed. And we had new blood with mlb.com we have some of the old blood kicked out for not covering the game and X number years. And the people who are still dead set against those guys bonds and Clemens. I think they're pretty entrenched so a year. It's one thing to convince people you know what I've reexamine Tim Raines is career. And the stolen bases in the historic stolen base percentage in the fact that he was the second best leadoff hitter in history. That's sways me. A lot of these people are so intractable and entrenched I don't see them changing their votes you get a game a lot more votes. It's legitimate. The fact that how they gonna make of these votes one way they might appeal make him up though is. You wicket finally. You have Bagwell and Rodriguez him and these guys were cock I get that. But now that therein that is not maybe he'll get in or their close to being and the Iran now you have Bagwell. Brought Reid is. You know of who was last year at piazza so you pass out right so so. The more guys you did and along those alone along those lines even though we understand it's not the level of Clemens and bonds in terms of the finger pointing. By still it it it might change some minds I don't disagree with you that. It's not going to be like this year your Marcus he wet so they had a 15% 10% jump. Yeah like 11% idea guys and out nine and ten with respect we have got a bullpen arm I apologize trampled their year by year last five you don't ever do it and how much they gonna. Job by aids is so are they going to be able to make that jump again I don't know how many years they have left no doubt I've. Video thirteen of the fourteen new hall of fame voters have made their ballots public. Voted for ball Clemens and bonds this year OK so now do better ray picked up some nice oh that great bill have 85 extra votes coming their way him the next hole here is a memo after 65 I should say a month deceit. If everybody else change and I'm and his let's also remember the silly thing right. So. Selig was announced he was getting in the hall of fame in early December racked up. When the hall of fame vote ballots have to be in by Anderson and December and in December you're all month and that was a enormous conversation. Seal league ceiling is getting in. And soul. Why is silly is gonna get in there and I can't keep these other guys out. Every different voting block that's the only thing like the writers didn't vote selling no I don't outs but a lot of the writers who were voting for Clemens and bonds. They you're right he was the reason why Selig get in but still they reviewed it we saw those stories we saw the narrative that. This guy if he's in that these other guys have to go win. I think in that month and we saw that in news tracker thing yeah. Then there was a big bomb because of that and we saw that too at that time remember. When you win mr. twos is tracking these things bonds and Clemens at one point were I think up over 75% or at least close to where. And so I do think in that time span because the silly thing that was enormous bomb for those guys. And you to your point you are gonna get that sort of bump next year unless something. I'm for seen happen here's the last three I give you three. Window now since both guys bottomed out in the 30%. Bullpen brought about the status ever it's up came around it would be fell down a little bit. Last three years we'll start with. Roger Clemens went 37%. 45%. 54%. Polls say 20% increase almost average gate 10% increase by a year. Barry Bonds very similar 36 point eight. The 44 point three to now 53 point. So. Derrick gaming. And not quite 10%. And they're also gonna get the benefit now going forward on that at the public voters. The won both of the new public ballots voted for him. All these things go public now is there a chance that that seem to have a voter now start to turn towards. You know Clemens and with bonds based on trajectories these guys they seem to get to this point. And Doug another 10% next year. And that's gonna put them in the seventies with still three years ago. On the ballot John Q yes and no offense you know what it might if they do trend now I think next year's bowl tell us everything in there in the fifties again then then it's probably look at pretty dire. But if they make another leap like you're talking among get into the low sixties. Then you can easily chart a course for them again and I I'm still out on up all three of those guys and Clemens and bonds and Manny Ramirez who. I think as surprisingly is these guys increased bonds or Clemens. Come on man you're 23%. Per year on our given given the the bad the steroid suspensions there at the end I would bottle would be. You out certainly sell the 20% closer to 15%. On and it's Sammy Sosa got 8% of the vote but but you know what if Sosa came on the ballot for the first time this year I think the vote totals would change and for him unfortunately he's like the victim of inertia there's no. Big push there's no campaign to get so says don't Joan a carry first and I was just a carry for Sammy Sosa so that's gonna keep his vote totals down but if if Sosa came on the ballot now. He would perform better I think he get. He came on he got lumped in with Palmeiro who fell off the ballot McGwire who I was voted for but never got close and so he's still like. He's dealing with that whole statement well and. We also when we're talking about how much of a bump these guys are gonna get we have to look at who's going to be they're gonna be going up against next year. And you have the guys this year who missed out you that Hoffman who we assume is gonna get and because it was so close flag Terrero is very close well. Edgar Marti is which we haven't talked about he's ended 50% and made pretty big job and then you have Clemens and bonds. Next year there's not a lot of guys who you would say well. That's they act actually going to have a chance with a ballot guys in your. Jim told me. I'm understood named the ones who actually might lead Janette we have conversation Chipper Jones. Jim Thome chipper Jones and Chris anonymous he's gonna get him first SL news real quick Johnny Damon is another one you know it as much as he would like to not be all the way I would like playing in Thailand I think hall of fame. Reality show but not all things and figure get a vote I'm sure that gets you more than Andruw Jones. Well into stats all the gold gloves you eyeballs to our ten I gold glove winner you'll get a lot of votes will sound developing one knock it in. Carlos Lee Blanton Brad Lidge Hideki Matsui Kevin Millwood Jamie Moyer. JB Worrell gave votes or guarantee it because it's. Oh I understood I mean he played till your 49. And you and he was legitimately good like. Throughout his entire forties if you are and is if you can make a case goes totally gave your vote for the record that's let me tell I don't want people the elder thanking him for great crew the whole thing vote bank with a nice column thank a little letter late elite QB Tom write a letter the letter send him. And you move so hold my whole arm or Margaret skills last one that. Aussie I'll vote for risk out absolutely how many gold glass glass so he has more. Eleven gold gloves at shortstop probably like 2800 hits and no second time. You don't who you don't everywhere will compare him to his Ozzie Smith Ozzie. Right implement that in so cal was amazing so it was a amazing defense on not getting a first ballot now. Now but I think he said I would I would I don't I have no idea if he'll be any momentum for his candidacy but I will definitely. I think that if we are looking at the guys who came semi close this year. And the limited number of guys who are eligible chance next year. But I would think that if bonds and Clemens could fall under that if you let ten guys I think bonding club and certainly fits under ten guys or Barca Gaby. Bumped out by a lot of guy on the voting this year than rots your point cover often fell five votes short we all agree gets in next year yes it's out works. Vladimir Guerrero 71 point 7% fifty votes in yeah ease in. Those the only two ballots are definitely in next year agonize Bobby doubles 60%. We'll get to his impact with the rookies at some point here tonight. After those two. Chipper Jones the third and Chipper Jones again again the first bout Cardinals projected 2018. Hoffman Guerrero. Chipper Jones. That's that's field I gonna have more feels like the group now again that'll help them an hour Martinez Clemens and bonds all get a bump up again we'll see if there's a resurgence for Schilling. These people like John aim at a game a one year penalty might shale is the only act at all form once you can hope warmer again. But he gets a bump back up but. I don't see anybody else idiots. Is NATO push on those three so we went through the ones next year. But we have to go through once a year after that because once again this is where Clemens and bonds is in trusting your run out years ago. Halladay. Roy Halladay. Amy and I feel like he is. Don't approve. Other venues early did and I saw him biewer. Eighty pat it's an interesting on now. He's he's beside him now also he was we can't forget he was popped and he admitted to doing. Performance enhancing drugs he admitted it might be discount setting yes and and some guy named Rivera. He's always feel about it there ya know John Rocker general here it is yes it is just two years. Kevin Youkilis. As in if there and ago the year I goes the other way yes so he has the brewery out in California yeah apparently as the group Greek god of hops very good game and the first thing I thought of this in joint can support me was climbing and knowing he hated that gas right you he gave me so much crap one night. Because I said we're it's ours is a digression about which we were in a earlier talking about a hall fade candidate two years yeah so we are in and throw it in. Oakland and he had like four or five blocks in just is a joke 'cause I got looks like the Greek god of walks and a comeback tonight. And he Blake unloaded on me. And it has that were in Oakland you have like four or five blocks like Kevin con down and he was like this you know you as much as anybody you know how much say that. And now it's the Greek god youth pride that but. I love you it's. The well feisty Seawright I would say. The year after that. That that'll be 2019. As you project and that'll be a huge year gap. As a rare as a lock that year and then I will see where Edgar taught Helms also a year. All public couple local guys the impact and David Ortiz with the Edgar Martinez both today and Curt Schilling who is saw saw a drop off. Probably potentially based on dies social media presence. In the last couple months as part of a hot stove show your thoughts as well 617779793. Set. I'm still showed ID 37 WEEI mutt of bossy and Bradford with you up until 1 o'clock and 617. 7797. ID 37 against exit as well 379837. On Twitter at Brad foe at jade to mossy and a mutt and UT. WEEI coupled headlines from the voting today Bagwell rains and pudge Rodriguez all in a steroid guys get a bump and I think Edgar Martinez at 58 point 6% I'd maybe guys will disagree but. That in touch in with Manny getting 23%. Of the vote first on the ballot and the steroid guys getting bumped. A good sign for David Ortiz. Going forward as a potential hall of Famer at the DH role based on the results here in 2007 yet totally agree I don't think. I think Ortiz is path is going to be a Locklear then we think now when he's I'm eligible I think. He probably Oakland in the first ballot but he will be reason. He might go first now he should I don't think we'll I think they'll still be that brush back for hate you money list at some point then in year two will be. Well there's nothing concrete rob Manfred the commissioner for better or worse still defenseman says we have no idea. When he took on that list we just know is no list we never substantiated so. I'm with you John is again in first ballot but I am convinced now based on the results today he gets in ballot number two and I would just say very cleanly if you think bonds and Clemens again and you might be right. Mean they might be getting and then. There are last year on the ballot will be his first Ryder rental have been easy not the so efforts it'll be easy like if they get and then you'll like how can I not vote for five years old class of seventy you're Zambrano on the I'm missing it by a year or whatever you get the idea so that it'll be within a year of those guys having their final year on the ballot. I he might get in because of them. You know we brought up a name about a guy two years and Andy Pettitte and said I've a year ago as a measuring actual act Andy Pettitte but you accused numbers. Top six MVP I'm sorry Cy Young voting five times 256. Wins holds the record for both post season wins. And why I think we agreed it. On a surface he's not a hall of Famer he will be in the hall of fame. Conversation. And people. We like we also said. This is the guy who admitted to perform at doing performance enhancing drugs but I don't think people view him in the same light as a lot of people and the reason I bring this up. Is that. And we know your team's thing. By Ortiz even though it would is that survey test me any credit wise admitted to doing this. And here is he is as much as a performance a peavy guy as anybody. But when he is Tennessee comes up I don't think we're going to be hearing a lot about that you know Mike is it and fight it. I mean I know I yes no our guys who fight it that they are the ones who get tainted the most right by OK so right now offer what I said about Andy Pettitte. He what what is his first year. Is is is he right around Mike Mussina. Is he well the only athlete UCL analysts and I think you'd be surprised I think there's going to be by that and a couple years is going to be a push. And the once again the reason I bring this up because I agree with you guys I don't think I think Ortiz his path is a lot clear it will. Remain clear than it was even two years ago. Because of the acceptance of or talked. And again it is is these guys get closer to getting in. It's gonna make it all here right what your Pettit who admitted it whether you're tees on any list. Whittier Manny 223%. And got suspended twice here at the end of his career. The closer bonds and Clemens got Philly they are sort of the key to this whole thing because once. Once they get in. There about his plate is it gets a knock it over and mentioned Sosa Yorkers Sosa's trying to get for whatever reason eight point 6% of the vote these guys are closer to. Six in Sosa was nowhere near as good as I grew up without admitting we can't lose sight of that is eight you know he's got the 600 home runs but you look at his career. And you understand. How big he was today and of his career and LB US at the beginning of his career and then what he did in those middle years and he really acts like. 200 and something homers and oh about three and a half seasons. So I think a lot and you know he's open yes doesn't stack up a lot of his numbers other than the home runs don't actually stack and so I would include the conversation but. I think Clemens and bonds and to be in the key for easier road for. All these guys because that they feel like floodgate players okay Selig is and I heard BO got I might Schilling came all of us. And say all but ceilings and I got to several for the steroid guys. You know heating get voted in via put in by a committee of his buddies yet. Are you going to play at things for the game that were potentially detrimental including the 94 season plays every outdoor world Sera Mays is it doesn't matter how we got to act and I tell you a little voters are taking it so please he get awful awful place that is that we emailed Aaron Bud Selig. He gets in. Common bonds and at that point how he would. Anybody whether they admit it or not or anything it's beat top promoters the hold their ground as if this is an on. Popular view buys you one of the things about it I'm sad about when Manny Ramirez remain any rumors era marital never even sniff the hall of fame because of he got pop for the VP needs 120%. Now bad beat earlier today and you know it's it's. I get that. But it's like this guy. Could have gone down as one of the greatest right handed hitters of all time I just having you join year old brown him all the stuff that he did. The way he approached the game the type of hitter he was. And he was dumb he was unbelievably stupid to not only do it but then to get caught twice gimme a break. But this is the guy who you repeat. To me even if he didn't do anything you would have been such a great inner we can fit at all bonds right bonds was a great great hitter. Even before he when we think he started doing stuff. That witnessed this sad that we it's it's it's sad but he also brought it upon so yeah of course he's now it's not sad like you know he's. He he lost a pet him he'd he'd. That would have met a you know like I was a path that he's I'm sure he lost a bunt and rob comes in it's as my dog passed away that's sad rob that is something that is active. Many earlier this but I think plus K I'll start again give me give Robin came in and said he lost his dog they'll be set and we were apart we'd say condolences. To we do anything to help you wanna go out and get. On some chicken fingers to make yourself feel better that's it we'd shrimp shrimp Manny using steroids are gonna clear route today you know he's alive that's a sad sorry. You can't the Erica was pretty sad and get a chance dirt track that you can think Manny at the end of his career to using steroids it's ago. But doctor retracted because you're taken out of context are thank you Bob value cancer. I say if that's because he was stupid. Every if it is just like bonds out if that's sad because he was dumb. He could've avoided all this and not on this stuff and up in so blatant about it because they were such great hitters mirror mirror is a great I I think it's subjective but I think he would have been one of the viewed as one of the greatest right handed hitters of all time I can't name a guy who was a better right in there in my life. Watching hit watching his approach I understand that but I guess we have different definitions of sat. You're writer I'm not a series Arnold don't you know why Ali I actually have a little bit more sympathy is isn't the right word but it's the best like come up with. Form bonds than Manning like. Bonds was the best player in baseball and he sees all these guys who are. Not even half as towns it is he is who were suddenly surpassing him everywhere and he looks around and sees it everyone's doing. And if you wanna sayers personally weaken blah blah blah that's fine. But he was like this is what I got to do to maintain my perch 'cause on the best player in baseball not these to my folks and so I'm a little more sympathetic to that. For the just the context of the air that he was in Manny it's like give me a break like I got caught a you've got out again. Then you got caught again and I heard keeps saying only it what any guy gets suspending Campion too we agreed. That a hundred games is bad and on top of a fifty game suspension is probably a little different and he retired at the end right that Beck rally and a birdie and a lot of games and I'm glad good yet but often that I have five nice statement. I've sat that Mary was so stupid and a big name means dom yet he's that makes me that makes me weep. Your will give you some time and now it. Our condolences on your docket is that here at the haircut was relieved now that America was awesome accused the cutters Lewis I will. And I'm gonna ask is well. Which is a dog hair cut cost. That does not fallen off rob Bradford budget it of course to brag that's just your friends and there is a brawler efforts just finish and has fun Jim Bradford it errors by whatever caused by myself at Starbucks why it worked there for four hours. Maybe a little sushi lunch. And then that's about it that's that's about Iowa let's come back. Address the Schilling part of this you've hit every other big note from the hall of fame announcement today will get into some. So Red Sox Nuggets here before we get out at 9 o'clock glee some non roster invite people see of what these guys wants to make pushed the so this is the big year for Allen Craig to file they bounce back he'll be at spring training at. And we'll talk to you at 617779793. Set up the halfway point. At a baseball offseason hot stove show 937 WV.